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iiti>, J 

For the YEAR lySj- 



/ J€f ^■^/' 

c? ^ !^. /A. 



I ■ ■ 


ALTHOUGH the Sale of the two former Editions of this 
Regifter has been pretty extenfive, yet the Expence of collecting 
the Materials, and of Printing the Work, v/as fo confiderable, that 
a third Edition would probably not have appeared if Profit had been the 
Obje6t of the Editors. 

After the Publication of the fecond Edition, in 1780, the making 
Corrections and Additions in an interleaved Copy of the Work, ferved 
occafionally to employ a leifure Moment. In the Coiirfe of'two Years 
thefe Alterations were become fo numerous, that the Editors 'began to 
wifh to fee a more correct Edition. They therefore made an Ofter to 
Mr. Johnfon, their prefent Publifher, of their S(irvices in revifing 
and fuperintending a new Edition, on Condition only that he fliould 
defray all the Expences of the Work. To this Propofal Mr. John- 
fon acceded, and at the fame Time undertook to add an Index of 
Names. This had been a defideratum in the former Editions, which 
the Editors, from the apparent Laborioufnefs of the Undertaking, 
had been deterred from fupplying. The Perfon, whom the Publifher 
engaged in this Tafk, has executed it with 'a Degree of Accuracy 
which cannot fail to pleafe the Purchafers of the Work. 

In the former Editions the Works of Medical Writers were added 
to their Names ; thefe are omitted in the prefent, in order to lefTen the 
Bulk and Price of the Volume. — A Catalogue of Books, which formed 
Part of the original Plan, is likewife now excluded, partly for th^ 
Reafon juft now given, and partly becaufe an Account of all the New 
Publications in the different Branches of Phyfic, is to be found in the 
London Medical Journal, a periodical Workfet on Footfmce 
the laft Edition of this Regifter appeared, and which is now pretty 
generally in the Hands of Medical Readers. 

In this, as in the Editions for 1779 and 1780, the Names of thole 
Places, the Lifts of which the Editors believe to be accurate, are 
printed in Italics, 

For the Sake of Brevity, in the London Lifts, this Mark-f is 
prefixed to the Names of thefe Phyficians who are Merpbers of the 
College, and throughout tlie ^vVork, (as in the former Editions) this § 

A 2 h is 


i? employed to denote Members of the Corporation of Surgeons of 

The Univerfities at which the different Phyficians mentioned in the 
Work graduated, and hkewife the Dates of their Diplomas, where- 
ever thefe Circumftances could b^- afeertained, are added to their 
Names in a Parenthefis. Jn p. 12. and 11 3,. the Title of Archbiihop 
of Canterbury will be found occurring in fuch a Parenthefis, by which 
the Reader is to underftand, that in thofe two Inftances the Degree of 
M. D. has been conferred by that Prelate, a Part of whofe Privileges 
It is to create a certain Number of Do6lors (three if we raifcake not) 
in each of the fev^eral Faculties of Divinity, Phyfic,. and Civil Law. 

As almoft a Year has elapfed fnice the nrfl Sheets of the Work were 
printed, many Changes have happened, that have rendered a confider- 
able Number of Corrections neceffsjry ; many Communications have 
likewife been received v/hile the Work has hten in the Prefs. All 
thefe Alterations and Additions are given in the Appendix, which 
brings the Corrections dovv'n to the prefent Day. Care has been taken 
to incorporate in the Index all the Names that occur in the Appendix* 
— A feparate Index is given of the Deaths*. 

Londm, Sept. 3, 1783. 

C a N T E N T S, 

C O N T E N T S. 


LONDON" - Page i 

The Royal College of Phyficians 


Medical Eftablifh. of the RoyalFamily JO 

Phyficians refident in London ii and 217 

Corporation of Surgeons 15 and 218* 

Society of Apothecaries 25 and 220 

Apothecaries not included in the preced- 
ing lift - - 29 and 2'20 

Aurift - ' - - 31 

Oculifis - - - ibid. 

Dentifis - _ . - ibid. 

St. Bartholomew's Hofpital - ibid. 

3t.- Thomas's Hofpital - 32 

Bethlem Hofpital - - ibid. 

Guy's Hofpital - - ibid. 

Weftminfier Infirmary - ibid. 

St. George's-Hofpital - ibid. 

London Hofpital * - 33 

Middlefex Hofpital - ibid. 

Lock Hofpital - - ibid. 

Britifli Lying-in Hofpital' - ibid. 

London Lying-in Hofpital - ibid. 

St. Luke's Hofpital - ibid. - 

Wefiminfter New Lying-in Hofpital 34 

Small-Pox Hofpital - ibid. 

Mifericordia Hofpital - ibid. 

New General Lying-in Hofpital ibid. 

The Charity for delivering poor married 
Women at their own hov;fes - ibid. 

Difpenfary for the Lifant Poor ibid. 

General Difpenfary - gg 

Weftminfter General Difpenfary ibid. 

General Medical Afylum - ibid. 

London Difpenfary - ibid. 

Surry Difpenfary - - ibid. 

Middlefex Difpenfary - ibid. 

Difpenfary for General Inoculation ibid. 

Fiafbury Difpenfary - ibid. 

Eaftern Difpenfary - . - 36 . 

Miferi^ordia General Difpenfary ibid. 

Benevolent Infritution - ibid. 

New Lying-in Charity ~ 218 

St. Clement's Difpenfary - ibid. 

Humane Society - - - 36 

Medical Society - - 38' 

Society of Phyficians - ibid. 

Medical Society, in Crane-court ibid„ 
Society for the Improvement of Medical 

Knowledge - - 39 

Britifih Mufeum - - ibid. 

Royal Society - - - ibid. 
Medical and Philofophical Lefturers rn 

London - - - 50 

County Lists - - 51 

Bedfordfhire - ibid, and 218 

Berkiliire - - - 51 

Buckinghamfliire - 52 and 218 

Cambridgefhire - - 53 

Chelliire - - '55 

Cornwall - - - 56 

Cumberland - - 58 

Derbyihire - - - - 60 

Devonfhire - 61 and 218 

Dorfetfliire - - - 63 

Durham - - 65 and 218 

EflTex - - 66 and 219 

Gloucefierihire -> - 68 

Hampfhire - 6g and 219 

Herefordfhire - '72 and 219 

Hertfordihire - - ibid. 

Huntingdonlhire " " 74 

Kent - • .. ibid, and 219 

Lancafhire - - - 78 

Leicefierfliire - . - 85 

Lincolnfhire - - 86 and 219 

Middlefex, - 88 and 219 

Norfolk -* _ 9° and: 219 

Northamptonfhire - 9a 

Northumberland - 93 and 219 

Nottinghamfhire - 96 and 219 

Oxfordfhire - 97 and 219 

Rutlandiliirg " - - I03 

ShropPnire - ibid, and 219 

Soixierfetfhire - - - 104 

Staffordfhire - - 108 

Suffolk - - 109 

Siirrv - 111 and 219 
112 and 220 




* In the Appenxjix. 



Wedmoreland - r 115 

Royal Infirmary 


Wiltlhire * - 116 

Public Difpenfary 


Worcefterfhire - 1 17 and I20 

Medical Leftures 

^ ibid. 

Yorkfhire -. - 118 

Royal Society 

133 and 221 

Wales - - 124 

Medical Society 


Scotland - - 126 

^fculapian Society 


Edinburgh • • - ibid. 

TheSiiiREsof Scotland - 143 

Univerfity - - - ibid. 



Hoyal CoUege of Phyficians - 128 

Navy ■* 


S -E C T 1 O N i\. 

.1 R 

N O. 

43uBLiN - - 

The Royal College of Phyficians 
Other Phyficians in Dublin 
Trinity College 
Surgeons in Dublin 
Apothecaries - - 

The Royal Hofpltal 
Dr. Stevens's Hofpital 
St. Patrick's Hofpital for Lunatics 
Mercer's Hofpital - 

Xying^in Hofpital - 

162 The Charitable Infirmary ^ 16^ 

ibid. The New Hofpital for Incurables ibid. 

164 St. Nicholas's Hofpital - ibid. 

16.5 The Meath Hofpital - ibid; 

ibid. The Lock Hofpital - ibid. 

166 The Infirmary for Sick and Wounded 

l^y Soldiers - - ibid, 

ibid. Surgeons appoin-ted to examine Candi- 

ibid. dates for County Infirmaries ibid, 

ibid. The Experimental Society - ibid, 

ibid. Simpfon's Hofpital - i6^ 






1 69 Jamaica 

170 Tortola 





173 and 221 





S W K D E N 




ibid, and 226 

Gf. rman y 


- . - ibid. 





e O N T E N T S. 







Mentz r 



HefiTe Caffel 







The Hague 












and 226 











































Lorraine r 


«♦ • 























Pavia • 



















- ' 

m m 







S E C T I O N VI. 
D E A T H S 


I N D E X 






This Day Is Juhlijhedy in $qLfO. price is. 6d. 


For AP^RIL," MAY and JUNE, '1783. 
Being the. SECOND N-UM^ER of the F OURTH VOLUME. 

THIS Number contains an Account of the following new Works, viz. Ob- 
fervations on the SrruSure and Funttions of the Nervous Syftem, by Alex. Monro, 
M. D. — An EfTdyon Laborious Parturition, by W. OfDorn, M. -D. — Van Swieten's 
PofthuiTious Works.— 'Memoirs of the Royal Medical Society at Paris, Vql. 11. — 
Pr^ttical Obfcrvations on An^putation, by EdzvTrd Jlanfon. ^fylcmous or E-jron 
Haller, by Mr. Henn'- — PerotU'-s DiiTertation Anatornico-acouiUque. — AlTernblec 
publique de la Societe'Royale de Montpeli.^r. — 7. C. Qfce de Antiqua Medico-philoi. 
fo^hia orb: novo adaptanda.-— C. C.-Hagen Tentainen Hiftori« Li^enuin. — C. P, 
Thunberg de Gardenia. 

"Amongfl: the ORiGi>rA.T. Papers in this Number are, An Account of the late 

Capt M 's Cafe, by Mr. Charles White, F. R. S. Surgeon to the Infirmary at 

JVlanchefier. — Arem^r%ble Cafe.of a difeafed Teftjcle fuccefsfully treated, by Rob. 
HaritHton, M, D. — Biographical Anecdotes of the late Dr. Fothergill.-- — An Account 
of Experiments made aTHudfon's Bay to afcertain the Freezing Point of Ouickfilver. 
. — Obfervatjorts on Fermentation by Mr. Thomas Henry, _F. R. S. Apothecary at 

*^* A Number of this Journal is regularly publiflied (for the Editor) by 
J. Johnfon, Bookfeller, in St. Paul's Church-yard, on the Firft Day oi January , 
April, July, and October, ^o as to make One Volume annually— Each Number con^ 
fifls of Four Seftions. The Fird Seclion contains a Review of the moft interefting 
Medical Works publifhed in England and other Countries. — The Second Seftion is 
iet apart for ORIGINAL Essays and Observations. — The Third Seftion 
confifls of Articles of Medical and Philofophical News ] and in the Fourth is given 
a Catalogue of New Books. 



For the YEAR 1783/ 

L O N D O N=W 

The Rcyal College of Phyjictans, 

i KE abufes committed by ignorant and illiterate perions in the prac- 
tice of phyfic, do not feem to have engaged the attention of the legiila- 
ture till the reign of Henry VIII. when an aft was paiTed, the preamble 
to which fets forth, that *' Forafmuch as the fcience and cunning of phy- 
*' iic and fargery (to the perfect knowledge whereof be requifite both 
** great learning and ripe experience) is daily within this realm exerciTed 
*' by a great multitude of ignorant perfons, of whom the greatefc pare 
*'- have no manner of inlight in the fame, nor in any other kind of learn- 
'' ing ; fo far forth, tliat common artiiicers, as fmiths, 'weavers, and 
*' women, boldly and accullomably take upon them great cures, and 
" things of great difficulty, in the which they partly ufe forcery and 
*' witchcraft, pa'rtly apply fuch medicines unto the difeafe as be very 
*' noxious, and nothing meet therefore, to the high dilpleafure of God^ 
*' great injury to the Faculty, and the grievous hurt, damage, and de~ 
" ilruiTtion of many of the king's liege people, molt efpecially of them 
** that cannot difcern theuncunning from the cunning." The acl thea 
goes on t© enatl that no perfon, fnall pra6life pllyiic or furgery v/ithin the 
city of London, or feven miles thereof, without being iirft examined and 
approved by the bifhop of London, or the dean of St. Paul's, (who fhali 
call to their affiitance four doctors of phyiic ; and for furgery, other ex- 
pert perions in that faculty) upon pain of being fined live pounds for every 
month fuch perfons fhall praftife without being thu3 admitted, 'By this 
a6t iimiiar powers were given to the bifhop of every diccefe for the exs.- 
Julnation of perfons pradiling in the country. 

Seven years after this^, that is in the loth of Henry VIIL the phyficians 
were incorporated into a college, with a power to eleft a prefidenr., to 
have a common feal, to purchale lands, and to make flatutcs and ordi- 
nances for the government and correftion of th? college, and of a.l perfo is 

B pradifmg 


pra£liilng phyfic within the ctty of London, and a circuit of feven miles 
round it. By this chartei* (\vhich is faid to be granted at the requefl of 
the following perfons; John Chambre*, Thomas Linacre f, and Fer- 
jiandus de Vidloria, phyficians to the king; Nicholas Halfwell, John 
Fraunces and Robert Yaxley^, phyficians, and Cardinal Wolfey) it is 
like wife enaded^ that no perfon ftiall be permitted to praftife in any 
county of England or Wales, without having firft been examined by, 
and received letters teflimonial from the prelident and three or more of 
the elefls, unlefs he be a graduate of Oxford or Cambridge ; but even a 
graduate of-Oxford or Cambridge has no right to pra^life within {even 
miles of the city, until he has been admitted of the college. The letters 
• teiHmonial are granted after a fingle examination, which is in Latin, and 
commonly oh, different fubje£\s of anatomy, phyiiology, and the pra^lice 
of phyfic; and then the name of the perfon to whom they are granted, 
and the county he means topradifein, are regiftered in the college books. 
The other privileges conferred by this charter have been confirmed and 
enlarged at different times fmce. In 1540, {^26. of Henry VIII.) an adl 
was pafTed to difcharge the melnbers of the college from ferving parifh 
offices^ and to empower them to depute four of their body annually to in- 
fped the fhops of apothecaries. In 1553, (lit of Mary) power was given 
to the prefident to commit to prifon offenders againlt that and former afts 
pafTed in favour of the college. And more lately flill, viz. in 1723, (12th 
of George I.) an acl was pafTed ** for the -better viewing, fearching, and 
** examining of all drugs, medicines, waters, oils, and compofitions 
** ufed, or to be ufed in medicine, in all places where the fame fhall be 
** expofed to fale, or kept for that purpofe, within the city of London 
" and fuburbs thereof, or within feven miles circuit of the faid city.'* 
This a6l, after recapitulating the former a^s that had been pafTed, enads 
that *' the cenfors of the college, calling to their affiflance the wardens 
** of the apothecaries, may, in the day-time, enter into any apothecary*s 
** fhop, within feven miles of London, to examine the medicines, and 
** may deflroy all drugs, &c« not meet to be ufed in medicine." Perfons 
refifting fearch are to forfeit ten pounds. 

By an ad^ paiTed in 1774 (14th Geo. III.) for the regulation of private 
mad-houies, the college are empowered to elect annually five fellows as 
commifnoners for licenfing houfes for the reception of lunatics within 
feven miles of London, or in any part of the county of Middlefex. The 
«ie£lion is to take place on the lalt day of September^ or if that day falls 
tipon a Sunday, then upon the firft day of Odlober. In cafe there ill all 
at any time not be found a lufficient number of fellows qualified or willing 
to aft as commiflionefs, the deficiency is to be made up from among the 
licentiates. — Within fourteen days after fuch eledion, the commifTioners 
are to eleft a proper perfon to be their fecretary.-*»The comnjifTioners, or 
sny three of them, are direded to meet annually on the third Wednefday 
in October, or within ten days afterwards, in order to grant licences, 
which are to be ilamped with a 5 s. llamp. They are empowered to re- 
ceive lol. for every licence for the reception of ten patients, and for 
above that number 15 1. No licence can authorize any perfon to keep 

* A portrait of this phylkian is in the pidture of the delivery of the charter to the 
furgeons company. 

f The plan of this inftitution is faid to have been firft projccfled by this celebrated phy- 
iJciAa, And, the Letters Patent tot it obtained by his intereft with Cardinal Wolfey. 



more tKan one houfe ; and any perfon, who without fuch a licence, keeps 
more than ^ne infane patient in his houfe, is liable to forfeit 500 1. — No 
licence is to be granted to any perfon without recognizance in lool. with 
fureties. — Perfons fo licenfed are within three days after the admiffion of 
a patient into their houfe (except in the cafe of paupers fent thither by 
parilh officers) to give notice to the fecretary, in writing, of the name of 
the patient, together with the names and places of abode of the perfon 
by whofe orders he has been received, and of the phyfician, furgeon or 
apothecary, who have certified that he is infane.— The commiffioners are 
empowered fo in fpe6l licenfed houfes as often as they fhall think proper, 
and keepers refuling them admittance are to forfeit their licence *. 

Linacre, to whom the medical profefuon is fmgularly indebted, was 
the firft prefident of the college, and continued in that office till his death, 
which happened fev^en years afterwards, when he bequeathed to the col- 
lege his houfe in Knight-rider-flreet, in which the meetings had been 
held during his life-time. From this houfe, however, the college after- 
wards removed to Amen-Corner, where the immortal Harvey eredled a 
library and a public hall for them in the year 1652, and four years after 
this, brought the deeds of his eftate, and prefented them in perfon to the 
college. This ellate, which confills of about forty-feven acres, is fituated 
at Burmarfh in Kent, and is now called the Hafvey-land. The particu- 
lar purpofes of this donation were the inftitution of an annual feail on the 
1 8th of October, at which a Latin oration f fhould be fpoken in com- 
memoration of their benefactors; a gratuity for the orator ; and a pro- 
vifion for the librarian. The celebrated founder had the fatisfaftion to 
be prefent at the firll meeting, which took place only a few months before 
his death. 

Two other members of the college. Dr. Richard Caldwall and Dr. 
Theodore Gulfton, had feveral years before this teftified their regard to 
the interefts of their profeifion by founding annual lectures j and towards 
the clofe of the laft century, the college was indebted to Dr. William 
Croone for another inftitution of the fame nature. The leftures founded 
by Caldwall I are confined to anatomy and furgery. The Gulftonianjj 
leilures are on any medical fubje£l the leClurer choofes to adopt. The 
Cronian difcourfes are to be on mufcular motion ; the founder. Dr. 
Cfoone, who was a Grelham profeflbr and one of the firft members of the 
Royal Society, having publifhed a volume on that fubjeCl. Each of thefe 
inftitutions is for three ledures. The Gulftonian difcourfes are to be de- 
livered in Englilh ; the others in Latin. 

* By the fame aiS fimllar powers are vefted in tlie juflices of the peace for the different 
counties of England and Wales, for licenfing and infpefting private mad-houfes fituated 
beyond feven miles from London, or out of the county of Middlefex.— Nothing in this adt 
extends to public hofpitals. 

■\- This oration is delivered by each fellow in his turn, according to feniority.— The laft, 
in 1782, was by Dr, Milman. 

X This phyfician who was prefident of the college in 1 570, joined with the Lord Lumley 
la laying a perpetual rent charge of forty pounds per annum upon their eftates for this pur- 
pofe. It was in the courfe of thefe ledtures that the immortal Harvey, who was appointed 
to read them in 16 15, firft publicly delivered his dodVmes concerning the circulation. 

Ij Dr. Gulfton, who died in 1632, bequeatjied the fum of 200L for this purpofe. The 
leftures are to be read fometime between Michaelmas and Eafter by- one of the four youngeft 
fellows of the college. 

B 2 The 


The college having been confuraed by the fire of London, and the 
ground being only upon leafe, anew building was erefted near the north- 
weft corner of Warwick -lane. This edifice, which eminently deferves to 
be confidered among the ornaments of the city, is unlucky in its fituation, 
which does not allow i'c to be feen to advantage. The entrance, which 
is grand, is under an octangular theatre, finilhing in a dome. This was 
built by Sir Chriftopher Wren. The central building, in which are the 
library and other rooms of ftate and convenience, was defigned by Inigo 
Jones. In this building the college have not been deficient in gratitude 
to the memory of their benefaftors. Befides an infcription in honour of 
Dr. Harvey on the great ftair-cafe, there is a pidure and a bull* of that 
celebrated man in the principal apartment of the college. Here likev/ife 
are the bails of Sydenham and Mead, together with' the portraits of 
feveral prefidents of the college-, and of many eminent phyficians. Some 
of thefe were benefactors to the college ; of this number was Dr. Baldwin 
Harney, who, in 1708, bequeathed to it his manfion-houfe of Afhlins,. 
in Efiex, together with three hundred and fifty- fcA^en acres of land ; and 
the fon of this phyiician'v/as fo far from being difpleafed at his father's 
munificence, that v^ e iind him fome years afterwards, contributing to- 
wards repairing and ornamentmg the college. The other principal por- 
traits are thofe of Vefalius, Sir Theodore Mayerne, (who bequeathed his 
library to the college) Dr. Goodall, Dr. Radcliffe, Dr. Pellett, Dr. Ty- 
fon. Sir Hans Sloane, and Dr. Freind. 

The members of the college are diflinguifhed into three clafTes, of fel- 
lows, candidates, and licentiates. They all enjoy the fame privileges in 
practice, but the, two latter have no fharein the management of the col- 
lege. Phyficians, who liave graduated at Oxford, or Cambridge, or at 
-Trinity-college, Dublin, after going through the ufual examinations^ 
are admitted into the clafs of candidates, and the year following are re- 
ceived fellows, Phyficians who have graduated in any other univerfity 
are admitted as licentiates. But a member who has been feven years a 
licentiate may become a candidate for a fellowfhip. Formerly, perfons 
were admitted into the clafs of licentiates without having taken any de- 
gree in Phyfic ; but by a late regulation of the college, no person can 
henceforward be examined for a town licence who is not a dodlor of Phyfic, 
of at iealt twenty-fix years of age, and who has not fludied two whole 
^-years in feme reputable univerfity. Both fellows and licentiates, previous 
to their admifhon, undergo the fame trials, which confift of three exami- 
nations in Latin, at three feveral, monthly meetings, before the prefident 
and cenfors ; and, if approved of by thefe, are ufually admitted at the 
jiext enfuing quarterly meeting. Nothing can be more liberal and candid 
than thefe examinations. 

There are four ordinary and fixed meetings {comitia majora et fohiinla) 
of the college in the courfe of the year. One of thefe is on the day after 

* On the pedeilal of the buft is the following infcription ; 

Viro Monumentis Suis Immortali 
Hoc Infuper Collegium Medicorum Londinenfe 
■ ' Pofuit 

Qui Enim Sanguinis Motum 

TTt Et 

Aniraalibus Ortum Dedit Meruit ElTc 

Stator Perpetuus, 


St. Michael, for the eleflion of a prelident, and the other officers of the 
college. It feldora happens, however, that a new prefident is appointed 
every year. The learned and worthy phyfician, who is now at die head 
of the college, has been defervedly continued in the chair feveral years. 
The other officers of the college are four cenfors, whofe bufmefs it is, in 
conjunftion with the prefident, to examine the phyficians who prefent 
themfelves to the college to be admitted as candidates or licentiates : 
{even elefts, out of which namber is elected the prefident, and who are 
Jikewife empowered, in conjunction with the prefident, to examine and 
grant teftimonials to phyficians practifmg in the country ; a treafurer, and 
a regiller. The fecond meeting is on the day after St. Thomas; the 
third on the day after Palm Sunday, and the fourth on the day after St, 
John Baptill. No bufmefs can be tranfadled at either of thefe meetings, 
unlefs the prefident and tweh e fellows are prefent. Befides thefe there ate 
monthly, or lefler meetings, {comitia minora) which are compofed of the 
prefident and cenfors, and are chiefly intended for the examination of 
phyficians, who prefent themfelves' to be admitted of the college ; or of 
the prefident arid three or more eleds, for the^^ranting of teftimonials to 
phyficians pradifing in the country. .' 

The college, as a body, have publifhed a complete and elegant edition 
of Dr. Harvey's -works ; together with three volumes oi Medical Tranf- 
anions. The lalt edition of their Pharmacopceia was publillxed in 1745. 


*ir50 iWiLLiAM P1TCAIRN+, M. D. (Oxford) F. R.S. Mi if. Brit, Cur. 
Phyfician to Chriil's Hofpital, and lare Phyfician to St. Bartholomew'^' 
Hofpital. Warwick-court, Warwick-lane. President. 

2727 Sir Edward Wilmot, Bart. M. D. (Cambridge) F. R. S. Phy- 
fician to the King, and Phyfician-general to the Army. Harrington, 
near Dorchefier. 

t737 Ambrose Dawson, M. D. (Cambridge) Liverpool. 

2739 Russel Plumptre, M. D. (Cambridge) King's Profeflbr of FhyHc 

at Cambridge. 

2740 Matthew Morley, M. D. (Cambridge) VauxhalL 
1741 Thomas Addams, M, D. P,.eading, Berkfiiire. 

1744 Thomas Lawrence, M. D. (Oxford). Canterbury. 

Edmund Crynes, M. D. Kenilworth, Warwicklhire. 

S746 William Heberden, M. D. (Cambridge) F. R. S. &S.A. Fellow 
of the Royal Medical Society at Paris. ElcEi'. Pall-Mall. 

1749 William Mushet, M.D. (Trinity College Dublin) Phyfician to the 

Army. Grantham, Lincolnfliire. 
17^3 John Monro, M. D. (Oxford) F. A. S. EleB. Phyfician to Bethlem 

liofpital. (Formerly one of Dr. Radcliffe's TraveUing Phyficians), 


* Date of admlflion, 

\ Thofe marked thus % are CommliTioners for Licenfing Mad-houfes. 

\ Dr. Pitcairn has an excellent Botanic Garden at Iflington. Mr. Curtis In one of hij 
Publications, very properly enumerates this and the late Dr. Fothergill's at Upton, among the 
Gardens in this Country that are " Monuments of national Honour." 

B 3 TH0MA3 


^753 Thomas Wharton, M. D. (Cambridge) Durham. 

J756 Ant-hony Addington, M. D. (Oxford) Reading, Berks. 

Richard Brocklesby, M. D. (Leyden 1745, and Trinity ColL 

Dublin) F. R. S. Ek6lj Phyfician to the Army. Norfolk-ftreet. 
John Ci:erke,M. D. (Cambridge) Epfom, Surry. 
17^7 Sir George Baker, Bart. M. D. (Cambridge) F. R. S. and S. A. 
E/cci, Fellow of the Royal Medical Society at Paris, and Phyfician to 
the Queen. Jermyn-ftreet. 

1758 Sir Noah Thomas, Knt, M. D. (Cambridge) F. R. S, Eka, Phy, 

fician to the King. Albemarle-ftreet. 
William Cadogan, M. D. (Cambridge, by Royal Mandate) EleSi, 
Phyfician to the Army. George-ftreet, Hanover-fquare. 

1759 Thomas GiSBORNE, M. X>. (Cambridge) F. R. S. EkSi, Phyfician 

^ to the King's and Queen's Houihold. Clifford-ftreet, Burlington- 
1761 J Thomas Hkalde,M,D. (Oxford) F. R. S. Grefham ProfefTor of 
Phyfic, and Phyfician to the London Hofpital. St, Mary Axe. 

Richard Ty son, M. D. (Cambridge) EleSi, Phyfician to St. Bartho- 
lomew's Hofpital. Queen-fquare. 

1763 Richard Warren, M. D. (Cambridge) F. R* S. and S.A. CenfoVg _ 

, Phyfician to the King. Sackville-flrect. 

Robert Glynn Clo be ry, M. D. (Cambridge) Cambridge. 

Sir Clifton Wintringham, Bart. M. D. (Leyden, and Cam- 
bridge by Royal Mandate) F. R. S. Fellow of the Royal Medical So- 
ciety at Paris,' and Phyfician to the King. Dover-ftreet. 

SwiTHiN Adee, M.D. (Oxford) Oxford. 

1767 Robert Thomlinson, M.D. (Cambridge) Tnafurer. Phyfician 
to Guy^s Hqfpital. Bufh-lane, Cannon-fireet. 

1763 Jo H N^ Tu R T o N, M. D. (Oxford) F. R. S. Cenfor, Fellow of the Royal 
Medical Society at Paris, and Phyfician to the Qi^een, (formerly one of 
Dr. RadcIiffe'sTravellingPhyficians). Adelphi. 

SirRicHARD Jebb, Bart. M. D. (Leyden) F. R. S. & S. A, Phyfician 
Extraordinary to the King, Phyfician ^n Ordinary to the Pi-ince of 
Wales, and to the Afylura. Great George-ftreet, Weftminfter. 
DoNAiD Monro, M. D. (Edin. 1753) F. R. S. phyfician to the 
Army, and to St. George's Hofpital. Jermyn-ftreet. 
2774 Henry Revell Reynolds, M.D. (Cambridge) ]r. R. and A. S. 
Cenfor d.vA Regifier., Phyfician to St. Thomas's Hofpital. Bedford-row. 
477<5 Richard Wright, M.D. (Cambridge) F. R. S. Phyfician to St, 
George's Hofpital. Charles-Ilreet, Grofvenor-fquare. 

John Parsons, M. D. (Oxford) Profeflbr of Anatomy, Clinical 
Profcflbr, and Phyfician to the Radcliffean Infirmary at Oxford. 

t Lucas Pepys, M. D. (Oxford) F. R. S. Cenfor, Phyfician Extraor- 
dinary to the King. Upper Brook-ftreet. 

t John Bu R GEs, M. D. (Oxford) Phyfician 16 St. George's Hofpital. 

John Rawlinson, M- D. (Cambridge) late Phyfician to St. Tho= 
mas's Hofpital. Watling^ftreet. 

2777 Richard Budd, M. D. (Oxford) Phyfician to St. Bartholomew's 
Hofpital, Chatham-fquare, Black Friars Bridge, 



1778 Francis MiLMAN, M.D. (Oxford) F.R.S. Phyficlan to the Mld- 

dlefcx Hofpital. (Lately one of Dr. Radcliffe's Travelling Ph^ficians)* 

1779 Isaac Pennington, M. D. (Cambridge) ProfefTor of Chemifiry at 

J780 Charles ElsdenBacce, M, D. (Cambridge) Fakenham, Norfolk. 

(Late Phyiician to the Wcftminftcr General JDifpcnfary). 
IjSi James Hervey, M. D. (Oxford) Phyfician to Guy's and the Lock 

Hofpitah. King-ftrect, St. Jame^Vfquare, 


X782 Devereux Mytton, M.D. (Oxford) Wind for. 

John Matthews, M. D. (O^cford) Phyfician toSt. George's Hofpl* 
tal. J3 romp ton-row. 


1742 John An dree, M. D. formerly Phyfician to the London Hofpital. 

1745 Peter Canvane, M. D. (Leyden) F. R, S. Dunkirk. 
3747 Moses Griffith, M. D. (Leyden) Colchefler. 
J 751 Charles Morton, M. D. (Leyden) F. R. S. andS. A. Member of 

the Imperial Academy of Nat. Cur. and of that at St. Peterfburgh, 

Phyfician to the Foundling Hofpital, and principal Librarian to the 

Britifh Mufeum. 

Sir John Baptist Silvester, Knt. M. D. (Leyden) F.R.S. 

George Lamont, M. D. (Leyden) formerly Phyfician to her late 
Royal Highnefs the Princefs of Wales. Gioucefter-court, St. James's- 

Philip DE laCour,M. D. (Leyden 1733) Clapton. 

*752 James Dargent, F. R. S. Phyfician to the Weftminfter Infirmary. 
Great Marlborough-ftreet. 

Daniel Peter Layard, M. D. (Rheims 1743) F.R.S. S. of 
London, and Gottingen, and F. A. S. formerly Phyfician to her late 
Royal Highnefs the Princefs Dowager of Wales. Lower Brook-llreet, 

Edward Archer, M. D. (Leyden) Phyfician to the Small-pox Hof- 
pital. Coney-court, Gray's Inn. 

J756 William Hunter*, M. D. (Glafgow) F. R. S. and S. A. Fello^v 
of the Royal Academy of Sciences, and of the Royal Medical Society 

* Dr. Hunter, with a zeal and fuccefs, hitherto, perhaps, unparalleled in a private ftatlon, 
has at an immenfe expence, and with no lefs labour and tafte, formed a Mufeum which does 
honour to this country. The fpecimens of human and comparative anatomy, and the pre- 
parations of difeafesit contains, though the refult of fifty years application to thofe fubje<Ss, 
form but a fmall part of this admirable coUeftion. In the article of fcaic? and valuable 
manufcrjpts and printed books, it vies with the moft diftinguiflied royal libraries ; and of ita 
richnefs in ancient medals, the reader may be enabled to form an idea from a defcriptionof 
part of the collection in this way, publilhed by Mr. Combe. Dr. Hunter has lately added to 
his Mufeum Dr. FothergiU's colle<Sion of ftells. 

B 4 At 


at Paris ; Phyfician Extraordinary to the Queen, and ProfefTor of Ana- 
tomy in the Royal Academy. Windmill-ftreet. 
17^6 Samuel Wathen, M. D. (Marifchal College, Aberdeen) Dorking, 

Christopher Kelly, M. D. (Marifchal College, Aberdeen) 
Knlghtfbridge, Middlefex. 
iy6o William Watson, M. D. (Halle, 17,57) V. P. R. S. and Muf. 
Brit. Cur. Member of the Royal Medical Academy at Madrid, and of 
the Society of Antiquaries at Caifell ; Phyhcian to the Foundling Hof- 
pital. Lincoln^s Inn Fields. 

Thomas Milner, M. D. (Edinburgh) Maidftone, Kent. 
1761 Michael Morris, M. D. (Marifchal College, Aberdeen) F. R. S. 
Phyfician to the Army-, and to the Weilminiter Infirmary. Crown- 

-1762 Sir John Eliot, Bart. M. D. (Marifchal College, Aberdeen) Cecil- 

Hugh Smith, M. D. (Edin. 1753) formerly Phyfician to the Middle- 
fex Hofpital. Bridge-ftreet, Blackfriars. 

William Grant, M. D. (Marifchal College, Aberdeen) Phyfician 
to the Mifericordia Hofpital. Lime-ftreet. 

James Ford, M.D. (Marifchal College, Aberdeen) Phyfician Extra- 
ordinary to the Weflminfter Lying-in Hofpital, and Con ful ting Phy- 
fician Man-Midwife to the Weflminfter General Difpenfary. Old 
Bond-fireet. ' - 

Maxwell Garths ho re, Tyl. D. (Edin. 1764) F. R. S. and S. A; 
Fellow of the Royal College of Phyficiansat Edinburgh, and Phyfician 
to the Britiili Lying-in Hofpital. St. Martin's-lane, Weftminfier. 

3765 Thomas Dickson, M.D. (Leyden 1746) F. R. S. Phyfician to the 
L®ndon Hofpital. New Broad-fireet Buildings. 

John Morgan, M.D. (Edin. 1763) F. R. S. Fellow of the Royal 
College of Phyficians at Edinburgh. Philadelphia. 

Robert Knox, M. D. (St. Andrew's) Phyfician to the Army, and 
late Phyf. to the Middlefex Hofpital. George-ftreet, Hanover-fquare. 

Richard Huck Saunders, M. D. (St. Andrew's) F. R. S. for- 
merly Phyfician to the Army and to St. Thomas's Hofpital. Spring 

Samuel Chapman, M.D. (Marifchal College, Aberdeen) Sudbury, 
DavidOrme,M.D. (Edin. 1749) Great St. Helen's. 
Thomas Manningham, M. D. Bath. 
John liiLL, M.D. St. Mary Axe. 

Hugh Ale xande r Ke nnedy, M. D. (Edin. 1754) Phyfician to the 
Army, and late Phyf. to the Middlefex Hofpital. At prefent in America. 

John Napier, M.D. (PJieims) Rathbone-placc, Oxford-ftreet. 

George Fordyce,M. D. (Edin. 1758) F. R. S. and Phyfician to 
St. Thomas's Hofpital. Eflex-ftreet. 

William Baylies, M. D. (St. Andrew's) Fellow of the Royal 
College pf Phyficians at Edinburgh. Berlin. 

John Ford, M.D. (St. Andrew's) Phyfician to the Lving-in Charity. 
Old Jewry. ' ^ b r 

Joseph All £N, M.D. (St, Andrew's) Dulwich, Surry, 



lj66 Jame s Walk f, r, M. D. (St. Andrew's) Fellow of the Royal College 
of Phyficians at Edinburgh. Jamaica. 

Francis de Valangin, M. D. (St. Andrew's) Fore-ftreet. 

William Vaughan, M. D. (Edin. 1756) Union-court, Old Broad- 

John Leake, M. D. (Rhcims) Phyfician to the Weflminfter Lying-in 
Hofpital. Graven-fireet. 

Robert Bromf ield, M. D. (Marifchal College, Aberdeen) F.R.S. 

Phyficianto the Britifh Lying-in Hofpital. Gerrard-ftreet, Soho, 
R.OWLAND Jackson, M. D. ^Rheims). ' 

1767 Peter SwiNTON, M. D. (Marifchal College, Aberdeen) Salifbury- 
court, Fleet-ftrcet. 

Alexander Hay, M. D. ^Leyden) F.R.S. St. Alban's-flreet. 
William Saunders, M. D. (Edin. 1765) Phyfician to Guy's and 
the Magdalen Hofpitals. Jeffries-fquare, St, Mary Axe. 

1770 James Maddocks, M. D. (Edin,) Phyfician to the London Hofpital. 

Capel-court, near the Royal Exchange. 

George Hicks, M. D. (Edin. 1768,1 Phyfician to the Weflminfier 
Infirmary. Stable-yard, St. James's. 

John Coakley Lettsom, M. D. (Ley den 1769) F.R.S. andS. A. 
Phyfician Extraordinary to the General Difpenfary, and Confultlng 
Phyfician to the Finfbury Difpenfary. Bafinghall-itreet. 

Gilbert Thompson, M. D. (Edin. 1753' Salter's-hall-c. Cannon-ft. 

James Carmichael Smyth, M. D. (Edin.) F, R. S. Phyficianto 

the Middlefex Hofpital. Charlotte-ilreet, near Great Ruffel-ftreet. 

1771 Isaac Henriques Seoueira, M. D. (Leyden) Mark-lane. 
1774 Nathanie L Hulme, M. D. 'Edin. 1765) Phyfician to the Charter- 

houfe, and to the London New Lying-in Hofpital. Charter-lioufe- 

Richard William Stack, M. D. (Leyden 1764) Ghent. 
Henry Krohn, Al.D. (Utrecht 1762) Phyfician Man-Midwife to the 
Middlefex Hofpital. Southampton-ftreet, Covent G-arden. 
3775 Michael Teighe, M. I>. (Rheims) F.R.S. formerly Phyfician to 
the Weilminfter Difpenfary. Bedford-fquare. 
Robert RoB-E RTSON, M. D. (Edin. 1765) Howard-ftreet, Strand. 

S776 Andrew Douglas, M. D. (Edin. 1775) Phyfician to the Lying-ia 
Charity. Bedford-ftreet, Bedford- fquare. 

1777 JoHLs^ Hunter, M. D. (Edin. i775'> Phyfician to the Army, asd to 
the Weftminfter Difpenfary. At prefent in Jamaica. 

John Jebb, M. D. (St. Andrew's) F. R. S. late Fellow of St. Peter's 
College, Cambridge. Parliament-ftreet. 

J778 John Lee, M. D. (Rheims) F. R.S. Bath, Soraerfetfhlre. 

James Sims, M. D. (Leyden 1764) Phylician to the General Difpen- 
fary. Bartholomew-lane. 

Samue^. FoART Simmons, M.D. (Leyden ijyG) F.R.S. Fellow 
of the Royal Collepe of Phyficiansat Nancy, and of the Royal Aledical 
Society at Paris; Correfponding Member of the Royal Academy of 
Sciences at Montpelier, and Phyfician to St. Luke's Hofr-ital and the 
Weftoainfier General Dilpenfary. Air-Uiect. Ficciidiily, 






SeGuin Henry Jackson, M. D. (Edin, 1778) Phyficlan to the 

Weftmlnfter General Difpenfary. Hanover-ftreet, Hanover-fquarc. 
John Sims, M. D. (Edin. 1774) Phyfician to the Lying-in Charity, 

and to the Surry Difpenfary. Patcr-nofter-row. 
Anthony Fothergill, M. D. (Edin. 1763) F. R. S. Harpur* 

ftreet, Red-Li on- fquare. 
James Ford, jun. M. D. (Edin. 1777) Jermyn-ftreet, 
Stephen Pellet, B. A. (Oxford) M. D. (Edin. 1779) Reading, 

Thomas Bowdler, M. D. (Edin. 1776) F. R. S. Cork-ftreet> 

Thomas Clerk, M. D, (Edin. 1776) Phyfician to the Army in America, 
William Keir, M.D. (Edin. 1778) Phyfician to St. Thomas's Hof- 

pital. Hatton-flreet, 
William Paine, M. D. Phyfician to the Army in America. 
Gilbert Blane, M.D. (Edin. 1778) Phyfician to the Fleet in th» 

Weft Lidies. 
John Whitehead, M.D. (Leyden 1780) Phyfician to the London 

Difpenfary. Devonfliire-ftreet. 
William Lister, M.D. (Edin. 1781). 

Medical Establishment of the Royal Family, 

P/ivJidans in Ordinary* 

Pkyficians Extraordinary. 

Phyfician to the HouJJwld* 
Serjeant Surgeons, 

Surgeons Extraordinary. 

Surgeon to the Houjhold. 
Anatomiji to the Houjhold. 
/ipotkecaries to the Per/on. 

Apothecaries to the Houjhold^ 

Chtmijl to his Maj(Jy» 

The King*s 

Sir Edward Wilmot, Bart. M. D. F. R. S. 

Sir Clifton Wintringham, Bart. M. D. F. R. S. 

Richard Warren, M. D. F. R. S. 

Sir Noah Thomas, Knt. M. D. F. R. S. 

Sir Richard Jebb, Bart. M. D. F. R. S. 
Lucas Pcpys, M. D. F. R. S. 
John Turton, M. D. F. R. S. 

Thomas Gifborne, M. D. F. R. S, 

Sir Casfar Hawkins, Bart. 
David Middleton, Efq. 
Pennell Hawkins, Efq. 
John Gunning, Efq. F. R. S. 
John Hunter, Efq. F. R. S. 

George Edward Hawkins, Efq» 

John Andrews, Efq. 

Thomas Wainewright, Efq, 
John Devaynes, Efq, 

Robert Halifax, M. D. 
E. Holditch, Efq. 

John Amyatt, M. D* ., 

3aron de Wenzell, 

Pmllp M^ule, Efq, 



Ikntijls. Mr. Thomas Berdmore. 

Mr, T. Spence. 

The Queen's 

Pkyficians inordinary. Sir George Baker, Bart. M. D. F. R. S. 

John Turton, M. D. F. R. S. 

Phyfidan Extraordinary. William Hunter, M. D. F. R. S. 

Surgeon. Pennell Hawkins, Efq. 

Surgeon to the Houjhold. William BromfeiW, Efq. 

Apothecary. Aug, Hermann. Brande, Efq. 

Apothecary to the Houjhcld. John Devaynes, Efq. 

The Prince of Wales's 
Phyfician in Ordinary. Sir Richard Jebb, Bart. 

Surgeon. Thomas Keatc, Efq. 

Apothecary. R. Halifax, M. D. - 

List* of Physicians refident in London. 

f John Andree, M. D. Hatton-ftrcet. 

f Edward Archer, M. D. Coney-court, Gray's Inn. 

Ave, M. D. St. Mary Axe. 

+ Sir George Baker, Bart. M. D. F. R. S. Jermyn-flreet. 

William Black, M. D. (Leyden) Haymarket. 

Charles Blagden, M. D. (Edfn. 1768) F. R. S. Phyfician to the Army. 

Robert Bland, M. D. (St. Andrew's 1778) Phyfician Man-Midwife to the 
W'eftminfter Difpenfary. St. Alban's-ftreet. 

f Thomas Bowdler, M. D. F. R. S. Cork-flreet. 

f Richard Brocklefby, M. D. F. R. S. Norfolk-ftreet. 

t Robert Bromfield, M. D. F.R.S. Gerrard-ftrect. 

William Buchan, M. D. Fellow of the R. C. P. Edin. Cecil-ftreet. 

+ Richard Budd, M. D. Chatham-fquare, Blackfriars Bridge. 

f John Burges, M. D. Mortimer-ftreet. 

William Butter, M, D. (Edin. 1761) Fellow of the R. C. P. Edin. Grof« 

t William Cadogan, M. D. George-ftreet, Hanover-fquare. 
John Caulet, M. D. (Oxford 1782.) 
H. Chittick, M. D. Great Marlborough-ftreet. 
H. Chittick, jun. M. B. (Oxford) Great Marlborough-flreet. 
John Cooke, M. D. (Leyden 1781) Phyfician to the General Difpenfary, 

Tokenhoufe-yard . 
John Cooper, M. D. (St. Andrew's) Phyfician to the Benevolent Infiitution. 

* We are indebted to a corr^fpondcnt for this lift* Thofe marked f are •f the College 
fjf Phyficians, 

^ Adaiy 


Adair Crawford, M. D. (Glafgow 1780) Phyfician to the General Difpenfar}-* 
Lamb's Conduit-ftreet. 

Thomas Dale, M. D. (Edini 1775) Phyfician to the Surry Difpenfary. Union- 
court, Broad-fireet. 
t James Dargent, F. R. S. , Great jMarlborough-ftreet. 

Thomas Denman, M. D. Phyfician Man-Midwife to the Middlefex Hofpital. 
Old Burlington-ftreet. , 

Richard Dennifon, M. D. (Edin. 1775) Mark-lane. 
+ Thomas Dickfon, M. D. F. R. S. New Broad-ftreet-buildings. 

Hon. Baron Thomas Dimfdale, M. D. M. P. F. R. S. Red-iion-fquare. 

Jofeph Dimfdale, M. D. (Edin. 1773) Nev/man-fireet. 

t Andrew Douglas, M. D. Bedford-ftreet, Bedford-f<|uare. 

f Sir John Eliot, Bart. M. D. Cecil-flreet. 

t James Ford, fen. M. D. Old Bond-ftreet. 

f John Ford, M. D. Old Jewry. 

+ James Ford, jun. M. D. Jermyn-ftreet. 

f George Fordyce, M. D. F. Pv. S. Effex-ftreet. - _ 

Sir "William Fordyce, Knt. M. D. (Cambridge, by Royal Mandate) Warwick* 
ftreet, Golden-fquare. 

+ Anthony Fothergill, M. D. F. R, S. Harpur-flreet. 

+ Maxwell Garthfliore, M. D. F. R. S. St. Martin's-lane. 

+ Thomas Gifborne, M. D. F. R. S. ClifFord-flreet. 

Goldwire, M. D. Hatton-ftreet. 

f William Grant, M. D.' Lime-Ilreet. 

Edward Gray, M. D. F. R..S. Britiili Mufeum. 

Robert Halifax, M. D, (Archbilhop of Canterbury 1783} Albemarle-nreet. 

Henry Hafkey, M. D. (Edin. 1777) Phyfician to the Medical Afylum, and iQ 
the Welch Charity. Bedford-Areet, Covent-gardcn. 

William. Hawes, M. D. (Sr. Andrew's 1780) Phyfician to the Surry Difpenfarr, 
Great Eaflcheap. 

+ Alexander Hay, M. D. F. R. S. Jermyn-ftreet. 

+ Thomas Healde, M. D. F. R. S. St. Mary Axe. 

Heathcote, M. D. Charlotte-flreet, Rathbone-place. 

t William Heberden, M. D. F. R. S. Pall-mall. 

ir James Hervey, M. D. King-ftreet, St. James's-fquare. 

+ George Hicks, M. D. Stable-yard, St. James's, 

Bryan Higgins, M. D. Oreek-ftreet, Solio. 
+ John Hill, M. D. St. Mary Axe. 

Charles Hopfon, M. D. (Leyden 1767.) 
i Nathaniel Hulme, M. D. Charterhoufe-fquare. 
f William Hunter, M. D. F. R. S. Great Windmill-flreet. 
+ Segmn Henry Jackfon, M. D. Hanover-ftreet, Planover-fquare. 
+ Sir Richard Jebb, Bart. M. D. F. R. S. Great Georgeelireet, 
t John Jebb, M. D. F. R. S. Parliament-ftreet. 

R. Ingrapi, M, D. Crowr;-flreet, Weftminfter. 



Alexander Johnfon, M. D. PortIand-{lreet» 
t William Keir, M. D. Hatton-ftreet. 

Thomas' Knovvles, M. D. Phyfician to ths Eaflern Difpenfary. Lombard-flreek* 
+ Robert Knox, M. D. Mortimer-ftreet. 
f Hcuiy Krohn, M. D. Southampton-flreet, Covent-gard^n. 
+ George L'amont, M. D. Gloucefter-ftreet, St. JainesVllreet, 
t John Leake, M. D. Craven-ftreet. 

John Leman, M. D. (Edin. 1780) Strand. 

f John Coakley Lettfom, M. D. Bafinghair-ftreet. 

William Lowder, M. D. (St. Andrew's) Phyfician Man-Midwife to the Medi* 
cal Afyium, St. Saviour's Churcli-yard, Southwark. 

Robert Maclaurin, M. D. Phyfician Man-Midwife Extraordinary totheLondoB 
Lying-in Hofpital. Mark-lane. 

f James Maddockfi, M. D. Capel-court, near the Royal Exchange. 

t' John Matthews, M. D. Brompton-row. 

H. Merryman, M. D. Ouebec-ftreet, May-fair. 

John MiJlar, M. D. (Edin. ly^y) late Phyfician to the Weftminfter JDifpenrary, 

t John Monro, M. D. F. A. S. Bedford-fquare. 

t Donald Monro, M. D. F. R. S. Jermyn-flreet. 

t Michael Morris, M. D. F. R. S. Crown-ftreet,- Weftminfterr 

i Charles Morton, M. D. Britifii Mufeum. 

John NankiveJ, M. D. (Edin. 1781) Cannon-ftreet. 
f John Napier, M. D. Rathbone-place. 

Nelfon, M D. (St. Andrew's) Bedford-fquare. 

L. Nihell, M.D. (Edin. 1781) Quebec-ftreef, Portman-fquare* 

■ Oliver, M. D. Charlotte-fueet, Rathbone-place. 

t David Orme, M. D. Great St. Helen's. 

William Ofborn, M. D. *Percy-ftreet, Rathbone-place. 

John Paifon, M. D. Phyfician to the Finfbury Difpenfary. Aylefbury-firect| 

John Pearce, M. D. (St. Andrew's) Crutched-friars. 

f Lucas Pepys, M. D. F. R. S. Upper Brook-fireet. 

f William Pitcairn, M. D. F. R. S. V/arwick-court, Warwick-lane. 

David Pitcalrne, M. B. (Oxford) F. R. S. Phyfician to St, BarthoIomeTv'^ 
Hofpital. Lincoln's Inn Fields. 

f John Rawlinfon, M. D. Watling-fireet. 

T. Reid, M. D. (St. Andrew's) Newm.arjrflreet. 

Thomas Relph, M.D. Phyfician to the Middlefex Difpenfary. St. MichaeP» 
alley, Corniiill. 

t Henry Revell Reynolds, M. D. F. R. S. Bedford-row. 

Francis Riollay, M. B. (Oxford) Hart-fireet, Bloomibury. 
f Robert Robertfon, M. D. Howard-fireet, Strand. 

John Rogers, M. D. Phyfician to the Finfbury Difpenfary. 

« — ~ Sanderfon, M. D, Great RufTel-flreetj Bloomfbuiy. 


George Sandiman, M. D. (Edin. 1769) Dyer's-buildlngs, Holborn, 
f Richard Huck Saunders, M. D. F.R. S. Spring-gardens. 
+ William Saunders, M, D. Jeffries-fquare, St. Mary Axe. 

R. Savage, M. D. White Conduit-ftreet. 

John Scott, M. D. Titchfield-ftreer. 
+ Ifaac Henriques Sequeira, M. D. Mark-lane. 
+ Samuel Foart Simmons, M. D. F. R. S. Air-flreet, Piccadilly, 
+ James Sims, M. D. Bartholomew-lane. 
+ John Sims, M. D. Pater-nofter-row. 

Henry Slaughter, M. D. (Edin. 1780) Southampton-roWr 
+ Hugh Smith, M. D. Bridge-ftreet, Black- friars. 

Hugh Smith, M. D. (St. Andrew's) Hatton-ftreet. 

William Smith, M. D. Lower Brook-ftreet. 
+ James Carmichael Smyth, M. D. F. R. S. Charlotte-ftreet, Bloomfbur}'. 

F. Schwediauer, M. D. (Vienna) Newman-flreet. 
f Peter Swinton, M. D. Salifbury-court, Fleet-ftreet, 
t Michr.el Teighe, M. D. F. R. S. Bedford-fquare. 

Robert Thomlinfon, M. D. Eufh-Iane, Cannon-ftreet. 
t Gilbert Thompfon, M. D. Bucklerfbury, 

Alexander Tbpmfon, M. D. Margaret-flreet,- Cavendifh-fquare* 

— — Thynne, M. D. Ckarlotte-flreet, Rathbone-place. 

William Turnbull, M. D. Wellclofe-fquare. 
+ John Turton, M. D. F. R. S. Adelphi. 
f Richard Tyfon, M. D. Queen-fquare. 
+ Francis de Valangin, M. D. Fore-fireet. 
+ William Vaughan, M. D. Unron-court, Broad-ftreet. 

Wall, M. D. London-wall. 

George Wallis, M. D. Phyfician (o the Medical Afylum. Bucklnghara-flreet. 

t Richard Warren, M. D. F. R. S. Sack\ llle-ftreet'. 

John Watkinfon, M. D. (Leyden) Phyfician to the Middlefex Difpenfary, 

+ Vv^illiam Watfon, M. D. V. P. R, S. Lincoln's Inn Fields. 

+ John Whitehead, M. D. Devonfhire-ftreet, Bifhopfgatc. 

Robert Willan, M.D. (Edin. 1781) Bartlett's-bu'ildings, Holborn. 

Andrew Wilfon, M. D. Fellow of the R. C. P. Edin. and Phyfician to thcDIf- 
penfary for the Infant Poor. Beaufort-buildings. 

+ Sir Clifton Wintringham, Bart. M.D. F. R. S. Dover-ftreet. 

LoftusWood, M.D. Phyfician to the Mifericordia BIfpenfary. Thanet-place, 

+ Richard Wright, M. D. F. R, S. Charles-ftreet, Grofvenor-fquare. 





WE had occafion, in our account of the College of Phyficlans, to 
fpeak of the ad of parliament which firft laid a reftraint on the 
pradice of phyfic and furgery in this kingdom. Soon after this, viz. in 
the 32d year of Henry VIII. the Surgeons were incorporated with the 
Barbers, under the united title of Barbers and Surgeons. There is a paint- 
ing * extant in Barber's Hall, done by the famous Holbein, the fubjecl of 
which is K. Henry VllI. giving the Surgeons their charter. 

From the complaints made by Thomas Gale, a furgical writer of thofe 
days, it would feem as if the profefTion was not much benefited by this 
incorporation. *' I have, myfelf, fays he, (in a volume of his works 
** dated in 1566,) in the time of King Henry VIII. holpe to furnilh out 
*' of London in one year, which ferved by fea and land, thre^fcore and 
** twelve furgeons, which were good workmen, and well able to i^rvt, 
** and all Englifhmen. At this prefent day there are not thirty-four of 
*' all the w^hole company of Englilhmen, and yet the moft part of them 
.**-be in noblemen's fervice, fo that, if we Ihould have need, I do not 
** know where to find twelve fufficient men. What do I fay? fufficient 
*' men : nay, I would there were ten amongfl all the company, worthy to 
*' be called furgeons." 

In the 5th of Charles I. theSurgeons were by letters patent authorifed 
to eledl ten of their members to be examiners ; and it was ordered that 
no perfon fhould praftife furgery within the liberties of London and Well- 
minfter, or within feven miles thereof, without having been previoufly 
approved by two or nwre of thefe examiners. This fandion was a fuffi- 
cient authority for praftifing furgery in any part of England. The Sur- 
geons continued thus incorporated with the Barbers, till the year 1745, 
and having the fame common hail, which was built by Inigo Jonee. In 
this hall there was a fpacious theatre for anatomical ledures. At that 
period the Surgeons applied to parliament for a feparation, which they 
fet forth would greatly contribute to the improvement of furgery. An aft 
was accordingly pafTed, making them diftind and feparate companies, and 
the Surgeons v.^ere incorporated anew by the name of the Majiers, Go^ver^ 
norsy and Commonalty of the Art and Science of Surgeons of London. 

By this ad they were confirmed in the poiTeffion of all their former pri- 
vileges, and empowered to eled a mailer, two wardens, a court of alfiil:- 

* An engraving from this picture was publilKed in 1736; at the expence of the company. 
The names of the perfons v.'hofe portraits are introduced in the pi£lare are given at the bot- 
tom of the print, and are as follow 3 J. Alfop, W. Butts, J. Chambre, T. Vycary,, J. 
Aylef, N. Symfon, E. Harman, J. Monforde, J. Pen, N. Alcoke, R. Fereis, W. Tylly, 
X. Samon. The names of four of thefe only, viz. Butts, Chambre, Vycary and Fereis, 
have been handed down to us in any other way. The firft of thefe, W, Butts, who was phy- 
lician to Henry VIII. and knighted by that prince, is introduced by Shakefpeare as one of 
the Dramatis Perfonse^ in his hiftorical play on that monarch's reign.— John Chambre was 
fpoken of in our account of the college, as one of the petitioners for the charter.— Thomas 
Vyc-iry, ferjeant furgeon to four fucceffive foverelgns, viz. Henry VIII. Edward VI. Mary 
and Elizabeth, was likevvife furgeon to St. Bartholomew's Hofpital, and author of an ana- 
tomical work, which is worthy of notice only from its being the firft that was publiihed in 
the Englilh language. — Richard Fereis was afterwards ferjeant furgeon to Qu^een Elizabeth j 
it was under tliis perfon that Thomas Gaie (quoted above) received his education. 



ants, confifting of twePxty-one perfons, ten of wliom are examiners : but 
the fine hall in Monkwell-ftreet, and the eftates of the united compa^ny 
were given to the Barbers, excepting the fam of five hundred and ten 
pounds, and a rent-charge of fixteen pounds, which had been given to 
the united company, the former by Edward Arris, for annual lectures on 
the mufcles, and the latter by John Gale, for one anatomical leclure. 
Both thefe were afiigned over to the Surgeons. There were other claufes 
in this a£l to enable the new company to make by-laws, and to eleft a 
mailer and wardens annually, on the firft Thurfday in July. They were 
likewife empowered to examine every candidate appointed to ferve as a 
furgeon or furgeon's mate, cither in the army or navy. The firll mafler, 
wardens, examiners, and thirteen of the court of affiftants were named in 
the aa. 

Soon after this the company erefled a hall in the Old Eailey, in which 
there is a handfome theatre for anatomical lectures, and other fpaclous 
apartments. The court of examiners meet on the £rll and third Tliarf- 
days of every month for the purpofe of admitting m.embers 5 or for exa- 
mining furgeons or furgeons' mates, for the army and navy. The exa- 
minations are in Englifh, and the members who mean to pradlife in the 
country pay only half the fees of admifiion, but fign a bond for the pay- 
ment of the remainder in cafe they come to refide and pradife within the 
jurifdiaion of the company. 

Mafier, WardenSy and Court of Affifiants. 

f Richard Grindall, F. R. S. Surgeon to the London Hofpital. Auftin-friars, 

Mafter. - 
f Fleming Pinkflan, Efq. St. Alban'.s-ftreet. Warden. 

f Peter Triquet, late Surgeon to the Coldttream Regiment of Guards. Warden. 
t Fennel Hawkins, Efq. Surgeon to their Majefties. St. James's Palace. 

John Bekhier, F. R. S. (formerly Surgeon to Guy's Hofpital) Threadneedle- 
i Robert Young, Surgeon to St. Bartholomew's Hofpital. Great Ruflel-ftreet- 
t Percival Pott, F. R. S. Surgeon to St. Bartholomew's Hofpital. Hanover- 

t Stafford Crane, Surgeon to St. Bartholomew's Hofpital. Red-llon-fquare. 

Robert Adair, Efq. Surgeon to Chelfea Hofpital, and Infpe6lor General of Hof- 
pitals. Argyle-flreer. 
f John Pyle, Surgeon to the Weftmlnfler Infirmary. Cecll-Rreet. 
f Jofeph Warner, F. R. S. Surgeon to Guy's Hofpital. Hatton-flreet. 
t Matthew Spray. Warwick-court, Warwick-lane. 

Henry Watfo'n, F. R. S. Surgeon to the Weftminfter Infirmary. Rathbon€« 

Thomas Smith, Surgeon to St. Thomas's Hofpital. Southwark. 

Archdall Harris. New Palace-yard. 

William Sharp, F. R. S. Old Jewry, 

Ifaac Minors, late Surgeon to the Middlefex Hofpital. Chancery-lane. 

Edmund Pitts, Afiiftant Surgeon to St. Baitholomew's Hofpital. Swithin's-lanes 

Jonathan Wathen, F. A. S. Walbrook. 

William Graves, Surgeon to the Britifti Lying-in Hofpital. .Downing-flreet. 

f Tho.^e fo ma-ked are of the Court of Examia<;rs. 





Atklnfon, James, Hoxton. 

Atkinfon, William, Bifhopfgate-ftreet, 

Andrews, John, Efq. 

Allen, John, Soho-fquare. 

Alexander, John, Halifax, Yorkfhirc. 

Armiger, Thomas, Old Fifli-ftrcet. 

Atwood, Harry, Bath. 

Allen, Richard, Southwark. 

Abell, Bartholomew, Edmonton. 

Aylett, Charles, Windfor, 

Andrews, Thomas. 

Ainflie, John, Bolfover-ftreet, Caven- 

Arnold, Jofeph, Wellingborough^ Ncir- 

Andree, John, Surgeon to the Magdalen 
Hofpital, and Finfbury Difpenfary, 
Carey-ftreet, Chancery-lane. 

Alefounder, John, Navy Surgeon. 

Anderfon, Andrew, Bofton, New-Eng- 

Anderfon, Robert, Army Surgeon. 

Arthur, Nicholas, Exeter. 

Anderfon, Alexander, Navy Surgeon. 

Armftrong, Thomas. 

Armflrong, James, Belfaft, Ireland. 

Arden, Chriftopher, Army Surgeon. 

Alexander, Charles, NavySurgebn. 

Armftrong, Charles, Great RuIIel-flre^t. 

Adams, Jofeph, Navy Surgeon. 

Amor, Thomas. 

Anderfon, William. 

Attenburrow, John, Nottingham. 

Bromfeild, William, Efq. Surgeon to 
the Queen's Hoiafliold, Conduit- 

Bullcock, John. 

Booth, Montagu, Efq. 

Booth, James. 

Broughton, Charles, AWennanbury. 

Brogden, Benjamin, Oxford-ftreet. 

Butler, James, Stoneleigh -abbey, War- 
wick Qii re. 

Barling, Philip, Old Broad-ftreet. 

Bengough, Edmund, Bengal. 

Barker, John, Army Surgeon. 

Bolger, John, fenior, Guernfey. 

Burofle, Thomas, Poland-flreet. 

Brandford, Wiriiam, Barbadoes, 

Browne, Francis, NavySurgeon* 

Brookes, Robert, Dublin. 

j&ei^ar/j, Peter, Army Surgeon. 

Browne, Richard, Minclienhamp. Glou- 

Barton, Charles, Red-crofs-ftreet, Crip- 

Boys, William, F.S. A. Sandwich, Kent. 
Bayford, David, M. D. F. R. S. Lewes, 

Bfell, Peter, Eaft-Indies. 
Blackmore, William, Efq. Wellclofe^ 

Boihraar, William, Navy Surgeon. 
Butcher, John, Borough High-ftreet. 
Berdmore, Thomas, Surgeon-dentift ta 

his Majefty, Racquet-court, Fleet- 

Bennet, Daniel, RatcfifFe Highway. 
Brufaud, Jofeph, Jerfey. 
Blicke, Charles, Afliftant Surgeon t» 

St. Bartholomew's Hoipital, BiUiter- 

Bird, William, Chelmsford, EfTex. 
Birch, John, EiTex-ftreet. 
Bever, Robert, Richmond, Surrey. 
Brifcoe, Robert, Laytonftonc, 
Batley, Henry. 
Butler, Cornelius, EfTex. 
Bouigue, Bartholomew, Whitecrofs-ftr, 
Blizard, William, Surgeon to the Lon- 
don and Magdalen Hofpitals, Lime- 

Barrell, William, Whitecrofs-ftreet. 
Brookes, John, Whitchurch, Shropfhirc, 
Bureau, James, Aldermanbury. 
Brian, Jofliua. 

Bell, Jofeph, HighWycomb, Bucks, 
Baker, William, Hoddefdon, Herts. 
Brian, James, Shadwell-ftreet. 
Brook, James Manning. 
Barwifs, William. 
Barclay, John. 
Briggs, John. 
Burgefs, William^ 
Beynen, Rice, Fleet-market. 
Blount, John, Birmingham. 
Brand, Thomas, Soho-fquare. 
Breach, William, Tooley-ftreet. 
Borradaile, Jofeph. _| '. 

Bindley, William, Nuneaton, Wafw|^f^' 

fhire. ■' j 

Beaumont, Ambrofe, Melborne, near . 

Bertram, Alexander. 
Babington, William, Guy's HofpitaL 
Bromfeild, sharks, Efo. 

a' ^ B«11, 



^Bell, James, LiPjurn, Ireland. 
Bolger, John, juE. Guerrifey. 
Bircb, Nichola.^, MaaCeli^rtreet, Good- 

Buckland, William, Clapham. 
Bryaiu,'' George. 
Bedford, John. 

Blamire, Thomas, Hafler Hofpital. 
Buckland, William Lucas, Goiport. 
Branion, John, Doucaftcr. 
Burt, Adam, India. 

Bidlake, William, Upper Eaft Smithfield. 
Bainbridge, Thomas, India Surgeon. 
Baynham, William, Bartholomew-lane. 



Boll, George, Navy Surgeon. 
Browne, Edu'ard, Raven-row, Spital- 
■ fields. 
Brydie, Thomas. 

Cowell, Benjamin, Efq. (formerly Maf- 

ter of the Company, and Surgeon to 
• St. . Thomas's Hofpital,) Colefhill, 

Colby, John, Efq. Bofton. 
Coniiop, William, Mile-end. 
Carfan, Robert, Surgeon to the Afylum, 

Clapton, Thomas, Oueen-ftreet, Weil^ 

Cobham, Richard, Barbadoes. 
Capel, Richard, Efq. 
CoIegFave, William, Eflex. 
Clark, Thomas, Hammerfmith. 
Clayton, John, Low Layton. 
Clieringion, John. 
Crowiher, Richard, Bofwell-court, Ca- 

Clark, George, Navy Surgeon. 
Coote, William, Rotherhithe. 
Cox, William. 
Clare, Peter, Chancery-lane. 
Cumberledge, Francis Ahham, Crane- 
Cowling, John, Wigan, Lancadiire. 
Chafy, James, Coventry-ftrect, Hay-^ 

Charlton, Jo'hn Samuel, Richmond. 
Cooper, WiUiam, Southampton-build- 


Curtis, William, Iflington, 
Cbuf,cjb, John, ditto-. 
Crofier, John, Catheriiie-court, Tower^ 
Chandler, George, Surgeori to St. Tno- 

mas's Korpjta), Old Jewry. 
Clark,, "William, Qu;j;en-flrect, May-fair, 
Clowes, Thomas, wmgham, Kent. 

Complin, William,^ Manfell-fireet. 
Crowther, John, Lcadenhall-{lret;t. 
Cadhy, William, Bath. 
Crihb, William, High Hoi born. 
C'ookworthy, William, jun, Plymouth, 
Caufer, John,, Stourbridge, Worcefter- 

fhire. - 

Chapman, George, Rotherhithe. 
Cole, William Flower, Northampton- 

Coltman, George, M. D. (Montpelier 

1777) Navy Surgeon. 
Claveiand, John, Bengal, 
Chambers, Richard, Paddingtoh. 
Cline, Henry, Surgeon tQ^ $t. Luke's 

Hofpital, Devonfhire-ftr, Biftiopfgate. 
Craig, William. .'- 

Corney, Thomas, St. John's, Southwark. 
Caley, Francis, Doncafter. . 
Collier, John. 
Cole, Pennell, America. 
Carter, Tyrrel, Navy Surgeon. 
Crav/ford, John, Barbadoes., 
Conftablej John, .Highga'te. ' , 
Caftell, William,- Norwich' 
Cleland, William. ' "' ' ' 
Carver, Jofeph Buxton, Tottenham. 
Cole, Henry, Coventry, 
Chambers, Edward, Hoddam, Herts. 
Coxhead, George Smith, Holborn-hill, 
Cullum, Thomas Gery, Efq. Bath King 

at Arms, St. Edmondfbury. 
Cable, Sljmufc-l, Navy Surgeon. 
Cairncrofs, Andrew, Aimy. Surgeon. 
Cobby,' Mich.ael, N^yy Surgeqn. 
Carnarvon," Thonias, Gr>enw^ch. 
Clarke, John, Chancery-Iane.' ^ 
Cartledge, John, Cheflerfield. 
Cruikfhank, Win.' M. A. Leicefter-fq. ' 
Crawford, John, Navy Surgeon. 
Couper, William, Army Surgeon. 
Calvert, William, Lrncoln. 
Clnugh, Henry Gor-, Compfon-fireet, 
Curling, Bunce, E,. jK-ent Militia. 
Croft, Richard, Tutbury. 
Cooper, George, Savvbridgeworth. 
Cornifij, lyluafon, W'alworth. 
Cha-fteliier, James Peter, Lamb-ftreet, 

Cock, Horatio, Bloomfbury-fquare. 
Clare, Robert, Devizes, 
(/^eobury, William, Marlow. 
Chittenden, John, Lower Tooting, 
Coghlan," John, Fulham. 
Cotton, Thomas James. , 
Coote, Chidley, .Eall, Indies. ' 

Driver, Robert, SuHex,' 




-De Caflro, Jacob, Church-court, Koundf- 

D'aVies, Lewis. 

Davis, Richard. 

Dowdall, Henry, St. Alban's. 

Dickenfon, Henry, Bath. 

Dodd, James Solas, Lambeth. 

Davenport, Richard, EfTex-ftreet. 

Dovalle, Ifaac Roiz, Shoemaker-row, 

Douglafs, James, B^ford-fquare. 

Dawes, Thomas, Rumford, Effex. 

Dale, John, Hoi born-hill. 

Drinkwater, John, Manchefter. 

Dickinfon, John Cartwright, Colefliill, 

Dymond, John, Holborn-bars. 

Davies, Rice, Jamaica. 

De Mainauduc, John Bonniot, M. D. 

Davifon, William. 

Davidfon, George, Chancery-lane. 

Douglas, Charles. 

Dundas, David, Richmond. 

Dal ley, John, Navy Surgeon. 

Da Cofta, Jofeph Nunes, Kingflon, Ja- 

Dick, William Robert, India Surgeon. 

Denifon, Thomas, Army Surgeon. 

Duncan, Alexander, Eail Indies. 

Dalzell, iVlexander, Eail Indies. 

Danfey, John, Blandford. 

Davifon, John, Ireland. 

Eade, John. 

Eile, Charles, Navy Sui-^con. 

Earle, James, Afliftant Surgeon to St. 
Bartholomew's Hofpital, Charlotte- 
ftreet, Bedford-fquare. 

Evans, Thomas, Knlghtfbrldge. 

Exter, John, Barr.ftaple, Devonflilre. . 

Eden, Robert, Great Prefcot-ftreet. 

Eyre, Benjamin, Sudbury, Suffolk. 

Evans, John, Stourbridge, Worceiler- 
fhlre. . 


Frev^en, Edward, M. D. Lewes, SufTex. 

Farmer, John, Efq. Kenfington. 

Fendall, John, Great Poitland-lireet. 

Ford, BufTey, Pool, Dorfetfhire, 

Farley, James, Antigua. 

Frye, John Ravel, ETq. 

Ford, Samuel. 

Forfter,Thomfon, Army Surgeon, Ame- 

Francis, Clement, Bengal. 

Field, Thomas Matthews, Navy Surgeon. 

Foot, Jefle, Dean-llreet, Soho. 

Farrel, James, Ireland. 

Ford, Edward, Surgeon to the Wcftmln- 

fier Difpenfary, Gerrard-ftreet. 
French, William, Plarpur-ftreet. 
Fuller, Bartholomews Navy Surgeon. 
FloH'-cr, Francis, Hammerfmith. 
Fearon, Henry, Surry Difpenfary. 
Fea, James, 
Fermer, Edward, Army Surgeon. 

Gregory, Wentworth, (formerly Maflej: 

of the Company,} Lamb's Conduit- 

Godman, Thomas, Surgeon to the Char- 

ter-houfe, Old-flreet. 
Garrard, Richard, Farringdon, Berks. 
Glanville, Richard, Yorkihiie. 
Gillam, Samuel, Efq. Rotherhithe. 
Gibolet, Frederic Emanuel, Switzer- 
Green, Hamilton, Rotherhithe. 
Galhie, Robert, Spltal-fquare. 
Gunning, John, Efq. F. R. S. Surgeon. 

Extraordinary to their Majefties, Old 

Green, Francis, Great Portland-ftreet. 
Garret, William, Stoke-Newington. 
Guthrie, Matthew, M. D. F. R. S. 

Girod, Abraham, Emfworth, Hants. 
Grofvenor, John, Oxford. 
Gilfon, John, jun. Whitechapel. 
Grant, Thomas, Towccfter, Northamp- 

Gorfuch, Thomas Talbot, Shoreditch. 
Gray, John, Princes-ftreet, Rotherhithe. 
Grant,- John, Navy Surgeon. 
Gafkin.s:, James, jun. Plymouth. 
Guy, William, Chlchefter. 
Gibs, Daniel, India Surgeon. 
Grefley, Philip, Army Surgeon. 
Gahagan, Terence, Madras. 
Garraway, Robert, Antigua. 
Grefley, William, Afhborne, Derby/hire* 
GriOock, Emanuel, Portfmouth. 
Goldfon, William, Navy Surgeon. 
Goodwin, George, Hampftead. 
Gwyn, Matthew, Neath, Clamorgan- 

Graves, John. 
Grifliths, Richard. 
Girdleftone, Thomas. 
Griffiths, Charles, Army Sturgeon. 
Garlick, W'iiliam, Marlborough. 
Gibfon, Thomas, Navy Surgeon. 
Gould, John, Army Surgeon. 
Galland, George Bretland, Eaft In^ 


C S2 Goodwin^ 



Goodwin, Robert, Princes-ftreet, Ca- 

Green, tohn Lane, Peckham, 

-^ H 

Hawkins, Sir Casfar, Bart. Serjeant Sur- 
geon to his Maje-ly, K^jlRone, near 
Hills, John, King's-rond, Chelfea. 
Hogarth, John, Giafshoufe-ftreet, Gol- 
den- fquare. 
Hawkins, V/illiain, Efq. (late Surgeon 
to the Charterhoufe) Maidfione, Kent. 
H[o]yoak, John^ M. D. Wavv/ick, 
How, John, Siratford, Surgeon to Til- 

barv Fort- 
Hodges, Wickens. 

Hopkins, Daniel, M. D. F. R. S. Hun- 
Horsford, Tohn, Ratcliffe-highway. 
Hurlock, Fhil. F.R.S. St. PauPs Ch.-yd. 
Hewitt, John, St, Andrew's-courr, Hol- 

Horlley, Theodore, Rathbone-place. 
Halesj Minfon, Limehoufe. 
Howel, John. 
Harvey, \Villiam, Dublin, 
Howard, Samuel, F, R. S. Surgeon to 
the Middlefex Hofpital, and to the 
Afylum, Southampton-ilreet, Coven t 
Harris, Thonaas, Lancafler. 
Hale, John. 

Houhon, James Samuel, Fore-flreet, 
Hooper, Jofeph, Tooley-ftreet. 
Hurft, John Sutton, Antigua. 
Hole, John, Ifhngton. 
Hynam, William, Ratcliffe-highway. 
Hunter, John, Efq. F. R. S. Surgeon 
Extraordinary to bis Majefly, and 
Surgeon to St. George's Hofpital, 
Hey, William, F. R. S. Surgeon to the 
General Iniirmary at Leeds, Yorkr 
ft ire. 
Harrifon, Richardfon, India Surgeon. 
Huet, Thomas, Lamb's Conduit-lireet. 
Headirgton, William Clement, CrilV 

pin^flrcet, Spita Wields. 
Harrington, Humphrey, P.ed-liou-ftreet, 

Plolt, John, Tctfer.ham, 
Hofiges, John, Greek-fireet, Soho, 
Heavifidc, John, Mortimer-ftreet. 
Howard, John, Naliau-flreet, Soho. 
Hiwarcien, James, V/igan, Lantalhire. 
Hodgion, John, Wapping. 

Hawkins, Charles, Efq. Surgeon to St. 

George's Hofpital, Pall Mall. 
Plairby, Jphn, Spilfby, Lincolnlhire. 
Hopkins, John, Harwich. 
Plsrnfon, John, Bartfield, EfTex. 
Pliern, Thomas, Barnftable, Devon. 
Hammon, Richard. 
Hammon, John. 
JIr;pburn, John. 
Hill, William. 
Hunt, James, 
Huertley, P.ichard Henry, Wakefield, 

Hogben, James, Wardour-ftreet, Soho. 
Heynes, Charles, Campden, Gloucefler- 

Hamilton, Robert. 
Howanh, Humphrey, India Surgeon. 
Hutchinfon, Richard. 
Henderfon, Alexander. 
Holmes, John, 

Horler, Edward,, Army Surgeon. 
Hotchkis, Ad-am, Edinburgh. 
Hawkins, Georpe Edward, Efq. Surgeon 

to the King's Houfhold, and to St. Geo. 

Hofp. Gr. George-ftr. Hanover-fq. 
Hitchman, James, India Surgeon. 
Haighton, John, Surgeon's-mate in the 

Guards. '*" 

Hewer, Thomas, Penrith, Cumberland. 
Harrington, Robert, Army Surgeon. 
Houlfton, William, Navy Surgeon. 
Home, Everard, Portfmouth, 
Haines, Thomas. 
Hawkins, John Adair, Great MarlbO'^ 

Holllday, Simon, Navy Surgeon. 
Harries, Houlfon, Army Surgeon. 
Hawes, Wiiiiam, Tooley-ftreet. 
Hornidge, Thomas, Hatton-ftreet. 
Hunt, John, Loughborough. 
Hartley, Bartholomew, India. 
Hurlock, Jofeph, St. Paul's Church* 

yaid . 
Hooper, Jofeph, Cheihunt. 
Hodgfon, John, Navy Surgeon. 
Hall, John, Broad-ftreet, Soho. 
Hooper, James Hill, Tooley-ftreet, 
Harrifon, John, Ely^place. 
Hughes, George, Navy Surgeon. 
Hawes, Matthew, India Surgeon. 
Hodgfon, Jofeph. 
Playes, Thomas, Hampftead. 
Harvey, Ludfprd, Princes-ftreet, Iian» 

Hifcben, Edward, India Surgeon. 
Haire, Lancelot, Haller Hofpital. 
H4rri3, James J Depiford. 

Hard wick. 


Harciwick, Charles, Navy Surgeon. 
Harrifo.i, John, Epfom. 
Harland, Chriftopher, Afhborne. 
Hca:h, John, Navy Surgeon. 
Hill, John, Barnftabie. 
Hollingwonh, Benj. Wefl-Smithfield. 
Harper, William, Army Surgeon. 

Irwine, James, Surgeon to the Train of 
Artillery at Woolwich. 

Ingram, Dale, Ghrifl's Hofpital. 

James, John, formeily Surgeon to St. 
Luke's Help. Godalmin, Surry. 

lies, George, Deptford. 

Irwin, Charles, South-end, Effex, 

Jarvis,- Henry, Navy Surgeon. 

Jordan, Richard, Bermondfey-ftreet. 

James, John, Durham. 

Juftamond, John Obadiah, F. R, S. Sur- 
geon to the Weitminiler Innrmary, 
Queen Ann-fireGt, Eaft. 

Jeans, Thomas, M. D. Salifljury. 

Jones, Edward, Whitchurch, Shropfliire. 

Jackfon, John, Knightlhridge. 

Jolliffe, Benj. Newport, Ifle of Wight. 

Judgfon, James Wefton, Market-Dray- 
ton, Shropfhire. 

Jacob, Edward, jun. Feverfliam, Kent. 

Jones, William Clunn, Newport, Shrop- 

JcfFereys, William, Hampftead. 

JefferevSj-John, Cheadle, Staffordfliire. 

J*ans, Francis, Navy Surgeon. 

Jolliffe, James, Newport, Iflc of Wight. 

Jciffray, John, Navy Surgeon. 

Jones, Valentine, King's- road. 

Ingle, William, Leiceller. 

Tackibn, William, Ifiing-ton. 

Kerridge, John, Efq. Whitehoufe, near 

Kent, Robertj Southwark. 
Keate, Thomas, Efq. Surgeon to his R. 

H, the P. of Wales, Parliament-itreet. 
Keld, Thomas, Scarborough, 
King, John, Wadebridge, Cornwall. 
Kirwan, Thomas, Hull. 
Kay, James. 
Kelfon, Samuel. 
Knight, Francis, Clifford-ftrecU 
Kite, Charles, Gravefend, 
Kerr, Thomas, India Sargeon. 
Kelly, Michael, Eall Indies, 

Lee, Samuel, Arundel-ftreet. 
LoV/del, Stephen, Queen-ft. Southwark. 
Langley, Arnold, Gloucefter'Hreet, Red* 



Lucas, William, Surgeon to Guy's Hof- 

piral, Mark-lane. 
Lloyd, Richard, Gray's-Inn. 
Latham, John, F. R. S. Dartford, Kent, 
Law, John Perkins. 
L-itham, William, F. S. A. Eltham, 

Lucas, James, Surgeon to the General 

Infirmary at Leeds, Yorkfiiire. 
Lrsuder, William, Eall Indies. 
Loftus, William, Chepftov/. 
Long, William, Chancery-lane. 
Leete, Henry, Thrapfton, Northampton«. 

Lowdell, George, Blackman-ilrcet. 
Langley, Thorn as^, 
Lee, Richard, Mile-end. 
Latham, Thomas, Bcxley, Kent. 
Laundy, Jeremiah, Fenchurch-itree*. 
Low, Thomas. 

Lov.-deli, Ifaac, Brighthelm'l^one. 
Lowdell, Jofeph Coventry, Queen-ftreet, 

Lurd, Thomas. 
Lapolcy, John, Workfop, Nottingham- 

Lcgafi;:ke, Jolin, Navv Surgeon., C hriflopher, Tooley-llreet. 
Loved^y, Richard, Harnraerfrnith. 
Little, Daniel, Plymouth Dock. 
Lucas, Nathan. 

LeigoLheizer, Henry, Navy Surgeon. 
Ley, Chark'S, WandCworth. 
Lellie^ Theophilus, Wapping. 

Middleton, David, Efq. Serjeant-Siir- 

geon to his iVIajeily, and Surgeon 
• General to the Army, Kenlingtoii 

Markland,^ Robert) Aldermanbury. 
Malcolm, Patrick, Antigua. 
M'XenGe, John, Navy Surgeon. 
Meffuer, Hufband. 
Moyfand, John, France. 
Martin, George, Surgeon to St.Thoma^'* 

Hofpital, Pall-Mall. 
Maillard, Nicholas, M. D. New North* 

llrect, Red-lion-fquare. 
Marten, George, Litnchoufe-bridge. 
Macdonogh, Felix, Oxford-drect. 
Mariflal, John. 

Meggs, Thomas, Army Surgror^. 
Manlcy, William, Navy Surgeon. 
Millington, Langford, Barbadoes. 
Metcalfe, Roger. 
Morland, William. 
Maddox, William, Rotherhithe. 
Mills, Samuel Gilbiu, Greenwich. 

C 3 - Miller; 



Miller, Richard, Pools, DoifeiilHre. 

Maffie, Wiliiam, Southampton-ftreet, 

Maxwell, Alexander, Surgeon to the 
Mifericordia Hofrital^, Oxford-court, 

Miller, David. 

Mitchell, George, Burr-ftreet. 

Midford, William, Burr-ftreet, Eaft- 

Minors, Daniel, Surgeon to the Middle- 
^, fex Hofpital, Chancery-lane. 
"^Morris, William, Gr. Marlborough-ft. 

Metford, Jofeph, BxiftoL 

Meals, William. 

Malacria, Ignace, Jamaica. 

Miller, William, India. 

Miller, Henry, Iridia. 

Magnefs, William, Surgeon to the Eaf- 
tcrn Difpenfary, Princes-fquare, Rat- 

Murray, Archibald, India. 

Mariner, Julian, Baldv\-iu's-gardens. 

Maitland, Maitland, Eaft-Indies. 

Morton, Jofeph, Eaft Indies. 

MufTen, John, Lifburne, Ireland. 

Milvvard John, White Liou-ilreet, Nor- 
ton Faigate. 

Maiden, Jonas, Putney. 

Markham, James Verchild, St. Kitts. 

Mackj James, Bailinahinch, Ireland. 

Napier, Sir James, Knt. F.R.S. Super- 
intendant-General of all the Hofpitals 
in North America. 

Neale, George, Surgeon to the London. 
Hofpital, Fenchurch-flreet. 

Neale, Thomas, M. D. Ipfwich. 

Newland, George. 

Norton, John, Golden-fqiiare. 

Norman, Samuel, Langport, Somerfet- 

Nooth, James, Dorchefler. 

Nifbet, David, Marlborough-flreet^- 

Newell, R. Richardfon, Colchefter. 

Norgate, Thomas, Di fs, Norfolk. 

Norris, William, Surgeon to the Gene- 
ral Difpenfary, Litile St. Thomas 

Napper. Wm. A^''oodman, Chichefter. 

Naili, Thomas, Eye, Suffolk. 

North, William, Chelfea. 

Newman, J. Whitaker, Ringwood, 

Nightingale, Robert, Na\7 Surgeon. 

Nicholfon, John, Lincolnfliire. 

Kewnham, Jofeph Hooper, Navy Sur- 


Ogle, Wentworth, Efq. Walbrook. 
Ofborn, William, M. D. Percy-ftreet, 

Ogle,, Crofby-fquare. 
Ollive, Thomas, Smlthfield-bars. 
Olney, Richard, Walworth. 
Oxley, Edward, Norwich. 
Oldham, Jofhua, Manchefler. 
O'Hara, James, Paradife'ft.Rotherhithe. 
Oaks, Thomas Verney, Cambridge. 
Oldmeadow John. 
Oldroyd, Charles, Red-lion-ftreet, Clerk- 

Ogilvie, George. 

Orton, John, Welford, Northamptonfh. 
Ogilvie, Charles, India. 
O'Neil, John, Rumfey. 

Pym, William. 
Parrot, Francis, Birmingham. 
Palmer, Charles, Stepney. 
Patch, James, Norfolk-ftreet. 
Pearce, William, Wells, Somerfetfhire. 
Parkinfon, John, Hoxton-fquare. 
Park, Henry, Liverpoole. . 
Payne, Thomas, Brook-llreet. 
Pointfett, Elifha, South Carolina. 
Parnall, Paul, jun. Surgeon to the 

County Hofpital at Lincoln. 
Pierce, John Harvey- 
Poignand, Lewis, Surgeon to the Weft- 

miufier Lying-in Hofpital, Parlia- 

Pulley, Anthony, Bedford. 
Pearce, John, Navy Surgeon, 
Powell, John, Chelfea. 
Pointfett, Joel, Bath. . 
Parfons, Daniel. 
Pemberton, Thomas, M. D. (Leyden, 

1777), Warrington, Lancafnirc. 
Potter, Wm, Paradife-ftr. Rotherhithe. 
Pinches, George, Holborn. 
Puddicombe, Wm. Newlon - Abbot, 

Pafco, Thomas, Oxford. 
Pellow, Samuel Humphrey, Plymouth- 
Peake, John, EIull, Yorkfmre. . 
Parnell, Gervas, GainPuro', Lincolnfh. 
Porter, Robert, New Bond-ftreet. 
Paytherus, Thomas, Gloucefter. 
Powis, Charles, Walworth. 
, Potter, John, Army Surgeon. 
Pcrchard, John Bouillion. 
Pattrickfon, Nicholas, Navy Surgeon, 
Phippard, Thomas, Navy Surgeon. 
Pennington, Charles, Nottingham. 




Pouncev, John William, Hattom-ftreet. 

Porter, Jofeph, Auitin Friars 

PaiTne, Richard Raxvlin. 

Poynter, Ambro'ie Lyon, St. John's-fq. 

Penny, Henry, Great Ormond-Ilreet. 

Peake, George, Leicefter. 

Pi?fridje, John. 

Pearfoi-r, John. 

Phillips, John, St. Janles's-place. 

Philips, Thomas, Eafl-indies. 

Robertfon, William, Duryard- lodge, 

near Exeter. 
Ruding, John, Efq. Great RufTel-ftr. 
Rofe, John, Putney. 
Rayicy, Richard, City P.oad. 
Rcid, Alex. Affift. Surgeon to Chelfca 

RufTel, William. 

Rambin, Peter, King-ftr. Golden-fq. 
Ricketts, John, Hampfhire. 
Rigby, Edward, Norv/ich. 
Rawibn, John, Sh^^ffield, Yorkfliire. 
Riddlefden, Samuel, Afhborne, Devon. 
Ring, John, Swallow-fireet.' 
Rougluon, William, Kettering. 
Richardfon, James, India Surgeon. 
Rov/, John, Fenchurch-itreet. 
Rayner, John, Dunmovv\ Eil'ex. 
Rae, Wm. M. of thePv. C. of Surgeons 
of Edin. and Surgeon to the Bifpen- 
fary for the Infant Poor, Haaover- 

Romney, Thomas, Hertford. 
Rowley, Robert, Borougli High-ftreet. 
Roberts, Vv^m. Lanneft, Wales. 

Ryder, Thomas, Oxford-ftreet. 
Ramfden, Samuel, Am.erica-fquare. 

Randall, Samuel, Newman-ftrcet, Bed- 

Rawlins, Henry. 

Rayley, Sam. Warwick co. Warwick-I. 

Robinfon Simuel, Navy Surgeon. 

RufTell, Alex. India Surgeon. 

Randall, Francis. 

Reardon, John, Ireland. 

Richardfon, William. 

Sanxay, Edmund, Efq. EfTex-ftreet. 

Spagg, James, Efq. Lim-houfe-bridge. 

StapLeton, Ifaac, Efq. Southwark. 

Shaw, Jofeph, Southwark. 

Srnith, Jofeph. 

Smith, Richard, Limehoufe-corner. 

Shaw^, Jofeph, Bexley, Kent. 

Shirley, Thomas, Iflington. 

Swan, John, Ollerton, Noitinghamniire, 

Saffory,' Henry, Army Suigeon. 

Sv/ift, Charles, Parllament-ftreet. 
Swan, Henry, jun. Surg, to the Lincola 

Stanifortb, Wm. Sheffield. 
Scott, Robert, St. Auguftine. 
Spalding, Robert, Jamaica. 
Stroiher, Patrick, Leeds, 
Spriigue, John, Bofion, New England. 
Sheldon John, Gr. Oueen-iireet, Lin- 

Sparke, John. 

Smith, John, Tiverton, Devon. 
Salter, Wiliirm, Richmond, Surrey. 
Skerratt, James, Wells-ftr. Oxford^fl. 
Saumarez, John, Guernfey. 
Smart, William, Curfitor-!}. Chancery-1. 
Sutton, Jofeph,. Army Surgeon. 
Smith, John Wm. Fenchurch-flreet. 

Smith, Edward. 

Smith, John, Wapping-wall. 

Shute, Thomas, Briftol. - «. 

SiiJ!, Robert, Sahftury. 

Svv'eeting John Bacon, Honiton* 

Simm.ons, Richard. 

Sweeting, /Vbiaham Parry. 

Skarrow, Thomas, India Surgeon. 

Smich, harlcs, Deptford. • 

Stuart, Edward, India. 

Shutcr, John, Black's-fields. 

Smith, Thomas, Orange-flreet, Leiceiler- 
iields. ■ 

Straghan, William Gibbs. Baibadoes. 

Simpfon, John, Leeds. 

Saunders, Robert, India Surgeon. 

Skelton, William, Eaft-Indies. 

S-,epheard, George Wallwyn, Serle-ft. 

SJmpfon, James, Borough High-Hreet. 

Spence, William, Great Marybone-ftr. 

Skinner, Jofeph, Navy Surgeon. 

Strahan, Matthew, Shoreditch. 

Stokoe, Thomas, Navy Surgeon. 

Spalding, Thomas, India Surgeon, 

Swift, James, Putney. 

Sheriife, James Lumfden, Deptford* 

Starkee, Edmund, Army Surgeon. 

Stewart James, Navy Surgeon. 

ToMmfend. John, Cullum-ftreet. 

Thomas, John, Affiil. Surg, to Chelfea 

Tomikins, Francis, Park-place. 

Thomas, Thomas, St. Chriilopher's. 

Tubb, Merchant, Efq. Brianfione-Hreet, 

Turner, Richard, LudloW, Shroplhire, 

Toulmin, VViliiam, Hackney. 

Todd, Henry, Virginia. 

Thorn pfon, jiiSay. 

C 4 Thomfon, 



Thomfon, Richard, North Audley-ftr. 
Travis, Henry, Scarborough. 
Talbutt, William, Stratford, EfTex. 
Totty, John, India Surgeon. 
Turnbull, Gawin, India Surgeon. 
Toll, Richard Newman, Army Surgeon. 
Trower, Richard, Jamaica. 
Tetlow, John, Liverpool. 
Tiirpin, Philip, Navy Surgeon. 
Turner, Wm. Tuxfoid, Nottinghamfh. 
Turner, Jofeph, Rotheram, Yorkfhire. 
Terry, Benjamin, Plymouth liofpital. 
Thornton, Edwa/d, Stroud, GlouceXler- 

Turnbull, Peter, India. 
Thomas, William Henry, Fetter-lane. 
Trotter, Robert, Eaft Indies, 
Teed, Jofiah Northcote, Honiton. 
"I'homas, John, Great Nevvport-ftrce't. 
Thirtle, John. 


Vaux, George, Pudding-lane. 

Underwood, Michael, Surgeon to the 
Britifh Lying-in Hofpital, Gr. Marl- 

Vaux, George j jun. Surgeon to the Ge- 
neral Diipenfary, Throgmorton-ftreet. 

Voyfey, Henry. 


Woolfey, James, Wellclofe-fqnare, 

Wright, David, Navy Surgeon. 

Warner, Aihton, Efq. Antigua. 

Withers, Edward, Newbury, Berks. 

Wilcox, Nicholas, Efq. EfTex. 

Wright, Jervas, Cranage, Chefhire. 

Williams, William, Wales. 

Walton, Robert, Barbadoes. 

Whicher, John, Petersfield, Hants. 

Williams, James, Efq. Weft Indies. 

Withv, William, NichoUs-fquare, near 

Wyatt, J.ohii, F. R. S. Surgeon to the 
Middlefex Hofpital, Effex-ftreet. 

White, Charles, F. R. S. Surgeon to 
the Infirmary and Lunatic liofpital at 

\Vilfon, Robert. 

XVakefield, Robert. 

Williams, John. 

Williamfon, John, Windfor, 

Walker, William, Pali-Mall. 

Whincop, Thomas, Batterfea. 

Wigram, Rt. White-lion-co. Cornhill* 

Walters, Hopkins, Bengal. 

Wade, John, Colchefter. 

Wyatt, John, Maafeil-ftreet. 

Warner, William, Greenwich, 

Wilklafon, Edward, Bgw> 

Webfter, Jofhua, EfTex. J ^ 
Vv^allace, William, Dominica. 
Whitehead, William, Wapping-walL. 
Weaver, Price, Hereford. 
Winnall, Samuel, Army Surgeon. 
Woan, John, Southwark. 
Walford, John, Queen-fquare -^ 

White, John, Qucen-flreet, Southwam, 
W^alfliman, Thomas, Newington-butt*. 
Winkfield, John, Market-ftr. Bedfordfii^^ 
Woodthorp, Richard. 
Welford, Robert, Ware, Herts. 
Williamfon, Jofeph, Chefler. 
Wareing, William. 
Ward, Jofeph, Bengal. 
Watkins, Daniel. 
Walters, Robert, Cowbrldge. 
Wharton, William Henry, Barbadoe%- 
WaveH, William, Gracechurch-ftrcet. 
Waflell, Henry. 
Wethcrall, William, Highgate, 
White^ Thomas, Great St. Helen's. 
Watfon, William, Spilfby, Lincolnfh., 
Ware, James, Bond-court, Walbrook. 

Willets, Edward, Kidderminfler. 

Williamfon, Jofeph, Scarborough. 

Wadd, Solomon, Bafinghall-ftrect. 

Waring, George, Southampton. 

Watfon, Edward. 

Wright, Thomas,W-.ecds. 

Whale, John, Oxford-ftreet. 

Williams, John, Buckingham. 

Ward, Stephen Smith, Wapping. 

Webb, Charles Hawkefley, Shelfidi. 

Walker, Charles. 

Wallen, Willinot, Oakingham. 

Whateley, Thomas, Cateaton-ftreel^ 

Walker, David, Navy Surgeon. 

Wightman, Robert, Army Surgeon* 

Webb, Thomas, Charles-fq. Hoxton. 

Williams, Daniel, White-lion-firectT^ 
Goodman Vfields. 

Williams, Thomas, Swanfea. 

Watt, Thomas, Eaft Indies. 

Wynne, John, Strand. 

White, John, Navy Surgeon. 

Wilkinfon, Jofeph, Navy Surgeon^ 

V\^ilkes, James, Navy Surgeon. 

Williams, Philip, Army Surgeon, 

Warren, Richard, Navy Surgeon. 

Young, W^illiam, Shiffnall, Shropfhire;. 
Yale, Edward, Cliandoi-s-flreet, 
Young, Thomas, Surgeon to the MIfe* 

rrcordia Hofpital, Mitre-court, F^n-« 

Young, Benjaraiu, Navy Surgeon, 
Young, Robert, N.avyJSttrgeonj 



THIS Company confifts of a Mafler, two Warderis, tvventy-one 
AiTiilants, a Livery of an hundred and twenty-fix Members, and aa 
unlimited Yeomanty. At tke time of their incorporation, in 1617, there 
were only an hundred and four Apothecaries Ihops within the city ,and 
fuburhs. In the great room of their hall, which is in Black- friars, are 
Portraits of K. Jame5 I, K. Chai'Ies I, K. William and Queen Mary; 
and likewife of the late Sir Benjamin Rawlings, and fome other Matters 
of the Company. In the fame apartment is a bail of Dr. Gideon 
Delaun, who was Apothecary to K. James I. and a coniiderable bene- 
faftor to the Company. 

In this hall are two laboratories, one for chemical, and the other for 
Galenical preparations. The fund for each of thefe departments eonili- 
tutes a feparate ftock, which is divided into a certain nuiaber of ihares, 
the Proprietors of which muft be Members of the Company. No perfoa 
is allowed to have more than one fhare in each fund. The fund for the 
chemical department is called xh.e Laiforatcty Stock, and that for the Ga- 
lenical, the Na-vy Stock, the medicine chefls for the Navy Surgeons being 
-fupplied from the Galenical fide of the hail. The Proprietors of the 
Jslavy Stock, likewife furniih the medicine chefts for the Army and Sail: 
India Company. A committee of Managers, and a certain number of 
-.Auditors to examine the accounts, are chufen annually by bailoi: for each 

The Company have a botanic garden at Chelfea, which was be- 
queathed to them by the late Sir Hans Sloane, Bart, on condition of 
their delivering annually to the Royal Society fifty fpecimens of plants, 
the growth of this garden, until the number fhould amount to two thou- 
sand. A Botanic Ledure is occafionally given here by the Compaay*s 

The Correfpondent to whom we are indebted for Comt of the preced*- 
ing particulars, has likewife favoured ua with an account of the Com- 
pany's herbar icings. Thefe meetings are diftinguiftied, it feems, into, 
private and general herbarlzings. The iii-ft of thefe are intended to 
promote a tafte for Botany among the young gentlemen v/ho are appren- 
tices to the Company, and are held on the fecond Tuefdaj -of April, May, 
June," Auguft, and September, at Putney, Hackney, Turnham Greea^ 
Tottenham, or fome other village in the neighbourhood of London, Oa 
-jthefe occaiions the Company's DemonflratDr and the young Perfoas whci 
mean to be of the party, breakfaft together at fome place near town, and 
'from thence ramble over the fields till dinner time, in fearch of plants. 
When they have reached the place appointed for the dinner, the collcclioa 
.i« difplayed upon a table, and the Demoniirator, in the preftnce of the. 
Mafter and the reft of the Company^ calls up!>n his pupils to name the 
plants. At the end of the feafon th^^ youiig gentleman who has excelled 
the reft of his companions in thefe trials of fiiill, rcceii^es a prcmiam 
from the hands of the Mailer or Senior Warden, as the rcvard of his ^i. 
iigence and attention. This premium confiib of fome byok on the i\iQ» 
jetlt of Botany, ^ 



The expence of the firft and laft of thefe private herbarizing feafts Is 
defrayed by the Company out of their own fund. Each of the four other 
meetings is at the coll of fome individual Member, who is called upon in 
his turn for this purpofe, and v/ho is obliged to pay a certain fine in cafe 
he r'efufes to hady as it is called, or in other words to defray the expence 
of the feaft. 

The General Herbarizing takes place only once a year, in the 
month of July. On this occaiion the Demonitratcr and fome of 
the other Members who are of the Court of Affiicants, make a. botanic 
excurfion to fome diilance, generally thirty or forty miles from London. 
They bring back with ihem the fcarce plants they have colleded in their 
tour, after which the company dine together. 

LI ST * of the M E M B E R S. 

Master. — Thomas Hawes, Efq. Percy-ftreet. 

tx-r. ^.. ,„ 5 Ldward The. Nealfon, Queen-ilreet, Cheapfide. 
Wardens, i t u t-. n t 

i John JJevall, Long-acre. 


+ John Pearcc, M. D. Crutched Friars, 
f James Kettilby, Efq. Bridge-yard. 
+ Williara Prowting, Tower-ftreet. 
f William Lane, Hampierfmith. 
i Thotaas Roberts, Millbank. 
f Jofeph Partington, Hatton-garden, 
t Ifaac Mather, High Wycomb. 
John Field, Newgate-ftree?. 
William Ball, Old Jewry. 
Richard Lyfter, Efq. Wandfworth, 
Thomas Greenough, Ludgate-hill. 

Matthew Yatman, PercyMtreet. 
James Bromfeild, Elq. Wardour-ftreet, 
Jacob Hodgklnfon, Dowgate-hill. 
James Inglifh, Strand. 
Jabez Smith, Cheapfide. , 
Peter Girod, Wormwood-ftreet. 
Thomas Cater, Bread-flreet. 
Jofeph Adams, Bafinghall-ftreet. 
Mofes Paul Julliott,tharles-ftreet, Co- 

L J V E R Y. 

RlobeTt Cooke, Apothecaries-hall. 

Tim.othy Bevan, Lombard-ftreet. 

John Winder, Bray, Berks. 

Thomas Lewis, Cook's-court, Carey- 

Richard Gamon, Argyle-flreet. 

William Dampier, St. George's Hof- 

Thomas Blifs, Vere-flreet. • • 

Charles Bliffet, Clapbam. 

William Smith, Colchefter. 

William Kinlefidcj Frog-lane, Padding- 

Thomas Corbyn, Holborn. 

Richard Uv/ins, Fore-ftreet, 

Watfon, Stapleford - Abbot, 


James Nelfon, Red-lion-flreet, Holborn. 
John Pocock, Greenwich Hofpital. 
Herbert Lawrence, Henrietta-flreet. 
William Heckford, Efq. Twickenham, 
Robert Hodgfon, Snow-hill. 
James Bogle French, Swithin's-lane. 
John Wingfield, Carey-ftreet. 
John Willey, Drury-lane. 
John William Benfon, Leadenhall-llreet, 
John Devaynes, Efq. Cheapfide. 
William Fowle, Pvcd-lion-fquare, 
John Bradney, Tower-ftreet. 
Philip Slater', Poultry. 

* The Names In this Life are placed according to feniorlty. They who are marked +j 
have palled the Chair, ar.d thofe marked ^. are Members of the Surgeons Company. 




Ifaac Bouquett, Minoiies. 

Gii-L's Powell, South Audlcy-ftrcer. 

William Louttit, Fenchurch-lbcct. 

John Webbe, Cannon-flreet. 

Jorcph Bee;e, Efq. Wooditock. 

James Crane, Efq. St. Jiimes's-ftrcet:. 

John Saxon, Cannon-row, Wcflminiter. 

Edward Fox, Sackville-ftreet. 

John Burn, Eiq. Berwick-upon-Tweed. 

-Anthony M'CuIloch, Bronrpton. 

"VVilliain Garrett, Stoke Newington. 

Matthew Smyth, Greville-ilrcet. 

John Long]ey, Broad-flreet. 

J ofeph Partridge, Efq. CliiTord-ftreet. 

Thomas White, Efq. South Lambeth. 

John Rawling, Knight Pjridge. 

George Hur{}, Dovonlhire-rTreet, Red- 

Thomas Tryon Cotton, Efq. . Sidcop, 

William Hollings, St.. James's-place. 
Robert M'Clellan, Foundling Hofpital. 
Thomas Staliard, Lcadenhall-ilreet. 
Stanefoy Alchorne, Affay Mafter at the 

Mint, Tower. 
Edward Cartels, M. D. (St. Andrew's) 

Tenterden, Kent. 
John Collier, Lamb's Conduit-ftreet. 
Herbert Bath,. Cold-bath-fields. 
John Awfiter, St. John's, Antigua. 
Ninian Ballantine, W~ood-ftreet. 
Timothy Lane, F.R.S. Alderfgate-fireet, 
Richard Haworth, Chancery-lane. 
William Poore, Andover. 
Uriah Briftow, St. John's-fquare. 
John Walford, Garlick-hill. 
Rateman Saddington, Fleet-flreet. 
Richard Robert Graham, Efq. Pall-Mali. 
William Hudfon, F. R. S. Panton-' 

ftreet, Leicefler -fields. , - 

James Ramfay, Southampton-row, 
Richard Wot ton, New Inn. 
John Gilfon, Red-lion-i^r. Spitalfields. 
Auguttine Tov/fon, Threadneedle-ftreet. 
Charles Maxwell, Fleet-itreet. 
Newcomen Laban Bee, Lav/rence- 

Thomas Piggott. 
Adam Moore, Norfolk-fireet. 
Hugh Smith M. D. (St. Andrew's) 

Thomas Williams, Broad-flreet, Soho. 
James Phillip?;, Tower-flreet. 
Thomas Wainewrighr. Efq. Pall Mall. 
Robert Halifax, M." D. Albemarle-ftr. 
John Harris, Crutched-friars. 
Wijliam Radley, Afhford, Kent. 

Thomas Brown, near Glafgow. 

Robert Sherlbn, New Bridge-ftr. Black- 

James Spooner, St. Martin's-Iane. 

William Haynes, Tottcnhara-ftreet. 

Nicholas Davifon, Wood-ft.'-cet. 

Ambrofe Godfrey, Southampton-iireet, 
Coven t-garden. 

Ezekiel Varenne, St. Marj'-Ie-bonne In- 

Hugh French, Eroad Sanftuar}', Weft- 

Jofeph Bradney, Lawrence-lane, 

Elias de Gruchy FalTet, Little Tower-ft.' 

Matthew Enderup, Inoculating Hofpital 
at Pancras. 

William Henry Higden, Manchefter^ 

Robert Cawley, Norfolk-ilreet. 

John Gipps, Strand. 

§ Thomas Armiger, Fifh-fireet. 

Richard Staveley, Fenchurch-ftreet. 

William Bagfter, Tower-ftreet. 

Charles Nevinfon, Duke-ar. St. Janies's, 

Thomas Hall, Watling-ftreet. 

James Jones, Grafton-ftreet, Solio. 

Richard Griffith, Bedford- ftreet. 

Philip Nicholas, Puddirjg-iane. ; 

Wiiiiam Wootton, Brook-ftr. Hanovep* 
fquare. ■ 

P-obert James, Brook-ftr. Llanm'-er-rq. ' 

\^^illiam Bacot, John-lireet, Goldea-Iq,, , 

John Wood, Old Burliugton-ltreet. - "j 

Chrifropher Griflinhoofe, Chelmsford. < 

John Livet, Albemarle-ffrect. 

John Stephen Bacot, John-ftreetj Gol* 

John Nev/forn, CheapCde. 

William Sa\'age, New-court, Garey-ftr. • 

Walter Kirby, St. Mary-at-hiU. 

FrederickKanmacher, Apothecaries HalL 

William Sharp, Romfey, Hants. 

John MarfliallVHomertoa, 

John Robfon, Apothecaries HalL 

Edward Robert*, Efq, Mii!ba;;k. 

Robert Nayior, Kcv/ Bond-ihe-t. 

Thomas Burnett, Chigwcll. 

Philip Paumier, Titchneld-ftreet. 

Robert Longky, Broad-ftrect, 

Thomas Sx^arancke, Newmarket. 

Edward Holdich, Efq. 

George Wilfon, Henri etta-ilreet, Co- 

Eion Bury, Newgate-ftrcet. 

Tliomas Hardwick, Kenfington. 

William Simons, Jermyn-ltreet. 

Jo-hn Pratt, Brewer-ftreet. 




E O M A N R Y. 

Ellas Woodneld, Morden College. 

William Colt Stoughlon. 

Ead Hallows. 

William Halfey, Flanftead, Herts. 

Philip Lempriere, Efq. 

Richard Staoles, Shahfbury. 

Godfrey Webb. 

John V/ebller Wood, DanburV', EfTex. 

Oliver Stephens, Efq. Wcdnelborougb, 

near Sandwich, Kent. 
Maurice Hillier, Manningford, Wilts. 
Timothy Markham, the Weare, Here- 

Edward Adev, Berkley^ Gloucefterfliire. 
William Griffith. 
Samuel Jackfon Doddington, Efq. Hor- 

WiHiam Welford, Ware. 
Jofeph Powell, Oxford. 
William Smith, Worcefter. " 
Daniel Mandevil, Army Apothecary, 

Theodore Edgar, Scotland. 
Robert Thornley, Edmonton. 
Robert Groat, M. D. Orkney. 
John Scott Hylton, Birmingham. 
Delaval Beaumont. 
Francis Bredall, Maddox-ftreet. 
Arthur Heron, Waltham Abbey. 
Stephen Lebfevre, Eaft Ham. 
Philip Bulkley, Mortiraer-ftreet. 
Thomas Haworth. 
Edward Ruflon. 
John Hingeflon, Cheapfide. 
William Lens. 
Thomas Haffal, 

Thomas Gilbert, Brlghthelmftone. 
John Amyatt, M. D. Hackney. 
William Ellis, Jamaica. 
Henry Seekamp, Ipfwich. 
John Hunfdon. 

James Coxwell, Brook-ftr. Hanover-fq. 
Richard Lee, Mile-end. 
^ Edward Horler, Jamaica. 
^ Heniy Saffor)', Army Surg. Jamaica. 
Charles Phillott, Bath. 
^ Jolin Pcarce, jun. Navy Surgeon. 
Thomas Weft, Reading. 
William Moore, Flcet-ftreet. 
John Shifh Tahourdin. 

JameS Meredith Parratt, Bridge-fireet,- 

Thomas Dale, M. D. Union-court, 

William Stonehoufe, Surrey Difpenfary. 
^ViIliam Box, Great Carter-lane. 
John Leyfon, Great Marlborough-ftreet. 
William Wheeler, Demonilrator of 

Botany to the Society, Bafinghall-Itr. 
Thomas Major, Stockbridge, Hants. 
William Curtis, ^ Lambeth-marfli. 
John Severn, Carnaby-ftreet. 
Samuel Roe, Bartiet's-buildings, HoL 

John Jones, Gracechurch-itreet. 
Ivliies Partington, Cavendlfli-fquare. 
John Gozna, Bethlem Hofpital. 
Thomas Smith, Princes-ftr. Hanover-fq- 
John Striitt, Derby-ftreet. 
Daniel Follett. 

Thomas Richens, Burbage, Wilts. 
William x'\tkinfon, Cannon-ftreet. 
Andrew Johnfton, Bread-ftreet-hiil. 
^Charles Elle, Craven-ftreet. 
^ John Gilfon, jun. Whitechapel. 
Thomas Rufhworth, Brook-ftr. Holbora, 
George Wifhart, Wood-ftreet. 
John Cofens, Bagnio-court. 
Richard Payne, Gerrard-ftreet. 
John Mayhew, Fofter-lane. 
Samuel Lawford, Peckham. 
Robert Holder, Norfolk-ftreert. 
Jofeph Jackfon, Newgate-ftreet. 
Rice Davies, Burr-ftreet, Wapplng. 
^ Thomas Ogle, Spital-fquare. 
John Gabb, Red-lion-ftreet, Holborn. 
John Fuzzard, Tunbridge. 
William Slfum, Sackville-ftreet. 
George Cabbell, Vere-ftreet. 
William V\^infield, St. Martln's-lane. 
Charles Bale, Albemarle-ftreet. 
Morris Morris, Pall Mall. 
William Trew, Piinghourn, Berks. 
Thomas Barnes, Small Pox HofpitaL 
ThcmaS V/illis, Hermitage-bridge. 
John Baker, Salifbury-fquare. 
Daniel Moore, Barking. 
John Griffith, Brick-lane, Spltalfields. 
\ Abraham Girod, Emfworth, Hants. 
Thomas Wheeler, George-llr. Fofter-L 

* Mr. Curtis has lately opened, by fubfcrlption, a botanic garden in Higler's-lane, Lam- 
beth Marfli. It contains a great number of T.ngliSh and foreign plants. To thia garden 
.Mr. Curtis has added a botanic library. The garden and library are open to fubfcribers on 
Tuefdays, Wednefdays^ Thurfdays, and Fridays, from 6 In the morning till 8 at niglit. 
Th8 terras of thefubfcription are two gaineas per anRuia^ 




Jfames Butterfield. 
George Burch. 

Michael Pearfon, Spital-fquare. 

John Johnfon, Vere-ilreet, Clare-mar- 

William Adair, Leadenhall-ftreet. 

Thomas Herbert, near Andover. 

-Richard Hawkins, Salifbury Infirmary. 

Charles Lomax, Grofvenor-llreet. 

John James. 

Richard Radford, Fleet-ftreet. 

Matthew Yatman, jun. Percy-ftreet. 

John Walford, jun, Garlick-hill. 

Thomas Jee, Park-ftreet, Grofvenor-fq. 

Edward Browne, Raven -row, Spital- 

Richard Walker, St. James's ftreet. 

John Robertfon, Bifliopfgate-ilrcet. 

George Conran, Berkley-fquare. 

Henry Weedall, Haflar Hofpital. 

Henry Field, Newgate- ftreec* 

James Baker, Salifbury-fquare. 

Edward Hitchin. 

Thomas Fawler,-Clapham. 

Jofeph Sibley. 

William Kinnard, Holborn. 

Jofeph Littlefear, King-ltr.Weftmimler. 

Edward Dickeufon, Shrewfbury. 

^ John \A''alford, Queeu-fq. Holborn, 

Thomas Burkitt. 

Julian Mariner, Baldwin's-gardens. 

Robert. GlemtTit, 

William Claveland, 

Samuel Bifliop Pcppin, Newbury. 

John Ewen, Bifhopfgaie-itreer. 

Jofeph Adams, jun. Bafinghall-ftreet. 

George Ainflie, John-ftr. Oxford-market. 

John Cahuac, London Difpenfary. ] 

John Peltingal, Leighton Buzzard, Bed- 
ford flii re. 

Hugh Penfold, Maidenhead. 

Francis Upham, Greek-ftreet, Soho. 

Henry Jackfon, Boar's - head - court, 

Henry Penny, Great Ormond-ltreet. 

James Powell, Smarden, Kent. 

William. Hawker, Charing, Kent. 

William Frort. 

Edwin Barton. 

David Nifbett, Great Marlborough-ftr. 

Sitephen Griffin, Apothecaries Hall. 

Ifaac Mather, jun. 

Richard Cater, Bread-ftreet, 

David Ball, Old Jewry. 

Richard Reeve. 

Sotherton Backler, Newlngton-grcen. 

Chrilropher Greglbn. 

Vv^illiam Louttit, jun. Fenchurch-fireet. 

"^Villiam John Yonge, St. James's-llreet, 

Jofeph Smith. 

John Gibbs Ridont, Pater-nofter-row. 

Pvoben Dymond, Holborn. 

Thomas Caldv^'all, St. Mary-axe. 

James Morris Poore, Andover. 

William Randall. 

^ Richard Simmons. 


i^c, in London, not included 
foregoing Lijls. 

Buck, Mr. Strand. 


Allport, Mr. Boulton-flreet, Piccadilly. 

Alfton, Mr. Caule-ilreet, Oxford-road. 

Andrews, Mr. Charing-crofs. 

A-tkmfon, Mr. Pall Mall. 

Bailey, Mr. Oxford-ftrect. 

Barrow, Mr. Str«tton-ground, Weft- 

Bath, Mr. R. Oxford-ftreet. 

Battifcombe, Mr. Half-moon-ftreet, Pic- 

Beaumont, Mr, Villars-ftreet, York- 

Bent, Mr. Margaret-rtr. Cavendifli-fq. 

Berry, Mr. Mount-ftr, 

Boddy, Mr. Oxford-ibeet. 

Borton, Mr. J. Piccadilly, 

Boys, Mr. Lambeth, 

Boys, Mr. Harley-ftr. 

jBruton, Mr. Dukc's-flreet, St. James's, 

Campbell, Mr, Barbican, 
Caffidy, Mr. D. Golden-fquare. 
Chapman, Mr. Conduit-ltreet. 
Charlton, Mr. Alderfgate-Orcet. 
Cheyne, Mr. Cha idois-ftrcet. 
Churchill, Mr. John, Parliament-ftreet. 
Clark, Mr. Oxford-ftreet. 
Coates, Mr, Berwick-Rreet, Soho. 
Combe, Mr. Charles, F. R.S. and S. A. 

B I oom fbury-fquare. 
Cook, Mr. High-ltrect, St. Giles's. 

Dalby, Mr. John, Welbeck-ftreet, 
Dawes, Mr. Newman-ftreet. 
Dearns, Mr. Shoreditch. 
Deanifon, Mr. Duke-ftr, Manchefter-fq. 
DIddear, Mr. St. Martip's-le-Grand. 
Diggans, Mr. St. Alban's-ftreet. 
Dupont, Mr. New Compton-Hreet. 



Elliott, Dr. John, Great Marlborougli- 


Farquhar, Mr. (formerly an Army Sur- 
• gcon,) Great Marlborough-llreet. 
Foriter, Mr. Lambeth. 
Franks, Mr. Totthill-ftreet. * 

Freak, Mr. Totteiiham-court-road. 
French, Mr. F. Hav-markel. 

Gatehoufe, ^Mr. New Cpmpton-ftreet, 

Gillj Mr. Duke-ftreet, Portland-place. 
Gozna, Mr. Pall Mall. 
Creep, Mr. St-Jaxnes's-ftrect. 
Grote, Mr King-ilrcet, Soho. 

Hall, Mr. Conduit-itreet. 
Hall, Mr. Tjong-acre. 
Hanijur)', Mr. King-flreet, ^Veftm5n{ler. 
Hannam, Mr. King-itrcet, Oxford-road. 
Hav,'kin5, Mr. New Palace-yard. 
Hendcrfon, Mr. New^ Bond-ftreet. 
Hetlieway, Mr. Park-ftreet, Grofvenor- 

Hewfon, Mr. Mar)--le-Bone-ftreet, Gol- 

Higden, Mr. Sackville-ftreet, Piccadilly. 
Hedges, Mr. Oxford-lbeet, 
Hooper, Mr. Charlotte -ftreet, Rath- 
Hudfon, Mr. Great -Ruffel-ftrcet. 
Hunt, Mr. Svvallow-ilrcet. 
Huffey, Mr. Dover-ftreet, Piccadilly. 

Innes, Mr. James Dunbar, Member of 

the Medical Society at Edinburgh, 

Ireland, Mr.. Pall Mall. 

Kem.p, Mr. Dover-fcreet, Piccadilly. 
King, Mr. Hay-market. 
Koch, Mr. '6i. Mavtia'si-Iane. 

Xambertfon, Mr. Oxford-ftrcet. 
Lockhart, Mr. Broad-way, Weilminfter. 
Leake,- Mr. St. ?vIartin'o-lane. 
Leadbeater, Mr. Catherine-fir. Strand. 
Leathes, Mr. Great George -Hreet, Pla- 

Lewis, Mr. Miiibank-ftr. Wcilminfier, 
Lcilurgeon, Mr. Norton-iirect, Fort- 

Lucas, Mr. King-ftreer, Soho, 
Lyon, Mr. Clerkenwell. 

^ M 

H'Cartliy, Mr. Mount- row, Lambeth, 

Maclahan, Mr. Moorfields. 
Man, Mr. Sackville-flreet, Piccadilly. 
Mitchell, Mr. Greek-fireet. 
Mafcall, Mr. H. Oxford-ltreet. 
Morris, Mr. Queen Anne-ftrect, Eafi". 
Mortimer, Mr. Frith -ftreet, Soho. 

■ N 
Naylor, Mr. Jermyn-flreet. 
Newby, Mr. South Moulton-ftreet. 
Ncwby and Crowther, MelFrs. Poland- 
ftreet, Soho. 


Oifty, Mr. Godfrey, Great Ruffel-ftreet. 

Palmes, Mr. R. Bridge-ftreet, Weft- 

Palfer, Mr. Piccadilly. 
Peckitt, Mr. Compton-ftreet, SohQ. 
Pcnry, Mr. White-crofs-ftreet. 
Perkins, Mr. Tyburn-road. 
Pooley, Mr. Portland-ftreet. 
Potts, Mr. Cuthbert, Pall Mall. 
Pratten, Mr. New Bond-Hreet. 
Purdue, Mr. Strat ton-ground, Weit- 


Randall, Mr. High-ftreet, Marybone. 
Fvarjdali, Mr. King-ftreet, Covent-gar- 

Reeves, Mr. Poland-llreet. 
Rendall, Mr. NafTau ^ftreet. ._ 
Reynell, Mr. Great Poultney-ftreet. 
Reynolds, Mr. Charing-crofs. 
Richaids, Mr. St. Martin's-lane. 
Roberts, Mr. Drury-lane. 
Ruhc, Mr. Berwick-ftreet, Soho. 
RuiTcll, Mr. Ditto. 

Savage and Tayler, Mc.Trs. Norton Fal- 

Scott, Mr. St. Alban's-ftreet. 
Sells, Mr. London -ilreer, Ratcliffe- 

Sharpe, Mr. W. Shosedltch. 
Simpfon and Scarman, McITrs. New 

Sife, Mr. Houndfditch. 
Slater, Mr. Red-crofs-fireet. 
Sparrow, Mr. Smaith-flreet, Vv^eilm.infter. 
Spencc, Mr. Great IMarybone-ltreet. 
Spilicr, Mr. Samuel, Drury-lane. 

Taylor, Mr. BifijoplVate-fireet. 
Thorley, Mr. Warwick-flreet, Golden- 

fquare. - 
Toofey, Mr. New Cornpton-fi.reet, Soho. 

Vevers, Mr. Charing-crofs. 


\V ^^'^Ilfon, Mr. Berner's-flreet. 

Walker, Mr. Chlfwell-ftreet. Winter, Mr. Bury-ftreet, Weflminfter. 

Walkey, Mr. Dean-Rreet, Soho. Wright, Mr. Lambeth. 

Webb, Mr. Half-moon-ftreet, Picca- ■ Y 

dilly. Young, Mr. Edward-ftreet, Portman- 
Weft, Mr. Mount-ftreet, Grofvenor-fq. fquare. 

A U R I S T. 

Mr. Philip Maule, Aurift to his Majefty, -Piccadilly. 

O C C U L X S T S. 

Baron de Wenzell, Pall Mall. 

Peter Degravers,- M. D. Red-lion^fqiiare. 

Mr. Taylor, Hatton-Rreet, Holborn. 


Beardmore, VMr. Thomas, DentiR to his Majefty, Racquet-court, Fleet-ftreet. 

Brotherfon, Mr. Great RuRel-ftreet, Bloomlbury. 

Franklin, Mr. Portland-ilreec, Soho. 

Hemet, Mr. James, Dentift to the Queen, arid to her Royal Highnefs the Prin- 
ce fs Amelia, Lower Brook-ilreet, Grofvenor-fquare. 

Jullion, Mr. Gerrard-lheet, 

Laudumiev, Mr. Old Bond-ftreet. 

Michael Ton, Mr. Coventry-flreet. 

Normanfell, Mr. South Moulton-Hreet. 

Rae, ^ Mr. William, Dentiil to the Foundling Hofpltal, Hanover-ftreet, Hano» 

Rufpini, Mr. Bartholomew, Pall Mall. 

Spence, Mr. J. Piccadilly, 

Spence, Mr. T. DentiR to his MajeRy, Bruton-Rreet. 

Spence, Mr. Great Queen-Rreet, Lincoln's-inn-fields, 

Van Butchell, Mr. Mount-Rreet, Grofvenor-fquare. 

Whitewood, Mr. Old Burlington-ftreet, 



St. Bartholomew's Hospital, founded by K. Henry VIII. in 1539. ^P 
1729, being in a ruinous Rate, it was begun to be rebuilt by fubfcription, and is 
now finilhed fo as to form a large handfome fquare, in which are fpacious airy wards 
for the reception of upwards of four hundred patients, befides a hall for the meetings 
of the Governors, and apartments for the Treafurer, Steward, Apothecary, and 
feme other officers belonging to the charity. 

Pfnficidns, tRlchard Tyfon, M. D. f Richard Budd, M. D. David Pitcairne, 

M.B. F. Pv.S. 
Surgeons, | Mr. Percival Pott, F. R. S. ^ Mr. Stafford Crane, § Mr. Robert 

AJpJiaJit Surgeons, S Mr.' Edmund Pitts, ^ Mr. John Earle, Mr. C. Blicke. 
Apothecary, Mr. William Robinfon, 

2 St, 


St. Thomas's Hospital, in Southwark, founded by Edu-. VI. In 1-0^$.^^ 
It Ts an irregular building, confiftinf; of three fquare courts, built at different ; 
times, and contains nineteen M-ards, befides a cbapel, a large hall for the Gover- 
nors, and apartments for the Treafurer, Clerk, Steward, Apothecary, Matron, 
and other officers. The wards are well ventilated, and furnifhed with iron bed- 
fteiids for the acconiinodation of upwards of 460 patients. There are two theatres, 
one for furgical operations, and the other for anatomical leftures. 

Fln-ficiamj t George Fordyce, M. D. Surgeons, % Mr. Tho. Smith, 
F. R. S. ' S Mr. Geo. Martin, 

f Henry Revel Reynolds, ^ Mr. Geo. Chandler. 

M. D. Apothecary^ Mr. Geo. Whitfield. 
t William Keir, M. D. 

Bethlem Hospital for Lunatics, in Moorfields, founded by Edw. VI. ia 
t^p.T,. The present building was erected in 1676. It contains about two hun- 
dred and fifty pscients, an hundred of whom are incurables. Patients Mho have 
not been infane more than a twelvemonth are admiitedj and allowed to continue 
here iox the fpace of one year, and are then difchar^ed, to be re -admitted in their 
turn as incurables- Patients who have been mad a longer time, or who have been 
difcharged nncured from any other lunatic hofpital, are admitted In the month of 
April, and allowed to remain here fix months. The patients friends pay for 
their bedding. A committee of the Governors meet every Saturday for the Ad* 
miffion of patients. . 

Phyjician^ f John Monro *, M. D. 
Surgeon J i, Mr. R. Growther. Apcthccary^ Mr. John Gozna. 

Guy's Hosp iTAL, in Southwark^ founded In 1721, by Thomas Guy, book- 
felh r of London ; It contains about four hundred and thirty beds, befides a ward 
for Iun:;tic5. A fpacious laboratory,"and an excellent Xet ot baths have lately been 
erected here at a very coiifideiable expence. 

Fh^Jniam, t Robert Thomlinfon, M. D. Surgeons, ^^ Mr Jofeph Warner, F. R. S. 
i William Saunden, M. B. ^ Mr. W. Lucas, 

t James Hervey, M. D. ^ Mr. W. Cooper, 

Apothecary , \ Mr. W. Babington. 

Westminster Infirmary, inOituted in 1719, in Petty France, We^- 
inlnt^er. It is fupported by voluntary Subfcriptions, and coniai^is one hundred and 
ten beds. - 

PhyJJcianSy f Michael Morris, M. D. Sar^^ews, v; Mr. John Pvle. 

F. R. S. S ^^•■' Henry Watfon, F. R. S. 

f James Dargcnt, F. R, S. ^ Mr. John Obadiah Jufla^ 

i-Geoige Hicb.M. D. moud, F. R. S. 

yi/r't/kfa/j, Mr. Jabez Ward. 

^T, George's Hospital was opened for the reception of patients in 1734, 
and contains about two hundred and feventy beds. The expences of the charity 
iare defrayed by fubfcriptions, and thofe Governors, who are apoihecaries, attend -a» 
'vifitors, to fee that the Houfe Apothecary does his duty. 

* Brock-Hcuse, at Clapton, and Wells-Closk-Hou sx, Clerkenwell, (both U- 
cejiKd for the reception cf lunatic«) arc under 'th« direction of this phyficjan. 




PJnficians, i D.Monro, M. D. F. R. S. Surgeons, S I- Gnnnlng, Efq. F. R. S. 
+ R. Wright, M.D. F.R.S. ^ J. Hunter, Efq. F. R. S. 

+ John Buiges. M. D. % Charles Hawkins, Efq. 

t J. Matthews, M.D. ^ George Hawkins, Efq. 

^JKJl- Surgeon, § Charles Bromieild, Efq. 
Houfe Apothecary^ Mr. William Dampier. 
Vifiting Apothecaries, Mr. Mitthew Yatman, R. Hailifax, M.D. Mr. J. Devaynes, 
Mr. John Wood, Mr. M. Yatman, jun. 

The London Hospital, inftituted in 1740; incorporated in 1758. The 
Governors made ufe of a houfe in Prefcot-ftreet, as a temporary hofpital, till the 
prefent building in Whitechapcl Road was erefted. It contains about one hundred 
and fixiy beds, and fuch Governors as praftife any branch of phyfic, form a com- 
mittee, that meet once a month, to infpeft the medicines ufed in the hofpital. 

Ph\Jicians, +T.Dickfon, M.D. F.R.S. Surgeons, §Mr. Richard Grindall, F.R.S. 
fT. Healde, M.D. F.R.S. ^ Mr. George Neale. 

f James Maddocks, M. D. ^ Mr. W. BHzard, F. A. S. 

Apothecary, Mr? Daniel Eldridge. 

The Middlesex Hospital, for the reception of fick or lame patients, 
and jying-in woman, was inilituted in 1745, and the prefent building erecled in 
"^755' It contains about one hundred and fifty beds. 

PhyfMans, f J. C. Smyth, M. D. F. R. S. Surgeons, S Mr. Samuel Howard, F.R.S. 

+ F. Milman, M. D. F. R. S. ^ Mr. James Chafy. 

Phyf. Men Midu>wes,.TH. Khron, M. D. ^ Mr. John Wyatt. F. R. S. 

Thomas Denman, M. D. ^ Mr. Daniel Minors. 

Apothecary, Mr. Jofeph Roper. 

The Lock FIospital, near Hyde-park-corner, inftituted in J747, for the 
cure of the Venereal Difeafe, and contains about forty beds. 

Phyfician, t James Hervey, M.D. 

SurgeonSy ^ Mr. Williams, 

^ William Bromfeild, Efq.- 

The British Lying-in Hospital, inflituted in 1749, in Brownlow- 
fireet. Long Acre, for the reception -of married women only. 

Ph\ficians,f R.Brom£ie\d, M.D. F.R.S. Surgeons, ^ Mr. William Graves. 

+ M.Garth{liGre,M.D.F.R.S. ^ Mr. MichaelUnderwood. 

Co?ifuk. Phyf. f W. Hunter, M.D. F.R.S. Apothecary, Mr. M. P. Julliott. 
f C. Kelly, M. D. 

The City of London Lying-in Hospital, inftituted in 1750, ia 
Alderfgate-ftreet, but the Governors have lately ereded an handfome hofpital on. 
the City-road. 

PhyjKJ an in Ordinary, + N. Hulme, M.D. Surgeon in Ord. % Mr. W. Lucas. Ord. R. Mac Laurin, M.D. Surgeon Ext. ^ Mr. Richard Ball. 
Man Midwife Ext. tD.Orrae, M.D. Apothecary, Mr. William Ball. 

St. Luke's Hospital for Lunatics, ere£lcd in i-j^t, at the north 
end of Moorfields. It conttiins an hundred and ten beds, eighty of Vv'hich are for 
the accommodation of patients whofe infanity is of a recent date, and who are 
tvea ed medicinally, under the diretiion of the phyHcian, for thcfpace of one year. 

D ' 'iS. 


if tluy remain (o long uncured. They are then difcharged, to be re-admitted In 
their turn among the incurable patients, for whofe ufe the other thirty beds are fet 
apart. A committee of the Governors meet every Friday at eleven o'clock, for 
the purpofe of admitting patents. The patients are taken in without any expence, 
and according to the order of time in v^diich the petitions of their friends have 
been delivered to the fecretary. A new building, which is to be large enough to 
accommodate a greater vmmber of patients than the prefent, is creeling for this 
charity, in Old-fireet-road, under the direftion of Mr. Dance. 

Ph)Jtcian, + Samuel Foart Simmons *, M. D. F. R. S. 

Surgeon, ^ Mr. H. Cline. Apothecary ^ Mr. J. Meadows. 

Westminster New Lyixg-In Hospital, erecled in 1765, near 
Vv^cftminRcr Bridge, on the Surry Side, and fupported Ijy fubfcriptions. 

Ph)f. Man Midw. f J. Leake, M. D. Confulting Phyfician, + R. Saunders, M.D. 

Fnyj^ Man Midxv, Lxi. + J. Ford, M.D. Surgeon. § Mr. Lewis Poignand. 

The Small-Pox Hospital. This charity was inflituted by fubfcriptions 
in 1746, not only for the relief of patients labouring under the Small-pox, but 
likewife for the purpofe of extending the praftice of Inoculation, and confifts of 
two houfes ; one of which is at Pancras, and the other in Cold-bath-fields In 
the firft of thefe the patients are prepared for inoculation, and are fent to the other 
when the dileafe appears. There are generally about an hundred patients in the 
houfe in Coid-bath-fields. 

Phyfician, + Edward Archer, M. D. 
Apoth, in Cold-bath-jields, Mr. T. Barnes. Apoih. at Pancras, Mr.' Matt. Enderup. 

The. Misericord lA, or Hofpital for the cure of indigent perfons afQifted 
with the venereal difeafe, in Great AyliflFe-ftreet, Goodman' s-fields, was inftituted 
in i':74. 

Phyfician, + William Grant, M. D. 

Surgeons, § Mr. Alexander Maxwell. ^ Mr. Tho. Young. 

NlVv' Gek£ral Lying-in Hospital, in Store-fireet, 
Ph)fcians, W. Ofborn, M. D. T., M.. D. 

Dispensary for the Infant Poor, inftituted in 1769, for the pur- 
pole of adminiftcring remedies grati.s to the children of poor people. It has lately 
been re-moved from Soho-fquare, to the houfe of Mr. Andrews, Apothecary, in 

Phyficiam, George x\rm{lrong, M. D, Surgeon, ^ Mr. Rae. 
Andrew Wnfon, M.D. 

T'le Charity for deliveiing Poor Married Women at their own Houfes, in- 
^iiaied in i;6o. 

Piiyfidans, + John Ford, M. D. Trcafrer andDifpevfcr,yix.'?tt^x%\x^r^^ 

. t Andrew Dougla.s M. D. Chem.iil and Druggift, Bifhopfgate- 

+ li:>\\x\ Suns, M. p. ftreet Without. 

* Fi-HF.A Hou.^", at ini.ngton^ (liccnfei for the reception of lu.natics) is under the 
i'rsotioaorthi^ • 



GeneralDispensary, Alderf^ate-ftreet, inftituted in 1770. Jhe defign 
of this, and the other Difpenfaries, is to ad minifter advice and medicines gratis to 
the fick poor, and to attend them, when neceffary, at their own habitations, 

Ph)jidanSf f James Sims, M. D. ' Surgeons, § Mr. George Vaux. 

Adair Crawford, M. D. { Mr. William Norris. 

J. Cook, M. D. Apothecary, Mr. Robert Bodker. 

Ccnfiilt. PhyJ. t J. C. Lcttfom, M.D. F.R.S. 

Westminster GeneralDispensary, in Gerrard-flreet, Soho, infli- 
tuted in 1774. 

Phyficians^ + John Hunter, M. D. ^hf- ^^^^^ Midw. Robert Bland, M. D. 

+ S. Henry Jackfon, M. D. Surgeon, \ Mr. Edward Ford. 

+ S.F.Simmons,M.D. F.R.S. Apothecary , Mr. Barron. 
Cmfult.Pkyf.andManMidto. tj .Ford, M.D. 

General Medical Asylum, in Welbeck-flreet, Cavendifii-Iquare, mfli- 
tuted in 1776. 

Phyjicians, Andrew Wilfon, M. D. Surgeons, % Mr. John Sheldon. 

Henry Hafkey, M. D. § Mr. J. Brookes. 

Geo. Wallis,' M. D. Apothecary. Mr. John Young. 
Pkyf. Man Midw. W. Lowder, M. D. . 

London Dispensary, in Norton Falgate, Inftituted in 1778. 

Phyfician, + John Whitehead, M. D. 
Surgeon and Accoucheur, ^ Mr. Thomas White, Apothecary, Mr. John Cahuac* 

Surry Dispensary, in Southwark, inftituted In 1778. 

Ph)ficians, + John Sims, M.D. Ccmfulting Phyjicmn,f James Sims,'Kl.'Dt 

Tho. Dale, M. D. Surg, and Accoucheur, ^ Mr. H. Fearon, 

W. Hawes, M. D. 

Middlesex Dispensary, inHoundfditch, inilituted In 1778. 

Phyficians, John Watkinfon, M.D. Surgeon, § Mr. T. Ogle. 

Thomas Ralph, M. D. ■ Apoihccary, Mr. John Spencer. 

Confulting Phyfician, t Sims, M.D. 

Dispensary for General Inoculation, inflltuted In i777» 

Phyfician, John Watkinfon, M. D. Surgeons, \ Mr. J. Crawford. 

Cc;2/:P/4.t J.C.Lettfom,M.D, F.R.S. ^ Mr. T. Ogle. 

+ James Sims, M.D. Apothecary, Mr. H. French* 

FiNSBURY Dispensary, Rofoman-ftreet, Clerkenwell, inftituted 1780. 

Phyfcian, Samuel Rogers, M. D. Surgeon, ^ Mr. J. Andfee. 

Phyf. Ext, + J. C. Lettfom, M.D. F.R.S. Apothecary, Mr. Tho. Auftin.. 
Afijiant Phyfcian, J. Parfon, M. D. 

Da EiA s T s R N 


Eastern Dispensary, Whitechapel, inftltutcd 17^2. 

Phyjician, Tho. Knowles, M. D. 
Surgeon and Accoucheur, § Mr.'W. Magnefs. Apothecary, Mr. John Sanderfon, 

Mi s E r. 2 c o R D .1 A General Dispensary for the Venereal Difeafe, Tha- 
j]Ct-plaee, Stiaiid, inflituted 1779. 

rhyfician,. Loftus Wood, M. D. Conjulting Phyjician, + H. Smith, M. D. 

Benevolent Institution for delivering poor Married Women at their 
own habitaiions, inflituted 1779. . 

Phyjician, John Cooper, M. D, 

The Humane Society. The firft eftablifhment for the recovery of 
drowned perfons was fet on foot at Amfterdara, in 1767. TTbe views adopted by 
this benevolent fociety were to inform the common people of the ir.eafures that 
mav be moll effectually employed in ihefe cafes; to caution them againft practices 
which have hitherto been frequently employed, but which experience has now 
fhewn to be pernicious ; to inftigate them, by proper rcvv-ards, to the exertion of 
every endeavour for the recovery of life apparently lofl ; and to defray any ex- 
pences that might be incurred in fuch hum.ane attempts. In 1774, a fimilar indi- 
tution took place in London, under the name of the Humane Society. 
Since that time fubfcriptions have been raifed at Liverpool, Chefter, Colchefler, 
and other places, for co-operating with the London Society. 

The fociety give a premium of four guineas whenever life has been refiored ; 
and one of two guineas for every unfuccefsful attempt, provided the mode of 
treatment prefcribed by the fociety has been perfevered in two hours. A great 
number of refpcflable practitioners in London, and other places, have engaged to 
«rive their affi fiance, gratis, towards promoting the viev.'s of this indituiion. The 
followino- is the plan of treatment recommended bythe fociety- in their laft pub- 

Plan.— I. The unfortunate perfon is to be conveyed carefully to the neareft 
public or other houfe open for its reception, in fuch a manner as to prevent the ex- 
tinction of any fmall remains of life that mav cxift : For this purpofe the head is 
to be raifed a little, as In bed, and the body fhould be carried in a natural and eafy 
poHure, as in the fame fituation. 

n. The ohjeft is to be immediately flripped, and laid on a warm bed, and the 
[km well dried with heated flannels ; or if the body was naked at the time of the ac- 
cident, it is then to be furrounded as expeditioufly as poffible with a hot blanket, 
.-^nd thorou?;hly dried with coarfe cloths or flannels. 

ni. VvHicn'the air Is very cold, or moiQ, the various methods of treatment are to 
be made ufc oi near a large fire, or in a hedted apartment. On the other hand, if 
. the v,;eatheris n>arm, or Jh'try, (as in the fummer feafon) tbe windov.'s and door of 
tbe room fhould be opened; and In every other pofiTible way a cool refrefliing air 
r)btained ; as it is of the greatefi iriTportance in bringing forv/ard the latent fpark of 
life, or in rei^oring natural breathing. 

IV. No perfons are to be admitted, but thofe who are actually employed in ex- 
erth>p their utmoft endeavours for the recovery of the unfortunate objeci ; fix people 
are therefore the gfeateft number that can ever prove ufeful on fuch occafions ; 
and ihofe who are by-flandcrs for the fake of curiofity fiiould be requefled to 
withdraw," as their prcfence may retard, or total !y prevent tJjc operation. 

V. The 


V. The (kin is to be gently rubbed with common fait, and a \varming-]ja?i 
heated (the body being furrour.ded with flnnnel) may lightly be moved up and 
down the back for a confiderable time. Square bottles, filled with hot water, &c. 
or heated tiles, covered with flannel, may be efficacioufly applied to the iolts of the 
feet, palms of the hands, and other parts of the body. 

VI. When the methods recommended have been made ufe of for an hour or more 
unfuccefsfully, and any bake-hcvfe, brezo-hciife, or warm bath is in the neighbour- 
hood, or can be readily obtained, the body Ihould be carefully -conveyed to fuch an 
apartment, and remain furrounded with either of the warm fubllances for three or 

four hours, in order to afford every pofTible aid for the reLurn of life. If a 

child has been drowned, its body fliould be wiped perfe6tiy dry, and immediately 
placed in bed between two people of good conftitutions ; the falutajy effefts of the 
natural vital warmth have been clearly proved in a variety of fuccefsful cafes. 

VII. The body is to be rubbed with flannels, fprinkled with fpirjts, as rum or 
geneva, and fom.entations of hot brandy are to be applied to the bread, 8cc. and 
often renewed. The noOrils may be every now and then tickled with a feather, 
zndifniiffi, hartjhorn, qv eau de luce , ^yOM\di hz occafionaily made ufe of, to excite 
fneezing, if poflible. While the various means of recovery are made ufe of by the 
qjjijlants, the body is to be v\-ell fliaken every ten miniites, in order to render the 
procefs more certainly fuccefsful; and the bodies of c//z7^re« in particular are to be 
much agitated, by taking hold of their arms and legs frequently, and for a ccntL- 
nuauce of time.. In a variety of inftances agitation, in conjun^lion with the ir.e- 
thods laid down, has forv/arded the recovery of boys who had httn drowned, ar.d 
continued for a. confiderable time apparently dead. 

VIII. The fmokeof tobacco thrown up the fundament fhould be ranked amongft 
the earlieft applications ; if a fumigator fliould not be at hand, the com.raon pipe 
will anfwer the purpofe of applying this vapour to the bovvcls. So eafy and import 
tant an operation fhould be repeatedly performed, as the good eSetts of tobaco- 
fmoke have been proved in m.any cafes. 

IX. One of the allifiants is to blow with confiderable force through a cloth or 
handkerchief applied to the mouth of theobjecl, in order to introduce ^/r into the 
lungs; the noflrils at the fame time fhould be clofed with one hand, and the cheii 
gei.tiy preffed with the other, fo as to expel noxious vapours; and in the procefs 
natural breathiiig is to be imitated as much as pofhble 

X. If there be any figns of returning life, fuch as fighing, gafping, convulfive 
motions, pulfation, or a natural warmth, a fpoonful of any warm liquid m.ay be 
adminiftered ; and if it proves that the power of fwallowing is returned, then a 
cordial of warm brandy or wine m.ay be given in fmall quantities with great 

%* Bleeding is never to be employed in fuch cafes, unlefs by the direflion of 
ore-of the medical affiftants, or fome other refpettable gentleman of the faculty, 
^■bo has paid attention to fuch unfortunate accidents. 

The methods whieh have been fo fully recommended, are to be m.ade ufe of 
v;\l\\\igG\x\' iox: tiuo hours ^ or upwards, although no favourable circumiftances fhould 
arife ; for it is a vulgar and danyerous opinion to fuppofe that perfons are irre- 
coverable, becaufe life does not foon make its appearance ; it is an opinion that 
has been productive of an im.menfe number of the feemingly dead bfeing committed 
to the grave, who might have been PvEstored to life by refjhdim znd per- 
Jevcrance in the plans of treatment now recommended. 

fj-t The^ Society think it proper to obferve, that moft of the above m.eans of 
reftoration are applicable to various other cafes of apparent de:uh; whether from 
hanging, apoplectic and convulilve fits, cold, fuffocation by dauips, or noxious 
vapours proceeding from coal-mines, the confined air of wells, cifterns, caves, or 
the muft of fermenting liquors. 

Whenever any good has been produced by the means recomm.endcd, the perfon 
who has fuperintended the cure isdefircd to write a circumfiantial accojjnt^of it tp 
Jji. V/illiaju Hawes, Secretary to the Society, Great Eaflcheap, 

D 3 Medical 



Medical Society. This Society was inftituted in the year 1752, with a 
view to colleft and publifh medical obfervations and enquiries. Five volumes of 
this excellent work have already been publifhed, and a lixth is faid to be in the prefs. 
The meetinc^s are held once a fortnight, on Mondays in the evening, at the Mitre 
Tavern, in Fleet-flreet. 

+ William Hunter, Med. Reqin. F. R. S. President, 

+ William Pitcairne, M. D.' F. R. S. 

-f William Watfon, M. D. V. P. R. S, 

i Richard Brocklefby, M. D. F. R. S. 

+ Michael Morris, M. D. F. R. S. 

t Richard Saunders, M. D. F- R. S. 

i Gilbert Thompfon, M. P, Secretary^ 

Society of Physicians. Of the origin of this Society, inftituted about 
the year 1764, an account is given by the late Dr. Fothergill, in his. EfTay on the 
the Charafter of Dr. Alexander Ruffell. The eleftion of members is by ballot, 
and none but licentiates of the College of Phyficians are eligible. The members 
meet once a fortnight, on Wcdnefdays, in the evening, at Old Slaughter's Coffee- 
houfe, for the purpofe of converfing on the prevailing difeafes, &c. and once a 
quarter they dine together at the Crown and Anchor Tavern in the Strand. 

f W.Hunter, Med.Req. F.R.S. Prejdent. 
^ Charles Morton, M. D. F. R. S. 
+ W. Vl^atfon, M. D. V. P. R. S. Treaf. 
i William Qrant, M. D, 
f M. Garthlhore, M. D. F. P.. S. Sec. 
t Richard Saunders, M. D. F.R.S. 
+ David Orme, M. D. 
+ George Fordyce, M. D. F. R. S. 
i Robert Bromfield, M. D. F. R. S. 
f Alexander Hay, M. D. F. R. S. 
+ William Saunders, M. D. 
f James Maddocks, M. D. 

f George Hicks, M. D. 

t John Coakely Lcttfom, M.D. F.R.J 

+ J.. C.Smyth, M. D. F. R. S. 

t Ifaac Henriquez-Sequiera, M.D. 

+ Andrew Douglas, M. D. 

t John Hunter, M.D. 

+ S. Foart Simmons, M. D. F. R. S. 

+ Thomas Bowdler, M.D. F. R. S. 

t William Keir, M.D. 

+ Anthony Fothergill, M.D. F. K,, S. 

t John Sims, M. D. 

Medical Society, in Crane-court, Fleet-flreet, inftituted in 1773. The 
Members meet together once a fortnight, on Tuefdays, at feven o?clock in the 
evening. The annual meeting, for the eleftion of a Council, is on the 18th of Ja- 
nuary. On this occafion an oration is delivered by one of the Members on forne 
medical fubjeft, 

COUNCIL, elefted January iSth, 1783. 

f ]ohn Sims, M. D. Erefident, . 

Mr. William Birket, Sec, - 
^ Mr. J. Dymond. 

Mr. — Evans. 
i Mr. William French, Sec. 
% Mr. John Hodgfon. 
i Mr. Philip Hurlock, F. R. S. 

..— — -Kennedy, M.D, 

+ J. C. Lettforn, M. D. F. R. S. Treaf. 
^ Mr. Stephen Lowdell. 
.^ Mr. William Norris, Sec. 

Mr. Tho. Partington. 

Samuel Rogers, M. D- 
+ John Whitehead, M. D. 

Loftus Wood, M. D. Librarian. 



Society for the Improvement of Medical Knotvledge. 
This Society was eftabliflied in February, 1782, for the purpofe of colIec).ing ufeful 
cffays and obfervations for publication. Several very interefting papers have al- 
ready been read at their meetings, which are held once a fortnight, on Tuefday 
evening, at Old Slaugliter's Coffee-houfe. The Society dine together once a qu:jr- 
ter. At thefe quarterly meetings, candidates for admiffion, who have been pro- 
pofed by two Members at the preceding general meeting, are ballotted for. A 
Prefident, Treafurer, two Secretaries, and a Committee for reviling and felc6iir;g 
papers for publication, are elefted annually by ballot. 

i S. F. Simmons, M.. D. F. R. S. Pref. ^ Mr. Samuel Howard, F. R. S. 

E.W.Gray,M.D.F.R.S.r;-e^.fl«^5fc. + William Keir, M. D. 

§ Mr. Edward Ford, Sec. \ William Ofl;orne, M. D. 

t Robert Bromfield, M. D. F. R, S. + John Sims, M. D. 

Adair Crawford, M. D. t J. C. Smyth, M. D. F. R. S. 
■}■ Andrew Douglas, M. D. Jonn Watkinfon, M. I}. 

t M.Garthfhore,M.D.F.R.S.andS.A, ^ Mr. Henry Watfon, F. R. S. 

T George Hicks, M. D. ^ Mr. John Wyatt, F. R. S. 

The British Museum. This magnificent building is fituated in Great 
Riiffel-ftreet, Bloomltury, and contains the royal libraries collected by fcveral of 
the kings of England ; the late Sir Hans Sloane's Mafeam and "library ; the Cot- 
tonian and Harleian libraries, and fome other collections. The whole is veiled by 
a£l of Parliament in forty-two Truftees, viz. twenty Truftees ex Ojjido, of which 
number are the Prefident of the Royal Society and CoUeg^e of Phyficians; f.x fa- 
mily Truftees, reprefenting the Sloane, Cotton, and'Harley famalies; and iifteeu 
Truftees elefted by the other twentv-feven'. 

Principal Librarian, f Charles Morton, M. D. F. R. S. and S. A. 

Under Librarians^ Jofeph Planta, Efq. S. R, S. has the care of the MSS, 

and Medals. 
Andrew Gilford, D. D. F. S. A. his Alfiftant. 
Rev. P. H. Maty, M. A. S. l\. S. has the Care of 

Natural Hiftory. 
Edward Whitaker Gray, M. D. F. R. S. his Alfifiant. 
Rev. S. Harper, F. R. S. has the Care of tke Printed 

Rev. Ch. Godfrey Woide, F. S. A, hisAffillant. 
Keeper of th Reading Room, Rev. P.ichard Peuneck-, B. D, F. R. S. 

The Royal Society. Bilhop Sprat, in his hiftory of the Royal Societ)', 
informs us, that it was about the year 1650, " fome fpace after the end of the civil 
wars at Oxford, in the apartments of Dr. Wilkins, at Wadham College, that the 
firft meetings were held which laid the foundation of this inftitution." " Ths 
Unlverfity — adds the hifiorian — had at that time many members of its own, who 
had begun a free way of reafoning, and was alfo frequented by fome gentlemen of 
philofophical minds, whom the misfortunes of the kingdom, and the fecjrity and 
eafe of a retirement amongft Gownfm.en, had drawn thither." The principal 
members of the infant fociety were, Dr. Seth Ward, the Hon. Mr, Boyie, Tiv. 
Wilkins, Sir William Petty,' Mr. Matthew Wren, Dr. Wallis, Dr. Goddard, 
Dr. Willis, Dr. Bathurft, Dr. Chrlftopher Wren, and Mr. Rook. The meetings 
of thefe learned and ingenious perfons continued without anv great intermiifion at 
Oxford, till about the year 1658 ; but then being called away to different parts of 
ihe kingdom, ^nd the greater niimbcr of them to London, they ufualiy 

D \ met 


met at Grefham College, at the V/ednefclays and Thurfdays leftures of Dr. Wren 
and Mr. Rook, where they were joined by Lord Biouncker, Mr. afterwards Lord 
Brereton, Sir Paul Neil, Mr, John Evelyn, Mr. Henfliaw, Mr. Slingfby, Sir 
Geo.'-ge Ent, Dr. Timothy Clark, Dr. Croone, Mr. Ball, Mr. Hill, and feveral 
other gentlemen, whofe inclinations lay the fame way. During the ftate of 
anarchy v/hich fucceeded the death of Cromwell, the meetings were difcontinued, 
but took place again foon after the Reftoration, and in a fhort time, the fociety 
became celebrated'throughout Europe j for the defign being favoured by Sir Ro- 
bert Moray, Sir Gilbert Talbot, and fome other ingenious men, who had followed 
King Charles II. in his exile, his Majefty granted them a charter, dated July 15th, 
1662, whereby they were denominated the Royal Society of Lo,ndon, for iviprovvng 
Natural Knowledge; and made a body corporate, to confift of a prefident, council, 
and fellows. In this charter, which was confirmed and enlarged the following 
year, his Majefty declared himfelf their founder and patron, and impowered them 
to purchafe lands, make bye-laws, and to 'covq a common feal, which they have 
liberty to alter at pieafure,' William Lord Vifcount Brouncker was named in the 
charter to be the firft prefident, and John Wilkins, D. D. and Henry 01de:i- 
burgh, Efq. to be the firft iecretaries. A treafurer and feventeen other members 
of the council were appointed in the fame manner. . 

The fociety continued to hold thejr meetings in Grefham College for near the 
fpace of fifty years, xAitr^ they removed to their houfe in Crane-court, Fleet-ftreer^ 
and from thence, in 1780, to their prefent apartments in Somerfet-place, in the 
Strand. In 1725, they procured a licence for purchafing in mortmain, to the 
yearly value of one thoufand pounds. 

The ordinary meetings of the fociety are weekly, upon Thurfday, beginning at 
eioht o'clock in the eve.iing, and continuing about an hour, at the difcretion of 
the pi-efidcnt. At thefe meetings, when the prefident hath taken the chair, the 
fenior fecretary reads the minutes of the preceding meeting, after which the junior 
fecretary mentions the prcfents made to them fince the laft meeting, gives notice 
of any candidate that ftands propofed for eletlion into' the Society, and then reads 
letters and papers prefented to the Society. It is ufual for the prefident to adjourn 
the Society during\he long vacation, from June till November^ and likewife for a 
fortnight at Chrlftmas, Eafter, and Whitfuntide. 

The annual meeting for the election of officers, and the difpofal of the Copleian 
medal '*, is on the feaft of St. Andrew. After this bufinefs is over, the Society 
tiine together. 

Ever")' perfon to be elefted a fellow of the Royal Society muft be recommended 
by three or more members, in a paper figned by themfeives, and fpecifying the 
natne, rank, profellion, qaallficatious, and the ufual place of refidence of fuch 
pei-'bn ; all which muft be certified from their perfonal acquaintance with him. 
This certificate, after being read at a meeting of the Socien', by one of the fecre- 
tarics, 'rnuft be fixed up in the common meeting-room of the Society, at tent fe- 
veral ordinary meetings, before tlie faid candidate can be put to the vote. The 
votes are taken by ballot"; and no perfon can be declared elected, unlefs behave in. 
his favour two thirds of the number voting. There muft likewife be pjefent thirty 
members at the lead. 

* So called in honoi\r of Sh- Godfrey Cppley,, Bart- who bequeathed a fum of money to 
the Society, thelntereft of which he appointed annually to be difpjfed of by truilees by him 
named, and aUer rheir deccafe, by the prefident and council of the Royal Society for the 
time bei.'^g, to any perfon that fiiould make any new difcovcry in art or nature, or prefent 
any papei-''to the Society- that fliould be thought worthy of fuch diftindion. But the Society, 
fmce the year 1737, have judged it more eligible and houourable to give this donation in 
the form of a medal. 

\ There is an excepdon to this rule in favour of foreign fovereign princes, ambafladdrs 
to ihe^ court of Grc3t-I>ntain, peers, fons of peers, and privy counfellors of Great-Eritain 
or Ireland, all of whom may be propofed by any fingle member, and be put to the vote for 
election on the it\mz day, there b'-ing prefent the competent number of perfons for making 



Every peifon elected a fellow Is required to appear for his admifljon on or before 
tlic fourth ordinary meeting of the Society, after his election, or v/ithin fuch fur- 
ther time as fliall be granted by the Society or Council, upon caufe fnewn to either 
of them ; otherwife his elcclion is void. 

The adrnKFion of a fellow into the Society is in the following manner : He firft 
fubfcribcs the obligation in the charter-book, and is then introduced by a member to 
the prefident, who rifes from his chair, and taking him by the hand, fays to him, 
in the prefence of the Society, " I do by the authority, and in the name, of the 
Royal Society of London for improving Natural Knowledge, admit you a member 

Any perfon refiding In foreign parts, and not a fubjeft of the Britifh dominions, 
who is defirous of becoming a fellow of this Society, muft have a certificate in his 
favour, figned by at lead three fellows of the Society upon the foreign lift, who 
fhall in fuch certificate atteft, of their perfonal knowledge, that fuch candidate, by 
his philofophical learning and abilities, is duly q_uallfied, and likely to become an 
ufeful member of the Society : and every fuch candiidate muft have a certificate 
figned by at leaft three fellows on the home lift, who fhail atteft the preceding 
qualifications, either of their own perfonal knowledge, or from the works or corre- 
fpondence of fuch candidate. 

Such certificate fo figned, after having been read to the Society, is to be fixed. 
up in their public meeting room, and continue there from the 30th of November 
to the 30th of May next following; and at the weekly meeting of the Society, on, 
or next after, the 36Lh of May,, the foreigner thus recommended, is to be propofed 
to the Society for eleftlon, and put to the ballot. — This regulation, however, is not 
to extend to fuch foreigners who, being at the time refident, or having been refi- 
dent in Great-Britain, fhall defire to be elefted into the Society, in the fame man- 
ner, and upon the fame conditions, with the home members, paying their admifllon'. 
fees, and compofition-money *. 

The Society's library is open two days in the week during the meetings of the 
Society; viz. Monday and Thurfday in the morning, from eleven till two of the 
clock; and during the recefles of the Society, only one day in the week, namely, 
Thurfday, from eleven till two. During thefe times, the librarian attends for the 
accommodation of fuch fellows of the Society as ihaU come to read the printed 
books or manufcripts, and of.any other periods who fhall bring a written permif- 
fion from the prefident, or any -other member of the council, or who fliall be in- 
troduced by a fellow in perfon. 

The Philofophical Tranfaftions were for many years publlftied in numbers, and 
the printing of them was always, from time to time, the fingle a6l of the refpe6tive 
fecretaries, till the year 1752, when the Society thought fit that a committee {houl4 
be appointed to reconfider the papers read before them, and to felecl out of theni 
fuch as they flrould judge moft proper for publication in the future Tranfa.fiions. 
The members of the council conftitute a ftanding committee for this purpofe« 
They meet on the firft Thurfday of every month, and no lefs- than fcvtn of the 
members of the committee (of which number the prefident, or in his abfence, a. 
vice-prefident, is always to be one) are allowed to-be a quorum capable ©f afting in 
relation to fuch papers. The queftion with regard to the publication of any paper 
is always decided by the majority of votes taken by ballot. 

* Every perfon eleded a fellow on the home lift pays the fum of five guineas for admifiion- 
money, and is likewife required farther to contribute towards the expences of the Society, 
previous to his aJrnilTion, either by paying twenty -fix guineas in lieu of all future, contribu- 
tions, or by execuring a bond, thereby fubjedling himfelf to a payment of two pounds 
twelve fhiilings a year to the Society, {0 long as he fhall continue a fellow thereof. But if 
the perfon eledled refides beyond fixty miles from London, he is not allowed to give bond, 
but muil pay down the compofition-money befor? he be adraitted>. or his name be- allowed ta 
-be printed in the lift of fellows. 




The Philofophlcal Travifaftions are printed at the expence of the Society, and 
each fellow is entitled to receive one co^y gratis of every volume publiflied after 
his admiflion into the Society. 

The List* of the Royal Society. 

His Sacred Majefty King George IIL Patron. 

His Sacred Majefty Stanislaus Augustus, King of Poland. 

His Sacred Majeily ChristiaxX VII. King of Denmark. 

His Royal Highnefs William Henry Duke of Gloucefter. 

His ~Moft Serene Highnefs Christian Frederick Charles Alex. 

ANDE.R, Margrave of Brandenburgh Anfpach and Bayreuth. 
His moft Serene Highnefs Challes Vv^illiam Ferdinand, Duke of 

His moft Serent Highnefs Charles, Margrave of Baden. 
His mod Serene Highnefs Pe te r, Duke of Courland. 

T/ie piefent CoiinciL 
Sir Jofeph Banks, Bart Prefident, F. ^.S. TniJI. ^r. Muf. Ac. Im, 
Madrit. & Neapolit. Soc 


Scrutat. Berclin. Socius 
Ifaac Hawkins Browne, Efq. 
Sir William Chambers, Knight 

Pctrop. R. 
R, Goitin<r. Lund. Gotliob. Gedan. Rotterd. B Nat. 


Polar Star, F. A. S. Acad. R. Holm. 

Williann Er.rl of Dartmouth. 
Right Hon. Welbore Ellis, M. P 

Br. Myf. 
John Frere, Efq. 
Mr. William Harrifon. 
The Rev. Jofeph Hoare, D. D. 
Peter Holford, Efq. F. A. S. Majler in 

Edward Hooper, Efq. CommiJJioner of the 

The Rev. Cyril Jackfon, D. D. 
The Rev. Nevil Mafkelyne, D. D. AJl. 

Roy. Acad. Imp, Petrop. Soc. R. Upjal. 

et Gott. Soc. 

Hojne Members. 

Robert Adam, Efq. F. A. S. 
John Willett Adye, Efq. F. A. S. 
Welbore Ellis Agar, Efq. CommiJJioner 

of the Cujloms. 
Edward Earl of Aldborough, F. A. S. 
John Alftroemer, Efq. Soc. R. Lund. & 

Got hob. Soc. 
George Vifcount Althorpe, M. P. 
John Anderfon, A.M. Prof. Nat. Phil. 

Thomas Anguifh, Efq. Majler in Chancery. 
Barnard Chriftian Anker, Efq. Soc. R. 

ScieJit. Norveg. Soc. 
John Arbuthnot, Efq. 
Shuckburgh Afhby, Efq. 

The Rev. Paul Henry Maty, M. A. Sec. 
of the Conft. John Lord Mulgrave. V. P. 

F. A. S. M. P. 
Sir William Mufgrave, Bt. V. P. F. A. S. 

Comviijfoncr of the Cvjtoms. 
Jof. Planta, Efq. Sec. Soc. Antlqu. 

Cajftl. Sod. 
Richard Saunders, M. D. 
Philip Stephens, Efq. M.V. Secrcta>y 

to the Admiralty. 
Sir Noah Thomas, Knight, Phyfician to 

his Majejly. 
William Waifon, M. D. V. P. Trvjl 

Br. Muf. Soc. Antiqu. C^JJtll. Scd. 
Phyf. to the Foundling Hcfpitat. 
Samuel Wegg, Efq. Treafurer, V. P, 
F. A.S. 

Tho. Aftle, Efq. F, A. S. Soc. A.ntiqu, 

CaJJell. Soc. 
John Duke of Athol. 
George Atwood, M. A. 
Alexander Aubert, Efq. 
Heneage Earl of Ayleslbrd. 
John Bagnall, Efq. 
Sir George Baker, Bart. F. A. S.. P/iy^ 

fcian to her Majcfiy, Soc. R. Med. 

Paris Socius. 
Roger Baldwin, M. A. 
Edward Bancroft, M. B. 
Lewis Count of Barbiano and Belgioiofo 

of the Holy Roman Empire. 
Sir Robert Barker, Bart. 
Hon. Daines Barrington, F. A. S. 






Charles Mofs, Lord Bifiiop of Bath and 

David Bayford, M. D. 
Thomas Butterworth Bayley, Efq. 
Henry Beaufov, Efq. M. P. 
Mr. John Belchier, formerly Surgeon to 

Guy^s Hofpital. 
Bernardo de Beluga, LL. D. 
Rich. H. Alex. Bennett, Efq. F. A. S. 
Cha. Blagden, M. D. Phyjician to the 

Benjamin Booth, Efq. 
Richard Wilbraham Bootle, Efq. M. P. 
Thomas Bowdler, M. D. 
Daniel Braithwaite, Efq. F. A. S. 
Thomas Brand Hollis, Efq. F. A. S. 
Guftavus Lirander, Efq. F. A. S. Trvjl. 

Br. Muf. Soc. Phyf. Gedan. Soc. 
Owen Salufbury Brereton, Efq. F. A. S. 
Edward Bridgen, Efq. Tr. A. S. 
Frederic Earl of Bnftol, Ld. Bp. of 

Richard Brocklefhy, M. D. Phfidan to 

the Army. 
Rohert Bromfield, M. D, Phyjician to 

the Briti/Ii Lxinfr-in Hcfpital. 
Auguftus'Brouffonet, M. D. Sqc.R. 

Scient. Monfpel. Soc. 
William Brown, Efq. 
William Brownrigg, M. D. 
Jimes Bruce, Efq. 
Patrick Brydone, Efq. 
David Earl of Buchan. 
Charles Burney, Muf. D. 
Robert Barrow, Efq. 
George Buxton, M. D. 
Lieut. Col. William Calderwood. 
Sir James Caldwall, Bart. 
John Call, Efq. 
Peter Calvert, LL. D. F, A.S. Dean of 

the Arches. 
Charles Lord Camden, Trujl. Br., Muf. 
John Campbell, Efq. Vice Admiral of 

the White. 
Peter Canvane, M. D. 
Francis Marquis of Carmarthen, F. A. S. 
John Carnac, Efq. F. A. S. 
John Jofhua Lord Carysfort. 
Mr. Tiberius Cavallo. Ac. R. Sc. & 

Hum. Litt. NtapoL Soc. 
Lord Ch. Cavendifh, Trv/l. Br. Muf. 
Henry Cavendift, Efq. F. A. S. Tnf. 

Br. Mif 
Wade Toby Caulfield, Efq. 
Mr. Charles Cazaud. 
JamesEarlofCharlemont, F. A.S. 
Pliilip Earl of Cheikrfieid, F. A. S. 

Mr. Richard Brown Chefton. 

Chares Collignon, M. D. Prof. Anat. 

Mr. Charles Combe, F. A. S. 
William Conftable, Efq. F. A. S. 
the Rev. William Coop-r, D. D. 
Robert Salufbury Cotton, Efq. F. A. S. 
Mr. John Lodge Cowley. 
George NalTau Clavering Earl Cowper, 

Prince of the Holy Roman Empire. 
The Rev. William Coxe, M. A. 
Patrick George Crawfurd, Efq. 
William Cullen, M. D. Phyf cianto his 

Majefy, Prof. Med. Edin. Soc. R. 

Med. Paris Sccius. 
The Rev. Sir John Cullum, Bart. F. A.S. 
Henry Dagge, Efq. 
Alexander Dalrymple, Efq. F. A. S. Ac. 

R. Holm. Soc. 
James Dargent, M, D. F. A. S. P/iy- 

fician to the Wcfminfier Hofpital, 
John Darker, Efq. F. A.S. 
Erafmus Darwin, M. D. 
Paul Prince Dafchkaw of the Ruffan Em- 
Thomas Davies, Efq. Captain in the 

Royal Artillery. 
Henry Dawkins', Efq. F. A. S. M. P. 
Solomon Davrolle, Efq. 
Edward Delaval, Efq. Soc. R. Upf & 

I/f. Bonon. Socins, Soc. R. Getting. 

Thomas Dickfon, M. D. Phy fician to the 

London Hofpital. 
Hon. Charles Dillon Lee. 
Thomas Baron DimfJaie of the Ruffian 

Empire, ^IL D. M. P. 
Jeremiah Dixon, Efq. 
William Dixon, Efq. 
Matthew Dobfon, M. D. 
Sir Charles Douglas, Bart. Captain in 

the Royal Navy. 
The Rev. John Douglas, D. D. F. A. S. 
Matthew Duane, Efq. F.A.S. Truf. 

Br. Muf 
Andr. Coltee Ducarrel, LL. D. F. A, S. 

Soc^ Antiqu. Cajfell. Sod. 
Daniel Dumarefque, D.D. 
Sir Thomas Dundas, Bart. 
Francis Duroure, Efq. 
Lieut. Col. John Duroure, F. A. S. 
The Rev. Lewis Dutens, M. A. Ac. R. 

Infer. & Hum. Lit. Parif Soc. 
The Rev. Philip Duval, D. D. 
Will. Benfon Earle, Efq. 
Richard Lovell Edwortb, Efq. 
The Rev. Francis lienry Egertqn. 



M E D I C A L R E G I S T E R. 

Jq^n Elliott, Efq. Captain in the Royal 
■ Navy. 

Henrv Ellis, Efq. 
John '£i lis, Efq. F. A. S. 
Charl 6 Dcdgfon, L. Bp. of Elphin. 
Thomas Emlvn, Efq. 
■Sir Henry C/Engkfield, Bart. F. A. S. 
Brownlow Earl of Exeter, F. A. S. 
John Rofs Loid Bifhop of Exeter. 
William Falconer, M. D. 
William Farr, M. D. Phyjician to the 

Royal Hofpitalat Plymouth. 
William Fauquier, Efq. 
Samuel Felton, Efq. F. A. S. 
George Lord De Ferrars, F. A. S. 
The Rev. Henry Fly, A. M. 
Sir Martin Browne Folkes, Bart. 
George Fordyce, M. D. Pkyjicianto St, 

Thomases Hcfpital. 
Mr. George Forfter, Ac. R. Madr. Sec. 

R. Hafu.&Nat. Scrutat. BeroL Socius, 

et R. Gott. Correfp. 
John Reinhold Forfter, LL. D. F.R.S. 

Acad. R. Holm. & Madrit. Soc.R. Upfal. 

Gott. Hafn. Gothob. Gedan. & Nat. 

Scrutat. Berolin. Socius, Acad. R. Scie?it. 

& Acad. Infer. Parif. Correfp. 
Thomas Forifer, M. A. 
Anthony Fothergill, M. D. 
Thomas Frankiand, Efq. 
Benj. Franklin, LL. D. F. A. S. Ac. 

R. Par. Soc. Ext. Soc. R. Gotting. 

Rotttrd. & Med. Parif. Soc. 
Naphthali Franks, Efq. 
William FranJ-'S, Efq. 
Archibald Campbell Frafer, Efq. M. P. 
Sir Charles Frederick, K. B. F. A. S. 

M. P. 
Lieut. Col. William Fullarton, 
Alexander Garden, M, D. Soc. R. Upf. 

M :<wen Garthfhore, M. D. F. A. S. 

Pn)fician to the Britifi Lying-in Hof- 

pfal. ' ^ 
Kir. Francis Geacb. 
Thomas Gifborne, M. D. Phyjician to 

his Majefy's Hoifhold. 
The Rev. Samuel Glaffe, D. D. 
Lieut. James Glenie, 
William Mnnn Godfchall, Efq. 
The Rev. Ifaac Gollett, D. D. 
Richard Gough, Efq. Dir. A. S. 
The Rev. William Gould, D. D. 
John Grant, Efq. 
Fletcher Lord Grantley, F. A. S. 
Edward Whitaker Gray, M. D. 
The Rev. Richard Green, D. D. 

John Greg, Efq. 

Sir Samuel Greigg, Knight cf the Orders 

of St. Volodirner, Alexander Nexfiv, St. 

George, and Sti Aune, and Vice Admiral 

in the Riifian Navy. 
Hon. Charles Grcville, F. A. S. M. P, 

Soc. Rotterd. Sec. 
Mr. Richard Grind all. 
Steddy Grinfield, Elq. 
Richard Lord Grofvenor, 
John Gunning, Efq. Surgeon Extra t9 

his Majefry. 
Matthew"'Gu5hrie, M. D. 
Hugh Hamerfley, Efq. F. A. S. 
The Rev. Anthony Hamilton, D. D. 
Hon. Charles Hamilton. * 

The Rev. Hugh Hamilton, JD. D. 
Lion. Sir William Hamilton, K. B. 

his Majefy^s Envoy Extra and Plenipo- 
tentiary at the Court cf Naples . 
Robert Vifcount Hampden, F. A. S. 
Philip Earl of Hardwicke, F.A.S. Trujl. 

Br. Muf 
The Rev. Samuel Harper, M. A. 
Edward Hafted, Efq. F. A. S. 
George Finch Hattan, Efq. M. P. 
Alexander Hay, M. D. 
John Haygarth, M. B. 
Richard Hazard, Efq. 
Thomas Healde, M. D. Prof. Med. 

Grefh, Phyfcianto tlie London Hofpital. 
The Rev. Benjamin Heath, M. A. 

John Heathcote, Efq, ^ 

Sir Thomas Heathcote, Bart. ' 

William Heberden, M. D. F. A S. Soc. 

R. Med. Parif. Soc. 
The Rev. Samuel Hem.raing, M. A, 
Sir John Henniker, Bart. M. P. 
Mr. Thomas Henry. 
The Rev. William Henry, D. D. 
Mr. William Herfcheli. 
Mr. William Hey. 
"Wills Earl of Hillfborough. 
Robert Banks Hodgkinfon, Efq. F.A.S, 
Sir Henry Hoghton, Bart. M. P. 
The Rev. Thomas Hollingbury, D. D, 
John Zephan. Hollwell, Efq. 
Hon. Chailes Hope Wier. 
John Hope, M. D. Prof. Bot, Edinh, 

Soc. Sc. Harlem. Soc. 
Daniel Hopkins, M. D. 
Richard Cope Hopton, Efq. 
The Hev. Thomas -Hornfby, M. A. 

SaviL Prof. Afiron. Oxf. R. Sec. Cott, 

Mr. Taijies Horsfall, 
; The 



The Rev. Samuel Korfley, LL. D. 

John Howard, ETq. 

Mr. Samuel Hou-ard, Sv.rgeon to the Mid- 

dkjcx Hofpitat. 
'William Augaffus Howard, M.D. 
Charles Grave Hudfon, Efq. 
Mr. William Hudfon. 
Sir Abraham Hume. 
Alexander Hunter, M.D. 
John Hunter, Eiq. Surgeon Extra to hh 

Majefiy, Sqc R, Sc. & Him. Lit. 

Got hob. -'oc. 
Francis Earl of Huntingdon, F. A. S. 
Jofeph Hurlock, Efq. 
Mr. Philip Hurlock. 
Charles Huiton, LL. D. Profefor of 

NlatKcmatics at the Royal M'ditary Aca- 

demv at WooUoich. 
Humphrey Jackfon, Efq.. 
William James, Efq. F. A.S. 
Sir William James, Bart. 
John Ibhetfon.Efq. F.A.S. SeutotheAdm. 
John Jebb, M. D. 
-Sir Richard Jebb,'Bart. F.A.S. Phyfician 

Extra to his Majefy^ and Phyfician to 

his R. H. the Prince of V/alcs^. 
John Jennings, Efq. 
John Ingcn-Houfz, M. D. Phyfdan to 

the E'fiperor, Soc. Rotierd. Soc. 
Paul Jodrell, Efq. 
Richard Paul Jodrell, Efq. 
William Jones, Efq. F. A. S. 
The Rev. William Jones, M. A. 
Jofhua L-emonger, Efq. 
Mr. John Obadiah Jullamond. 
The Rev. Richard Kaye, LL. D. F. A. S. 

TruJ. Br. Mnf 
George Keate, Efq. 
The Rev. Benjamin Kennicott, D. D. 

Acad. EL Patat. & R. Soc. Gott. Soc. 
Robert Ker, Efq. 
Edward King, Efq. F. A. S. Soc. Antiqu. 

Caffell. Sod. 
James King, Efq. Captc^ in the Royal 

The Rev. John Glen King. D.D. F.A.S. 
The Rev. Andrew Kippis, D.D. F.A.S. 
Richard Kirwan, Efq. Soc. R. Mo>fpd: 

Correfp . 
Richard Watfon, Lord Elfiiop of Llan- 

Mr. John Landcn. 
Jacob Frederick Lantfheer, Efq. 
Thomas Lafiiley, M. D. 
Mr. John Latham. 
John Law, D. D. Lord Bifhop of 

The Rev. Charles Peter Lavard, M. A. 

D^iniel Peter Layard, M. D. F. A. S. 

■Soc. R. Gott. Sec. 
Arthur Lee, M. D. 
John Lee, M. D. 
Thomas Duke of Leeds, K. G. 
Theodore Forbes Leith, M. D. 
Mr. Charles L'Epinafle. 
PatricX Dugud Leflie, M.D. 
John. Coakiey Lettfom, M. D. F. A. S. 
Sir Afliton Lever, Knt. F. A. S. 
George Vifcount Lewifham, M. P. 
The Rev. John Lightfoot, A, M. 
James Lind,. M. D. 
Peter Livius, Efq. 
George Lloyd, Efq, 
John Lloyd, Efq. F.A.S. 
'Fhe Rev. John Lockman, D. D. 
Robert Lowth, Lord Bifiiop of London, 

Trvli. Br. Muf. Soc. R. Gott. Soc. 
The Rev. Michael Lort, D. D. F. A. S. 

■ Soc. Antiqu. Cafj'dl. Sod. 
John Gideon Loten, Efq. F. A. S. 
Richard Warburton Lytton, Efq. 
Thomas E'arl of Macclesfield. 
Mr. Murdoch Mackenzie. 
Mr. J. H. de Magellan, Ac. Imp. Pttrop. 

R. Madrit. &" L?f. Socius, & Parf 

Charles Vifcount Mahon, M. P. 
The Rev. John James Majendie, D. D. 
John Malliet, Efq. 

The Rev. Owen Manning, B. D. F. A. S. 
Hugh Earl of Marchmont. 
Hon. Charles Marfham, M. P. 
Robert Marfham, Efq. 
William Marfden, Efq. 
Francis Maferes, Efquire, Cuffitor Baron 

of the Exchequer. 
Ifraei Mauduit, Efq. 
Lieut. General Robert Melvill, F. A. S. 
Owen Putland Meyrick, Efq. 
The Rev. John Michell, B. D. 
Richard Michell, Efq. F.A.S. 
The Rev. Jeremiah Milles, D. D. Pr. 

A. S. Dean of Exeter^ Soc. Antiqu. 

Caffell. Sod. 
Jeremiah Milles, Efq. 
John Mills, Efq. Acad. EUa. Palat. & 

Soc. R. Oecon. Parif. & Bern. Soc. 
Francis Milman, M. D. Phyfician to the 

Middlefcx Hqfpital. 
The Rev. Ifaac Milner, A. M. 
Daniel Miner, Efq. F.A.S. 
William Mitford, Efq. F. A. S. 
John Earl of Moira. 
Donald Monro, M. D. Phyfician to the 

Army, and to St. George's Hofpital. 




George Duke of Montagu, K. G. Majler 

of the Hcrfc to his Majefly. 
The Rev. Thomas Morell, D. D. Sec. 

A. S. Soc. Antiqu. CajJ'dL Sod. 
John Morgan, M. D. 
Michael Morris, M. D. Phyjidan to the 

Army, and to the Wejlnuiifier Hofpital. 
Leona'rd Morfe, Efq. 
Charles Morton, M. D. Ac. Imp. Nat. 
Sur. & Petrcp. & Soc. Antiqu. CaJfelL 
Soc. Phyfician to the Foundling HofpitcU. 
Mr. Peter Moultou. 
Mr. John Mudge. 

Major General James Murray, M. P. 
Robert Mylne, Efq. 
Mr. Edward Nairne. 
Sir James Napier, Knt. F. A. S. 
Henrv Duke of Newcafile. 
John'Nicoll, Efq. 

Baron Guftavus Adam Nolcken, Com- 
7nander of the Order of the Polar Star, 
and Envoy frora the Kin^ of Sweden. 
John Mervin Nooth, Phyfcian to the 

Charles Duke of Norfolk, F. A. S. 
George Auguftus North, Efq. M. P. 
Huo-h'Duke of Northumberland, K. G. 

frujt' Br. Mif. 
Sir Lucius O'Brien, Bart. F. A. S. 
John Ord, Efq. M. P. 
John Ofborn, Efq. 
The Rev. Henry Owen, M. D. 
Henry Vifc. Palmerfton, M. P. F. A. S. 
Pafcal de Paoli, Efq. 
John Paradife, Eiq. 
John Parker, Efq. 
The Rev. William Parker, D. D. 
Henry Partridge, Efq. 
Sir F.alph Payne, K. B. F. A. S. M. P. 
Sir James Peachey, Bart. 
John Peachey, Efq. F. A. S. M. P. 
Charles Anderfon Pelham, Efq. M. P. 
Thomas Pennant, Efq. Soc. R. Upf. & 

Lund. Soc. 
The Rev. Richard Penneck, A.M. ' 
Henry Penton, Efq. M. P. 
Lucas Pepys, M. D. F. A. S. P/nfcian 

Extra to his Maje/iy. 
Tiiomas Percival, M. D. F. A. S. R. 

Soc. Med. Par. Sor, 
William Philip Perrin. Efq. F. A. S. 
Robert Edward Lord Petre, F. A. S. 
James Petty, Efq. 
Granado Piggoct, Efq. F. A. S. 
Nathaniel Pigot, Efq. Acad. Iwp. ^ R. 
BruxdL & Cadoai. Soc ' " 

a Pari; 

David Pitcairn, M. B. Phyfcian to St* 

Bartholomew's Hofpital. 
William Pitcairn, M. D. Pref R. Coll, - 

Phyf Triif. Br. Muf 
John Pitt, Efq. 
'Other Earl of Plymouth. 
Baron Jofeph Lewis Podmanlczky. 
Mr. Jofeph Poli, Infit. Bonon. & Soc, 

Sc. Scien. Soc. 
Allan Pollok, M. D. 
Edward Poore, Efq. 
Will. Henry Duke of Portland, F. A. S. ' 

Truji. Br. Muf 
Mr. Percivall Pott, Surgeon to St. Bar* 

tholomezv's Hofpital. ' 
Thomas Pownall, Efq. F, A. S; 
Jacob Prefton. Efq. F. A. S. 
The Rev. William Prefton, M. A. 
James Price, M. D. 
The Rev. Jofeph Prieftley, LL.D. Ac, 
Imp. Petrop. R. Holm. & Med. Parif 
Samuel Prime, Efq. 
Richard Pulteney, M. D. 
The Rev. Henry Putman. 
Lieut. General Charles Rainsford. 
Sir V/alter Rawlinfon, Knt. F. A. S. 

M. P. 
James Rennell, Efq. 
Samuel Revnardfon, Efq. F. A. S. 
Henry Revell Reynolds, M. D. F. A. S. 

Phyfcian to St. Thomases Hofpital. 
Sir Jofhua Reynolds, Knt. Pr. Roy. 

Charles Duke of Richmond, K. G. 
Mr. David Puz. 
Matthew Robinfon, Efq. 
John Roebuck. M. D. 
Charles Rogers, Efq. F. A. S. 
John Rogerfon, M. D. Phyfician to the 

Em pref s of Puff a. 
Robert Lord Romney, F. A. S. 
Major General William Roy, F. A. S. 

Deputy Quarter Mafer General. 
Francis RufTdT, Efq. 
Patrick Ruffell, M. D. 
William Ruffell, Efq. 
Thomas Ryves, Efq. F. A. S. 
Count Jerom de Salis. 
The Rev. Henry Jerom de Salis, D. D. 

Jofeph Salvador, Efq. F. A. S. 
Sir George Savile, Bart. M. P. 
William Seward, Efq. F.A.S. 
Lancelot Shadwell, Efq. 
Mr. W^llliam Sharp, 
John Lord Sheffield. 




The Rev. Anthony Shepherd, D. D. 

Prof. AJlron. Camhr. 
The Rev. Richard Shepherd, B. D. 
Sir George Shuckburgh, Bart. F. A. S. 

^M. P. Ac. Sc. & Hum. Lit. Lugd. Spc. 
Molyneux Lord Shuldham, M. P. Vice 

Admiral of the Red. 
Robert Shut tic worth, Efq. 
Sir John Silvef-er, Knt. M. D. 
John Silvefter, LL. B. 
Samuel Foart Simmons, M.iy. Soc. R, 

Med. PariJ. Socius & Soc. R. Monfpel. 

Correfp. Phyficiaa to St. Luke's Hoj'pital. 
Mr. John Smeaton. 
Adam Smith, LL. D. 
Sir John Smith, Bart. F, A. S. 
James Carmichael Smyth, M. D. Phy- 

fician to the Middkjex HofpitaL 
Philip Earl Stanhope, Soc. R. Sc. 

Monjpel. Soc. 
Edward Stanley, LL.B. F. A. S. 
The Rev. Henry ^ Stebbing, D. D. 

F. A. S. 
George Steevens, Efq. F. A. S. 
Mr. Robert Sterling- 
The Rev. Matthew Stewart, D. D. Prof. 

Math. Edinb. 
The Rev. George Sinton, D.D. F.A.S. 
John Strange, Efq. his Majefy's P\.efident 

at Venice, F. A. S. A.cad. Caf. Nat. 

Curiof. Bonon. Patav. Florerd. Cortoii. 

Bern. & Tigur. Soc. 
James Stuart, Efq. F.A.S. 
Charles E^rl of Surrey, F. A. S. M. P. 
The Rev. Philip Van Swinden, M. A. 
The Rev. Sidney Swinney, D.D. F.A.S. 
Sir John Taylor, Bart. 
Michael Teighe, M. D. 
Benjamin Thompfon, Efq. 
John Earl of Tilney. 
John Topham, Efq. F. A. S. 
Marmaduke Tunftal, Efq. F.A.S. 
John Turton, M. D, Ph\fician extra to 

his Majefy, and Phyjician to her Ma- 

Richard Twin, E.fq. 

Thomas Tyrwhitt, Efq. 

Mr. Thomas Vage. 

Rodolph de Valltravers, Efq. F.A.S. 

Soc. R. Utf. Soc. 
Ralph EarlVerney, M. P. 
Johii Earl of Upper Offory, M. P. , 
John Upton, Efa. F.A.S. 
The Rev. William Vvfe, LL. D. F.A.S. 
Mr. William Wales, ' Mafer of the Royal 

Mathematical School in Chrijc's Hfphal. 
Mr, George Walk$r, 

James Walker, Efq. 

Hon. Horatio Walpole. 

John Walfh, Efq. F. A, S. 

Thomas Lord Walfingham. 

Edward Waring, M. D. Prof, of MatL 

Cimb. Infitut. Bonon. Soc. 
Richard Hill Waring, Efq. 
Mr. Jofeph Warner, Surgeon to Guy's 

Richard Warren, M. D. F. A. S. Phy 

fician to his Majejly. 
George Earl of Warwick, F. A. S* 
Mr. Henry Watfon, Surgeon to the IVeJh- 

minjler Hofpiial. 
James Watfon, LL. D. 
Jonathan Watfon, Efq. 
William Watfon, jun. M. D. 
Benjamin Way, Efq. F. A. S. 
Sir John Webb, Bart. F.A.S. 
W^illiam Webber, Efq. 
George Samuel Wegg, Efq. 
Mr. Jofiah Wedgewood. 
Hon. Thomas Francis Wenman. 
Robert Vv^efton, Efq. F.A.S. 
Anthony de Wevelinchoven, Efq^ 
Charles White, Efq. 
Thomas White, Efq. 
Mr. John Whitehurft. 
Roger W^iibraham, Efq. 
John Wilkes, Efq. M. P. Aldcrrnm 

and Chamberlain of London, 
Ifrael Wilkes, Efq. 
John Wilklnfon, M. D. Soc. R.Gott. 

Ralph Wiliett, Efq. F.^. S, 
Mr. Dionyfius Williams, 
Sir Edward Wilmot, Bart. Pliyfcian to 

his Majejly ^ and Phy fician General to 

the Army. 
John Wilmot, Efq. M. P. 
Mt, Benjamin Wiifon, Jmp. Ac. Petr, 

Soc. R. Upf. Injl. & Bonon. Soc, . 
John Wiifon, Efq. 
Jofeph Windham, Efq. F. A. S. 
William Windham, Efq. 
Edward Earl Winterton. 
John Vv^inthrop, Efq. 
Sir Clifton Wintringham, Bart. Phy 
fician to his Majejly, Soc. R. Med. Parif 

Mr. George Witchell, Mafcr of the 

Royal Acadejny at Portfmoutk. 
Nath. Matth. Wolff, M. D. Soc. Phjf 

Gea'cn. Soc. 
The Rev. Francis Wollafton, LL. B, ' 
The Rev. George V/olhacn, D. D, 
Thomas V/ood, Eiq^, 



Rt. Hon. Sir Ricb. Worflcy, Bart. 

F. A. S. M. P. 
Mr. Peter Woulffe. 
Daniel Wray, Efq. F. A. S. Trujl. Br. 

Richard Wright, M. D. Phyjician io St, 

George's HoJpkaL 
William Wright, M. D. 

Mr. John Wyatt, Surgeon to the Middk' 

/ex Hujpitai. 
The Rev. William Wyatt, M. A. 
Hon. John Yorke. 
Arthur Young, Efq. Soc. Occon. Pctrop. 

Bern. & Manheini. & Phyf. Tigur. Soc, 
Sir George Young, Knt. Captain in the 


Foreign Members. 

D. Michael Adanfon, Reg. Sc. Acad. Ti. ]oh,Cz^:\g\\on^, Ac. R. Sc. Berol. Soc. 

Par. Soc. D. R. Caumont, M. D. Pari/. 

D. Joh. Baptifta Albertlni, Princeps D. Paul. Celefia, Nobil. penocnfis. 

D. Joh. d' Alembert, Reg. Sc. Acad. 

PariJ. ^ Berolin. Soc. 
D. Joh. Nic. Sebaft. Allamand, Phil. 

Prof. Lvgduno-Batav. 
D. Carolus AUioni, M. D. Bot. Prof. 

D. Theodorous de Almeida, Grd. Orat. 

D. Petrus Afcanius, M, D. Hafni.v. 
D. Barthelemy, Reg. Infer. & 

Hum. Lit. Ac. Par' Soc. 

D. Jof. Bern. Marchio de Chabert, 

R. S. A. Parif. Soc. 
D. Joh. Bapt. de la Chapelle, Parifi- 

D. Lud. Mar. Jof. d'Albert d'Ailly, 

Dux de Chaulnes. 
D. Johannes Chevalier, Ord. Orat. 

Lvftan . 
D. Joh. Franc. Cigna, M. D. Tatirinevfs. 
D. Lud. Joh. Mar. Daubenton, M. D. 

A.R.S. Par. & Ber. S. 
D. Petrus Davila, Hifpanm. 

D. Lud. de Beaufort, J. U. D. Mcfa. D. A. Georgius Eckhard, HagceCom. 

TrajeEl. D. Leoaardus Euler, Acad. Imp. Petrop, 
D. John. Baptifl. Jac. Elie de Beau- Soc. 

mont, in Sen. Par. Cauf. Pat. D. Joh. Baptlft. Faget, Parifcrfis. 

D. Petrus Jonas Bergius, M. D. Kfl. D. Bapt. de Feroiice, Conf. Aid. Brunf. 

Nat. Prof Stockholm. ~" 

D. Thorbern Bergman, Ord. R. de Wafa 

Eques, C/iemie Prof. Upfal. 
D. M. Joh.'*Baptift. Bernard, M. D. 

Med. Prof Duacenf 
D. Ferd. Berthoud, Neocom. hielv. 
D. Jof. Steph. Bertier, Parifienfis. 
D. Carolus Bonnet, Genevenfis. 
D. Ignatius a Born, S. R. I. Equcs. 

D. Bened. Ferrner, Ord. de Stella PoL 

Eques Acad. R. Sc. Stockh. Soc. 
D. Samuel Formey, Reg. Sc. Ac. Ber^ 

Sec. perp. 
D. Joh. Paul Grand-Jean de Fouchy, 

R. S. Ac. Par. S. perp. hon. 
P. Paul Frifi, Prof Math. Mcdiol. 
D. Jofeph Gaertner, M. D. Wurtem- 


D. Roger Bofcowich, AJlron. Prof D. Car. Hyacinth. Ant. Dux de Gal 


lean, Princeps S. R. I. 

D. Joh. Maur. Comes Bruhl, Orat. D. Joh. Petr. Grofley, A. R. Infc. Par 

EleB. Sax. ad Brit. Reg. 
D. Jof. Laurent. Bruni, M. D. A.nat. 

Pr. laur. 
D; G. L. le Clerc Comes de Buffon, 

R. S. A. Par. S. & Hart. R. Pr. 

D. Job. Paul de Gua de Malves, Reg. 

Sc. Acad. Parif Sec 
D. Oftavian de Guafco, Abbas; Nob. 


D. Mar. Ant. Leop. Caldani, Anat. D. Jofeph de Guignes, Int. Lin. Orient. 

Prcf Patav. ' Reg. Chrijl. 

D. Petrus Camper, M. D. Med. Pr. D. Sam. Chriftian. Hollman, P/i//o^//i. 

D. Marchio Gomin. Caraccioli. 
D. Joh. Baptia. Carburi, Prf Reg. 

Ivied. Taurin. 
D. Ccefar Franc. Cafhni de Thurv, 

R.S.A. Parif & Berol. Sec. 

Prof Gotting. 
D. Martin Hubner, Confil. R. Dani.r. 

D. Franc. Jacquier,6'/-^.M7z.i?t'/?z. Math. 

D. Tefler Samuel Kuckhan, Jainaicvifs. 
D. Johannes 

M E D I C A L R E G I S T E R. 49 

D. Johannes de Braganpa, Diix cle La- Prlnceps Abondlo Rezzonico, Romanits. 

{oc'.Sy. Liifitanvs . D Fulcus Marchio Rinuccinus, Nob- 

D. J-ion clc la Lande, R. Sc Ac Par. fiorentmus. 

& 3a: Sec. D. Johannes le Roy, Ac. R. Sc. Par, 

D. Job Philip de Limbourg, M. D. Soc. 

Spadenfis. D. J^avld Van Royen, Bot. Prof. Lugd» 

D. Ferdmandus S R. 1. Princeps Lob- Bat. 

kowitz. • D. Georg. Ludov. le Sage, Gencvenfis. 

D. Joannes Andreas de Luc, Gene- D. Jof. Fr. Wicardel de Fleuty, Comes 

venfis. de Sal ace, Ptdtm. 

D. Petr. de Lyonet, / U. D, Hag.-e D. Jacob. Chrift. Schaeffer, S. T. D. 

CoTii. Ratifoonenfis . 

D. Xaverius Manetti, Pr</. Med. & Bot. T>. Job. de SchuvalofF, Cubicular. Sup. 

& Ac. Flor. Sec. Lrperat. Riif 

D. Martin, de Mello e Caftro, Reg. D. Achill, Petr. Dio. du Sejour, Acad. 

LuJ. a Sec. & Conf. Reg. Par. Sec. 

D. Car. Meflier, Reg. Acad. Sc. Pari/. D. Lazarus Spalianzani, Hifl. Nat. Prof. 

Soc. Pavli?. 

D. Frid. Chrift. Meufchen, Ac. Imp. D. Jacobus de Stehelin, yfc.///^/;. Pc/ro/>. 

Nat. Cur. Soc. Haga Com. Soc. 

D. Adam Gottl. Moltke, Comes deBreg. D. Simon Stratico, Epifcopus in Dal'- 

Conf. Int. Da?i. matia. 

D. Gulielm. le Monnier, M.D. i?e^. A. D. Job. Jofeph. Sue, M. A. Parfiaifs. 

Sc Par. Soc. D. S. A. D. TiiTot, M. D. Laitfannenfis, 

D. Petr. Carolus le Monnier, Reg. Sc. Med. Prof. Pavi^. 

Ac Par. Soc ^ D. Jof. Toaldo ProfeJ. A/Iron. Patav. 

D. Secondat de Montefquieu, Bur- D. Jofeph. Ignat. de Toires, M. D. 

degalenfs. Hifpan. 

T>. Franc. Clemens Morand, M. D. Reg. D. Abrah. Trembley, Genevenfis. 

Sc. Ac. Par. Soc D. Ludov. Comes de TreiFan, Reg. Sc. 

D. Laurent. Morofini, Nob. Venet. Acad. Par. Soc. 

D. Ger. Fred. Muller, Hijhriogr. Imp. D. Marfilius Ventury, Nob. Parm. Recr, 

Ruf. ^ Hf. a Conf. 

D. Ludov. Jul. Dux Nivernenfis, Par D. Petrus de Vigny, Reg. Ac. Arch. 

Galilee^ &c. Par Soc 

D. Cafimir Gomez Ortega, M.D. Prof. D. Job. Bapt. Cafp. d'AnfTe de Vil- 

R£g. Botan. Madnt. loifon, Ac. R. Infer. Parf. Soc 

D. Camilius Padcrni, Romamis. D.. Anton, de Uiloa, Pr^feBiis ClaJJis 

D. Petr. Simon Pallas, M. D. Hif. Nat. Reg. Hfpan. 

Prof. Petrop. D. Carolus Walmefley. 

D. Martin. Poczobut, Afron. Reg. Po- D. ?. Wargeniin, Ord. de Stel/a PoL Eques, 

Icni^. ^ _ Ac R. Sc St. Sec perp. 

D. Petrus Poiflbnnier, Acad. Imp. Petrop. D. Joh. Lien. Georg. S. R. I. Comes d« 

Soc. Werthern. 

D. Jofeph Raulin, M. D. Parifienf. D. Joh. Hen. Winkler, Lilfierfn. 

D. Gulielm. Thom. Raynal, Parijunf. D. Euftatius Zanotti, AJironcm. Bcnon, 
D. Sigif. Comes de Redern, Pr^f. 

Acad. Reg. Berolin. 




Theory and PraBice of Phyjic^ and the Materia Mcdka. 

yce,; F. R. S. at his houfe in ElTex-flreet in the Strand, 
ders, at Guy's Hofpital. 
docks, at the London Hofpital. 

Clinical Leclvres. 
rdyce, on the cafes of patients in St. Thomas's Hofpital. 
unders and + Dr. Keir, on the cafes of patients in -Guy's and St. Tho- 
s Hofpitals. 
r. Maddodvs, on the cafes of patients in the London Hofpital. 
t Dr. Simmoiis, F. R. S. on the cafes of patients at the Wefrminfter General 

On the Difeafcs of Children, 
Dr. A. Wilfon, at his houfe in Beaufort-buildings. 

On Anijnation. 
Dr. W. Hawes *, at his houfe in Great Eaflcheap. 

i Dr. Fordyce, F. R. S. 

t Dr. Saunders and Dr. Keir, at Guy's Hofpital. 
•f Dr. Ivladdocks, at the London Hofpital. 
i T>r. Bryan Higgins, at his houfe in Greek-Hreet, Soho, 

Phihfophy (f Chemifry and Natural Hifory. 
Henry Moves, M. D. at Mr. Walkers, in Great George-ftreet, Hanover-fquare ? 
and at Piaillerer's Hall, Aldermanbury. 

% Mr. W. Cruikfhank, M.A. at the Hunterian Mufeum, in Great Windmill-flreet, 
13r. R. Maclaurin, at his houfe in Mark-lane. 
.^ Mr. Blizard, at the London Hofpital. 
^ Mr. John-Sheldon, at his houfe in Great Queen-ftreet. 
^ Mr. Henry Cline, at St.. Thomas's Hofpital. 

'^ Dr. David Orme, and Dr. William Lowder, at Dr. Lowder's, in St. Saviour's 

f Dr. John Leake, at his houfe in Craven-ftreet. 
'^ Dr. William Olhorn, and Dr. Thomas Denman, in Leicefter-flreet. 
Dr. Robert Biand, at his houfe in St. Albau's-llreet. 

% Mr. Perclval Pott, F. R. S. at St. Bartholomew's Hofpital. 
() Mr. John Hunter, F. R. S. in the Haymarket. 
{ Mr. j. O. Juaamond, F.-R.S. in Macclesfield-flreet, Soho. 

On the Teeth. 
^ Mr. W. Rae, at Mr. Hunter's leclure-room in the Haymarket. 

Natural Phihfophy. 
Mr. Walker, at his houfe in Great George-ftreet, Hanover-fquare. 

* Dr. Hawes gives a prize medal annually, as an encouragement to his pupils, for the 
belt difccurfe on the means of refloring fufpended animation. 














Surgeons and A p o t h e c a r i e s . 

Mr. Gadfbv, Mr. Borck, \ Mr. Anthony Pulley, 

Mr. Parker, Mr. Waller, Mr. Jackfon. 

Mr. Gregory, Mr. Gall, Mr. Belts. 
- Mr. Stubbs. 

§ Mr. John Winkfield. 

Mr. Bond. 

Mr. Franklin. 

J* Mather, M. D. (St. x4.ndre\\''s)i 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Hickds. 

Mr. Filkes, Mr. Stubbs. 


Market IJIlj. 
Nezubury *, - 

Pang bourne 


Surgeons and Apothe CARiESi 

Mr. Blake, Mr. Galloway, Mr. Graham 
Mr. Guigne, Mr. Lockinge. 

Mr. BufLy, Mr. Herbert. 
Mr. John Hempftead. 
Mr. Price, Mr. Tubb, 

Mr. Millwood (removed hither from Buckin§Iiam)» 
Mr. Blackaller. 

- John Winterbottom, M. D. (Edin. 1781). 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

§ Mr. Edward Withers, Meflrs. Bunny and Ri- 
chards, Mr. Friend, Mr. Sainfbury, Mr. J, 

Mr. W^iliiam Trew, 

Thomas_ Adams, M. D. Fellow of the R. C. of 

Phyficians, London, (retired from Pra6lice). 
Anth. Addington, M. D. Fellow of the R. C. of 

Phyficians, London, (retired from Praclice). 
Ralph Schomberg, M. D. (Leyden) F. A. S. late 

Phyfician at Bath. 
John Taylor, M. D. (Edinburgh). 

* A Difpenfary was Infiltuted here in 177?, and attended at finl by Dr. Budd, and after- 
wards by Dr. Riollay j but as feveral months elapfed after the latter quitted Newbury, 
before Dr. Winterbottom fettled there, the plan was laid afide, and we believe has not been 
revived fincc, 

E 2 Stephen 






Stephen Pellet, M. D. Member of the R. G. of 

Phvficians, London. 
Dr. Blenkingfop. 
S u R G E o M s and Apothecaries, 
MefTrs. Savage and Moore, 
Meffrs. Bulley and Ring, Mr. Snowden, 
Mr. Prince, Mr. Hooper, 
Mr. Tililard, Mr. Weft, 
Mr. Young. 

Mr. Flamank, Mr. Gilling, Mr. Golding, 
Mr. Hunter. 

Mr. Palmer, Mr. Pinkncy, 
Mr. Watfon, Mr. Cowper. 


William Bidle, M. B. (King's College, Cam- 
» bridge). 

James'Lind, M. D. F.R.S. Fellow of the R. C. 

of Phyficians, Edinburgh. 
Devereux Mytton, M. D. Member of the R. C. 

of Phyficians, London. 
Thomas Mingay, M. D, praclifes pharmacy. 


Mr. William Pearfon* 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. William Shaw, Mr. C. Aylett, Mr. Barrett-, 

Mr. Wilm.ot, Mr. Butter, 

Mr. Repptn. 


Anitrjham, Surgeon and ApothecarYo 

Mr. Thomas Brickwell. 

Ayle/hury. Physician. 

Dr. Shuttleworth. 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 
Mr. Harnefs, Mr. Ludgate. 
Buckingham* Fh y s i c i a n . 

Fotherby Pannel, M. D. (Edin. 177^) rcmovccl 
hither from Northallerton. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 
Mr. Fenton, Mr. Hubert, 
Meffrs. Williams and-Co, 

Chalfcnt St. Giles's. Mr. Wotton. ' 

Cclnbrooh. Mr. W. Eaft. 

Han/lope. Mr. Mayhew. 

Ivlarlow. Mr. Sneath, Mr. Trafh. 

MilTenden. Physician. 

Dr. Bates. 

Newport Pag/ie/-/, Patrick Renny, M, D. (Glafgow ijjt). 



Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Forfler, Mr. Edmunds, Mr. Rogers, 
Mr. Collinibn. 
€)ln()\ Mr. Grindon, Mr. Biggs. 

Princes Ri/Iwroiig/i, Mr. W. Jackfon. 

Stony Stratford. Mr. Gibbon, Mr. Mayhew. 

M^'injlotu, Mr. Tookie, Mr. Prentice. 

IVycomb. § Mr. Jofeph Bell, Mr. Rofe, Mr. Maccjuecn, 




The Univerfity at this place dates its inftitution from 
the year 1257. It confifls of thirteen colleges, and four 
halls. Each college has its fchool and library, of which 
thofe of Trinity and St. John are the mod confiderable. 
The ProfefTorlhip of Phyfic was founded in I540 ; but 
the^othcr medical chairs are of a much more recent date : 
that of Anatomy dates only from 1702, and thofe of 
Chemiftry and Botany from 1707. In 1728, a Profef- 
forfhip for Fofliiogy was eretled by Dr. Woodward, 
^ (famous for his diTjpute with Freind and Mead) with a 
falary of 150 1. a year. The mafter and fellows of St. 
Catharine Hall are truftees of an hofpital for the fick 
and lame poor, for the building and furnifliing of which 
Dr. Addenbrooke left 4000 1. We are indebted to a 
very intelligent and obliging correfpondent for the fol- 
lowing iketch of the medical education at Cambridge. 

*' I'he duty of Dr. Plumptre, as regius profeflbr of 
*' phyfic, is to give public leisures to the univerfity m 
** phyfic j to take the part of an opponent in the dif- 
" putes held in the phyfic fchools, and to read a differ- 
*' tation (called a determination) upon the laft queftion 
** in debate, and which he himfclf had propofed. He 
*' prefents the candidates for all degrees in phyfic to the 
*' vice-chancellor and univerfity aflembled. He creates 
" the doftors in phyfic, and examines for admiffions ad 
" praBicanchan. 

" Dr. Collignon, profc-iTor of anatomy, reads one 
*^ courfe of le6lures every year in the anatomy Ichools, 
*' for which purpofe two fubjetls are yearly fent to him 
" from London. 

" Dr. Pennington, profcflbr of chymiftry, gives lee* 
*' tures in the chymical fchools, where there is an appa- 
" ratus proper for the purpofe. 

" The Rev. Mr. Marty n, profefiTor of botany, gives 
*' le61ures in the botanic garden, where there is an ad- 
'' mirable colle6tion of plants, maintained in excellent 
" order. A great number of exotics are now cultivated 
" there with fuccefs, imported from the iflands m the 
*' South Seas, and other places. 

*' Mr. Martyn likewife gives lectures in the other 
*' branches oi natural hiftory y and has a good colle£lion 
*' of animals and fofiils. 

*' The Rev. Mr. Green, Woodwardian profeffor of 

**■ foflilsj has, under his care, an excellent collcclion of 

J; 3 " Englifh 


*' Englifli foflils, left to the univerfity by the late Dr. 
** Woodward. He gives leftures in foffilogy, and pub- 
*' lifhes a thefis on the fubjeft annually. 

" A ftudent in phyfic cannot take the degree of 
" M. B. until the expiration of fix years after his ad- 
" miffion, during which time he muft refide nine terms 
** in the unlverfuy, and keep two public difputes, in 
" one of which he afts as refpondent, and in the other 
" as opponent. After having been five years a batchelor 
■" of phyfic, he may -take the degree of M. D. upon 
*' keeping three public difputes, in two of which he is 
" refpondent. 

" The public difputes are managed thus: The re- 
•" fpondent propofes one quedion (which is a medical 
" propofition admitting of debate) and the profeffor 
*' of phyfic propofes another. The refpondent reads a 
" thelis on his own queftion, againfl which quedion the 
^' profeffor and opponents bring arguments. The re- 
*' fpondent defends both his own queftion and the pro- 
*' feffor's, againftthe profeffor and the other opponents, 
" v;ho are ftudents in phyfic. The profeffor then reads 
'' his deter minatioyi. Tbefe debates are carried on in the 
*' Latin tongue, and are attended by a large audience, 
. *' amongft whom is generally the vice-chancellor. 

" There are medical fellowfhips in fome of the col- 

'* leges, and fome exhibitions, to fupport the fludeuts 

.*' while they are under-graduates." 

The academical year, at Cambridge is divided into the 

Lenf, Eader, and Michaelmas terms. 

The Leni tci-m begins Jan. 13, and ends April ri.~ 

^ — E iOer Anril 30, ~ — - July 24. 

Michaelmas 061;. 10, ■ Dec. 16. 

Degrees are conferred in the feveral faculties annually 

on the firft Tuefday of July, w'hich is the Dies Comi^ 

tijrum, or Commcnumeftt. 

'- 1741 Regius Professor of Physic. 

Ruffel Plumptre, M. D. Fellow of the R. C. of 
Ph)ficians, London. 

^TIZ — ' of Anatomy. 

Charles Colllgnon t, -M. D, F. R. S. 
1774 Professor of Chemisty. 

Ifaac Pennington, M. D. Fellow of the R. C. of 
Phyficians, London. 

2^60 ■ of Experimental Philosohy. 

Anthony Slicpherd, D. D. F. R. S. 

1760 ■ of the Mathematics. 

"Edward Waring, M. D. F. R. S. 

1761 of Botany. 

Thomas Martyn, B. D. 

* The date of eleftion to the profefibrfliip. 

4 Dr. Collignon is alfo deputy regius frofeffor of phyfic. 










Ad ENBRO ore's Hospital, founded about fif- 
teen years ago, contains fifty beds, for the reception of 
fick and lame patients, who are attended gratis by two , 
Phyficlans, and two Surgeons. The expences of this 
inliitution are defrayed by fubfcriptions, and the profits 
of an annual concert, 

Phyjuians, Dr. Colllgnon, 

Dr. Pennington. 

Sur(^eons. Mr. Thackerav, 

^Mr. Okes, Mr. Bond. 

Confulting Surgeon. Mr. Hayles. 
Phyfccian, &c. at Cambridge^ not included in the precidin^ 


Robert Glyn Clobery, M. D. Fellow of the R. C. 
of Phyficians, London. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Kelfey, Mr. Wall, Mr. Jennings, Mr. Jackfon, 
Mr. Prince, Mr. Price, Mr, Griffiths, 

Mr. R, Read. 

Mr. Muril, Mr. Flood. 

Mr. John Ibbot, Mr. Cawthorn. 

Mr. Thomas Barrow. 

Mr. Gldmeadow Gill. 

Oglethorp Waineman, M. D. (Edin. 1772}. 
Surgeons and Apothe caries. 

Mr. Ralph Archbould, Meff. Cox and Wilkinfon, 

Mr. William Skrimlhire, Mr. Robert Hardwick, 

Mr. John Poynton. 



A General Infirmary * wasinftituted here in 
1755. It is a handfome building, in an airy fituation, 
and contains feventy beds. It is attended, gratis, by the 
three Phyficians at Chefterand by three Surgeons. The 
Apothecary, Mr. Peter Wilkinfon, refidesin the houfe, 

Dr. Denton. 

John Havgarth, M. B. (Cambridge) F. R. S. 
William'Currie, M. D. (Edin. 1770). 


Mr. Ogden, % Mr. Johnfon, 

X Mr. Daniel Orred, 

X Mr. Morral, Mr. Freeman. 

* A Society has been ellablifhed at Chefter for promoting Inoculation, and preventing 
the fatality of the Small-pox. The Infpeftor of the Society is authorized to give a reward 
to the perfon who iirft informs him that a freih family is infefted, 

\ Surgeons to the Infirmary, 

E 4 Surgeons 


Con g let on i 






Nefiohy - 





Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Meffrs. Crew and Harrifon, MefTis. Biodhurft and 
WilHamfon, MeflTrs. Johnfon and Owen, 
Mr. Sanibach, Mr. Tomlinfon, Mr. Green. 

Mr. Charles Poole. 

Meffrs. John Barret and Jofeph Clubbe, 
Mr. John Eaton, fen. Mr. John Eaton^juh.j 
Mr. William Reade, Mr. Samuel Troutbeck', 

Mr. Nooly. 
ihara and Cowley, 

Mr. Jackfon, 

Meffrs. Billinf^ 

Mr. Daniel HoM-ard, Mr. Peter Penny. 
Mr. James Coppock. 
Dr. Norton. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Samuel Stone, Mr. Coxton, Mr. Halley, 

Mr. James Walthall. 

Mr. Rowe, Mr. Skerratt. 

Mr. Becket, Mr. Greaves, Mr. Henderfon. 


Dr. Gorfl. 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Meffrs. Edward and John Wickffead, Mr.Wrenchj 

Mr. Edwards, Mr. Prieft. 
■ Mr. Wolffenholme. 

Mr. Thomas Filkln, Mr. William Thurfby. 

Mr. Millington. 

Mr. Brifcall, Mr. Thompfon, 
Mr. John Hewitt, Mr. Young. 

, Mr. Gregory. 

Mr. Houghton. 

Mr. Grev. 


St, Anftle. 


St. Columlu 

Surgeons and Apothecaries, 
Mr. Nicholls, Mr. Carkeet, ~ 
Mr. Peter Crapp, Mr. Grant. 

Physician.. . - 

J. Harry, M. D. (Leyden 1778). 
Surgeons and. Apothecaries, 

Mr. Mountfteven^ Mr. Lukey. 

Mr. Hambly. ' 

Mr. Moorhoufe. 

Mr. Soper, Mr. Lawrence, Mr. Jewell, 

Mr. William John, removed hither from P?dilov/« 



Camborne. Mr. James Keigwin. 

Camelford. Mr. William King, Mr. John Marfhall, 

Conjlantine, Islw Peter Coureges. 

Falmouth. Mr. Rumbelow Vivian, Mr. MoorCj 

Mr, JoVeph Fox. 


New Yorl 


A Lifi of the Surgeons to his Majejifs Packet-boats Jlaticncd at Falmouth, 

Lilbon. George, Mr. Brand, 

Duke of York, Mr. Connell. 

Hampden, Mr. Baker. 

Hanover, Mr. Bray. 

Grantham, Mr. Cooper. 
Weft Indies. Thynne, Mr. Millet. 

Grenville, Mr. Walpole. 

Swift, Mr. St. Joh.n. 

Harriot, Mr. Dolton. 

Lord Hyde, Mr. J. Cock, jun. 

Mercury, Mr. Colwall. 

Surgeon and Apothecary,' 

Mr. Thomas Bonython. 

Dr. Millar. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 
Mr. Thomas Daniel 1, 

Mr. Zachary John, Mr. Hollyn, 

Mr. Ifaac Head, Mr. Richard Johns, 

Mr. Treymayne. 

Mr. Maddorne. 

Mr. Robert Paul, Mr. Jofias Cock, fen. 

Mr. Pearce. 

Henry Woolcombe, M. D. (Edi«. i^Tj)*. 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Peters, Mr. Bennett, Mr. EflcQtt, 

Mr. Rowe, Mr. Jofeph Hales. 

MefTrs. Jofeph Taunton and Son, Mr. Q-ill, 

Mr. Rice, Mr. Coytmore. 

Mr. Edward Freeman. 

Mr. John Turner, Mr. Richard Moylc. 

Mr. Lambricke. 

Mr. Hamlin. 

Mr. Hewet, Mr. Peter. 

Mr. John Williams, Mr. Williams. 

Mr. Street, Mr. Jackfon. 

Mr. Thomas Vygures, Mr, David Cloak, 
Mr. Tonkin, Mr. Giddy, Mr. Walter Borlafe, 
Mr. George Treweeke, Mr. John Bickham 


St. Juji PenwitL 
St. Ives. 
St. Kevo'ne, 




Marazion, (i. e. Market Jew, 

St. Mawes. 

Millbrook. ■ ■ 





Redruth. PhVsician. 

William Pryce*, M. D. (St. Andrew's i;8i). 

Surgeons and Apothecari-es. 

Mr. David Wife, Mr. Jof. Cookcj Mr. Boaz» 

St, Cermains, Mr. Wilkins. 

Stratton. Mr. King, Mr. Oliver. 

Tregony^ Mr. Pafcoe, Mr. George Je\velt. 

Jraj-G, Physicians. 

Dr. Meagher, 

John Gould, M. D. (Edin. 1764), remo^^a 
hither from St. Auilie. 
Surgeons and Apothecaries, 
Mr. Warrick, Mr. Kempe, ■ 
Meffrs. Fellew and Lawrie, Mr. Marlliall. 

Wa(kbndg,u Mr. Nankivell. 


MhyEolme, ■ Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Rigg. 
Aljon-Moon Mr. John Dryden, Mr. William Brumwell. 

Afpatria^ Mr. Thomas Rigg. 

Brampton, Mr. John Wallace, 

Mr. John Hud Ton, removed hither from Ireby, 
Mr. Jarfigs Martin, Mr. John Hodgfon. 

€airlijl€. Physicians. 

George Carlyle, M. D. (Leyden 1736). 
Thomas Graham, M. D. 
John Heyfkam, M. D. (Edin. 1777), 
Thomas Waite, M. D. (Edin. 1779), 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Morris Coulthard, Mr. Jofeph Blain, 
Mr. Jofeph Lofli, Mr. Jonathan Creighton, 
Mr. John Hodgfon, Mr. Scnhoufe James, 
Mr. Matthew Maffey, Mr. Lattimer, 
Mr. AnthoDy Watfon. 

A Dispensary for the Relief of the Sick Poor 
■was inftitutcd at Carlifle in July 1782. 

Phyfician. Dr. Heyfham. 

Surgeon. Mr. Lattimer. 

Apothecary, Mr. Anthony "Watfon,. 

, \ 
* This ingenious Gentleman, who has defervedly gained fo much reputation by his 
^Rlineralogia Cornubienfis, propofes to publifn by fubfcripdon a work in one large volume 
4to. entitled, " Archacologia Cornu-Britannica, or an Effay to reftore and preferve the Ancient 
*' Corniifi Britifh Language ; Containing the Rudiments of that Dialeft, in 9, Cornifh 
" Grammar and Cornifh Englilh -Vocabulary, educed and compiled from a Variety of 
" Materials which have been inacceffible to all other Authors." The price to Subfcribers 
will be li- 5 s. ■-•'■"-,• 




Cat- Gill, near Egremant. 





Kirkbride^ near IVigton, 

Kirk OJwald. 

Mary PorU 




Whitehaven ^ 


Surgeons and Apothecaries. 
Mr. John Jackfon. 
Mr. John Harrlfon. 
Mr, Wilfon, Mr. James Walker, 
Mr. John Moore, Mr. J. Tolfon, 
Mr. John Peele. 

Mr. Edward Fitzgerald, Mr. Ifaac Grayfon, 
Mr. William Skelton. 
Mr. William Irvine. 
Physic iAy» 

William BroM-nrigg, M. D. (Leyden) F. R.S. 

Dr. Brownrigg praftifed for many years at 

Whitehaven, as a Phyfician, with confider- 

able reputation, but retired long ago to 

Ormithwaiie, his family feat, near Kefwick. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Thomas Norman, Mr. Richard Atkinfon, 
Mr. Jofliua Anderfon. 


Henry Hall, M. D. (Edinburgh). 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Thomas Hewer, Mr. Philip Wilfon. 

Mr. J. Mouart. 

Mr. Hugh James, Mr. Jofeph Bigg. 

William Green, M. D. (Edinburgh). 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Thomas Gill, 

Mr. -Anthony Harrlfon, 

Mr. Rowland Nicholfon, 

Mr. John Wilfon. 

Mr. Edward Fitzgerald. 

Mr. William Ballantine, 

Mr. Lancelot Walker, "^Ir. Edward Walker. 

Mr. Jofeph Hodgfon. 


Richard Dixon, M. D. (Leyden 1739). 

Thomas Aery, M. D. 

Jofhua Dixon, M. D. (Edin. 1768). 

Lancelot Aery, M. D. (Leyden 3772). 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr, John Hamilton, Mr. John Peele, 

Mr. Jofeph Harris, Mr. Ifaac Williamfon, 

Mr. John Steele, Mr. John Braldley, 

Mr. Jofeph Bragg. 

Mr. Jofeph Stamper, Mr. Thomas Simpfon, 
Mr. Jofeph Hall, Mr. Henry Birkhead, . 
Mr. J, Harris. 

Mr. Richard Story. 













Chapel in k Friik, 
Derby \, 







Surgeons and Apothecaries. 
Mr. Nathaniel Spencer. 

MeflVs. Robert Dockfey and G. Jones, 
Mefl'rs. Richard and 0amael Riddlefden. 


William Bullock*, M. D. (Leyden 1765). 
Surgeon and Apothecary. 

Mr. Thomas Radford. 
Ph y s I CI a n . 

Jofcph Denman, M. D. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Edward Buxton, Mr. Melhrd. 

Mr. Beech. 

Mr. Buxton. 

Richard Mllles, M. D. (Edinburgh). 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr, Thomas Slater, Mr. John Elam, 

Mr. Samuel Holland. 

Mr. John Benner, Mr. Edward Bennet, 
Mr. John Green. 

Erafmus Darwin, M. D. (Cambridge 1759) 

F. R. S. removed hither from Litchfield. 
John Berridge, M. B. (Oxford). 
John Hoi lis Pigot, M. B. (Cambridge 1779) 
reaioved hither from Mansfield. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Meflfrs. John Meynell and R. Wright, 

Mr. Richard Wright, Mr. Francis'Bruckfield, 

Mr. Edward Ley, 

Mr. F Meynell, 

Mr. Richard Cook, Mr. Harrifon, 

Mr. Fox, Mr. Moreibye. 

Mr. John Williams. 

Mr. R. Beaumont. 

Mr. Charles Watkins. 

Mr. Charles Davenport. 

Mr. Richard Haigh. 

Mr. Anthony Goodwin, Mr. Tliomas Southern, 
Mr. William Froggat, Mr. Peach. 

* Dr. Bullock attend*; at Buxton during the Bathing Seafos. 
■\ Dr. Euttci-, la« of this town, is renaoved to London. 




^xiier. The E x e t f. r and D e v o x Hospital contains 

one hundred and fixty beds. It was opened for the re- 
ception of patients in the year 1743, and is attended, 
gratis, bv four "t Phyficians and four Surgeons. The 
Apothecary, Mr. Arthur White, refides in the houfe. 
Physic lAKs. 

Thomas Glafs, M. D. (Leyden 1731) Fellow 
of the Royal Medical Society at Paris, and 
formerly Phyfician to the Holpital. 

* Thomas Okes, M. D. (Cambridge 1769). 

* Bartholomew Parr, M. D. (Edin. I773). 

* Thomas Rufton, M. D. (Edin. 1765). 

Mr. George Abraham Gibbs, late Surgeon to 
thcHofpital, (retired from pra£tice). 

* Mr. Samuel Lufcombe, * Mr. Barthol. Parr, 

* Mr. John Patch, Mr. Robert Patch. 
Mr. Pippin, 

Mr. John Symons. 
^ Mr. Nicholas Arthur. 

Meffrs. John Codrington and Philip Drake, 

Mr. Peter Cornifti, 

Mr. James Green, Mr. Edward Holwcll, 

Mr. Richard Luce raft, 

Mr. Matthew Lufcombe, 

Meffrs. William Lufcombe, and Robert Roe, 

Mr. William Pitfield, Mr. Richard Radford^ 

MeiTrs. Edward Walker and Gatcr, 

Mr. Benjamin Walker, Mr. Tucker. 

A/Jiburton*, "Surgeons and' A p othecaries. 

Mr. Tripe, Mr. Jervis, Mr. Moggridge. 

Axnmjln* Meffrs. Bragg and Son, Mr. Robert Gamme^ 

Mr. William Robbins. 

Appledore. - Mr. John Pike, Mr. Wllliani Wren. 

BarnfapUX^ Physicians. 

George Corryne, M. D. 
Jafper Porter, M. D. (Edin. 1769). 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 
Mr. Edward Houndle, 
Meffrs. James and ^Thomas Hiern, 
Mr. H. Gardener Tippetts, Mr. John Bellcw, 
Mr. John Clarke, Mr. JohnHaftneil, 
Mr. Philip Scott, ^Tvlr. John Exeter. 

\ Four is the ftated number, according to the Rules of the Hofpital ; but at prefent 
there are only three, Dr. Harvey, one of the Phylicians, having lately retired from prac- 
tice, and quitted Exeter. 

^' Phyiicians and Surgeons to the Hofpital. 

\ Dr. Hardy, laCs of tliis towu, is removed to Northainpton. 













Mr. William Brande, Mr. Robert Brown^ 
Mr» William Langdon. 

Mr. John Pitts, Mr. Hey\rood, Mr. Low, 
Mr. John Marks, Mr. Shepfcott, 
Mr. Shopeland. 

Mr. Clarke. . 

Meffrs. William Farley and Hugh Yarde, 

Mr. Bamfield Kerflake, 

Mr. Barnes, Mr. Symes. 

Mr. Hugh Skinner, Mr. ShutCy 
Mr. Bernard Wright. 

Meflrs. Stukeley and Son* 

Mr. Salter. 

Mr. Sneliing, Mr. Hugo. 

Mr. Drake, Mr. Hay ward. 

Mr. James Colley. 

Mr. John Cutcliffe, MefTrs. Rindle and Sou. 

Stephen Robinfon, M. D. (Edin. \']']2). 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. John Clark, Mr. Robert Pearce, 

Mr. Edward Holland, Mr. Caleb Rocket^ 

§ Mr. John Bacon Sweeting, 
-Mr. Jofiah Northcote, ^ Mr. Teed. 


KentoJiy near Exeter, 
Morton Hampjlead. 
Newton Abbot* 


Mr. JohnTawman, Mr. John Clarke, 
Meflrs. Clarke and Blackmore. 
Mr. William Collins, Mr. Fryar. 
Mr. William Ponsford. 
Mr. Peter Gay, Mr. John Collins, 
^ Mr. William Puddicombe. 
Meffrs. Kefiell and Hodges, 
Meffrs. Powel and Clarke. 

The Royal Hospital for fick and hurt Seamen 
and Marines, is lituated at Stonehoufe, about a mile 
from Plymouth. It is built of rough marble, with 
Purbeck ruflicated coyns, and though without orna- 
ment, acquires great dignity from its bulk and fim- 
plicity. The Hofpital forms a fquare, and confifts 
of ten buildings, befides offices, detached from each 
other, with a view no prevent the fpreadlng of fire 
or contagion, and for the advantage of ventilation. 
There are fix wards in each building, and fufficlent 
room for twenty beds in each ward, fo that 1200 
patients m.ay be conveniently received into the Hof- 

Phyjician. William Farr, M, D. (Edin. i-] y^) 
F. R. S. gool. per Annum. 

Surgeon. Mr. Francis Geach, F. R. S. 150 1. 
per Ann. 



AJJiJlant Surgeons, 
AJjiJiant Dijpenfcr. 

South Moulton, 

Tiverton . 





Mr. Hume, Mr. Coban. 
Mr. John Raggett, 100!. 
Mr. William Rictardfon, 
Surgeon to the Dock-yard. Mr. Robert Mowbray, 
Physicians at Plvmouth. 

Dr. ColM-all,' (Oxford). 

Robert Butler Remmett, M. D. (Edin, 1774). 
Edward Spry, M. D. Fellow of the R. C. P. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 
Mr. John Mudge, F. R. S. 
Mr. Gafcoign, Mr. Thomas Woolcomfe, 
Mr. Coban, Mr. Nicholas May, 
Mr. Dunderville, Mr. Hamnwck, 
Mr. Moore, Mr. Veale, Mr. Pugh. 

Mr. Thomas Hodge, Mr. Searle, 

Mr. Bradford. 

Meflrs. Gould and Bryant, Mr. Cutchiiff, 

Mr. Hole, Mr. Venn. 

Mr. Perry, Mr. Land. 

Mr. Thomas Doyley. 

^ Mr, John Smith, Mr. Thomas Pearce, 
Mr. Henry Ofmond, Mr. William Govitt, 
Mr. John Abell, Mr. Strong. 

Mr."Afcott, Mr. Southcote. 

Mr. John Cawlev, Mr. V. Peters, 
Mr. William-Catcliffe, ^Mr. William Puddi- 
eomb, (removed hither from Newton Abbot), 

Mr. William Crad<iock, Meffrs. Hall and Young, 
Mr. Daniel Johnfon, Mr. John Cookefley, 
Mr. William Vieary, Mr. Thomas Colby, (rev 
moved hither from Weymouth). 

. Mr. Gore. 

Mr. Langdon. 




Physic I AN «. 

William Cuming, M. D, F. S. A. and of the 

R. C. of Phyficians at Edinburgh. 
John Hawkins, M. D. (Aberdeen). 
John Gollop, M. D. (Aberdeen ij-jS). 
William Salkeld, M. D. (Edin. 1777), 

Surgeon. • - ^ 

^ Mr. James Nooth. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. William Davis, Mr. Edward Cozens, 
Mr. Nathaniel Striaiand, Mr. Clement Read, 

Mr. J. Dunning, Mr. Herman Hodge, 
Mr. Newman. 



Biaiidjbrd, Physician. ' ,^„„ 

Richard Puheney, M. D. (Edin. 1764) F.R.S. 
Extra-Licentiate of the Royal College of Phy- 
ficians, London. 
Su R GE o K s and Apothecaries. 

Mr. William Danley, Mr. Robert Muflon, 
Mr. William Mufton, Mr. Malachie Tice. 

Biidpsrt, Mr. Samuel Downe, Mr. Simon Robinfon, 

Mr. Jofeph ToUar. 
Ccr7ie. Mr. Henry Meech, Mr. William Palmer. 

€orfcCaf,le, Mr- John Keynton, removed hither from Sand- 

wich in this county. 
Cranboum* Mr. Robert Prower, Mr. George Rowe. 

Lvcrjhct, Mr. William Patten. 

Cillingham* Mr. William Snook. 

Haljlock, Mr. Mercer. 

Hamiwon, Mr. Thomas Lanning. 

Lyme, Mr. Richard Carpenter, Mr. John PuddIcombe| 

Mr. Perram. 

Maiden Newtm^ Mr. John Jey, Mr. Thomas White. 

Poole, Physician. ^ 

E.B. Metford, M. D. (Edin. 1777). 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Alexander Campbell, Mr. James Briftowe^ 
^ Mr. Buffy Ford, \ Mr. Richard Miller. 

Puddle Tounu Mr. John Kiddle. 

Sandwich. Mr. T. Chinchin. 

8haftjhury, Physician. ' 

Henry Brown*, M. D. (Aberdeen i-j^^) re* 
moved hither from Salifbury. 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Robert JclifFe, Mr. Thomas Naifii, 
Mr. Richard Staples, Mr. John White. 
Sherborne, Physician. 

Cuthbert Johnfon, M. D. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Bragge, Mr. Deering, Mr. Boys, fen. 
Mr. Bovs, jun. Mr. Jones, Mr. Barjew, 
Mr. Milgar. 

Stalhridge. Mr. Marder, Mr. Grimftead. 

Sturyninjier-hicwton, Mr. William Harrifon, Mr. JohnTulk. 

Warekam. Mr. Samuel Bafl^ett, Mr. Robert Carruthers, 

Mr. Richard Robinfon. 

Wcymoidh +. Mr. Thomas Clarke, Mr. Jofeph Edgar, 

Mr. James Buckland. 
Jfi/ffborn'-mfifcer . Physician. 

Dr. Pickford. 

* it vras through a miftake of our Correfpondent at Saliibury, that in cur Reglftsr for 
17S0, Dr. Brown was faid to have a licence from the Biiliop, 

t Dr. Caulet, ofLond;a, attcndi here during the Bathing S«afon. 

1 Surgeons 


Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

MefTrs. Thomas and John Baikctt, 

Mr. William Deane, 

Meflrs. Sachev-erell and T. Druitt. 



D U R H 


A M 

Witham, M. D, 

Patrick Duffud Leflie, M. 

D. (Edin. 1775) 

Bijhop Auckland. 
Barnard Cafde. 

F. R. S. 
William Blatkburne, M. D. (Edin. 1781). 
Brother to the late Dr. Blackburne, of this city* 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. John Bainbndge, Mr. R. Hopper, 
Mr. John Potts, ^Mr. John James, ' 
Mr. William Green, Mr. Francis Meaburh, 
Mr. Ward. 

Mr. William Dodd, Mr. Francis Green, 
Mr. Luke Collinwcod. 

Mr. Richard Smyth, Mr. Robert Hobfon, 
Mr. Stephen Cleefeley. 

Mr. Thomas Nelfon, Mr. William Greenbankjr 
Mr. Jafper Harrifon, Mr. William Bellamy. 

John Horflevj M. D. (St. Andrew's 1772) re- 
moved hither from Stockton., 
John Rotheram, jun. M. D. (Upfal 1775) re- 
moved hither from NewcaPJe. 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Timothy Cloudfly, Mr. Jeremiah Rudd, 

Mr. William Turner,- Mr. Yatc. 

Mr. Robert Dryden. 

Mr. Paul Kearfley. 

Mr. Michael Harrifon, Mr. Edward Watfon. 

Mr. Henry Henderfon. 

Mr. William Wrightfon, Mr. David Kearfley. 

MefTrs. Cathrickand fon, Mr. Jolhua Watfon, 

Mr. Richard Sherwood. 

Mr. Meard. 


John Farrierj M. D. (Edin. 1781). 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Richard Walker, Mr. George Wear, 
Mr. John LongflafF, Mr. Thomas Kirton, 
Mr. Valentine Miibourne, Mr. Chrift. Wray, 


Adam Scott, M. D. (St. Andrew's 1753). 
Tipping Brown, M.D. (Edin. 1781). 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Thomas Gierke, Mr. Chipchafe Grey, 
Mr. Robert Eden, Mr. George Wilkinfon, 

* United with Northumberland for a County Hofpital j for an account of which the 
Reader is referred to the article Nev.-cajile. 

F Mr. 


Monk Wearmouth. 
Middkton^ in Tee/dale* 








_BiiUrkay* . 






Chipping Ongar. 



Mr. Rainc Grcgfon, Mr. William HaiTc!!, 
Mr. John Elliot, Mr. Cornelius Wilfon, 
Mf. William Fcrgufon, Mr. Hervey. 
Mr. Marfhall, Mr. Adam Dryden. 
Mr. Triftram Collfn, Mr. Byerley HalL 

Surgeon and Apothecary. 
Mr. John G. Ireland. 

Mr. HarriToti, Mr. Barnard. 

Mr. Cook, Mr. Daniel Moore, Mr. Brooks. 

MefTrs. Chaplin ancJ Mapletoft, 
- jMr. Gribble, Mr. Reeve. 

Mr. T. Smith. 

Dr. Perrotti 
Surgeons amd Apothecaries. 

Meflrs. Stapleton and Harrlfon, 

Mr., Brunwin, Mr. Tweed. 


William Barry, M. D. (Cambridge). 

John Chambers, M. D. (Aberdeen). 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Colboufne, Mr. Randall. 

Benjamin Pugh, M. D. ' 

Retired here from Chelmsford. 

John Badeley» M. D. (Edin. J 771). 

William Kirkland, M. D. (Edin. 1772). 

SuRGEONsand Apothecaries. 
Mr. Chriftopher Griffinhoofe, 
Mr. M. W. Pugh, ^ Mr. William Bird, 
MelTrs. Menifh and Tweed, Mr. Griffiths. 
Mr. Thomas Burnett. 

Mr. John Boodle, Meffrs. Lenham and Walkc?. 
Mr. Welch. 

MefTrs. Dixon and Dennis, Mr. Crompton, 
Mr. William Forbei, Mr. Cardinale. 

A Medical Society was inftituted at Col- 
•:hefter in 1774. The meetings of the Society are 
montnJy, and' the chair is filled by each member in 
roiariou. In 1776 it became conncfted with the Hu- 
mane Society of London, of which each Member is an 
Aditlant and a Direftor. 

A Lifi of the Members. 
Colin HofFack, M. D. 
K. Topping, M. A. 
J. H. Lille, Efq. 
Mr. Robert Sterling, F. R. S. 
Mr. C. Day. 
}, Srapleton, M. D- 

" ^Mr. 





Ear Us Colne, 

Lajl Ham 







Hatfield Paverell. 


Horn don. 



Kir by. 




\ Mr. Robert R. Newell, Secretary. 

Mr. J. Rogers, Manningtree, Effex. 

Mr. William Fairclough, Nayland, Suffolk. 

Mr. Daniel Simpfon, Eaft Bergholt, Suffolk. 

Mr. T. Inman, St. Ofyth, EfTex. 

Mr. R. Cox J Harwich, Effex. 

Mr. J. Hopkins, j 
Mr. J. Tufon, Boxford, Suffolk. 
Mr. N. Biicke, Holbrooke, Suffolk. 
Mr. N. Cooper, Saxmundham, Suffolk, 
Mr. T. Bolton, Melford, Suffolk. 
Mr. William Forbes, Coggelhall, Effex. 
Mr. J. H. Robins, Wivenhoe, Effex. 

Physicians at ColcheCicr. 

J. Pigott, M.D. (Oxford). 

Mofiis Griffith, M. D. member of the R. C ^of 
Phyf. London, retired from praftice. 

Jofeph Stapleton, M. D. (Edin. 1767) pra£lxfes ai 
a Surgeon and Apothecary. 

H. Topping, M. P. (Cambridge, 1782). 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. T. Seaman, J. H. Lifle, Efq. 

Mr. Robert Sterling, F. R. S. Mr, C. Day, 

Mr. J. Eardley, ^ Mr. J. Wade. 

^ Mr, R, R. Newell. 

Mr. Wood. 

J. Perkins, M. D. 
Surgeon and Apothecary. 

Mr. D. Cock. 

Robert Courthor^e Sims, M. D. (Edin. 1744)^ 
Surgeon and Apothecary. 

^ Mr. John Rayner. 

Mr. Rainbird. 

Mr. Stephen Lefevre. 

Mr. Mettin, Mr. William Steward. 

Mr, George Vaughan. 

Meffrs. Naneftyand Alfton. 

Mr. John Edwards, Mr. Jofeph Legas. 

Mr. R. Cox, § Mr. J. Hopkins. 

Mr. B. Spinlaff, Mr. Walker, Mr. Parmentcr. 

Mr. Daniel Raven. 

Mr. Barnard, Mr. Holditch. ~ 

Mr. Bridge. 

Mr. Raven, Mr. Butler, Mr. Steed, Mr. Swaby. 

Mr. Franklin, Mr. William Froft. 

Mr. Cleave. 

Mr. Brifcoe, fen. ^ Mr. Robert Brifcoe. 

Mr. Cooke, (fon of tile late Dr. John Cooke). 

Mr. Tomlinfon, Mr- Paxton, Mr. Kirby. 

F 2 Manningtrte, 



Mr. J. Rogers, formerly Apothecary Major to tlie 
Britifli Hofpitalsin Germany, and now on the Staff. 
Mr. Nunn, Mr. J. Folkard. 


Mr. Cooke. 


Mr. Arnold, Mr. W. Smith, 
Mr. Swaine, Mr. Jackfon. 



W. Martin Trinder, LL. B. (Oxford) M. D. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 
Mr. Andrews, § Mr. Wild, 
^ Mr. Daws, Mr. Hitchman. 

St. Ofyth. 

Meflrs. Immanff. 

Southminjler ^ 

Mr. George Walft. 

Mr. John Hackblock, Mr. Bawtree. 

Tolkfhmt, Darcy. 

% Mr. William Talbutt, Mr.'Inglife. 

Mr. T. Smith. 

Meffrs. Heckford and Clarence. 


Mr. William Vifey, Mr. Newton. 


Mr. Miller. 


Mr. Mapletoft. , 

IValthayn Abbey. 

Mr. Arthur Heron, Mr. Patrick Cannon, 


Mr. John Eade. 


Mr. Poppiewell. 

Wit ham. 


Peter Steele, M. D. (Edin. 1770). 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. William Heathely, Mr. Wilhart. 


Mr. J. H. Robins, Mr. F. Turner. 


Mr. BarloTiv. 




The Gloucester Infirmary contains about^ 
one hundred and twenty beds, and is attended gratis by 
f.vo Phyiicians and iv/O Surgeons. 

tJofephFrv, M.D. 
. + John Heathfield Hickes, M.D. (Edin. 1776), 

f Mr. WilHam Crump, 

t: Mr. Richard Brown Chefion, F.. R. S. 
S.u R. G.F. o NS and Apothecaries. 

Mr. John Cook, Mr. R. Charlton. 

Mr. C,olbourne, Mr. Walhbourn, 

Mr. Parker, Mr. Mills, Mr. Powell, Mt.. Palmer, 

Mr. Jenner, Mr. Erie. : .. 

Mr. Freld, Mr. Lumbert, Mr. Smith. 

* Mr. Bovvr:r5, late of this town, isnow S^urg€<;« to a regiment of dragoons. 
-^ P^yficlaci'aild'Surgeons to the Infirm^:-/. 






Frampton upon Severn-. 




Morton in the Marjh *. 
Sodbury Chipping, 

Stanley Leonard, 



Winter bourn, 
Wotton under Edge* 


Mr. Clark, Mr. Hinde, Mr. Hooper, 

Dr. Fletcher. 
Surgeons and Apgthecaribs. 

Mr. Harding, Mr. Lawrence, 

Mr. Byain, Mr. Blandford, Mr. Mount. 

^ Mr. J. Williams, Mr. Charlei Wallingion. 

Mr. Carter, Mr. Bedwell. 

Mr. Jennings, Mr. Jofeph Tippets, Mr. Eric. 

Mr. Bedwell. 

Mr. Smith, Mr. Hugh Alfop. 

^ Mr. Richard Brown, Mr. Mills, 
Mr. Benjamin Haywood. 
Mr. Bunting. 

Mr. Richardfon, Mr. Aycrl^g. 
Mr. Richard Poulton, Mr. Jofeph Hayward. 
Physician. ^ 

George Hardwicke, M. D. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Abraham Ludlow, fenior, 

Mr. Abraham Ludlow, jun» 

Mr. James Clutterbuck. 

Mr. Morfe, Mr. Minter, Mr. Hayward. 
A Dispensary was inftituted at Stroud Wa» 
TER in 1770, and has been continued with good fuc- 
cefs to the prefent time. About five hundred poor pa 
tients are every year fupplied with medical treatment, 
gratis, by means of this Charity. 

Samuel Jones, M. D. (Edin. 1751). 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Thomas Hughes, Mr. William Burroughs, 

Mr. Thomfon, Mr. Rickwood. 

Mr. John Terret, Mr. Dillon, Mr. Darke. 

Mr. Grove, Mr. Fewfter. 

Mr. Edward Adey. 

Mr. Thomas Mountjoy. 

Mr.Burland, M. B. (Oxford). 
Surgeons and Apothecaries, 
, Mr. John Cooper, Mr. John Powie, Mr. Taylor. 


The Winchester Hospital (the firft that 
was eftablifhed by voluntary contributions out of Lon- 
don), was founded in the year 1736, through the zeal 
and a£livity of Dr. Ahired Clarke, then Dean of Win- 
chefler. This humane Gentleman fome years after- 

* By miftake infert^ed in our Reglfter for 1780, as a place in Kent. 



















wards, when he became Dean of Exeter, was the fiyft 
and moft aftive promoter of a fimilar Inftitution at that 
place. This Charity is attended, gratis, by the" two 
Phyficians at Winchefter, and by two Surgeons. 


Dr. Mackittrick ^, 

John Littlehales, M. D. (Oxford 17S2). 
SuKGEONs and Apothecaries. 

X Mr. Barker, % Mr. Lyford, Mr. Brereton, 

MeiTrs. Thomas and Caute, Mr. Lipfcomb, 

Mr. Earl, Mr. Mofs. 

Mr. William Holden, Mr. Bradley. 

Mr. Budd, Mr. Webb, Mr. Curteis, 

Mr. Kemp, Mr. Beverftock. 

Mr. Lyford, Mr. Shipton, Mr. John Rickettsi, 

Mr. Crale. 

Mr. Drultt. 

Mr. Wakeford. 

^ Mr. Abraham Girod. 

MeflVs. Fall and Englifii, Mr. Bladderwick, 

Mr. Heijderfon. 

Mr. Waller, Mr- Harper, -Mr. Vaughan, 

§ Mr. William Lucas Buckland, Mr. Spraggc, 

Mr. Hatcher. 

Mr. Hales. 

Mr. Rowe, Mr. Wcflwood. 

Mr. Mant. 

Mr. Everitt. 

I^r. Gale. 

Mcffrs. Beckley and Son, Mr. Pearfon. 

Mr. Blunt. 

Mr. R. Brookman. 

^ Mr. John Whicher, Mr. Curtis, Mr. Jackfpr^t 
The Royal Hospital at Haslar for the re- 
ception and cure of fick and wounded feamen and ma- 
rines was begun in 1746, and finifhed in 1762. It con- 
tains 1884 beds for patients, befides the nec€{rary apart- 
ments for the different attendants. It is a regular brick 
building in the middle of a field or airing-ground, of 
near a mile in extent, and is fituated on the weft fliore 
of Portfmouth harbour, near the entrance. It confifts 
of eighty-five \vai:ds, one of which for confumptive pa- 
tients, is an hundred feet in length, and fifty in breadth ; 
' the refi are fixty feet in length and twenty-two only in 
bfcadth. The wards fof froall-pox and other infeclious 
fevers, are in each wing feparated from the main build- 
ing by a piazza. Each ward has its water-clofet commu- 
nica;ing with drains, through which the fea is made to 
flow at every tide. Above thefe drains are cellars that arc 
perfeftly dry. There are likewife in the Hofpital 4 

• "Brothcj to Dr. James Mackittrick, 
^ S urgeQns to the couRty hofpit^J. 



bathing-houfe, a public wa(h-houfe, a fmokc-houfc for 
purifying infefted cloaths, and an oven for dcftroying 
vermin in them. Patients with infcftious diforders arc 
fupplied with cloaths and linen by the houfc. Behind 
the Hofpital is a neat chapel, and on jach fide of it are 
offices and houfes for the Phyficians, Surgeons, and 
other officers. 

PhyficianSy 200I. per annum. 

James Lind, M. D. (Edin. 1748), Fellow 
of the Royal College of Phyficians at 
Edinburgh, and of the Royal Medical 
Societies at Paris and Copenhagen. 
John Lind, M. D. (Son of the Senior 
Pnyfician) Fellow of the R. C. P. Edin. 

SurgeonSf 1501. per annum. 

Mr. Edward Voting, Mr. Robert Dods, 
Eight alTiftant Surgeons, two under Alliftant Sur- 

Vifting Apothecaries^ Mr. Spragge, Mr. Kerr. 

Difpenfer, Mr. Taylor, lool- 

Eleven Affiftant Difpcnfers. 

Physicians at Portfmouth. 

Thomas Silver, M. D. (Edin. I768). 
Thomas Meik (St. Andrew's) Phyfician to the 
garrifon at' Portfmouth, and Fellow of the 
R. C. P. Edin. 

Surgeon to the Dock-yard* Mr. David Ramfay Kfirr*, 

lool. per annum. 
Artillery. Mr. Carlos. 

Surgeon to the 41ft Regiment of Invalids. 

Mr. Swinburn. 
• 'i Mate to Ditto. 

Mr. Froft. 

to the Marines. 

Mr. Rickman. 

SuROEONs and Apothecaries at Portfmouth. 
Mr. Linzee, jun. Apothecary to the Garrifon, 
Mr. Boorne, Mr. Tuttc, Mr. Gibbs, 
Mr. Tafwell. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries at Portfmouth 

Mr. Gafelee, Mr. Millard, 

Mr. Johnfon, Navy Surgeon, Mr. Ailward, 

RingwoocL Mr. Good, Mr. Bright, ^ Mr. J. W. Newman. 

Romfey. ^ Mr. O'Neal, Mr. Seward, Mr. Bartlett. 

Southampton, Phy$ician. 

William Frafer, M. D. (Edin. 1775). 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

^ Mr. George Waring, Mr. John Monckton, 

* The Surgeons to this and the other dock-yards likewife receive two-pence a month 
from every map in the yard. They are all of thepi provided with a houfe for their 

F4 Mr. 


South Harting, 

IJle of Wight. 



Mr. Peiir Bernard, Mr. Thomas Mears, 
Mr. Robert Andrews. 

Mr. Lake. 

Mr. Stocker. 

Mr. Heron, Mr. Evander. 

Mr. Portfmouth, Mr. Riley, 

Mr. Thomas Benwell. 

Meff. Rich. Cowlam and Ed. Oriel Cowlam. 

Meffrs James and § Benjamin JoUilFe, 

Mr. Richard Baffct. 

Mr. Rooke Thorold, Mr. George Spretz. 

Mr. Charles Tarrant. 

Mr. Richard Ebril. 

Mr. Francis -Deacon. 





A County Infirmary was eftahlifhed at Here- 
ford in 1775. The building made ufe of for this pur- 
pofe at prefent, contains only thirty beds ; but a hand- 
fome building is erefting, and nearly finifhed, for the 
reception of fixty patients. A fubfcription is alfo 
opened for an addition to the intended building, for 
the reception of lunatics. This charity is attended, 
gratis, by the two Phyficians at Hereford, and by two 
furgeons. Mr. Philip Price, apothecary to the Infir^ 
mary, lives in the houfe. 


Francis Campbell, M. D. (Glafgow). 

John Cam, M. B. (Cambridge). 

Mr, Thomas Cam, ") Surgeons to the Infir- 

Mr. Richard Hardwicke, j 

Mr. William Cam. 


Surgeons and Apothecaries. 
^ Mr. Price Weaver, 

Mr, William Barrow, Mr. John Gwilllm, 
Mr. Robert Hathway, Mr. John Palmer, 
Mr. Edward Laycock, Mr. Edmund Mafon, 
Mr. Cheefe, M'r. William Holmes. 

Mr. Thomas Stead. 

Mr. John Maxwell, Mr. Jofeph Severn. 

Mr. Ifaac Wyke. 

Benjamin Thomas, M. D. (Edin. 1770), 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. PafTey, 

Mr. Thomas, 

Mr. Gvfym James, Mr. Gueft. 

Mr. James Gervafe, Mr. Thomas Hill. 




Liomvnjier. J^r. Nicholas Geary, Mr. Zachary Wyke. 

Mr. Abraham Wyke, Mr. Weaver Bennet, 

Lyon-Hall. Mr. James Driver. 

Madly, (a village) . Physician. 

RobfrtSayre,.]VtB. (Oxford). 
Jiofs, Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. William Pope, Mr. Bond, 

Mr. Robert Newman, Mr. William Wood, 

Mr. Nicholas Dobles, 

Mr. T. Paytherus (removed hither from Gloucefter), 

Mr. Hill. 

Weobly. Mr. John Whitney, Mr. Snead Hughes, 

St. Alban's, 

















Nathaniel Cotton, M. D. 

Keeps a houfe for the reception of LunaticSf 
Surge;ons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Law, Mr. Langford, 

Mr. Hanley, Mr. Whitebread. 

MefTrs. EUard and Webfter, Mr. Barnby« 

Mr. Harris. 

Mr. John Croffe, Mr. Roberts. 

Meflrs. Henning and Co. Mr. Macklln. 

^ Mr. Roger Metcalfe. 

Mr. John Hooper, Mr. Saunders, 
^ Mr. Jof. Hooper. 
Mr. John*Darby. 

The Hon. Baron Thomas Dimfdale * M. D. 

F. R. S. Body Phyfician, and a6lual Counfellor 

of State to her Imperial Majefty of all the Ruffias, 

M. P. for Hertford. 
The Hon. Baron Nathaniel Dimfdale, M, Do 

(Edin, 1771). . • 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 
Meffrs. Froft and Son, Mr. Cutler^ 
Mr. Bradley, ^ Mr. Romney. 

Mr. Dimfdale, Mr. Crookall^ 
Mr. Atkinfon. 

MefTrs. Baker and § Son, 
Mr. Freeman. 
Mr. Havv'kins. 

Mr. Crifpin, Mr. Bell, Mr. DanieL 
Mr. Hull. 

. Walley, M B. (Cambridge), 

* Baion DLaifiaisj during the wiater months, refides in London. 






Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. John Burr, ^ Mr. Robert Welford, 
Mr. Trie. 

Mr. Ale way. 

H U 

St. hes. 
Si, Neois. 



A/hf near Sandwich, 


Bar ham. 





Bro7npton, near Chatham, 





George Raltt, M.D. (Aberdeen). 

4 Daniel Hopkins, M. D. (Marifchal College, 

Aberdeen). F. R. S. 
John Maule, M. B. Fellow of King's College^ 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 
Meffrs. John and David Mackie, 
Mr. Laurence Defborough, 
Mr. Rob. Knock Perkins. 

^ Mr. Peck, Mr, Ridley. 

Mr. Skeeles, Mr. South, Mr. Smith. 

Mr- Gorhaiti, Mr. Archdeacon, 
Mr. Vick-eryj' Mr.-Hallilay. 

Mr. Ridlington, Mr. Smith. 
Mr. Jofeph Palmer. 

The Rev. William Walton, M.D. (Glafgow),.a 
clergyman of the church of England. 


SuRGEON^ and Apothecary. , 

Mr. John Turner (fucceeds Mr. Hayward, who has 
quitted praftice). 

Ifaac Rutton, M. B. retired from praftice. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 
Meffrs. Thorn and Norwood, 
Mr. John Robins (retired from pra£lice}, 
Mr. Felix Fagg, Mr. John Haffenden. 

Mr. Humphrey Porter, 

Mr. John Drew. 

^ My. Thomas Latham. * 

. Mr. John Standen. 

Mr. Durand, Mr. W. Roberts. 

Mr. John Moncktoo. 

Mr. Markham, 

Mr. Hotchkins, (has the care of the fick and 
wounded feamen). 

Mr. Read, Mr. Child. 


Thomas Laurence, M. D. late Prefident of the R. 

C. P. Lond. (retired from pra£lice). 
Pobert Lynch, M. D. (Oxford), formerly one of 
Dr. Puadcliffe's travelling Fhyficians. 


M E D.I C A L R E.G I S T E ^. 







Lajlry. . 







William Carter, M. B. (Oxford). 
Chriftopher Packe, M, B. 
William Carter, juri. M. A. (Oxford). 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

iVir. William Loftie, Member of the Med. Soc. 

Meffrs. Benjamin and William * Chandler,, 
Mr. Edward Scudamore, Mr. Knowler, 
Mr. Le Grand, Mr. John Pearce, 
Mr. John Williamfon, Mr. William Erancis. 
Mr. The. Man tell, fen. 
Mr. Hawker. 
Mr. Robert Watts, Mr. Cuckow. 

URG EOiN to the Dock-yard. 

Mr. Hugh Mackleraith. 
SuRGEOXs and Apothecaries. 

Mr. ijames Clifton, Surgeon to the Chatham diyi- 

iion of Marines, • • 

Mr. W. Ruffin, Mr. Skinner, " ' 

Mr. George Conqueft, (fucceeds Mr. J. Simmons, 
who has quitted praclice). 

Mr. Thomas Peck (has the care of fick and wounded 

Mr. Thomas Fitz Gerald, 
Mr. Strebjehill Norwood May, 
Mr. William Hulke. , 

\ Mr. John Latham, T. R. S. 
Mr. Pope, Mr", llichardfon. 

Mr. Deering. v 

Surgeon to the Dock-yard* 
Mr. -W. Thompfon. 

Surgeons and Apothearies. 

Mr. Samuel Earrer, Mr. William Franks. 
§ Mr. James Sheriff, ^ Mr. Harris, ^ Mr, Smith, 
Mr. George Hannam, Mr. John Dray. . , 

■ Mr. Redding Peirce, 
Mr. Thomas Mantell, jun. (removed hither from 

Mr., Jofeph'Maelkus, 

Mr. William Botelcr, jun. 

Mr. Boteier, fen, 

Mr. Charles Roots. 

^ MelTrs. \ViIliam I^atliam, E. S. A. and Son^ 

Mr. EdwM'jatob, (en. F.S,A. - - 

% Mt. Edward Jacob, jun. 

:MciTrs. Lukyn, Mr. Curteis, Mr. T. Claufe, 

Mr. GIll,-Mr. William Knight, Mr. J." Andrews. 
Mr. J. C.Weeb, Navy Surgeon. 
"Mr. John Hant. 
Mr. WiileJ • • 

* Ksiiioved hiither-^otn^^tft.:^. 





The Royal Hospital at Greenwich. 

Phyjidan. James HofTack, M. D. 200I, per 

Surgeon. Mr. William Taylor, J50I. 














St* Mary Cray. 

Mr. William Taylor, 


40. Surg. Mr. David Story, 

^ Mr. The. Carnarvon, 50I. each. 

Difpenfer, Mr. John Pocock, 50 1. 
Ajjl.Difp. Mr. William Wheately, 30L 
Physicians at Greenwich. 

George Buxton, M. D. (Edin. 1756). f . R. S. 
Theodore Forbes Lelth,M.D. (Edin. 1768). F.R.S, 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

^ Mr. William Warner, Mr. Henry Irifii, 
Mr. William Baines (late an Army Surgeon), 
^ Mr. Samuel Gillam Mills. 

Mr, Roger Man, ^Mr, Charles Kite, 
Mr. William Cooper, Mr. Jones. 
Mr. Bromley. 

Mr. Edward Young, Mr. Wallace, 
Mr. Thomas Bifhop. 

Mr.Tho. Varham, Mr. Tho. Pegan. 

Mr. John, Gurney White. 

Charles Fagg, M. D. (St. Andrew*s) . 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Thomas Dray, Mr. Charles Bridges. 

Mr. Bromley. ' 

Mr^ John Southgate. , 

Mr. John Mylam, Mr. Methufalem Davies. 

Mr. Waylett. 

Thomas Milner,-M. D. (Edinburgh), Member of 
theR. C.P. London. 

J RGEONs and Apothecaries. 
MefTrs. Arnold and Charles, 
MefTrs. Pett and Day, Mr. William Peale, 
Sir William Bifhop, Knt. Mr. Allen, 
Mr. Friend Coleman, Mr. Thomas Peckb?m., 


Mr. J. Browne. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 
Mr. Monckton. 

Meffrs. Hunter and Slater, Mr. E. Slater, 
Mr. J. Silver. 

Mr. William Perfect, (keeps a licenfed houfe for 

the reception of Lunatics). 
Mr. Thomas Rowley, Mr. Geo. Perfe£l. 
Mr. Parfons, Mr. A. PhelpJv 
Mr. Richard Waring, 


M & 


Eajl Peckham. 









Stroud, near Rochejier, 
Tenter den. 


Town Sutton. 





Mr. J. Packman. 

Meflrs. Fleet and Mafon, Mr. Goble. 

Mr. Edward Shove, (has the care of the fick and 
hurt fearaen of the navy). 


Robert Bugo, M. D. (St. Andrew's). 
'Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Blackftone, Mr. Edward Dyne, 
Mr. Janies Thompfon, Mr. John Robinfon. 
MefiVs. Jacob and John Walter, 
MeflTrs. Daniel and Mayhew, Mr, T. Grigfon. 
^ Mr. William Boys, F. S.A. 
Mr. William Colman, Mr. Tho. Mercmoth. 
Mr, John Nafli, Mr. Geoffry Taylor, ' 

Mr. George Plaiftow, 

Mr. Thomas Lane, Mr. William Beckef, 
Mr. Wood (fucceeds Mr. E. Cray ford, who i»» 
retired from praftice). 
Surgeon to the Dock-yard. 
Mr. Robert Bellas. 

Surgeon to the Garrlfon. 
Mr. John Smith. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Edward Clark, Mr. Jofeph HalL 

Mr. James Powell. 

Meflrs. Dymond and Brightes. 

Mr. John Barrow. 

Edward Curtels, M. D. (St. Andrew's}* 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Wilfon, Mr. Mace, 

Mr. Henry Hougham, Mr. T. Bilhop. 

Meflrs. Fuzzard and Millar, 

Mr. Tho. Hankins, Mr. Luttrell. 

Mr. John Becket, Mr. George Goodwin. 

Mr. James Low. 

Mr. Henry Neville, fen. Mr. Henry Neville, jun. 
MeflVs. William Clowes and § Son. 
Mr. William Medhurft, 
Mr, John Pierce, Mr. Underdown. 
Mr. Payne, 

Mr. George Willis, Mr. William Scudamorc. 

Dr. Melville. 

Surgeons to the Artillery. 
§ Mr. James Irwin, Mr. Ekin^ 
Surgeon to the Dock-yard, 
Mr. Edward Wood. 

* !•<>> the.W2 

fee Suflex. 












St. El/ens. 


M E D I C A L R E (^ I S T E R. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 
Mr. Taylor, Mr. Bickerton. 
Mr. James Bowell (retired from pra6Hcc). 

Mr. Effex (fucceeds Mr. Hill^ who has q^uitted 


r-liTifi, Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

MefTrs. Greaves and Son, Mr. John Lees. 

Phys re IAN s. 

John Hanbury Taylor, M. D. (Edin.) 

George Buckley, M.D. (Edin.) 
Surgeons and Apothecaries, 

Mr. Thomas Pickering, Mr. Bowlinrj, 

Mr. John Crompton, Mr. William "Mofs. 


• W. St. Clair, M.D. 

Surge ON sand Apothecaries. 

Mr. Parkinfon, Mr. Grimfhavv, Mr. Wood, 

MefTis. Allen and Bevan, Mr. Piatt. 



Mr. Gardener, 1' 
Mr. Hull. 

Mr. Gueft, Mr. Norris, Mr. W. Bagflia^v, 
Mr. Havvorth, Mr. Parkinfon. 
Mr. Midge ley. 
Mr. William Fiddes. 

Mr. Matthew Hodgfon, Mr. Char. Robinforr; 

David Campbell, M. D. (Edin. 1777]- 

Dr. Wright (pratliies Surgery and Midwifery). 

S u K G R o X s and Apothecaries. 

Mr. William Barrow, 

'Mi:{{v<i. Carter, ^ Mr. Thomas Harris, 

Mr. Johnfon, Mr. Simpfon. 

Mr. Gueft, Mr. Collier. 
The Liverpool Infirmary was firit opened 
for the reception of patients in 1749. It isadvantageoufly 
lituatcd at the entrance of the town, and by means of 
feme late judicious alterations^ is well ventilated. But 
the number of patients offering for admiflion being 
greater than the original building could conveniently 
accommodate, a new wing is now added. This,- when 
complcated, will make room for the admiflion of 120 
patients, befides keeping one or two w-ards vacant alter- 
nately for the purpofe of thoroughly cleanfing ajid puri* 
fying them; or, in cafe of emergencv, of admitting a 
greater number of (ick. The Phyficians and Surgeon* 
attend it gratis. 

Phrfxians. Thomas Houlfton, M, D. (Ley'den 

* A Ht-MA%-t SOCIF-T 

or* ths p'ian of that in Lonooi, J5 eftabliihed here, under the 
!?oii; Vo the infiinriary. 



Jofeph Brandreth, M, D. (Edin. 

Jofsph Camplin, M. D. (EdIn. 

,r Surgeons. ^ Mr. Henry Park. 

John Lyon, M. D. (King's Coll. 

Aberdeen 1780). 
Mr. Edward Alanfon. 

Jpotk . {refiding hi the houft) . Mr. Steph . Bromley, 

The Liverpool Dis pe xsar y * was infiituted 
in 1778, The bufinefs was tranfafted a few years in a 
fmall rented houfe ; but the great increafe of patients 
rendered a larger building neceflary : the governors 
therefore purchafed a let of ground in a central fituation 
with refpeft to the town, and in 1781 erefled thereon 
a building, perhaps equal in elegance, fize, and conve- 
nience, to any fimilar inflitution in the kingdom t. The 
parifh allows one hundred guineas annually towards the 
expences of this charity ; the i^ft is defrayed by volun- 
tary contributions. At the end of the fourth year there 
had been admitted 37,580 patients, chiefly fuch as were 
excluded by the rules of the Infirmary, from admiflioa 
there as in-patients. Among thefe is included a number 
of difficult cafes in midwifer)', which were attended by 
^ the Surgeons to this charity. The Phyficians and Sur- 
geons attend gratis. 

Ph)fidan5. Jonathan Binns, M. D. (Edin. 

1772) Extra-licentiate of the 

College of Phyficians, London. 

James Worthington, M. D. 

(King's Coll. Aberd. 1773)- 
James Carrie, M. D. (Glafgow 

Surgeons. Mr. Wright Cleave, 
Mr. James Gerard, 
Mr, Richard Blundell. 

Apotk, {rejiding in the houfe). Mr. Tho. Avifon. 

Phyficians, Surgeons, and Apothecaries, not included in the 
foregoing Ufs. 


Walter Green, M. D. (Leydcn- 1732). 

'^ The Elue-coat hofpltal, the Borough gaol, the houfe of corre£^ion, a Lock hofpital 
for venereal patients, and the workhoufc, a fpacious building, which at prefent contains up- 
wards of 800 p9br, are all attended by the Phyficians and Surgeons of the Difpenfar)'. 

\ Although there is a very good public library in Liverpool, yet as very few meJlcar 
books are admitted into it, a fubfcription has lately been fet on foot for the purpofe of 
forminga Medical Library for this town and neighbourhood nearly on the plan of that 
at Leeds. The books are to be kept, for the prefent, ?X the Difpenfary j and to pre/ent 
the Society from ever being diffolvcd, and the books divided among the fubfcribers, they 
have entered into an agreement that the books, in i\ich cafe, lliall be fold for the benefit of 
the Infirmary and Difpenfaryt The fubfcription is fixei at half a guinea per annum. 

• Ambrofc 


Ambrofe Dawfon, M. D. Fellow of the Hoyal 

College of Phyficians, London. 
John Kenion, M. D. (Leyden I739). 

Su Ageon. 

Mr. Thomas Antrobus *, (retired froiri praQ.Ice). 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. James Leigh, ^ Mr. John Tetlow, 

Mr. Richard Gerard, Mr. Jofeph Goldie, " 

Mr. Michael Renwick, Mr. Matthew Turner, 

Mr. Houlfton, Mr. Richmond, Mr. Dawfon, 

Mr. James Kennion, Mr. Philip Wright, 

Mr. John Shertcliffe, (has the care of the fick an«i 

hurt feamen of the navy) 
Mr. Mofs, Mr. Whetwood, 
Mr. Robert Duddicom, Mr. Poole, 
Mr. Prefton, Mr. John Warden, 
Mr. Hughes, Mr. Mattingley, 
Mr. Ramfbottom, Mr. Defpiet, 
Mr. Woodburn, Mr. Dunbabbin, Mr. Dearie* 

Dentist, Mr. R. Woofendale. 

The Lnoculation Society, inflituted in 1781, 
for the purpofc of inoculating the poor, gratis +, at their 
iiabitations, every fpring and autumn. The refult of 
tv,'0 general inoculations was^that 2 died out of 675. 
In this number are included DOth the rich and poor, 
who were inoculated at thofe periods by the members 
of the Society. 

■ Member i. 
Dr. Houlflon, Dr. Brandreth, Dr. Binns, 
Dr. Worthington, Dr. Camplin, Dr. Currie, 
Dr. Lyon, Mr. Alanfon, Mr. Blundell, 
Mr. Buddicom, MefTrs. R. and J. Gerard, 
Mr. Gleave, Mr. Goldie, Mr. Hughes, 
Mr. Mofs, Mr. Park, Mr. Renwick, 
Mr. Shutcliife, Mr. Tetlow. 

Philosophical and Literary Society^ 
inilituted at Liverpool in 1780. The meetings arc 
held once a fortnight, at apartments in Leigh-llrcct, 
M'here the Society are forming a Colleftion of Philo- 
fophical Books and Apparatus, and likewife a Mufeum 
of Natural Hiftory. The Officers are ele6led annually, 

Prefidenf^, J. Binns, M. D. 

Vice-Prefide7:ts. Mr. E. Rogers, 

Mr. W. Rathbone, jun. 
Mr. J. Willianrfon. 

Secretary. Mr. W. Everard* 

* Dr. Green and Dr. Kenion were formerly Phyficians, and Mr. Antrobus, Surgeon to 
||ic Infirmaiy, but refigned fcvcral yaars ago. 

f The expence for medicines, &c. is defrayed by the Infirmary and Dlfpcnfary. 
j Our Correfpondcnt omitced to furnifK as with a lift of the. Society* 



MansheJUr. The Ma n c h e s t e r Infirmary* was founded 

in 1752., It is a long narrow building, fituated on the 
.highe{> point of ground about the town, and contains 
£xty-five beds. The principal wards are fifteen feet 
high, and thelargeft of them do not contain more than 
thirteen beds. They are all of them well ventilated, 
and as a proof of the advantage an hofpital derives from 
this circumfta-nce, it is obfervable, that in the prefent 
t>uilding, the nuniber of deaths has been only in the 
preportion of l in 24 i ; whereas in a fmall crowded 
houfe, which was hired as- a temporary infirmary, at 
the firft inftitution of this charity, it was 1 in 18 1. 

Phyjidam. John Cowling, M. D. 

Alexander Eafon, M. D* 
■George E-U, M. D. 

Pkyficians Extra* P. Main waring, M. D. 

S. Kay, M. D. 
Thomas Percival, M. D. 
F.R. S. 

Surgeons. 4 Charles White, E/q. 

F R S 
Mr.* Edward Hail, 
Mr. Richard Hall. 

Apotk. and Houje Surg. Mr. Robert Darbey. 

His Afjijlant. Mr. Alexander Young. 

Vifiting Apothecaries. Mr.Tho. Henry, F. R. S. 
Member of the Medical 
Society of London. 
Mr. Edward Eufebius 

The Lunatic Hospital, inftituted in 1764, con- 
tains feventy beds, and is attended by the fame Phyficians, 
&c. as the Infirmary. 

The Literary and Philosophical Sociejy 
of Manchester owes its origin to a few gentlemen, 
inhabitants of the town, who many years ago met together 
once a week for the purpofe of converfing on literary and 
philofophical fubjefls. Thefe meetings were continued, 

* A compleat and elegant fet of Baths, Is lately -opened near the Infirmary, with fuitable 
accommodations for Gentlemen and Ladies; confifting of the following apartments. 

T. Two rooms, 17 foetby 13, in each of which is a Medicated Vapor, and one Hot-water 
Bath. - 

2. A Buxton Bath, for Gentlemen, 22 feet long and 10 broad, with three drefling- 
rooms adjoining. 

3. A Buxton Bath, for Ladles, 12 feet long and 6 broad, with two dreffing-rooms, 

4. Two Dry Sweating Rooms. 

5. A Cold Bath, for Gentlemen, 16 feet by 8, 

6. Ditto, for Ladies, 12 feet by 6, with two drefling-rooms to each. 

7. Two rooms for company to wait in when the Baths are engaged. 

8. A room which contains the coppers, 8cz. for heating the water and preparing the vapor, 
from whence it is conveyed by pipes to the different Baths in the other rooms. 

The water in the Buxton Baths is heated by means of a copper placed at the endof eacl^ 

To the Buxton and Cold Baths are receffes for pumping on any particular pjirt. 

A feparate fet of Baths is likewife provided for the ufe of the patients, in the Infirmary and 
3L.\jnatig Hofpital, 

G viik 


with fome Interruption, for feveral years ; and many 
refpeftable perfons being defirous of becoming mem- 
bers, the number was foon increafed fo much, as to in* 
duce the founders of the fcciety to extend their original 
defign, Prefidents, and other officers, were elefted ; 9. 
code of laws, and a regular fociety conftituted. The num-. 
ber of members is limited to fifty ; but this limitation does 
not preclude any number of gentlemen diftinguifhed for 
their literary or phiJofophical abilities, and refiding at fuch 
diftances from Manchefter as to prevent their attendance at 
the ufual meetings of the fociety, from being t\eQ.ed /lono* 
rary members. The eleftion of members is by ballot. The 
pfSJcersof the fociety are chofen annually on the laft Wed-j 
nefday in April. A great number 01 valuable effays hav« 
jdready been read at the meetings. 

Pufidents, ^ James Mafley, Efq.f 

* Thomas Percival, M. D. F. R. S. 
and S. A. & Reg. Soc. Mid. 
Par, Soc. 

yice-PreJidents. * The Rev. Thomas Barnes. 

* Alexander Eafon, M. P. 
^ John Cowling, M. D. 

* The Rev. Samuel Hall, A. M, 
Secretaries, * Mr. Thomas Henry, F. R. S» 

* Mr. Geprge Be^v. 

Mr. John Barrow. 

Thomas B. Bayley, Efq. F. R. S. 

* George Bell, M. D. 
Mr. John Bill. 

* The Rev. John Bennet, 
Mr. John Birch. 

Mr. Afhworth Clegg. 

Mr. Robert parbey. 

Mr. James Dinwiddie. 

Mr. John Drinkwater. 

Mr, George Duckworth. 

The Rev. John Foxley, A. M. 

Mr. Robinfon Foxley. 

Mr. Thomas Peter Foxlow. 

The Rev. Peter Haddon, A. M, 

Mr. Jofcph Hadfield. 

Mr. Richard Edward Hall. 

Mr. Edward Hall. 

Mr. Richard Hall. 

The Rev. Ralph Harrifon. 

TheRev. William Houghton. 

?vTr. Thomas Kerfhaw, 

George Lloyd, Efq. 

Peter Main waring, M. D. 

Mr. John Mafley. 

John Mitchel, M. D. 

Mr. Ifaac Mofs. 

Mr. John Nanfan. 

f TWfc Memfcers whofe Bam«§ are m«ke(J thus * are qf thp Comailttec of Papcwi 


Mr. Jofhua Oldham. 
Mr. John Orme. 
Mr. John Leigh Philips, 
Mr. John Phifips. 
Mr. William Reid. 
Mr. Thomas Robinfon. 

* Mr. Charks Taylor. 
Mr. George Wakefield. 
Mr. George Walker. 
Mr. James Whi taker. 

* Charles White, Efq. F. R. S. 
Mr. John WjHon. 

■* Mr. John Wimpev. 
-Mr. Ottiwell Wood', jun. 

Honorary Members, 
Mr, John Aikin. 
JMr. John Buchanan. 
James Currie, M. D- 
Edward Huffey Delaval, Efq. F. R, S. /?e^. 

5. 5. Gotiing. & Upfal. & bi/Iit, Boiogn. Sacl 
Matthew Doblbn, M. D. F. R. S. 
William Enfield, L. D. 
- William Falconer, M. D, F. R. S. 
John Haygarth, M. B. F. R, S, 
William Hawes, M. D. 
Mr. George Hibbert. 
William Houlflon, M. D. 
Alexander Hunter^ M. D. F. R. S. 
John Coakley Lettfom, M. D. F. R. S. &S. A. 
The Righ t Pvev. Richard Wa t s o n , D. D. 

F. R. S. Lord Bifhop of LandafF. 
Mr.John Hyacinth de Magellan, F. R. S. Acad. 

Imp, Petrop. 8c Reg. Matrit. Soc. &c« 
Mr. Patrick Mac Morland. 
Henry Moyes, M. D. 
The Rev. Jofeph Prieftley, L. D. F. R S. Jcad. 

Imp. Petrop. & R. Holm. & Soc. Reg, Mtd, 

Par. Soc. 
Doming Ramfbotham, Efq. 
Samuel Foart Simmons, M. D. F. R. S. Soctet. 

Reg. Med. Par. Soc. & R. S. Monfpel. Corref, 
The Rev. George Travis, A. M. 
Mr. Alex. Volta, Profeffor of Experimental 

Philofophy in Como, &x. &c. 
Martin Wall, M. D. Preleaor in Chemiftry, 

in the Univerfity of Oxford. 
Mr. John Warltire. 
The Rev. John Whitaker, B. D. F. R. S. 

Phyficians^ Surgeons, and Apothecaries^ at Manckefer. ' 


Peter Mainwaring, M. D. (Cambridge). 

Samuel Kay, M. D. (Edin. 1731). 

Thomas Percival, M. D. (Leyden 1765) F. R. S. 
and S. A.. Fellow of the Royal Medical Society 
at Paris, and Member of the Medical Societies of 
London and Edinburgh. 

G 8 William 





Warrington t. 

M E P I C A L K E G I S T E R.. 

•WilHam Mitchell, M. D. (Edin. 1766}. 
John Cowling, M. D. (Edin. 1768). 
Alexander Eafon, M. D. (Edin, 1775). 
George.Bell, M. D. (Edin. 1780). 


Charles White, Efq. F. R. S. 

Mf. R. E. Hall, (formerly Surgeon to the In- 

James Burchall, M. D. (Rheims) late Surgeon to 
the Infirmary. 

Mr. E. Hall, Mr. R. Hall. 

^ Mr. Joihua Oldham. 

Mr. Richard Nanfan. 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

^ Mr. John Drinkwatefj Surgeon to the Lancafliirc 

Mr. Bew, Mr. Button, 

Ux. Henry, F. R. S. Mr. Slack, 

Mellrs. Thyer and Foxlcy, 

Mr. John^Thyer, Mr. James Travis, 

Mr. Hoylc, (removed hither from Whalley). 

Mr. Alker, Mr. Britain, Mr. Brenan. 

Mr. John Hal fall, Mr. Miles Barton, 

Mr. T. Higginfon, Mr. J. Riddiough, Mr. Bond. 

Mr. Zachariah Leafe, Mr. William Leafe, 
Mr. Thomas Tetlaw, Mr. Thomas Gill, 
Mr. James Hoyle, Mr. Meggs. 

Physicians. • 

Dr. Heyes, 

Charles Stapleton^, M. D. (Leyden). 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Hodfon, Mr. Pritchard. 

Mr. John Moult, Mr. John Holding, 
Mr. Taylor, Mr. Cable. 

Mr. Wright. 

Mr. John Fell, Mr. Row.Briggs, Mr. Airey. 

The Warrington Academy, an excellent Se- 
minary of general learning, was eftablifhed in 1757, 
under the patronage and direftion of many perfons of 
rank and erudition. No ftudent is admitted under four- 
teen years of age. . 

* Removed hither from Manchefter. 

\ About a mile from "Warrington is Orfosp Hah, the feat of John Blackburne, 
Efq. whofe garden has long been celebrated by all true lovers of botany, both in England 
and abroad, his coJleftion being one of the oldeft in the Kingdom. Mr. Pennant, in one 
of his ingenious publications, obferves, that this Gentleman from his earlieft life, like 
another Evelyn, has made his garden the employ and amulernent of his leifure hoxirs j and 
been moft fucccftful in every part he has attempted. Mr. Blackburne has, indeed, an 
unjverfal knowledge in the culture of plants. He was the fecond in thefe kingdoms that 
cultivated the Pine Apple : his Ciilledlion of hardy exotics is exceedingly numerous ; and his 
ipoUcftion of hot-houfe plants is at leaft equal to that at Kew. In Ihort, he neglects no 
fcranth of botany. He has the aquatic plants in their proper element, and the rock plants 
©n artificial rocks j. fo that you may here be betrayed into a bog, by attempting to gather thofe 
of ths morAfs. A catalogue of this excellent coUeftion has been lately publiihed. 



The Seflion commences on the 10th of September, 
and is continued without Interruption till the annual 
Meeting of the Truftees, which is held on the fiYft 
Thurfday after Midfummer-day. 
Physicians at Warrington. 

William Turner, M. D. (Edin. i-jsG), 
§ Thomas Pemberton, M. D. (Leyden 1777}.' 

Mr. John Aikin, Lecturer on Anatomy and Che* 
miftry in the Academ;/ at Warrington. 
Surgeons and A.POTHECARIES. 

Mr. JohnHai'^mfon, Mr. James Orford, 
Mr. Timothy Monks, Mr. Markland. 
malliy, Mr. Whitakef. 

Wigan. Phys'ician. 

Ralph Thicknefs, M. D. * 

.. Surgeons and Apothecaries. 
Mr. Carter, § Mr. John Cowling, 
Mr. Cropper, Mr. Hawarden, fen. 
^ Mr. James Hawarden, Mr. Vaufr» 


Likejler, The General Infirmary at Leicester Yfas 

opened for the reception of padents in 1771. 

Phyfician. J. Vaughan, M. D. 

Surgeons, Mr.. John Atkinfon, 

Mr. John Maule, 
Mr. W. Ingle. 
The Leicester Dispensary was inftituted in 
1776. The patients pay a fmall fum, little more thau 
prime coft, for their medicines. 

Phyfician. Thomas Arnold, M. D, 

Surg, and Apctk. Mr. J. Mafon. 
Physicians at LeiceHer. 

James Vaughan, M. D. (Edin. 1762). 

Thomas Arnold f, M. D. (Edin. 1766}. 

James Macvey, M. B, (Louvain), 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. John Atkinfon, Mr. John Maule, 
Mr. William Cooper, Mr. Richard Clayton, 
Meflrs. John Fox and ^ George Peak, 
Mr. John Mafon, Mr. Thomas Warner, 
§ Mr. William Ingle. 

Afkhy dt la Zouch* 1*h y s i c i a n. 

Thomas Kirkland, M. D. (Aberdeen). HoHc 
Member of the Medical Society at Edinburgh, 

SuRGf.oNS and Apothecaries. 

Meffis. John Vincent and Thomas Beavingtons 

•f Keep} a koufe for the reception of lunatics. 




Cajlle Dunnington, 

Earl Shilton. 

Great Wigton, 




HiiJhaTKPs Bofioorik, 

Melton Mowbray, 

Market Har borough. 


Mr. Glover. 

Mr. Nicholas Joyce. 



Mr. Jofeph Newton. 

Mr. James Perrott. 

Mr. John Ragg, Mr. Thomas Beech. 

Mr. Oufeley; Mr. Burbidge. 

Mr. Jones* 

James Tapfcott, M. D. (Edin. 1765). 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Ghefhire, Mr. Bloxom, Mr. CotereiL 


Mr. John Mariot. 

Mr. Thomas Dalby, Mr. Jofeph Stevenfon. 

Meflrs. Wm. Holbrooke, Wm. Douglas, and 

Tho. Thorpe. 
Meffrs. Thomas and ^J. Hunt. 
Mr. Tho. Cheetham, Mr. Jof. Vickers. 
Meffrs. Jervas and Wilfon, Mr. Heftor, 

Mr. John Whitchurch, Mr. Seth Hofe, 
Mr. B. Linnery. 


Rev. Dr. Watts. 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Charles Allen, Mr. Goodwin, Mr. Clarke. 

Mr. Harcourt. 


The Lincoln Hospital was inflituted in 1769* 
The governors at firft hrred a large houfe for that pur- 
pofe } but have lately erefted a plain, handfome, and 
convenient building, confifting of four large and \ohy 
vard^, (befides the fmaller rooms) in each of which arc 
ten beds. At prefent, however, the fund of the charity 
allows only of the reception of twenty. four in, and 
thirty out-patients. 

Phyjidans. R. Petrie, M. D. 

Edmund Laycock, M. D* 
SurgconSz Mr. Parnel, fen. 

Mr. Parnel, jun, 

Mr. H. Swan, 

Mr. James. 

Vift ting Apothecary. Mr. Alderman Dell. 
ApoUi. {rejident in the Hojpital) Mr. Mather. 
Physicians, &c. at Lincoln. 

Robert Petrie, M. D. (Edin. 1750) Fellow of th» 
R. C. P. Edi-n* and late Phyfician to the Tower 
of London. 
Edmund Laycock, M. D. (Edin. I777). 
Ambrof^ Cookfon, M, D. (Edin. 1780). 











Epwortki IJlc ofAxkolme, 



Great Grivifby* 

Little Grim/by. 

Go/her ton i 



Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Parnel, fen. ^Mr^ Parnel, jun. 
^Mr. H. Swan, Iv^r. J. James. 

Mr. Samuel Bennett, Mr. Robert Pennington. 

Meflrs. Oftler and Richmond, 
Mr. Benton. 

Mr. Jofeph Tubney* 
Physic iAK% 

Dr. Forbes. 
iSuRGEONs and Apothecary, 

Mr. Hayes, Mr. Sturtevant» 


Dr. Befion, (Cambridge). 
Dr. Knowlton, (^Edin.) 

Surgeons and Apothecaries* 

Mr. Waiie, Mr. Francis, Meff. Cheney and Son, 
Mr. Colby, Mr. Hare, Mr. Wright, Mr. Bosfield. 

Mr. Hyde, Mr. Manby. 

Meffrs. John Chapman and John Smith. 

Meffrs. Scholey and Byron. 

Mr. Collingwood, Mr. Marfh, 

Mr. blinders. 

Mr. John Ward. 

Mr. Fawcett, Mr. Heald. 


Kenneth Mackenzie, M. D. (Edin. 17^1)0 
Surgeons and Apothecaries^ 

^Mr. GervasPamell, Mr. Humphreys, 

Mr. Groombridge, Mr. Holmes-. 

Mr. Hylliard Marfhall, 
^Mr. William Watfon. 

Mr. Francis Chriflian Efberger. 


Dr. Shepherd, (St. Andrew's). 

John Willis, M. D. (Edin. 1778). 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Meflrs. Raby and Leefon, 

Mr. Willerton, Mr. Gofna^ 

Mr. Mufhet. 

Mr. Bentham. 

Mr. Richard Fawcett, Mr, John Rogerfon. 

John Thoroid, M. D. (Cambridge}, 
Surgeons and Apothecaries, 

Mr. Chiflett, Mr. Trevor, 

Meflrs. Taylor and Wightman. ,i..-. 

Mr. Gulfton, 

Mr. Tomlinfon, Mr, Hyndc. 

G 4 L§ng 


Long Sutton » Mr. John Bailey. 

Loutk^ Physicians. 

Dr. Clarke, (St. Andrew^s). 
Dr. Clarke, jun. (St. Andrew's). 
guRGEONs and Apothecaries. 
Mr. Thomj)fon, 

Meffrs. Wrigglefworth and Wilfon, 
Mr. Pettener, Mr, Marfhal!, Mr, King, 

Martin, Mr. Bellamy. 

Market Raifoii, Mr. Shuttleworth, Mr, Graves, 

Methtringham* Mr. Holmes. 

Saltjleet. Mr. Thomas Danfon. 

SUqford. Mr. Benjamin Cooper, Mr. Afhworth, Mr. FiCb. 

Spalding^ Physicians. 

Dr. BIythe, formerly Phyfician to the Army, in 

the Expedition againft Belleifle. 
J. Waineman, M. D. (Edin. 1781}. 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Rc^erfon, Mr. Jefibp, Mr. Voiee. 
^pilfiy,^ Physician. 

William Hairby, M. D. (GlafgowJ. 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 
^ Mr. John Hairby, Mr. John Lane, 
Meffrs. Thomas Collis and Thomas Barker* 
^amfori^ Physicians. 

Dr. Jackfon, (Cambridge). 
Dr. Olderlhaw, (Cambridge), 
Rev. Francis Willis, M. D. (Oxford), fives at 
Qratford, near Stamford, and keeps a houfe for 
the reception of lunatics. 
Mr. Fryer. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Samuel Judd, Mr. Waters, Mr. Smith,- 
Mr. Crofsley, Mr. Lowe, Mr. Price, 
Mr. Ricl^.ar'ds, 

§iomJ[e&d. Mr. Bailey, ^ 

TattirJhslL Mr. Cranford. 

Tupkolrrs, Mr. Inett. ' 

Wellingare.: Mr. Collins. 

Wragby. Mr. Paddifon. 

Wahifleet» Mr. George Spragge. 

Wintcrion^ Mr. Morris, 


M I D D L E $ E X. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 
§ Mr. Thomas Clark. 

^ Mr. Edward Wilkinfon, 



Brentford* Physician. 

Robert Wallace Johnfon, M. D, (Aberdeen 1759). 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Corfon, Mr. Anrel, Mr. Oliver, 
Mr. Taylor, Mr. Curtis. 
thelfea* Chelsea Hospital. 

Phyfician, Meflengcr Monfey, M. D. 

Surgeon. § Robert Adair, Ef<j. 

A^Jiant Surgeons. % Mr. Alex. Reid, 
\ Mr. J. Thomas. 

Apothicary. Richard Robert Graham, Efq, 

Surgeons and Apothecaries at Chelsea. 
§ Mr. North, ^ :.:r. Powell, ^ Mr, Reid, 
Mr. Prieftly, Mr, Kinnaird, Mr. Halford. 
CkifxdicL Mr, Tennifon. 

Edgware, Mr. Jelly. 

Ealing, Mr. Egerton. 

Enfield, Mr, John Sherwen. 

Fulham, Mr, Parry, § Mr, Coghian. 

Hammerjmith* Meffrs. Terry and Palfer, 

§Mr. R. Loveday, ^ Mr. F. Flower. 

Hounfow, Mr. Henry Frogley, Mr. Webb. 

HigfigaU, Physician. 

George Motherby, M. D. 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

^ Mr. John Confiable, § Mr. William Wctfieral!, 
MefTrs. Cook and Reynolds, Mr. Hodges. 








Stoke NeudngtoTic 


h Mr. J. Clayton, % Mr. T. Meadows, 

% Mr. W. Toulmin, Mr. Downing, 

Meflrs. Hayward and Filher, Mr. W. Stephens, 

S Mr. W. JefFereys, ^ Mr. Hayes, 

% Mr. G. Goodwin. 

Mr. Dav. Gilbert, Mr. Kavanagh. 

^ Mr. L. Davies, % Mr. J. Hole, 

^Mr. W. Curtis, ^ Mr. J. Churchy 

4 Mr. T.Shirley, ^ Mr. W, Jackfon. 

Mr. Deck. 

Mr. Rawling, Mr. Andrews, 

Mr. Auterac, Mr. Thomas Hardwick, 

Sec page I , 

Mr. Thomas BIrks. 

Mr. Robert Pope. 

Gto. John, M. D. (St. Andrew's). 

^ Mr. W. Garrett, \ Mr. George Smith Coxhead* 

Mr. William Boon. 

^Mr. John Holt, 

% Mr. Jofeph Buxtoa Carver, 

N O R F O L K. 










Burnhani Market, 

The Norfolk and Nop.wich HosptTAt 
\v'hich is fituated at a little diftance without St. Stephen** 
Gate, was opened for the reception of patients in 1771^ 
Itconfifts of eight wards, all of tliem hfteen feet high, 
and well ventilated, and contains one hundred beds* 

Ph^icians. John Beevor, M. D. 
John Manning, M . D. 
Peter Hooke, A. M. 
John Murray, M. D. 

Surgeonsl Mr. Charles Mahhy, 
Mr. Vv^illiam DonnCj 
Mr. James Alderfon. 

AM* Surg. % Mr. E. Rigbv. 

Mr.- William Athill, 
Mr. Philip Marti neau. 

Apotki Mr. John Percival. 

Public BetheLj for the reception of lunaUcSj 
founded in 1730 ; contains fifty beds. 

Pkyficians. Dr. Beevor +, Df. Manning. 

Physicians, Sec. at Norwich. 

Robert Dack, M. B. (Camb.) 

John Manning, M. D. (Edin.) 

John Beevor, M. D. (Camb.) 

Peter Hooke, A* M. (Camb.) Extra-Licentiate ot 
the College of Phyficians, London. 

John Murray, M. D. (St. Andrew's). 

Thomas Baker, M. D. (St. Andrew's ^.y^j)' 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

MefTrs. W. Donne and P. Martineau, 

Mr, J. Alderfon, Mr. E. Rigby,^ 

Mr. Thomas Norgate, Mr. Edward Oxley, 

Mr. Keymer, Apothecary to the Bethel, 

Mr. Scott, Mr. Flowerdew, 

MefTrs. Athill and Colman, 

Mr. Pitchford, Mr. Colgate, Mr. Buckenham, 

^ Mr. William Caflell, Mr. Buck, 

Mr. Chambers, Mr. Fleming. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries, 
Mr. Leath, Mr. Arris. 

Mr. Woodcock. 

Mr. Utting. 

Mr. Robinfon. 

MefTrs. Piggen, Mr. Saunders* 

Mr. Gibbs. 

Mr. John Kerrick. 

f A private houfe for the reception of lujiatlcs, in au airy Iituation, near the citv, is under 
the mauagenaent of this phyfician, 





Mr. Church, Mr. Bendy. 


- Mr. Terry. 


Mr. Webfter, Mr. Skoulding, Mr. Prieft. 


Mr. Layman, Mr. Thomas Norgate, 
Mr. Darby, Mr. Sharman. 


Mr. Joy. 


Mr. Benjamin Bayfield, Mr. W. Wright. 


Mr. Utting. ' ' 


Mr. Theodoriclc. 



Mark Smith, M. D. (Edin. 1766). 



Gayton. \ 

Greai Mq/ftnghajn, 





Xong Stratton^ 

New Buckenham, 
North Elmham. 
N^rth Waljham> 

C. E. Bagge, M. D. Fellow of the R. C, of P. 


Surgeons and Apothecaries. 
MefTrs. Railtpn and Iv'Iiles, 
Mr. James Jones. 
Mr. Thompfon. 
Mr. Lee. 

Mr. William Bewly. 
Mr. Penrice, Mr. Pallant, Mr. French, 
lylr. Clarke, Mr. Colles. 
Sir William Caftleton, Bart, - 

Mr, Barnham, Mr. Bringloe. 


Dr. Sharpen. 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Meflrs. Girdlefton and Son, 

Mr. Bartell, Mr. Harcourt. 

Meffrs. Watfon and Son, Mr. Marncr. 

Mr. Ebden, Mr. Smith. 

Mr. Crawford. 

Mr. Downes, Mr. Flowerden. 

Ph y s I c I a n . 

Robert Hamilton, M. D. Fellow of the R. C. P. 

at Edin. 
Surgeons and AraTHECARiES. 

Mr. Francis Crufo, Mr. Hugh Crawford, 

Mr. Bernard Middleton, Mr.W^al. Robertfon, 

Mr. William Hutcheflbn, Mr. Steph. Wilfon. 

Mr. Thomas Hammond, Mr. The Cbefiertoiij 

Mr. Thomas Upwood, Mr. Beauraia, 

Mr. Raven. 

Mr. Thome. 

Mr. Gibbs, Mr. Barker. 

Mr, John Debenham. 

Mr. Read, Mr. Shorten, Mr. CuIIerwoul, 

Mr. Prcfton, Mr. Man ley. 



Puikam* Mr. Swan, Mr. Catchpoole. 

Repekam, Meffrs. Neal and Son, Mr. Pringlc, 

Shottijham* Physician. 

John D'Urban, M. D. (Edin. 1753). 
Surgeon and Apothecary. 

Mr. J. Fulcher. 

Snetti/ham* Mr. Thomas Rand. 

Stalham* Mr. Hunt, Mr Brown. 

Stoke. ^ Mr. Henry Helfham. 

Stratton* Mr. Brown. 

Swaffham* Mr. William Reynolds, Mr. Thomas Say, 

Mr. Devereux Edgar, Mr. John Horatio Bailey^ 

Tketford, Meffrs. Mingay and Son, Mr. Everfon. 

Walfingkcan- Mr. Richard Flemings, Mr. Bulcock, 

Wells* Physician. 

Dr. Smith. 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Girdleftone, Mr. Clarke, Mr. Curtis. 

Wetton. Meffrs. Robert Swallow and Son, Mr. Kicks. 

Wymondham* Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Meffrs. Talbot and Son. 

Yarmouth ^Physicians. 

Malcolm Macqueen, M. D. (Edin. I777). 
Hunt, M. D. (Cambridge). 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr, Leath, Mr. Ramey, Mr. Smith, Mr. DowncSy 
Meffrs, Froff and Son, Mr. Rye, 
Mr. Penrice, Mr. Fielding. 

Yaxkam^ Mr. Hunt. 


NQTthampton, The County Hospital at NorthampTOK, 

founded in 1743, contains about fixty beds. 

Pkyjicians. "W. Symes, M. D. 

R. Bree, M. D. 

Surgeons, W. Kerr, M. D* 

Mr. Harden. 

Covfulting Surgeon. Mr. Edward Litchfield^ 
Physicians, &c. at Northampton. 

William Symes, M. D. (Sr. Aixdrew's). 

James Hardy, M. D. (Aberdeen) removed hithct 

from Barnltaple. 
Robert Bree, M. D. ^Oxford 1782). 
William Kerr, M. D. (St. Andrew** 1782). 




Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Harden, Mr. 0(born, Mr. Law, 

Mr. Cook, Mr. Locock. 


Meffrs. Derbyfliire andOlley, M?. Chapman, 



Charles Hall, M, D. (Leyden). 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. HolHs. 


Mr. Errington. 


MeflVs. Deacon and Waterfield, 

Mr. Bealey, Mr. WiWgofe. 


Mr. Page. 


MefTrs. Cole. 


Mr. Buillvant. 


Mr. Bird. 

Higkam Fernrs* 

>Ir. Drew, Mr, Sanderfon. 


Mr. Roughton, fen. Mr. GibbonSj 

% Mr. William Roughton, 

Mr. Paull, Mr. Steel. 

King's Cliff, 

Mr. Charles Atkins, 

Long Buckley, 

Meflrs. Floyer, Mr. Swinfen, 


Mr. Errington. 



Dr. Walcott. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. John Campion, and others. 



Dr. Palmer, Dr. Gamer. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries, 


Meflrs. Cogan, Meffrs. Cox and Spalding, 

Mr. Winter. 


Mr. Mansfield, §Mr. Henry Leete. 


Meflrs. Deacon and Sabing, 

^ Mr. Thomas Grant, Mr. Hodges. 


% Mr. John Orton. 



George Bogue, M. D. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries, 

Meff'rs. Pew and Hill, Mr. Geo. Dermoth. 

tfej Haddm, 

Mr. Hey gate. 


Ntwcqjlle, . The Infirmary for the Counties of Northum- 

berland and Durham, erefted at Newcaflle in 
1751, is a handfome ftone building, and contains about 
one hundred and fixty beds. 



Ph-fciansj, Charles Brown, M. D. 

John Hall, M. D. 
John Rotheram, M. D. 
Stephen Pemberton, M.B. 

Surgeons, Mr. William Keejilyfide, 

Mr. Richard Bryan Abb«, 
Mr, Ingham, 
Mr. T. Mewburn. 

Apothecary. Mr. Anthony Taylor, 

Newcastle Dispensary inftituted in 1777. 

Phyfidam, J. Hall, M. D. 

S. Pemberton, M. B. . 
John Clark, M. D. 

Surgeon. Mr. John Anderfon. 

Conjulting Surgeon. Mr. Leighton. 
Apothecary. Mr. William Stuart. 

Tile Ly IN 6-1 N Hospital, for poor Married 
,' Women, inftituted in lySo, admits about forty patients 

' ■ annually. 

Phvjidan. Dr. John Rotheram. 

Surgeon. Mr. William Smith. 

The Lyi'ng-in Charity for the Relief of poor 
Married Women at their own Houfes, cftablilhed \n 
1760, and attended by the Phvfician and Surgeon of the 
Lying-in Hofpital, and by twelve Midwives. 
Physiciaxs, &c. at Newcafile. 

Charles Brown, M. D. (Edin. 1754) Extra-Li» 

centiate of the College of Phylicians, London, 
John Hall, M. D. (E'din. 1754). 
John Rotheram, M. D. 
Stephen Pemberton, M.B. (Oxford), 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. W^ KcenlyCde, Mr. R. B. Abbs, 
Mr. Ingham, Mr. Leighton, .Mr. V/. Smith, 
Mr. Nath. Bay lis, Mr. Nich. Tyzack, 
Mr. Bannifrer Baylis, Mr. Will. Maxwell, 
Mr. John Hawdon, Mr. Tulip Mewburn, 
Mr. Tho. Johnfou, Mr. Carr, 
Mr. Cameron, Mr. Potts. 

Allendale Tctvn. Mr. Jofeph Hutchinfon. 

Alnwick. . , pH Y s I c 1 A N s . 

Henry Richardfon, M. D. Extra-Licentiate (1738) 
of the R. C. of Phyficians, London — practifes 
furgery and pharmacy. 
Robert Anderfon, M. D. 
James Fenwick, M. D. (Edin. 1781). 

Surgeons and Apothecaries, 
Mr. Gayre, Mr. John Wilfon, 
Mr. Will. Peacock, Mr. A. Leidewitt, 
Mr. Tho. Collingwood (removed hither from 

Mr. Nicholas Davifon (a fuperannuated navj 
^ BalmbQTOUgh^ 





Billing ham* 



^9rth Shitlds, 

At Balmborough Cadle there are an IxftrmarY 
for particular objeQs, chiefly for fick and wounded lea* 
men; and a Ge ne R a.l Dispensary for the poor, 
V'ho are here fupplied with Medicines every Saiurdny ; 
and thofe who cannot be fufficiently relieved as out-pa- 
tients, or conveniently received into the Infirmary, are, 
on the recommendation of the Surgeon and Matron, ad« 
mitted into the County Hofpital at Newcaftle. 

This humane inftitution is due to Lord Crew's Truf- 
tees. They have likewife conCtrufted hot and cold 
baths, and a fea-water bath, all of which are for the ufe 
rot only of the patients belonging to the charity, but of 
any perfons who will pay a trifling gratuity for filling 
them. They have alfo provided an electrical apparatus, 
two fets of an apparatus for drowned peifons, and fur- 
gical inftruments of ever)'- kind ; all of which, particu- 
larly the latter, are occaiionally lent to the furgeons in 
the neighbourhood. 

A blue flag with an union quarter is hung out when- 
ever the Surgeon, Mr. Cockayne, of V/ooller, attends 
at the Caftle. 

Mr, Prjngie, of Belford, is AlTifiant Surgeon, but 
has no falary, nor is his attendance required except 
%vhen the Surgeon is abfent; and then he receives tha 
iufual pay, which is fifteen fliijlings for three hours at* 
tendance every Saturday morning. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 
Mr. Marlhall, Mr. Potter, 

Mr. Pringle, Mr. Adamfon, 

Mr. Adam TurnbuU. 


Nicholas Doubleday, M. D. (Rheims) removed 
hither from Hexham, 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Colin Lauder, Mr. James Wood, 

Mr, Thomas Hall, Mr. John Burn, 

Mr. Robert Redpath, Mr. Ralph Patterfon, 

Mr. Thomas Mack, Mr. William Home, 

Mr. Englifh. 

Mr. Daniel Wilkinfon, Mr, Moffatt, 

Mr, Huntly, 

JVTr. Nicholas Lee, Mr. William Deane, 

Mr. Ralph Jcfferfon, Mr. Thomas Jeffcrfon, 

Mr. William Pearfon, 

Mr, Maxwell, 

John Fenwick, M. D. (Leyden, 1746), 
J.R.Fenwick, M. D. (Edin. 1782), 

Surgeons anrf Apothecaries, 
Mr. John Wilfon, 
Mr. Francis Laidman, Mr. George Mitford, 

Mr. Nicholas Watfon, Mr. Watfon, 
^Jr. Stokoe, Mr. Hutton, Mr. Simpfon, 



Mr. Robert Mottley, Mr. AUifofl, 

Mr. J. Armrtrong'(removed hither from Bramp^ 

ton in Cumberland). 

Ovingham. Mr. Greg (removed hither from Corbridgc). 

R(^khury. Mr. J. Brown. 

Stamfordham, Physician. 

William Scott, M. D. (Edinburgh) praaife* 
Surgery, Pharmacy, aud Midwifery. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 
Mr. John Werge. 

^Xith Shields, Mr. Winterbottom, Mr. Cockerell, 

Mr. Simpfon. 

WarAwortk, Mr. Fogo. 

Wodicr, ' Physician. 

James Buckbam, M. D. (Edin. 1758) pra£lifcg 
Surgery, Pharmacy, and Midwifery: 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 
Mr. Wilfon, Mr. George Fairbarn, 
Mr. William Cokayne. 


NcUingJum* The General Hospital, near Notting. 

HAM, was opened for the reception of the (ick and lame 
poor, in 1781 *. It is attended by the three Fhyf-cians 
at Nottingham, and by four of the Surgeons. The 
Apothecar)', Mr Charles Pennington, refides in the 


John Davifon, M. D. (Leyden), 
Snowden White, M. D. (Edin. 1769). 
JohnStorert, M. D. (Glafgow 1771). 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Jof. Mollis J, Mr. Thomas Wright %, 
Mr. John Bigibyi, §Mr. Attenburrow t, 
Mr. M?ddox, MeflTrs. Keyworth and Bafnet, 
Mr. Hawkfley, Meffrs, Cox and Dale, 


Cmlfion^ near Bingham. 

hfsng Collingham, 


Mr. Phipps, Mr. Jepfon. 
Mr. Blagg. 
Mr. Francis Swan. 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Jeffery Brock, Mr. Symes, Mr. Herdfraan^ 

* Amongft the numerous benefa£lions to this inftitutlon -we meet w|th the following t 
•* John Smellie, Efq. and John Buxton, and John Ball Mafon, Gent, the mayor and 
*• fherlffs of Nottingham, inftead of the entertainment on Michaelmas day, 1780, gave 
JZoI." We hope to fee this example followed by the magifirates of other corporations. 

•f Removed hither from Grantham. 

^ Surgeons to the Hofpital. 






Stuton in 



Robert Buck, M. D. (Edin. 1780). 

SuRGEO«cs and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Henry Milnes, Mr. Henry Stev/art, 
Mr. Thomas Bland, Mr. Robert Nevinfon. 

^ Mr. John Swan. 


William Holland, M. D. (Edin. 1776). 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Turner, Mr. Gilby, Mr. Cam, Mr. Hall. 

Meflrs. Falkener and Smith, Mr. N. Hutchinfon. 

Mr. William Gibfon. 

Mr. Mellar, Mr. Otter, ^Mr. William Turner. 
Ph y s i c i a n . 

William Mufliet, M. D. Fellow of the Royal 
Coll. of Phyficians, London (removed hither 
from Grantham). 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 
Mr. Robert Bates, 

MeflTrs. William and ^ John Langley, 
Mr. Thomas Briflovv, Mr. John Barker. 


Oxford, The University of Oxford confifis of twen ty 

colleges and five halls f . Alfred is fuppofed by fome 
to have been its founder ; but that prince appears rather 
to have reftoredit, in an age of confufion and ignorance, 
and to have been the father of that ellablirnment and fe- 
curity, which, notwitbftanding fome temporary ihocks 
and interruptions, it has maintained ever fince. Alfred 
crefted certain fchools or halls, and affigned penfions to 
the ftudents. The firft college of the Univerfity, incor- 
porated by royal charter, was that of Walter de Merton, 
A. D. 1274; about which time, 15,000 fcholars are re- 

,.\ ■ ported to have been refident here : but in the reign of 

Henry HL the Univerfity is faid to have confiiled of 
double that number. The number of medical fludents, 
however, has never been confiderable. They have re- 
forted of later years to Leyden and Edinburgh, as they 
did formerly to Montpeli'er and Padua. But the fol- 
follov/ing extraft from the London Medical 
Journal, vol. iii. will Ihcw that the prelent medical 
profefTors of Oxford, animated with a liberal zeal for 
reformation and improvement, ?re exerting their endea- 
vours to render the Univerfity ufeful as a fchool of 

♦' The PJght Hon. Georae Henry Earl of Litchfield, 
** late chancellor of this univerfity, dying in 1772, be- 
*' queathed, after the demife of his lady, the fum which 
" fhould arife from the Tale of his houfe in London, 

f Of the numerous halls, holtels, or Inns, which were the only academical houfes origi- 
nally poffeffed by the ftudents of Oxford, only five fubiia at prefent. Thefe focieties are 
neither endov/ed nor incorporated. They are fubjea to their refpedlve principals, whofe 
falary arifes from the rcom-rent of the houfe. 

H " and 


*' and the furniture thereof, in truft, to the then chan- 
*' eellor of Oxford, the bifliop of Oxford, and the pre- 
" fident of St. John's College, for the eftablifhment of a 
*' Clinical profeffbrihip in the Radcliffe Infirmary. Her 
*' lad\-fhlp died in the year 1779; when the fale of the 
*' faid houfe and furniture produced, clear of all ex- 
*' pence, 4256 1. which fum was vefted in the Three per 
*' Cent. Corjcl. and purchafed 7079 1. ftock, the intereft 
•' whereof amounts annually to 212 1. which is the faiary 
*' of the profelTor, v.-ho, by the noble benefaftor's will 
*' is to be elefted by the members of Convocation. No 
*' perfon is eligible who has not taken a doficr's degree 
*' in phyfic at leaft five years before fuch election; and 
*' by the ftatutes, drawn-up by the prefent trufiees, he is 
*' required to give conftant dally attendance, with the 
*' pupils, on certain felett patients in the Infirmary, and 
*• twice in each week to read a lefture on their cafes, 
** during the winter months, from the beginning of No- 
** vember to the latter end of March. Dr. Parfons was 
" unanimoufly elefted the firft profelTor in 1781. This 
^' eftablilhrneht was intended by the founder for the pro- 
** rnbtlon of the ftudy of phyfic in Oxford; and that bis 
*' great defign may not be fruftrated, the Convocation 
** have abridged the time required for taking degrees in 
•" phyfic, one year after admiffion to regency in arts, 
" (inftead of three) being now fufficient for the degree 
** of batchelor of phyfic, and three years from the de- 
*' gree of batchelor to that of dottor, Inftead of four, as 
*' formerly. The phyficians refident in the place have 
** given their afliftance to the defign. Dr. Parfons con- 
*' tinues to read two courfes in anatomy every year. 
** Dr. Wall reads two courfes in chemiftry. A courfe 
•* of lectures on the praftice of phyfic will next year be 
*' read by Dr. Vivian, and on phyiiology by Dr. Smith. 
" The Rev. Mr. Shaw teaches botany, and Dr. Auftin 
*' delivers mathematical leftures. The number of ftu- 
*' dents in pliyfic is already much increafed, and th.ey 
*' have formed themfelves into a Med ! CAL So c IE TY, 
** which has regular weekly meetings during the winter 
*' months, and of which Martin Wall, M. D. is prefi- 
*• dent, and William Aufiin, M. B. vice-prefident." 

Among the colleges of Oxford, v/e fhall content our- 
ielves with noticing Univerfity College, and Chrift's 
Church College, as being both of them indebted to the 
munificence of medical men ; the former, to Dr. Rad- 
cliffe, and the latter, to Dr. Lee. Dr. Radcliffe be- 
queathed * the fum of five thoufand pounds towards 
creeling the mailer's lodgings, which take up the eaft, 
and part of the north fide of the College. The fame 
phyfician fettled 600 1. per annum on the College for 

* The Doctor, in his life-time, had teftified his regard for this college, in which he had 
received the beft part of his education, by caufing a rich and elegant window of painted 
glafs to be placed aver the altar of the chapel, at his own expence, as appears by the foi- 
iowing infcription. ' D. D. 

Jean. RadchlTe, M. D. Hujus CoUegii Quondam Soclus, 
Ke Is called Socius, not that he v/as a fellow ; but being fenior fcholar, had the fame prlvl* 
Iege3_, though not an equal revenue, with tlie fellows. 



two travelling fellov/fliips *. The fellows are required 
to be at leaf! regent n^afters of ar-i, and receive 300I. 
per annum each for ten years, five of which are fpent 
abroad in obferving the (late of foreign phyfic, &c. A 
ftatue of the dotlor is placed in a niehe over the gate, 
on the infide of the eaReru court of the college. 

Chrift's Church College 'was founded by Cardinal 
Woolfey ; but, among the numerous benefaftors to it 
fince his time, we find the name of the late Dr. Lee, 
who bequeathed twenty thoufand pounds for the iupport 
of feveral new inftitutions in the College ; one of thefe 
is an anatomical fchool, with an ample fiipend for a 

It would lead us into too long and tedious a digref- 
ficc, to defcribe all the public buildings of the Univer- 
fity ; v,'e ihall therefore only mention fome of the prin- 
cipal ones in a fummary way ; as the Radciiife and Bod- 
leian libraries, the Theatre, Afhmolean Mufeum, Cla- 
rendon Printiiig-boufe, &c. 

The R.ADCLifFE Library is fo named, in ho- 
nour of its founder, who bequeathed 40,000!. f for that 
purpofe, and likewife 100 1. per annum for the pur- 
chafe of books ; and an annual falary of 150L to the 
librarian, who is nominated by the great officers of 
fiate. The firft ftone of this fumptuous edifice was laid 
in June 1737, and the whole building completed in 
1747. '^ 

The Bodleian Libra?.y takes its name from Sir 
Thomas Bodley, v/ho' may ju Illy be confidei-ed as its 
founder, the coUeSion of books till his tim.e having- 
teen fmall, neglefted, and of little value, This libcyal- 
minded perlbn, in the account of his life wrii ten by him- 
■felf, after giving us the motives of his retiring from 
court, and' choofing a private life, goes on thus : 
** Whereupon examiining exactly for the reft of my life 
*' what courfe I might take, and having fought (as I 
'** thought) all the ways to the wood, to tt\t&. the moft 
«* proper, I concluded at the laft to fet up my fiaff at the 
*' library-door in Oxon, being thoroughly perfuaded, 
*' that in my folitude and furceafe from the common- 
*' wealth affairs, I could not bufy m.yf-lf to better pur- 
*' pcfe, 
** ever' 

*' fludents. For the effccling 

*' furnifhed, in a competent proportion, "of fuch four 
*• kinds of aids, as unlcfs I had them all, there was no 
*' hope of good fuccefs. For without fome kind of 
<' knowledge, as well in the learned and mcdein 
" tongues, as in fundry other forts of fcholaftic litera- 
" ture'; without fome purfe-abiiicy to go through with 
*' the charge ; ''without great fiore of honourable friends 
<* to further the defign ; and without fpecial good lei- 
'* fure to follov/ fuch a v/ork, it could but have proved 
«' a vain attempt and inconfiderate." Camden, {peak- 
ing of this undertaking, fays, it was a tafk fuited to the 
dipnity of a crowned head, 

* The prefenfe-travelan? fellows are Dr. Robertfon, and Dr. Sibthovp, jun. 
f Bcfidss thefe irnmenle legacies to the Univerilty cf Oxford, Dr. Ruci:i-.K5 tec^ueathei 
60c 1. per annum to St. Eavtholomew's Ilofphai in London. _ 

;, than by reducing that place ( v.hich then in 
7 part lay ruined and v/^Re ) to the public ufe of 
ents. For the effctling whereof, I found myfelf 


The veflibule or firft gallery, with the profcholinm 
under it, was built by Sir Thomas, who furnilhed the 
■whole with a colleftion made with prodigious care and 
cxpence. He likewife affigned an eftate of two hundred 
pounds per annum, for the maintenance of a librarian *, 
&c. and the fupport of a public fund for the library, 
adding a body of ftatutes J, for the regulation of his 
new inftitution. The original flock has been greatly 
enriched by the acceflion of many valuable colleftions of 
snanufcripts, particularly Greek and Oriental} befides 
large additions of choice and ufeful books, from various 

The Theatre, (in which are celebrated the public 
afts, and the annual commemoration of benefaftors to 
the Univerfity, on the ' w of July, inftituted by the late 
Lord Crewe, Bifhop oi Durham, with fome other fo- 
lemnities) was erefted from the defign of Sir C Wren iu 
1699, at the expence of Archbilhop Sheldon, then 
^ chancellor ; Vv ho having beflowed 15,0001. on building 

it, endowed it with 2000 1. to purchafe lands for its 
perpetual repair. When the Univerfity is aflembled in 
this building, the Vice-chancellor, with the two Proc- 
tors, are feated in the center of the femicircular part ; 
on each hand are the young noblemen and doftors ; the 
Matters of Arts in the area. The reft of the Uni- 
verfity, and firangers of both fexes, are placed in the 

The As HMO LEAN MusEUM was founded by Elias 
Afhmole, Efq. who, in 1677, "^a'^c an offer to beftow 
upon the Univerfity his colleftion of natural bodies, to- 
gether with his coins and manufcripts, on condition that 
they fiiould ereft a building for their reception. This 
"' offer was accepted, and the building finilhed in 1682, 
under the conduft of Sir Chriftopher Wren. Many va- 
luable additions have been made to the Mufeum fince its 
firft foundation j and, among others, the collections of 
Martin Lifter, M. D. of Dr. Plott, and Mr. Edward 
Llywd, its two firft keepers, the Reverend William 
Eorlafe, Bifhop Gibfon, Thomas Brathwaite, Efq. &c. 
Befides the room in v/hich the curiofities are repofitcd, 
there are three fmall libraries; the firft, called Afh- 

* F-y Sir Thomas's will, forty pounds per annvun were app£)inted to be paid to the head 
librarian, ten pounds to the fub-librarian, and eight to the junior. 

\ Among other provifions in thefe ftatutes, are the following : i. That the librarian fhall 
be a graduate, without care of fouls, and unmarried : 2. That none fliall enjoy the privi ege 
of ftudying in the library, but only doftors and licentiates of the three faculties ; batchelors 
~ of divinity, mafters of arts, batchelors of phyfic and law, and batchelors of arts of two years 
ftanding; aJfo Lords, and the fons of members of Parliament, and thole who become bene- 
faftors to the Library \ and that all fuch before admiffion to l^ach privileges, (Tiall take an 
oath prefcribedin the ftatutes : 3. That any perfon who ihall be convicted of difmembering 
or purhining, or altering any word or pafiage of any book, fhnll be publicly degraded, and 
expelled the Univerfity : 4. That eight overfeers or vifi tors of the Library, (viz. the Vice- 
chancellor and Proiftorsj the three profeflors of divinity, law, and phync, and the two 
rsgius profelTors of Hebrew and Greek) fhall be appointed to infpe£l the Itste, both of the 
building and the books, the behaviour of the keeper, &c. annuafy on the 8th of Novem- 
ber i and that on the vilitatlon-day, forty fhillings ihall be allowed to be expended on a 
dinner or fupper for the vifitors ; and chat gloves ftiall be prefented to them by the beadle, 
viz. fcven pair of ten fhillings the pair to the five profeflors and two protlors, and one pair 
ci twenty fhillings price to the vice-chancellor, lefides forty ihilUngs in money to each of 
tilt p/octois, and twenty nobles to the vice-chancelior, 



mole's Study, contains the printed books and manu- 
fcripts of the founder, and likewife the" manufcripts of 
Sir W. Dugdale, author of the Monafticon ; the fecond 
is that of Dr. Lifter; and the laft that of Anthony 

The Clarendon Printing-house is a magni- 
ficent ftru6lure, and was built in 1711, by the profits 
arifmg from the fale of Lord Clarendon's Hiftory of the 
Rebellion; the copy of which had been prefented to the 
Univerlity by his two fons, the Lords Clarendon and 

The Physic Garden, which is fituated to the 
fouth of Magdalen College, contains five acres. It was 
founded by the Earl of Danby in 1652. The ground is 
divided into four quarters. At the entrance, on the 
right and left, are two neat and convenient green- 
houfes, ftocked with a valuable collefiion of exotics. 
The quarters are filled with fuch plants as grow naturally. 
Without the walls on the eaft is an excellent hot-houfe. 
This garden was greatly indebted to Dr. Sherrard, who 
afligned 3000 1, for the maintenance of a profefTor, and 
has been rendered famous by the writings of Morrifon, 
Bobart, and Dillenius : after the death of the latter, in 
1747, the prefent profefTor was nominated by the Col- 
lege of Phyficians, in whom all future nominations are 

The Academical Year is divided into the four terms 
following, viz. 

Lent term, which begins January 14, and ends 

March 27. 

"^ Eaftcr term, — April 14 — May 20. 

Trinity term, — June 2 — July 17, 

Michaelmas term, ~ 06lober 11 - December !•/, 

Degrees are conferred annually on the day of t^e A&^ 

which is on the firft Monday after the 6th of July. The 

exercifcs for degrees confift of public difputations and 


* 1772 i?f^.Pr£>/e/'^P4>/W,Vivian,M.D.(i76i), 
1747 Profefor of Botany. Hum^phrey Sibthorpc, 
M.D. (I74^^. 

1762 Read£r in Anatoyny. John Farfons, M. D. 
(1772), Fellow of the Royal College 
of Phyficians, London. 
Br. Parfons reads two courfes of Anato- 
mical Leftures every year. 

11781 Reader in ChemiJJry. Martin Wall, M.D. 

1782 Profefor of Natural Philofaphy. Thoma« 
Hornfby, B. D. 

J766 — -r- Geometry. John Smith, M.D. 

(Oxford 1757). 

Keeper of the Bodleian Library. J. Price, B.D. 

Afhmolean Mufeum. William 

Sheffield, D. D. 

* The date of election trthe Profeflbriliip. 




Bourton m the Water. 





Do, chejier. 

-> Radcliff'e Library. B. Kenni- 

cott, D.D. F. R.S. 

The Radcliffe Infirmary at Oxford was 
erefted by the truflees of Dr. RadclifFe's benefaftion, 
out of the furplus money remaining after defraying the 
expences of the library. The ground was given by 
Thomas Rowney, Efq. and the expences of the charity 
are defrayed by voluntary contributions. The building 
was begun in May 1759, and opened upon St. Luke's 
day, 1770. 

Fujficians. John ^mitb, M. D. 

\Villiam Vivian, M. D. 
John Parfons, M. D. 
Martin Wall, M. D. 

Surgeons. Mr. Henry Towfey, 
Mr. John Grofvenor, 
Mr. Langford, Mr. Burford. 

Apothecary. Mr. Rich. Walker. 

Pkyf.dans, &c. at Oxford, not included in the preceding 


Swithin Adee, M. D. (Oxford, 1733), Fellow of 
the Royai College of Phvficians, London, 

"Walter Rowden, M. D. f Oxford, 1748). 

ToiinFoulkes, M. D. (Oxford. 1754). 

William Auflin, M.B. (Oxford, 1782). 
Su R o E o N' s and Apothecaries. 

Iv'Ir. Clarfon, Mr. Curtis, Mr. Meyfty, 

Mr. Rawlins, Mr. Ireland, ' 

Meffrs. V/harton and Malhon, Mr. Sandall, 

^Mr. Thomas Pafco, Mr. Bcnnet. 
-De ntists. 

Mr. Curtis, jun. Mr. Rofe. 

Surgeon and Apothecary. 

Mr. Andrew. 

Dr. Burford, (St. Andrew's). 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Deackle, Mr. Burford, jun. Mr. Lone, 

Mr. William Hayward, Mr.^ Callow. 

Mr. Davis, Mr. Penrofe, Mr. William Moore. 

Mr. ChavafTe, Mr. Hunt, Mr. Swancott. 

Mr. Paxford. 

Mr. Briflow. 

Mr Heyms, Mr. Bulley, Mr. Collier, 
Mr. Tilfley, Mr. Markamp. 

Mr. Lifter. 

Mr. Griffin. 

Mr. Forward. 

Mr. Mapleton, Mr. Tho. CrelTwelL 

Mr. Jordan^ 

Mr. Kent. 






Mr. Dorrington, Mr. Littlehales. 

Mr. Smith, Mr. Styles. 

Mr. Harnefs, Mr. Medcalfe. Mr. Stringer. 

Mr. Edw. Batt, Mr. Lankfhear, Mr. Trimwell. 

Mr. Bartholomew, Mr. Cole, / 

Uppingham » 


Surgeons arid Apothecaries. 

Mr. Berry, Mr. Hicks, Mr. Jones, 

Dr. Armilrong^. 


Surgeons and Apothecaries. 
Mr. John Smith, Mr. Larratt. 


BijQtop's Cafle. 



Church Stretton. 
Clcobury Mortimer, 



The Salop Infirmary was opened at Shrewfbury 
in 1747, for the relief of patients m every difeafc, fmali- 
pox only excepted, i-t contains abeut feventy beds, and 
is fupported by voluntary contributions. . It is attended 
gratis by the phyficians at Shrewfbury, and by three 
furgeons. Mr. William Sandford, Apothecary to the 
Infirmary, refides in the houfe. 

Price Owen, M. D. (Edin. 1757>. 

Samuel Harwood, M. B. (Chrift Church College, 
Oxford, 1772). 

John Evans, M. D. (Edin. 1778). 

Vv^ H. Mucklefton, M. B. (Oxford). 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Thomas Boteogle. Mr. Peter Blakeway, 

* Mr. Samuel Sandford, * Mr. William Morris, 
Mr. Birtles^ Mr. Allen Wheeler, 

* Mr. John S. Dod, Mr. Cartwright, 
Mr. Fowke, MeflTrs. Holt and Bromfeld, 
Mr. Symonds, Mr. Tudor, 

Meffrs. Winnalland Son, Mr. Wynne, 
Mr. Yeomans. 

Mr. Crump. 

Mr. Drew, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Karris, 

Mr. WooIlaRon, Mr. Will. Nathaniel Davies, 

Mr. Beale, Mr. Evans, Mr. Plall, 

Mr. Wilkes, Mr. Colev. 

Mr. Corbet, Mr. Rowley, Mr. Wyke. 

Mr. Home. 

Mr. Seager, one of the Coroners of the County of 

Mr. Fairbeck, Mr. Grofvenor, 
Meffrs. Nicholls and Son, 

Surgeons to the Infirmary, 





Hales Owen. 


Madeley Weed. 

Prejion Brockhurf.. 






Me ffrs. Pretty and Son, 

(j Mr. James Wefton Judgfon, 

Mr. Arthur Blainey. 

Mr. Beetenfon, Mr. James. 

MefTrs. Gaunt, Father and two Sons. 
Mr. Llewellin. 

The Ludlow Dispensary was infiituted m 
I'ebruary, 1701. The fubfcription the firfl. year amounted 
to 661. and (he expences (including the outfit) io 52!. 
During that fpa^e, 392 patients were admitted. 

Phyjician. Martin Dunne, M. B. (Oxford)c 

Surgeon. Mr. Richard James. 

Apothecary, Mr. Herb. Cole. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries at Ludlow. 

^ Mr. Richard Turner, Mr. Herbert Cole. 

Mr. Gilly Pritchfctt, Mr. Richard James, 

Mr. Langflow, removed hither from Church Strettorie. 

Mr. Henry Davies. 

Mr. Bowden, Mr. Stanley, Mr. V\^right. 

Mr Brown, Mr. Collins, Mr. Jone^ 

Mr. Francis Bray. 

Mr. Cotterell, Mr. Griffith, 

Mr. John Evans, 

Mr. Langford, Mr. Lovetf, 

MefTrs. Price and Son, Mr. Read- 

Mr. Jobnfon. 

Mr. Stanier, ^ Mr. William Youn^. 

Mr. Cartwright, Mr. Doughty, Mr. Roe, 
Mr. Sheltpn. 

MefTrs. Beetenfon and Son, Mr. Higgins. 
Mr. Edward Grainger, Mr. Edward Corfield. 
Mr. Brookes, ^ Mr. Edward Jones, 
ivIcITrs.' Wkkftead and Meakin. 




Surgeons and Apothecaries. 
Mr. Clark. 

Mr. Jimes Tuthel, Mr. W. Watts. 
The General Hospital at Bath is fupported 
by voluntary fubfcription, and is open for the reception 
of patients from any part of the kingdom, the poor of 
Bath only excepted, the intention of the Charity being 
to admit only fuch cafes as require the ufe of the Bath 
waters. Patients who apply for admittance into thi$ 
Hofpital, are required to fend an account of their cafe, 
See. duly attefled, to the Secretary of the Charity. 
Such as are judged to be proper obje6ts have notice given 
them, by letter, of the day they may depend on being 
received into the houfe. This Hofpital is attended 
gratis by three phyCcians and three furgeons. 



PHysiciA:f7s +. 

* R, Charlron, M. D. (Oxford). 

Dr. Woodward, (Oxford), formerly Phyfician to 

the Briliol Infirmary. 
Dr. Staker, (Oxford). 

* Dr. Harrington, (Oxford). 

Daniel Lyfons, M. D. (Oxford), praaifed for- 
merly at Glouceilcr. 

* William Falconer, M. D. (EdJn. 1776) F. R. S. 
, William Vv^atfon, jun M. D. (Cambr. j F. R. S. 

John Lee, M. D. (Rh^ms), oftheR. C.P. Lon- 
don, and F. R. S. 

Peter Pvenaudet, M. D. 

John Smith, M. D. removed hither from Oxford. 

Matthev/ Dobfon, M. D. (Edin. 1756) F. R. S. 
removed hither from Liverpool. 

Caleb Hilliar Parry, M.D. (Edin. 1778) removed 
hither from Circencefler. 

John Berkenhout, M. D. (Edin.) 


* Mr. Wright, * Mr. Sy mends. 

Mr. Rundell, Mr. Cattell, Mr. Attwood, 
Mr. Nicholls, *Mr. Phillot, Mr. Perry, 
Mr. Cadby, Mr. C Crutwell, 

Mr. Wake, Mr. Galloway, 

Mr. Crooke, Mr. Spry, 

MeiTrs. Andcrton and Elmes, 

MeiTrs. Weft and Sole, Mr. Harford, 

Mr. Hamilton, Mr. FoOer, Mr. Tickell, 

Mr. Cooke, Mr. G-oldaone, Mr. Larman, 

Mr. Hay, Mr. Dawion, 

Mr. Knight, Mr. Kitfon, Mr. Gabry, 

Mr. Gent, Mr. Gree." Parry, 

Mr. Hemingi-, Mr. Poinfent. 

Brid^ezvater. P h y s j c i a n . 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr Hill Dawe, Mr. John Haviland, 
Mr. William Came, Mr. Pvcbert Bryant, 
Mr. John Giles, Mr. John Anftice. 

BrijIoL The Bristol Infirmary, indituted in 1737, 

contains an hundred and forty beds ; the prefent build- 
ing, however, being inadequate to the purpofes of the 
charity, a fcherae is in agitation for ereSing a new one 
on a more enlarged plan. Mr. Benj. Mafon, the apo- 
thecary, refides in the houfe, which is attended gratis 
by the following phyficians and furgeons. 

Phyjidans. James Plomer, M. D. (Glaf- 

gow, 1756). 
John Wright, M. D, 
William Moncrieffe, M. D. 
(Edin. 1768). 

f Thofe marked * are phyficians and furgeons to the General HofpitaJ. 


Arthur Broughton, M. D. 
(Edin. 1778). 

Surgeons. Mr. R. Smith, 

Mr. Godfrey Lowe, 
Mr. Pad more Noble, 
Mr. James Norman, 
Mr. Morgan Yeatman. 

Surgeon Extra. Mr. J. Page. 

A DisPE NSARY was inftituted at Briftol in 1776, 
to relieve the fick poor at their own houfes, and in 1777 
was extended to lying-in women. The former are at- 
tended by an apothecary, and in extraordinary cafes by a 
phyfician ; the latter are delivered by a furgeon, and 
provided with neceflary linen during the month. 

About 400 fick patients, and 150 lying-in women are 
annually taken care of by this charity. 

- . Phyjidans. Abraham Ludlow, M. D. (St. 

John Wright, M. D. 

Men Midwives. Mr. Tho. Siiellard, 
Mr. Carpenter. 

Apothecary. Mr. R. Simpfon. 

' ' ■ Phyfi-cianSy Surgeons, &c. not included in tJiC foregoing Lifts 


Thomas Rigge, M. D. (Padua). 

Colin Drummond, M. D. Fellow of the R. C. P, 

John Tilladams, M. D. (St. Andrew's, praaifes 
furgery, pharmacy, and midwifery. 

- Surgeons. 

Mr. John Ford, Mr. John CaRleman, 

Mr. John Townfend, (late Surgeon to theLifirm.) 

Mr. William Barrett, Mr. Peter Wells, 

MeiTrs. W. and G. Goldwyer, 

Mr. Thomas Davies, Mr. Jenner, 

^ Mr, Jofeph Metford. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 
Mr. Safford, jun. Mr. Blagden, 
Mr. Brimble, Mr. Chittenden. 


MeiTrs. William Dyer and Francis Gold, 

Meifrs. Jofeph Shapland and William Broderip, 

Mr. John Berjew, Mr. Headington, 

Mr. William'Brown, Mr. T. Brown, 

Mr. Prieft, Mr. Yeatman, Mr. Moffe, Mr. Edwards, 

Mr. Newland, Mr. Power, Mr. Kelfon, 

Mr. Safford, fen. Mr. Rich, 

Mr. Dare, Mr. Gofs, Mr. Martin. 

Brifol Hot Wells, & Clifton, Mr. Barry, Mr. Cunningham, Mr. Hughes, 

Mr. Charleton Yeatman, Mr. Rufs. 

Bruton, Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr, Samfon, Mr. Haglay, Mr. Mltchel, 

' Caf'U 

Cajlle Cary. 


Chexju Magna, 






North Curry, 
North P ether ton. 
Shepton Mallet. 


South P ether tone 

Taimtcn *, 


Mr. Vigar. 

Mr. Churchill, Mr. Robert James, Mr. Colmer« 
Mr. Francis Sherborne, Mr. Shephtrd. 
Physic ian. 

Richard Paget, M. D. (Oxford). 

Surgeon and Apothecary. 
Mr. James Flower. 

Mr. William Wooldridge. 
Phys ic ian. 

Samuel Daniel, M. D. (Edin. 1776) Extra-Licen- 
tiate of the College of Phyficians, London. 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Hugh Yeatman, Mr. William Rennaway, 

Mr. Richard Combes, Mr. George Baker. 

Mr. William Pearfe, Mr. John Chefter, 

Mr. Nathaniel Leigh. 

Meffrs. Humphries and Froud, 

Mr. Vincent, Mr. Houfton, Mr. Brcnvning. 

Mr. Robert Jefferey. 

Mr. Robert Trent, Mr. Paul, Mr. Wilkins. 

Mr. Shorland, Mr. Palmer. 

MefTrs. Palmer and Sheering. 

§ Mr. Samuel Norman, Mr. SaunderSj 
Mr. Mitchell. 

Mr. George Moon. 

Mr. James Hart. 

Mr. William Weftcott, Mr. Jofeph Horfex. 

Mr. John Holman, Mr, Thomas Culmer, 

Mr. Bridge. 

Mr. John Colmer. 

Mr. Richard Ridley. 

Mr. Hipfley, Mr. Goiraorough, 
Mr. Curtis, Mr. Long. 

Mr. Edmund Anderton, Mr. Worth, 
Mr. Shorland. 

Mr. William Chapman, 

Mr. Stephen Bridge, 

Mr. Richard Cox. 
' P H Y s 1 c I A N s . 

John Cabbell, M. D. (Edin. 1755). 

John Warren, M. D. (Edin. 1771) Correfpond-? 
ing Member of the Royal Medical Society at 
Paris. ^ . 


Mr. James Bryant. 

* A Coanty Hofpital is building at Taunton, 






♦ Surgeons and Apothecaries. 
Mr. John Sydenham, 
Mr. Ferdinando Anderdon, 
Mr. Thomas Woodforde, Mr. John Clitfome, 
Mr. Sydenham Pippen, Mr. Thomas Coles, 
Mr. John Welch, Mr. John Oilmen. 
Mr. Thomas Grove, Mr. Jofeph Metford. 
\ Mr. William Pearce, 
Meffrs. Rock and Miller, 
Meffrs. Pulsford and Son, 
Mr. Watts, Mr. Kate. 

Mr. Brett, Mr. Bridge, Mr. Holman. 
Mr. Perfeft, Mr. Brlckenden. 
Mr. Laurence, Mr. Cranmer. 
Mr. Shorland, Mr. Rawlins. 



Abbots Bronilty. 
Barton Underwccd. 
Bet ley. 

Burton Upon Trent. 


Hanby Green. 

The County Infirmary at Stafford is a 
handfome brick building, capable dF containing eighty 
patients. It is attended gratis by two of the Phyficians 
of the town, but the two Surgeons have an annual falary 
<>f3ol. each. The Apothecary (Mr. R. Hughes), re,- 
fides in the houfe. 

Archibald Campbell,. M. D. (Edin. 1765) formerly 
Phyfician to the Iniirmary. 

+ Thomas Underbill, M.B. TLouvain). 

t Thomas Fowler, M.D. (Edin. 1778). 

Surg EONS and Apothecaries. 

J^leiTrs. Thomas Wright and + Richard Adams, 
Meffrs. t John Ward and y/illiam Fieldhoufe, 
Mr. William Wetv/ood. 

Mr. Thomas Sake. 

Mr. Birch. 

Mr. Gardener. 

Mr. Richard V^^right, Mr. John Hope, 

Mr. Green, (removed hither from Cannock). 

Mr. Spinder, Mr. Newton, 

Meffrs. Lee and Son, Mr. Burflem. 

Mr. William Field. 

Mr. Howard Moreton, § Mr. John Jefferys. 

Mr. Bromley. 

Mr. William Northen, Mr. Naihanlel Dean? 

Mr. Dervent. 

■\ Phyficians and Surgeons to the Infirmary. 







Kewcajlk under Line. 







Mr. Reeve. 

Mr. Fox. . 

Mr. Cope. 

MefTrs. Cope and Son, 

Mr. Feilding-Befl Fynney. 

Trevor Jones, M. D. (Edin. 1779). 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. William Baylie, Mr. William Cotton, 

Mr. Richard Green, Mr. Hartweii, 

Mr. Thomas Salt, Mr. Hedor, 

Mr. Beaumont. 
Ph y s 1 c I a n , 

John Afibury, M. D. (EdIn. 3781). 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. James Bent, Mr. Beech, Mr. Staiaer, 

Mr. Hadderton, Mr. Coombe. 

Mr. Hadley. 

Mr. John Webb, Mr. Tonks. 

MefTrs. Britain and Hall, Mr. Fortefcue. 

Mr. John Hickin, Meflrs. JeflFerys, 

Mr, J. Warrillow. 

Mr. J. Olderfhawj MefTrs. Lyon and Bates, 
Mr. Bradgate, Mr. William Greafly, 
Mr. Freer. 

Mr. Spencer, Mr. Chawner. 

Mr. John Smith, Mr. Bayley Madeley, 

Mj. Francis Goodall. 

Mr. Smith. 

Dr. Morrifon, 

Dr. Wright. 
Surgeons asid Apothecaries. 

Mr. Jones, Mr. V/hite, 

Mr. Stubbs, Mr. Palmer, 

Mr. Riddlefton, Mr. Biiliop, 

Mr. Lightwood. 





Surgeons and Apothecarie 
Mr. Crabb, Mr. Raymond. 

Mr. Spinluff. 

Mr. Kemble. 

* A BoTANicAi. SociET-y has lately been inftituted atLitchiie!d, to which the public 
are indebted for an excellent Englllh tranflation of the vegetable fyftem oi Linn.^us. 







Earls Sokam. 

Eaft Burghok. 





Nay land. 
Needham Market. 


Mr. Armftrong, Mr. Smith. 

Mr. Tufon, 

Mr. V\/". Rofe, (removed hither from Maidfione, 

Mr. Keir Keable. 
Mr. Lewis. 

Mifael Remon Malfalgueyrat, M. D. 
J. Norford, M. D. Extra Licentiate of the CoH. 
of Phyfjcians, London. 


^Thomas Geary Cullum, Efq. Bath King of Arms. 
Mr. Steward. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Roger Hafled, Mr. Ellis Simpfan, 
Mr. Brown, Mr. Hav/es, 
Mr. Haftead, Mr. Hubbard. 
- Mr. John Lynn, (retired from pra£lice). 
Mr. Thomas Matthews. 

Mr. Rofe, § Mr. Thomas Nafii. 

Mr.V/illiam Henrhman. 

Mr. Simpfon. 

Mr. V/illiam Spalding, Mr. John Say 

Mr. Richard Mudd. 
Physi C IAN. 

Thomas Gibbons, M. D. (Edin. 1775). 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. George Parfons, Mr. James D'Oylev, 

Mr. Charles D'Oyley. 

Mr, John Revans. 


E. Newdigate, M. D. (Cambridge). 
Charles Hay, M. D. % T- Neale, M. D. 
J. Biglbv, M. B. (Cambridge). 
Rob. Loveil, M. D. (Edin.) 
Edward Venn, A. M. (Cambridge). 

S u R G E o N s and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Nathaniel Bucke, Mr. John Clubbe, 
Mr. John Rodbeid, Mr. William Sparks, 
Mr. Henry Gardiner, Mr. Miles P.adland, 
Mr. Stebbing, Mr. Henry Spekamp. 

Mr. John Birch. 

Mr. Arnold. 

Mr. William Palmer. 

Mr. Fairclongh, Mr. Tomkins, Mr. Leak. 

Mr. Reck, Mr. Robert" Abbott. 

Mr. William 
Mr. Randall. 
Mr. Wilfoa. 

San flit 










Wickkam Market. 





Mr. Baker, Mr. Cooper. 
Mr. Kemball. 
Mr. John Nurfey. 

Mr. Bayley, Mr. Freeman, Mr. Craddock. 
Mr. Newfon. 

Samuel Chapman, M. D. Member of the RoVa! 
College of Phyficians, London. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 
Mr. Firmin, Mr. Downs, 
Mr. John Deeks, Mr. Beeterfon, 

Mr. tlpfher. 

Mr. Salmon. 

Mr. James Lynn, Mr. John Page, 
Mr. Thurfton Whinper, Mr. Newfon. 

Mr. John Garneys, Mr. Denney, 
Mr. Reynolds. ■ 

AJk ne:xT Farnharn, 


Clap ham. 



EzvelL , 


S U P. R Y+. 

Surgeon and Apothecary. 
Mr. Newnham. 

Mr. Richard Smith, Mr. Charles Mapletoft, 
Mr. William Dundas. 

Mr. Bean. 

Mr. William Irifh, Mr. Edward Seward. 
MeiTrs. BlifTet, and Thomas Fawler. 

Samuel Wathen, M. D. Mem.ber of the Roj'al 
College of Phyficians, London. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 
Mr. Swain, Mr. Anfell. 


Jofcph Allen, M. D. Member of the Royal Col- 
lege oi Phyficians, London. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

MelFrs. Stevenfon and Son. 

John Gierke, M. D. Fellow of the Royal College 
of Phyficians, London. 

Surgeon i and Apothecaries. 
Mr. Hairifon, Mr. Raven. 
Mr. John Fellows. 
Mr. Lam.b. 

Mr. Richard Drinkwater, Mr. Charles Clarke, ' 
Mr., Mr. Robert Alien. 
Mr. John Armfirong, Mr. Waring, 
\ Mr. John James". 

■f- Lamhethi Nc-^/Angton, and Scuth'vjarkj are included in the article oi London. 




King JI on. 









Dr. Wright. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries, 

Mr. William Newland, 

Mr. Richard Hallamby, 

Meflrs. Benjamin Wilpy and Peter Mitchcl!, 

Mr. William Shaw, Mr. John Cunningham. 

Mr. Colman. 

John Anderfon, M. D. (Edin.) 

Will. Lee Perkins, M. D. (Aberdeen) removed 
hither from Doncafter. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 
Mr. Bennett, Mr. Bailey, 
Mr. Emmett, Mr. Smith. 

Mr. Vine James Bennet. 
Mr. John Nalh. 
Mr. Edwards. 


Dr. Prendergafl;. 

Surgeons and Apothe fcARiES. 
Mr. Robertfon, Mr. Dundas, 
\ Mr. John Samuel Charlton, 
^ Mr. William Salter, Mr. Smith, 
Mr. Bever. 

Mr. Edward Harborough. 

Mr. Briftol, Mr. Caftleman. 

Mr. Kitching. 

MeiTrs. T. Howard, and W. Carpenter. 

Mr. Mapletoft, 

Mr. Swaby, (fucceeds Mr. Webb who has retired 
from pra£lice). 

Mr. Oliver, Mr. John Leech. 





Brighthclmjlone \; 

Surgeon and Apothecary. 
Mr. Snelling. 

Meffrs. Birch and Wickham, Mr. Hills. 

Giles Watts, M. D. (Leyden 1753). 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Solomon Duke, Mr. Robert Young, 

Air. John Hammond. 

Mr. William Blackman, Mr. Bcllingham, 
Mr. Henry Cruttenden, Mr. Balduc. 
Meffrs. Lowdell and \ Son, Mr. Kipping, 
Mr. Tilfton, Mr. Gilbert. 

\ Dr. Pepys, of London^ attends here during the Bathing Seafon. 



thickejer. Physicians. 

John Bavly, M. D. (Edin. 1757). 
Thomas Sanden, M. D. (Edin. 1774). 

Mr. Baker, ^ Mr, William Guy, 
Mr. Pvichard Newland. 

Surgeons and ApotHECARiES. 

Mr. T. Guy, jun. ^ Mr. W. W, Napper^ 
Mr. Street. 


Mr. T. Guy, fen. Mr. Farhill, Mr» Gruggihi 
Crawley-^ Mr. Dungate. 

Cuckjield, Mr. Peckman, Mr. Chatfield. 

Dallmgtom Mr. Richard Smith, Mr. Naddall. 

£a/i Bourne; Mr. Noakes, Mr. Cowpar Sampfon* 

£q^ Grinjlead^ Mr. Thomas Young, Mr. Cannon, 

, Mr. John Chafmore, 

Farring. Mr. Groomei 

Franjield, Mr. Stone. 

tiail/ham-^ Mr. Hurdeis, Mr. Merricks. 

Hajiings* Mr. Lake; 

Henjield* Mr. Eccent. JLewis. 

Hoadley. Mr. Paine. 

Horjkam. Mr. Edward Dubbins, Mr. John Dendfg 

Mr. John Burry, Mr. Francis Read. 

Hurjlperpoint, Mu Weeks, Mr. Marchant. 

-Lems. Physicians. 

^ David Bayfbrd, M. D. (Archbp. of Cant, i^8i) 

F. R. S. 
J. H. Toulmin, M. D. 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Mercer, Mr. Mannings, Mr. Chambers, 
Mr. Turner, Mr. Verral, Mr. Davy, Mr. RidgCi 

Lindjield: Mr. Pierpointi 

Mayjield, ~ Mr. Benge. 

Midhurfi. Mr. Langrifli, Mr. S. Swinburn, Mr. ColHnSo 

Northiam„ Meflrs. Bachellof and Jenner. 

Petzvortk. - Mr. Whicher^ Mr. Biagden, Mr, Newland^ 

Pulborough, . Mr. Peter Martin. 

Rother/bridge^ Mr. Samuel Durrant. 

kndgzvkh Mr. Harborough, 

Ryci Mr. Cuckow, Mr. Watfon, 

Mr. Needier Chambe. lain, Mr. Denn?., 

Shorekam^ Mr. Milcox. 

Steyning, Mr. Penfold, Mr. Ingram, 

Storrington. ' Meflrs. Dennett, Mr. Coatesn 

Tijihurji, Mr, Samuel Nevrington, 




Tunhiidge Welis» Mr. William Marfden, Mr. Kipping, 

Uckfeld. Mr. Fuller, Mr. John Fuller, Mr. Hall. 

WadkurQ* Mr. John Blackman. 

Wejlfield. Mr. Edmund Weeks. 

Wejl-Tarnng. Mr. Birch. 

Wkckelfea. Mr. Thomas Holford. 


Alcefl^r. Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Richard Bloxham, 
Meffrs. JpfephBrandifh, fen. andjun, 

Atktrjlont. Physician. 

Edmund Seager, M. D. (St. Andrew's) praQifes 
Surgery and Pharmacy. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Robert Smith, Mr. Nicholas Smith. 
Bedtdortkt Mr. William Welton. 

Birmingham^ The General Hospital at Birmingham wa» 

opened for the reception of patients at Michaelmas i -/yg. 
At prefent, only forty in-patients are admitted j but 
there is fufficieni fCfom in it fer jaobeds. The wards 
are aired by meaias of three Ventilators, and a circular 
aperture over each door. It is attended gratis by the 
four Phyficians at Birmingham, and by four Surgeons. 

John Afh, M. t>. (Oxford). 

William Withering, M. D. (Edin. 1766), 

Thomas Smith, M. D. (Edin. 1767). 

Edward Johnfione, M. D. (Edin. 1779) Son to 

, I>r. Johafione of Kidderminfter. 

Mr. Edmund He£tor, *Mr. Kennedy, 
' * Mr. John Freer, jun. * Mr. Jeremiah Vaux, 

* Mr. Thomas Tomlinfon, Mr. Robert M^ard, 

Mr. William Oakley, Mr. Robert Minors, 

Mr. Jofeph Phipfon. 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Jofeph Barker, Mr. Richard Barrow, 

Mr. John Derrington, Mr. John Freer, fen. 

Mr. Michael Gyles, Mr. \^^illiam Hinckley, 

Mr. William Mafon, Mr. Kimberley Moore, 

Mr. Robert Simpfon, 

I Mr. John Blount, (removed hither from Bron::*^ 
yard, Herefordfhire). 
Apothecar ies. 

Mr. John Burbery, Mr. John Davies. 
Bitfcrd» - Surgeon and Apothecary. 

Mr. Brandifh. 

* Sur^ewis to the Infirmary- 



toleJhHL Mr. John Barker, fen. 

^ Mr. John Cartwright DIckenfon, 
Mr. Joyce, Mr. John Barker, jun. Mr, J. James, 
Coventry, Physician's. 

Robert Simfon, M. D. (St. Andrew's). 
David Rattray, M. D. (Edinburgh), 

Mr. Grove Harold. 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 
Mr. Bradford Wilmer, Mr. S. Gibs, 
Mr. Henry Yardley, Mr. H.Cole, 
Mr. Francis Kirkland. 


Mr. Thomas Penn Vernon, Mir. Lucas, 
Fiilingley» Surgeon and Apothecary. 

Mr. Nathaniel Smart. 

Henley in Ardeh'o Mr. Thomas Burman, Mi:. Jeffeiy Jones^ 

Mr. James Ward. 

Kineton, Mr. Welchman. 

Keniltoortk'o Mr. Bridges, Mr. Wilcbi. 

Mcridon. ^ Mr. Gaunt. 

Nuneaton, MeflVs. Benjamin and William Bindley, 

Mr. Barber: 

Rugby, Mr. Clare, Mr. Williams. 

SolihulL Mr. Brie, Mr. Short. 

Sutton-ColdJieM. Mr. William Terty, Mr, James Reld Shaw, 

Southam. Mr. Snow, Mr. Blundell. 

Stratford upon AvoHt Mr. Nott, Mr. Prefion; 

Tamworlh* MeflVs. W?ker Lyon and Edv^Tiid Bage, 

Mr. William Freer, § Mr, William Greflefj 
Mr. Gilbert Bradgate. 

Warwick, Physicians, 

Dr. Haddow, (St, Andrew's). 

— .Landor, M. B. (Oxford), 

Surgeons and Apothecaries, 
Mr. Wale, Meffrs. Birch and Son, 
Mr, Palmer, Mr. Geary, Mr. Cowper, 


Burton ;> 



John Atkinfon, M. D. 

James Ainflie, M. D. (Edin. 1754). 
Surgeons and Apothecar ies. 

Mr. James Fell, Mr. John Claxton, 

Mr. Jofeph Mafterfon, Mr. John Pennlngtoii, 

Mr. Thomas Moor, Mr. William Wilkin, 
Mr- Thomas Pearfon, 

Mr; John Parkin fan. 



Kirhy-Lon/dale, Mr. Henry Bickerfteth, Mr. Pearfon. 



Mr. John Jackfon, Mr. John Wharton^ 
Mr. Hugh Dockeray. 








Th« Salisbury Infirmary was eflablifhed iir 
1767. It is a handfome building, in an airy fiiuation, 
and contains feventy-five beds, five of which are for 
venereal patients ; but the number of patients at any one 
time in the houfe feldom exceeds forty. This charity is 
attended gratis by two Phyficians, two Surgeons, and a 
fuperintending Apothecary. The bufinefs of the latter 
is to examine the drugs, druggift's bills, &c. One of the 
Apothecaries of the town is elefted annually for this 

Phyf. Charles Grove, M. D. (Camb. 1782). 
George Daniell, M. D. (Edin. 1782). 

Surgeons. Mr. Hill, Mr. Curtis. 
ApotA, Mr. Stanton. 

PhyfidanSi Surgeonsj and Apothecaries^ not included in the 

above lifi- 

John Jacob, M. D, (Camb. J758) formerly Phy£» 
to the Infirmary. 

Dr. Hancock. 

Dr. Tatum, formerly Surgeon to the Infirmary, 

Thomas Jeans^ M. D. (Leyden 1781)* 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

X Mr. Wick, :j: Mr. Goldwyer, Mr. Dennis, 

Mr. Robert Braft, Mr. Roberts, 

McfTrs. Forfyth and Smith, 

Mr. Edgar, Mr. Allen. ' 

Mr. Bloxham. 
Meflrs. Davis and Brown, 
Mr. Hooper, Mr. Davies. 
Mr. Richens. 

MefTrs. AllfupandGreg, Mr. Wayt, 
Mr. Hadley, Mr. Maynard. 

Mr. Merrewether, Mr. Barry, Mf . Vaughan, 
Mr. Rutty, Mr. Jennings. 

Mr. Cooper. 

Mr. Brewer, Mr. Mountjoy. 

Mr. Kinneir. 

Dr. Barwis. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Riley, Mr. Gibbs, fen. Mr. Gibbs, jun-. 
Meffrs. Clare, Mr. Gifford, Mr. Filkes. 

X Formerly Surgeons to the Infirmary. 



I C A L R E G I S T E IL 1^7 


Mr. Sheffield. 


Mt. Foot. 


Mr. Smith. 


Mr. Lambert. 


Meflrs. Kinnier and Son, Mr. Marfh, Mr. Butler, 


Mr. Duke, Mr. Condell, 


Mr. Smith, Mr. Lucas. 


Meffrs. Dewell and Barnett, 

Mr. Stanmore, 

Market Lavington. 


Dr. Batty. 

-Surgeons and Apothecarjes. 

Mr. Wilmore. 








Sutton. , 




Wotton Baffa. 

S Mr. W. Garlick. 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Thomas Warmer, Mr. Weftmacott, 
Mr. Price. 

Mr. Savage, Mr. Cookworthy. 
Mr. Gapper, Mr. Butt. 
Meffrs. Stephens. 
Meffrs. Blackman and Eyies. 
Mr. Mafon. 
Mr. Newman. 

Mr. Cooper, Mr. Williams. 
Me'ffrs. Drink water and Fowler, 
Meffrs. Palmer and Silvefter, 
Mr, Butt, Mr. Seagrim, 
Mr. Crouch, Mr. Barnes. 
Mr. Randal. 

Mr. William Whitmarfii. 
Mr. JBrewer. 



The Worcester Infirmary was inftituted 
about the year 1749. It is attended gratis by diree phy- 
fjcians, and four furgeons. 


+ William Thomfon, M. D. (Leyden, 1751). 

i" James Johnftone, M. D. (Edin. 1773), Son to 
the Phyfician at Kidderminfler. 

+ Charles Cameron, M.B. (Oxford, 1 774),, 

Wiiham Chambers, M. D. 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

t Mr. William Ruffe! 1, 

t Mr. Henry Vaughan Jefferys, 

t Mr. Capel Bagnal, t ^ Mr. Philip GiQ^Qyt 

•}• Phyfidan* and Surgeons to the Innrsnary. 

2 ^ Mr. 






P^eckenhoM* ' 
Banley Caftle. 




Vpion upon SiVirn, 

M E 3P I C A I, R E G I S T E B, 

Mr. William Davis, Mr. Thomas Halwar^, 
Mr. Henry Lovet, Mr. Jofeph Thiefiier, 
Mr. Be. 'un^n Good. Mr. Goodman, 
Mr. Wilham Yeoinarxs, Mr. William Bedford, 
Mr. Benjamin Tipton, Mr. William Dunn, 
Mr. Jofeph Silve0er, Mr. George Boulter, ' 
Mr. John V/ilaiore. 

Mr, James Fryer, Mr. Robert Gomery, 
Mr. Richard Jones. 


Mr. Lafcelles, Mr. Woodcock, Mr. Nafh. 
Mr. Martin. 

Mr. Badger. 

Mr. Phillips, Mr. James Gem. 

Mr. Jofeph Wainw right, Mr. Mofs, 

Mr. Read Shaw, fen. Mr. Read Shaw, jun. 


Mr. Savage, Mr. Hall, Mr. Benjamin Field, 
Mr. John Rodd, Mr. Samuel Bonaker. 

Mr. Smith. 
Mr. John Ballard. 

James Jt)hnflone, fen. M. D. (Edin. tf^o),. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 
Mr. John Syraonds, 

Mr. Jofeph Crane, % Mr. Edward Willetts, 
Mr. Dugard. 

Mr. Tupfley. 

Mr. Martin Racfter. 

Mr. James Feild, Mr. Hyatt. 

Mr. Eell. 

MefTrs. Mifters, Mr. Horniblow. 

Meffrs. Read Shaw and Henry Shaw. 
I Mr, John Caufer, ^ Mr. John Evans, 
Mr. Dixon, Mr. Freer. 

Mr. Wollafton. 

Mr. Richard Smith, Mr, John Cheefe, 

Mr. ^ieftor Cookefay, Mr. Johnfon. 

Mr. Benjamin Aycrigg, Mr. John Chancc, 
Ivlr. Jofeph Baylifs, Mr. John Day. 



The York Infirmary, inftituted in 1740, con« 
tains 58 beds, and is attended gratis by the following 
PhyCcians and Surgeons. 

Phyjidam, Allen Swainfton, M. D. (GoU 
" tingen, 1752). 
Tho.mas Withers, M. D. (Edin. 



William White, M. D» "(Leyden 
1775) F. A. S. 

Surgeons. Mr. Charles Afkinfon, 
Mr. Richard Favell. 

A Lunatic Asylum was opened here in 1778. 
li contains 64 rooms. 

P/iyJda?:. Alexjnder Hunter'-^, M. D. (Edin. 
1751) F. R. S. 

Surgeons, and Apothecaries, net included in the fore^cing 
' Lijl. 


Mr. Robert Elfhoprick, Mr. Will. Champney, 
Mr. Robert Bdt: Mr. W. Brown, 
Mr. James Atkir.fon, Mr. Webfter. 

Apothecaries. 1 

Mr. Francis Bacon, 
Mr. Theophilus Dary Garencieres, 
Mr. Francis Saunders, 
Meffrs. Spencer and Dawfon, 
, Mr. George Smith, Mr. John Wallis, 

Mr. Wha'ley, Mr. Calcut, 
Mr. Eaftburn, Mr. Hick. 

Aherford, SuftGEON and A.pothzcary. 

Mr. Afpinall. 

ArmUy. Mr. Green. 

AJkrigg,. Mr. John Brougham. 

Barrjlty. Mr. Richard Pickering, Mr. Henry Rock, 

Mr. John Hanfon. 

BaZi'try. ■ Mr. John Brewerton, Mr. John Crudron. 

Bedale. Mr. Thomas Moore, Mr. James Hutchinfonj 

Mr. Chriftopher Vv'^ebfier. " 
Beverley^ Phvsiglans. , 

John Johnftone, M. D. (Si. Omer's). 

Jofhua Sampfon, M. D. (Oxford, 1778). 
Su £ G £ o N s and Apothecaries, 

Mr. Jolm Arden, Mr. Robert Burton, 

Mr. Mafmaduke Hewitt, Mr, Thomas Meical£c. 
Binglsy, Physician. 

Johnfon Atkinfon Busficld, M. A. (C-ambridge). 
Surgeons and A p-o t k e c a r i e s . 

Mr. Thomas Parlcinfon, 

Mr. Thomas Jones, removed from .Leed.s. 

Bradford, . PjjVsician. 

^ " John Hill, M. B. (Cambridge, 1747). 

$i;.ll GEO N .s and A P O T II e C a RI E s . 

Mr. William Wright, Mr. Robert Wright, 
Mr. John Outhwaite, Mr. Jofhua V/aikcr. 
-Bdrcugbhidge: Meflis, Muih and Son, Mr. Stctt. 

BirJlalL Mr. Mann, Mr. Sugden. 

* Medicated biths have lately been conftrufted at York, under the management of this 
phyfician, and of MelTrs. Garencieres and Whaley, apothecaries. Thefe ba';hs are open to 
jfjttients, at- a moderate- |irice> ftom eight ia the morning till eight at night. 
'•■-■■■' ' . ■ I 4 Bridkngtcrt, 

I to 










M E D I C A L R E G I S T E R\ 

Mr. Kentiih, Mr. Boardman,. 

Mr. Creafer, Mr. Doeg. 

Mr. Richard Greaves. 

Mr. Plummer, Mr. Cave, Mr. Sorlcy, 


William Dawfon, M. B. (Cambridge, 1747)* 
George Pearfon, M. D. (Edin. 1773). 
William Mufhet, M. D. removed from Workfop 
in Nottinghamfhire. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Henry Farrer, Mr. Francis Caley, fen. 
^ Mr. Francis Caley, jun. Mr. Edw. Bower, 
'Mr. Simon Hutchinfon, Mr. Beacher. 

Mr. R. B. Batty, removed from Huddersficld. 
Mr. Dobfon, Mr. Peacock. 
Mr. Will. Watfon, Mr. Will. Lodge RoclifFe. 
Mr. Francis Holmes. 


Jofcph Cartledge, M. D. (Edin. 1769) reraovei 
from Halifax. 
Surgeon and Apothecary, 

Mr. William Carr. 

Mr. William Knowles. 

Mr. Starkee. 

Mr. William Wilfon, Rlr.Corncy. 


jofeph Hulme, M. D. 

'^ John Alexander, M. D. (Aberdeen). 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Alexander, Mr, Robert Alexander, 

Mr. Richard Smith, Mr. Jonathan Oldfield, 

Mr. John Scholefield. 

Mr. Leonard Horfeman. 

Mr. John Sandwith, Mr. Humph. Sandwith, 

Mr. John Nefs. 

Mr. Thomas Cope, Mr. Abel Taylor. 

Mr. Dunn, Mr. Brooke. 

Mr. William Thompfon, Mr. Tinker. 

Mr. Wilibn. 
An In f i r m a r y is nov; buildin^g at this place, which 
is to contain fixtv beds. ; The rubCctiption is already To 
ample, tl-r.t the Governors- were induced in September ■ 
2 782, to hire a large houfe for a temporary hofpital, ia 
vhich twenty patients are accominodatcd. 

Pji VS! cians. 

William Chambers M. D. (Leyden). ^ 
t Daniel Bridges, M. D. Extra Licentiate of thft 
College of Phyficians, London. 
, f Stanhope Buyne, M. D. (Edin. 1777) remove^ 
hither from Louth, inLincolnftiire. 

f PhY-1cU.".s Slid Surgeons to the Infirmary, ' 

t ^Alexander 


t ^ Alexander Bertram, M. D. (£(110.1777). 
John Plealance, M. D. (Edin. 1781). 
Philip Holland, M. D, (Edin. 1782). 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. John Melling, Mr. Ralph Darling, 
+ Mr. W. Bolton, fen. Mr. Metcalf, 
t ^Mr. J. Kirkman, 

McfT. Geo. Woodhoufe andBenj. Burnet, 
Mr. Burrcll, t Mr. Young, 







Knaytotij (near T/iir/k), 

Leeds I. 

^ Mr. W. Bolton, jun. Mr. Norris, 

^Mr. HuntingtOHj Mr. Dennifon. 

Mr. Keyfall. 

Mr. John DawTon. 

Mr. David Coates, Mr. Robert Corney, 

Mr. Moorhoufe, removed from Tadcaftcr. 

Mr. Stocks. 

Mr. Robert Marfden, Mr^Harrifon* 

Mr. John Brown *. 

James Armitfiead, M. D. (Edin. 1781}. 

Hutchinfon, M. D. (Aberdeen), 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Simpfon, IVir. Manby, Mr. Lohock. 

Charles BifiTet, M. D. (St. Andrew's, 1769) rC"^. 
moved hither from Skelton, in Cleveland. 
Surgeon and Apothecary. 

Mr. William Clark, Mr. William Gaggs. 
TheGENERAi. Infirmary at Leeds % wasinftr- 
tuted in 1767, and the prefent building opened in 177I, 
Though large enough to contain fixty beds, itatprefent 
admits only forty patients. 


I James Crowther, M. D. (Edin. 1764). 

t Robert Davifon, M. D. (Lcyden, 1768) removed 

hither from Poatefra£l. 
f Jofiiua Walker, M. D. (Edin. 1770J removed 
hither from Hull. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 
Ivir. John Barwick, 

Mr. Fran. BilJam, formerly an Army Surgeon, 
Mr. Michael Conam, ' • ■. 

i'^Wiv. William Hey, F. R. S. Mr. Wm. Taber^ 
^ t ^ Mr. James Lucas, Mr. James Kenion, 

Mr. P.obert Prieftley, late Surgeon to the Q^ih Re* 

giment of Foot, ^ 

§ Mr. Patrick Strotber, Meff. Bradley and Wright, 
Mr. Simpfon, Mr. Leonard, Mr. Floyd. 

* Mr. Brown has a falary of 50 1, per annum, as furgeon to the Kirkleatham Hofp:?sI, 
%ri alras-haufe, founded by Sir W. Turner, Knt. for the maintenance of 40 poor perfons. 

jl A Phi'.ofophical and Literary Society .hath been lately inftitutcd at this place. 

X An HuNfANE Society was inftituted at Lesds, in 1779, upo.T apian limiiar to that 
in London. Six fets of apparatus have bcea provided, and ^Jepoficei at she uipft convenieat 
parts of the town. 

f Phyficians and Surgeons to th§ Inftrmaryi. 


Ma[umt\ Phvst<5'ian. 

Nath. Tucker, M, D. (Leyden, 1776). 
SuRt;iEOXS and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Watfon, Mr. Rictard Temple, 

Mr. Richard Horncaftle, Mr. George Davcy, . 

Mr. George Mafon Davey, 

Market Weigkton» Mr. Burkett. 

Maltby. Mr. J. Turner. 

Mafliam. Mr. Martingdale, Mr. John Baines. 

Middlckani. ' Mr. George Hob Ton, 

Mcrley. Mr. John Gifb'orne. 

North Atlertcn, Mr. Richard Delghton, Mr. John Read, 

Mr.JohnLincoln, Mr. John Dent, Mr. Rob. Baddy, 

Ot^ey. Mr. Dixon, 

Mr. Dimfdale, removed from Middleham, 
Mr. Robert Smith. 

Oultart. Mr. B. Shepherd. 

Patrington^ Mr. Elliott and another. 

Pavijion. . Mr. Tho. Afl<hani, Mr. John Couldwellj 

Mr. J. Hardy. 

Pickering. MefTrs. Watfon, Mr. Wm. Birdfall. 

PocktingtQiu Mr, Bell, Mr. Robinfon. 

PoitcfraEl, Physicians. 

Gervas Difney, M. D. (Cambridge). 

Wilrfarn Fcarne, M. D. (Edin. 1778). 

ChrifiopherTorr, M. A. (pamb.) Extra Licentiate 
of tiie Coll. of Phyf. London. 

SuKGEOMS and Afothecar I£S. 
MefTrs. Batlerand Paulett, 
Mr. William Cockell, Mr. Thomas Oxlev, 
.Mr. Richard Saltonflall, Mr. G. Noble. ' 

Prcfon. Mr. Mitcheifon, Mr. Heydon, Mr. Cayley. 

Pudfey. Mr. Frar^is Waiblinger, at the Moravian Settle^ 

ment, near Pudfey. 

Hajirick. Mr. Jofeph Frier. 

Razodan. Meffrs. Raifirick and Shaw. 

Rawdife. Mr. John Weft. 

Reath, Mr. John Barker, Mr. Henry Thompfon. 

Rip&y,: Mr. Grimftone. 

mpffti^ PilYSIClAN. 

Thomas Kilvir.gton, M. B. (Catribridge). 
SfJRGEONs and Apo i hecar i es. 

Mr. John Hutchinfon, Mr. William Bdl,^ 
Mr. William Chambers, Mr. Wm. Robirxfonj 
Meifjs. George Grimfton and Son. 

Richmond. PHYSiciAN. 

James Prjngle, M. D. (Leyden). 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Chrifiopher Wayne, Mr. Matfh. Bowes, 
Mr. Henry Blegborough, Mr. James Hayward, 

Mr. Baines Wright,, Mr. Chrifl. Friedman. 







Skip ton. 

Scarborough *. 

Scorion, near Richmond, 

South Cave. 









Mr. John Bower, Mr. Jofepb Turner, 

Mr. James Wilkinfon, Mr. Ben. Wainwrlght, 

Mr. Abraham SutclifFe, Mr. Rawfthorne. 


Thomas Younge, M. D. John Browne, M. D, 
John Wordfwort-h, M, D. Dr. Stewart. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Hugh Chancy, Mr. John Rutherforth, 
^Mr. John Hawkefley, Mr. Francis Dixon, 
^ Mr. John Rawfon, '^ Mr. William Staniforth, 
Mr. William Burton, Iklr. Andrew Raynes, 
Mr. JohnStansfield. 

Mr. Henrv Bacon, Mr. Thomas Brown, 
Mr. John Tiffin Yair, Mr. Fothergill. 

Mr. Wainman, Mr.Moorhoufe. 

Mr. John Utlay, Mr. William Perkins. 

Francis Wayne, M. D. (Edin. 1753), 
Surgeons and Apothecaries, 

Mr. Richard Robinfon, Mr. William Deefon, 

Mr. Thomas Williamfon. 

- MelT. Travis and ^ Son, Meff. Wilkinfon and § Son. 
-Mr. Thomas Keld, Mr. Wxlliford. 

Mr. Millar, Mr. Robert Body. 

Mr. Sonley. 

Mr. Shann, Mr. Holmes, 

Mr. John Empfon, Mr. William Atkinfon. 

MelTrs. John and Robert Dent, 

Mr. John Wafs, Mr. Henry Whitehead. 

Mr. John J'lfher, Mr. Shuttleworth, Mr..Dawron. 

Robert Amery, M. D. (Camb.) 

James Richardfon, M. D. (Edin. 1770). 

V/illiam D^wfon, M. B. (Cambridge, 17-5). 

JohnEllifon,M.D. Fellow QftheR.C. of Phyf.Edin. 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Theoph. Cockerel 1, Mr. Richard Booth, 

Mr. William Kitfon, Mr. William Walker, 

Mr. Taylor, Mr.Mitchel. 

Mr. Robert Watfon. 
Mr. William Cooper, Mr. John Stott, 
Meff. Edw. and Girling Wighton, (father and fon). 
Physic ians. 

Stephen Sim.pfon, M. D. 

Dr. Clapham. 
Surgeons and Apothecaries, 

Mr. JohnBain9s, Mr. Todd, Mr. Cha. LIghtfoot, 
Mr. Batem&n, Mr. Simpfon. 

Mr. William Weddell, Mr. Richard Burton, 
Mr. John Tennant. 

Dr. Knox, of Landon, attends }\er? dyring the Bathing Seafm. 




W A 



Llanserchy Mtadi* 


SunGEONs and Apothecaries, 
Mr. Wynne, Mr. Hughes. 

Mr. Johnfton. 
Mr. Williams. 
Mr. Jones. 


Bream, Mr. C. Pritchard, Mr. Sam. Pric<r, 

Mr. John Williams, Mr. W. Gunter, 
Mr. The. Williams. 

Brnkh* " Mr. Dav. Moythen, Mr. Powell, Mr. John M©rg*n^ 

Haj. Mr, Ja, Lyde, Mr. John Jones, Mr. Ja-. Bevan. 


AieryJIwiih, Mr. David William Hopkins. 

Cardigan, Mr. David DavJcs, Mr. John Bower. 

iMmpctcr, Mr. David Edwards. 

Llanina. Mr. David Lloyd Newnam. 

Trtgaron, Mr. Jofeph Rees. 


CaTTmrthe^ Pii y s i c i a nt . 

Charles Brown, M. D. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr.Wm. Price, Mr.Edw. Dalton, Mr.MarkRoch, 
Mr. Rich. Rees, Mr. Pryce, Mr. Wm. Thomas. 

J.lavdih. Mr. David Edwards, Mr. William Proihero. 

Laugkarne. Mr. Eliott. 

Landovry. Mr. David Davis. 

Neuicajlk Lmlyn. Mr. Edwards. 

C A R N A R V O N S H IR £. 
B.ingor, Mr. Ellis. 

Carnarvon. Mr. Edwards, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Jones,. 


Dfnffigh, Surgeons and A ? o x h e c a r i e s . 

Mr. Jones, Mr. Evans, Mr. Roberts, 
ttanrtmU Mr. Titley, Mr, Roberts. 

Ruthin. Mr. Nichols, Mr. Jones, Mr. Conway. 

Hyexham» Physician. 

Richajd Wprtbington, M. D. (Edin, 1778}. 



Surgeons and Apothecaries, 
Meffrs. Lloyd and Maffey, 
Mr. Crew, Mr. Proffer. 


Hawarden, Mr. Thomas. 

Holywell, Mr. Thore%, Mr. Blunt, 

Mr. Ingleby, Mr. Speed. 

Mold. Meffrs. Parry and Davis. 

^t, AfapL Mr. Rogers. 


Bridgend, Mr. Thomas Smith, Mr. Sydney, 

Mr. Williams. 

Cardiff. ' Mr. Bloom Williams. 

Coxubridgt, Mr. John Walton, Mr. Edward Bates, 

Landaff, Mr. JohnMergam. 

LantriJfanU Mr. Lloyd. 

Margam. Physician, 

And. Paterfon, M. D. (St. Andrew^*, 1756), 

NeatA, Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Richard Bevan, formerly a Navy Surgeon, 
Mr. William Jones, Mr. David Lloyd, 
Mr. Lewis Jenkins, Mr. Walter Morris, 
Mr. Alex. Davis, removed hither from Margam. 

Swanfea, ' Mr. Charles Collins, Mr. Silvefter, 

Mr. David Evans, Mr. Hancorn. 


Mr. Owen, Mr. Roberts. 





M. Riley, M. D. (Rhelms). 

JohnMorgan, M. D. (Edin. 1769),' 
Surgeons and Apothecar lES, ^ 

Meffrs. Jones and Woollett, 

Mr. W. Powell, Mr. Tho. Hollingi, 

Mr. W. Elfe. 

J. Bofvile, M. B. (Louvain, 1777). 
Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr, P. Williams, Mr. Tho. Tudor, 

Mr. Wm. Bagfhot, Mr. Tho. Lewis. 

Mr. Hawker, § Mr. William Loftus, 
Mr. Jayre, Mr. Collins. 
Mr. Martin. 





New Town, 
Welch Pool*. 


Mr. Mountenoy, Mr. Henry Hawkiii^^ 
Mr. John Brewerj Mr. Phillips. 

Mr. N. Beedles. 

Mr. Thomas Daviesi 


Mr. Lloyd. 
Mr. Pugh. 
Mr. Poole, 


Nar berth, 




Mfi Evan Lloyd. 

George Phiilius, M. D. (Jefus Coll. dxford), 
John Jones, M. B. (Trin. Coll. Oxf. 1745), 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 
Mr. Francis Edwards, 

Meffrs. Eflex Devereux Jones, and W. THoma^ 
Mr. Nathaniel Daviess Mr. Henry Davies. 
Mr. Nathaniel Stokes. 
Mr. Morgan Gwynne. 

Mr. Jofliua Allen, Mr. William Manfell, 
Mr. David DaVies. 

Mr. Gabriel Kringle, Mr. Middleton. 


Mr. George Pyfincb, Mr. Richard Ayresj 
Mr. William Ruffell, Mr. Richard Ayrese 




This Inftltutlon dates from 1583, but at firft, in this, as in all the other College^ 
of Scotland, only divinity, fchool-philofophy, and the languages, were taught. 
The firft medical profeflbrs inftituted at Edinburgh, were, Sir Robert Sibbald, and 
Dr. Archibald Pitcairne, in l68^. Thofe gentlemen, however, were only 
titular profeflbrs ; and for thirty years after that period a few leftureson plants and 
chemiftry, and once in two or three years the diffeftion of a human body, was 
all that was done by way of teaching phyfic in this metropolis. 

* Three apothecaries refide at this place, but our correfpondent was unable to fend ws 


their names^ 


It was about the year 1720 that a plan was firft fet on foot to eftabliih a School 
of Phyfic here in imitation of that at Ley den. At that time the late Dr. Alexander 
Monro being appointed profeflbr of anatomy and furgery, began a courfe of lec- 
tures on thofe fubjefts ; as did Dr. AlOon on the materia medica and botany. 
Dr. Rutherford was foon afterwards appointed to teach the praftice of phyfic, 
and Dr. Sinclair and Dr. Plummer the theory of phyJic and cheiniftry. The 
inftitution of an infirmary gave ri'e to the clinical letlures, and fince that time 
this univerfity has gradually rifen to be one of the mod celebrated fchools of phyfic 
in Europe, 

Of late years the number of iludents has feldom been lefs than one thoufand, 
about four hundred of whom have ufually been engaged in the ftudy of phyfic. 

The medical clafles are opened on the laft Wednefday of Oclober, and clofed at 
the beginning of May, During this winter feffion, as it is called, all the feveral 
branches of phyfic, botany excepted, are taught by their refpeciive profeffbrs. Cli- 
nical leftures are likewife read twice a week by two of the profelTors. During the 
fummer felfion, which begins in May, and ends in Auguft, there are leciures on 
botany *, and likewife clinical and midwifery leftures. 

The ftudent pays three guineas to each of the profeflbrs, v/hofe leftures he attencb 
for the feffion ; three guineas to the infirmary for the privilege of attending tlie 
praftice of phyfic and furgery there during the fpace of one year; and a farther 
lum of three guineas if he attends the clinical leftures, no perfon being allowed 19 
vifit the clinical wards, u'nlefs he has previoufly entered himfelf as a pupil at the in= 
firmary. The fum of half a crown + paid at his matriculation entitles him to the 
ufe of the library, where he may either attend to read three days in the week, whea 
it is opened and well aired for the convenience of the Undents, or he may take any 
number of books to his own apartments, on depofiting a fum equivalent to their 
value in the hands of the librarian, which fum is returned to him when he brin^ 
the books back. 

There are annually two public days, one in June, and the other in September, 
for conferring degrees, which in this as in the other Scotch univerfities, are only 
thofe of Mailer of Arts and Doftor. 

The Botanic Garden J, which maybe confidered as an appendage ta 
the univerfity, is fituated at a fmalldiftance from Edinburgh, on the weft fide of tire 
foot walk to Lerth. It confiils of five acres, and was planted about thirteen years 

In the eaft divifion is a large area called the School of Botany ^ where the plant* 
arc fyftematically arranged. On each fide of this area are placed the officinal 
plants, Ihrubs, and trees. This divifion contains about 2000 fpecies of plants. 

The weft divifion, of which the confervatcries j] and bafon of water form tfie 
center, affords an irregular agreeable plantation, called the Sylva Botanica. The 
principal aim here has been to proteft the tender plants by a prc>per arrangement of 
hardy trees, and fo to place thofe, that at lead one of every fpet ues may be feen in 
the ferpentine walk around this divifion. 

Among the fcarce exotics fuccefsfully cultivated in this garde n, we fiiall content 
ourfelves with enumerating the following : The Caira ^ from the Eaft Indies, ^ 

* With a view to excite a fpirit of emulation among his pupils, Di . Hope, the ProfeiToff 
of Botany, difpofes of a gold medal annually. This prize is given to the ftudent, who pro« 
duces the beft Horttnjiccus, 

\ This is the fum required by the ftatutes; but the fubfcriptlon is from half a crown tft 
half a guinea, or a guinea, according to the ability and liberality of cl e ftudent; the money 
collected in this way, together with the fum of 5 1. paid by each Pr oi eiTor at his admiiSonj 
goes towards the purchafe of books, and is the only fund for that pur| ^fe. 

X In 1778, Dr. Hope er'ded a moauaient in this garden to the mi. .nory of the celebrated 
Linnseus. It confifts of a vafe fupported on. a pedeftal, with this infc4 pdon r 
LiNN^o PosuiT JoH. Hope. 

II The confervatorles extend 140 feet in front, and conM of a gr?8 n-houfe in the center, 
and a hot-houfe at each end. 

§ The extract from this plant is the Terra Japoaica of the ihops, 



fpecies of Mi mo fa unknown to Linnzeus j Illicium Anifatum, a beautiful aroitiatic 
ever-green from Florida; Alftroemeria Colinfonia Didymas not defcribed by 
Linn^us; the Banana, which has produced ripe fruit; the tea-tree, which has 
been in full flower ; the moving plant, the feeds of which were fent home by Mr. 
Kerr, furgeon at Dacca ; and laftly, feveral Abyflinian plants, the feeds of which 
were given to ProfcfTor Hope, by the celebrated Mr. Bruce. 

In a fmall inclofure behind the garden is a plantation of about 3000 plants of the 
true Rhubarb, molt of which are now nine or ten years old* 

There are twenty-two Profeflbrs belonging to the Univerfity, but we ftiall only 
enumerate thofe who teach the feveral branches of PhyCc, Mathematics, Natural 
Philofophy, and Natural Hiftory. 

Profejfor of the theory of Pkyjic, and Clinical LeBkrer. James Gregory, M. D. 

Praaice. William Cullen, M. D. F. R. S. 

> Anatomy and Surgery *. Alexander Monro, M* D. 

■ ■ Chemlpy. Jofeph Black, M. D. 
- ' '■ ' ■ the Materia Medica and Clinical LeBurer. Francis Home, M. Di 

■ Botany \. John Hope, M. D. F. R. S, 
*■ Midwifery %. Mr. Alexander Hamilton, 

■ Matheynatics. Matthew Stuart, LL. D. and Dugald Stuart, Efq. 

■ ■ Natural Philofophy. John Robinfon, Efq. 

■ Natural Hijiary. The Rev. John Walker, D. D. 


The Phyficians of Edinburgh were formed into a college by King Charles II. iia 
j68i. The charter granted to them for that purpofe was ratified by the parliament 
of Scotland in 1685. . 

By this charter and ratification they were enjoined to vifit all the Apothecaries 
Ihops within the city and liberties of EdinTsurgh, at leaft twice a year, and deftroy 
all infufficient and corrupted drugs. This part of their duty however has been long 

The college had formerly a meeting-room near the Cowgate Port, but this being 
in a ruinous ftate, they have lately erefted a magnificent hall in the New Town. 
The extent of this building is about eighty feet in front. In the under floor arc 
lodgings for a Librarian and Porter, and fome other apartments. The fecond floor 
confifts of four apartments, one of which is intended for the ordinary meetings of 
the college ; but the principal apartment is defigned for the library ; this room is 
fifty feet in length, thirty in breadth, and twenty in height, and is furrounded on 
three fides by a gallery. The college has a good collection of medical and philo- 
fophical books, the g'reateft part of which were the property of Dr. Wright of Ker- 
fie, upon whofe death a donation was made of them to the college by his heir, in 
confequence of an inclination expreffed by the deceafed to that effeft. 

There are five fiated meetings of the college every year. One of thefe is the 
annual meeting (jn the firftThurfday after the feaft of St. Andrew, for the eleftion 
of officers. On this occafion the college begins with choofing feven Ele61ors, who 
are to confiitute the council for the enfuing year. Thefe Eleftors retire to a 
feparate apartment, and there nominate a Prefident, two Cenfors, a Secretary^ 
Treafurer, Fifcal, ar,id Librarian. This eleQion is then announced to the college^ 

* The ftipend of the FrofeHor of Ar/atomy is 50 1. per annum, and that of the ProfeHxir 
of Botany .77 U 15s. 6d. The falary of King's Phyiklan is divided between the ProfeiTors of 
the theory and pradtice of Phyfic, Chemiftry, Materia Medica, and ivlidwifery, who have 
no falaries as Profeffors. 

^ f Botany and the Materia Medica ufed to be both taught. by the late Dr. Alfton, At 
his death a chair v^as founded for each of tliefe branches in favour of Dr. Home, and Dr* 

X The Midwifery ProfefforfViip was inftituted by the IvIagiftrAtes of Edinburgh, in favour 
«f tke Ut€ Profefl'or, Dy. Young. 


and the bufinefs ends with the new Prefident taking his feat and appointing a Vice- 

The quarterly meetings, for the admifficn of Licentiates, eleftion of Fellows, 
and other bufinefs, are held, on the firfl. Tiiefday of February, May, Augufl, and 
November. The Prefident has like wife a difcretionary power of fummoning the 
college together whenever he thinks fit. No perfon can be ele6led a Fellow unlefs 
he has been previoufly admitted a Licentiate of the college, and -by a law lately 
enaSed by the college, no Licentiate can be promoted to a Fellowfhip who practifes 
midwifery orfurgery. The Licentiates are entitled to pra6life within the liberties 
of the city, but are not fummoned to the meetings of the college. Dotlors of phyfic 
in either of the Scotch univerfities are entitled to a licence, merely-pn paying the fees, 
which amount to about 55 1. Graduates of other univerfities are required to-undergo 
an examination, at which all the fellows have a right to affift. In the eleftion of a 
Licentiate to a Fellowfliip, it is required that he fhall be propofed at a quarterly 
meeting by one of the Fellows. This motion being duly feconded, is to be determined 
at the next enfuing quarterly meeting by ballot. A majority of votes is fufficient for 
the eleftion of the candidate. 

I759t + ALEXANDER Monro, M. D. (Edin. 1755). President. 
I'J^.J Sir Alexander Dick, Baronet, M. D. (Leyden). 
1738 James Baird, M. D. 
1743 Sir Stuart Threipland, Bart. M. D. (Edin. 1742) EkB. 

1750 James Lind, M. D. Fellow of the Royal Medical Societies at Paris and 
Copenhagen, and Phyfician to his Majefty's Royal Hofpital atHaflar. 

1752 Colin Drummond, M. D. Briftol. 

. t Franc is Home, M. D. (Edin. 1750) Med. Reg. i:M. 
William Cuming, M. D. F. S. A. Dorchefter. 

1753 Alexander Stevenson, M. D» Profeflbr of Phyfic at Glafgow. 
1756 +W1LLIAM CuLLEN, M. D. (Glafgow) F. R. S. and of the Royal 

Medical Societies at Paris and Copenhagen. Firfl Phyfician to his Majefty 
for Scotlaud. 

1758 Gregory Grant, M. D. Vice-Pref. and EUEl. 

* William Baylies, M. D. Drefden. 

1760 Thomas Glen, M. D. (Leyden and St. Andrew's). 

1761 John Gardiner, M. D. (Edinburgh) Librarian, 

1762 + John Hope, M. D. F. R. S. Eka, 

1763 William Butter, M. D. (Edin. 1761) London. 

1764 * James Walk-er, M. D. (St. Andrew's) Jamaica. 

Thomas Livingston, M. D. (Marifchal Coll. Aberdeen) Aberdeen, 
Robert PetR/IE, M. D. (Edin.) Lincoln. 
"* Maxwell Garths HO RE, M. D. F, R. S. London. 
Andrew Wilson, M. D. (Edin. 1749) London. 

1765 John Morgan, M. D. (Edin. 1763) F. R. S. Philadelphia, .jg^, 

, \ Date of admi/Hon. 
f ProtefTors in the Unlverfity of Edinburgh. 
* Members of the Royal College of Phyficlans in London. 

K 1765 Jo Hi? 


^7^3 John Steed MAN, M. D. Cenfor, Phyficlan to the Infirmary. 

1766 James Hay, M. D. (St. Andrew's) Treafurer. 

1767 + Joseph Black, M. D. (Edin. 1754) Cenfor* 
James Mackittrick, M. D. (EdIn. 1766) Antigua. 

1768 William Shippen, M. D. (Edin. 1767) Philadelphia. 

1769 James Spence, M. D. (St. Andrew^s) Guildford. ^ 

1770 James Lind, M. D. (Edin. 1762) F. R. S. Windfor. 

J 771 Andrew Duncan, M. D. Fellow of the Royal Medical Societies at 
Paris and Copenhagen, and Phyfician to the Public Difpenfary at Edin- 
burgh, &c. 

1772 James Hamilton, M. D. (Edin. 1771) Phyfician to the Royal In- 

William Buchan, M. D. (Edin. 1769) London. 

1774 Robert Hamilton, M. D. Lynn, Norfolk, 

Edward Spry, M. D. Plymouth. 

Nathaniel Spens, M. D. (St. Andrew's 1773). 

James Hunter, M. D. Fifcal. 

1776 Robert Langlands, M.D. (Edin. 1750). 

1777 Daniel Rutherford, M.D. (Edin. 1772) Secretary. 
f James Gregory, M. D. (Edin. 1774). 

1778 Arnold Barth. Beerenbroek, M.D. (Ley den 1778) Antwerp. 

1780 James Hamilton, M. D. Dunbar. 
William Wright, M. D. F. R. S. Jamaica. 
Thomas Gillespie, M. D. 

1781 Thomas Meek, M. D. Portfmouth. 

John Lind, M. D. Phyfician to the Royal Hofpital at Hailar. 
J782 William Grieve, M. D. Peebles. 
Henry Cullen, M.D. (Edin, 1781). 

Honorary Fellows. 

1761 The Right Hon. the Earl of Bute. 

ijS^ Count John Baptist de Garbury, M.D. (Turin) F. R. 8. &€. 

Ccnfulting Phyfician to the King of France. Paris. 
X773 His Grace the Duke of Buc CLE ugh. 
1776 Baron Anthony Storck, M.D. Firft PJiyfician to their impi^ial 

, Majefties. Vienna. 
3 7 83 His Grace the Duke of Montagu. 

Sir Joseph Banks, Bart. P. R. S. 

Peter Camper, M. D. & Prof. Lancunen, near Franeker in Frief- 

J. Flint, M. D. Profefibr of Phyficin the Univerfity of St. Andrew*!*' 
Honorary ex Officio. 


1767 David Spence, M. D. (Edin. 1767). 

3780 CHARL|i9 


1780 Charles Webster, M. D. (Edin. 1777) Phyfician to the Public 

*7% John Ellison, M. D. Wakefield. 


The Surgeons of Edinburgh were incorporated by the Maglftrates of that City, fo 
early as the year 1505, This incorporation was afterwards Confirmed and new privi- 
leges granted to them by a charter in the reign of King William IIL They have 
lately been incorporated anew by a charter dated March 14, 1770, under the name 
of the R o Y A L College of S u r g e o n s . By this charter tliey are empowered 
to eftablifti a fund for the widows and children of their members *. 

The fons of members, or thofe perfons who have ferved an apprenticefhip of five 
years to a Surgeon in Edinburgh, are admitted of the College on paying the admiflion 
fees, which are confiderable. Perfons who are not of this defcription, are required 
to undergo a previous examination. 

All the Surgeons in Edinburgh praftife as Apothecaries, and no perfon is allowed 
to praftife Surgery or Pharmacy in Edinburgh till he has been admitted of this 
College ; nor in the Ihlres of Edinburgh, Berwick, Fife, Peebles, Selkirk and 
Roxburgh, till he has been examined and approved by the members thereof. 

4742 + Mr. Walter Gibfon. 
1743 Mr. William Inglis. 
1747 Robert Walker, M. D. 

Mr. James Rae. 
1749 Mr. Alexander Bruce. 
1751 Charles Congalton, M, D. (St. Andrew's) Spa, in the Biflioprick of Liege. 

Mr. James Brodie. 
1733 Mr. William Edmonftone. 

1755 Mr. David Wardrobe. 

1756 Mr. Alexander Wood. 
Mr. William Chalmer. 

1764 Mr. Alexander Hamilton, Profeflbr of Midwifery in the Univ. of Edin. 

1768 Jofeph Robertfon, M. D. 

1769 Mr. Andrew Wood. 

Mr. Thomas Bruce Williamfon. 

1770 Mr. John Cheyne. 

John Aitkin, M. D. (St. Andrew's), 
Mr. Thomas Anderfon. 
Mr. James Gibfon. 
J771 Mr. Benjamin Bell. 

1772 Mr. Edward Inglis, Navy Surgeon, 
Mr. Colin Lauder. 

Mr. For reft Dewar. 
Mr. Hamilton M'Lure. 

1773 Mr. Thomas Hay. 

Mr. William Anderfon. 
J 775 Mr. Thomas Wood. . • . 

1777 Mr. James Ruffell. , 

Mr. John Shiell. ,.j^: 

* Each Member is obliged to pay 5 1. a year to this fund. If he dies before he has com- 
pleted four yearly payments, neither his widow nor children are entitled to any benefit from 
the fund ; but if he furvives that period, his widow is to receive 25 1. a year. If he die,s a 
widower leaving children, they are entitled in the whole to 100 i. 

f Date of admiflion. * 

K s 1777 ^Mr, 


1777 ^Mr. William Rae, London. 

Andrew Wardrope, M. D. 
1781 Mr. John Rae. 

Pv4r. James Arret. 

Mr. Robert Kerr. 
1783 Mr. Philip Whitefide, Ayr. 

The Roy A I, Infirmary of Edinburgh, inftituted in 1736, and opened 
for the reception of patients in 1741. The wards are large, and well ventilated, 
and as fomc of them are always kept empty, for the fake of their being well aired, 
the number of patients in the houfe at one time feldom exceeds one hundred and 
ei,f^hty. From very accurate reports it appears, that the number of deaths in this 
hofpital fince the year 1741 has been in the proportion of i in 25. 

In the attic O.ory is a Ly i n g-i n Ward, fourteen feet high. It has ten windows, 
in it, and contains 2S many beds. That this ward may be fufficiently purified every 
year, no patients are admitted into it from the middle of July to the icth of Novem- 
ber. None are received at any time but fuch as will fubmit to be delivered by the 

Two fmall wards (one for men and the other for women) are fet apart for thofe 
patients wh6 are to be the fubjecls of the Clinical Lectures. Thefe are 
vifited every day by one of the Clinical Lefturers, fo that the {Indents have an op- 
portunity of noting the progrefs of each cafe, and twice a v;eek a Clinical LeQure 
is delivered in the Infirmary. 

Plnjiciars, John Hope, M. D. & Prof. John Steedman, M. D. 

James Hamilton, M. D. 
Surgeons^ All the Members of the College of Surgeons, in rotation, four of 
theni being appointed annually for this purpofe. 

The Public Dispensary, inftituted in 1776, for the relief of fuch poor 
patients as, from the nature of their complaints, are improper objeftsfor an hofpital, 
Ts fupported by fubfcription, and by medicine money collected from the ftudents 
who attend the cafe leftures. This charity "muft he the more ufeful, as the Royal 
Infirmary has no eftablifhment for the relief of out-patients. The two following 
Phyficians attend it gratis every Tuefday and Friday, at one o'clock. 

Andrew Duncan +, M. D. 
Charles Webfler, M. D. 

To complete our account of the prefent (late of Med ical Educatj o N at 
Edinburgh, wc fhall add a lift of the Leftures delivered by different Phyficians 
and Surgeons, at their refpeaive houfes in that city, during the winter feafon. 

Theory and PraElice of Phyjic. Gregory Grant, M. D. ■ 

John Brown, M. D. (St. Andrew's). 

Midwifery X' David Spence, M. D. Charles Stuart, Al. D, 

Surgery. Mr. James Rae. 

•f I>e£lures on the cafes of patients treated at the Difpenfary, are given by Dr. Duncan 
and Dr. Webster. Befides thefe, Dr. Duncan gives three feparate courfes of iedlures, 
viz.' One on the Theory of Phyfic, another ca the Pradtice, and a third on the Materia 
Medica. Dr. Webfter teaches Chemiftry. All thefe ledhxres are now given at the Dif- 

J The Teachers of Midwifery have lying-in-houfes for the breneiit of tlieir pupils. 



Chirurg. Anatomy, Pharmaceutical Chanijiry^ arid Midwifery . John Alikin, M. D. 
Chmiftry, Mr. Kinnaird. 


About the year I7<ii, the ProfeiTors of Phyfic and forae other gentlemen of the 
medical profefTion at Edinburgh, formed thenifelves into a locietyfor collectingand 
publifhing medical effays. The firft volume made its appearance in 1732, buttle 
members becoming remifs in their attendance, the care and trouble of compiling 
thofe effays fell almoft wholly upon the late Dr. Monro. 

The Medical was fucceeded by the Philofophical Society, which is formed upon 
the more extenfive plan of including all the different branchesof natural knowledge, 
and the antiquities of Scotland. The meetings of the Society w^ere interrupted by 
the rebellion m 1745, but revived again in 1752 ; and in 1754 they publifhed the 
firff volume of their colleftion, under the title oi EJfays and Obfervations Phyifical 
and Literary. Two other volumes have fince made their appearance, and a fourth 
is faid to be in fom^e forwardnefs. The meetings of the Society are held every 
month, and at thefe meetings the members are expected to deliver papers by rota- 
tion. After a paper has been read, two members are appointed to examine and 
deliver in a writien report in regard to it, at the next meeting. 

tijl of the Members. 

The Duke of Buccleugh, Prefident 
Sir George Clerk Max 




William Cullen, Med 

Reg. F. R. S. 
Sir Alexander Dick, Bart. M, D. 
Matthew Stuart, LL. D, 
Mr. John M'Gowan. 
The Rev. John Walker, D. D. 
Alexander Monro, M., D. et Prof. 
Francis Home, M. Reg. et Prof. 
AlexanderJWilfon, LL, D, 
Sir Adam l-ergufon, Bart. 
James Lind, M. D. Reg. Soc. Med. 

Parif. Soc. Haflar Hofpital. 
William Brownrigg, M. D. F. R. S. 
James Lind, M. D. F. R. S. Windfor. 
Benjamin Franklin, LL. D. Reg. Soc. 
Lond. et Parif. Soc. 

John Pvoebuck, M. D. F. R. S. 

Jofeph Black, M D. et Prof. 

Alexander Stevenfon, M. D. et Prof, 

Alexander Garden, M. D. F. R. S, 
Charles-Town, South-Carolina. 

Mr. Alex. Cummiin. 

John Hope, M. D. et Prof. F. R. S. 

Dr. Claufon. 

Donald Monro, M. D. F. R. S. 

The Earl of Bute. 

The Right Hon. James Stuart M'Kenzie. 

M. Fougeroux de Bondaroy, of the 

Academy of Sciences at Paris. 
Peter Camper,M.D. Prof. Hon. Franeker. 
John Gardiner, M. D. 
William Robertfon, D. D. Principal of 

the Univerfity of Edinhurgh. 
Andrew Crolhy, Efq. 
M. Sue, of the Academv of Surgery at 

Count de Lauraguais, of the Academy of 

Sciences at Paris. 
Count de Carbury, M. D. Paris. 
William Alexander, M. D. 
Th6 Rev. W. Barron, D. D. St. An. 


— Moodie, M. D. 

Andrew Duncan, M. D. Reg. Soc. Med. 

Parif. et Havn. Soc. 
James Hamilton, M. D. 
James Byres, Efq. 
Daniel Rijtherford, M. D. 
James Gregor)r, M. D. et Prof. Secretary, 
Mr. Benjamin Bell. 
Mr. William Smellic. 
Profeffor Dugald Stuart. 
Profeffor John Robertfon, Secretary, , 
Alexander Keith, Efq. Trcafurcr. 
Andrew Wardrope, M. D. 
Mr. James Ruflell. 
Mr. Thomas Anderfon. 
^ William Wright, M. D. F. R. S. • 

q Rev. 


Rev. Mr, John Smart. The Rev. WiHiam Trail, LL. D. 

Allan Maconochie, Efq. Matthew Guthrie, M. D. F. R. S. St, 

Wilh'am Keir, M. D. London. Peterfburgh. 

Alexander Tytler, Efq. John Ruffel'l, Efq. 

John Morthland, Efq. Patrick Brydone, Efq. F. R. S. 

The Rev. John Flayfair. Adam Smith, LL. D. 

James Anderfon, LL. D. Laurence Crell, M. D. 

Edward Stevens, M. D. Henry Cullen, M. D. 

William Miller, Efq. Gilbert Blane, M. D. 

John Amjatt, Efq. Charles Stuart, M. D. 


Thisinftitution appears to have been coeval with the eftablilhment of a regular 
fchool of phyiic in the univerfuy. Dr Fothergill, Dr. Hunter, Dr. Cullen, and 
others of the moft eminent phyhcians in Britain, were among the firfl of its mem- 
bers. None of its records, however, of an earlier date than 1737 arc now preferved. 
Since that time the greater part of the medical fludents at the univerfity, who have 
diilinguifhed themfelves by their induftry or diligence, have been members of this 
inftitution. In 1778 the fociety was honoured with a charter, dated at St. James's, 
the 14th of December of that year. By this charter the members of the fociety are 
formed " into one body, politic and corporate, or legaHncorporafion, under the 
name and title of the Medical Society of Edinburgh +, and as fuch, 
and by fuch name, to have perpetual endurance and fucceffion." 

At the meetings of the fociety, which are held e'very Saturday evening during the 
winter feafon, papers on medical fubjefts are delivered by the feveral members in 
rotati©n. _ Four of the members are defied every year, to fill the chair in rotation, 
with the title of Annual Prcfidents. The meetings of the fociety are now held in 
their own hali, on which they have expended a thoufand pounds. This building 
was opened on the 26th of April, 1776. Befides an apartment for the weekly meet- 
ings, it contains a room for their library, and a repofitory for curious fubjefts in 
natural hiftory and anatomy. 

The election of ordinary mennbers is by ballot. Three diffentient votes are fuf- 
ficient to rejeft a candidate. When an ordinary member has delivered in a certain 
number of papers, or has conciliated the good opinion of the fociety in any other 
manner, they ufuallyeleft him an honorary member. This elefiion'is likewife by 
ballot ; and the votes in this cafe muft be unanimous. The perfon thus elefted an 
honorary member receives a diploma (a diftmftion not granted to ordinary members) 
and continues to have a vote at the meetings, and to enjoy all the privileges of the 
ordinary members ; but is freed from the obligation of attendance, delivering in 

papers in rotation, Sec. to which the latter are fubjetl. Some few gentlemen have 
been honoured with honorary diplonias by the fociety, without having ever been 
elefted ordinary members. 

The following lift contains the names of all thofe who have been admitted mem- 
bers of this fociety from Nov. 26, 1737, to March 4, 1780. The reader will at 
once perceive that many of the perfons are dead, whofe names are here recorded. 
We at firfi; intended to have printed the names of deceafed members in Italics, but 
having found it impoflible for us to do this with fufficient accuracy, we have given 
the lift in the fame form in which it was printed by the fociety in 1770. The 
additions fince that time are from a written lift, in which our correfpondent has 
omitted to mark the gentlemen who have been elecied honorary members, or annual 
prefidents, fince the year 1770. 

f We have fometimes feen it written the Royal Medical Society, but this is improper. 
The inflritution is not the lefs refpeaable for being ftiled in the charter fimply The Medical 
Society, of Edinburgh, which is the only name by which it can fue or plead as a body corporate 
in a Court of Juftice. 

2737. Nov. 




Dec. 10. 

, Rob. Macdouall, S. H. 

Nov. 26. 

George Armllrong. 


, Eben. Macfait. 

James Scot. 

Geo. Marjori banks. 

Mich. Dixon. 


Arch. Drummond. 

Jan. 14. 

Charles Congalton, 

Rob. Gufthart. 

Nov. 20. 

Will. Cleghorne. 

Tho. Wilkinfon. 

Dec. 8. 

Tho. Elliot. 

Rob. Pringle. 

Rob. Douglas. 

Stewart Threipland. 

Patrick RulTel. 


Dec. 22. 

Will. Fordyce. 

Nov. 10. 

Geo. Raitt. 


William Hamilton. 

James RufTcll. 


John Monro. 

March 9. 

W. Ormiflon. 

Sam. Ball. 


Richard Smith. 

Donald Mackenzie. 

April 13. 

John Hope, S. H. 

^ 1739- 

Aug. 9. 

Duncan Forbes. 

Nov. 20. 

Geo. Haddow. 

Alex. Vere. 

Adam Auftin. 

Dec. 21. 

John Brifbane. 

Nicholfon Doubleday. 


Charles Biflet. 

March 15. 

Henry Carter. 

Ro. Mercer. 


John Gill. 

John Macleod. 

April 5. 

Lewis Hall. 

Nov.. 27. 

George Gregory. 

John Stratton, S. H. 

Dec. 4. 

Conway Jones. 

May 3. 

John Forfter. 


Nov. 8. 

Alex. Stevenfon. 

Dec. 9. 

Francis Home. 

Thomas Frazer. 

John Maccolme. 

John Campbell. 


Rob. Willan. 

John Smith. 

Jo. Maxwell. 


Walter Lawrie. 

Feb. 21. 

Cheyney Hart. 

Dec. 23. 

John Roebuck. 

Nov. 14. 

Norvell Home. 


Rt, Trail. 

Mich. Law. 

Rob. Hamilton. 

N©v. 21. 

John Moult. 

Mark Akenfide. 

John Beevor. 


Dec. 5. 

Pierfon Croardaile. 

April 7. 

Edward Archer. 

Dec. 19. 

John Moultrie. 

Nov, 17. 

Ber. Allen. 


Richard Lambert. 

Glib. Elliot. 

Charles Colignon. 


April 16. 

John Mattear. 

Jan. 16. 

John Kerr. 



Pat. Kerr. 

April 23. 

Bayly Rogers. 

March 3. 

Richard Brocklefby. 


Nov. 13. 

Nicholas Munchley. 

Nov. 12. 

Francis Hutchefon. 

John Rotheram. 


David Orme. 

John Gregorie. 


Alex. Henry Haliday. 

Nov. 20. 

Sam. Wightman. 
Jofeph Nicol Scot. 

. Dec. 10. 

Andrew M'Allefter. 



Dec. 11. 

Charles Ramfay. 

Dec. i8. 

J. A. Philip Brown. 


Feb. 25. 

Peter Middleton. 

Jan. 22. 

Robert Fergus. 

April 29. 

W^illiam Sandiford. 


James Fergufon. 

May 20. 

George Sutherland, S. H< 

Nov. 12. 

William Macghie. 

Pvob. Petrie. 

James Irvine. 

Ocl. 14. 

Patrick Dickfon. 

Dec. 10. 

Wm. Johnftone. 

Geo. Hay. 

David Clerk, 

William Scot. 

* In this lift thofe marked S. H. have been eleded Honorary Members, and thofe marked 
p. A. Annual Prefidents. 

K 4 1749- N^v. 


Nov. 11. 
Dec. 2. 


Jan. 6. 

Jan. 27. 
Feb. ij. 
March 3. 


Nov. 10. 
Dec. ?.2. 

Jan. 5. 

John Ta^'lor. 
Ja. Johnftone. 
VViliiam Dunbar. 
John Donaldion. 
John Scot. 

Chrif. Rogers. 
Arch. Campbell. 
Thomas Burnet. 
James Dobbin. 
D. Macbride, S. H. 
Ed. Kelly. 

Will. Mollefon, S. H. 
Chriftopher Packe. 
Wm. Semple, S. H. 
Tho. Livingflon, S. H. 
James Paterfon, S. H. 
George Clampet, S. H. 
Ken. Mackenzie, S. H. 
Gilbert Stewart, S. H. 
John Hudfon, S. H. 
Alex. Hunter. 

Gregory Grant. 

Feb. 16. WilLDelap. 
April 5. Will. Butter, S.H. 
13. John Scanlan. 

Will. GolTip, S. H. 


Tho. Ellis. 

Wm. Shawn. 

Will. Chalmer, S.H. 

James Brodhurft. 

F.ob. Em.met. 
\Anthony Macharg. 

John Walker. 
Nov. 14. James Plenry. 

Jan. 26. Gilb. Painey, S.H. 

Upton Scott. 

William Adair. 

Mich. StcM^art, 

Ja.Ainflie, S. H. 

Fra. Wayne, S. H. 

Samuel Benton. 

Tho. Anderfon. 

Will. Patten, S.H. 

Jo. Campbell, "S. H. 

Walter Maxwell, S.H. 
April 20. John Alves, S.H. 

J. Williams, S. H. 

J. Baxter. 

Jan. 13. 

Jan. 4. 

April 20. 

Nov. 23, 

April 5. 
June 26. 


April 24. 

May 3. 















Theodore Forbes. 
Adam Sloap. 
John Hall. 
Hugh Smith. 
John Macfarlan. 
Oliver Goldfmith. 
Ja. Wainwright. 
Will. Broughton. 

Hugh Alex. Kennedy, 
Lau. Macleane. 
William Donne. 
And. Dangear. 
Charles Brown. 
Pryce Owen, S. H. 

Robert Ram fay, S. H. ' 
John Cunningham, S. H. 
Will. Hally, S.H. 
Geo. Buxton, S. H. 
Samuel Pleydell. 
John Collier. 
Matthew Dobfon, S. H. 
"Will. Turner. 

John Bayly, S.H. 
Balfour Ruffel, S. H. 
V\^m. Bagot. 
John Rofs. 
Geo. Paterfon, S. H. 
Arch. Hamilton, S. H. 
Geo. Macrae. 
H. Loftie, S. H. 
John Lloyd, S. H. 
George Fordyce, S. H. 
John'Fallon,S. H. 
Henry Douflon. 
William Elliot, S. H. 
V/iiliam Charteris. 

Robert Macculloch. 
Jofeph Churchill, S. H. 
Wilham Graham, S. H. 
Thomas Clayton. 
John Lefley, S. H. 
Mu n go PI o n y m a n . 
Alexander Fairbarn, S.H. 
James Dudingfton, 

Hugh Rofe. 
Rob. Inncs. 
Tho. Beveridge, S. II. 


Richard Price, S. H. 


Robert Middleton. 


John Gardiner. 



Edward Richardfon, S. H. 



John Richardfon. 
William Kerr. 


David Congalton. 



John Marten Butt, S.H. 


Alex. Crooks, S. H. 

1757. Dec, 



Dec. 26. 

Feb. 11. 
March 3. 
April 15. 
Nov. 25. 
Dec. 9. 

Jan. 6. 

Mar. 24. 
April 14. 

Ju^y 7- 

Dec. 22. 



Jan. 5. 

Feb. 2. 
Nov. 11. 

Peter Leifhman. 

JohnBrlckenden, Si H. 
Thomas Smith, S. H. P. A. 
Neil Duncanfon, S. H. 
Arch. Somerville. 
Ro. Hamilton, S. H. 
David Carmichael, S. H. 

James Span, S. H. 
Charles Richardfon, S. H., 
William Ufher, S. H. 
William Stevenfon. 
William Budd. 
Robert Moore, S. H. 
William Cooper, S. H. 
Thomas Pleydell. 

Walter Robertfon, S.H. 

Walter Farquhar. 

James Booth. 

George Skine. 

John Peiarce. 

George Bethune, S. H. 

Alex. Monro Drummond, 

S. H. P. A. 
John Shiels, S. H. 
David Millar, S.H. 
Samuel Garland, S. H. 
J. Smith Carmichael, S. H. 

Jan. 13. 
Feb. 19. 

Mar. 26. 


















P. A. 

Dec. 8. 

Alexander Wilfon, 



Jan. 4. 


George Grant. 
Michael Garner, S.H. 
James Maddox, S. H. 

Jan. 10. 

William Lloyd, S. H. 


Feb. 14. 

William Buchan. 

Feb. 22, 

April 10. 

James Clytherall, S. H. 

March 9. 

May 2 . 

John Brown, S.H. 

oa. 13. 

Anthony Fothergill, S. H. 
James Crowther, S. H. 


William Smibert, S. H. 


Nov. 3. 

James Field. 


Dec. 12. 

John Law, S. H. 


March 6. 

Alex. Hamilton. 



. James Blair, S.H. P. A. 

April 13. 

April 2 

, William Saunders, S. H. 

Nov. 30. 


, John Morgan. 


. William Bankhead. 

Dec. 7, 

frazer Forbes. 

Dec. 13 

John Edward. 



Daniel Cooke, 


May 1 . 

J. Gould. 



1 John Purcell. 

Jan. 4. 

Silvefter Douglas. 
Andrew W^ood. 
James Bofwell. 
Lyonel Dixon. 
Thomas Percival. 
William Witherings, ■ 
Thomas Slater. 
Samuel Martin, 
Samuel Farr. 
Tho. Arnold. 
Samuel Bard. 
Jo. Haygarth. 
Tho. Holdfworth. 
Corb. Griffin. 
Daniel Rainey, S. H. P. 
John Rogerfon. 

V/illlam Cullen, S. H. 
John Fylhe Palmer, P. A. 
Patrick Anderfon. 
Alexander Copland. 
Thomas Rufton. 
Francis Balfour, S. H. 
Mark Smyth. ' 
William Dunbar. 
Benjamin Clifton. 
Chrifiopher Douglafs, 
Nov, 24. Hugh Shiells. 

Samuel Goulding, S, H. P. A. 
Thomas Lalhley. 
J. D. Garencieres. 

William Watfon. 
Robert Urquhart, S.H. 
Theod. Forbes-Leith, S. H. 

P. A. 
William Alexander, 
Lucas Pepys. 

Andrew Duncan, S. H. P. A. 
John Eaton. 

John Rudolph Japhet Rhode, 
James Mackittrick. 
David Spence. 
Charles Drayton. 
Nich. Eveleigh. 
""John Parfons. 
Matt. Kirfopp. 
John Boftock, S. H. F. A. 
Samuel Leeds. 
John Fleming. 
Charles Grieve. 
John Abel Lafont. 
Rich. Buller. 
Henry Reeder, 

Tho. Williamfon, S. H. 

1766. Jan. 


Jan. 4. 

March 8. 


April 19. 
Nov. 22. 
I>ec. 6. 

Jan. 17. 

Feb. 28. 

JVIaich 6. 


Mar. 27. 
April 4. 
J>ec, 5. 




Jan. 9. 

March 5 


April 9. 




Dec. 3, 

Roger Birdwood. 
Adam Freer. 
William Falconer. 
John Taylor. 
W. White. 
W. MoncriefFe. 
George Sieptoe. 
John Collins. 
John Taylor. 
Robert Scott. 
Adam Kuhii. 
John Dunning. 
John Cowling. 

Rohert Reid. 
John Calces. 
Alexander Baron. 
Edward Poller. 
Jofeph Black, S.H. 
Walter Jones, P. A. 176S. 
Charles Blagden, P. A. 
Wm. Penny. 
Benjamin Rulh. 
Robert Davifon. 
Guftavus Richard Brown. 
Henry Revel Reynolds. 
Daniel Robert. 
Henry Shonheyder. 
Jofhua Dixon. 
Jafper Porter. 
William Brown, S.H. 
John Warren, S.H. 
Thomas Tudor Tucker, 
jofhua Sampfon. 
John Beridge. 
Robert Dougan. 
Hugh Perry. 
W^illiam Chalmers. 
James M'Lurg. 
Peter Fayffouxv 

John Wall. 

John Leman. 

Daniel De la Roche. 

John GifFord. 
. Edward Dowfett. 

John Huggan. 

William Grieve. 
, Ifaac Chandler. 
, Francis Garden. 
, Evan Clements, 
•<juftavus Brown. 
, Jofeph Godwin. 
. Daniel Rutherford. 
, Louis Odier. 

Samuel Harv;ood, 

Jan. 28. 
Feb. 4. 




March 4. 






Jan, Q. 

Feb. 3. 

March 3. 

Dec. I. 

Jan. 5, 

Jofeph Brandreth. 
Thomas Airy. 
David Campbell. 
David Stuart. 
Edward Williams. 
Archibald Campbell. 
William M'llvaine. 
Francis Milman. 
Thomas Caw. 
John Badeley. 
Martin Wall. 
Henry Leader. 
Peter Steel. 
Benjamin Bell. 
Gafpard VieufTeux, 
David Wardrobe. 






Mar. 23. 

April 6. 


Nov. 30. 
Dec. 14. 

Jan. 4. 
feb. %. 

Moore Fauntleroy. 
Richard Wilfon Greathead. 
Thomas Ruffel. 
William Currie. 
Baron Nath. Dimfdale. 
Charles Gordon. 
Benjamin Thomas. 
John Parnham. 
William Cooper. 
Robert Dobfon. 
Ifaac Hall. 
Tucker Harris. 
Thomas Gibbings. 

Hugh James. 
Thomas Hay. 
John Aitken. 
Gilbert Blane. 
James Ballantyne. 
Robert Peronneau. 
James Maynard. 
Henry CuUen. 
Richard Budd. 
Thomas Bradbury. 
William Ball. 
Walter Riddle. 
Robert Freer. 
John Stark. 
Charles Cameron. 
Richard Dennifon, 
Charles Grove. 
A. J. Faw. 
George Pearfon. 
Henry Heart. 
James Hammerton. 

Robert Innes. 
James Johnfton. / 
Matthew Roberts.; 

1772. ifeh. 




Jofeph Camplin. , 

Feb. 15. W.Toufhree. 

19. James Wood. 

22. John Taylor Grifijn. 


1 16. Thomas Bowdler, 

March 7. Oglethorp Wainman. 

23. Thomas Blackburnc. 

John Maxwell. 

Thomas Yalden, 

15. Jofeph Dimfdale. 

29. Bartholomew Thomas. 

Samuel Eveligh. 


3. Archibald Cullen. 

28. Thomas Baker. 

Lewis Brotherfon. 

April 4. John Ryan. 


Walter Hanfon Jenifer. 

fj. Thomas Carr. 

11. James Gregory. 

Samuel Graham. 

18. Andrew Wardrop. 


25. Timothy Kirby. 


7. David Stewart. 

John Williamfon. 

John Gordon. 

Nov. 28. William Edwards* 

14. William Kerr. 

Samuel Evans. 

Dennis Dorfey. 

Wilkinfon Manuel. 

21. Charles Ker. 

John Hunter. 

John Whytt. 

Dec. 5. James Fov/ler Baker. 


4. Robert Moodte. ' 

12. Thomas Neufville. 

John Hayrnan. 

William Nicoll. 

18. Edward Meafe. 

Alex. Wemyfs. 

James Robertfon. 

David Shaw. 

William Lee. 

R. B. Remmett. 

Charles Elfden Bagge, 

John Birnie. 

March 4. James Payne. 

26. James Hendy. 

James Gerard. 


11. Samuel Daniel. 

Jan. 9. Thomas Dale. 

25. Duncan Macfarlane. 

16. James Mackintofh. 


: 1. William Rae. 

30. Richard Byam. 

^ George Coltmaa* 

John Henderlbn* 

15. Henry Miller. 

Feb. IS- George Logan. 

Caleb H. Parry, 

20. Hugh Morris. 

James Melliar. 

April 24. Sylas Neville. 

28. Thomas M'Farquhar. 

Nov. 27. William Hervey. 


2. H. Bryan. 

John Hickes. 

9. ^T. Pemberton, 

John Barnard Switt. 

Thomas Clerk. 

William Low. 

Thomas Paytherus. 

Henry Watfon. 
William Salkeld. 

E. Buftford. 

William FullertonGardne?. 

Thomas Clerk. 

16. H. Woollcombe. 

Dec. 11. Richard Cowlinff. 
Jean Louis Manget. 

Nath. Tucker. 

Adam Hotchkis. 

James Johnfton. 

Stanhope Baynes. 

Cumberland Chriflie. 



a 8. Charles Lufcombe. 


6. John Willis. 

Fotherly Pannell. 

George Bell. 

Philip Turpine. 
James Rurfel. 

Wyville Smith. 

John Shepherd. 


ao. Edward Stevens, A. B. 

Jan. 8. William Clapham. 

Zachariah Neufville. 

22. Philip Meadows Martlneau. 

27. Thomas Fowler. 

29. William Gottlob Lilie. 


3. John Gaulet. 

William Woodville. 

23. John Tailour. 

Harry Gibbs. 

Benjamin Beddome. 

Feb. 5. Edward Spry. 

George Sha\y. 

J 2. William Holland, 


6. Richard Pew. 

lyyS. April 


April 6. 
Dec. 7. 




Feb. 22. 

March 1. 


April 5. 

Nov. 29, 

Dec. 6. 

Jan. 10. 


Feb. 7 

iVjar. 28 

Apr. 11. 

May 1 , 

Oa. 31, 

Kov. 28 

Francis Claxton. 

Arnold Beerenbroek, M. D, 

Benjamin Collynns. 

William Boufh. 

John Hany. 

John Ford. 

Robert Steavenfon, A.M. 

George Logan. 

Seguin Henry Jackfon. 

John Hollis Pigot. 

Samuel Byam Athill. 

Edward Johnfton, 

Gabriel Wynne. 

John Nankivell. 

Peter Sandilands. 

Charles Darwin. 

Stephen Pellet, A.B. 

John Evans. 
Alexander Campbell, 
Ralph Adyc. 
Arthur Broughton. 
Charles Wade. 
William Hamilton. 
Samuel Pleydell. 
Henry Harris. 
William F. Greinev. 
Charles Webfler, M.D. 
William Abington Laflells. 
John Power. 
John Billara. 

C. W. Quin, A.B.T. CD. 
Thomas Bouchier. 
William Cleghorn, 
James Webfter, M. D. 
Edward Nugent. 
William Fearne, M. D. 
Samuel Cave. 
Francis Brown. 

Robert Pringle. 

Ambrofe Cookfon. 

Pilchard W^orthington. 
, James Steuart. 

Trevor Jones. 

John Bell 

Robert Lovell. 

George Leonard Blyden. 
. James Home. 
. Robert Maitland, M. D. 
. James Curries. 
. John Bennett. 
. John Winterbottom. 
. Robert V\/iIIan. 
. Alexander Ruffell. 

George Selby. 


John Bofvile, M. D. 

M'^illiam Spence. 

■L. Nikell. 

Jonathan Stokes. 

^ Jeans. 

Henry Farley. 
Dec. 5. George M'Kenzie. 

John FenM'ick. 

Charles Stapleton, M. D, 

James Feuwick. 

Hem-y Slaughter. 

John Young, 
12. Henry Blake. 

Thomas ProiTer. 
17. Campbell. 

William Maxwel. 

John Watfon Howell. 

Jan. 2. Edward Chorley. 
Thomas Miller.' 
9. W. Carter, A. B. Oriel Coll. 
William Lifter. 
i6. George Burrow. 
23. James Farifh. 

Nicholas Rom.ayne, 
V/illiam Moore. 
Alexander Dalzell. 
Paul Harris Johnfon, GriiEths. 

John Tohnfton. 



John Hallilay. 
Robert Percival. 



Charles SteNvart. 



James Lav:. 
John Aibury. 



George Daniel 1. 


James Hair. 

Phoebus Hitzerus Themmen. 

Maitland Martlane. 

Edward L. Fox. 

Jacob Patiflbn. 

Robert Hamilton. 



Tipping Brown, 
William Graham. 
Robert Bloxham. 
James Dunbar Innefs. 
William Stephens^ 
Andrew Fyfe. 


Samuel Stephenfon. 


, Fhilip Holland.' 




. William Flanagan, 
Thomas lebcrv. 
Harcer Hall. ' 
William Corp. 


John Cock. 



Richard Codrington,' 





Feb. 5. James Armitftead. 
James Hills, 
Henry Senior. 
Edward Harrifon. 
William Spottifwood, 
9. Horatio Cook. 
John Wainman. 
26. William Gourlay. 
Mar. 4. D. Hug. Chrift.'Reufs. 
Robert Salmond. 
William Codrington. 
Dec. 2. James AlhUl. 

Rich. Anth. Markham. 
John Bill. 
Sam. de Butts. 
Tho. Every. 
Wm. Lewes. 
Wm. Gil by. 
JaPxies Steven. 
And. Willifon. 
3^. John Jacques. 
Ed. Goodwyn. 
23. J. Ferriar. 
30. Wm. Hallidav. 
J. Wilkin. 
Step. Dickfon. 
T. Stevenfon. 
Jan. 6. Arch. Lindfay. 
Edw. Kitching, 
Feb. 24. W. Frazer. 
Mar. 17. M. Morifon. 
Dec. 1. J. Nafmyth. 
T. Watfon. • 
Henry Ainflle. 
Clement Nicolfon^ 
J. Ditncan. 
Abr. Wilkinfon. 
W. Thomfon. 
Fran. Frazer. 
J. Paterfon. 
J. Robinfon. 
Rich. Kiernan, 
Tho. Leighton. 
Rob. M'bonald, 
Hugh Owen. 
Ben. Kiffam. 
Ray Beck\vith. 
Pvichard SilL 

G. Emner. • 

Rob. Cleghorn, 

Geo. Maxwell. 
15. J. Hutchinfon, 

Rich. Lubbock, 

R. D. Willis. 

Tho. Spens. 

j. Forfythe. 

G. Bell. 

And. Coventry, 

Ch. Davy. 

Sam. Ferris. 

Ed. Sommers. 
22. Chrift. Stanger. 
Mar. 30. J. Carver. 

Arund. Macgilchrift, 
Nov. 30. Alex. Williams. 

D. Reid. 

Tho. Hardy. 

D. Skeene. 

R. Cooper. 

J. Lawfon. 

W. Monro. 

R. Batty. 

T. Prettyman, 

T. White. 

J. JafFray. 

Charles Hill. 

J. Ed. Smith. 

Rich. Kentifli. 
Dec. 7. Thomas Hobbes. 

R. Addie Emmit, 


W. Thornton. 

W. Barton. 

R. G. Monro, 

J. Wilfon. 

J. Hilton. 

S. Richards. 

B. Penn. 

14. J. M'DonnelL 

Nich. Archero 

R. Groat. 

T. Ryan. 
21. C. Throgmorton, 

J. Harrifon. 

R. W. RochclifFe. 

C. Sommer. 
Alex. Peilefier. 

Jan, 4. J. Corry. 
J. Potter. 
J. Franklin Clerk, 
W, Morris. 




LIST of thofe who have been admitted Honorary Members, without having 
ever been ordinary Members of the Society, 

Claudius Anthony Caille, M. D. Paris, 
Ludovicus Guilbert, M, D. Paris. 
Henry Gahn, M. D. 

* James Hamilton, M. D. Edinburgh. 
Edward Bofquillon, M. D. 

Portal, M. D. Paris. 

* John Innes. 

* John Sims, M. D. London. 

* Andrew Itaiinfki, M. D. (Leyden). St. Peterfburgh. 

* Charles Dunant, M. D. (Montpelller): Geneva. 

* Philip Fifcher, M. D. (Ingoldftadt). Munich, 

* Alexander Wood. Edinburgh. 

* John Steedman, M. D. Edinburgh. 

* George Cleghorn, M. D. Dublin. 

* ^William Cruikfhanks, M. A. London. 
P. Cofte, M. D. Calais. 

John Clement Tode, M. D. Copenhagen. 

* Samuel Foart Simmons, M. D. F. R. S. &c. London. 
Henry Quin, M. D. Dublin. 

* John Gilchrift, M. D. Dumfries. 

.John George Zlmmermann, Med. Reg. Hanover. 
Henry Marcard, Med. Reg. Hanover. 
Thomas Kirkland, M. D. Afhby de la Zouch. 
Nathaniel Erneft Dauter, 
M. Vicq d'Azyr, Paris, 
M. Berentt. 

Mr. John Alkln, Warrington. 
Earl of Buchan. 

Sir Nathaniel Barry, Bart. M. D. Dublin. 
Mr. Charles White, F. R. S. &c. Manchefter.^ 
Auguftus BroulTonet, M. D. F. R. S. Montpellier. 


This Society was Inftituted at Edinburgh in 1774. The number of Its members 
is limited to fifteen, five of whom are to be members of the college of phyficlans, 
and the other ten of the college of furgeons. The members meet and fup, toge- 
ther on the firft Friday of every month. The chair is filled by each member in 

A List of the Members. 

Mr. William Chalmers. Mr. Alexander Wood. 

Mr. Andrew Wood. Alexander Hamilton, M. D. 

James Hamilton, M. D, Tames Hay, M. D. 

Mr. Thomas Hay. John Hope, M. D. F. R. S. 

Mr, Benjamin Bdl. Mr. Thomas Wood. 

Mr. Foreft Dewar. Andrew Duncan, M. D. Secretary. 

Mr. Colin Lauder. Robert Langlands, M. D. 
Nathan Spens, M. D. 

Thofe marked * ftudled at Edinburgh. 





In Alphabetical Order, with Lifts of the Medical Pra6iitioners * in each. 


New Deer. 
Old Deer, 


The Univerfity at this place was founded in 1477, and 
confifts of two colleges, (King's College and Marifchai 
College) in each of which there is a Profeflbr&ip of 

Projejfor of Phyfic in King^s College, 
William Chalmers, M. D. 

Profejfor of Phyfic in Marifzhal College. 
"Alexander Donaldfon j:, M. D. 

The Aberdeen Infirm^apy was founded in 
1742. it ufually contains from eighty to ninety pa- 
tients, fo that from a thoufand to twelve hundred ai« 
received and difmifled annually. The number of out- 
patients relieved in the courfe of the year has fometimcs 
exceeded two thoufand. In 1773, the managers ob- 
tained a charter from his Majefly, ercfting them into a 
body corporate, under the name of " The Prefidentacd 
" Managers of the Infirmary of Aberdeen." 

Phyfidan. Tho. Livingfione ||, M, D, 
Ajjifl. Phyf David Stuart, M. D. 
J. Ligertwood, M. D* 

TheDlSPENSA-RY, inftituted in 1781. 

Phyfidan^ W. Livingflone, M, D<, 
Medical PraBitioners in Old and New Aberdeen. 

Thomas Livrngftone, M. D. (Marifclial Coll^e^ 
Fellow of the R. C. of Phyficians at Edinburgh., 
John Morris, M. D. (St. Andrew's). 
-George Skeene, M. D. ProfefT. of Phil, in Ma- 

Tifchal College. 
Alexander Robertfon, M. D. 
David Stuart, M. D. (Edin. 1770). 
John Ligertwood, M.D. (Edin. 1773)<, 
Alexander Bannerman, M. D. 
William Livingftone, M. D. 
Francis Frafer, 'm. D, (Glafgow). 
Dr. Finlay. 
Mr. M'Dougall. 
Mr. Brown. 
Mr. Chap. 

* The Phyficians In Scotland (thofe at Edinburgh excepted) generally praftife furg«y, 
and difpenfe their own medicines. 

f Thefe colleges are both together termed the Unkerfity of Aberdeen, although quite 
independent of each other. One of them is fituated in Old, and the other in Nevr 

\ Doflor Donaldfon neithat:. delivers ledures, nor praftifes, but refides chiefly upon hl$ 
cftate in the neighbourhood of Aberdeen. 

, Ij Dr. Livingftone had the fole care of the Infirmary from the year Jj$'i'Xo 1779? when 
die two afliftant phyficians were eledted. 

^ Oli 


Old Meldrum* 


Mr. Garrioch. 

David Wilfon, M. D. George Moir, M. D, 
Mr Chryftle, Mr. Watfon. 
Mr. Leflle. 









May bole. 





John Campbell, M. D. Mr. Peter Douglas, 

Mr. George Charles, Mr. Whitefide. 

Mr. D. Johnfon, Mr. Wilfon. 

Mr. Mac Mil Ian. 

Mr. James Bans. 

Mr. M'Intyre. 

James Oliphant, M. D. Mr* Cha. Fleming. 

Mr. James Alexander. 

Jafper Tough, M. D. William Hamilton, M. D. 
Mr. George Torrence, Mr. William Muire. 
Mr. William Morris, Mr. James Corfon. 

Mr. Hugh Coulter.' 

Mr. Charles Erfkine. 

Mr. Thomas Logan. 

Mr. Knight. 

Mr. Robert Miller, Mr. Jofeph Hutchefon. 

Mr. Dean. 


A R G Y L E. 

Mr. Lachlan Campell, 


B A M F F. 

Dr. Milne, 

Mr. Stuart, Mr. Abernethy, 
Mr. Strahan, Mr. Skene. 
Mr. Mill. 


Cajllehill, near Thurfo. Mr. Andrew Liddel. 



Mr. Henry Bruce. 

Mr. Stout. 


Dr. Forbes, 

* Dr. Gillefple, late of this place, Is removed to Edinburgh* 
"^ Dr. R. Saunders, late of this place, is gone to India. 






MefTrs. James Swan and Son, Mr, Colquhoun. 







Mrf Little, Mr. Clapperton. 
The Dumfries Infirmary was enablidied in 
'i^ll'jr " Since that period," as we learn from the fifth 
annual report, dated April, 1782, *' a building has 
*' been erefted, and four hundred and fifty proper ob- 
" jefts, including foldiers, received into it. The 
** whole expences of building and furnifliing the houfe, 
** amounting to 1053 1. have been defrayed, as well as 
*' the ordinary expences of the houfe, which, on an 
*' average, have been upwards of 140 1. The balance 
" of the funds of the charity, remaining in the trea- 
*' furer's hands, amounts to upwards of 130I." The 
building is large enough to contain forty beds. 

Phyjician. John Gilchrift, M. D. (Edin.- 

Surgeon. Mr. Alex. Copland. 
Apothecary. Mr. Bell. * * 

Other Praciitioners at Dumfries. 

Mr. John Harley, Mr. James Crichton, 
Mr. Eben. Donaldfon. 

Mr. James Kennedy. 

Mr. William Clapperton. 

James Johnftone, M. D» v 

Mr. Angus M'Donald. 

Mr. William Purdie. 

Mr. Thomas Stuart, Mr. Thomas Yorkftoun, 


Crammond, Mr. Robert Spotifwood. 

Dalkeith. . Mr. Wauchope, Mr. Hunter, Mr. Simpfon, 

Edinburgh. See page 169. 

Mnjfelburgh, Mr. Stuart, Mr. Bruce, 



James Walker, M. D. (Edin. 1740), 
Dr. Stephens, Dr. Brodie. 
Dr. Dougall, Mr. Wifhart. 

•St, Andrexii's, 

The Univerfity of St. Andrew was founded in uu, 

and confifts of two colleges. The Medical ProfefforlLip 

w-as founded by the Duke gf Chandos, who was chan- 

L eel lor 


cellor of the univerfity, and fettled 50I. per annura on 
it for this purpofe. 

Chandos Prqfejfor of Phyjic. 

James Flint, M.D. (Glafgow), Hon. Fellow of 
„the College of Phyficians, Edinburgh. 

Otlitt Pi aElitioners at St. Andrew^ s. 

Geo. Foreft, M. D. (Edin. 1753), Prof, of Nat. 

Mr. Thomas Melville, Mr. Chrif. Seaton. 

AudiermucJity. - Mr. J. M'Aulay. 

Aytcu7i. Mr. John Fuller. 

Coupar. Robert Menzles, M. D. 

John Gowan, M. D. (Edin. 1772). 

CraiL * Mr. Andrew Robertfon, 

Mr. Robert Arnott, Mr. James Todd, 

DumfermUnh X)r. V/emyfs, Dr. Stenhoufe, 

Mr. Gutton, Mr. Gill. 
Ely. Mr, James Tait. 

Kingkorn, Mr. Salmon. 

Kirkaldy. » Dr, Wimes, Mr. White, Mr. MooJIe. 

Lafpo. Mr. John Goodfir, 

Mr. Jofeph King. 

Lcven. Mr. David Goodfjr, Mr. Barclay. 

Pittenween, John Fulton, M. D. 


Cupar > 


Montr oft. 

J O R F A R. 

Dr. James Rofs, Mr. John Stevenfon, 
Mr. John Moodie. 

Dr. Low. 

Mr, John Henderfan, Mr. Gilbert Ramfay, 
Mr. James Stewart. 

Sir Alexander Douglas, Bart. M. D. 

Wm. Fergufon, M. D. John Willifon, M. D. 

Robert Mitchell, M. D. Mr. Robert Stuart. 

Mr. Alexander Ogilvy, Mr. James Johnftone, 

Mr. John Moodie. 

Dr. Ogilvie. 

Charles Leith, M. D, 

Dr. Moody, Dr. Watfon, 

Dr. Hunter, Dr. Bait, Dr. Robertfon, 


Dunbar* James Hamilton, M.D. Fellow of the R. C. of 

Phyficians, at Edinburgh. 
- Mr. Cunningham, Mr. JohnKellie. 
Mr. Thomas Turnbull. 
Haddingtotii Mr. Alexander Maitland, Mr. Summers, and Son, 

Mr. Robert M'Laggan. 




hivernefs. \ 

Sky (Ifleof). 

Mr. J. Stuart. 

Dr. Alves, Mr. Chifliolm, 

Mr. M'Leod, Mr. Grant. 

Mr. John M'Lean, Mr. J. Williams, 

Mr. P. M'Dousal. 


K i R C U D B R i G H T. 

Mr. James Clarke, Mr. John Walker, 


K I N C A R D I N. 

Mr. Young, Mr. Memis, 



Mr. David Davidfon, Mr. John Steedman, 
Mr. John Robertfon, Mr. David Donaldfort. 

L A N E R K. 

ClafgozLK The University at this place owes its origin to the 

bounty of Bifhop Turnbull, who obtained a bull for 
its inftitution from Pope Nicholas V. in 1450. There 
are two medical profelTorfliips, but the ftudents are 
chiefly in the Latin and Greek clafTicsj the Scotch law, 
and divinity. 

Profefor of Phyfic. 

Alexander Stevenfon, M. D.- 

Profejfor of Anatomy and Botany, 
Mr. W. Hamilton. 

Profejfor of Natural Philofopky. 
John Anderfon, F. R. S, 

F A C U L T Y of P H Y S I C. 

The Phyficians and Surgeons of Glafgow were incor= 
poratedby a charter granted to Mr. Peter Low, i^'urgeon, 
and Mr. Robert Hamilton, profefTor of phyfic, and 
their fucceffors, by James VL of Scotland, in 1599. 
The members of the Faculty are bound by the above 
charter to meet * on the firft Monday of every month, 
and give advice to the poor, gratis, if any attend for 
that purpofe. They have alfo a power of examining 
and licenfing praftitioners refiding in the fliires of La- 
nerk, Renfrew, Dumbarton, and Air ; and to interdict 
them if found difqualified. A plan is now carr)nng into 

* In a large hall. In which the Facu'ty rneet, tliere is a good colledlon of medical 
books, to_\vhicli. additions are continually making j about 20 L being allowed annually for 
that parpofe. 

L 2 


t^g k E D I C A L REGISTER. 

execution for eflablifliing a fund * for the^ benefit of 
their v/idows. 

A List of she Members, with the Dates of their Admiffion, and Place? of 

JElefidence f . 

1739 Mr. HeSor M'Lean, Surgeon, Ifle of Sky. 
Sir George Colquheun, of Tilly Cohoun, 
Bart, of Nova Scotia, long an Officer in 
the Dutch fervice. 
1744 William Cullen, M.D. and Prof. Edinburgh, 
J 74 7 Andrew Morris, 'b^l.'D. 

1750 Mr. Ninian Hill, Surgeon. 

1751 Dr. John Moore, Phyfician in London. 
Mr. Robert Wallace, Surgeon. 

1756 Alex.Stephenfon, M. D. and Prof. Phyfician. 
John Cook, M. D. Hamilton. 

1757 Jofeph Black, M. D. Profeffor of Chemiflry 

at Edinburgh. 
1759 John Gibfon, M. D. Lanerkfiiire, 

1764 Mr. James Par lane. Surgeon. 
l-]^^ Peter Wright, M. D. 

Robert Marjhall, M. D. 
'^ * . -_1768 Mv. Alex. Dunlop, Surgeon. 

3770 Mr. Charles Wilfone, Surgeon. 

Mr. Alex. Murray, Surgeon, Ifland of St. 
1771 Mr. W. White, Surgeon. 

1773 W. Inline, M. D. Le61urer on Chemifiry. 
Mr. Thomas Smith, Surgeon, London. 

1774 yir. J. Jamiefon, Surgeon. 

> .- .--i-'- '^777 Mr. George Cochra}ie, Surgeon. 

Mr. James Mont eat h. Surgeon. 
1778 Mr. Robert Simfon, Surgeon. 
Mr. Arch. Young, Surgeon. 
J779 Mr. Alex. Stenhoufe, Surgeon. ^ 
J780 Mr . William Hamilton, Surgeon, P. A, 


.2749 Mr. Alex. Mollifon, Surgeon, Port Glafgow, 
Mr. Robert Montgomerie, Surgeon, Beith. 

3750 Mr. W. Morris, Surgeon, Kilmarnock. 
Mr. W. Muir, Surgeon, Kilmarnock. 

3751 Mr. And. Tennent, Surgeon, Strathaven. 
^Jo^ Mr. J. Swan, Surgeon, Dumbarton. 

"■ ■ J. Flint, M.D. Chandos Profeffor of Phyfic 

in the UniverGty of St. Andrew's. 
J 759 Mr. J. M'Arthur, Surgeon, Pollocklhaws. 

1765 Mr. Gavin Fullarton, Surgeon, Greenock. 

3771 Mr. David Colquhoun, Surgeon, Greenock, 
Mr. J. Hov/, Surgeon, Kilbarchan. 

3773 Mr. J. Jack, Surgeon, Hamilton. 

Mr. W. Browne, Surgeon, Hamilton. % 

^ They hsve already a fleck which enables them to affift any decayed member's widow 
cr chifdren, if In indigent circurrxftances, but the prefent fcheme is intended to extend 
• tc .iU without exception. 

f Thofe, whofe names are printed In Italicks, refide in Glafgow. 

X The correfpondent to whom we are indebted for our Glaigow liH, requefts US to add, 
< that " There are y.-jrJou3 other praftitioners, fuch as h&rh-duclorsy blocd-letten, tooth- 
drawers f 





Mr. Thomas Bhir, Mr. William Bailli^, 
Mr. William Bow. 


Mn James Somerville. 

Mr. Muckle, Mr. Peter Liddel. 

Mr. W. Moor. 

John Cook, M. D. (formerly a pkyfician an ihz 

Ruffian fervice). 
Mr. William Brown, Mr. John Jack, 
Mr. Jofeph Home, Mr. Steward 

Mr. Todd, Mr. Jer>kins. 

Mr. Dean. 







JU I N L I T H G O W. 

Mr. John Short, Mr. Guilen. 

Mr. William Jamiefon, Mr. Geo. Johnftons* 

David Wardrobe, M. D. (Edin. 1771). 

Mr. John Andrew. 

Mr. James Liddel, Mr- George M'CuHum* 

Mr. John MarfhalJ. 

Mr. John Young- 

M E R S E (anciently BERWICK), 

Aymouth. • Mr. William Wightman. 

Coldjlreajrif Meflrs. James Dawfon and Son, 

Mr. Johnfon, Mr. Dalziel. 

Dunfe. James Hall, M. D. (Edin. 1771). 

Mr. John Lorrain, Mr. John Mier^ 
Mr. Thomas Murray, 

Fort George^ 


Mr. A Monro. 
Mr. Forbes. 

I/les of Orkney. 
IJle ofBurray. Thomas Balfour, M. D, at Burray, 

Pomona^ (or Main Ls^nd of Orkney). 

Cairjlon. Mr. Walter Stuart, 

KirkzoalL Robert Groat, M. D. 

drawer's, and even bred furgeons, both In town and country, within the jurifdi£lion of the 
faculty, in the iT^ires of Lanerk, Renfrew, Dumbarton, and Ayr, but that only thofe here 
named have been found qualified to pradtife furgery and pi;armacy, upon examination by the 

L 3 , Shetland, 


Delton, (or Main Land of Shetland). 

Lerwick. Mr. Lawrence Edmondftone. 

HillfwicL J. GiiFord. 



Mv. John Lawfon. 

William Grieve, M. D. (Edin. J770V 
Mr. James Read^ Mr. Robert MarfhaL 










Mr. Andrew Murray. 

Tames Paterfon, M. D. Mr. Alex. Huttpa. 

Mr. John Gordon. 

Mr. John Ramfay. 

Mr. John Whyte. 

Mr. John Laing, 

Robt. Wood, M. D. Colin Robertfon, M. Dj 

Mr. Matthew Davidfon, Mr. Peter Nifbet, 

Mr. George Johnftone. 

Mr. John M'Laggan; 




Port Glqfgew, 

Montgomerie and Son. 

MeflVs. R. 

Mr. Gavin Fullarton, Mr. Will. Wilfon, 

Mr. David Colquhoun. 

Mr. James Graeme, Mr. Will. Stuart, 

Mr. Alex. Taylor, Mr. John White, 

Mr. Hugh Fulton, Mr. Simpfon. 

Mr. A. MoHifon, 

Mr. James Carmichael, 


Lewis, (Ifle of). 

R O S 3. 

Mr. Bethane. 
Mr. M'Farquhar. 
Alex.M'Kenzie, M. I^. 

Vir. M'Caftrul. 



Mr. John Williamfon. 

William Elliott, M. D. Robert Lindfay, M. Dv 
Mr. Thomas Oliver. Mr. William Thr>ma= 

iver, Mr, William Thomas, 
Mr, Robert Scott, 




Dr. Jackfon, 




Mr. Thomas Anderfon, 
Mr. William Borrowman, 
Mr. Adam Mitchell. 



Falkirk . 

St. Ninian^s, 


Mr. James Heig> Mr. George Moncrleff, 
Mr. Nath. Anderfon. 

Mr. And. Story, fen. Mr. And. Story, jun, 
Mr. James Ruffell. 
Meff. Andrew Story and Son. 
Mr. John Meek, Mr, John Taylor, Mr.Wm. Shaw. 
Mr. William Nimnio. 

Walter Stirling, M. D. Surgeon to Stirling Caflle. 
Wm. Graham, M. D. (St. Andrew's). 
John Gillefpie, M. D. Mr. Duncan Glasford, 
Mr. Alexander Brymner. 

Ivir. George Thyne. 



Mr. A. Forbes, Mr. Donald Caraphell. 

A R M Y, 

S T A F r , 

Robert Miller, M, D. 
f Donald Monro, M. D. F. R. S. 
t William Mufhett, M. D. 
t Pvichard Brocklefhy, M. D. F. R. S. 
+ William Cadogan, M. D. 
f Richard Saunders, M.D. F. R. S. 
Edward Blithe, M.D. 
t Michael Morris, M.D. F.R:S. 
Richard Veal, M. D. (St. Andrew's, 


Charles Blagdcn, M. D. (Edin. 1-]^%)^ 

F. R. S. 
+ Kobert Knox, M. D. 
t Hugh Kennedy, M. D. 
Robert Roberts, M. D. 
John M'Namara Hays, M. D,. 
George Young, M.D. 
Richard Proftor, M. D. 
+ John Hunter, M. D. 
i Thomas Clerk, M. D. 
t William Paine, M.D. 

% Mr. John Cherrlngtonj 
Mr. Thomas Malie, 
^ Mr. John Barker, 


Mr. Gilbert Elliott, 
Mr. William Pearfon, 
^ Mr. Richard Turner. 




Mr. Abraham Godfrey, 

^ Mr. John Hunter, F. R. S, 

Mr. Wilham Maddox, 

Mr. William Adair, . 

Mr. James Baddeley, 

Mr. William Young, 

Mr. Colley Lucas, 

Mr. Charles Carfon, 

Mr. Abraham Gordon, 

Mr. George Paterfon, 

Mr. Francis Edwards, 

Mr. William Bryant, 

§ Mr. Francis Tomkyns, 

Mr. John Howell, 

Mr. Thomas Wilkins, 

Mr. Matthev/ Wilcox, 

Mr., Francis Ruffell, 

Mr. George Monro, 

Mr. John Boon, 

Mr. Andrew Andtrfon, 

Mr. Alexander Grant, 

^ Mr. Thompfon Forfter, 

Mr. Richard Hope, 

Ivlr. John Stuart, 

Mr. John Clarke, 
Richard Ingram, M. D. 
Mr. John Harcourt, 
Mr. John Rogers, 
Mr. Thomas Rundell, 
Mr. Jofeph Colborn, 
Mr. Alexander Tough, 
Mr. Robert Wallh, 
Mr. James Jones, 
Mr. Walter Hamilton, 
Mr. George Eagle, 
Mr. Patrick Wemyfs^ 
Mr. Robert Bafs, 
Mr. Michael Croker, 
Mr. Richard Monington, 
Air. Daniel Mandeville, 

Other Medical Officers on the Staff" of the Ar, 

DireStor of the Hofpitals in Portugal, 
hfpetlor Gen. and Chief DircEior of the 

Hcfpitals in Germany. 
Deputy Director of the Hcfpital at the 

Irfpeclor General and Chief DireSior of the 

Hojpitals in N. America. 
Superintendant General of the Hofpitals in 

'N, -America and the Wejr -Indies. 

Mr. Richard Knowles, 
Mr. John Marlhall, 
Mr. Alexander Potts, 
Mr. Benjamin Mace, 
Mr. John Field, 
Mr. Fennel Cole, 
Mr. John Weir, 
Mr. Jonathan Mallet, 
Mr. Hammond Beaumont, 
Mr. James Auchinleck, 
Mr. Robert Smyth, 
§ Mr. Edward Horler, 
Mr. Thomas Armourer, 
Mr. Weft Hill, 
Mr. Thomas Davy, 
Mr. Donald MTntire, 
Mr. John Connor, 
Mr. Vincent Wood, 
Mr. Thomas Cawley, 
Mr. Houlfton Harries, 
Mr. William Gardiner, 
Mr. John MilHgen, 
Mr. Charles Hall, 
Mr. William Bifliop. 

Mr. Peter Bernard, 

Mr. Thomas Morrifon, 

George Brown, M. D. (St. Andrew's), 

Mr. David Caldwell, 

Mr- Richard Proftor, 

Mr. Arthur Edwards, 

Mr. Robert Bifhop, 

Mr. Richard Huddlefton, 

Mr. J. Watfon, 

Mr. Stephen Paterfon, 

Mr, Benjamin Mare, 

Mr. Patrick Connor, " 

Mr. John Johnftone, 

Mr. Robert Barnewall, 

Mr, Everard Homes ' - 

Mr. William Young. 
Mr. Philip Burlton. 
Mr. Thomas Hopkins. 
§ Sir James Napier, Knt. 

M. D, (Edm, 

John Mervin Nooth, 
1766), F.R. S. 
InfpeElor of Hofpitals in N. Araerica. Mi'. John Lorimer. 

Super a,'nnuated Surgeons of Regiments, 
Mr. Wolfton Bayly, Mr. Edward Hawkins,. 

!v|r. Heniy Portfmouthj Mr. Richard Edward?. 




Regimental Surgeons, with the Late of their Warranti. 

aft Troop of H. Guards, 


J ft Troop of H. Gren. Guards, 


Royal Reg. of Horfe Guards, 

1 ft Reg. of Horfe, 



ift Reg. of Drag. Guards, 



J ft Reg. Dragoons, 




5 th 













19th Light Dragoons;, 





Tarleton^s Light Dragoons^ 

ift Reg. of Foot Guards, 

Coldftream Regiment, 

3d Reg. 

ift Reg. of F. ift Bat. 
« 2d Bat, 
ed Reg. of Foot, 

6th , 
9 th 



Mr. Val. Jones, 
Mr. Richard Barker, 
^ Mr. John Heavifide, 
Mr. John R-ufh, 
Mr. John Stewart, 
Mr. Jacob Nixon, 
^ Mr. Robert Bookes, 
Mr. James Wallace, 
Mr. Thomas Mariuing, 
Mr. Rodolphe Rhodes, 
Mr. Gawin Hamilton, 
^ Mr. Robert Scott, 

Mr. Oh"ver, 

Henry Rawlins, 
Mr. R.Woodthop, 
^ Rich. Newman Toll, 

Mr. Robert Smithwick, 
Mr. ¥/m. Robertfon, 
I Mr. Jetfery Thomlbn, 
Mr. St. Le^erHinchley, 
Mr. And. M'Dowall, 
Mr. R. Bloxham, 
Mr. John Mallet, 
Mr. Gregory Foulkes, 
Mr. Malachi Queely, 
Mr. George Borthwick, 
Mr. Edmund Taylor, 
Mr. John Crane, . 
Mr. Chrift. Johnfon, 
Mr. Tho. Harrifon, 
^Mr. Chrift. Arden, 
Mr, Nich. Archer, 
Mr. William Thomas, 
Mr. Alex. Barr, 
Mr, John M'CulIock, 
Mr. John Smith, 
^ Mr. Thomas Keate, , 
^ Francis Knight, 
Mr. John Leflie, 
Mr. Tho. Young, 
Mr. Samuel Spalding, 

Mr. Wood,"" 

Mr. James Muir, 
Mr. Gillefpie, 
Mr. St. John Neill, 
Mr. Owen Owen, 
Mr. Geo. Hazelton, 
Mr. Rob. M'Caufiand, 
Mr. Henning, 
Mr. Archibald Menzies, 
Mr. John M'Donald, 
Mr. David M'Nair, 
Mr. John Adams, 
Mr. James Snagg, 
Mr. Colin Anderfon, 
Mr, John Ramfavj 

12 Apr. 

12 Feb. 
29 Nov. 

22 June, 

29 Jan. 

12 Aug. 

23 J^'y» 

22 Apr. 

27 July, 

10 Aug. 

11 Jan, 

28 Feb. 

7 Mar. 

13 May, 
25 Apr. 

M. D. 
22 Nov. 
1 Jan. 

8 Nov. 

30 Sept. 

13 Feb. 
£1 Apr. 

18 May, 

25 J'^iy. 

29 June, 

20 oa. 

19 Feb. 
18 Nov. 

8 Dec. 

24 May, 

25 Apr. 
24 Jan. 

26 Jan. 

8 Apr. 

24 Sept. 

25 Dec, 
18 Sept. 

20 May, 

11 June, 
22 Nov. 

7 Aug. 
10 July, 
18 iVTay, 

5 J^iy, 

22 Nov. 

7 Mar. 

29 Apr. 

18 Aug. 
7 Feb. 

19 Dec, 
18 Dec. 

3 Feb, 

9 Nov. 
24 May, 

12 Nov. 
18 Aug, 










i/th Pveg. of Foot, 


















69 th 


ifl Bat, 

ift Ba' 



* Vacant (May 27) by the appointrns 
Storejceepcr to the Hofpital in Jaiji^uc^, 


. Thomas Edie, 

13 Aug. 



, Thomas Venour, 

28 Dec. 



, John Denholme, 

a Aug. 



, Matthew Cahili, 

13 Sept. 



. Wm. Pemberton, 

3 June, 

> ^77^ 


. James Whitemaii, 

1 June, 

, 1762 


. Wm. Robertfon, 

6 Nov. 

■ 1772 


, Samuel Sone, 

30 Apr. 



Wm. Elemiijg, 

20 May, 



, Millar, 

2] May, 



. John Hadfield, 

11 Nov, 



, Adam Murray, 

3 A-pr. 



, OfFral, 

28 Feb. 



John Groves, 

29 Mar. 



, Rich. Deane, 

21 Aug. 



, Kennedy, 




r.William Cleland, 

9 Mar. 



, James Ronaldfon, 

12 oa. 



, Edward Bifhop, 

14 Nov. 



. Alex. Home, 

19 Apr. 



, Cha. Kerr, 

27 June, 



. And. Mitchell, 

25 Aug. 



, Thomas Irwin, 

2 Sept. 



, Geo. Rich-Kittfon, 

, 17 Dec. 



. John Swinburne, 

13 Apr. 



, Wm. Robifon, 

11 Sept. 



, Tho. Farquharfon, 

-21 Mar. 



. Rob. Waugh, 

1 Mar. 



, Wm. Stack, 

3 July, 



Patrick Lindfay, 

2,5 June, 



Thomas Shield, 

12 oa. 



, Leonard Dobbin, 

28 Jan. 



. William Pagett, 

12 Dec. 



Barthol. Fuller, 

7 Sept. 



John Lowe, 

15 May, 




25 Apr. 



Patrick Drummond. 

, 28 Dec. 



Andrew Grieves, 

3i Jan. 



Patrick Maxwell, 

13 Sept. 



Hamilton Achefon, 

24 Feb. 



Thomas Chifl-solme, 

8 Feb. 




1 Mar. 




22 Dec. 



Rob. Morris, 

2® May, 



George Clarke, 

25 Apr. 



John Sommers, 

10 Nov. 



James Henderfon, 

10 Nov. 




12 Feb. 



Moodie, " 

21 Feb. 



Jofhua Jefrerfon, 

9 Nov. 



Abraham Howard, 

J 2 Feb. 



John Glofter, 

9 June, 



William Gauid, 

1 June, 



Edward Duffey, 

1 June, 




5 Dec. 



Tho. Sandon, 

8 Nov. 



James Kay, 

11 July, 


'- Mr, 

. Everard Home to be Apothecary ana 




t7ift Reg. of Foot, 1 ft Bat. 

Mr. Colin Chifholme, 

24 Nov. 1775 


Mr. Robert Ochiltree, 

10 Feb. 178a - 


^ Mr. Jofeph Sutton, 

28 Mar. 1778 

7Sd aft Bat, 

Mr. Alex. M'Dougall, 

19 Dec. 1777 


Mr. Andr. Cairncrofs, 

24 Sept. 1778 



) 19 Dec. 1777 


Mr. Edw. M'Allfter, 

28 Dec. 1782 


Mr. Hamilton M'Lure, 

25 Dec. 1777 


Mr. George Rainnie, 

19 Jan. 1780 


Mr. Walters, 

14 Sept. 1778 


Mr. Patten, 

8 Jan. 1778 


Mr. Robert Freer, 

17 Jan. , 1778 


Mr. William Braid, 

19 Dec. 1777 


Mr. — — innes. 

3 Jan. 1778 


Mr. Andrew Marfliall, 

17 Jan. 177S 

84th iftBat, 

Mr. Menzie, 

25 Dec. 1780 

♦ 2d 

Mr. Geo. Fred. Boyd, 

8 May, 1776 . 


Mr. John Teare, 

19 Apr. 1783 


Mr. Hodgfon, 

30 Sept. 1779 


Mr. Lau. Scott, 

3 Apr. 1782 


Mr. — — Barton, 

21 T>tc. 1779 


Mr. Will. Edmonfon, 

3 Apr. 1782 


Mr. Dan. Vaughan, 

12 oa. 1781 


|Mr. Samuel Winnall, 
Mr. Alex. Gordon, 

7 Dec. 1779 


15 Apr. 178Q 


Mr. Thomas Thomas, 



Mr. John Bell, 

2 Mar. 1780 


Mr. John Caftairs, 

29 Apr. 1780 


Mr. Tho. Merrick, 

15 Aug. 1781 


Mr. James Harbroe, 

2,0 May, 1780 


Mr. John Green, 

29 May, 1780 


Wm. Wright, M.D. F. R. S. 

2 June, 1780 


Mr. Brifcoe, 

14 Jan. 1783 


Mr. Girdleftone, 

24 Sept. 1781 


Mr. Thomas Kerr, 


103 d 

Mr. Wm. Graham, 

11 May, 1782 

a 04 th 

Mr. Wm. Turner, 

24 Feb. 1783 


Mr. Patrick Dillon, 

21 Mar. 1783 

4 Corps of Foct in Jamaica, 

Mr. J. Robertfon, 

10 July, 178J 


William Sinclair, M. D. (St. Andrew's 


22 June, 1782 

Kingh Americ. Reg. 

Mr. Robert Tucker, 

25 r?ec. 1782 

Royal Garrifoii Battaliont 

Mr. Richard Bell, 

25 Sept. 1778 

tji American Regiment, 

Mr. Alex. Kelloch, 

25 Dec. 1782 

Royal Re&iment of Artillery, 


Mr. James Irwin, 

24 July, 1764 

*— — Mate^, - 

Mr. Dodd Eckcn, 

10 Mar. 1760 

Mr. Guftavus Irwin, 

25 Feb 1782 

Mr. James Henderfon, 

21 Sept. 1774 

Mr. M'Millan Jamefon 

, 10 Feb. 1778 

Mr. John Whale, 

12 oa. ij^'<^ 


Mr. Michael Morris, 

10 June, 178^ 

Royal Regiment 

of Artillery In Ireland. 


Mr. Alex, Lindfay^ 

i Sept. J78i 



PHYSICIANS and SURGEONS to Garrisons in the Pay 
of Great Britain, with the Salaries of each per Annum, 

Great Britain. 





Mr. James Wood 

45 12 

Edinburgh CafJe. 

T. Gardiner, M. D. F. ofR 

C. P. Edin. 

45 12 


Grave/end and Tilbury. 

\ Mr. John How 

45 12 



Mr. Melling 

4,5 12 


Fort George, Inver 


Mr. Alex. Monro 

109 10 



Thomas Meik, M. D. 

182 10 



Mr. iLdward Lindzee 

45 12 


Scilly IJhind.^ 

Mr. Abraham Leggatt 

45 12 



George Hicks, M. D. 

A5 12 
. 182 10 


Tewer of Londm. 


Eurgoyne Tomkyns, M. D. 


^ Mr. Lewis Davis 

45 12 



Mr. Richard Jaques 



Mr. Home. 


In Europe. 


Surgeon Major. 

Mr. Arthur Baines 

182 10 

Surgeori's Mates. 

Mr. Graham 

91 5 

Mr. Alexander Baines " 

91 5 

In North 


Nova Scotia. 


Mr. Abraham Van Huia 

54 15 

St. John's. 

Surgeon^ s Mate. 

Mr. Chrift. Lelhbridge 

63 17 




Mr. Adam Mabane 

182 10 

Providence. ■ 


Mr. William Wood 

54 15 


Surgeon's Mate. 

Mr. Jof. Hutchinfon 

63 17 


Southern Carribee _ 


Surveyor and Surg. 

. to the Hofpitals. 

Mr. John Ruding 

273 15 

St. Vincent. 

Mr. George Young 

182 10 

A LIST of Surgeons of the Land Forces and Marines, on Englifli 
and Iriih Half- pay. 

Regiments, Sec. Reduced or Difbanded in 1748, and 1749. 

Balerau*s Foot, 

Churchill's 3 ft Marines, 

Holme's, 3d. 

Laforey's, 6th. 

Oglethorpe's, Foot, 

Independent Companies from the Eajl Indies, 

wider the Command of the late Admiral 


Mr. Jofhua Pilot. 
Mr. John Hutchin§. 
Mr. Jofeph Baker. 
Mr. William Hunter. 
Mr. Charles Ballard, 

Mr. John Hammond. 
Mr. James Brodie. 
Mr. William Hallie. 
Mr. Jofeph Goldie. 



Regiments, &c. Reduced or Difcanded in 1763. 


42d Foot. 

Mr. Robert Drummond, 

60 (h 

Mr. David Hepburn. 


^Mr. Bufley Ford. 

Mr. Francis Green. 


Mr. Donald M'Lean. 


Mr. Chrillopher Douglas. 


Mr. WilHam Ogilvie. 


Mr. JohnKeftell. 


Mr. James Arthur. 


Mr. Brickftock Blome. 


Mr. William HcRighton. 


Mr. Alexander Bannerman; 


Mr. Chriftopher Carr. 


IV! r. David Ogilvie. 


Mr. Co bourne. 


Mr. John Sydney. 


Mr. William Anderfon. 


Mr. Sterling Gikhrift. 


Mr. John Travers. 


Mr. R. 


Mr. James Paterfon. 


Mr. Morgan Gv/ynnc 


Mr. Thomas Meickle. 


Mr. Alexander Dunlop. 

113th - 

Mr. J. Foot. 


Mr. T. Duncanfon. 


Mr. Thomas Webb. 

4 Independent Companies at New York. 

Mr. Alexander Colquhoun, 

Mr. John Hicks. 

On the Irish E 


Regiments Difbanded 

or Reduced in 1763. 

soth Dragoons. 

Mr. Michael Lawe. 

83d FooU 

Thomas Oakes, M, D. (Cambridge), 

92d ' 

Mr. John Reynolds. 


Mr. Geo. Aug. Cunningham. 


Mr. Reyner Cox. 


Mr. Ovt-en Lucas. 


Mr. Thomas Briftowe. 


^ Mr. Robert Scott. 

N A V Y. 

Naval Hofpital at Ha/lar, (fee page 70]. 
■ ' . Plymouth^ (fee page 62), 

Phyfidan to the Fleet in the Wejl Indies. Gilbert Blane, M, D. Member of the R. 

C. P. Lond. 




Surgeons of the Royal Navy, with the Date of their Warrants*. 

Robert Groat, M. D. 

37 Mar. 

1 739 

William Gray, 

30 Mar. 


Hugh Crawford, 

9 July, 


Nich; Tyzack, 

36- Mar. 

John Becket, 


Richard Stark, 

22 Apr. 

Robert Walker, 

24 Dec. 

Patrick Renney, M. D. 

28 Apr. 

William Boyfe, 

9 Feb. 

Thomas Crebbin, 

26 May, 

James Dudgeon, 

28 Apr. 


Edmund Peterfon, 

23 June, 

John Ailway, 

10 June, 

Nathaniel France, 

29 June, 

Alexander Hart, 

13 June, 

John Bogue, 

6 July, 

Minter Weals, 

16 Jan. 

Hugh Weeks, 

22 July, 

John Murray, M. D. 

27 Feb. 

James Johnfon (2d) 

25 July, 

George Lei th. 

14 June, 


Richard Hirons, 

8 Aug. 

John Walter, 

9 July,- 

Anthony Gregg, 

15 oa.. 

John Irving, 

17 June, 


John Robinfon (ifl) 

3 2 Dec. 


24 Aug. 

James Young (1 ft), M. . 

D. (Edin. 


Alexander Naefmith, 

27 Sept. 


15 Dec. 

William Smith (id) 

1 Jan. 

Daniel M'Neale, 

6 Jan. 


Rob. Hamilton, IVI. D. 

6 Feb. 

John Thompfon, 

8 Mar. 

Chriftopher Kelly, M.D. 8 Mar. 

Thomas Jones, 

13 July, 

Thomas Bennet, 

29 Mar. 


John M'Cormick, 

20 oa. 

Jofiah Cock, 

5 Mar. 

Hanop Bird, 

15 Jan. 


Thomas Peck, 

4 June, 


Hugh Torbet, 

. 7 June, 

John Rice, 

30 oa. 

Charles Efte, 

6 Sept. 

Jofeph Hawkins, 

26 Nov. 

Jofeph Davies, 

3 2 Nov. 

William Thompfon, 

13 Junre, 


Humphry Edwards, 

25 Dec. 

Jonathan Philips, 

14 July, 

Robert Tindall, 

8 Apr. 


James Johnfon (ifl) 

8 Apr. 


Uppington Bracee, 

27 June, 

Robert Wood, 

27 July, 

Thomas Warren, 

8 Aug. 

James Deans, 

33 Jan. 



10 oa. 

Chriflian Nicholai, 

13 May, 


Adam Bird, 


John Bond, 

17 Mar. 


John Knight, 

11 Jan. 


Thomas Meadows, 

ly Mar. 

George Marfhall, 

31 Jan. 

John Glover, 

7 June, 


George Covtmore, 

5 Mar. 

Jofeph Robin fon. 

9 July, 

John Skiddy, 

17 Mar. 

Charles Irving, M. D. 

36 Aug. 

Robert Herdman, 

27 Mar. 

Alexander Forbes, 

15 Jan. 


John Halliburton, 

I May, 

George Spragge, 

3 Feb. 

John Hall, 

1 1 May, 

William Brown (id) 

5 Mar. 

Daniel Price, 

20 July, 

Robert Howden, 

95 Mar. 

Nicholas Kdly, - 

30 Dec. 

Thomas Longwell, 

2 Apr. 

Robert Apfley, 

23 Mar. 


Pvobert Millington, 

2 Apr. 

Alexander Young, 

6 Apr. 

Ralph Atkinfon, 

3 Apr. 

William Pettigrew, 

19 Mav, 

David Wilfon, 

26 July, 

George Grant, 

28 May, 

Thomas Legar, 

24 Aug. 

Henrv Watfon, 

22 June, 

Cuth. Chaloner, 

7 Sept. 

David Bail lie. 

4 July, 

Samuel Logie, 

8 Nov. 

James Arrot, 

32 Tan. 


John Watt, 

39. Nov. 

Frederick Thompfon, 

28 Apr.. 


Nic. Davifon, 

5 I^ec. 

John R.obinfon (2d) 

2 June, 


James Walker, 

23 Dec. 

Thomas Watfon, 

8 July, 


Archibald Bruce, 

37 Jan. 


Walter Oliver, 

5 Apr. 


Edn^ard Young, 

7 Feb. 

John Faber, 

7 July, 

William Harvey, 

8 Mar. 

Robert Roberlfon, M.D 

'.17 Nov. 

* For ths nan&f> of the Surgeons of the Dock-Yards we refer the Reader to th^ County 



John Anderfon, 22 Jan. 1769 

''William Millar, 17 Aug. 
LaurenceWhireMaguire,i7 Oft. 

Thomas Heddington, 21 Nov. 

William Watherflone, 20 Jan. 1770 

Jol^ Afkew, 12 Feb. 

John Fidge, 16 Apr. 

John Jurquet, 22 May, 

John Law M'CIelian, 26 May, 

Thomas Davies, 14 Nov. 

Robert Henderfon, 14 Nov, 

James Day, 15 Nov.- 

Charles Hill, ic) Nov. 

John Read, 26 Nov. 
William Bannetyne, 8 Dec. 

Ephraim Graebke, 8 Dec. 

James Hillyar, , 13 Dec. 

John Henry Durre, 17 Dec. 

Robert Whyte, ig Dec. 

John Pringle, 12 Jan. 1771 

Henry Dyer, 25 Jan. 

John Smith (ift)^ 29 Tan. 
William Wallis, 5 Feb. 

Samuel Jones, 8 Feb. 

William Northcote, liFeb. 

Thomas Mein, 11 Feb. 

James Kirk, 13 Feb. 
William Perry, i Aoig. 

Nathaniel Kentifh, 20 Sept. 

Alexander Wilfon, 19 Nov. 

Thomas Andrews, 13 Dec. 
Charles Armftrong, 7 June, 1772 

Thomas Foot, * 6 June, 

Harry Maybee, 25 Feb. 1773 

John Bullen, 23 Apr. 
John Davis, - 3 Aug. 
William Blamire, i Feb. 1774 

John MornTon, 23 Apr. 

George Rutherford, 30 May, 

David Dalzel, 15 June, 

Mathew Ball, 23 Aug. 

James Anderfon, 29 Aug. 
Claudius Lernoult, 8 Oft. 

Jofeph Duffin, 5 Nov. 

Robert Anderfon ( I ft) 22 Nov. 1775 
Howel Lewis, 6 Nov. 

William Dobbin, 8 Dec. 

Dominiok Morrogh, 15 Dec. 

James Malcolm, 22 Dec. 
James Rymer, 8 Jan, 1776 

' Charles Thompfon, 25 Jan. 

Rogers Curry, 13 Feb. 

William Bradford, 24 Feb. 
Richard Wood, 9 Mar. 

Nicholas Flood, 9 Mar. 

Alexander Anderfon, 19 Mar. 

Benjamin Drawater, 20 Mar, 

Robert Melville, 26 Mar. 

James Rofe, 
James Thomas, 
Mark Sullivan, 
Robert Forreft, 
CiiflPordWill. Jephfon, 
John Law, 
Char4es Boveard, 
John Black, 
Alexander Dodd, 
John Willifon, 
James Cunningham, 
Arch. Thompfon, 
Richard Shcppard, 
Richard Temple, 
JohnRobinfon (3d) 
Robert Huey, 
John Royal, 
William Stephens, 
Robert Blair, 
Alexander Johnfton, 
John Plumpton, 
George Pott, 
John Laidman, 
James Carpenter, 
Patrick Anderfon, 
William Stewart, 
Thomas Fitzmaurice, 
William Smith (2d) 
Abraham BafTan, 
David Wardrope, 
Daniel V/atkins, 
Thomas Rumney, 
Jeremiah Taylor, 
Frederick Horn, 
Edward Drury, 
William Ofbaldefton, 
Vere V/ebb, 
John Bray, 
Thomas Jamefon, 
James M'Nair, 
Jofep'i Tovey, 
John Findlav, 
Robert Kidd, 
John Burt, 
John P/Iarfh, 
Robert Cheefment, 
Samuel Hill, 
John Bennet, 
Thomas Elliot, 
James B^llatyne, 
James Atkins, 
Charles Wallace, 
William Woodruffe, 
Willi;im Bifton, 
'Thomas Seeds, 
William B a! cock, 
Jofeph Williamfon, 


6 Apr. 1776 
II Apr. 

II Apr. 
11 Apr. 

7 -'lay, 
7 May, 

31 May, 
13 June, 

19 June, 

20 Aug, 

13 Nov. 

14 Nov. 
18 Nov. 
27 Nov. 
27 Nov. 

2 Dec. 
30 Dec. 

6 J4a. 1777 

21 Jan. 

27 Jan. 
30 Jan. 

10 Feb. 

7 Mar. 
14 Mar. 

14 Mar. 
20 Mar. 

22 Mar. 
I Apr. 
I Apr. 
4 Apr. 

16 Apr. 
18 Apr. 

28 Apr, 
28 Apr. 

28 Apr. 
30 Apr. 
22 May, 

22 May, 

30 May, 

31 May, 
4 Ji^ne, 

23 June, 
2j June, 

29 July, 
29 July, 

29 July, 

8 Aug. 
8 Aug, 

1 5 Aug. 

30 Aug, 
15 Sept. 
18 Sept. 
22 Sept. 
28 Sept. 

11 Oft. 
11 Oft. 

24 Oft, 

24 oa. 




George Wi^ght, 
John Lamb, 
"William Lewis, 
Peter Sandiland, 
John Armftrong, 
Jofiah Packwood, 
James Findlay, 
Jofeph Anderfoii, 
David Davis, 
Thomas Pountney, 
Richard Cotefworth, 
William Telford, 
William Servant, 
Richard Clark, 
Jofeph Wilkinfon, 
Thomas Coleman, 
Tyrell Carter, 
Richard Hutchinfon, 
John Oldham, 
Edward Inglis, 
Murdock Fergufon, 
Stebbing Revans, 
James Wall, 
John Fife, 
James Hunter, 
George Stavert, 
Richard Peale, 
William Scott, 
Tho. Thynne Folds, 
Peter Benoift, 
John Mill, 
William Bragg, 
James Wiikinfon, 
George Smyth, 
Robert Hope, 
William Henderfon^ 
Bernard Cufier, 
Samuel Lefler, 
Samuel M'Clure, 
Robert Law, 
Thomas Walfh, 
John Harnefs, 
James Melliag, 
John Ofbaldefton, 
Robert Munro, 
Robert Ram. fay, 
Thomas Armftrong, 
William Meales, 
James Wilfon, 
Primrofe Blair, 
Samuel Walker, 
David Samwell, 
Murdock M'Lean, 
John Eedy, 
James Mafkill, 
John Dack, 
Thomas M'Morris, 
William Staley, 

" 19 iSJov. I'j^f 
ig Nov. 

19 Nov. 

20 Nov. 
25 Nov, 
10 Dec. 
10 Dec. 

10 Dec. 
18 Dec. 
20 Dec. 

9 Jan- ^77^ 

22 Jan. 

23 Tan. 

23 Jan. 
25 Jan. 
28 Jan. 

7 Feb. 
ly Feb. 
25 Feb. 

4 Mar. 
4 Mar. 
9 Mar. 
9 Mar. 

14 Mar. 
£3 Mar, 
25 Mar. 

27 Mar. 

28 Mar. 
28 Mar. 

11 Apr. 
20 Apr. 

20 Apr. 

21 Apr. 

24 Apr. 
24 Apr. 

9 May, 
11 May, 
13 May, 

22 May, 

22 May, 

23 May, 
27 May, 

8 June, 

9 June, 

3 J^b'. 

4 July, 
1 8 July, 

18 July, 
18 July, 
1 8 July, 
18 July, 
4 Aug. 

7 Aug. 

8 Aug. 
8 Aug. 
8 Aug. 

15 Aug. 
S^ Aug. 

John Smith (2d) 
Nathaniel Belly, 
\^^illiam Harris, 
John Frazer, 
Francis Brown, 
James Young (2d) 
John Duncanfon, 
James Kitchen, 
Robert Pringle, 
John Littlejohn, 
Jofeph Skinner, 
Alexander Johnfon, 
Thomas Cunningham, 
James Armftrong, 
Andrew Balfour, 
James Ker, 
Francis Fortefcue, 
Alexander Watfon, 
Benjamin Young, 
John Capon Weeks, 
Jofeph Hayes, 
William Renwick, 
John Getty, 
Nathaniel Bedford, 
Alexander Pentland, 
Richard Woodhoufe, 
John Roxburgh, 
Thomas Stokoe, 
James LegafTick, 
John Grant, 
Wm. Smellie Forbes, 
Francis Forfter, • 
James Silver, 
William Long, 
John Heath, 
Harry Foord, 
John Jefcoat, 
James Higgins, 
James Smith, 
John Roberts, 
James Shaw, 
Samuel Hall, 
John Scott, 
Simon Holliday, 
Robert Oliver, 
Andrew Stephens, 
V/illiam Goldfon, 
John Alefounder, 
Michael M^Cormick, Caird, 
Alexander Jamefon, 
John Young (ift) 
William Hopkins, 
Thomas Robinfon, 
Jofeph Fleming, 
John Thomfon, 
James Crockatt, 

4 Sept. 1775 

5 Sept. 
7 Sept. 

II Sept. 
3 1 Sept. 
23 Sept, 
25 Sept. 
28 Sept. 
28 Sept,' 
28 'Sept. 

1 oa. 
16 oa. 

27 oa. 
27 oa. 
20 oa. 

4 Nov. 
7 Nov. 

7 Nov. 

8 Nov. 
8 Nov. 

11 Nov. 

14 Nov. 

18 Nov. 
ig Nov. 
21 Nov, 

28 Nov. 
1 Dec. 

5 Dec. 

5 Dec. 

7 Dec. 

8 Dec. 

9 Dec. 

11 Dec. 

12 Dec. 

15 Dec. 

19 Dec. 
25 Dec. 

29 Dec. 
31 Dec. 
31 Dec. 

9 Jan, 
17 Jan. 

20 Jan. 
23 Jan. 

6 Feb. 
6 Feb. 

10 Feb. 

16 Feb. 
23 Feb. 

4 Mar. 
6 Mar. 
9 Mar. 

11 Mar, 

13 Mar. 

17 Mar. 
£3 Mar. 
25 Mar. 




Hugh M'Creagh, 
John Huggeford, 
John CvLrry, 
Marthias Felix, 
Alex. Love Gordon, 
David Veitch, 
Thomas Phippard, 
George Clarke, 
George Adams, 
Edward Bowen, 
Thomas Haines, 
David Barry, 
Robert Maywood, 
Alexander Bifhop, 
Edward Davis, 
Robert Young, 
George Bryant, 
William Cotgrave, 
James Wallace, 
John Wardrop, 
Thomas Wallace, 
David Lewis, 
Charles Alexander, 
John Banks, 
Michael Cobby, 
John Hume, 
Peter Smith, 
John Young (2d) 
Alexander Cranfton, 
Wilfon Becket, 
William Kennedy, 
William Brown (2d) 
Richard Rawlin Paine, 
Charles Bligh, 
Robert Newberry, 
George Johnftone, 
Philip Turpin, 
Vv''illiam Murray, 
John Dow, 
William Mowbray, 
Stewart Henderfon, 
Stern Turkey, 
James Mair, 
John Kidd, 
Samuel Robinfon, 
Jofeph Pbelan, 
George Higgs, 
Geor^^e Hamilton, 
William French, 
Geo. Bouchier Worgan, 
T h o m a s G r ah am , 
James Thomas Buchanan, 
Raleigh Colborne, 
John Moffett, 
fames Brown, 

30 Mar. 

19 Apr. 
24 Apr. 

29 Apr. 
8 May, 

10 May, 

20 May, 

31 Ma'y, 

1 June, 
3 J'Jne, 

5 June, 
10 June, 

2 July, 

2 ]^^y* 

12 July, 

19 Ju^y» 

24 July, 

30 July, 

16 Aug. 

17 Aug. 

20 Aug. 

2 1 Aug. 

31 Aug. 
J Sept. 

3 Sept. 

6 Sept. 

18 oa. 
20 oa. 

27 oa. 

5 Nov. 
17 Nov. 

22 Nov. 
24 Nov. 

29 Nov. 

30 Nov. 
7 Dec. 

7 Dec. 
15 Jan. 

17 Jan. 
26 Jan. 
28 Jan. 

1 Feb. 

8 Feb. 

9 Feb. 

18 Feb. 
23 Feb. 
18 Mar. 
18 Mar. 
18 Mar. 
18 Mar. 
31 Mar. 

8 Apr. 
15 Apr. 
13 May, 

1779 Charles Erlkine, 
William Giles, 
George Crockatt, 
John BurofTe, 
Jofeph Zach. Kincaid, 
John Oliver, 
David Wake Bell, 
Jofeph Bond, 
James Rofs, 
Tom Maxwell Adams, 
Thomas Williams, 
William Davis, 
David Stuart, 
Chriftopher Crawford, 
Thomas Fargher, 
Charles Dunn, 
Patrick Bennett Aickin, 
Thomas Troward, 
John White, 
Thomas Huggan, 
Edward Bright, 
Alexander Gray, 
Thomas Kerr, 
James Callam, 
John Barker, 
David Main, 
Dennis Conffiden, 
Charles Hardwick, 
Thomas Miller, 
Robert Wefley, 
Thomas Turnbull, 
Charles Curtis, 

John Dodgfon, 

Thomas Armftrong, 

Robert Nightingale, 

Thomas Rind, 

John Bond, 

John Coham Mules, 

Andrew Lon^moor, 

Giles Pope, 
1780 William Perry, 

Richard Gfaham, 

John Griffiths, 

James Nutt, 

David Gardiner, 

David Palmer, 

George Selby, 


Walter Kite!' en, 

Richard Johnfon, 

William Lawrence, 


William Fifher, 

Edward Lloyd, 

John Crawford, 

James Fea, 


John Cockf 


15 May, 1780 
20 May, 

24 May. 

17 June* 

26 June, 

4 July, 

6 July, 
II July, ^ 
M July, 

17 July, ' 

^9 July, 

20 July, , 

24 July, 

25 July, 

18 Sept. 

27 Sept. 


9 oa. 
16 oa. 
16 oa. 

I Nov. 

8 Nov. 
TO Nov. 
13 Nov. 
13 Nov. 
24 Nov. 

4 Dec. 
II Dec. 
13 Dec. 
13 Dec. 
13 Dec. 

13 Dec. 

16 Dec. 

15 Jan. 178X 

5 Feb. 
I Mar. 

31 Mar. 

8 Apr. 

9 Apr. 
9 Apr. 

14 Apr. 
21 May, 
28 May, 

4 June, 

5 June, 
5 June, 
7 JCne, 

18 June, 
27 June, 

3 July, 

4 July, 
^5 July, 

17 July, 

18 July, 

^'3 July, 
27 July- 
27 Jul;, ^ 




Richard Daflon, 

27 J"'y> ^781 

Thomas Taylor, 

Thomas J.ins, 

£9 July, 

John Bell, 

Siuniiel Cuthhertfon, 

4 Sept. 

Samuel Oxley, 

Alexander Robertfon, 

6 Sept. 

Wm. Tnrnbull (2d) 

Giiorge Scott, 

S Sept. 

John Wier, 

Stephen ^oi:es, 

8 Sept. 

John White, 

Thomas Latimer, 

13 Sept. 

Alexander Bell, 

James Thorn pfon,' 

18 Sept. 

George Willbn, 

William Fieicy, 

6 oa. 

William Leflie, 

Jofeph BcctIc, 

2o oa. 

Robert Baxter, 

lames Gleje, 

31 oa. 

William Jardine, 


7 Dec. 

Andrew Wilfon, 

William Nefbitt, 

Q.A Dec. 

Ebenezer Nicholfon, 

Robert Anderfon (ad) 

26 Dec. 

Nicholas Conner, 


16 Jan. 1782 

William Tohnflone, 

T^mes Scott, 

2T Tan. 

George M'Callum, 

David Wardrobe, 

2 Feb. 

William Atkins, 

Stewart Carnegy, 

14 Feb. 

Daniel Doberty, 

David Paterfon, 

23 Feb. 

Thomas Hamilton, 

William Cockburne, 

6 Mar. 

William Jackfon, 

James Quinlan, 

18 Mar. 

George Sibbald, 

Jamc^s Wilkes, 

19 Mar. 

George Church, 

Andrew Brodie, 

22 Mar. 

John Duncan, 

Thomas Tro;ter, 

25 Mar. 

John Robfon, 

Alexander Gordon, 

£5 Mar. 

William Hartfhorne, 


25 Mar. 


3 Apr. 
20 May, 

6 June, 
9 June, 

28 June, 
1 1 July, 

7 Aug. 
23 Sept. 
25 Sept. 


' 9 oa. 


7 Nov, 
15 Nov. 

15 Nov. 

18 Nov. 

19 Nov. 

19 Nov. 
25 Nov. 

2 Dec. 
10 Dec. 
14 Dec. 

16 Dec. 
18 Dec. 

20 Dec. 



R E 

A N 



The Royal College of P/nficians. 

Previous to the reign of Charles H. the Phyficians of Dublin were not incor- 
porated, nor any College eflabliflied i and the praaice of Phyfic was chiefly en- 
groifed by enipirics and mountebanks. To remedy, in fome meafure, this abufe, 
the King, in the nineteenth year of his reign, granted letters patent of incorpora- 
tion, with many privileges; but their jurifdiaion did not extend more than (even 
miles round the city. 

In 169a, Sir Patrick Dim, Knt. M. D. at that time Prefident of the College, 
peiitioi'.ed King William and Queen Maiy, to grant fuch a charter to the College 
as would extend their juriCaion in medical affairs over the kingdom, and impower 
thc-m more eHcaually to remedy all abufes, and to contribute to the advancement of 
the profcffion. This petition was granted, and, on delivering up their old Letters 
Patent, they received the charter, by which they are now regulated, with the ufual 
privileges of perpetual fuccefiion, purehafing, &e. 

The number of fellov/.s is limited by the charter to fourteen +, from amongft whom 
arcannuallychoien a Prefident and four Cenfors. The Prefident may appoint any 


f Hitherto, however, it has feldom exceeded eight or nine. 


one of the Cenfors Vice-Prefident. On a vacancy, any Phyfician who Is a Doftor 
of Phyfic, may, on fubmitring to an examination, be ele6led a Fellow. But this 
is not ufual with the College ; as the Fellows are generally Doftors of Phyfic of 
Trinity College, and are entitled to be immediately admitted without any examina- 
tion, the election of a Fellow being, in general, a matter of form, and not of 

The College pofTefs a power of compelling all Phyficians, except thofe who are 
graduates of Dublin, Oxford or Cambridge, under the penalty of lol. a month, 
or imprifonfnent, to fubmit to an examination, and take out a licence, in order to 
qualify them to praftife in Dublin. This Itatute however has never been put in 
execution. " 

As there is no regular courfe of le6^ures on Phyfic given in the College, there 
are, of courfe, no ftudents dcfigned for the profeflion, that do not go to Paris, 
Leyden, or Edinburgh tofinifii their fiudies, and there take their degrees. 

In 171 1, Sir Patrick Dun bequeathed an eftate, as a foundation for eflabliffiing a 
Profefforlliip of Phyfic in the College of Phyficians in Dublin. This edate has 
fince fo rifen in value, as at prefent to bring in upwards of 800I. a year. 

In 1747, an aft of Parliament was obtained for erefting three ProfcfTorfhlps on 
this foundation, inflead of one, to be intitled the King's Profefforfiilp of Phyfic, 
the King's Profeflbr of Surgery and Midwifery, and the King's ProfefTor of Phar- 
macy and Materia Medica. 

The mode of elefting thefe profeflbrs is as follows : 

On the death or refignation of any of the three ProfefTors, the Examlnators, who 
are the Provoft of Trinity College, the ProfefTor of Phyfic, the Prefident of the 
College of Phyficians, and the two elder Cenfors, are obliged to give notice, in the 
London and Dublin Gazettes, that fuch a Profeflbrfhip is vacant; and that any 
Doftor of Phyfic, in any univerfity, may become a candidate, on giving in his name 
to the Provoli eight days before the time appointed for the eleftion. 

The Examinators, after taking an oath of doing impartial juftice to the candidates, 
examine them at three different times, on the different parts of phyfic ; each exa- 
mination continues for two hours, and the candidate that appears to anfwer beft to 
the major part of the examinators, is elefted profeffor. 

No Roman Catholic can be a candidate, nor any perfon who enjoys another pro- 

The duty of the ProfefTors is annually to read public leftures in Latin, th;ee 
feveral days in the week, on the theory and praftice of Phyfic, Surger)^ Mid- 
wifery, Pharmacy, and the Materia Medica ; the leftures to continue from the firft 
of November to the lail day of April. In cafe of mifhehaviour or negleft, the 
Prefident and College of Phyficians are empowered to difplace any Profefibr. 

After perufing this account of Sir Patrick Dun's ProfefTorfhips, the reader will 
doubtlefs be not a li:tle aftoniihcd on being told, that although few medical chairs are 
more amply endowed, and no inftiturions could tend more efTeftually to the public 
advantage, yet, that hitherto they have been mere finecures ; fo that the laudable 
and benevolent intentions of the founder have, as yet, proved of no kind of utility, 
either to xhf. fludent of Phyfic, or to the public. 

The confequence is, that inflead of having a refpeftable fchool of Phyfic in Dub- 
lin, in which the different parts of Phyfic fliould be regularly taught the fludents 
graris, the Irilh, at a great expence, are obliged to fend their fons, defigned for 
Ta^Phyficians, to foreign univerfities, in order to obtain that abroad, which the libe- 
rality of Sir Patrick Dun has fo amply provided for them at home. 

Prtfident. Edward Hill, M. D. Regius Prof, of Phyfic and Left, in 

Botany in T. Coll. 

Vice- Prefident. William Harvey, M. D. Cenfor, 

Treajurtr. Fp. A n ci s H h t c h e s o n ; M. D , 

; M 3 Fellows. 


- ' Fellows. 

Samuel Glossy, M. D. Profeflbr of Anatomy in King's College, New-York. 

Clement Archer, M. D. 

Arthur Saunders, M. D. 

Francis Hopkins, M. D, Cenfor. 

Patrick Plunkett, M. D. Cenfor. 

Edmund Cullen, M. D. Cenfor and Regifler. 

Honorary Fellows, 

Patrick He wet son, M. D. 

Gonstantine Barker, M. D. King's Prof, of Pharm. and Mat. Med. 

Henry Quin, M. D. Fellow of the R. M. S. at Paris, and King's Prof, of the 

Th. andPraa. ofPhyfic, 
Sir Nath. Barry, Bart. King's Profeflbr of Surgery and Midwifery, and Phyf. 

Gen. to the Army. 

^ Licentiates. 

George Fletcher, M. D. 

Robert Emmet, M. D. (Montpelier) State Phyfician. 
John Pur cell, M. D. Affift. Le6lurer on Anatomy in Trinity College. 
Garret Hussey, M. D. 
John Michael Daley, M. D. 

Licentiate in Midwifei^y. 

+ Sir Fielding OuLD, Km. M. D. 

Other Physicians * in Dublin. 

+ Sir Thomas Bell, Knt. M. D. 

Andrew Blake, M. D. - 

George Burrowes, M. D. 

+ Charles Brett, M. D. 

George Cleghorn, M. D. (Trinity Coll.) Prof, of Anat. in Trin. College, 

Dublin, and Fellow of the Royal Medical Society at Paris. 
+ Coote Daniel, M. D. ^ 

Bartholomew Dillon, M. D. (Edin. 1778). 
Francis Ferrall, M. D. 
+ John Charles Fleury, M. D. 

+ William Gray, M. D. ^ ^ 

Andrew Hall, M. D. 
+ Frederick Jebb, M. D. 
Hamilton Kelso, M. D. 
Patrick Maguire, M. D. 
Patrick Mackeogh, M. D. 

* The Phyficians and Surgeons who praftlfe Midwifery are marked f . 



Charles O'Brien, M. D. 
Anthony O'DoNNEL, M. D. 
C. W. QuiN, M. D. (Edin. T780). 
+ Michael QuiNAN, M. D. 
t Henry Rog^, M, D. 

t Sir Robert Scott, Knt. M. D. (Edin. 1767). 
+ Benjamin Shafton, M. D, 
Hugh She ill, M. D. 
+ John Sproull, M. D. 
f Bar. Thomas, M. D. 
t Walter Wade, M. D. ' • 

Trinity College. 

The Academical Year of this College is divided into four Terms. 
Hilary Term ^eo'?';?^ Jan. 13, and €7ids April 12. 

Eafter April 28, June 7. 

Trinity June 16, July 8. 

Michaelmas Otl. 1, Dec. 16. 

The Medical, Mathematical, and Philofophical ProfefTors and Le£lurers are as 
follow : 

Regius Profefor of Pkyjic, Edward Hill, M.-D. 

Profejfor of the Mathematics, Richard Murray, D. D. 

Natural Philojophy, Thomas Wi 1 fon , D . D . 

LeElurer in Anatomy, George C leghorn, M. D. 
AJJiJla?it to ditto, John Puree 11, M. D. 
Ltdurer in Chemijlry^ James Thornton, M.D. 
Botany, Edward Hill, M. D. 

Surgeons of Dublin. 

The Surgeons of Dublin, fince the time of Queen Elizabeth, have been incor- 
porated with the company of Barbers. Repeated applications have been made to 
rarliament, to procure an aft of incorporation for the Surgeons ; but notwithftand- 
ingthe example of the mod polifhed nations in Europe, every attempt to diflblve 
this abfurd and difgraceful union has hitherto been unfuccefsful. The correfpondent 
to whom we are indebted for this account, obferves, that " from the long continued 
*' oppreflion Ireland has uniformly laboured under, and the Irifh having no incentive 
*' to promote their induftry, the Arts and Sciences may be faid, comparatively 
" fpeaking, to be here only in their infancy. 

** As there is no diftinft corporation of Surgeons, fo there is no regular mode of 
**- furgical education ; and any man who choofes, may follow the profeflion : the 
** confequence of which is, that Dublin is crowded with irregulars of every fpecies, 
" as Dentifts, Oculifts, and Men-midwives, who feldom have ferved. any time, 
" except to Pharmacy. It may eafily be conceived what injury the public muft 
" fufiain from fuch an hoft of irregulars. 

*• The only cfteemed regular method in Dublin, of educating a young man to 
*' Surgery, is, by indenting him for five years to a Surgeon. After ferving his 
" time, he is""confideredas a Surgeon, and may com.mence praftitioner. 

'* The Hofpitals, although numerous, are, in general, poor, and far from being 
*' well provided for; moft of them depending on a precarious fubfcription." 

W^ith a view to correft fome of the evils fo very juftly complained of by our 
correfpondent, and to cofitribute to the advancement of Surgery in Ireland, feveral 

M 3 » gentlemen 

1 66 


gentlemen of the profeffion have lately formed themfelves into a Society, called 
the DuBLixN Society of Surgeons. 

Mr. Clement Archei;, 
t Mr. Redmond Boate, 
Mr. Robert Bowes, 
Mr. James Boyton, 
+ Mr. Gabriel Clarke, 
f Mr. William Collum, 
+ Mr. Thomas Co;;ello, 
Mr. Edward Crofton, 
Mr. Richard Daniell, 
Mr. George Daunt, 
t Mr. William Deafe, 
+ Mr. James Dillon, 
f Mr. John Doyle, 
tMr. Geo. Doyle, ■ 
Mr. Thomas Edwards, 
Mr. Richard Evans, 
Mr. Thomas Fergufon, 
Mr. David Fitzgerald, 
Mr. Chrift. Fitzfimmons, 
Mr. John Ford, 
Mr. Francis Forefide, 
Mr. Rice Gibbons, 
Mr. Alex. Graydon, 
Mr. Edward Hale, 
Mr. John Hallahan, 
Mr. William Hartigan, 
Mr. William Heath, 
Mr. James Henthorn, 
Mr. Paul Houfton, 
Mr. Guftavus Hume, 
i Sir Henry Jebb, Knt. 
i Mr. Thomas Kelly, 
Mr. Edward Kent, 

Mr. James Achefon, 
Mr. James Arbuthnot, 
Mr. Robert Armftrong, 
Mr. Benjamin Bardon, 
Mr. Robert Benynge, 
Mr. Martin Brownly, 
Mr. Samuel Burrows, 
Mr. Thomas Carpenter, 
Mr. Robert CroHy, 
Mr. Nugent Darcy, 
Mr. David Davis, 
Mr. Edmund Dillon, 
Mr, Adam Douglas, 
Mr. Patrick Dowell, 
Mr. Charles Drumgvale, 
Mr, John Edmonds, 
Mr. Nicholas Elcock, 
Mr. John Giffard, 

+ Mr. Michael Keogh, 

Mr. Samuel Croker King, 

Mr. William Leake, 

Mr. Henry Lennon, 

Mr. Francis L'Eftrange, 

Mr. Vernon Lloyd, 

Mr. Henry Lyder, 

+ Mr, Francis Mac Evoy, 

t Mr. James Mills, - . 

Mr. Henry Morris, 

Mr. John Neale, 

Mr. Ralph Smith Obre, 

Mr. O'Brian, 

Mr. John Philips, 

Mr. Peter Reily, 

Arch. Richardfori, Efq. State-Surgeon, 

+ Mr. Tames Rivers, 

t Mr. P. Cufack Rooney, 

Mr. Marke Roike, 

Will. Ru.x ton, Efq 

the Army, 
Mr. James Scott, 
Mr. George Stewart, 
+ Mr. James Sullivan, 
Mr. Anthony Tret, 
i Mr. William Vance, 
i Mr. Chamberlain Walk 
Mr. Samuel Walker, 
Mr. Thomas Wetherall, 
Mr. John W.hiteway, 
Mr. Arthur Winter, 
Mr. Philip Woodroffe. 

Surgeon-Gcrieral to 

Apothecaries *. 

Mr. William Hamilton, 
Mr. Patrick Haftings, 
Mr. Henry Hunt, 
Mr. Lionel Jenkins, 
Mr. Thomas Johnfon, 
Mr. Edward Jones, 
Mr. Peter Kelly, 
Mr. James Laughlln, 
Mr. James Macdonald, 
Mr. James Mac Laughlln, 
Mr. John Lowe, 
Mr. Alexander Macmullan, 
Mr. Richard Magan, 
Mr. John Maher, 
Mr. Terence Mahon, 
Mr. James iVontgomery, 
Mr. Morgan Newton, 
Mr. Edward Pannell, 

* The Apothecaries of Dublin are Incorporated. 



Mr. Foclen Perrln,^. Mr. Jofeph Synge, 

Mr. Thomas Philbin, Mr. Anthony Thompfon, 
. Mr. NeaJ Macmullan, , Mr. Augiifline Thwaitei;, 

Mr. Terence Rielly, Mr. John Turkington, 

Mr. Stephen Reynolds, Mr. Michael Vaughan, 

Mr. Charles Ryan, Mr. Richard Ufner, 

Mr. Arthur Savage, Mr. Samuel Ward, 

Mr. V/illiam Sp.ear, Mr. Charles Vv^illiarns, 

Mr. John Spear, , Mr. Laurence Young. 

The Royal Hospitat, for ancient and maimed ofFicer:^ and foldiers of the 
&rmy in Ireland, was mftitated in 1683. " 

Phyfician, Sir Natlianiel Earry, Bart. M. D. 
S?{>-gecn, Mr. Edward Crofton. Apothecary, Mr. James Nicholfon. 

Dr. Steev.ens's Hospital, incorporated by Parliament in 1730. It con- 
tains at prefent only one hundred and three beds, but is rufhcicntly I^^CiQus to 
accommodate three hundred patients. 

Phfician, William Harvey, M. D. ^ _ 
Surgeons^ William Ruxton, Efq. Mr. John Whitev/ay. 
AJ/iJlant Surgeons, Mr. Samuel Croker King, Mr. James Boyton. 
Houft Surgeon, Mr. Philip Woodroofe. Apothecary, Mr. Thomas Kinfley. 

St. Patrick's Hospital for Lunatics and Idiots, foiinded by the 
celebrated Dr. Jonathan Swift in 1745, and incorporated by charter in 1746. In 
this houfe only thirty-eight lunatics and idiots are admitted, becaufe of the fmall- 
nefs of the fund. But twelve more patients are received, as boarders, at thirty 
guineas yearly. 

Phyfician and Treafurer, Robert Emmet, M. D. - 
Surgeon, Mr. John Whiteway. Apothecary, Mr. Edward Pannell. 

Mercer's Hospital, in Stephen-ftreet, was opened for the reception of 
the lick poor, in Auguft 1734, being then a houfe built by Mrs. Mary Mercer, 
containing only ten beds for patients. That number has been gradually increafed to 
fixty-two, which are generally full. The Governors were incorporated by afl of 
Parliament in 1750. The Phyfician vifits the out-patients Mondays and Fridays, 
and the in-patients Tuefdays and Saturdays. One of the Surgeons attends every 
day in rotation, and both the Phyficians and Surgeons attend gratis. 

Phyfjcians, Edward Hill, M. D. C. W. Quin, M. D. 

Surgeojis, Mr. George Daunt, Mr. Guftavus Hume, Mr. Henry Morns, 

Mr Vernon Lloyd, Mr. Francis Forefide, 

Sir Henry Jebb, Knt. Mr. Rice Glbbin. 
AJjiJi. Surgeons, Mr. Francis L'Strange, Richard Daniel. 

The Hospital for the Relief of Poor Ly i n g-i n-WOme n was inftltnted in 
1745 by the late Dr. Bartholomew Moife, who, with the alTiftance ot fcveral 
charitable benefaftions, continued to fupport it near twelve years, and ereaed a 
feandfome building in Great-Britain Street for the ufe of the chanty, for which he 
obtained a charter. The new hofpital was opened for the reception of patients m 
1757. From December 1757 to Oaober 1782, 17,193 women have been delivered 
of 9287 boys, and 8194 girls j 286 have had twins, and two others three children 
*.t a birth. 

Maftcr of the Hofpital, Henry Rock, M. D. 
■ Confulting PhyffY. Hutchefon, M. D. Surgeon, S. C. King, Efq. 

M4 - ' AJ/ifants 


AJJiJlants to the Majler, Sir Henry Jebb, Knt. Dr. Anthony O'Dounell. 
Apothecary^ Mr. John Wade. 

The Charitable Infirmary, on the Inns Quay, opened in 1728, was 
the firft inftitution to which the poor of this city and kingdom ever had accefs for 
relief in their different difeafes. Six Surgeons were the founders of this charity. 
It is attended gratis by the PhyCcians and Surgeons. The Phyficians vifit their 
patients on Tuefdaysand Fridays, and the Surgeons attend daily in their turns. 
Phyficians, John Purcell, M. D. Garret Hufley, M. D. 
Surgeons, "William Ruxton, Efq. Mr. Henry Lyfter, Mr. John Neale, 

Mr. Robert Bowes, Mr. George Stewart, Mr. Francis M'Evoy, 

Mr. John Ford, Mr. Peter Reily. 

The New Hospital for Incurables, on Lazer's Hill, at prefent admits 
forty-two patients, who are maintained and furnifhed with cloaths and other necef- 
faries at the expence of this charity. Conftables and others receive a reward of half 
aguinea, every time they bring to this houfe perfons who are found expofing their 
deformities ia the ftreets. 

Phyfician, Conftantine Barbor, M. D. 

Surgeons, William Ruxton, Efq. Mr. Henry Morris, 

Mr. Philip Woodroofe, Mr. Richard Daniel. 

St. Nicholas's Hospital was opened in 1753, and contains forty beds for 
the reception of Surgical patients. The following Surgeons attend alternately every 
morning from eight till ten, and officiate gratis. 

Mr. James Dillon, Mr. Thomas Meyler, 

Mr. Mark Rorke, Mr. William Deafe, 

Mr. James Sullivan, Mr. John Berne. 
Mr. Michael Keogh, 

The Meath Hospital, was firfi inftituted for the relief of poor Manufac- 
turers in the Earl of Meath's liberty, but in 1774 an aft of parliament was paffed 
making it an Infirmary for the County of Dublin. A large commodious building has 
lately been erefted by the Governors, at upwards of 2000I. expence. The Phy- 
ficians and Surgeons attend gratis, having refigned to the Hofpital the bounty of 
lool. annually paid to them by Government. 

Phyficians, John Charles Fleury, M. D. Francis Hopkins, M. D. 

Surgeons, Mr. William Vance, Mr. James Mills, Mr. Arthur Winter, 

Mr. Ifrael Read, Mr. O'Brien, Mr. Rooney. 
Hoyfie Apothecary, Mr. William Cockridge. 

The Lock Hospital, in Clarendon Street, inflituted by Mr. George Doyle, 
Surgeon, in 1755, and fupported by fubfcriptions. About 130 patients are admitted 
into this hofpital every year, and the annual expences hitherto have feldom ex- 
ceeded 160I. 

Phyfiiciam, Sir Nathaniel Barry, Bart. M. D. Francis Hutchefon, M. D. 
Surgeons, Mr. George Doyle, Mr. David Fitzgerald. 

The Infirmary for fick and wounded Soldiers of the Army, in James Street. 
52/r^(ro;z, Mr. George Stewart. Apothecary, yit.Yiznx^ l^iwviX. 

Surgeons appointed by Aft of Parliament to examine and certify the Quali- 
fications of Surgeons, who are Candidates for the County Infirmaries "*. 
William Ruxton, Efq. Mr. Samuel Croker King, 

Mr. John Whiteway, Mr. Philip Woodroofe, 


* Infirmaries have been erefted by Parliament in all the counties of Ireland. The an- 
Iwer of our Dublin Correfpondent to our entjuiries concerning thefe inftitutions is as fol- 
lows : 



Mr. James Boyton, 
Mr. Guftavus Hume, 
Mr, Vernon Lloyd, 

Mr. George Daunt, 
Mr. Henry Morris, 
Mr. Francis Forefide. 

Simpson's Hospital, in Great-Britain Street, founded by the late Geo. 
Simpfon, Efq. for the reception of poor, decayed, blind and gouty men, was in- 
corporated in March 1780, and opened in Nov. 1781. 

Ph^Jicians, P. Plunket, M. D. Geo. Burrowes, M. D. 
Surgeons^ Mr, Robert Bowes, Mr. William Hartigan. 
Apotk. Mr. Samuel Ward. 

The Experimental Society of Dublin, for promoting Natural 
Knowledge, was inftituted Nov. 19, 1777. The Members meet at their hoiife 
in Spring Gardens, Dame Street, every Wednefday evening at fix o'clock. They 
diilribute three honorary gold medals annually, for the moft approved Difcoverv', 
Invention, or EfTay, on any mathematical or philofophical fubjecl. 

Prefident, The Rev. Matthew Young, A. M. 

Vice-PreJidentSj The Rev, Henry Ufher, D. D. John Clarke, Efq. 

Secretary^ The Rev. John WaKh. 

S E 

c T I N nr. 



L "E 



Patrick Scott *, M. D. 
Mr. La Mothe. 

A N, 

W E 


ST ' I N D 

I E S. 



The Hon. Thomas Jarvis, M, D. (Leyden) Pre- 
fident of his Majefly's Council, Chief Judge of 
the Courts of King's Bench and Common Pleas 
in this Ifland. 

John Dunbar, M. D. (Leyden 1744). 

The Hon. James Mackittrick Adair, M. D. Fellow 
of the R. C. of P. Edin. and a Judge of the 
Courts of King's Bench and Common Pleas in 
this Ifland. 

John Aird, M. D. (Glafgow). 

lows : ** As to your query^about the County Hofpitals, erefted by Ad of Parliament, an 
account of fuch as are eftabliflied, I can affure you, would not be interefting. They are in 
general both poor and fmall j and, as far as my information reaches, the cefs on the county, 
by which the Hofpital is fupported, and the Surgeon paid, is with difficulty raifed, except 
only in fome few counties." 

* Dr. Scott has the appointment of Phyfician to the Governor's Floufhold, with an annual 
ftipend j he and M. la Mothe are the only medical praftitioners in the ifland. 



James Young, M. D. (Edin. J768) Phyfician to 

the Naval Hofpltal. 
Jonas Blizard, M. D. (Aberdeen). 
John Awfiter, M. D. (St. Andrew's). 
Samuel Byam Athill, M. D. (Edin. 1778}. 
SujiO£OKs and Apothecaries. 

^ The Hon. Afliton Warner, a Member of the 

Council of the Ifland, 
Mr. John Robcrtfon, Mr. William Malcolm, 
^, Mr. Jolm Sutton Hunt, Mr. Thomas Lynch, 
Mr. Nath. Marchant, Mr. Gilbert iV.'Connell, 
Mr. Thomas Kerwan, Mr. Thomas Dickman, 
Mr. Francis Brown, 

Mr. JohnBowey, Affift. Surg, on the Hofp. Staff, 
Mr. John Bell, 'Mr, William Tiffard, 
Mr. John Reid, 

Mr. William Fairbalrn, Hofpital Mate, 
Mr, George Kennedy. 

B A R B A D O E S t. 

Dr. Pollard. 
■ Sam.uel Gold 
. Dr. Caddell. 

Tames Hendy, M. D. (Edin.) 
Dr. Ellcock. 
br, Lafnley. 
i)r. Marfhall. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 
Mr. Walton, fen. Mr. Walton, jun. 
Mr. Wharton, Mr. Alton, 
MefTrs. Aifop and Hamden, 
Mr. Horfham, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Walker, 
Mr. Hartley, Mr. Worrall, Mr. Wade, 
Mr. Forte, Mr. Gill, Mr. O'Brian, 
Mr. Clarke, Mr. Burke, Mr. Hunt, 
Mr. Maloney, Mr. Jones, Mr. Hill. 


Spani/k Tozijn. Francis Rigby Brodbelt, M.D..(Edin. 1767). 

Thomas Dancer, M. D. Mr. Tho. M'Queftin, 
Mr, Edward Parnell, Mr. John Vezey' Rennalls, 
Mr. Arthur Taafe, Mr. Edward Devenifli, 
Mr. Richard Trower, Mr. Jacob Sanchez, 
Mr. Lazarus Cordoza. 

KingJlonX. Fortunatus D'Waris, M. D. (Ley den 1750). 

Alexander M'Kenzie, M. D. (Aberdeen 1751). 


•f- A Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, has lately been eftablilhed in this 

'J The Governor and Affembly of Jamaica in 177.5 voted the eftablifliment of two botanic 
gardens in the neighbourhood of Kingfton, and llkewife a liberal falary for a Botanift, with 
a view to Introduce into the iflaud every vegetable produ<ftion which can be cultivated with 




Half-way-tree Village. 



Montego Bay. 

Port Royal. 

Savannah la Mar, 

St. Ann's. 

St. Elizabeth, 
St. Ja?nes's. 

St. John's, 

John Grant, M. D. (Aberdeen 1760). 
James Magennis, M. D. (Montpelier 1755")- 
Jchn Hunter, M. D. of the R. C. P. Lend. 
Mr. David Morton, Mr. John Bryant, 
Mr. Richard Foyfter, Mr. John Mac Glalhan, 
Mr. Duncan M'Glafhan, Mr. John Dryfdale, 
Mr. George Harris, Mr. John Harris, 
Mr. George Aldred, Mr. Benjamin Allen, 
Mr. Benjamin Mofeley, Mr. Jacob Momfort, 
Mr. Alexander M'Intye, Mr. Thomas Skiffington, 
Mr. John Moodie, Mr. Richard Ayrie, 
Mr. John Felfted, Mr, Theophilus Shephard, 
Mr, Thomas Midwinter. 

Mr. Fox. 

Mr. Andrew Mackay, Mr. Thomas Cockburn, 
Mr. Henry Spalding. 

Mr. John Paterfon, Mr. David Kerr, 
Mr. John Dick, MefTrs. George Robertfon and 

Mr. John Quier. 

Mr. Algernon Troope, Mr. W. M'Queen, 

Mr. Charles Holmes, Mr. Patrick Molloy, 

Mr. James M'Vicker. 

David Thompfon, M. D. (Edin. 1765). 

Patrick Murray, M. D. (Glafgow 1770). 

Mr. Thomas Browne, Mr. William Fowle, 

Mr. George Spence. 

Mr. David Watfon, furgeon to the garrifon at Port 

Mr. John Wood, furgeon of the Navy Hofp. 
Mr. Thomas Brook, Mr. Alexander CunninghatUj 
Mr. James Wair, Mr. John Robinfon, 
Mr. Nathaniel Coverley. 
Mr. Thomas King, Mr. Henry Rickets, 
Mr. John Drummond, Mr. Thomas Rickneyj 
Mr. James Johnfton. 

Mr. Adam Anderfon, Mr. Rofe, 
Mr. Campbell, Mr. Hutchinfon. 

Mr. Murray. 

Thomas Mac Farquhar, M. D. (Edin. ij^j)* 

Thomas Steel, Efq. Mr. Patrick Irving, 

Mr. Andrew Gardner, Mr. Robert Borland, 

Mr. Deftrade, Mr. John Sharpe, 

Mr. John Ranken, Mr. Gibb, 

Mr. John Anderfon, Mr. Samuel Mollerlhed. 

Mr. Campbell. 

advantage, either for medicine, food, pleafure or commerce. One of thefe gardens confiils 
of feventy acres, with a houfe for the Botanift. This fpot has two dilHnft climates : the 
tropical climate at the foot of the hill, and that of Madeira where the houle is fituated.^ 
The other garden confifts of fifty acres, and is intended for the reception of the plants of 
cold climates, its fituation being about 3600 feet above the level of the fea. Dr. Thomas 
CUrke was appointed botanift to thefe gardens in 1776, 

t-jz MED 

St. Thomas in the Eajl. 


i' ere. 



Charles Irving, M. D. Phyfician to the Bath, 
Mr. Tel Fair, Mr. Lor rain. 

James Broun, Efq. Surgeon to the garrifon, 
William M'Donald, Efq. 

MefTrs. John Lindfay Watt, and Smith, , 

MefTrs. Richard Brodie, and Urquhart Gillefplc, 

Mr. Handafvde Edgar, Mr. John Woofe, 

Mr. Watfon, Mr. Vv^iUiam Geddis, 

Mr. Andrew Glafgov/. 

Mr. Arch. Simpfon, Mr. VaJ. Barife, 

Mr. Peter Shawe, Mr. Tho. Cradock, 

Mr, James Chifholra. 

Mr. Francis Newcafile, 

Mefli-s. Gardner and Thompfon, Mr. Bell. 

T O R T O L A. 

James Dav/fon, M. D. 

George Leonard Blydcn, M. D. 

Robert Dougan, M. D. 

Mr. Edmund Burke. 

Mr. — Doughty. 






The Medicine Chancery. 

This is one of the many inftitutions for which the Ruffians are indebted to 
Peter the Great. That Prince, when in Holland, became acquainted with 
Dr. Erflxine, a Scotch phyfician, who returned with him to Ruflia, where the Em- 
peror appointed him his Archiater and Direftor General of all Phyficians, Surgeons, 
and Apothecaries, within that vaft empire ; and likewife Chancellor of a new court, 
called the Medicine Chancery, by which every thing relating to the diffe- 
rent branches of phyficis regulated. This court confifts of a Chancellor or Prefi- 
dent, a Vice-prefident, two Secretaries, and feveral under Secretaries, &c.* The 
bufinefs of the Vice-prefident is to attend the Chancery twice a day, and receive 
reports from the different provinces of the empire, and from the fleet and army. 
He is to inform the Chancellor of whatever happens, and to take his direftions, 
and ilTue out orders accordingly. There is one chancery at St. Peterfburgh and 
another at Mofcow ; the one is fubordinate to the othef as the court happens to be 
at either of thofe places. Upon extraordinary occafions a certaio number of Phy- 
ficians and Surgeons are convened by the Prefident, 



No perfon is fuffered to praftife in Ruffia till, he has been examined by this Chan- 
cery, and procured a written teftlmonial of his qualifications. If any unlicenfed 
praftitioner prefumes to prefcribe or adminiRer medicines, he is liable to fuffer the 
knoute, to be fent to the ^allies during pleafure, and to forfeit all he is worth, one 
half of which goes to the E nnrefs, and the ^nher to the informer. 

No Apothecary is allowed io ^;ive medicines without orders from a Phyfician or 
Surgeon. At every Apothecary's fhop a Surgeon is appointed with a fufficient falarv', 
to attend daily two hours forenoon and afternoon, and if the patients are not able to 
pay for the medicines, they are placed to the Emprefs's account. The Apothecaries 
receive all their drugs from the Chancery, and are in faft employed by government; 
there are indeed fome few private Apothecaries, but thefe are as much fubjeti to 
the rules or the Chancerv as the othcs. 

It is a regulation eftablifhed in RufTia, that every Surgeon, whether in the fervice 
or not, fhall in difficult cafes call for the advice of a Phyfician or fenior Surgeon; 
nor is any Surgeon allowed to perform an operation on a patient without having pre- 
vioufly had the advice and concurrence of fuch, if poffible to be procured If this 
regulation is neglefted, and the patient dies, or has reafon to complain of his treat- 
ment, the Surgeon is punifhed. When there is difficulty or danger, evenPhyficians 
are obliged to apply for the advice of others. 

Prejident of the Chancery. M. de Rfhewfky. 

Phvficians to her Imperial Majefiy^ all of whom rank as Counfellors of State. 
John Rogerfon, M. D. F. R, S. Dr. Scilling. Dr. Krufe. 
Principal Surgeon. Mr. Roeflein, Counfellor of State. 


There are two large hofpitals at St. Peterfburgh, both ere6led by Peter the Greaf. 
One is for the army, and the other for the navy. They are contiguous to each other, 
and form three fides of a very large fquare. In the middle of the fide facing the Neva 
is a handfome church for the ufe of both hofpitals. The building is two (lories high, 
and covered galleries go quite round it. Each hofp^l has an anatomical theatre, 
large enough to contain three hundred perfons, and a "Siffefting-room adjoining to it. 
Each hofpital is attended by feveral Phyficians, a principal Surgeon, five Surgeons 
in ordinary, ten Surgeons-mates, and twenty ftudents. There are likewife profeffors 
of phyfic, furgery, and anatomy, belonging to each hofpital, and a profeffor of 
boiany who inftru6ls the ftudents of both. 

The medical fervice in thefe and in every other hofpital in the Ruffian empire, 
is conduced in the following manner : Every morning at fix o'clock a bell is ruro 
to warn the Phyficians and Surgeons to get ready ; at feven it rings again to fummon 
them to repair immediately to the ward where the patients requiring furgical treat- 
ment are kept. From this the Surgeons proceed with the Phyficians through ail the 
remaining wards. The Surgeons-mates write down in a day-book what the Phy- 
ficians prefcribefor each patient, and after all the patients have been vifited, go with 
the ftudents to the Apothecary's ihop, where they attend till the medicines are pre- 
pared, carry them to the refpeftive wards, and exhibit them as was direfted. One 
of the Surgeons in ordinary is obliged to be confiantly in the hofpital ; the reft of the 
Surgeons may attend their private patients, but mult return at feven o'clock in the 
evening; but the mates, not being fuffered to praftife, and the fiudents, can go no 
where from the hofpital v/ithout leave from the principal Surgeon. 

Reports of the number of fick entered, cured, dead, and remaining, with the 
names of the different difeafes, are fent to the Medicine Chancery every week. If 
a complaint is made either of the Phyficians, Surgeons, or Surgeons-mates, for 
non-attendance a fingle-day, a month's pay is deducted from their falary; and on 
thofe who bear no rank, corporal punifiiment is inffitled. If any of the attendants 
give any other medicines, meats or drink to a patient, than %vhat are ordered by the 
Phyficiansor Surgeons, they undergo a fev ere whipping. 




• The Imperial Academy of Sciences, was inftituted by Peter the Great, 
who erefted a magniHcent building for this purpofe. This edifice was burnt down 
in 1746, but moft of the books and curiofities it contained were faved, and it was 
foon afterwards rebuilt. Ruyfch's collection is in one of the galleries. A catalogue 
of themufeum belonging to the academy was publifhed in 1741 in two vols. 8yo. 

This academy has ProfefTorfhips liberally endowed by the founder, for teaching the 
different fciences. Their tranfafilons are publifhed annually in 4to. under the title 
of Novi Commentarii Academic Imperialis Petropolitana. 

DireBrefs. Princefs of Dafchaw. 
Secretaries. James de Stehelin, F. R. S. 
Leonard Euler, F. R. S. 

D E N MA R K. 


TheRoYAL College of Physicians. This inftitution maybe confidered 
as a court eftabliftied by government for the regulation of the praclice of phyfic in the 
Danifh dominions. It is confuiled by the government on all matters relative to phy- 
fic, and It takes cognizance of all abufes committed by medical praftitioners. 

No perfon is allowed to praftice phyfic or furgery without having gone through a 
regular courfe of Study, and fubraitting to a public examination in phyfic, furgery, 
and midwifery. Apothecaries and nriidwives are likewife examined by the college 
before they can obtain a licence. No patents are granted for the diftribution of 
Empirical medicines, which are prohibited under fevere penalties. 


John Juft de Berger, M. D, firft Phyfician to the King, and Counfcllor of State, 

P reft dent. 
Urban Bruun Aafkow, ISL D. fecond Phyfician to the King, and Phyfician General 

to the Navy. 
John V/illiani Gulbrand, M. D. Phyfician to the Court. 
John Clement Tode, M. D. Profeffor of the Materia Medica, and Secretary to the 

Medical Society. 
Chriftian Frus RottboU, M. D. Profeffor of Botany. 

Chnftian Gottlieb Kratzenfiein, M. D. Profeffor of Chemlflry and Nat. Phil. 
Matthias Saxtorph, M. D. Profeffor of Midwifery. 
Peter Chriftian Abildgaard, M. D. Profeffor of the Veterinary Art. 
William. Henningfer, M. D. Profeffor of Surgery, and Surgeon General to the 

Frederick Lewis I5jng, M. D, 
Jenfenlus, M. D. Phyfician extra, to the King, and Secretary to the 

—. Winflow, M. D. 

* The Royal Society of Sciences at Copenhagen have publifhed 12 vols, of their Tianf- 
aclloas ia 4to. 



Physicians, &:c. to his Danish Majesty. 

Fhjl Phyfician, John Juft de Berger, M. D. 

Second " — . Urban Bruun Aafkow, M. D. 

Phyfidans to the HouJIiold. John \V. Guldbrand, M. D. 
John Clement Tode, M. D. 
Surgeon to the King. Mr. Alexander Kolpin. 

Medical Professors in the University of Copenhagen. 

Anaton^y and Botany. ChriftiaH Frus RottboU, M. D. 

Chenujlry and Nat. PhU. Chrifiian Gottlieb Kratzenflein, M. D. 
Theory and Praciice of Phyf.c and Materia 

Medica. John Clement Tode, M. D. 

Surgery. Henry Callifen. 

Midwifery. Matthias Saxtorph, M. D. 

Natural Hi/lory. M. F. Brunnich, S. T. P. 

The Medical Society. This confifts of moft of the praftitioners of emi- 
nence in Copenhagen, and lik'ewife of Fhyficians and Surgeons refiding in different 
parts of Denmark, and in other parts of Europe. The fociety, though but lately 
eilablifhed, has publilhed four volumes of papers chiefly on practical fubjefts of 
phyfic and furgery ; the two hrfl: volumes under the title of ColleElanea,_ and the two 
iaft under that of Acla Societatis Medica Havnienfts. Dr, Tode is the prefent fecretary 
to the Society. 

Hospitals in Copenhagen. 

Frederick's Hospital, for the reception of citizens, ufually contains 
between three and four hundred patients. 

Phyfician. Frederick Lewis Bang, M. D. 

Principal Surgeon. Mr. Behrers. 

Lying-in Hospital. Between five and fix hundred women are delivered 
annually in this hofpital, and their children, if required, educated at the expencc 
of government. 

Ph)jician and Man-Midwife. Matthias Saxtorph, M. D. 

The Naval Hospital, for the reception of Seamen. 

Phyfician. U. B. Aafkow, M. D. 
Surgeon. Mr. Henry Callifen. 

Befides the above-mentioned there are the Public Hospital for incurables, 
and the dillrelfed poor of all ages ; Christians Hospital for invalids and 
fuperannuated foldiers ; and St. John's Hospital for lunatics and venereal 

There is a public infiitutlonln Copenhagen, (fomewhat fimilarto the difpenfaries 
in London) for attending the poor at their own houfes, and furnifhing them with 
medicines. The government defrays the whole of the expence, and likewife em.- 
ploys three phyficians, three furgeons, and feveral aflTiilants in the bufinefs of the 
iufiitution. In every diftritl in Denmark a phyfician and furgeon are appointed and 
paid by the King to give afiifiance to the poor, and to take care that the regulations of 
the college of phyiicians are duly obferved. They likewife give reports to the 
college when any epidemic difcafe makes its appearance in their diftrift. 




• Stockholm. 

The Royal College of Phyjicians. 

Sir Abraham Boeck, Knt. P. S. M. D. Phyfician to the King, Prejident 

Nicholas Dahl berg, M. D. Phyfician to the King. 

William Kammeeker, M. D. 

Zach. Strandberg, M. D. 

John Bergftrath, M. D. 

Rowland Martin, M. D, Profeflbr of Anatomy. 

John A. Darelli, M. D. 

David Schaltzenheim, M. D. 

Peter Jonas Bergius, M. D. F. R. S. Prof. Nat. Hift. and Chemiftry. 

John L. Odhelius, M. D. 

Ifaac Swenfon, M. D. 

H. Sparfchuch, M. D. Phyfician to the Queen. 

Jonas Ullholm, M. D. Secretary. 

Slenb^M. D. \ J""' ^-f^T"" of Midwifery. 

Dr. Leven. 

Dr. Roos. 

Dr. Suedelius.' 

Dr. Tingftadius, Prof, of Anat. and Surgery, 

Jacob Aim, M. D. Prof, of Midwifery. 

And. Sparrmann, M. D. 

The Society of Surgeons. 

Daniel Theel, M. D. Surgeon to the Horfe Guards, Prejident. 

Sir Olaus Acrel, Knt. of Wafa. Martin Stuttfer. 

Chrifiopher Lillierall. Balthazar Rienhenback. 

Frederick Krey. Anthony Schantzberg. 

Chriftopher Soem. Guftal Rudolphi. 

TohnNatorft. Daniel Wever, M. D. 

Daniel OUeweldt. Frederick Toernborn. 

The Royal Academy of Sciences at Stockholm was inftituted in 1739, 
and has fince that time, by quarterly publications, given 42 volumes of their Tranf- 
aftions in 8vo. in Sv/edifh. 

Firji Secretary. Sir Peter Wargentin, Knt. P. S. 

Second . Henry Nicander. 

Keeper of the Mufeum. Andrew Sparrmann, M. D. 

U P S A L. 

The University of Up sal was eftabliflied in 1249, by K. Eric XI. At that 
timeitconfifted of four Profenbrs, {lY Canomci Secular es) who were by no means 
eager to promote the caufe of fcience, fo that they fpon funk into a ftate of idlenefs, 
and nothing remarkable was done at Upfal, till the time of the Protestor Sten-Sture 
the Elder, who in 1476, with the affiflance of Jacob Ulilon, at that time archbiftiop of 




"Upfal, obtained from Pope Slxtus IV, a co-nftitution for the u'niverfity, which was 
publicly conlecrated with great folemnity on the 2ift of September the fame year, 
and the profefTors began their publicle6iures on the 7th of Oftober following.- 

The univcrfity bufinefs at prefent is managed by the cottfiftory, in which every 
profeflbrbas a feat. The rcftor, who prefides in it, is elefted every half yea^ from 
among the profeffors. No ftudent, dx any other perfon belonging to the univerfity 
can be arrefted by any other authority than tbat of the confiftory, and this court eao 
punifh with death. 

ProfeJfoT ofPhyfic and Nat. Hiji, and Sw 
perintcndant of the Botanic Garden, 

-= Praaice of Phyjic. 

' - - " • Anatomy and Surgery, 

Demonjlrator of Anatmny. 

Extra ProfeJJbr of Phyfc, 

' and Demonjlra- 

tor in the Botanic Garden. 

Profeffor of Nat. Phitofophy. 

• Agricitlture. 

-i — ■ ■■ ' " I I CMmijlry and Pharmacy i 

Charles Von linne, M. 0. 
Jonas Sidren. 

Adolphus Murray, M. D. 
Samuel Ziervogel, M. D. 
JohnGuftsvusAcrell, M. i). 

Charles Peter Thunberg, M. 0. 
Sannruel Durseus, M. A. 
John Laflbom, D. D. 
SirTorbern Bergman, Knt. of the ordcf 
of Wafa. 

The In f i rmar y at tJpfal is fitted up for the reception of 30 patipers, 16 men and 
14 women. It likewlfe contains fix good apartments f^r the re6eptio"n of fick ftudenti. 

Phyficians, Dr. Sidren, Dr^ Murray, Dr. Acrelh 

A Royal Society of Sciences ^as inftitrfted at tJpfal about the year 
1720. The meetings are monthly, and the tranfsSions publiflied quarterly in 410. 

Prefident. His R. H. Charles Duke t)f Sudermaniai 
Secretary. Chairles Aurivillius^ Ling, oriem Prof 


Profeffor of Phyfc 

I— Nat. Hif. and I}ireSlor of the 

Plantations in Scania i 




Extra Prof, of Nat. Hif, andDemonfitatCf 
in the Rot. Card, 

Eberiiard Rofenblad^ M; D. 

Sir Eric Guftavus Liedbeck, Knt. of tli« 

order of Wafa. 
ClaesBlechertTrozelius, D. D. 

Wollin, M. D. 

— - Barfoth, M. D. 

And. John Retzius*^ 

Profeffhr of Phyfic. 

_. Nat. Rfl. 

— ^' — ' ■' Chemifry. 
^-^-^ — '■ Agritidturt. 


Sir John Haartman, Knt. of Wafa, M. t^i 

. Hellenius, M. D. 

Sir Peter Adrian Gadd, Knt. of Wafa, 
. Klefoenberg. 

* Secretary to the Royal PHYSioGRAtHiCAL SocitTY of LtrND, the trania^icai 
tof which are publifhed in Swedilh, in 8vo. Eefides this and the other literary inftrtutioas in 
Swedenalready mentioned, there is a fourth at Got TJEKBVRCj called the Rota 1. SoeiETif 
OF Sciences and Belles Lkttres. 


H V K G A R. V, 




V N 




The univerfity, founded at Tyrnau, has been lately removed to this place, the 
capital of Hungary. The medical profeflbrs are as follows : 

Pathology and PraBice of PhyfiC, 

Phyjiology and Materia Medica, 
Chemijlry and Botany. 
Surgery and Midwifery. 
Natural Uijlory. 

Michael Shoreticz, M. D. 

Sir Wenceflaus Trenka de Krzowitz, Knt. of the 

facfed Roman Empire, Mi D. &c. 
J. Brand, M. D. 
Jacob Winterl, M. D. 
Mr. Jofeph James Plenk. 
Mr. J. Mitterbacher. 

G E R M A N Y. 


Phyjicians, to his Imperial Majef.y, all of whom rank as Counfellors of State, 

Anthony Storck, M. D. Baron of the Roman Empire, firft phyfician to their Im- 
perial Majeflies, prefident and director of the faculty of phyfic throughout all 
the provinces of AuRria, Sec. 

John Andrew Keller de Rofenheim, M. D. 

Paul Michael de Zwenghoff, M. D. 

John Baptift Kolmann, M. D. , 

George Ignatius de Humelauar, M. D* 

John Ingenhoufz, M. D F. R. S. &c. . ' 

Anthony MafrkmuUer, M. D. 

CafparStuntzer, M. D. 

John de Houmbourg, M. T>. 

Jofeph de Quarin, M. D. 

Firjl Surgeon to his imperial Majejly, Mr. Alexander Brambilla. 

Firf Phyjrcianto the Army, Jofeph Peyer, M. D. 

Piixfician to thePazmarian Hofpital, Dr. Collin. 

^ Hofpital of the Holy Trinity, M. Stoll, M. D._ 

_: - -■ Si. Mark's Bofpii'al for Lying-in Women, Francis Faukcn, M. D< 

Medical Profejors in the Univerfdy. 

PraBict of Phyfic, 

Botanji and Chemifry, 

Patholo^ry and Materia Mtdica, 

Anatomy and the difafes of the eyes^ 



Natural Hi/lory^ 

Maximilian Stoll, M. D. 
Nicholas Jofeph Jacquin, M. D. 
Henry Jof. Collin, M. D. 
Jofeph Barth, M. D. 
Valentine Lebmacher, M. D,- 
Mr. Ferdinand Leber. 
Mr. Jacob de Well. 





bireBor oftkr. Faculty of Phyfic, 
Profefor of Botany and Chtmijiry^ 

Phyfiology and Mat. Med. 

— — Patkology and, 

Anatomy and the dfeajes of the eyes, 

— Surgery and Midivfery, 

Wm. Mac Neven, Bar6n O'Kelly, M. D, 
Jofeph Godfrey Miken, M. D. 
Anthony Michelits, M. D. 
Jofeph de Plencitz, M. D. 
George Prochafka, M. D. 
Mr. Charles Arnold. 


Prejident. Count Reu 
Direthr. Dr. Muller 
Secretary. Dr. Spfoge 

Dr. Muller. 
Dr. Leffer. 

Botany and Mat* Med. 



Surgery and Midw. 

The Royal College of Phyficiam, 

fs. Grand Marfhal of the Court, 
•, Phyfician to the King. 

Phyficians to the King. 

Medical Profejforsi 

Dr. Gleditch. 
Dr. Sprogel. 
Dr. Walter, 
J. G. Falkenberg, 
Dr. Fritze. 
Dr. Henkei. 
Dr. Alhemann; 
H. C. Pein, M. D. 

The Royal Academy of Sciences and Belles Lettres, was infli- 
tuted at Berlin about the year 1710 by Frederick I. K. of Pruffia, at the reaueft of 
the celebrated Leibnitz. The meetings are held in a fuperb buildincj-, built for the 
ufe of the academy, and for the public library, by the prefentking. 

Secretary. M. Formey. 

The Society of Natural Historians at Berlin was founded by the late 
ingenious Dr. Martini, who was fecretary to the inftitution till the time of his 
death. There is likewife a PHiLosopHicAL Society here> to Which M. 
Otto is fecretary. 

State Phyficians. 

John George 2"mmermahn, M. D. Member of the Roydl Academy of Sciences at 

Berlin, &c. Firft Phyfician. 
Dr. Muller. 
Henry Marcard, M. D. 

Gottingen, ' 

X The Univerfity at this place was founded in 1734, by his late Majefty K. Georg;e 
II, 1 he Protefibrs begin their courfes at Michaelmas and J&aSen 

^ 2 Profcjof 


Ptofejfor of the PraBice of Phyfic and 

Materia Medica t, 

— Pathology, R. A. Vogel, M. D. 

-^ Cheinijlry, J. Frederick Gmelin, M. D. 

* Botany, J. Andrew Murray, M. D. 

Anatomy and Uidtoifery, Hen.Aug. Wrifberg, M. D. 

.-...^-^ Surgery, A. G. Richter, M. D. 

. Nat. Hiji. and Keeper of the 

Mufeupty — — — Blumenbach, M, D. 

Profejor Extraordinary , Dr. Strohmeyer. 

The Royal Society of Gottincen was inftituted by K« George II. in 
X 75 1 . The Society meet on the firfl Saturday of every month. 


PAyfdans to the EUBor, J. G. Haupt, M. D. Counfellor of State and 

Firft Phyfician. 
Br. Horn. 

Dr. Cohaufen, Counfellor of State, and FirS 
Phyfician to the late EIe£lor. 
Surgeons to the Court, Mr. Cafpari, at Coblentz, 

Mr. Moritz, at Treves. 
Phyfcian to the Military Hofpitdl, Dr. Seidenbourg. 


Faculty of Phyfic > 

Prefdent. Dr. Nauheimer, Counfellor of State, Firfl Phyfician to the Eleftor* 

Phyficiani to the Ele6lor, Dr. Nauheimer. 

Dr. Ittner. 

Dr. HolthofF. 
Surgeons, Mr. Kircher, Mi. Lang. 

Medical Profejors in the Vniverjty of MentZc 

PraHice of Phyfc. Dr. Naoheimer. 

Theory of . Charles Strack, M. D. 

Anatomy. Dr. Iftner. 

Materia Medica. Dr. Holthoff. 

Surgery and Midwifery. Dr. Weidemann. 


Pkyjicians to the ^le£lor. Stephen Kenck, M, D. 

Alexander Veilenne, M. D, 
Surgeons, Mr. Zartman, Mr. Richter. 

Pirjl Phyfcian* Dr. Brockman, 

"V Vacant by the removal of Dr. B^dinger to Hefle Caffel. 




Hesse Cassell. 

Phyjidam to the Landgrave, E. G. Baldinger, M. D. late ProfelTor at Gottingen. 
Dr. Stein. 

Surgeons, Mr. GIrfol, Mr. Cornilius, Mr. Wegehauf^n. 

Le 1 p s I c . ' » 

Medical Profejors in the Vmverjity^ 

Therapeutics, Dr. Platz. 

Pathology, Dr. Pohl. 

Anatomy. Dr. Bofe, 

PhyfioLogy arid Midw. Dr. Gehher. 
Chemiftry, Dr. Rudiger. 

Botany, Dr, Pohl, jan, 

Profejors Extra, Dr. Kraufe, Dr. Hafe, Dr. Leonhardi, 

Dr.Plattner, Dr. Leike. 


Medical Profejfors in the Univerfity, 

Phyjiol. and Mat. Med, Sir Mich. Menghin de Brumenthal, Knt. of the 

Roman Empire, and Protomedicus in Tyrol. 
Pathology andPraBice ofPhyJic, Ant. de Gerftner, M. D. 
Anatomy. Bened. EglofF de Stadthoff, M. D, 

Botany and Chemijlry. B. Schiver^ck, M. D, 

Surgery and Midzoifery, Jofeph Rot^ruf. 

H O L S T E I N. 


A Univerfity was founded at this place in 1669, The prefent profefTors arc a» 
follow : 

Theory and PraBice of Phyjlc, Dr. Kannegeifer. 

Chemijlry, Dr. Rerfiens. 

Botany. G. H. Weber, M. D. 

Midwifery. Dr. Berger. 

Natural Hiflffry, J. C. Fabricius, M. D, 


The College of PHVsrciANS. Inftitutedin 1699, by Jofeph Clement of Ba» 
varia, Eleftor of Cologne and Prince Bifhop of Liege. It confifts of a PreCdent, who 
is always fome perfon of rank, eight AJfeJfors^ the eldeft of whom has the title of 
Provoft, and thirty-one members. Phyficians who have graduated in any univerfity 
9re admitted without fubmitting to any examination, on producing their diplomSi'-" 
The Pharmacopeia of this college was publifhed in 1740. 

Prefident, Baron de Haxhe, 
Provojl, J)t. de Morcal. 

N 3 



The Surgeons of Liege are incorporated. Their number at prefent is about 
thirty. Previous to their admiflion they are required to fubmit to an examina- 
tion by the AfTeflbrs of the college, and the Surgeons of the town, who are convened 
for that purpofe. 

The Apothe CARIES are obliged to ferve an apprenticefhip of five years, apd 
to undergo an examination by the Affeflbrs of the college before they are allowed to 
follow their profeflion. There are at prefent about twenty-eight Apothecaries {hops 
at Liege. ' ' 

HO L L A N D. 

The Hague. 

Phyjidam to the Stadtkolder. Walter Van Doeveren, M. D. 

Dr. Velfen, Dr. Onimus. 
Surgeons. Mr. Schenk, Mr. Schoonderhaagen. 

There are two medical profelTorfhips at the Hague, one for anatomy, midwifery, 
and furgery ; and the other for botany. There are fimllar inftitutions in almoft every 
large town in the United Provinces. The profefTors letture in Dutch. 

Profejfot of Anatomy^ &c. Dr. Huibertz. 
— — Botany, Dr. Swenke. 

There is no hofpital at this place. The fick poor are vifited at their own houfes by 
^our Phyficians and four Surgeons, who are paid by the Magiftrates, and have each 
their refpeftive diftrids. 

Medical Society at the Ha g u e for collecting Meteorological Obferva- 
tions and the Hiftory of Epidemics. 

Prefcdent. M. Vanderhaa. 
Secretary. Mr. Vandenbofe. 


The Univerfity at this place was founded in 1575, and has long been defervedly 
(Celebrated as one of the moft excellent fchools of phyfic in Europe. Dr. Goodall 
in his " College of Phyficians vindicated," has defcribed the method of taking ij 
degree in phyfic in this Univerfity ; we fhall copy what he fays on the fubjecias the 
fame mode is ftill in ufe. 

«« \yhenever any Student hath fpent a competent time in the Univerfity, or any 
*.' foreigner comes over to take his degree, he firft makes his application to the 
" Dean of the Medical Faculty, who examines him one hour (in Latin) in the 
** theory and praftlce of Phyfic; and If he finds him not well accompliflied in 
'* either, he interdifts him making any further progrefs in order to the taking of a 
*' degree, till he be better fitted for fo great an undertaking ; but if he gives a full 
f and fatlsfaftcry account of his proficiency in both, he is fent to yifit the reft of 
*' the profeflbrs of that faculty, who appointing a convenient time, do all meet 
^' together and examine him two hoursj and if he be then approved, they give 
' ' ' " " hiii^ 


" him twoaphorifms of Hippocrates to difcourfe of next day a quarter of an hour>^ 
*-* and then they oppofe his explication for three quarters of an hour. After this 
*' he is to make and print a thefis upon w^hat fubje6the pleafeth, which he fends to 
*' all the profeffors of the univerfity who meet him at an appointed hour, and ant 
*' judges of his abilities in the defence of his Thefis againft the profeffors of phyfjc, 
*' who each man in his place acts the part of an opponent till an hour be fpent ; 
*' then is he admitted by the Dean of the Faculty, having obtained the approbation 
*' of the ReBor Mamijicus and the red of the Profeffors, to the degree of Dotlpr, 
•*' and receiveth their diploma as a teflimonial of his due performance of all the afore- 
*' mentioned exercifes. 

*' This in fhort is the manner of taking degrees privately, but if more publicly, 
" then the perfon that takes his degree is oppofcd by non-graduates in that faculty, 
*' and the profeffors of phyfic with the refi of the profeffors fit by as judges." 

Eefides the two modes of graduation (public and private) mentioned by Dr. 
Goodall, there is a third, tx more viajorum^ as it is called, which is pratlifed only 
rarely, on particular occafions, when the univerfity is affembled in the great church. 
There was a-meeting of this fort in 1774 at the time of the jubilee, at v/hich the 
ftadtholder, the foreign miniflers, nobility, &c. afufted. On that occafion degrees 
were conferred in the feveral faculties ex more viajorum. 

The library, which is open twice a week for the ufe of the fludents, contains a 
great number of books and MSS. and amongft others the famous manufcript of 
Rhazes on the Small-pox, which was formerly borrowed by Dr. Mead, and fincc 
by Mr. Channing. The univerfity have lately purchafed the library of V/epfer, 
who is well known to the medical world by his Hifioria Apoplefticorum. 

The botanic garden here has long been famous. Boerhaave, Adrian Van Royen, 
and the prefent profeffor, have all contributed to enrich and improve it. The plants 
are arranged according to Van Royen'sfyflem. 

The medical Profeffors begin their leftures in September, and continue them till 
the end of June. 

Medical and Pkilojophical Profcjfors- 

PraBice of Phyfic, Walter Van Doeveren, M. D, 

Anat. Pliyfiol. and Surgery. Edward Sandifort, M, D. 

Chemiflry and PraEi. of Pkyfc. John David Hahn, M. D. 

Theory of Phyfic. Nicholas George Oofterdyk, M. D, 

Bptany. David Van Royen, M. D. F. R. S. 

Natural Hifory. John Le Francq Van Berkeley, M. D» 

Mathematics and Natural Hifory, John AUamand, LL.D. F. R. S, 


The Univerfity of Franeker was founded in 1586. The Medical Profeffors are, 

Chemifry and Botany. William Ouwens, M. D. , . 

Anatomy and Surgery. Chriflian Everhard de Lille, M. D, . /^-. 

Chemifry and Materia Medica. Gadfo Koopmans, M. D, ' "- 

Botany. Adolphus Ypey, M. D. 

This Univerfity was founded in 1614. The Medical Profeffors are, 

Theory and PraSl. of Phyfc, and Chemifry. Paul Graeven, M. D. 
Anatomy and Surgery. Wymold Muniks, M. D. 

4natomyy Chemifry^ and Botany. Peter Camper, M. D. F. R. S. (refidei 

on his eltate at Lancune, near Franc- 

184. MEDICAL H E G I S T ^ R. 


This UniyerG^yj \\rhich dates from 1636, feems to be the next in j:£putatipn tp 
ithat.of JLeydea. The Medical f rofeffors are, 

Theory and PraBice of Phyfic. John Ooflerdyk Schacht, M. D, 

Anatomy and Surgery. Peter Lu,chtmans, M. D. ' 

^Many^ Phyfwlogyj and Chemijlry, 4-lexis Peter Nz^ys, M. D.. 


The.Uniyei:£ty 91 this pkce W9S re-eftablifiied in 1600, an4 has two Profefibrs of 

Anatomy, Surgery , and Theory of Phyjic Rodolphus For.fter, M. D. 
Ckcndjlry^ BQ,tq.iiyy and Midwifery. Mathias Van^^.euns, M. P.. 


There is an excellent Botanic Garden at this place, and a good theatre with an 
endowment for ana,tomical and chirurgical leftures. It was in this theatre that the 
famous Ruyfch ufed formerly to deliver his lefl,ures.. 

ProfeJJhrs of Botany, John Burmann, M. D. 

Nicholas Lawrence Burmann, M. p. (fon .qF 
the other Profeflor). 
Profeffbr of 4natoniy aiid S^rg£ry, Andrew ^onn, M. P. 

The Gast.-hu YSj or Hos p ital. This building confifts of four large wards, 
paved with marble, and kept extremely clean. Two of thefe wards are for men, 
and the other -two for women. There are generally about five hundred patient? in the 
ihoufe. ^h.t phyficians and furgeons vifit it twice a day. 

Phyjkians. Dr. Burmann, jun. 

Dr. Oofterdyck. 
Surgeons. Mr. Labee, Mr. David Van Geifcher. 

The Chirurgical Society, inftituted at Amfterdam feveral years ago, 
confifts of the moft eminent Phyficians and Surgeons of that city. They give a gold 
jnedai to the bell writer pn a furgical queftion that is propofed ^nually. 

At Haerlem, Rotterdam^ and Flushing, focietles have been infti- 
tuted for the improvement of fcience. The two former have publiftied fcyer^ 
volumes of their tranfaftipns in puich . 

AU ST Ri Af$ 




Phyfician to tJu Court. M. du Rondeau, M. D. 
firji Surg£on • Mf. Legr.iind. 

The Imperial and Royal College of Physicians. This College t^ras 
inftituted by the ^mperor Charles V. in 1540. It confifts atprefent of about forty 
Members, all of whom are refident at ^ruffells. 

The Surgeons of Brussells are incorporated. Their number at prefent 
is feventy-four. in this city, as in every other part of the Low Countries, the pro- 
fefllons of Surgeon and Barber are united in the fame perfoiis, none but Surgeons 
.being allowed to fhave. 

The Apothecaries are not allowed to pp^fcribe. There are at prefent about 
forty Apothecaries in this city, befides five Chemifts an4 Druggifts, 

Imperial and Royal Academy of Sciences andBELLEs Lettres. 
inftituted-at Bruffells in 1773. The meetings are hejd once a fortnight, from Sep- 
tember till May. Three volumes pf the^r tranfaftipns, in 410. have been pubiifhed. 

Lift of the Member^, 

M. de Crumpipen, Knt. of St. Stephen and Chancellor of Brabant, PresjoenX- 

Brufells. . 

Abbe de Nalis. BruJfeUs, 
M. Gerard. Brujfdh. 
M. Vounck, M. D. Anat. Prof. Louvain. 
Abbe Paquot, Hiftoriographer to his Imperial Majefly, Brujklh^ 
Abbe Cauffin. Bruffells. 
M. de Hefdin, Kii;,^ at Arms. Bnijfelts. 
M. de Limbourg, jun. M. D. TkeuXi near Spa. 
Abbe Chevalier, Keeper of the Imperial Library at Bruffells, 
Nath. Pigott, Efq. F. R. S. England. 
M. de Necker, Botanift to the Ele6ior Palatine. Mankeim.. 
M. Meflier, Aftronomer Royal. Paris, 
M. Morand, Phyfician at Paris. 

Abbe de Marci, Chancellor of the Uniyerfity pf Louvain. 
M. des Roches, Secretary, 
JM. du Rondeau, Phyfician at Brulfells. 
Abbe d'Everlange de Witry. Tournay, 
M. de Beunie, phyfician at Antwerp. 
M. Godart, Phyfician at Verviers. 

Abbe Mann, (a native of England) Canpn pf <^oi?,rtray. Brjiffells, 
M.Van-Wyn. Brill. ' 

M. de la Lande. Pari$. 

M. Moreau, Hiftoriographer pf France. Pari^. 
father ^erthodj Benediaine, and Librarian of the Abbey pf St.. Vincent at B^ 

jCount de Fraula. Brvffelli, 
lyi. de Launay, Bruffells, 


M. Boumon, Regius Profeffor of Mathematics in the Therefian College atBruflells, 

Chevalier de Nieuport, of the order of Malta. Brujfells. 

Prince de Gallitzin. Hague, 

M Heylen. Lierre. 

Marquis du Chaftelier. Brujfells. 

M. Van Swinden. Fr anther. 


The College of Physicians. Inftituted by Letters Patent in 1684, con- 
lifts of two Direflors, a Secretary, four other officers who are called AJJeJJ'ors, and 
twenty-four Licentiates. 

There are in Ghent about thirty-five Surgeons, who are likewlfe incorporated ; 
twenty-two Apothecaries; and fix Druggifts. 


The Univerfity at this place, founded in 1426, is the only one in the Low Coun- 
tries. The number of Students exceeds five thoufand, only a fmall part of whom, 
(not more than three hundred) are in the phyfic line. The degrees granted here 
are thofe of Licentiate or Bachelor of Phyfic, and Doftor. No perfon can praftife 
in the Auftrian Netherlands without being a Licentiate of this univerfity, but the 
number of Doftors is very limited, feldom exceeding three or four, who compofe 
■what is called the Facidtas Striata. Thefe gentlemen pay a very confiderable fum 
(upwards of 300I.) on their admiffion, and as it is they who examine candidates 
for a licence, from each of whom they receive confiderable fees, they are very 
cautious how they increafe their number. 

There is a fmall hofpital here, but none of the Students are permitted to atten4 
it till they have been three years at the Univerfity. 

Medical Profejfors. 

Profejcrts Extraordinary. Van Roffum, M. D. 

, T—^ Vander Belen, M. D. 

Profejfor of Anat.and Sjirgery. Vounck, M. D. 

■ Phyfioiogy.. Jaquelart, M. B. 

-— r— Ckcmijiry. Van Bouchout, M. B. 

Botany. ■ — — Michaund, M. B. 

Prof effort in Ordinary* — — Le Roy, M. B. 

' Van Lampeog, M. B, 




R A 



The Faculty of Phyjic. 

The Univerfity of Paris, according to M. Goulin, dates its Inftitution from tlie 
year 1180. It confifts at prefent of the four faculties of Divinity, Civil Law, 
Phyfic and the Arts, each of which forms a diftinft corps. In order to praftife 
pviyfic at Paris, it is requifite either to be a Member of the Faculty, or Phyfician to 
the Royal Family, or fome of the Princes of the Blood. The Members of the 
Faculty are ftiled Dodors Regent; one of them is chofen every year to the office of 
Doyen, or Prefident, and five others are annually elefted to deliver lectures in Latin 
on Pathology, Pbyfiology, Chemiftry, Materia Medica, and Surgery. Thefe lec- 
tures begin the firft week in October. The fchools belonging to the Faculty are at 
prefent in the rue Saint Jean de Beauvois. Six Members of the Faculty meet there 
icvery Monday morning at ten o'clock, to prefcribe gratis to poor people for two 
hours. The Faculty's library is open every Thurfday in the afternoon. 


■f William Jofeph de PEpine. 

Raymond de la Riviere. 

Louis Mary Pouffe. 

t Hyacinth Theodore Baron, Phyfician 
to the Hotel Dieu, and formerly Phy- 
fician in Chief to the Armies in Ger- 
many and Italy. 

Francis Felicite Cochu. 

Claudius Charles Dejean. 

Sir Gafpard Cochon Dupuy, Knight of 
the Order of St, Michael, and Pro- 
feffor of Anatomy and Surgery in the 
Marine Academy at Rochfort. 

Michael Jofeph Majault, formerly Phy- 
fician to the Army in Germany. 

Sir Michael Philip Bouvart, Knt. of the 
Order of St. Michael, and Member 
of the Academy of Sciences. 

Laurence Ferret, Canon of the Cathe- 
dral of Cambray. 

Louis William le Monnier, Phyfician 
in Ordinary to the King, Member of 
the Academy of Sciences of Paris and 
Berlin, and of the Royal Society of 
London, Profeflbr of Botany in the 
King's Garden. 

Benjanriin Louis Luke de Laurembert. 

t Peter Bercher, Firft Phyfician to the 
puke of Parma, and Honorary Fellow 
of the College of Phyficians of Lor- 

* Thofe marked f 

Jofeph Marie Francis de LafTone, Coun- 
fellor of State ; firft Phyfician to the 
King and Queen ; Prefident of the 
Royal Medical Society, Member of 
the Academy of Sciences, Honorary 
Fellow of the College of Phyficians of 
Lorraine, &c. At Court. 

Peter Jofeph Macquer, Member of the 
Royal Medical Society, and of the 
Academies of Paris, Stockholm, and 
Turin ; Profeflbr of Chemiftry in the 
King's Garden. 

Sir Peter de Lalouette, Knight of the 
Order of St. Michael. 

Noel Marie de Gevigland. 

Charles Louis Liger, Confulting Phy- 
fician to the King. Auxerre. 

Francis Bernard. 

Peter Chevalier. 

Peter Poiflbnier, Counfellor of State, 
Confulting Phyfician to the King, Di- 
reftor and Infpeftor of Phyfic in the 
Ports and Colonies; Member of the 
Royal Medical Society, and of the 
Academies of Paris, Stockholm, St. 
Peterfburgh, and London ; and Pro- 
feflbr in the College of France. 

John Claudius Munier, Phyfician to the 
King, and to the Hofpital of In-; 

Pafcal Borie. 

have pafled the chair. 



Stephen Pourfour du Petit. Prefident *. 

Anthony Petit, Member of the Acade- 
mies of Paris, and Stockholm; In- 
fpeftor of the Military Hofpitals of 
the Kingdom, and Profeffor of Ana-, 
tomy and Surgery in the King*s 

Louis Gabriel Dupre, Phyfician to the 
Prince of Conde. Stenay. 

Bartholomew Touiffaint le Clerc, Li- 

Noel Andrew John Baptift Chefneau, 

Stephen Louis Geoffroy, Secretary to the 
King, and Member of the Botanical 
Society at Florence. 

Anne Charles Lorry, of Paris, Member 
of the Royal Medical Society. 

John James Meffence. 

Peter Augufius Adet. 

Louis John Baptift Cofnier. 

Anne Claudius Dorigny. 

Francis Thiery, Consulting Phyfician to 
the King, and Honorary Fellow of the 
Royal College of Fhyficians of Lor- 

John Machmahon, of Ireland, formerly 
Phyfician to the Army, and to the 
Royal Military School. 

Louis Alexander Gervaife. 

Martin Nouguez. 

John FrancisClement Morand, Phyfician 
to the Hofpital of Invalids, Honorary 
Jellow of the Royal College of Fhy- 
ficians of Lorraine, and Member of 
the Academies of Paris, Stockholm, 
Florence, Madrid, and London. 

Claudius Francis Grandclas, Confulting 
Phyfician to the Army, 

"i James Louis Alleaume. 

Charles Geillede St. Leger, Phyfician to 
the Army, and to the Duke of Or- 

Peter Louis Marie Malpet, firft Phyfician 
to Mefdames. 

+ Louis Peter Felix Rene le ThieulHer, 
Confulting Phyfician to the King, 

Edxne Thomas Moreau, Sens. 

Claudius Jofeph Gentil. Amiens* 

John Baptift Barjolle. 

Simon Anthony Bringaud. 

Peter Abraham Pajon de Moncets, Phy- 
fician to the Hotel de Ville at Paris. 

John Nicholas Millin de la Courvault. 

jj^enry Michael Miffa, Phyfiqian to the 


Peter Jofeph Morifot Defiandcs. 

Cleriade Vachier. 

Guy Danie Defpatureaux. 

John Defcemet. 

Maximilian Jofeph Leys. 

Marin James Clair Robert, Phyficien to 

the Duke of Deux Fonts. 
William Fumee. '' 

Francis Louis Thomas D'Onglee. 
Noel Nicholas Mallet. 
John Armand Rouffin de Montabourg. 
Stephen d'Huaume. 
Peter John Claudius Mauduyt de la Va=> 

Ccefar Cofte. 

Achilles William le Begue de Prefle. 
Nicholas Jeanroy. 
Cofmo Auguftine Lezurier. 
Simon Vacher, Phyfician in Chief to the 

Army in Corfica. 
Charles Sallin. 

Louis Gilbert Boyrot de Juncheres. 
Hugh Gauthier, Confulting Phyfician to 

the King. 
Francis Thierry de Bufiy. 
John d' Arcet, Profeffor of Chemiftry in 

the College of France. 
Jofeph Philip, Cevfor. 
John Baptift Alexander Maigret. 
Charles Louis Francis And ry, Member of 

the Royal Medical Society, 
John Staniflaus Mittie, Member of the 

Academy of Sciences at Nancy. 
Jofeph James Gardanne, Phyfician to the 

Houfhold of her Royal Highnefs the 

Countefs D'Artois, and Member of 

the Academies of Montpelier, Nancy, 

Marfeilles, and Dijon, 
John Anthony Elias de la Poteric, In« 

fpe£lor of the Military Hofpitals, 

Edme Claudius Bourru. 
Louis Claudius Guilbert, Phyfician to 

the Army, and Member of the Medi-» 

cal Society of Edinburgh, 
Paul Gabriel le Preux. 
Anthony Macloud Guenet. 
Charles Nicholas d'Eflbn, Phyfician in 

Ordinary to his Royal Highnefs the 

Count d'Artois. 
Henry Raymond, Phyfician to the Army 

in Corfica. 
John Baptifte Langlois, Prof, of Phyf.'>' 

Louis Alexander de Cezan, 
John Charles Deffeffartz, 




Sir John Colombier, Knt. of the Order 
of St. Michael. 

Sertrand Dupuy. 

Thomas Le Vacher de la Feutrie. 

John Baptift Eugenius Dumangin. 

John Auguftin Coutavoz, 

Francis Marie le Moine. 

Charles James Louis Coquerau, Member 
of the Royal Medical Society. 

Jofeph Ignatius Guillotin. 

Claudius Lafiffe, Member of the Royal 
Medical Society. 

Benjamin Michael Solier de la Romil- 

John James Nollan. 

Anthony Laurence de Juffieu, Member 
of the Royal Academy of Sciences. 

Claudius Andrew Goubelly, Pro/. Mat. 

Philip Alexander Bacher. 

Claudius Anthony Caille, Member of 
the Royal Medical Society. 

John James Paulet, Member of the 
Royal Medical Society. 

John Francis James Roufille de Cham- 
feru, Member of the Royal Medical 

Louis Charles Henry Macquart, Mem- 
ber of the Royal Medical Society. 

Edward Marie Bofquillon, Profelfor of 
Greek in the College of France. 

James Francis de Villiers, Phyfician to 
the Royal Veterinary School. 

Claudius Louis Varnier. 

Thibaut Nizon. 

Charles James Saillant. 

Henry John Baget. 

Jofeph Cotton. 

John F. Achilles de Lalouette. 

Anthony Sabatier, Member of the Royal 
Medical Society, and Phyfician to the 
Hofpital at Breft. 
J"elixVicqd'Azyr, Secretary to the Royal 
Medical Society, Member of the Aca- 
demy of Sciences, Phyfician to his 
Royal Highnefs the Count d'Artois, 
and Honorary Fellow of the Royal 
College of Phyficians of Lorraine. 
Thomas le Tenncur. 
John James de la Porte, Member of the 

Royal Medical Society. 
John Charles de Brotonne. 
John B. Jumelin. 
John Matthew Defrafne, 
Alphonfo le Roi. 

John Baptift Baigneres. 

Claudius Francis du Chanoy. Prof. Midw. 

Dieudonne Jeanroy, Member of the 

Royal Medical Society. 
Marie Zorobabel Munier, Phyfician to 

the Hofpital of Invalids. 
Augufiine Thouret, Member of the 

Royal Medical Society. 
Henry Alexander Teffier. 
John Thauraux. 
John Rene Sigault. 
Edmund Joachim de la Motte. 
Jofeph Francis Carrere. 
Chriftopher de Juffieu. 
Michael de la Planche. 
Francis Doublet. 
John Noel Halle, Member of the Royal 

Medical Society. 
John Claudius Jeannet de Longion, 
Louis Charles Hallot. 
John Marinier. 
William Michel. 
ToufTaint Nicholas Navier. 
Auguftine Rouflel de Vauzefme. 
Francis Simonet. 
John Jofeph Thery. 

M. Chambon de Monteaux. 

M. de Fourcroy, Member of th^ Royal 
Medical Society. 

M. Bertholet. 

M. Bourdois de la Motte. 

M. de Montaigu. 

M. Champagne du Frefnay, 

M. des Bois de Rochefort, 

M. de Wenzel. 

M. Des Fontaines. 

M. Crochet. 

M. Dupre. 

M. Corvifarts des Marets,* 

M. la Servolle. 

M. Gouriez de la Motte, 

M. Mathey. 

M. Moreau, Sens. 

M. Pautier de la Brevllle. 

M. Grozieuz de la Guerenne* 

M. Guettard. 

M. Mahon de Houffay^ 

M. Guindent. 

M. Laverne. 

M. Petit-Radel. 

M. le Roux des Tillets, 

M. Piyo. 

M. Thomas D^^Onglee* 

M, Lendorroy-La«cour<f 




The Royal Medical Society. 

Inflituted in 1776. The meetings are held weekly, on Tuefdays, in the Palace 
of the Louvre. The members are divided into Aflbciates or Fellows, and Cor- 
itfpondents *. 

The Society have published three volumes of their Memoirs in 4to. 

j: J. M. de Laffone, M. D. Counfellor of State, Firft Phyfician to the King, &c. 

4: Felix Vicq D'Azyr, M. D. Secretary* 

Ordinary AJfociates^. 

X p. PoiflTonnler, M. D. 

JS. L Geoffrey, M. D. V. P. 

i A. Lorry, M. D. 

Sir P. PoifTonnier Defperriers, M. D. 

Knt. S. M. Direaor. 
X p. J.Macquer, M. D. 
X A. L. de Juflieu, Trcajurer. 
X C. A. Caille, M. D. 
t Sir P. de Lalouette, M. D. Knt. S. M. 
J D. Jeanroy, M. D. 
X A. Thouret, M. D. 
t M. Mauduvt de laVarenne. 
X C. L.F. Andry, M. D. 
X J. F. de Chamferu, M. D. 
X J. de La Porte, M. D. 
J Abbe Teffier. 
J C. J. Coquerau. 

X Sir John Colombier, M. D. Knt. 

S. M. 
I L. C. Macqiiart, M. D. 
X J. N. Halle, M. D. 
M. Carrere, M. 1>. 
M. Cornette, M. D. of the Academy 

of Sciences. 
X C. L. Varnier, M. D. 
M. Dehorne, M. D. Phyf. to theD. of 

M. Michel, M. D. Phyf. in Ordinary 

to the King. 
X M. Fourcroy, M. D. 
X M. La Guerene, M. D. 
X M. Chambon, M. D. 
M. Barthes, M. D. Firfl Phyfician to 

the D. of Orleans. 
X C. J. Saillant, M. D. 

Honorary AJfociates^, 

M.PoulIetierdela Salle. 

M. Daubenton, fen. 

M. de Laffone, jun. Phyfician in Ordin. 

to the Queen. 
Comte d'Angiviller. 
M. Watelet, of the French Academy. 
M. Amelot, Secretary of State. 

Duke de la Rochefoucaud. 

M. Ic Noir, Lieutenant-General of the 

Comte de Vergennes, Minifler of State. 
M. Necker. 
M. de la Voifier, of the Academy of 


Extraordinary AJfociates [J. 

M. Lamufe, M. D. & Prof. Uontpelier. 
M. Vitet, M. D. Lyons. 
M. Navier, M. D. Chalons. 
M. Maret, M. D. and Sec. to the Aca- 
demy of Dijon. 

M. Razoux, M. D. Nifmes. 

M. le Becq de la Cloture, M. D. RoueUo 

M. CuflTon, M. D. Montpelier. 

M. Bonafos, M. D. Perpignan. 

M. Amoureux, M. D. Montpelier. - 

* The Society, at its Inftltution, was divided into three clafles ; but the fecond clafs, 
TJz. that of Adjoints, has fince bee/i fupprefled, and the Members diftinguillied by tiiat title 
added to the lift of Aflbciates. 

X Thofe marked X are Members of the Faculty of Phyfic. 

•\ The number of thefe is limited to 30, all of whom are to be refident at Paris. 

f The number of thefe is limited to twelve. 

Il The members of this clafs are to be refident in fome part of the French dominion?,; out 
of Paris. Their number is limited to 60. 




Rev. Father Cotte. Mcntmorcncv. 

M. Richard Duoleffis, M. D. Nantes. 

M. du Bernard/ M. D. Touloufe. 

M. GaftelHer, M. D. Montargis. 

M. Gontard, M. D. ViLlefranchc. 

M. Chihourg, M. D. Caau 

M-. le Canur, M. D. Caau \ 

M. Aubrv, M. D. Luxeuil. ■ 

M. Rougnon, M. D. Befan^m. 

M. Doazan, M. D. Bourdeaux. 

M. Qui 1 ben, M. D. MefnU. 

M. Betbeder, M. D. Bourdeaux. 

M. Brunyer, M. D. - VerfaiUts. 

M. la Servolle, fen. M. D. Beaupuy. 

M. la Servolle, jun. M. D. VerfaiUes. 

M. de Vicq, fen. M. D. Valogiies. 

M. Bonre, M. D. 'Joutanccs. 

M. de Brieude, M. D. Aurillac. ■ 

M. de Vercher, jun. M. D. Bourbon 

de Lancy. 
M.Erhmann, M. D. & Prof. Straf- 

J. R. Spielman, M. D. & Prof. StraJ- 

M, Boticher, M. D. Lille. 

M. Baux, M. D. Nifmes. 

M. Mcnuret, M. D- MontdkrMrt, 

M. Raymond, M. D. Marjcilks. 

M. Barberet, M. D. Toulon, 

M. Nicolau, M. D. Msrennes. 

X L. Ferret, M. D. Camlrsy. 

1 Sir G. Dupuy, U. D. RtchcforU 

M. Girod, M. D. Bnhncon. 

X M. Vacher, M. D. Cbf^ca, 

M. Delarfe, M. D. ^rr^. 

M. France, M. D. Befanccn. 

M. Ciiarles, M. D. Befamcn. 

M. Durand, M. D. Dijon. 

X M. Bourdois de la Motte. jol<rny-> 

M. Pvead, M. D. M^^z. 

M. Joyeufe, jun. M. D. Marfeiila. 

M. Joannis, M. D. Aix. 

M. Darluc, M. D. Aix. 

M. Dupichard, M. D. Tmrs. 

M. Jadelot, M. D. & Prof. Nancy. 

M. Thouvenel, M. D. ContnxcvUU. 

M. Barailon, M. D. ChainLcn. 

M. Hecquet, M. D. Abbroitk. 

M. Mahon, M. D. Chartres. 

X M. de la Poterie, M. D. Br</f. 

Foreign AJfociates\, 

His Excellency Benjamin Franklin, 

LL.D. F. R. S. &c. Pafy. 
Sir Clifton Wintringham, Bart. M. D. 

F. R. S. Phyf. to the King. London. 
William Cullen, M. D. & Prof. F. R. 

S. Phyf. to the King. Edinburgh, 
Sir Abraham Boeck, Knt. P. S. Firfl: 

Phyf. to the King of Sweden. Slock- 

Sir Geo. Baker, Bart. M. D. F. R. S. 

Phyf. to the. Queen. London. 
Will. Heberdcn, M. D. F. R. S. &c. 

John Turton, M. D. F. R. S. Phyf. to 

the Queen. London. 
WalterVan Doeveren, M. D. & Prof. 

Firft Phyf. to the Stadtholder. Leyden. 
James Lind, M. D. Raflar Hofpital. 
Dr. Serrao, Phyfician to the Queen of 

Dr. V-ivenzio, Phyfician to the Piince 

Royal of Naples. 
Henry Quin, M. D. Dublin. 
George Cleghorn, M. D. Dublin. 
Dom. Cotunni, M. D. 'Napki. 
Peter Camper, ^M. D; 'Frane/ier. 
Br. SalieictijJFirft Phyfician to the Pope. 

Thomas Glafs, M. D. £xei^. 

Baron Stoerck, Firil Phyf. 10 the Em* 

peror. Vien7ia. 
Don Mucio Zona, Firfi Phyf. to the K. 

of Spain. Madrid. 
Don Bonell, Phyf. to the K. of Spam-i 

Don Jofeph Amar, V. P. of the Med. 

Acad. Madn'd. 
Don Gamez, Sec. Med. Acad. Madrid. 
Don Cafimir Ortega, Foreign Sec. l^Ied. 

Acad. Madrid. 
Thomas Percival, M. D. F. R. S. Sec. 

Dr. de Scilling, Piiyf. to the Emprefsoif 

RufTia. Petojburgk. 
Dr. Krufe, ditto. Pcterjburgk. 
S.A.Tilfoi:, M. D. S: Prof. Laufanne. 
G. S track, IM. D. & Prof. M£ntz. 
M. A.Caldani, M.D. &Prof. Pizdueu 
Car. Allloni, M. D. Prof, df Botanv- 

Targioni Tozetti, M. D. Florence. - 
M. Dumont, M. D. BruMelU. 
M. Burtin, M. D, Brujleils. 
Dr. Molinelli. Bologna. 
Dr. Bonzi. Bologna. 
Dr. AzzoHuidi. Bologna. 

j- The number of thefe k lloilted tc fixty. 




Dr. Fattofini. Bologna. 
Samuel Foan Simmons, M. D. F. R. S. 

J. C. Tode, M. D. Copenhagen. 
J. P. de Limboiirg. Spa. 
M. Tribolct de la Lance, M. D. Berne. 
M. Herrenfclnvand, M. D. Morat. 
Andrew Duncan, M. D. &c. Edinburgh. 
M. Cothenius, M. D. Firft Phyf. to 
the K. of Pruflia. Berlin, 

Anthony Rlbelro Sanches, late Firfl 

Phyf. to the Emprefsof Ruflia. Paris. 
Jofeph Prieftley, LL D. F. R. S. Bir^ 

J. G. Zimmermann, M. D. Firft Phyf, 

to the King. Hancuer. 
N. Dahlberg, M. D. Phyfician to the 

King of Sweden. Stockholm. 
John Hunter, Efq. F. R- S. Surgeon 

E.Ktra. to the King. London. 


Dr. Dufau. Arrnagnac, 

Dr. MalTie. Habas. 

Dr. Boyer. Limoges. 

Dr. Bonffey. Argentan. 

Dr. Gallot. St. Maurice le Girard. 

Dr. Adam. 6aen. 

Dr. Nicolas. Grenoble. 

Dr. Dufour. Noyon. 

Dr. Erlin. Breji. 

Dr. Carcaflbne. Perpignan, 

Dr. Brun. Meaux. 

Dr. Vetillart du Ribert. Mans, 

Dr. de Seheilhac. Poitiers. 

Dr. le Lievre. Havre de Grace. 

J. Warren, M. D. Tauntcn. 

Tim. M'Carthy, M. D. Cork. 

X)r. Dazile. Cape Francois. 

Dr. Baradat. St. Domingo. 

Dr. O'Reilly. Limerick. 

Dr. Bancroft. Bojlon. 

M. Maillette, Prof. Nat. Phil. Nancy. 

Dr. Percy. Liineville. 

J)r. De la Roberdiere. Vire^ Normandy. 

Dr. Perreau. Fontenay le Comte. 

Dr. Retz. Rockefort. 

Dr. Dubouchet. Montbrifon. 

Dr. Richard de la Prade. Montbrifon. 

Dr. Duchemin de I'Etang. St. Domingo. 

Dr. Poma. Bruycres, Lorraine. 

Dr. Chabert. Charanton. 

Dr. de Berg. Brvjfells. 

Arn. Beerenbroek, M. D. Antwerp. 

Dr. Colombier, Sen. Rhetel Mazarin. 

Dr. Keller. Haguenau. 

Dr. Sumeire. Marignac. 

Dr. Achard. MarfeiUes. 

Dr. Dufau. Dax. 

Dr. Rambaud. Sedan. 

Dr. Cuel. Clcrrncnt Farravd. 

M. de Villaine, Surgeon at Champagnols. 

Dr. Avinent. Billom in Auvergne. 

Dr. Collin. Bujfet in Bourbonnois. 

Dr. Frein des Bretonnieres. Avranches. 

"Dr. Longavant. Avranches. 

Dr. Roquier. Aurillac. 

Ant. Scarpa, M. D, Prof. Anat, Modena, 

Dr. Parant. Thionville. 

"Di. Pujot. Cajlres. 

Dr. ThielTet. Troyes. 

Dr. D'Ardignae. Jurignac in Comnwiges^ 

Dr. Lorrin, fen. Thoijey in Lyonnois^ 

Dr. Archbold, jun. Lodeve. 

Dr. Bouvier. Dole in Franche Comte'. 

Dr. Maury. Sefanne. 

Dr. Mignet de Genety. Thiers in Au' 

Dr. Poupart. Aiguillon. 

Dr. Delaunay. Cherbourg. 

M. du Frenoy. Surgeon at Vitry-le-Fran- 

Dr. Meillardet. Befancon. 

Dr. Virard. Grenoble. 

Dr. Ballardy. Brignolles. 

Dr. Meglin,jun. Soaltz in Alface. 

Dr. Breton. Dole in Franche Comte. 

Rev. Father Paterne. Gayette in Bour- 

Dr. Gaft. Roche-Chalais. 

Dr. Companio. Ceret in P^ov/fdlon. 

Dr. Xetard. Prato de Mollo. 

M. Mourgue, Prof. N. Phil. Montpelier. 

M. Van Swinden, Prof. Nat. Phil. 

Dr. de la Motte. Bourdeavx. 

Rev. Father Boutillier. Troyes. 

Dr. Girard. Marvejols in Gevaudan. 

Dr. Houdailles. Saulieu in Burgundy. 

Dr. Empereur. St. Satamin in Provence. 

P^ev. M. L'Arbre. Clermont Ferrand. 

M. Rathier, Surgeon. Langres. 

M. de la Boiffiere. Surgeon in Ordinary 
to the Pope. 

Dr. Vicary. Avignon. 

% Mr. J. Sheldon. Surgeon at London. 

Dr. Faurc. Langres. ^ 

Dr. Odisr. Geneva. 

Dr. Wurtz. Strajburgk. 

IVI. Buttet. Surgeon at Efampes, 

Dr. de Laverniere. Nijmes. • •- * 

Dr. Jay. Guadaloupe. 

Dr. Chapfal. Montpelier. 

M. Butini, Piof, N. Phil, {^f^ftf;;^ 



I5r» Anglada. CerctmRovJfillonk Dr. Rf:nain. St. Cere inQuercy. 

Dr. de la Chaume. Minorca. M. Cauagneux, Apothecary. Corjica, 

Dr. Chandon. Montdidier. M. do Montcamp. Surgeon m Perf^a^ 

Dr. Carreri. Vic-de-Bigorre^ M. Bouflelin* Surgeon in Poland* 
Dr. Sarrabeyrous. Ragneres, 

Phyficians and Surgeons to the Royal Family of France 


Phyficians to the King. J. M» de LafTone, M. D. Firjl Phyjician. 
J. G. le Monnier, M. D. Ph)f. inOrdin. 
Quarterly Ph^Jicians, January. Dr. Soullier de Choify, Dr. Michel. 
April. Dr. Mac S'heehy, Dr. Magnan. 
July. Dr. Daniel desVarennes, Dr. Thibault. 
October. Dr. Raulin, fen. Fellow of the Royal Society of 
London, and Infpeftor General of the Mineral 
M^aters of France. 
Dr. Raulin, jun. Dr-Bofc D*Antic. 
Confulting Phyjicians. Dr. Poiflbnnier. 

Richard de Hauterfierk, Baron d'Uberhern, M. D. Knt. St. 
M. Firft Phyfician to the Army. 

Sir Gatti, M. D. Knt. of St, M. and Honorary 

Profeffor of Phyfic at Pifa. 
Dr. Ninnin. 
Dr. Thierry. 
Dr. Pomme. 

Count de Carbury, formerly Prof, of Pliy Cc at Turin. 
Phyfician Ozulif. M, Demours. 

Surgeons. Sir Germain Pichaut de la Martiniere, Knt. St. M. CounfeTror of State, 
-and Pref. of the Acad, of Surg. Firjl Surgeon. 
M. Andouille, Counfellor of State, Member of the Academy of Sciences^ 
Second Surgeon. 
Surgeon in Ordinary. M. Lamarque. 

Quarterly Surgeons. Jan. M. Chaupin, M. Boucher, M. Leonard. 
April. M. Colon, M. Lamarque. 
July. M, Nollin, M. Tei-fe, M. Dureige, 
Oa. M. Daran, M. Dalliez, M. Tellarr, M. EiqueniK 


Firjl Phyfician. J. M. de Laflbne, M. D. 

Firjl Surgeon. M. Chavignat. 

Surgeons in Ordinary* M. Leger, M. Leger, fils, M. Morirt. 

Accoucheur. M. de Vermond. 


Phyfician* M. Brunyer* 

.Surgeon, M. Louftonau. 

Monsieur, the King*s Eldefi Brothir^ 

Firfi Phyfiician. Dr. le Monnier.* 

Pkyfiician in Ordinary. Delon de Laffaigne, M. D. 

Confulting Phyfiicians. Dr. Portal, Profeffor of Phyfic in the Coil$:ge of l^rance. 
Member of the Academies of Paris; Bologna, Harleiii, 
and Montpelier. 
Dr. Brunyer, Dr. Cremoux, 

O Quarterfy 

1^4 M E 

Quarterly fhyjuians. 

Fr.rjl Surgeon". 
Surgion in Ordinary* 
Quarterly Surgeons. 

firjl Phyjician. 
Phyjician in Ordinary. 
Conjulting Phyjician. 
Firfi Surgeon. 
Surgeon in Ordinary. 

Firjl Phyjician. 
Pkyjidan in Ordinary. 
Conjulting Phyjciam. 

Quarterly Phyjiciam. 

Firjl Surgeon i 
Surgeon in Ordinary. 
Quarterly Surgeons. 


Dr. Guinot, Dr. Agatliange le Roi, Dr. Gerbier, 
Dr. Albert de la Taubertie, Dr. Buchoz. 
M. Louftouneau. 

Sir Gautbler, Knt. S. M. 

M. Marcbais, M. CofRnie, 
M. Martigny, M. de la Cofte* 


Dr. le Monnier. 

Dr^ Audirac. 

The Count de Carbury. 

M. Hevin. 

M. Duvai. 

Count d'Artois. 

Dr. de la Bordere. 

Dr. Deflbn. 

Dr. Vicq d' Azvr, Dr. La Scrvolle, 

Dr. Aubry, Dr. Selffer. 

Dr. Ernon, Dr. du Planil, Dr. Triofon, 

Dr. Rebourgeon de Gaukier. 

M. Louftouneau. 

M. Jobart. 

M. Clairac, M. Gaultier de Clambry, 

M. Cuquel, M. Girard. 

Countess d'Artois, and the Princes, Ber Children < 

Firjl Phyjicicn. 
Phyjician in Ordinary. 
ConJJting Phyjician. 
Firji Surgeon. 
Surgeon in Ordinary. 

Dr. Audirac. 
Dr. De Home. 
Comte de Carbury. 
M. Majault. 
M. Guillermond. 
M. Deftremau. 

Sur<T. in Ord. to the Duke D'Angouleme. 
" de Berri. - 

M. Amy 
M. "^i 


Madame Adelaide; 

Dr. de Laflbne. 
M. Louftonau. 

Madame Victoire. 


Firjl Phyjcian. 
Phyjtcians in Ordinary. 

Firjl Surgeon, 
Surgeora in Ordinary. 

Dr. Malcet, 
M. Laffus. 

Duke of Orleans. 

Dr. De Barthes, Chancellor of the Unlverfity of Mc*nt<« 

Dr. Herrenchwand, Dr. Rebllle de Grandmaifon, 
Dr. Duchemin, Dr. Plate!, Dr. D'Horne, 
Dr. Petit, Dr. de Torres, Dr. Perache, 
M. MaiTolan. 
M. Piquet, M. Coquart^ M. St= Martin. 



The Royal Academy of Surgery, inftituted in I732, is compofed of 
Ordinary and Honorary Members. All the Mafter Surgeons of Paris are entitled 
to a feat in it. The Honorary Members are divided into tv/o claffes, of Extraordi- 
nary and Foreign Members ; the former are to be refident in the French dominions. 
There are li&ewife many Surgeons in different parts of France, and in foreign coun- 
tries, to whom the Academy gives the title of Correjpondcnt^ but of thefe there is no 
primed lift. 

The meetings are held weekly, on Thurfdaysin the afternoon, at the SchooU of 

Prefident. M. de la Martiriiere, Firfl Surgeon to the King, 

Vice Prefident. M. Andouille. 

DireBor. M. Pipelet. 

Vice Dire&or, M. Dufouart. 

^Secretary, M. Louis. - . 

Treafurer, M. Laffus. ..,:^ j 

Librarian* M. Dubertrand. 

Ordinary Members. 
(All the Mafter Surgeons of Paris), 

Extraordinary Members. 

Dr. Boucher, Prof, of Anat. at Life in Flanders. 

Mr. Goulard, of the Society of Sciences, and Surgeon at Montpelizr. 

Mr. Serres, Profeflor of Surgery at A/(?«i:^f//er.. 

Mr. Grafot, of the Academy of Sciences, and Profeffor of Surgery at Lyons, 

M. Bailleron, of the Academy of Sciences, and Surgeon at ^ezzm. 

Mr. Hugon, of the Academy of Sciences at Lyons, and Surgeon at Arks in Pro^ 

vence. ^ 

Mr. Caque, Principal Surgeori to. the Hotel Diei/at Rheims. 
Mr. Sarrau, of the Society of Sciences, Profeffor of Anatomy, and Surgeon at 

Mr. Brouillard, Surgeon Major to the Navy, at Marfeilles. 
Mr. Vigaroux^ of the Society of Sciences, Profeffor of Surge-ry, and Surgeon to the 

Military Hofpital at Montpelier. 
Mr. Marrigues, Surgeon to the Royal Infirmary at Verfailles. 
Mr. Faure, Surgeon at Avignon. 

Mr. Saucerotte, Surgeon in Ordinary to the late King of Poland^ at Luneville, 
M. La Flize, Surgeon at Nancy. 
M. Billard, Surgeon at Brejl. 
M. Lombard, Surgeon at Strajburgk, 

Foreign Members. 
Dr. Grafhuis, Amjlerdam* 
Dr. Henckel, Berlin. 
M. Guiot, Surgeon at Geneva. 
M. Charron, Surgeon at Drejden. 
Sir Olaus Acrell, Profeffor of Surgery at Stockholm. 
Mr. Mofcati, principal Surgeon to the Hofpital at Milan. 
Signior Fernandes, Firft Surgeon to the King of Spain, Madrid. 
Mr. Boehmer, Profeffor of Anatomy and Surgery in the Univerfity of Hak de Mag^ 

Count Carbury. 

Peter Camper, M. D. at Lancun near Franeker in Wejl Friejland, 
Mr. Alex. Brambilla, Firft Surgeon to the Emperor, Vienna, 
Dr. Siebold, Prof, of Surgery at Wurtzburgh , 
Dr. Saudifort, Prof, of Anat. at Leyd?.n. 

Q g Tkt 



The College of Surgeons. In France, as in other parts of Europe, the 
Surgeons were'formerly united with the Barber-Surgeons. The celebrated Ambrofe 
Pare, in tlie fecond Edition of his Traite des plaies d^arqiiebufe^ printed at Paris in 
1551, ftileshimfelf Barber-Surgeon {Barbier-Ckirurgien). In 1731, the two pro- 
feflions were feparatcd, and the Academy of Surgery was founded the year follow 
ing, by Louis XV. The honour of this inftitution is chiefly due to I'he late Mefiieurs 
Marelchal & la Peyronie. The latter bequeathed to this college, and to that at 
Moritpelierj almoft the whole of his eli'ate, which was confiderable. A very 
elegant building has lately been erefted for the ufe of this Company, at a little dis- 
tance from the old fchools of Surgery. In this building are apartments for the ufe 
of the Academy of Surgery; a Laboratory; a fmall Infirmary containing fix beds 
for patients labouring under any fingular difeafe requiring Surgical treatment; an 
Amphitheatre for leftures, capable of accommodating a thoufand ftudents ; a 
library, 8<.Q. 

In order to be admitted of this College it is necefiary to have ferved five years 
"U'ith one of the Members, to have taken the degree of M. A. in fome French Uni- 
■Verfity; to undergo a number of examinations in Latin, and, laftly, to defend a 
Thefis in the public fchools. The firft Thefis defended in Latin upon fuch an oc- 
eafion, was in 1749, by M. Louis the prefent Secretary to the Academy. 

Befides the Surgeons of Paris, there are a certain number of perfons licenced by 
this College, under the title of £.Y/7er^j, as Oculifts, or Dentifts, or Curers of Her- 
nias. Thefe perfons muft have ferved at leaft two years under a Mafter Surgeon, 
and muft fubmit to be examined before they can be admitted to pra£iice. They are 
liable to a penalty of 300 livres, if theyaffume the title of Surgeon, or praftife in 
any other branch' of the art than that for which they are licenfed. They are only t(V 
flile themfelves Experts Oadijles, Dentifies^ ou Herniaircs. 

The number of Mafler Surgeons belonging to this College, (all of whom, as we 
obferved, are Ordinary Members of the Academy) is at prefent 188. 

The following ProfelTors, Members of the College, are paid by the King^ and 
their Leftures may be attended by ftudents without any expence. 

Profejforsof Pkxfiology. M. Louis, M. Chopart, 
Pathology. M.Fabre, M. Tenon. 

■ . ■ Therapeutics. M. Brafdor, M. Hevin. 

{for the injiriidion of 

■ Midioives) M. Deleurye. 

(for fudents in Sur- 
gery) M. Barbaut. 
" Chiruraical 

Chemiftry. M. Peyrilhe. 

Anatomy. M. Sabatier, M. Jofeph Sue. 

of the Opera- 

tions. M. Ferrand, M. Laffus, 

Difeafts of the 

eye. M. Becquet. 

Apothecaries. The Apothecaries of Paris are incorporated. They have 
a good botanic garden, in which is a handfome building for the meetings, &c. of the 
Company, and for preparing feveral articles of the Paris Pharmacopeia ; particularly 
thel'heriaca, which is done ever)' year with much ceremony in the pretence of thcr 
Magiftrates and of the Faculty of Phyfic. Formerly they ufed to give courfes of 
chemiftry in this garden, but' thefe have long been difcontinued. This company 
confifts at prefent of 153 members. There are likewifein Paris other Apothecaries 
v/ho are entitled to the privilege of difpenfing medicines, by their belonging to th^ 
coiirt, or having fome other public appointment. 

4 Lx 


Le Jardin du Roi, or the King's X^ar den. Founded in 1626, for the im- 
provement of Botany. Schools of Anatomy and Chemiltry have fince been added, 
^nd all of thefe branches are taught publicly at the King's expence._ The King's 
Mufeum, fituatedat the entrance into the Garden, is open to tUe public every Mon. 
day and Thurfday in the Afternoon. 

Superintendant of the Garden, The Count de Buffon. 

PrcfeJJor of Botany, Dr. le Monnier. 

Demonjirator, Dr. de Juffieu. 

Profejfor of Chemifiry, Dr. Macquer. 

- Anatomy, Dr. Petit. 

Demonjlrator, M. Mertrud. 
Keeper and Demonfirator of the 

Mufaum of Natural Hijtory, Dr. d'Aubenton. 

Rii Deputy, M. J. Daubenton. 

The Hotel Dieu. This Hofpital ufually contains about 30CO patients. Tha 
Beds are difpofed in feveral rows in each ward, and it is not unufual to fee fix patients 
in one bed. From pretty accurate calculations it appears, that about one in five die of 
all who are admitted. 

Cohfulting Phyfician, Dr. Cochu. 

Phyfidam in Ordinary, Dr. Dejean, Dr. Majault, Dr. Rouffin de Moritabourg, 
Dr. Danie Defpatureaux, Dr. Solier de laRomillais, 
Dr. Mallet, Dr. Duliaume, Dr. Philip. 

Principal Surgeon^ M. Moreau. 

Ho s p I TA L for In c u RAB LE s, is open for the reception of patients labouring 
under any difeafe, except Scrophula, Epilepfy, and the Lues Venerea. 

Phyfcian, Dr. Cochu, of the Faculty of Phyfic. 
Surgeon, M. Ami. 

HopiTAL DEs Petites Maisons, adiT.Its 400 aged perfons, and likewife 
lunatic and venereal patients. 

Surgeon, M. Maret. 

HopiTAL DES QuiNZE ViNGTS. This inftitution, which is as ancient as 
the reign of St. Louis, ferves as an afylum to three hundred blind perfons, who are 
here accommodated with lodging and a fmall ftipend towards their fupport. Certain 
churches are allotted to them, in which no others befides themfelves are allowed to 
alk alms. 

Surgeon, Mr. Pujgot. 

The Charity Hospjtal, eftablifhed In 1602. The patients are difpofed 
in feparate beds, but the bedfteads are of wood, and the wards, though clean, are 
neither fo airy nor fo well ventilated, as thofe of our large hofpitals in London. 

Phyficians^ Dr. Maloet, 

Dr. Thierry de Buffy, y 

Dr. Dumangin, 
Principal Surgeony M. Default. 

O 3 The 


The Royal Academy of Sciences, founded in 1666*, is compofed of live 
claffes of academicians, viz. twelve Honorary Tembers, twenty Penfioned Mem- 
bers, [Ptnfwnaircs) thirty-two Fellows, {Ajjocies) and thirteen Candidates, {Ad- 
joints). Of the thirty-two Fellows eight are foreigners, twelve are engaged to no 
particular fcience, and are therefore called ^oczeVs/z/^r«, the twelve others, as well 
as the P cnfionnaires and the Adjoints muft refide at Paris. The meetings are held at 
the Louvre every Wednefday and Saturday afternoon. 

Bureau du Journal des Savans, eftabliflied in 1665. The meetings 
are held once a fortriightat the Keeper's of the Seal, 

Honorary Members » 

Abbe Barthelemi, Keeper of the King's Medals. 

M. de Brequigny, of the French Academy. 

Dr. Daubenton, of the Academy of Sciences. 

M. Bailly, of the Academy of Sciences. 

\^v. Barihes, Firft Phyficiaa to the Duke of Orleans. 


M. de Guignes, of the Academy of Belles Lettres. 
M. Gaillard, of the French Academy. 
M. Coqueley de Chaufrepierres, Advocate. 

* Eeiides the Academies of Surgery and Sciences already mentioned, there are at 

The French Academy^ {U Academie Franpife) inftituted in 1635, f^*" improving the 
French Language. The number of members is limited to forty, who are generally 
peifons dsftinguiftied by their high rank or great literary talents. The meeting^ 
are held in the Louvre, on Mondays, Thurfdays and Saturdays. 
The Academy of Infcrlpt'iom and Belles Lettres^ founded in 1663. 
Th.^ Academy oi ArchiteBurCf {onnAtAxni^ji, 
The Academy oi Painthig and Sculpture, founded in 1690. 

The following Academies for the Improvement of Science have been founded, in the dif- 
, ferent provinces of France : 

The Royal Acadefny zt Solfor.Sy 1674 -|-. 

.. at F'illefrancke, Beaujololsy 1 679. 

— — — at Nifmes, 1682. - 

. _ at Angers, 16 85. 

— of Arts and BAles Lettres, ziCaen, 1706* 

The Royal Society of Sciences, at Montpelier, 1706, 

The R^oyal Academy of Sciences and Belles Lettres, at Lyons, 1 70a. 

— at Bourdeaux, 1703. 

. at Marfeilles, 1726. 

^ at Roc belle, 1734.' 

■ ■ of Sciences, sXDijcn, 1740. 

■ — — — — and Belle-s Lettres, &tPau In Beam, 1721* 

' " ■ ' at ^czszVi, 1,723, 

at Mcntauban, 1 744. 
■■ ■ ' zt Rouen, 1744. 

■ : &t Amiens, J 7 50, 

zX-Toidoufe, 1750. 

— — ■ — Bejanpn, 1752, 

■ Metz, 1760. 

The Royal Academy of Belles Lettres, at Arras, 1773. 

' ■ ■ Sciences, Arts, and Belles Lettresy ?.t Chalim-fur'Marney 


t The date of the inftitution. 


M. Dupuy, Sec. to the Acad, of Belles Lettres. 
M. de la Lande, of the Academy of Sciences, 
Pr, Mac^uer, of the Academy of Sciences, 


The Royal College of Pkyjicians. 

Inftltuted in 1577. In order to be admitted a member of this College, the candi- 
date muft have taken the degree of M. D. in fome reputable univerfity, and have 
praftifed at leaft four years in a city or walled town. He muft like wife undergo two 
public examinations, one on the theory, and the other on the praftice of phyfic, in 
the prefence of the Lieutenant-Governor, the Attorney-General, and the Magiftrates 
of the city. The fubjefts for thefe examinations are drawn by lot, by the Lieute- 
nant-Governor, a num.ber of written papers being put into a bag for that purpofe, 
and the candidate is obliged immediately to dlfcourle on them in Latin, after which 
he is interrogated by the members of the College, and is admitted or rejefted by the 
majority of votes. 

Some of the members are ele£ied annually to give leftures in theTown-houfe on 
chemiftr.y, botany, anatomy, and furgery. The eldeft member, reCdent at Lyons, 
has the title of Doyen or Prefident, 

The Royal College of Surgeons, inftituted in 1577. By letters patent 
dated in 1775, it has been placed nearly on the fanie footing as the College of Sur= 
gery at Paris, The number of members at prefent amounts to 9^. 

Mo n t p e l I e r. 

The Univerfity at this place was founded in 1 220. The number of fludents here 
at prefent isconliderable. The ProfefTors lefture chiefly in French, and the public 
ilifputations are carried on fometimes in that language and fometimes in Latin. The 
library, which is open once a week, was founded by the late M. Haguenot. 

Chancellory Paul Jofeph Barthez, M. D. (refides at Paris), 

ProfeJJhrs of Phyfic^ Francis de la Mure, M. D, 

■I — Gafpard John Rene, M. D, 

., ~ Anthony Gouan, M. D. 

. . . ■ I 5--?—- Francis Brouflbnet, M. D, 

r.^ — M. Vigaroux, M. D. 

: — Brun, M. D, 

DtmonfratoT gf Anatomy i M. Goulard, fen. 

The College of Surgeons, inftitutedin 1741. The late M. de la Peyronie 
bequeathed 100,000 livres and two houfes at Montpelier for this purpofe. There 
are at prefent about forty members. In the rchook belonging to the College, 
Anatomy, Surgery, and Midwifery, are taught by the following Profeffors; 

Profejfor of Anatomy , M. Bourguenod. 

f of the Principles ofSurgeryy M. Sarrau, M. Efpinas. 

■ the Operations — - M.Vigarous, M. Poutingon, 

>— - — the Difeafes of the Bones^ M. Galabert, M. Serda. 

■^ ' -." ' ■ » Midzvferj'f M. Series, M, Laborie, 

O 4 Stras. 




The University of Strasburgh, founded in 1538, conHUs of four 
faculties. The Profeffors are all of the Lutheran perfuafion. The faculty of Phy-^ 
fie confifts, at prefent, of forty-eight members, of whom the following are Pro- 

Praaice of Phfic, 

Chemiflry, Botany ^ and the Materia 

Anatomy and Surgery ^ 

John Herrmann, M. D. 

James Reinbold Spielmann, M. D. of the Im» 
perial Academy of Nat. Cur. of the Aca- 
demies of St. Peterfburgh, Berlin, &c. and 
Canon {Ckanoine) of the chapter of St. 

John Fred. Lobftein, M. D. Canon of the 
chap'er of St. Thomas. 

George Adolphus Franck, M. D. 

John Louis Schurer, M* D* 

John Fred. Ehrmann, M. D. 

Natural Philcjophyy ■ 
Profejfor extraordinary of Phyfic^ 

Surgeons. The Surgeons of Strafburgh have long been formed into a com- 
pany; their fiatutes and privileges were confirmed by Louis XIV. Their number 
at prefent is about 30. 

Apothecaries. By a very old law, which is very ftriclly obferved, the 
number of Apothecaries fhops in Strafburgh is never to exceed fix. Each of thefe 
fhops is private property, and when the proprietor is unwilling or incapable of 
carrying on the bufmefs of an Apothecary himfelf, he may appoint one to a6l in 
his name, under the title of Adminiftrator. ' This Admmijlrator however mufl be ap- 
proved of by the Faculty of Phyfic. Two of the fix fhops are at prefent manage'd 
by Adminiftrators. One of the two is the property of ProfelTor Spielmann, to whom 
it has devolved by inheritance; his Adminiftrator is Mr. Leipold; the other belongs 
tp a minor, and is managed by Mr. Haguenau. 


The Royal College of PhysicianSj Inftituted at Nangy ^n 175s, 
bv Staniflaus, King of Poland, who annexed to it an excellent Botanic garden, and 
ProfefToi fhips in the different branches of Phyfic, which are taught here with con- 
fiderable reputation. The college is in pofieffion of a good medical library. 


Dr. Lallemand, Prefident. 

Dr. Platel, Confulting Phyficlan to the 
late King of Poland, Secretary. 

Dr. Francois, Piiyfician in Ordinary to 
the late King of Poland. 

Dr. Thomas. 

Dr. Landuette, Phyfician to the Mili- 
tary Hofpital at Bitche. 

Dr. Guillemin, ProfefTor of Botany. 

Dt, Maury, at Sezanne. 

Dr. Kenens, Phyfician to the Military 

Hofpital at Nancy. 
Dr, Morin Saint-Pons, 
Dr. Chatillon. 
Dr. Gormand. 
Dr. Tournay, ProfefTor of the Praftice 

of Phyfic. 
Dr. Jadelot, Profeflbr of Anatomy and 





Honorary Fellows, 

Count D'Auflance. 

Count de Treflan. 

Count de Rouvrois. 

The Marquis DefTalles. 

The Pririce of Loeweftein. 

The Marquis de laGalaiziere. 

The Prefident de Coeurderov. 

Jof. F. de Laffonne, M. D. Firfl Phy- 
fician to ^he King of France, and Pre- 
fident of the Royal Medical Society at 

Dr. Pinard.Profeffbr of Botany at Rouen. 

Dr. Athalin, Profeffor of Phyfic at Be- 

Peter Bercher, M. D. Firft PhyCcian to 
the Duke of Parma. 

Francis Thierry, M. D.. Firfl; PhyCcian 
to the King of France. 

J. F. Morand, M. D. Phyfician to the 
Hofpital of Invalids at Paris. 

James Reinbold Spielman, M. D. Pro- 
feffor of Chemiftry and the Materia 
Medica at Strafburgh. 

Dr. Maret» Secretary to the Royal Aca- 
demy of Sciences at Dijon. 

Natalis Joleph de Necker, M, D. Bo- 
tanift to the Eleftor Palatine at Man- 

The Vifcount de BrioiTze, M. D, 

John Francis Coflc, M. D. Member of 
the Ro)al Academics of Stockholm, 
Nancy, Dijon, Lyons, &c of the 
American Philofophical Society ; of 
the Medical Societies of Paris, Edin- 
burghj London, S:c late Firft Phy- 
fician to the French Army in America, 
Phyiician to the Militaiy Hofpital at 

Tribolet de la Lance, M D. Phyfician 
to the Hofpital, and Secretary to the 
Oeconomical Society at Berne. 

Anthony Louis, M. D. Secretary to the 
Royal Academy of Surgery, &c at 

Samuel Foart Simmons, M. D. F. R. S. 
Member oi the Royal College of Phy- 
licians, &c. 't London. 

Felix Vicq D'Azyr, Secretary to the 
Royal Medical Society at Paris. 

Richard de Hauterfierke, Baron D'Uber- 
hern. Knight of the Order of St. ?»li- 
chael, and Confulting Phyiician to the- 
King of France. 

Agathange le Roi, M. D. Phyfician to 
his R. H. the Comte de Provence* 

Correjponding Members. 

Dr. Olivier, Member of the College of 

Phyficians at Lvons. 
Dr. Gerard, Phyfician at Rembervilliers. 
Dr. Garnier, Phyfician at Neufchateau. 
Dr. Sauvage, Phyfician at Bar-le-Duc. 
Dr. Stahl, Phyfician to the Prince of 

Deux Fonts. 
Dr. de la Roberdiere, Phyfician at Vire 

in Normandy. 
Dr. Trecourt, Phvncianat Cambray. 
Dr. Grunwald, Pnvficlan at Bouillon, 

Editor of the *' Gazette Salutaire," a 

Medical Newfpaper publifhed weekly 

at Bouillon. 
Dr. Thouv'enel, Phyfician at Montpe- 

Dr. Guerard, Phyfician at Duffsldorp. 
Dr. Goulin, Phyfician at Paris. 
M. "V^'^illemet, Demonftrator of Botany 

and Chemillry at the Royal College of 

M. France, M. D. Confulting Phyfigiaa 

to the late King of Poland. 

The Royal College of Surgeons eftabliflied at Nancy in 1770, nearly 
on the fame plan as the Royal Academy of Surgery at Paris, confifts of Ordinary, 
Honorary, and Correfponding Members, 

The Apothecaries at Najmcy are incorporated. Theirnumber is limited 
to eight. 






There are Colleges of Phyficians in Rome, Turin, and feme other cities in Italy, 
but in fmall towns and villages, the Phyficians are paid by a tax on the inhabitants 
at the rate of about two fhillings for each. Thefe appointments are called Condottas, 
If a village is too fmall to fupport a Phyfician, two or three others are joined with 
it, to form a Condotta ; and their common Phyfician is enabled to keep a horfe, a 
jnule, or a carriage. If on the other hand the place is too large for one Phyfician, 
the corporation has more than one falary to appoint, and more than one Condotta 
to difpofe of. The fmalleft Condottas bring in about thirty, and the largeft feventy 
or eighty pounds a year, and almoft all the families of a Condotta, -whether they 
liave occafion for their Phyfician or not, fend him fome little prefent at Chriftmas 
zndi Eafter. Surgeons are appointed to Condottas in the fame manner as Phyficians. 
As for Apothecaries, there are none but in great cities, and even in them, th^r 
Bumber is fmall. They are not allowed to prefcribe, but any body that chufes it 
isay fet up for one ^fter undergajng the ufual examinations. 


Prefdent &f the College of PhyfuianSf Dr. Vallecorfa. . -^ 

Firfi Phyfician to the Pope ^ Natalis Saliceti, M. D^ 

SMrrgeo/i • • . ^ • ' . •- ' •- Signor Flaani. 


Fir/i Phyfician to the King^ 
Firfi Surgc&n . • ■■ — , 

. Phyfician to the Queen ^ 
Surgeon ■■ — , 

Pkvfician to the Hereditary Prince^ and 

Superintendant-General of the Hofpi- 

tuls of the Ar77iy arid Navyy 

Dr. Biancardii 

Signor Mirru. 
Dr. Serao. 
M. Pean, 

Dr. Vivenziot 

Mo DEN A. 

The Medical Schools of thisUniverfity are opened annually on the 5th of Np* 
vember, and clofed on the 16th of June. 

ProfefoT of the PraBice of Phyfc, Dr . Rofa . 

^ Phyfwlogy, Dr. Mich. Araldi. 

Chemifiry and Botany ^ Dr. Laugier, 

■ Materia Mcdica, Dr. Savari. 

- ■' Anatomy and Surgery^ Dr. Ant. Scarpa, 

Phyfdan to the Duke of Modena^ Dr. Cuzzoni^ ' 

Profefor of the PraBicc of Phyfic, 

■ Bctany, 

' Natural Hijlory^ 

•«-»— Natural Philojbphyt . 


S. A. TJfTot, M. D. F. R. S. &c. 
P. D. F.ulgenzio Vitman. 
Abbe Spalanzani. 
Mr. AlcJ^. Volta, 




P-rofeJJor of the PraBke of Phyfc, and 
principal Phyf. to the HofpitaL of San 
Francefco Grande^ pr. Dallabona. 

■ — Anatomy and Phyfiohgy, Dr. M. A. L. Caldani, F. R. St 

•— ' Surgery f r)r. John Sografi. 

Dr. Bonioli. 

'. Midwifery^ Dr. Calza. 

— • Botany, Dr. J. P. MarfigH. 

■ — Chemjiryi Dr. Carburi. 


Pirjl Phyfician to the Orand Dukcy Dr. Hafenoheri de Lagttfius, 

Firji Surgeon , Signer Pechter, 

Phyfician and Accoucheur to the Grand 

Dudiefs^ Dr. Vefpa, 


Pirf Phyfician to the King, and Prefident of 

the College of hyficianSy ^ ' Dr. Rezia. 

^nfultivg Phyfician, Dr. Guidetli. 

Phyficians in Ordinary f Dr. Badia. 

Dr. Somis. 

Prefiden,t of the CoUege of Phyficians ^ J. Pizzurnus, M, D. 

S P A I N, 


The Phyficians of Madrid are not incorporated. The praflice of phyfic in that 
city and throughout Spain is regulated by a court, inftifuted for that purpofe, called 
the Protomedicato- This Tribunal conlifts of the King's firft Phyfician and fome 
Others. No Phyfician is allowed to praftife till he has been examined and approved 
of by the Protomedicato. 

The only Medical Le6lures given at Madrid are, a few on anatomy and botany, 
that are occafionally delivered at the Hofpital and Botanic Garden. 

Of the twenty-two Spanilh Univerfities, the principal ones are thofe of Sala« 
manca, Valadolid and Alcala, in each of which are three proftfTors. 

There is no College of Surgeons, or fchool of Surgery at Madrid, but aperfon, 
in order to be admitted to praftife, mult have attended an hofpital, or ferved under 
i. mafter Surgeon four years, and be approved of by the Protomedicato- 

^irf Phyficiain to the King^ Don Mucio Zona, Counfellor of the Fi- 

nances, Prefident of the Protomedi- 


— cato ; Fellow of the Royal Medical 

Society at Paris, &c, 
Phficians in Ordinary to the King^ Don Jofeph Amar, Vice Prefident of the 

Don Laga. 
Don Perenna. 
Don Lafarga. 

*• Surgeons to -the King. 

Firfl Surgeon, Don Pedro Cuflodio Gutierrcs. 

Surgeons t?i Ordinary f S. Virgllio, Munguia, Brunei, 

Durocher and Giorro. 
Phyfician to the Prince and Princefs of 

AJlurias, Don Manuel Lay, 

Surgeon to the Prince of Afiurias^ Don Flores. 

Surgeon and Accoucheur to the Princefs of 

Afurias, D. Pedro Brunei. 

Profejfor of Botany at Mddridy Don Cafimiro Ortega, M. D. (Bologna) 

F. R. S. 

Royal Medical Academy. 

Prshdrnt, ^ Don Mucio Zona. 

Vice Prejident^ Don JoTeph Amar. 

S^cretary^ TXdn Gamez. 



1-}%ct.Ua7ch^^%. At St. Peterfburgh, John Lames Lerche, firft Phyficlairto the 
Ruffian Army ; born at Potfdam in 1703. 

July 2. At Halle in Saxony, aged 71, David Samuel de Madai, M. D. 
Phyfician to the Orphan-Houfe. 

'23. At Drefden, Charles Gefner, M. D. Phyfician to the Ele6lor of 

g6. In St. James's-flreet, London, Mr. Green, Surgeon and Apothe« 
^ugt Mr. Robert Sanxay, Druggifl to his Majefty. 

11. At Bath, Dr. Moyfey. 
18. At Kingflon in Jamaica, Dr. Alex. Mackenzie. 

At Warwick, John Holyoak, M. D. 
g6. John Cmift. Pohl, Med. and Phil. Doft. Prof, of Pathology, 
and Senior Member of the Faculty of Phyfic at Leipfic. 

Sept. 10. In Bifhopfgatc-ftreet, Mr. Le Maitre, Surgeon. 

17. In Southampton-row, Bloomlbury, Rich. Elliot, Efq. late Mafler 

of the Apothecaries Company. 
41. At Oxford, aged 87, William Bouchier, M. D. formerly Fellow 
ofNew Colle,^e, 


Medical register. 


Sept. 116., At Chatham, aged 66, Mr. Margrave Hargood, Surgeon and 

061, Mr. Pendergraft, Navy Surgeon. 

At Dover, Mr. Thomas Virrell, Surgeon and Apothecary. 

3, In Throgmorton-ftreet, London, aged 80, Thomas Reeve, M. D. 
formerly Prefident of the College of Phyficians. 
19. At Plymouth, Mr. Cookworthy, Druggift. 

AW. At Iflington, Mr. George Brooke, Apothecary In Alderfgate* 


At Kingfton in Jamaica, Matthew Powell, M. D. Fellow of the 
R. C. P. Edin. and Phyfician to the Army. 

6. At Rochefter, ^Mr* James Gordon. 

7. In Muilman's-row, Chelfea, ^Mr. L. E. Greenhead, Surgeoa 

and Apothecary. 

JLO. At Stonehaven in North Britain, Mr. Young, Surgeon and Apo- 

27. At Halle In Saxony, Adam Niefky, M. D. & Prof. 

29. At Leyden, aged 76, Jerom David Gaubius, M. D. Profefforof 
Phylic in that Univerfity, and firfl Phyfician to the Stadtholder. 

Dec, At Vienna, aged 27, Maximilian Fellner, M. D. Profefibr of 


6. At Verfailles, aged 78, Jofeph Lieutaud, M.D. Firft Phyficiaa 
to the K. of France. 

£6, In Harpur-ftreet, London, John Fothergill, M. D. F. R. S. 
and S. A. Member of the Colleges of Phyficians of London 
% and E'dinburgh, and of the R. M. S. at Paris ; born at Carr-end 

in Weniley Dale, Yorkfhire, March 8, 1712. 

\, Jan. At Bremen, aged 55, J. G. Runge, M. D. Prof, of Anatomy. 

Chr. Philip Herwig, M. D. Firft Phyficlaa to the Prince of 

Kohenloe Waldenburg. 

I. At Pvome, aged 68, John Lewis Bianconi, M.D. Minifter fror© 
the Court of Saxony to that of Rome. 

io. At Bath, Mr. Philip Ditcher, Surgeon. 

29. In Union-court, Eroad-ftreet, London, aged 33, John Kooftray, 

M. D. Member of the R. C. P. London, and Phyfician to tha 

London Difpenfary. 

£1. At Grove Houfe, at Kingdon in Surry, advanced in years. Will. 
Lewis, M. B. F. R. S, and Member of the R. A. of Stock- 

' Tib, At Cheflerfield In Derbyfhire, Mr. John Willot, Surgeon and 


14. At Leighlinbrldge, Kilkenny, Mr. James Dowling, Apothecary. 

15. At Darlington in Durham, John Trotter, M. D. 

28. At Milton, near Slttingboum in Kent, Mr, Ifaac Grayling, Sur- 
geon and Apothecary. 

21. At Gahard, near Rennes In France, aged 69, Jofeph Exupere 
Bertin, M. D. Member of the Faculty of JPhyfic and R. A. wf 
-iSc, at Paris, 


Feb» 28. At Annan, in the County of Dumfries, Mr. John Hall, Snrgcoii 
and Apothecary. 

March 8. At Derby, Mr. Thomas Brown, Surgeon an^ Apothecary. 

23. In Lawrence Pountney-lane, London, Mr. Lawrence, Apoth* 

84. In Curfitor-ftreet, Chancery-lane, §Mr. James Skene, Surgeon 
and Apothecary. 

At Watton, in Norfolk, Mr. Robinfon, Surgeon. 

a5. At Huntingdon, in Scotland, George Gray, M. D. formerly 
Phyfician to the Fa6lory at Calcutta. 

April 3. At Newington, near Chatham in Kent, Mr. William Marr, 
Surgeon and Apothecary. 

7. In Lamb-ftreet, Spitalfields, London, ^Mr. P. M* Chaftcllier. 

At Borough Green, near Wrotham, Kent, Mr. Thomas Luck, 
Surgeon and Apothecary. 

XI. At Reading, Berks, aged 63, Mr. Palmer, Apothecary. 

id. At Milithrop, in Northumberland, Mr. Francis Herd, Surgeon 
and Apothecary. 

14. At Briflol Hot- Wells, aged 27, ^Mr. And. Blackall, Surgeon 
and Reader of Anatomy in London. 

«i. At Morpeth, in Northumberland, Mr. Reed, Surgeon and 

fi6. At Amerfburyj Mr. Bloxham, Apothecary. 

28. At Newcaftle-upon-Tyrie, Mr. John Carr, Surgeon, 

May 9. At Pendletonj Lancafhire, aged 54, Mr. Tho. Diggles, formerly 
an Apothecary at Manchefter. 

eo. At Strabane, in Ireland, Mr. Geo. Buchanan, Apothecary. 

^une At Worcefter, aged 29, Mr. Tho. Blount Lovet, Surgeon and 


6. At Kingfton, Jamaica, Mr. Thomas Hamilton, Surgeon. 

12. At Finchley, in Middlefex, Sir Tho. Harris, Knt. formerly aft 
Apothecary in London. 

July 8. At Paris, aged jy, Frere Cofme. 

9. At Long Melford in Suffolk, Mr. Jof. Howlett, Member of th© 
Company of Apothecaries in London. 

34. At Portfmouth Common, Mr. Jones, Apothecary. 

£o. In South Audley-ftreet, London, Mr. Wheler, Apothecary. 

24. At Netherfole Houfe, near Canterbury, aged 72, ^ John Win* 

chefter, Efq. 

25. At Lewifnam, Kent, Mr. Tho. McCarthy, Surgeon. 

Auguji 4. At Stamford, Lincolnfhire, Mr. Gilbert Smith, Surgeon and 
18. Suddenly at an Inn at Maidenhead, Berks, Mr. Hawkins, of NeW 
Palace-yard, V/eftminfter, Apothecary. 

Sept, 1. At Old Melrofe, Roxburgh flii re, John Caverhill, M. D. F. R. S. " 
Member of R. C. P. London. 

g. At Port Glafgow, Scotland, Mr. John M'Colme, Su.'-geon to the 

Weftcf/i Fcacible Regimer.r. 



^ApU 10. Suddenly, Mr. William Cooper, Surgeon to the Infirmary at 
Shrewltury. ^ 

17. At Brompton, near Chatham, Kent, Mr. Hodfkin, Surgeon and 

At South End, near Dagenham, in EfTex, John Letch, M. D, 
F. R. S. and S. A. 

18. At Llanfylling, Montgomeryfhire, Mr. Davies, Surgeon and 

28. At Holland, in Lancafhire, Richard Meyrick, M. D. 
Oil, 9. At Nottingham, Mr. Edward Merry, Apothecary, 

lo. In Ludgate-ftreet, London, Mr. Alex. Dalmahoy, Apothecary* 
3 2. In Charles-ftreet, St. James's-fquare, Thomas Brooke, M, D, 

F. R. C. P. London, and Phyfician to St. Luke's Hofpital. 
»S. At Potton, Bedfo^dfhire, Mr. Henry Sheffield, SurgecTi aad 

£9. At Canterbury, Mr. Thornton, Apothecary. 
Nov, 7. At P.yej Suflex, Mr. Needier Chamberlaine, Surgeon and Apo- 
9. At Pangboum-lane, near Reading, Berks, in advanced years, 

Peter Zinzam, M. D. 
22. At Barham, in Kent, aged 27, Mr. Tho. Cannon, Surgeon and 

J5. At Deptford, aged 104, Mr. John Brickley, formerly an Army 

30, At Parlsj aged 73, Theodore Tronchin, M. D. firft Phyfician to 

the D. of Orleans. 
Dtc. At Luneville, in Lorraine, M. Pierre, M. D. Correfpondicg 

Member of the R. C. P. at Nancy. 
15. At Forfar, in Scotland, the Rev. j. Carr, M. D. 
20. In Dartmouth-fireet, Weftaiinfter, Mr. James Alexander, 

. Jan. At the Siege of Brimflone-Hill, in the liland of St. Chridopher, 

Mr. Rob. Boyes, Surgeon to the 15th Reg. of Foot. 
At Bourbonne, M. Tailler, M. D. Correfponding Member of 

the K. C. P. at Nancy. 
7. AtGlafgow, Mr. Tho. Hamilton, Prof, of Anat. and Botany. 
13, At Prefcot, Lancafhire, Mr. David Houghton, Surgeon and 

i^. At Dublin, William Clement, M. D. Regius Prof, of Phyfic, 

Vice Provofl; of Trinity College, and Member of Parliament 

for that City. 
l-j. In Bolt-court, Fleet-flreet, London, aged 80, Mr. Rob. Levet, 

formerly a Surgeon and Apothecary. 

19. In St. Alban's-ftreet, Weftminfter, aged 78, Sir John Pringle, 

Bart. -Phyfician Extra, to the King, Phyfician to the Queen^ 
late P. R. S. &c. 

At Carlifle, Cumberland, Mr, Jacob Coulthard, formerly Apo- 
thecary at Wigtop, 


208 MEDICAL k E C I S T E R. 

Jan. 21. At Frankfort on the Mayne, aged 39, J. J. Relchara, M. D. 
Profefibr of Botany. 
22* At Derby, aged 24, Mr. Fred. Brown, Surgeon and Apoth. ^ 
30. At Mucairn, in Argyleihire, aged 101, Mr. Archibald M'Cal* 
man, Surgeon. 

F^b, 4. At Glafgow, aged 82, Mr. David Faten, Senior Member of the 
Faculty of PhyfiG in that City. 

^. At Tunbridge, in Kent, Mr. Tho. Slatter, Surgeon and Apoth. 

At Salford, in Lancafhire, Mr. Tho. Walton, Surg, and Apoth. 

14. At Rochdale, in Lancafhire, Mr. Cable, Apothecary. 

.82. At Bath, Mr. Gye, Apothecary. 

28. At Little Chelfea, Mr. John Morton, Surgeon to the Savoy, 
March 13. At Richmond, Surry, aged 82, John Baker, M. D. 

25. At Cuckfield, in Suffex, Mr. Chatfield, Apothecary. 

29. In Queen-ftreet, Weftminfter, Thomas Wilbraham, M. D, 

F. R. S. and of the R. C. P. London. 

April 21. At Folkftone, in Kent, Mr. T. Nickalls, Surgeon and Apoth. 
29. At Hackney, Thomas Dawfon, M. D. Member of the R. C. P* 
May At Wymondham, Norfolk, Mr. James Carver, Surgeon. 

At Coventry, Mr. Tho. Bennet, Apothecary. 
2. At York, Mr. Anth. Hubback, Apothecary. 
5. At Bowling, near Bradford, Yorkfhire, Mr. John Whi taker, 

13. At the houfe of Sir Jofeph Banks, Bart, of Apoplexy, Daniel 
Charles Solander, M. D. in theUniverfity of Upfal, and LL.D. 
in that of Oxford, F. R. S. &c. born in Sweden, May 28, 
At Nottingham, aged 32, Mr. John Hollis, Surgeon. 
16. Of a Pulmonary Confumption, at Reading in Berks, on his way 
to Ireland, Dennis Ryan, M. D. AiTiftant Phyfician to the 
Military Hofpital in Jamaica; born at New Park, near Cafiiel 
in Ireland, in 1746. 

At Saffron Walden, in Eflex, aged %g, Dr. Brown. 
47. At Bath, Mr. Bufh, Apothecary. 
19. In Upper-Brook-ftreet, London, aged 82, Mr. Buller, Apoth* 

At Bath, Mr. John Downe, Surgeon. 

22. At Wittemberg, aged 88, Daniel William Triller, M. D. and 


23. At Dewfbury, Yorkfliire, Mr. Battye, Surgeon. 

June In St. Alban's-ftreet, London, Mr. Geo. Clarke, Apothecary. 

4. At Berlin, aged 50, Dr. Zinnendorf, firft Phyfician to the Pruf- 

fian Army. 

5. In London, ^Mr. Robert Duckenfield, Surgeon to the Second 

Troop of Horfe Grenadier Guards. 
12, At Maiddone, in Kent, aged 72, Mr. William Waller^ Apoth. 



ftiHi Ar Liverpool, aged 82, Mr. Edward Livefldy, formerly a Surgeon 

and Apothecary at that place. 

13. Mr. Samuel Ball Sherfton, Surgeon to his Majefly's Hofpital 
Ship the Orford, at Sheernefs. 

61. At Chowbent, in Lancafnlre, Mr. Richard Gueft, Surgeon and 

23. At Durham, aged 33, Thomas Blackburne, M. D. F. R. S^ 

24. At Kingfton, in Jamaica, Dr. Beaumont Topott. 

july 1. Drowned in a ftorm, fiear Port Royal, in Jamaica, Joliah Gib* 
bons, M. D. (Edin. 1776) Surgeon of his Majedy's fiiip the 
■" Glorieux. 

24. At Merryfield, near Plymouth, ^ Mr. Henry Thompfon, late 
Surgeon of the London Hofpital, 

Aug' 3. At Bradford, in Yorkfhire, Edmund Simpfon, M. D. (Edin, 
13. At Naples, Alexander Monro Drummond, M. D. (Edin. ijji). 

18. At Hathem, in Leicefterfhire, aged 74, Mr, Bowley, Surgeon 
and Apothecary. 

23. At Leeds, in Yorkfliire, aged 58, William Hird, M. D. (Edin, 

29. Mr. James Bertram, Surgeon of hisMajefty's fhip the Royal George, 

and one of the unfortunate perfons who were on board that veffei 

when it funk at portfmouth. 

Sept. At Windfor, Mr. William Kimber, Apothecary. 

At Holloway Down, near Stratford, John Harris, M. D* 
2. In Bifhopfgate-fireet, London, Mr. Armftrong, Surgebn. 

5. At Cambridge, Mr. Prince, Surgeon and Apothecary. 

6. At Nottingham, Mr. James Bigfby, Surgeon and Apothecary* 

8. In Southwark, Mr. Cecil, Apothecary. 

12. At Malton, in Yorkfhire,. aged 48 years, Mr. John Temple, 
Surgeon and Apothecary. 

22. At Windfor, John Thackeray, M. B. 

23. Loft in the Centaur man of U'ar, of whicli he Was Surgeon, Mr. 

Jofeph Williamfon. 

29. At Gloucefter, Mr. John Matthews, formerly an Apothecary at 
that plate. 

At Nancy, in Lorraine, aged ^o, Dominic Bened. Harmant, 
- M. D, Prefidentof the R. C. P. in that city. 

Oct. At Aberdeen, aged 6^, Sir Alexander Gordon, Bart. M. D, 

& Prof. 

9. In DartiTiouth-ftreet, Weftminfler, Mr. Darnel Lewelin, Apoth. 
12. AtTaviftock, in Devonfhire, advanced in years, Dr. Lavington. 
ig. At York, sgcd 73', Edward Wallis, M. D. Extra Licentiate of 

the Coll. of Phyf. London, and one of the Fl^ficians to the 
Infirmary at York, of which City he was Lord Mayor in 1771. 
17. In Thames-Hrect, London, Mr. Mackay, Apothecary. 

ij^. Mr. John Ward, Apothecary to the County Hofpital at Nor-, 

p oa. 


0^. 31. At Coventry, Mr. Edward Harpur, jun. Apothecar)'. 
Nov. 1- At Sali.fbury, Dr. Alex. Ballantyne. 

12. At Briftol, Mr. W. M'Donald, formerly a Surgeon in Jamaica* 

14. In Southwark, Mr, Bathurft, Apothecary. 

17. At Iflington, aged 30, Mr. Francis Smyth, Surgeon. 
38. At Liverpool, aged 66, Mr. James King, Surgeon and Apoth. 
21. In Chapel-ftreet, Bedford-row^, London, Mr. Tho. Saltonflall, 
T)ec. 9. At Plymouth, Robert Perronneau, of Carolina, M. D. (Edin. 

11. At Braintree, in EfTex, aged 76, Colin Hoflack, M. D. Pliyf. 
to the late Prince of Wales. 

15. In Gracechurch-ftreet, London, Mr. Rich. Board, Apothecary. 

30. InEerKhurch-ureet, London, ^ Mr. James Frank, Surgeon to Guy's 


31. At Colchefler, Charles Manning, M. D. 

4-j%Z- Jf^^' ^^ Kingfton, in Jamaica, aged 33, §Mr. John Pearce, Navy 


At Calais, M. Froiffart, M. D; 

1. In Southwark, Mr. Pugh, Surgeon. 

e. Mr. William Johnftone, formerly a Surgeon and Apothecary at 
Campden in Gloucefterfliire. 

At Windfor, § Mr. George Aylett, Surgeon. 

3. In Ranelagh-row, Pimlico, § Mr. Jofeph Webb, Surgeon. 

6.- Mr. Tr}^ce, formerly an Apothecary in Whitechapel. 

7. In Great Tower-ftreet, London, ^ Mr. John Waring, F. S. A. 
Surgeon of St. Thomas's Hofpital. 

16. In Soho-fquare, Mr. James Spence, fen. Dentifl; in Ordinary to 

his Majefty. 

Feb. 3. At Coventry, Mr. John Biby Hanker, Surgeon. 

5. At Edinburgh, Thomas Young, M. D. Fellow of the R. C. P. 
and Prof, of Midwifery. 

11. At Dunfe, in Scotland, J\Ir. John Hall, Surgeon and Apoth. 
£3. In Tottenham-court-road, London, ^ Mr. John Sheldon, fen. 

Surgeon and Apothecary. 
24. AtDeptford, Mr. William Troward, late Surgeon of the Dock- 
yard at that place. 

March 8. At Bromptoa, near Chatham, in Kent, Mr. Gregory, Surgeon 

and Apothecary. 

12. At Lifbon, of a Pulmonary Confumption, aged 32, Patrick Du- 

gud Lefiie, M. D. (Edin. 1775) F. R. S. late Pxhyfician at 

29. In Berner's-ilreet, London, ^ Benj. Cowell, Efq. formerly Sur- 

geon to St. Thomas's Hofpital. 

30. In Great Wiadmill-ftreet, London, aged 67, William Hunter, 

M. D. F. R. S. and S. A, Phyfician Extraordinary to the 
. Qu^en, Member of the Ruval College of Phyficians, Profellbr 



of Anatomy in the Royal Academy, London, and Member of 
the Royal Academy of Sciences and of the Pvoyal Medical So- 
ciety at Paris. 

A^rd In Stafford-ftreet, Dublin, Dan. Rainey, M. D. (Leyden 1764). 

13. At Newark upon Trent, Wm. Stevenfon, M. D. (Edin. ijSa), 
20. In Grafton-ftreet, Dublin, aged 29, Wiliiam Cleghorn, M. D. 
(Edin. 1779") Leclurer on Anatomy in Trinity College. 

May 14. At Montpelier, advanced in years, M. Mejan, Surgeon. 

1-9. At Chowbent, in Lancafhire, Mr. V/illiam Bagfhaw, Surgeon 
and Apothecary. 

22-. Near BriRol, Mr. William Wray, formerly an Apothecary in 
Covent Garden. 

23. In Golden-fquare, Weftmlnfter, ^ Mr. John Norton. 
25. In Bafinghall-ftreet, London, Mr. Jofeph Adams, Apothecary, 
30. At Whitchurch, in Shropflaire, Mr. John Wickfiead, Surgeon 
and Apothecary. 

June 4. At Bigglefwade, Henry Smith, M. D. (Edin. 1752) Phyfician 
at Doncafter. 

6, At Canterbury, Thomas Lawrence, M. D. formerly Prelident 
of the Coll. of Phyf. in London. 
In Hatton-ftreet, London, aged 30, William Keir, M. D. Mem- 
ber of the College of Phyficians, and Phyiiciaa to St. Thomas's 

9. At Liverpool, Mr. William Prefton, Surgeon. 
12. AtBriftol Wells, Mr. Atkinfon, lately an Apothecary at Chelfea. 
J5. At Lambeth, advanced in years, Mr. John Nafh, late Surgeon 
and Apothecary at Seven Oaks. 

1-], At Barnfley, in Yorkfliire, Mr. Rob. Dymond, Apothecary in 

Other Deaths^ of which we have received Irdelltgence fince the Puhli" 
cation of our former Edition in 17805 but the exaci Dates of zvhich 
we are not able to ajcertain, 


Corporation of Surgeons, Mr. Richard Aft ley, Putney. 
^Ix. John Bullock. 
Mr. Richard Ball. 
Mr. John Blaxland, Fordwich. 
Mr. Edmund Bengough, Bengal. 
Mr. William Brown, Mik-End. 
Mr. Francis Bc^es, Dublin. 
Mr. Jofeph Bufbey, jun. Navy Surgeon. 
Mr. William Chapman, E.otkerhitke . 
Mr. James Curtis', Pan^bourn^ Berks. 
Mr. George Collins, Hampjl.ead. 
Mr. John Chcare, India Surgeon. 

* In clslTing thefe deaths we have followed the order of the work* 

P a Mr, 


Mr. William Caldecott. 

Mr. Jofeph Maffiot Cownley. 

Mr. Abraham Daw, Navy SuKgeon. 

Mr. William Ellis, Northampton. 

Mr. Thomas Hawkins, Georgia. 

Mr. John Hav/kefley. 

Mr. John Hamilton, Navy Surgeon. 

Mr. Mark Long, Navy Surgeon. 

Mr. Thomas Meadows, Homertcn. 

Mr. Rowland Morwood. 

Mr. John Oneley. 

Mr. William Ofterday. 

Robert Pell, Efq. Weilclofc-fqnare. 

Mr. Charles Roe. 

Mr. John Robinfon. 

Philip Stephens, Efq. WihJJiirc, 

Mr. Edward Skeete, Barbadoes* 

Mr. Charles Spear, Romford. 

Mr. J. Sander fon. Great Oueen-Jireet. 

Mr. William Smithies, New-York. 

Mr. Robert Trent, Ilmmjler. 

Society of Apothecaries. Mr. John Peck, Lamb' s-Condidt-freet. 

Mr. John Chandler, F. R. S. Cheapfidt. 

Mr. Thomas Bafden, Ratdijfe-Crofs . 

Charles Moore, Efq. Cranfordy Middlefex, 

Mr. John Stallard, Clapkam. 

Mr. Roger Devey, Hoxton. 

Mr. Swift Heckford, Great Prefcot-Jlreet, 

John Truefdale, Efq. St. James^s-Jireet. 

John Perkins, M. D. Dedham, Effex. 

Mr. Henry Stockdale, Duke-Jireet^ Grofvenorfqvart*., 

Mr. Edward Dickenfon, Strand. 

Mr. John Wilfon, Henrietta-Jireet. 

Mr. John Feake, Salifbury. 

Mr. XVilliam Vowell, Cannon-fir eel. 

Mr. Eaft Hallows. 

Mr. James Warner. 

Mr. John Gardiner. 

Mr. Charles Brown. 

Mr. William Betterley.- 

Mr. Robert Swain. 

Mr. George Fyler, Chapel-Jlreet, Grofvenor-fquare* 

Mr. Thomas Penry, Brecon/hire. 

Mr. George Plaiftov/. 

Mr. John Rich, London Difpenfary. 

Mr. Chriflophcr Bateman, Lawrefice Pountney-lane» 

Mr. Thomas Windus, Kenfngton. 

Mr. Charles Edwards, Knightjbridge. 

Kelftone. "Mr. Matthew Wilb. 

St. Ives. Dr. How. 


Carlifk. Mr. William Grahant. 

Wigtt>n'^ Mr. Daniel Furnef^* . 






Mr. Henry Cadbury. 
Mr. Manfton Teed. 



Mr. John Daniel. 
Mr. Nathaniel Down, 
Mr. John Chapman. 
Mr. Meech. 




John Perkins, M. D. 

Mr. Richard Barnard Bcwdle. 



Mr. Linzee, fen. 
Mr. Jones. 

Mr. Blundell. 



Mr. John Cookfey, 
Mr. George Woodward. 



Mr. William Patten, 


Grave/end, ■ 

Mr. James Kite. 

Thomas Cradock, M. B. aged 80 years* 


St. Ellen's.. 

Mr. Harrifon. 

Mr. David Houghton. 

Mr. Dench. 


Hujband's Bofzvortk* 


Market Harborm^h, 

Mr. Robert Heygate. 
Mr. Hays. 
Mr. Goodajl. 




Mr. Fowler. 

Mr. Wright. 

Benj. Charlefwortb, M. D. (Edin, 1 769), 

Mr. Lely, Mr. Swan, fen. 

Mr. Broxholm Brown. 





No R T H AM P T O N S H I R E * 






Mr. Page, fen. 
Mr. Paull, fen. 
Mr. Forfter. 
Mr. Jackfou. 
Mr. Welton. 




Mr. Robert Smith, 
Mr. Richard Lainberf^ 
Mr. Henry Gibfon. 


Mr. Stevens, Mr. Cronin, 

Shropshire. " 

Cleobury Mortinier^ 


Mr. Whitcombe. 
Dr. John ^Vard, 
Mr. \Villiam Baldwyn. 


Mr. John Phelps, 



Mr. Keir Keable, 



Mr. Bever. 



Mr. John Dendy; 


Afnion Keyns, 

Mr. Henry Burnall, 




Mr. William Chillingwortl? 

Mr. Charles Timmings. 

Mr. Samuel Goolden. 

Thomas Cotham, M. D. 
^ Mr. W. Tuberville, 
Mr* Henry Barnes. 




Mr. Tofeph Bell, - 
, Mr. C. Hutchinfon. 
Mr. J. Tarboton. 
Mr. Cooper, Mr. Stovin. 
Mr, WiUiam Ballough. 







Mr. Richard Temple. 

Mr. Lucas. 

Mr. William Heveldine, 


Fl I N T s H I R E . 




c o 



ForreSi in Elgin t 


St. Andrew's, _ 


L E S. 
Mr. Brown, 

Mr. Coyney.. 

Mr. Lomax; 
T L A N 


Mr. James Hill. 

Dr. William Macfarlanc, F. R. C. Phvf. 

Dr. Rofe. 

Mr. Andrew Craig, 

Dr. Haddow. 

Mr. Shand. 


St. James's. 
St. Lucia. 



Mr. Alex. Cunningham, Surgccn to the 

Meath Hofpital. 
John Barret, M. D. 

A I C A. 

Mr. John Rankin. 
Mr. Thomas Bridge. 

R M 

N Y. 




Faculty ef Ph.fic, 


Erneft Jer. Rollin, M. D. ProfelTor of 

Anatomy, aged 74. 



M, Aubcrt, M. D. aged 84. 
M. Montet, Apothecary, and Member of 
the Academy of Sciences, 

Dr. Louis Claude Bourdelin. 
Dr. Anthony Cafamajor. 
Dr. James Albert Hazon. 
Dr. John James Beiletefle, 
Dr. Julian BufTon. 
Dr. Francis Bidault^ 

^1 «r» 


Dr. Denis Claudius Douleet. 

Dr. D. P. de Labreuille. 

Dr. Bern. Nich- Bertrand. 

Dr. Ambfofe Hofty, a native of Ireland. 

Dr. Anthony Gamier. 

Dr. J. B. M. Eiicquet. 

i)r. E.I. delaMotte. 

Dr. J. F. Carrere. 

Dr. William Michel. 

Dr. Charles le Roy, E. R. S. 

College of Surgery. M. Bordenave, 

3S^. de la Faye. 
Strajburgh, John Pfeffinger, M, D. and ProF^ 



Alterations and Additions. 

Page 5, Thomas Lawrence, M. D. dead. 

jy line 13, for Brompton-row, read Hereford. 

Pj 38, — at prefent in Jamaica, re^t/ Charles-ftreet, St. James's-fquarc 

ibid. To the LiJ} of Candidates of the Coll. of Phyf. add John Caulet, M. D. (Ox- 
ford 1782) Effex-ftreet. 

ibid, and j&. 11, 12, 33, and 38, omt William Hunter, M. D. dead. 

10, 13, 32, 38, 39, 50, and 134, omit William Keir, M. D. dead. 

ibid. To the Lift of Licerdiatcs, add Rob. Freer, M. D. (Edin.) 

Phyficians, rcfi- 

dent in London, add + Gilbert Blane, M. D. Sackville-flreet, 

^ t John Caulet, U. D. EiTex-ftreet. 

John M'Na.mara Hayes, M. D. Goiden- 

■^ John Hunter, M. D. Charles-Hreet, 

St. James's-fquare. 
Andrew Marfhal, M.D. (Edin. 1782). 
Thomas Miller, M. D.' (Edin. 1781). 
' Thomas Moffat, M. D. Charlotte-ftreet, 

John Moore, M. D. (Glafgow) Clarges- 

W. H. Mucklefton, %!. B. Phyfician 

to St. George's Hofpital. 

Reeve, M. D. 

Dr. Melville, Effex-ftreet, removed from 

Jofeph Hart Myers, M. D. (Edin. 1779) 

John-ftreet, Amcrica-fquare. 
Wm. Rowley, M. D. (St. Andrew's) 

- V/illiam Woodville, M. D. Phyf. to 

the MiddlefeX Difp. removed from 

Thomas White, M. D. Soho-fquare. 
omit Dr. Goldwire, Hatton-ftreer, dead. 

t John Matthews, M. D. removed to 

John Parfon, M. D. removed to Tavif- 

Loftus Wood, M. D. removed to Col- 


2i8 A P P E N D I X, &c. 

Page 16. Corporation of Surgeons *» Changes in the . Appointments or Refidence 

of the following Members. 

John Pyle, Piazza, Covent-garden. 

Matthew Spray, Greville-ftreet, Hoi- 

Arnold, Jofeph, Tollifliunt D'Arcy, 
' Effex. 

Blamire, Thomas, Carlifle. 

Borradaile, Jofeph, Cockermouth. 

Bromfield, Cha, Efq. India. 

Calverr, William, York. 

Cline, Henry, St. Mary-Axe. 

Cock, Horatio, Colchefter. 

Curling, Bunce, Sandwich, Kent. 

Denifon, Thomas, Hull. 

Dodd, J. S. Shrewfhury. 

*Eade, John, Fludyer-ftreet. 

Ford, Edw. Golden-fquare. 

Gibs, Daniel, Army Surgeon. 

Hewer, Tho. Army Surgeon. 

Hodges, John, Frith-ftreet. 

Hogben, James, Berner's-ftreet. 

Home, Everard, Army Apothecary, Ja- 

Howard, John, Argyle-flreet. 

Jones, Valentine, New Bridge-flreet, 

Keaie, Tho. Efq. Park-place. 

-Martin, Geo. Howard-fireet, Strand. 

Norris, William, Old Jewry. 

Palmer, Charles, Wantlead. 

Paytherus, Tho. Rofs, Herefordfhire. 

Peake, John, Haymarket. 

Pearfon, John, Surgeon to the Lock 
Hofpital, and to St. Clement's Dif- 
penfary, Air-ftreet, Piccadilly. 

Randall, Francis, Eaft-Indies. 

Simpfon, James, Upper Thames-ftreet. 

Terry, Benjamin, Charles-ftreet, Katton- 
f Thiftle, John, Woolwich. 

Voyfey, Henry, Stepney. 

Wigram, Robert, Crolby-fquare. 

Wynne, John, Great Tower-ftreet. 

omit Bever, Robert, Richmond. 
^; .. Chaftellier, P. M. Spitalfields. 

„ Cowell, Benj. Efq. Berner's-ftreet, 

^ ^ Da CoRa, Jofeph Nunes. 

Dickinfon, J. C. Colefliill, Warwick- 

Dowdall, Henry, St. Alban's, 
Harrington, Humphrey, Southwark. 
Hills, John, King's-road, Chelfea. 
Holyoak, John, M. D. Warwick. 
Norton, John, Golden-fquare. 
Sprague, John, Bofton, New-England. 

* In thefi coireftlons we follow Uie lift pointed by the Company in July, 1783. 


APPENDIX, &c. 21^ 

Walters, Hopkins, Bengal. 
Wharton, William Henry, Barbadoes. 

&dd to the Court of AJiJlants, Richard Crowther, Bofwell-court. ^ 

to the Lift of Members, Audley, Richard. 

Bateman, Thomas, Yarmouth. 
Baxendale, Jofiah, Lancafter. 
Bayly, Wolflon, Nottingham. 
Bell, William, Weft Indies. 
Birtwhiflle, John, Navy Surgeon. 
Bolton, William Watfon, Hull. 
Brigham, William, Yorklhire, 
Brown, George, Thorn, Yorkfhire. 
Carter, Thomas. 
Cafement, Thomas, India. 
Chavaffe, Nicholas Willet, Burford. 
Chefton, Samuel Vaughan, Gloucefter. 
Clarke, Richard, Navy Surgeon. 
Clements, Peter, Bodmyn. 
Council, Rich. Charles, Navy Surgeon. 
Cudlipp, John, Army Surgeon. 
Denny, James, Eaft Indies. 
Dowdall, Arthur, Navy Surgeon. 
Drawv/ater, Benj. Navy Surgeon. 
DufFy, James, 

Eaflland, Charles, Dean-flreet* 
Ebden, John, Loddon, Norfolk. 
I^eary, Henry, Navy Surgeon. 
Fifher, Francis, Croydon. 
Fox, Jofeph, Falmouth. 
Foxton, John, Lambourn. 
Furnafs, James, Stratford, EfTex. 
Grant, Alexander, St. Albau's-ftreet, 
Haire, Robert, Navy Surgeon. 
Hammond, William, Southgate. 
Henwood, John, Southwark. 
Holt, William, Tottenham, 
Honnor, Jofeph. 
Huntinton, Bacchus, Hull. 
Hurft, Thomas, Portfmoutho 
Jones, William, Birmingham. 
Kidfion, Alexander, Jamaica. 
Le Mefurier, Will, Fenchurch-fireet, 
Lewis, George, India Surgeon. 
Lowe, Thomas Wright. 
Ludlow^ Daniel, Sudbury. 
Lyne, John, India Surgeon. 
Manfell, Thomas, Pembroke. 
Maffie, George, Catcaton-ftreet. 
Mayne, John, Navy Surgeon. 
■ Meek, John. 

Midford, G(;orge, Morpeth. 
Morris, David Davie, Tetfworth. 
Mofeley, Benj. John-fireet, Adelphi. 
Cgilvie, James, Aberdeen. 
Ofbaldifto^^n, John, Lambeth. 
Pearfon, William, Lancafliire. 
Pbelan, Jofeph, Ireland. 
Pingo, Henry, Shoreditch, 
. P 2 Pole, 



Pole, Thomas, Cannon-ftreet. 
Kahn, John, King-ftreet, Tower-HifL 
Ranken, George, Eaft Indies. 
Rees, Thomas Needham, Watlington. 
Ring, Thomas, Reading. 
Rowland, Griffith, Shrewfbury. 
Senior, Henry Chriftopher, Jamaica. 
Sharp, William, Shoreditch. 
Sherwen, John, Enfield. 
Smith, William, Biddcford. 
Spedding, Demoivre, Navy Surgeon. 
Stewart, James, Eaft Indies. 
Stormont, James, Scotland. 
Spottifwoode, William, Eaft Indie&e 
Taylor, Jeremiah, Briftbl Wells. 
Thomas, Thomas. 
Thompfon, James, Navy Surgeon. 
Thornley, Thomas, Oxford. 
Thorpe, Jonathan, Navy Surgeon. 
Truflbn, John, India Surgeon. 
Tufon, John, Holles-ftreet. 
Walton, Robert, jun. Barbadoes. 
Ward, Daniel Danvers, Briftol. 
Winter, George, Stamford. 
Wyke, Abraham, Brofeley. 
Young, John, Hull. 

Page 23. After the name of Mr. John Sheldon, add Profejfor of Anatomy in iJie 
Royal Academy. 
26. Omit Jofeph Adams, dead. 
29, Omit Robert Dymond, dead^ 

To the Lijl of Apothecaries, &c^ 

refident in London^ add Mr. AkenheaJ, St. John-ftrcet. 

-- Mr. Atkinfon, in partr.crfhlp with Mr, 
Naylor, Jermyn-ftreet. 
Mr. Batham, Berner's-ftreet. 
Mr. Bordier, St. John-ftreet. - 
Mr. Chaftanier, Tottenham-court-road. 
Mr. Davies, Jermyn-ftreet. 
. Mr. Fenouilhet, Dean-ftreet. 
Mr. Ralph Jackfon, HoUen-ftreet, Soho. 
Mr. Le Goux, Member of the Coll. of 

Surgery at Lyons, Poland-ftreet. 
Mr. Morgan, in partnerfliip with Mr, 

Richards, St. Martin's-lane. 
Mr. Parnell, Hatton-ftreet. 
Mr. Reeves, Leatherrjane, Holborn, 
Mr. Seymour, Jermyn-ftreet. 
Mr. Smyth, Greville-ftreet, Holborn, 
Mr. Stent, Drurv-lane. 
Mr. Webber, Gofwell-ftreet. 
Mr. Yearnall, Cambridge-ftrect, Soho. 
33. W. H. Mucklefton, M. B. Phyfician to St. George's Hofpital in the 
room of Dr. Matthews. 

ibid. Lock Hofpital — add to the Surgeons, ^.Mf. John Pearfon. 

35. In the Liji of the Wejlminjler Dfpenfary,. read Phyf. Extra, fjohn Hunte?,, 
M. D. 

Hid. Middlefx avdinoc. Difpenf. omit ]ohn Watkmfon, M. D. dead, 
Middlejcx Difptrfary, add WilHata Woodville, M. D. 


Page 35. 




62 „ 

APPENDIX, <l'c. 22f 

Fivjbury Difpevfaryy read Charles Hopfon, M, D. in the room of J, 

Paifon, lYl. 3). w/w has rejigncd. 
add, The New Lying-in Charity, for the delivery and fupport 
of poor married women at their own habitations. Charlotte-ftreet, 

Phyfidan and Man-Midzvifcy Dr. Thynne. 
St. Clement's Dispensary, Carev-vlrcet, inflituted in 1783, 
Pkyftcian, Robert Willan, M. D, 
Surgeon, ^ Mr. John Pearfon. 

In the Lips of Medical Sec. avd Soc. of Phyf. emit W. Hunter, M. D- 
and^in the tatter read William Watfon, M. D. V. P. R, S. Prtf- 
dent, and William Grant, M. D. Treafurer. 

Soc. for improving Med. Knowledge^ omit William Keir, M, D, 

JohnWatklnfoTi, M. D. 
add \ Mr. George Chandler, 
§ Mr. Henry Cline. 

Royal Soci-ety, omit Patrick Dugud Leflie, M. D, dead* 
James Price, M. D. ditto, 
add Thomas Barnard, D. P. Lord Bifhop of Killaloe* 
Brownlow, Lord Brownlow. 
Francis D' Aquino, Prince of Caramanico, Enxfc^ EMr. 

from the King of Naples. 
M. de'Dreyer, Envoy Extr.f'omtheK. of Djenniark, 
Sir Tho. Hyde Page, Knt, 
Henry Penruddoci Wyndham, Efcj. 

Medical LeBurers^ omit Dr. Keir, dead. 

Dr. Moyes, zdJio has quitted London, 
add ^ Mr. John Hall, LeEi. on Anat. Broad-Jlrcet^ Suhih 


Leighton Buzzard, read Pk y s j c i a n . 

Tho. Baker, M. D. removed from Nor- 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 
Mr. Stubbs, Mr. John Pettingal, 


Lambourn, add 

Buck-INGha-msh ire. 
Aylcfbury, omit 
add Chefnam, 


Cariife, add 

^ Mr. John Foxton. 

Dr. Shuttleworth, gone to America, 
Mr. Henry Rumfey. 

§ Mr. Thomas Blamire, 
^^ Mr. Jof. Borradaile. 


Biddeford, add 
add Holfzuorthy. 



^Mr. William Smith. 
Meflrs. Combe and Son^ 
Mr. J. Jewell, Mr. R. Pearce, 
Mr,Luxmore, Mr.Hawkes, Mr. White, 

J. Parfon, M, D, removed from Lon- 




222 APPENDIX, &c. 

Page 65. Durham, omit Patrick Dugud Leflie, M. D* 

add John Fenwick, M. D. (Edin. 1782). 

68. Essex. 

Colchejlcry omit Colin HoITack, M. D. 

add Loftus Wood, M. D. removed from Lon- 


Tiedham^ omit J. Perkins, M. D. 

Stratford, add \ Mr. W. Furnafs. 

Tolkfhunt D'Arcy, ^ Mr. Jof. Arnold. 

TkorpCy add Mr. Bayley. 

ibid, Gloucejiery add % Mr. S. V. Cheflon. 


69. Winckejler, add to the 

Phyfidans^ John Berkenhout, M. D. (Edin. 1764} = 

70. ci^(5? Andover, Physician. 

• Dr. Smith. 

Surgeons and Apothecaries. 
Meffrs. Wm. and Ja. M. Poore, 
Mr. Thomas Herbert. 

Hereford, add John Matthews^ M. D. F. R. C. F. 


73. Barnet, add Physician. 

W. Garrow, M. D. 
St. Peter's, near St. Albaris, add Ph y s i ci a n . 

Highmore, M. D> 

74. Kent. 

(Edin. 1780). 

Canterbury, omit Tho. Lav/rence, M. D. dead. 

add Charles Fagg, M. D. (St. Andrew's) 
removed from Hythe. 

yg, Dover, Mr. Robert Wellard. 

76. Mailing, read William PerfeO;, M. D. (St. Andrew's,^ 

77. Sandwich, add § Mr. Bunce Curling. 
Woolwich, omit Dr. Melville, removed to London. 


78. Lancofier, add § Mr. J.- Baxendale. 

87. Lincolnshire. 

Gainfborough, add Mr. Barkerj removed from Leeds, 

88. Stamford, add ^Mr. Geo. Winter. 

89. Middlesex. 

add Chelfta. Mr. J. Phipfon. 

Hampton Cmrt. Physician. 
Dr. Oliver, 






Surgeons and Apothecaries. 

Mr. Griffinbourg, Mr. Maurice Jones. 
Harrow. Mr. Smith, Mr. Cooper. 

Twickenham. Mr. Gilchrift, 

MefTrs. Beauchanip and Trounlow. 
fage 91. Norfolk. 

Norwich, in the iijl of PbyjKians.omitThoxnz^^aktr, M. D. removed ta 

Ltighton, Bedford/hire, 
add Sylas Neville, M. D. (Edin. 1775). 

New Buckenham, add Mr. Dodd, and for Mr. Barker, readyir. 

Yarmouth^ add Mr. Turner, ^ Mr. T. Bateman. 



Berwick, to the PhyfcianSi add Sam.Stephenfon, M. D. (Edln. 1783) 

Member of the R. C P. Edin. 





Newcajlle, omit 

Wooiler, omit 

Workfop, omit 


Henley, emit 


Slirettfbury, omit 


Mr. William Keenlyfide, dead.. 

Mr. Richard Keenlyfide, Surgeon to the 

Infirmary in the room of his uncit, Mr. 

Wm. Keenlyfide. 

James Buckham, M. D. dead. 

W. Mufhet, M. D. rerdoved to Doncajler. 

Mr. Mapleton. 

Mr. Nicholas, Mr. Pope, Mr. Coulfon. 

W. H. Mucklefton, M. B. removed ta 

^Mr. R. Griffith. 



Brifiol, add 



S U F F^O L K . 


Sudbury, add 



add Croydon, 


add Godfione. 


)Mr. D. D.Ward. 
J Mr, J. Taylor. 

, Mr. Daniel Ludlow. 

^ Mr. Francis Fifher. 
Mr. William Barr. 
Richmond, tothe Phyf add William Grieve, M. D. (Edin. I770) 
removed from Peebles, 
omit Mr. Bever, dead, 

Crawley, add Mr. Chatfield, in the room of Mr. Dunaate. 

Cuckfeld, omit Mr, Packman, removed to Necoington in Kent. 




Horjham^ omit Mr. John Dendy, dead. 

Nezvick, add Mr. Dungate, removed from Crazole)'. 

Wejt Tarring, add Mr. Groome, placed by mifiakc at Farring. 

^Mr. Wm. Joi>es. 
^Mr. J. C. Dickenfon. 

, Salifbury, add to the Fhyficians, John Paul, M. D. (Edin. 1771) 

removed from Southampton. 




Birmingham, add 


CgIcJIiHI, emit 




WorccRer, onit 

J. Johnftone, jun. M. D. dead. 
J. Johniione, fen. M. D. removed from 
Stourbridgey add Physician. 

Jonathan Stokes, M. D. (Edin. 1782] 
F. A. S. Bdin. 

Thorney add 

§Mr. G. Brown. 


W A 

Pembroke, add 

L E S, 

^Mr. Tho. ManLIl. 




igo. Coll. cf Phyjicians Edin. add to the Lijl of Feiloios, 1783, John Ellifon, 
M. D. Wakefield. 
Licentiates, Samuel Stephenfon, M. D. Beriuick. 

233. The Philofophical Society is now. a corporate body, having received a 
charter from his Majefty, under the name of the Royal Soc i ety of 
Scotland, inftituted for the Advancement of Learning and Fjfeful 
Kiiozirledge. The members are divided into two claffes, viz. Phyfical 
and Literary. — The objetts of the firft of thefe claffes are to be Mathe- 
matics, Nat. Philofophy, Chemiftry, Phyfic, Nat. Hiftory, Arts and 
Manufactures; and of the fecond. Antiquities, Philology, and Litera- 
ture. — ^The meetings of the Phyfical Clafs are to be held on the firft 
Mondays of Jan. Feb. March, April, July, Auguft, Nov. and Dec. at 
fix in the evening, and thofe of the Literary Clafs on the third Mondays 
of Jan. Feb. March, April, June, July, Nov. and Dec, 

Ordinary Members, that is thofe who refide in or near enough to 
Edinburgh to attend the meetings, are to pay a guinea on their admiffion» 
and the fame fum annually. 

The firft meeting was held on the firft Monday of Auguft 1783, when 
the following Officers and Council were elefted for the enfuing year. 

Prefidcnt. Duke of Buccleugh. 

Vic e-Pref dents. Lord Advocate, Lord Juflice Clerk. 

Secretary. John Robinfon, Efq. Prof, of Nat. Hift. '■■ 

Trcafurct. Mr. Alexander Keith. 


A P P E N D I X> ^fi, it2| 


Saron Gordon. Alex. Monro, M. D. 

Lord ElJiock. Jofeph Black, M. D. 

Major Gen. Fletcher Campbell. John Hope, M. D. F. R. S. 

Adam Smith, Efq. James Hutton, M. D. 

Mr. John M'Lauria. ProfclTor Dugald Stewart. 

Adam Fergufon, LL. D. The Rev. John Playfair. 

Pagti^o. Peeblesi omitW. Grieve, M. D. removed to Richmndi Surry. 

152. To the Surgeons on the Staff of the Army, c</^ Mr. John Foot, late of f hi 

ilSfhRcg.- [Seepage 137)^ 

153. 2d Reg. of Foot, add Mr. Thomas .Merrick of the 96th, {n the room 0^ 

Mr. Vv^ood. 

JJ4. 60th Reg. of Foot, ift Battal. Wfi Air. Ifaac TitfoTcf, 

15,5. 96th omit Mr. Thomas Merrick. 

tl'ld. 98th Reg. of Foot, Mr. John Scott, Surgeon, Aug.uft 23, 1783, 
103d ■ ■ — - Mr. James Irvin, — -^^-^ — -^ ^ 


170. Barbadoes, omit ^ Mr. Wharton.- 


King/Ion y omit John Huriter, M. D. returned to London* 
Daniel Magennis, M. J3. now in London* 
Mr. Tho. SkefEngton. 
^ Mr. Benj. Mofeley, 7iozu in London; 
Mr. John Harris,- removed to St. Ann's* 
Ctdd Mr. John Jowett. 

Mr. William Fyfe. 
for Mr. Theophilus Shephard, f^ad Mr. jamsQ 
Becket Shepherd. 

Ha f -way-tree, {ParifJi of St. Andrew's) for Mr. And. Mackay, read Mr; Hagh 

omit Mr. Cockburn, Mr. Spalding* 
edd Liguanea, {St. Andrew^ s) Mr. Neil Stuart, Mr. Robert Spalding. 

Port Royali omit Mr. Jaities Weir, Mr. J. Robinfon, who have 
quitted pra6lice, 

St. Ann's, add Mr. John HarriSi 
St. David's, Mr. Paterforii 

St. George's, Mr. Silvefter Jephfon, Mr. Seftdn, and othen, 

St. Mary's, James Nafmyth, Efq. Mr. Tho. Nafmytb, 

Mr. William Reid, and others. 
Si» Thomas in the Eaji, Mr. Roger Knott, Mr; Wm. Scott- 



174. add'Mofcow. 

Profejforrin the Univerfiy. 
PraBice ofPhyfic and Chemifry. Semen Z'Ubeh'n, M. D. 
Theory ofPhyfic and Nat. Philof Michael Skiadom, M. D* 
^natomy and Surgery i f ra^iieis Kerefluri, 

22^ A P P E N D I X, &c. 

Pa^eiyS. Stockholm. R. CoU.ofPhyf. omit J. A. Darelll, M. D. ' 

"* ' - add Ant. HofFmann, M. D. Phyficlan it 

the Queen Dowager. 

179. Berliriy add Firji Phyjician to the PruJJian Army, Dr. Riemer. 
2B1. /^T/fr Hesse Cassell, add Wurtemberg. 

Brjl Fhyf. to the Duke, Chr. Fred. Jaeger, M. D. laie Profeffor of 
Phyfic ai Tubinguen. 

Additiom to the Lijl of Deaths, 

Sll. 1783. J;^«€ At Hanover, Mr. Brande^ fen. Apothecary to her Ma- 
Jidy 31 r At NevvcaPile upon Tyne, Mr. William Keealyfidej 

fenior Surgeon to the Infirmary. 
Au^, 2. In London, aged 60 years, James Buckham, M. D, 
late Phyfician at Wooller. 
3. At Guildford in Surry, James Price, M. D. (Oxford) 

F. R. S. 
j8. At Worcefter, James Johnftone, M. D. (Edin. 1773). 

&8. In Crutchcd Friars, London, John Watkinfon, M. D. 
(Leyden) late Phyfician to the Middlefex Difpen- 
fary, which Office he refigned on being elefled 
June 21, 1783, to fuccecd the late Dr. Keir at St. 
Thomas's Hofpital, 

Si^2. To the Ufi of deceafed McmAers 

of the Co 'J?, cf Surgeons, add Mr. Henrv Dowdall, St. Alban's. 

Mr. J. C. Dickinfon, Colcfliill, War- 

Mr. Jof. Nunes Da Cofta. 
Mr. John Hills, Chelfea. 
Mr. Humphrey Harrington, Southvv'ark. 
Mr. John Sprague, New England. 
Mr. Hopkins Walters, Bengal. 
Mr. W. H. Wharton, Barbadoes. 

^0. To the Anatomical Le^ursTB in London^ add Matthew Baillie, B. A. (Oxford) 
Nephew of the late Dr. Hunter, ia partnerfliip with Mr. Cruik- 


i 227 J 




» # 

A:s the ContrnSlon of Names ^ from the 'varying PraBice of Writerif 
appears to he arbitrary ; and as Brevity 7miji e'ver be confulted in an In~ 
dex ; // // necej/ary to explain the^ethod that has been adopted in the fol- 
lo^xving. The undernxiritten Letters, ivhen they ftand finglyy or are the 
frji {fa numerous Set of Initials , fgnify the Words annexed to thtm. But 
in the fecondy or third Place , ^c. though the Letters jnay bear an undeter- 
mined Meanings it is prefumed not to be of any Moment ; as the Reader is 
fuppofed pre-vioujly tJi kno'w the nominal Defer ipt ion of the Perfonfor 'xvhofe 
Place of Refdence he enquires y and fmiiar Chrifian Names ivill not of tern ^ 
occur 'ivith the Jams Surnames, 

A. Andrew. 
Ab. Abraham, 
Ad. Adam, 
Al . Alexander, 
Am. Ambrofe. 
An. Anthony, 



































Fran as, 

























Philip. - 











Z. Zachary. 

*Aafkow, U. B. 174, 17J. 
Abbott, Rt. 110. 
Abbs, Rd. B. 94. 
Abell, Barth. 17. 
Abell, J. 163. 
Abernethy, 144. 
*Abilgaard, Pe. Chr. 174. 
*Achard, 192. 
Achefon, Ham. 154. 
Achefon, Ja. 166. 
*Acrell, J. Guf. 177. 
*Acrell, Sir 01. 176, 195. 
*Adair, Ja.Mac. 130, 169. 
Adair, Rt. 16, 89. 
Adair, W. 29, 136, 152. 
*Adam, 192.'- 

Adam, Rt, 42. 
Adams, Jo. 17, 26, 220. 
Adams, Jo. jun. 29. 
Adams, G. 161. 
*A^ams, T. 5 1 . 
Adams, T. M. 161. 
Adamfon, 95. 
Adanfon, Mi. 48. 
*Addams, T. 5. 
*Addenbrooke, 53. 
*Addington, An. 6, 51. 
*Adee, Sw. 6, 102. 
*Adet, Pe.A. 188. 
Adey, E. 28, 6g. 
Advocate, Ld. 224. 
Adye, J. W. 42. 
Adye, Ra. 140. 

*AeEy, Lan. 59, 
*A^i?y, T. 5S. 
A^^ar, Wei. E. 42, 
Aic]<in, Pat. B. 161, 
Aikin, J. 83, 85, i44v 
Ailward, 71. 
Ail way, J. 158, 
Ainflie, G. 29, 
Ainflie, H. 141. 
*Ainflie, Ja. 115, 136. 
Ainflie, J. 17, 
Airey, 84. 
Airy,T. 138. 
*Aukin,J. 131, 133,138, 
Akenhead, Jo. 220. 
♦Akenfide, Mark, 135. 

* Itt ;bjs Index an Afterifim is prefixed to ihc Names of afcyficlan?, 

R * Alanfon, 

2?S I 

Alanfon, E. 70, 80. 
Albertini, J. B. 48. 
Alchorne, Sta. 27. 
Aldborpugh, E. of, 42. 
Aldefion, Ja, 00. 
Akircd, G. 17^1. 
Alefbunder, J. 17,160. 
Alembcrt, J. d', 48. 
Aleway, 74. 
Alexander, 120. 
Alexander, C. 17,161. 
Alexander^ Ja. 144. 
Alexander, J. 17, 120. 
Alexander, Rr. 120. 

* Alexander, W. 133, 137. 
*A]hemann, 179. 
Alker, 84, 
Allamand, J. N. S. 48, 

*AHeaume, Ja. L. iSS. 
A'lenj 76, 116. 
Allen, B. 171. 
Allen, Ber. 135. 
Allen, C. 86. 
Allen, J. 17. 

* Allen, Jo. 8, 111* 
Allen, Jof. 126. 
Allen, Rd. 17. 
Allen, Rt. 111. 
JiUtn and Bevai], 178. 
♦AUloni, C. 48, 191." 

All port, 29. 
Alliup and Gregg, ii(^, 
*Alm, Jcic. 176. 
Almeida, Th. de, 48. 
Alfop, Hu. 69. 
Alfop and Hamden, 170. 
AlOon, 29. 
Alflroemer, J- 42. 
Ahhorpe, G. Vif. 42. 
Alton, 1 70. 
*Alves, 147. 
Alvcs, J. J 36. 
*Ainar, Jo. 191, 204,2^04. 
Am el or, 190. 
*Amery, Rt. 123. 
Ami, 197. 
Amor, T. 17. 
' '^'Amoureijx, 190. 
Am)', 194. 
Am vat t, 134. 
■^Anayatt, J. lO, 28. 
Anderdon, Fer. lo^.- . 
jfVndeiTqn, Ad. 171. . 
Andcrron, Al. 17, 1,59. 
Anderfon, A. tj^iyi^ 




Anderfon, Colin, 153. - 
Andeffon, Ja. 134, 159. 
Anderfon, J. 42, 94, 112, 

U7> 159^ 171- 
Anderfon, Jo, 1,60. 
Andcrfoii, Jof. 59. 
Anderfon, Nat. 151. 
Anderfon, Pat. 137, 159. 
*Anderfon, Rt. 17, 13I, 

159, 162. 
Anderfon, T. 133, 136, 

Anderfon, \V. 17, 131, 

Anderton, Ed; 107. 
Anderton and Limes, 105. 
Andguille, 193, 195. 
*Andree, J. 7, n. 
Andree, J. jun. 17, 35. 
Andrew, 102. 
And rev/, J. I49. 
Andre v;s, 29, 68, 89. 
Andrews, J. lO, 17, 75, 
Andrews, T. jf, 159. 
Andrews, Rt. 72. 
*Andry, C. L. F. 188, 

Anglviller, C. d', I9Q. 
*AngIada, I93. 
Anguifh, X' 42. 
Anker, Bar. C. 42. 
Anfel, 89. 
Anfcll, 111. 
Anfuce, J, 105. 
Antrobus, T, 80. 
Apley, Rt. 158. 
*Araldi, Mi. 202. 
Arbuthnot, J. 42. 
Arbutbnotj Ja. 166. 
*Arcet,.J. d', 18B. 
*Archbald, jun. 192. . 
Archbould, Ra. 55. 
Archdeacon, 74. 
^Archer, E. 7, ii,--34, 

*Archer, CI. 164, 166, 
Archer, N. 141, 153. 
Arden, Chr. 17, 153. 
,Aiden,J. 119. 
*Ardignac, d', 1.92. 
Armiger, 17, S7. 
*Arm!tftead, Ja. .121. 
Arniitftcj;d, Ja. 121, J41. 
Armourer, F. 152. 
Armftrqng, iio. 
*Arn^ftrong, 103. 
ArinOrong, C. 17, 159. 

*Arm{lrong, G. 34, 135, 
Armftrong, Ja. 17, 160. 
Armftrong,3.96,i 1 i,i6q. 
AriTiflrong, Rt. 166. 
Armftrong, T. J 7, iGo, 

Arnold, 68, 110. 
Arnold, C. 79. 
Arnold, Jo, 17, 218, 222» 
*Arnold,T. 85, 137. 
Arnold and Charlcii, 76. 
Arnott, Rt. 146. 
Arris, -90. 

Arrot, Ja. 132, 158. 
Arthur, Ja. 157. 
Arthur, N. 17, 61. 
Arbre, Rev. M. P, i^s* 
*Afcanius, Pe, 48, 
Afcott, 63. 
*Aa2, J. 114. 
Ailiby, Shu. 42. 
Aflaworth, 88. 
Aikew, J. 159. 
Afkham,T. 122. 
Afpinall, 1,19. 
*Aabury, J. 109, 140. 
A{lle,T. 42. 
*Athal!n, 201. 
*Athill, S.By. 140, 170, 
AthiH, W. 90. 
Athill, Ja. 141. 
Athill and Cplman, 90, 
Atholl, D. of, 42, 
Atkins, C, 93. 
Atkuas, Ja, 1^9. 
Atkins, W. 162. 
Atkinfon, 29, 73, 220, 
Atkinfon, C. 119. 
Atkinfon, Ja. 17, 119. 
■ Atkinfon, j. 115. 
Atkinfon, J. 85, 85. 
Atkinfon, Ra. 158. 
Atkinfon, Rd, 59. 
Atlvinfon,W. 17, 28, 123, 
Attenburrow, J. 17,96. 
At wood, G. 42. 
Atwood, H. :>7, 105. 
*Avinent, 192. 
*Avo,E.ii. ; 

*AubentQn, d', 197. 
Aubert, Al. 42. 
*Aiibry, 191, 194. 
Auchinleck, Ja. 152^ 
^Audirac, 194, 194^ 
Audley, Rd. 219. 
Auflance, C d*, 20I. 
Aurivillius, C. 177. 




Au^in, Ad. T35. 
Auftin,T. 35. 
Aufiin, W. 102. 
Auterac, 89. 
^Awfiter, J. 27, 170. 
Aycrigg, B. 118. 
Aylesford, E, of, 42. 
Aylett, C. 17, 52.' 
Ayres, Rd. 126. 
Ayric, Rd. 171. 
*Azyr, Fe.V.' d', 142, 189, 

190, 194. 
^■Azzoguidl, 191, 


Bablngton^W. 17,32. 
Bachellor and Tenner, 113, 
^Bacher, Ph. Al. 189. 
Backler, Soth. 29. 
Bacon, F. 119. 
Bacon, H. 123. 
Bacot, J. Ste. 27. 
Bacot, W. 27. 
Baddeley, Ja. 152. 
*Badcley, J. 66, 138. 
B.addy, Rt. 122. 
Baden, Marq. of, 42. 
Badger, 118. 
^■Badia, 203. 
Badllv, ii8. 
*Baget, H. J. 189. 
^^Bagge, C.El. 7,91, 139. 
Bagnal, Cap. 117. 
Bagnall, J. 42. 
Bagot, W. 136. 
Bagfliaw, W. j^. 
Bagfliot, W. 125, 
Bagfter, W. 27. 
Bailey, 29, 88, 112, 223. 
Bailey, J. 88. 
Bailey, J. Hor. 92, 
Bailleron, 195. 
Baillie, Dd. 1,58. 
Baillie, M. 226. 
Baillie, W. 149. 
Bailly, 198. 
Bainbridge, J. 65. 
Bainbri-dge, T. 18. 
Baines, Al. 156. 
Baines, Art. 156. 
Baines, J. 122, 123. 
Baines, W. y6. 
*Baird, Ja. 129. 
Baird,Wa. 161. 
*Bait, 146, 
Baker, 57, 111, 113. 
Baker, G. 107. 
Baker, Ja. 29. 
Pal\erj Ja.Fow. 139. 

Baker, J. 29. 

Baker, jo. 156. 

*Baker, Sir G. 6, it, 11, 

42, 191. 
*Baker, T. 9i), 139, 221, 

Baker, W. ly. 
Baker and Son, 73. 
-*Ba]dinger, E. G'. i8i, 
Balduc, 112. 
Baldwin, Rr. 42, 
Bale, C. 28. 
Balfour, A. 160. 
Balfour, F. 137. 
*Balfour, T. 149. 
Ball,Dd. 29. 
Bal!,M. T59. 
Ball, Rd. 33. 
Ball, S. 135. 
Ball, W. 26, 33, 13S. 
Ballantine, Nin. 27. 
Ballantine, W. 59. 
Ballantyne, Ja. 138. 
Ballard, C. 156. 
Ballard, J. 118. 
*BalIardy_, 192. 
Ballatyne, Ja. i^g^ 
Balleny, Seb. 162. 
Ballvaird, J. 161. 
^Bancroft, E. 42, 192. 
*Bang, Fr. L. 174, 175, 
Bankhead, W. 137, 
Banks-, J. 161.. 
Banks, Sir Jo. 42, 130. 
*Bannerman, Al.143,157. 
Bannetyne, W. 159. 
*Baradatj 192. 
*Barailon, 191, 
Barbaut, 196. 
Barber, 1 \^. 
*Barberet, 191. 
Barbiano and Belgiolofo, Bartlett, 71. 

L. C. of, 42. Barton, 155. 

Barbpr, Con. 164, 168 
Barclay, 146. 


Barker, J^jun. 115, 
Barker, Jo. 114. 
Barker, Rd. 153. 
Barling, Ph. 17. 
Barlow, 68. 
Barnard, 66, 6y. 
Barnard, Dr. T. Bp. of 

Kii^aloe, 221. 
Barnby, 73. 
Barnes, 62, 1 17. 
Barnes, Rev. T. 8a. 
Barnes, T. 28, 34. 
Barnewall, Rt. 152, 
Barnbam, 91. 
Baron, AI. 138. 
*Baron, Hy. Th. 187. 
Barr, Al. 153. 
Barr, W. 223. 
Barrel!, W. 17. 
Barret, Ja. and Clubbe,- 

Jo. 56. 
Barrett, 52. 
Barrett, W. 106. 
Barrington, Hbn. D, 42. 
Barron, 35. 
Barron, Rev. W. 133, 
Barrow, 29. 
Barrow, J. yy, 82. 
Bartow, Rd, 114. 
Barrow, T. 55. 
Barrow, W. 72, y^, 
Barry, Dd. 161. 
*Barrv, Sir Nat. 142. i6l^ 

i6y, 168. 
*Barry, W. 66. 
Bartclj, gr. 
*Barth, Jo. 178. 
Barthelemi, 198. 
Barthelemy, 48, 
*-Barthes, 190, 194, j^g, 
Bartholomew, 103. 

Barclay, J. 17. 
Bard, S. 137. 
Bardon,B. 166. 
*Barfoth, 177. 
Barife, V, 172, 
Barjew, 64. 
Barjolle, J. B. ll 

Barton, C. 17. 
Barton, Edw. 29, 
Barton, Miles, 84, 
Barton, W. 141. 
Barwick, J. 121, 
*Barvvis, ti6. 
Barwifs, W. 17, 
Ba{kett,S. 64. 
Baflcett, T. and J. 65, 

Barker, 70, 91, joj^, 222, Bafs, Rt. 152. 

Baflan, Al. 759. 

Baffet, Rd. 72. 

Bateman, 123. 

Bateman, T. 219, 223 
l^arker, J. (en. 11^, l^ates, 52. 

Barker, Sir Rt. 4*. 
Barke^.J. 17, 97, 122, 

ifT, 161. 


Z$0 4 

Bates, E. J 25. 

Bates, Rt. 97. 

Bath, 29. 

Bath, Her. 27. 

J^atham, 220. 

Batley, H. 17, 

Batr, E. 103. 

Batt jfcombc, 29. 

*33tty, 117. 

Batty, 120. 

Batty, jun. 12^. 

Batty, "R. 141. 

Batty, R. B. 120. 

■^Baux, 191. 

Bawtree, 68. 

Baxendale, Jofiah, 219, 

?. 22. 
Baxter, J. 136. 
Baxter, Rt. 162. 
Bayfield, B. 91. 
*Bayford,Dd. 17,43,113. 
Bay ley, 11 1,. 222. 
Bayley, T. B. 43, 82. 
Bay lie, W. 109. 
■*Bay]ies, W. 8, 129. 
Bay! is, Ban. 94. 
Baylis, Nat. g^. 
Baylifs, Jo. ilS, 
*B3yly, J. 313. 
Bayly, J. 13^. 
Bayly, Wol. I52, 21 9. 
*Bayne, Sta. js>o, 139. 
Baynham,W. 18. 
Bay ton, Ja. 166. 
Beacher, 120. 
Beale, J 03. 
Beak, Jo. 162. 
Beaky, 93. 
Bean, 111. 
3eauchamp 9nd Trown* 

Jow, 223. 
Beaufort, L. de, 48, 
jSeaufoy, H. 43. 
Beatrmont, 29, tog. 
Beaumont, Am. 17. 
Beamjjont, Del. 28. 
Beacimont, Ham. J52. 
^eauniont, J., 

BcatJTBont, R. 6a. 
Beaiurain, 91. 
Bucket, ^, 
Becker, J. 77, 158* 
B?ckef,.W. 77. 
Bccl^et, Wil. 161. 
Berkley and Son, 70. 
Becku'itb, Ray. j^x. 

N D E X. 

Beddome, B. 139. 
Bedford, Nat. 160. 
Bedford, W. 118. 
Bedwell, 6g, 6g. 
Bee, New, Lab. 27, 
Beech, 60, J09. 
Beech, T. 86. 
Beedlcs, N. 126. 
*Beerenbroek, Arn. 130, 

140, J92. 
Beete, Jo. 27. 
Beetenfon, J04. 
Beetenfon gnd Son, 104. 
Beeterfon, in. 
Behrers, 175. 
Belch ler, J. 16, 4g. 
*BeIen,Vander, 186. 
Bell, 73, J 18, 122, 145, 

J ''2. 

Bell, Al.' 162. 

3ell, B. 131, 133, 138, 

Bell, Dd. Wake, 161, 
*Bell,G. 81,82,84,139. 
Bell, G. 141. 
Bell, Ja. J8. 
Bell, J. J40, 1^5, 162, 

Bell, Jo. 17, 53, 
Bell, Pe. 17. 
Bel], Rd. 155. 
*Be]VSirT. 164. 
Bell, W. 122, 219. 
Bellamy, 88. 
T^ellamy, W. 63, 
Bellas, Rt. yy. 
Bel lew, J. 61. 
BcIIrnCThanj, Ji2. 
Bclh% Nat. 160. 
Belt, Rt. 119. 
Beluga, Ber. de, 43. 
Bendy, 91. 
Benge, 113. 
Bengough, Ed. 17. 
Bennet, 102. 
Bennet, Dl. 17, 
Bennet, E. 60. 
Bennet, J. 60, 159. 
Bennet, Rev. J. 82. 
Bennet, Vine, Ja. 112, 
Bennet, Wea. 73. 
Bennett, 57, 112. 
Bennett, J. 140. 
Benneit, Rd. H. AI. 43. 
Bennett, S. 87^ 

Benoifl, Pe. i5o. 
Benfon,J.W. 26, 
Bent, 29, 
Bent, Ja. 109. 
Bcntham, 87. 
Benton, 87. 
Benton, S. 136. 
Benwell, T. 72. 
Eenynge, Rt. 166. 
*Bercher, Pe. 187, 201.' 
Berdmore, T. 11, 17, 31, 
Berentt, 142. 
*Berg, de, 192. 
*Berger, 181. 
*Berger, J. J. de, 174, 

*Bergius, Pe. J. 48, 176, 
Bergman, Sir Tor. 48, i -j-/, 
*Bergftrath, J. 176. 
Beridge,J. 138. 
Berjew, J. 3o6.- 
^Berkeley, J. le F. van> 

*Eerkenhout, J. 105, 222. 
*Bernard, du, 191. 
*Bernard, F. 187. 
Bernard, Pe. 17, 72, i^?, 
Berne, J. i63. 
Berrldge, J. 60. 
Berry, 29, 103. 
Berthed, 185. 
*Bertholet, 189. 
Berthoud, Fer. 48- 
Bcrtier, Jo. Ste. 48. 
*Bertram, AI..I7, i£|, 
*Be{lon, 87. 
*Betheder, 191. 
Bethune, 150. 
Bethune, G. i37. 
Betton, 225. 
Betts, 51. 
Bevan, Ja. 124. 
Bevan,Rd. 125. 
Bevan, Tim. 26. 
Bevcr, 112, 219. 
Bever, Rt. 17, 218, 223, 
Beveridge, T. 136. 
Beverftock, 70. 
Beunie, de, 185. 
Bew, G. 82, 84. 
Bewly, W. ^1. 
Beynon, Rice, 17. 
*BiancardT, 202. 
Bickerfteth,H. Il5. 
BJckciton, 78, 


Bidlake.W. 18. 
*Bidle, W. 52. 

Bigg, Jo. 59- 
Biggs, 53. 
Big{bv,.J. 96, 110. 
Bill, 82, 141. 
Billam,F. 121. 
Biilam, J. 140. 
Billard, 195. 
Billinghara and Cowley, 

. 56. 
Bindlev, B. and W. 11^, 
Bindley, W. 17. 
*Einns, Jon. 79, 80. 
Birch, 108, 114. , 
Birch, J. 17, 82, no. 
Birch, N. 18. 
Birch and Son, 113. 
Birch and Wickham, 112. 
Bird, 93. 
Bird, Ad. 158. 
Bird, Harrop, 158. 
Bird, W. 17, 66. 
Birdrall,W. 122. 
Birdwood, Rr. 138, 
Birket, W. 38. 
Birkhead, H. 59. 
Birks, T. 89. 
Birnie, J. 139. 
Birtles, 103. 
Birtwhiftle, J. 219, 
Bi/hop, 109. 
Bifhop,AI. 161. 
Bifhop, E. 154. 
Bifhop, Rt. 152. 
Bifhop, T. j6, jj. 
Bifhop, Sir W. 76. 
Bifhop, W. 152. 
Bifhoprick, Rt. 119, 
*Bifret, C. 121, iqr.. 
Biflon, W. 159. 
Black, J. 159. 
*Black, Jo. 128, 130,133, 

138, 14S, 225. 
♦Black, W. 11. 
Blackaller, 51. 
*Blackburne,T. 139. 
*Blackburne, W. 65. 
Blackman, J. 114. 
BIackman,W. 112. 
Blackman and Eyks, 117. 
Blackmore, W. 17. 
Blackftone, yj. 
Bladderwick, 70. 
Blagden, 106, 113. 
*BIagden, C. 11, 43» ^S^, 

Blagg, 96. 
Blain, Jo. 58* 

N D E X. 

Blainey, Art. 104. 
Blair, Ja. 137. 
Blair, Prim. 160. 
Blair, Rt. 159. 
Blair, T. 149. 
Blake, 51. 
*Blake, A. 164. 
Blake, H. 140. 
Blakeway, Pe. 103. 
Blamire, T. 18, 218, 221. 
Biamire,W. 159. 
*Bland, Rt, 11, 35, 50. 
Bland, T. 97. 
Blandford, 6^. 
*BIane,Gil. 10, 134, 138, 

Blegborough, H. 122. 
^^Blenkingfcp, 52. 
Blicke, C. 17, 31, 
Bligh, C. i6i. 
Blifs,T. 26. 
BlilTet, C. 26. 
BlifTetandFawlefjT. ill. 
*BIithe,E. 151. 
Blizard, Jonas, 170. 
BIizard,W. 17,33,50. 
Blome, Brick. 157. 
Blount, J. 17, 114. 
Bloxham, 116. 
Bloxhani, R. 153. 
Bloxham, Rd. 114. 
Bloxham, Rt. 140. 
Bloxom, 86. 
*Blumenhach, 180. 
Blundell, 80, 115. 
Blundell, Rd. 79. 
Blunt, 70, 125. 
*Blythe, 88. 
Boardman, 120. 
Boate, Red. 166. 
Boaz, 58. 
Bodker, Rt. 35. 
Body, Rt. 123. 
Boddy, 29. 

*Bceck, Sir Ab. 176, 191. 
Boehmer, 195. 
*Bogue, G. 93. 
Bogue, J. 158. 
Boifhere, de la,. 192. 
Bolger, J. fen. 17. 
Bolger, J. jun. 18. 
Boll, G. 18. 
Bolton, T. 6-/. 
Bolton, W. fen. 121. 
Bolton,W. jun. 121,219. 
Bond, 51, 55, 73, 84. 
Bond, J. 158, i6l, 
*JBonafos, 190, 


Bonaker, S. 118. 
Bondaroy, Foug. de, 133, 
Bonell, 191. 
*Bonioli, J, 203, 
*Bonn, A. 184'. 
Bonnet, C. 48. 
Bons, Ja. 144. 
*Bonte, 191. 
Bonython,T. 57. 
* onzi, 191. 
Boodle, J. 66. 
Boon, J. 152, 
Boon, W. 89. 
Boorne, yi. 
Booth, B. 43. 
Booth, Ja. 17, 137. 
Booth, Mon. 17. 
Booth, Rd. 123. 
Bootle, Rd. W. 43. 
Borck, 51. 
*de la Bordere, 194, 
Bordier, 220. 
*Borie, Paf. 187. 
Borland, Rt. 171. 
Borlafe, J. B. 57. 
BorIare,Wa. 57. 
Born, Ign. a, 48. 
Borradaiie, Jo. 17, ei?, 

Borrowman, W. 151. 
Borthwick, G. 133. 
Borton, 29. 
Bofcowick, Rr. 48. 
*Bofc, i8i. 
Bosfield, 87. 
^Bofquillon, E. M. 142, 

Boftock, J. 137. 
*JBofvile, J. 140. 
Bofvile, J, 125. 
Bofwell, Ja. 137. 
Boteler, fen. y^. 
Boteler, W. jun. 75. ^ 
Boteogle, T. 103, 
Bothmar, W. 17. 
Bovcard, C. 159. 
*Boucher, 191, \^^, 
Boucher, 193. 
Bouchier, T. 140. 
*Bouchout, van. 186. 
*Boulfey, 192. 
Bouigue, Barth. 17. 
Boulter, 120. 
Boulter, G. n8. 
Bouihon, 186. 
Bouquett, If. 27. 
Bourgenod, 799. 
♦Bourru, Edme, CI. 188. 



Bouni, W. 140. 
Bouffelin, 193. 
Boutillier, Rev^ Fatli.i«)2. 
*Bouyait,SirMi.Ph. 187. 
Bouvier, 192. 
Bow, W. 149. 
Bowclen, 104. 
*Bov.-dler, T. 10, n, 38, 

43, 139- 
Bowell, Ja. 78. 
Bowen, E. i6i» 
Bower, E. 120. 
Bower, J. 123, 124. 
Bowes, M. 122. 
Bowes, Rt. 166, 168, 169. 
Boweyt, J. 170. 
Bowling, 78. 
Box, W. 28. 
Boyd, G. Fr. 155. 
■*Boyer, 192. 
Boys, 29, 29. 
Boys, (en. 64. 
Boys, jun. 64. 
Bovs, W. 17, 77. 
Boyfe,W. 158. 
Boyton, Ja. 167, 169, 
Bracee, Upp. 158, 
Bradbury, T, 138. 
Bradford, 63. 
Bradford, W. 159. 
Bradgate, 109. 
Bradgate, Gil. 115. 
Bradley, 70, 73. 
Bradley and Wright, 121. 
Bradney, Jo. '26, 27. 
Braft, Rt. 116. 
Brag?, Jo. 59. 
Bragg, W. 160. 
Bragg aad Son, 6i» 
Braggc, 64. 
Braid, W. 155. 
Braidley, J. 59. 
Brambilla, Al. 178, \^^. 
Brand, ^"j . 

Brand, Hollis,T. 43. 
*Brand, J, 178. 
Brand, T. 17. . 
Brande,W. 62. 
Brande, Aug.Her.i t, S26. 
Brandenburgh, Margrave 

of, 42. 
Brander, Guf. 43. 
B rand Ford, W. 17. 
Brandifli, 114. 
Brandifh.Jo. fen. and jun. 

*Brandreth, Jo. 79, 80, 

Braiifon, J. *3. 

Brafdor, 196. 
Braiihwaite, Dl. 43. 
Bray, ^-j. 
Bray, F. 104. 
Bray, J. 1,59. 
Breach, W. 17. 
Brcquignv, de, 198* 
Brcdall, F. 28. 
*Bree, R. 92, 92. 
Brenan, 84. 
Brcreton, 70. 
Brereton, Ow. Sal. 43. 
*Breton, 192. 
*Erctonnieres, F. de, 192. 
Brett, 108. 
•^Brett, C. 164. 
*Breville, la, 189. 
Brewer, j 16, 117. 
Brewer, J. 126. 
Brewerton, J. 119. 
Brian, Ja. 17. 
Brian, Jof. 17. 
Brickenden, 108. 
Brickenden, J. 137. 
Brick well, T. 52. 
Bridge, 67, 107, io8. 
Bridge, Ste. 107. 
Bridges, 1 15. 
Bridges, C. J^. 
*Bridges, Dl. 120.. 
Brie, 115. 
*de Brieude, 191. 
Brigden, E. 43. 
Brigham, \V. 219, 

s^isgs J. 17- 

Briggs, Row. 84. . 
Bright, 71.. 
Bright, E. 161. 
Brimble, 106. 
*"BrinTaud, Simon, An. 

Biingloe, 91. 
Briftane, j. 135. ^ 
Brifcall, ^^. 
Brifcoe, 155, 
BrifcoCj Rt, 17, ^'], 
Brifcoe, fen. 67. 
Bri(?ol, 112. 
Briftol, Fr. E, of, 43. 
Briftpwe, 102. 
Briftow, T. 97. 
Briftow, Uriah, 27. 
Briflowe, Ja. 64. 
Briftowej-T. 157. 
BritAin, 84. 
Britain and Hall, 109. 
ErQck, Jef. 96. 

45; 1^5; ^V- . 

*Bro({ie, 145. 
Frodie, A. i6«. 
Brodie, J. 156. 
Brodie, Rd. and Gillcfple^ 

Urq. 172. 
*Brodbelt, F. R. 170. 
Brodhurfl, Ja. 136. 
Brodhurft and William-' 

■ fon, ^^. 
Brodie, Ja. 131. 
Brogden, B. 17. 
Bromfeild, C. 17, 33,218, 
Bromfeild, Ja. 26. 
Bromfeild, W. 11,17, 33*^ 
*BroiTifield, Rt. 9^ 11, 33, 

Bromley, "^^ j6, 108. 
Bromley, Ste. yg. 
Brook, Ja. Man. 17. 
Brook,T. 171. 
Brooke, 120. 
Brookes, 104, 
Br«6kes, J. 17, 35. 
Brookes, Jof. 18, 
Brookes, Rt. 17, 153. 
Brookham, R. 70. 
Brooks, 66. 
Brotherfon, 31. 
Brotherfon, L. 139. 
*i3rotonne, J. C. de, iSo, 
Brougham, J. 119. 
*,3 roughton, Art. 166, 140* 
Broughton, C. 17. 
Broughton, W. 136. 
Brouillard, 195. 
^Brouflbnet, Aug. 43,143* 
♦Brouffonet, F. 199. 
Brown, 92, 92, 104, ilOj 

*Brown, C. 04, 94, 124. 
Brown, C. 136^ 
Brovs-n, F. 140, 160, 170. 
*Brown, G. 152. 
Brown, G. 219, 224. 
Brown, Guf. 138. 
Brown, Guf. Rd. 138. 
*Br,own, H. 64. 
Brown, Ja. i6i. 
*Brown, J. 132. 
Brown, J. 96, i£i, lo/* 
Brown, J. A. Ph. 133. 
Brown, Rd. 69. 
Brown, Rt. 62. 
Brown, T. 27, 106, 123^- 
*Brown,Tip. 65, I40. 
Brown, \V. 43, 106, ii^j 

138, 149' M^' ^6^' 
Browne, E. 18, 29. 


Brov/ne, F. 17. 
Browne, G. 219, 224. 
^Browne, J. 123. 
Browne, J. 76. 
Browne, If, Haw. 42. 
Browne, Rd, 17. 
Browne, T. 171. 
Browne, W. 148. 
Browning, 107. 
Brownlow, Lord, 218. 
Brownly, Mar. 166. 
*Brownrigg, W. 43, ,59, 

^ruce, 145. 
Bruce, Al. 131. 
Bruce, x'Vrch. 158. 
Bruce, H. 144. 
Bruce, Ja. 43. 
ijBruckficld, F. 60. 
*Bruckman, 180. 
Bruhl,J. M. C. 48. 
*Bramentlia], Sir Mi. M. 

GC, 181. 

Brumwcl!, \V. j8. , 
*Brun, 192, 199. 
Brunei, Fed. 204. 
*Bruni, Jo. L. 48. 
Brunnick, M. F. 17.5. 
Brunfwick, Fer. D. of, 

Brunwin, 66. 
*Brunyer, 191, 193. 
Brufaud, Jo. 17, 
Bruton, 29. 
Bryan, H. 139. 
BrVant, G. 161. 
Bryant, Ja. 107. 
Brvar.t, J. 171. 
B:yant, Rt. 105. 
Bryant, W, 152. 
Brydone, Pat. 43, 134. 
Brymner. Al. 151. 
Buccleugh, D. of,. 130, 

133. 224. 
Buchan, Dd, E. of, 43, 

*Bachan, W. it, 130, 

- 137- 
Buchanan, Ja. T. 161. 
Buchanan, J. 83. 
Buck, 29, go, 
*Buck, Rt. 97, 140. 
Bucke, N. Gy. 
Bucke, Nat. 110. 
Buckenham, 90. 
*Buckham, Ja. g6^ 223, 

Buckknd, Ja. 6a. 
IJuckknd, \y. /8, 

N D E 

Buckland, W. Lu. 70. 
*Buckley, G. 78. 
Buftford, E. 139. 
Budd, 70. 

*Budd, Rd. 6, 14, 31, 
■ 138. 
Budd, W 137. 
Buddicom, 80. 
Buddicom, Rt. 80. 
Buffon, G. L. le C. C. dc, 

48, 197. 
*Bugo, Rt. 77. 

Bulcock, Q2. 

Bulcock, W. 1 59. 
Bulkl^y, Ph. 28. 
Bullcock, J. 17. 
E.llen, J. 159. 
Buller, Rd. 137. 
Bui ley, 102. 
Bulley and Ring, 52. 
Bullivant, 93. 
*BulIock, W. 60. 
Bullough, V/. 1 20. 
Bunny and Richards, 51. 
Bunting, 69. 
Burbery, J, II4. 
Burbridge, 86. 
Burch, G. 29. 
B;»:eau, Ja. ij: 
*Burchail, Ja. 84. 
*Burford, 102. 
Burford, jun; 1C2. 
^Barges, J. 6, 11, 33. 
Burgefs, W. 17. 
Burke, 170. 
Burke, Ed. 172. 
Burkett, 122. 
Burkitt, T. 29. 
Bui-Iand, 69. 
Burlton, Ph. 152. 
Burman, T. 115. 
*Burmann, J. i8d. 
*Burmann, N, L^ 184. 
Burn, J. 27,95. 
Burnet, B. 121. 
Burnet, T. 136. 
Burnett, T. 27, 66. 
Burney. C. 43. 
Burodc, J. 161. 
BurofTe, T. 17. 
Burr, J. 74. 
Burrell, 121. 
Burroughs, W. 69. 
Burrov/, G. 140. 
Burrow, Rt. 43. 
*Burrowes, G. 164, iSc). 
Burrows, S. 166. 
Bitfry, J. 113. 

X. ' 23s 

Burncm, 10^. 
Eurt, Ad. 18. 
Burr, J. 159. 
■"Burtin, 191. 
' Burton, Rd. 123, 
Burton, Rt, 119, 
Burton, W. i^^. 
Biiry, BioT], 27. 
Bufby, 51. 

Bu. field, J. At. 119. 
*Buffy, F. T. d.-, i83, 

Butcher, J. ly. 
Bate, E. of, 130, 133. 
Buiini, 192. 
Butler, 67, 117. 
Butler, Corn. 17. 
Butler, Ja. 17. 
Butler, Lucas and Paulstt, 

Burt, 117, 117. 
Butt, J. M. 136. 
Butter, 52. 

*Butter,W. 11, 129, 236. 
Burterfield, Ja. 29. 
Battet, 192. 
Butts, S. de, 141. 
Buxton, 60. 
Buxton, E. 60. 
^Buxton, G. 43, y6, 136, 
Byam, 69. 
Byam, Rd. 139. 
Bydie, T. 18. 
Byres, Ja. 133. 

Cnbbell, G. 28; 
*Cabbc]l,J. 107, 
Cable, 84. 
Cable, S. 18. 
Cauby, 105. 
Cadb'v, W. 18. 
•^Caddell, 17Q. 
*Cadogan, W. 6, il, 151. 
Cahill, M. 154. 
Cahuac, J. 29, 35. 
*Caille, Cla. An. 142,189, 

Caird, T. 160. 
Cairncrofs, A. 18, 155. 
Calcut, 119. 
*CaIdani, Mar. An.L.48j 

191, 203. 
Calderwcod, Lieut. Col. 

W. 4?^. 
Caldwall, Sir Ja. 43. 

Caldwall, T. 29. 
Caldwell, Pd. 152. 


?34 X 

Caley, F. iS. 
-Caley, 'F. fen. 120. 
Calev, F. jun. 120. 

Can; J. 43- 
Callam. Ja. 161. 

CaJliren,H.i75, 175. 
Call ov/, 102. 
Calvert, Pe. 40. 
Calvert, W. iJ), 218. 
"•Calza, 203. 
Cam, 97. 
Cam, J. 72. 
Cam, T. 72. 
Cam, W. 72. - 
CariiClen, Lord, 43, 
Cameron, 94. 
Camero!!, C 117, 138. 
Campbell, 171, 171. 
Campbell, Al. 64, 140. 
t>ampbell,Maj. Gen. 225. 
^Campbell, Arch. 108. 
CampbeijjArch. 100, 138. 
"^Cainpbell, Dd. 78. 
Cimpbell, Dd. 2<}, 158. 
CuTij-bvill, Don. 1,31, 
*Campbell, F. 72. 
Campbell, Ja. 140. 
^Campbell, ]. I44, 
Campbell, T. 43, 105. 
Campbell; ^0.^36^ 
CHiTipcll, Lach. 14 1 . 
«Camper,Pe. 48,130,133, 

183, 191, i9o- 
Campion, J. 93. . 

*Camplin,Jo. 79, 80, 139. 
Canuon, 113. 
Cannon, Fat. 68. 
''Canvan.'', Pe, ",43. 
^'cCanni, 191.' 
Capcl, Rd; 18. 
Caque, 105. 

CaraccioJi, Mar. D.- 48. 
Caram.anico, Pr. of, 22:. 
^Carburi, j.B. C de, 48, 

^30, 133. 193. 194. 

^94; ^95- 
''Parburi, 203. 

^CarcafTone, 192. 
Cardinale, 66. 
C^rkeet, 56. 
Carlos, 71. 
*Carlyle, G. .58. 
Carmarthen, M. of, 43. 
Carmichael, Dd..i37. 
Carmichael, Ja. 150. 
Carmichael, J. Sm. 137. 
jCarnac, J. 43. 
Carnarvon, T. 18, 76. 
jCarne, W. 105. 





Carnegv, Stew. 162. 
Carpenter, 106. 
Carpenter, Ja. 159. 
Carpenter, Rd. 64. 
Carpenter, T. 166. 
Curr, 94. 
Carr, Chr, 157. 
Carr, T. 139. 
Carr, W. 120. 
*Carrere, 190. 
*Carrere, Jo. F. 189. 
*Carreri, 193. 
Carruthers, Rt. ^4. 
Carfan, Rt. 18, 
G-irfon, C. 152. 
Carter, 69, 85. 
Carter, H. 135. 
Car(er, Melf. 78, 
Carter, T. 219. 
Carter, Tyr. 18, 160. 
Carter, \V. 75, 140. 
Carter, W. jun. 75. 
Cmiedae, J. 18. 
*Cartledge, Jo. 120. 
Gartwright, 103, 104. 
Carver, 7. 14 1. 
Carver, jo. Bux, 18, 89. 
Carysfort, Lord, 43. 
Calemenr, T. 219. 
Caiiaj^neiix, lOQ. 
LaOairs, }■ 1 55. 
Callcll,\V. 18, 90. 
Caftialione, ]. 48." 
CaRleman, 112. 
CafTli^, J. io5. 
CafUeton, Sir \V. 91. 
Cafpari, loo. 
CaiTinld^Thury, Qffif.48. 
Cafiro, Jac. de, 19. 
Catchpoole, 92. 
Caic!iffe,'Vv. 63. 
Cater, Rd, 29. 
Cater, T. 2. 
Cathrick and Son, 6^. 
Cattell, 105. 
Cavallo, Tib. 43. 
Cave, S. 140. 
CiVe, W. 120. 
Cavendifh, H. 43. 
Cavendifli, Lord, 43. 
*Caulet, J. II, 139, 217. 
CauIField, Vv^ade, To. 43. 
*Caumont,P.. 48. 
Caufer/J. 18, 118. 
Cauflin, 185. 
Caw,T. 138. 
Cavv'ley, ]. 6^. 
Cawlcy, Rt. 27. 
Cawle)', T. 15^. 

Cau'thorn, 55, 

Cay ley, 122. 
Gazand, G. 43. 
Cclelia, P. 48. 
*Cezan, L. Al. de, j88, 
*Chabr.rt, 192. 
Chabert, Jof. Ber. Mar, 

de, 48. 
Chaffy, Ja. 18, 33. 
Chalmer, W. 131, 136, 
*^Chalmers, W. 143. 
Chalmers, W. 138. 142, 
Chajoner, Gu'.h. 158. 
Chamberlain, Need. 113. 
Chambers, 90, 1 13. 
Chambers, E. 18. 
^Chambers, |. 66. 
Chambers, Rd. .8. 
Chambers, Sir \V. 42. 
*Chamhers, Vv/". 120, ■* 
Chambers, \V. 122. 
■*Chambon, 190. 
Champney, W. 119. 
*Ghamferu, J.F.J., 

189, 150. 
Chance, J. 118. 
Chancy, Ku. 123. 
Chandler, B. and V7. 75. 
Chandler, G. i8, 32,221. 
Cliandler, If. 138. 
"Chandon, 193. 
Chap, T43. 

Ghapclle, J. B. de la, 48. 
Ciiaplin andMapletoft, 66. 
Ch::pman, 29, 93- 
Chapman, G. iS. 
Chapman, J. and Smith, 

Cnapman, R. 157. 
*Chjapman,S. 8, 111. 
Chapman, W. 107. 
*Chaptal, ig-2. 
Charleuiont, E. of, 43. 
*Charies, 191. 
Charles, G. 144. 
Charlton, 29. 
Charlton, J. S. 18, U3. 
^Charlton, R. lo^: 
Charlton, R. 68. 
Charron, 19,5. 
Charters, W. 136. 
Chafmorc, J. 113. 
Chaftanier, 220. 
Chaflclier, Marq. du, 1 86. 
CIMellier, P. M. 1-8. 
*Chattillon, 200. 
Chatfield, 113, 224. 






Chavaff-, N.W. ic2, 219. 
Chavignat, 193. 
Cliaulnes, Due de, 48. 
*de la Chaurac, 193. 
Chaupin, 193. 
ChaufFepierres, Coq. dtj 

Chawner, 109. 
Cheefej 72. 
Cheefe, J. 118. 
Cheefment, Rr, i^g* 
Chectham, T. 86. 
Cheney and Son, 87. 
Chcrington, J. 18, 151. 
Chcftire, 86. 
*Chefnf'aa, No. A. J. B. 

CheRer, J. T07. 
ChefterHcld, E.of,.43. 
Chefterton, T. 91. 
Chefion, Rd.Br. 43,68.- 
Chefton, S. V^. 219,222. 
Chevalier, Abbe, 185. 
Chevalier, J. 48. 
Chevalier, Pe. 187. 
Chevne, 29. 
Chevne, J. 131. 
*Cnibour?, iQi. 
C.likl, 74. 
Cliinchin, T. 64. 
Chifholrn, 147. 
Chifl-iolrrij Ja. 172. 
Chifliolme, Colin, 155. 
Chi'liolme, T. 1545 
Chillet, 87. 
Chittenden, ic6, 
Chittenden; J. 18. 
*Ghittick, H. II. 
*Chittick, H. jun. 11. 
Chopart, 196. 
Chorley, E. 140. 
*ChoiO/, Soul.^de, 193. 
ChriOian VII. 42. 
Chriftie, Cum. 139. 
Chrifiie, }44. 
Church, Qi . 
Cimrch, G. 162. 
Church,' T. 18, 89, 
Churchill, 29, 107. 
Churchill, Jo. 136, 
^Cigna, J. F. 48. 
C hirac, 194. 
Clanibry, Gaul, de, 194. 
Clampet, G. 136. 
*Claphaiii, 133. 
Clapham, W. 139. 
Clapperten, W. 145, 
Clapton, T. 18, 
Slarfj I J .5, 

Clare, Meir. 116. 

Clare, Pe. 18. 

Clare, P.t. 18. 

Clark, 29, Gg^ 104. 

Clark, E. jy. 

Clark, G. 18. 


Clark, J. 62. 

Clark, Rd. 160, 5^19, 

Clark, T. 18, 88. 

Clark, W. 18, 121. 

*Ciarke, 88.. 

Clarke, 62, 86, 91, 92, 1 70= 

*C!arke, jun. 88. 

Clarke, C. ill. 

Clarke, Gab. 166. 

Clarke, G. I54, 161. 

Clarke, Ja. 149. 

Clarke, J. 18, 6x, 62, i52j 

Clarke, T. 64. 
Clarke andBlackmore, 62. 
Clarfon, 102. 
Claveland, J. 18. 
Claveland, W. 29. 
Claufe, T. 75, 
*Clauron, 133. 
Clayton, J. 18, 89. 
C lay ton, Rd. 85. 
Clayton, T. 136. 
Claxton, F. 140. 
Claxton, J. 115. 
Cleave, 67. 
Cleefeley, Ste. 65. 
Clegg,Alh. 82. 
*C]eghorn, G. 142, 164, 

165, 191. 
Cleghorn, Rr. 141. 
Cleghorn, W. 140. 
Cleghorne, W. 13,5. 
Cleland,W. 18, ij4.' 
Clement, Rt. 29. 
Clements, Pe. 219. 
Clements, Ev. 138. 
Clcobury, W. i^. 
*Clerc, ' Barth. Tou. le,- 

Clerk, Ld. Juflice, 224; 
Clerk, Dd. 135. 
Clerk, J. F. 141. 
*Clerk, T. 10, 139, i^i. 
Clerk, T. 139. 
*Clerke, J. 6, ill. 
Clerke, T. 65. 
Clifton, B. 137. 
Clifton, ]ii. 75. 
Cline, H. 18, 34,50,218, 


£ 2 

Clitfome, J. 108. 
Cloak, Dd. 57. 
*Clohcrv, Pa.Gl. 6,S5' 
*CIo{ry,S. 164. 
*Cloture,le B. de la, 190. 
Cloudily, Tim. 65. 
Clough;H. Gore, 18. 
Clowes, T. 18. 
Clowes, W. and Son, 77. 
Clubbe, J. no. 
Cluitefb'jck, Ja. 6g,- 
Clytherall, Ja. 137. 
Coates, 29, J 13. 
Coates, Dd. 121. 
Coban, 6^, 63. 
Cobby, Mi. 18, i6r. 
Cobham, Rd. 18. 
Coch.'ane, G. 148. 
*v:ochu, F. F. 1S7, igj. 
Cock, D. 67. 
Cock, Hor. 18, 218. . 
Cock,Jofias, fen.57, T5S. 
Cock, J. jun. 57. 
Cockburn, 221, 225. 
Cockburn, T. 171. 
Cdckburne, W. 162. 
Cockell, W. 122. 
Cockerell, q6. 
Cockerel!, Thp. 123. 
Cockill, W. 122. 
Crj.ckridge, W. 168^. 
Cockton, J. 161. 
Codrington, Rd. 140, 
Codrington, W. 147. 
Codrington and Drake, 61 .' 
Coeurderov, 201. 
Coffinie, 194. 
Cogan, Melf. 03. 
Coghlan,T. 18,89. 
*"Cohauren, 180. 
Cokayne, W. g6. 
Ccflborn, Jo. 152. 
Colborne, Ral. lor. 
Colbourne, 66y 68, 157; 
ColbyV 18, 87. 
Colby, T. 63, 
Cole; 103. 
Cole, H. 18, 115. 
Co?e, Her. 104, 104. 
Cole. MelT. 93. 
Cole, Pen. I'S, 152. 
Cole, W.Flo. j8. 
Colegr3\'e, W. 18. 
Coleman, Fri. yo. 
Coleman, T, i6q, 
Coies, T. io3. 
Coiey, 103. 
Colgate, go, 

J36 1 

Colles, gr. 
Colley, Ja. 62. 
Collier, 78, 102. 
Collier, f. 18,27, 136. 
^CollignoY-., C. 43,53,54. 

*Collin, 178, 192. 
*Collin, H. J. 178. 
CollingTood, 87. 
Collingwood, T. 94. 
Collins, 88, 104, 113, 125. 
Collins, C. 125. 
Collins, T. 62, 138. 
Collins, W. 62. 
Coiiinfon, 53. 
Collinwood, Lu. 6,5. 
Ccllis and Barker, 88. 
Collum, W. 166. 
Coilynns, B. 140. 
Colman, 112. 
Colman, V/, 77. 
Colmer, 107. 
Colmer, J. 107. 
*Colonibier, 192. 
*Colombier, Sir J. 189, 

Colon, 193. 
Colqahoun, 145. 
Colquhoun, Al. i^y. 
Colquhoun,Dd. 148, 150. 
Colquhoun, SirG. 14B. 
*Coltman, G. 18, 139. 
*Colwall, 6^. 
Coivvall, 57. 
Combe, C. 29, 43. 
Combe and Son, 221. 
Combes, Rd. 107. 
^CompaniQ. 192. 
Complin, W. i8. 
Condell, 117. 
*Congalton, C. 131, 135. 
Congalton, Dd. 136. 
Connell, 57. 
Connell, Rd. C^ 219. 
Conner, N. 162. 
Connop, W. 18. 
Connor,' J. 152.^ 
Connor, Pat. 152. 
C.'onqueft, G. J^. 
Conran, G- 29.^ 
Conffiden, Den. i6i-. 
Conflable, |. 18, 89. 
Connable,W. 43. 
C^jn'.vay, 124. 
Cook, 2Q^. 66, 93. 
Cock, Hor. 141. 
*Cook,J. 35, 148, 149- 
Cook,]. 68, J40V 

N D E 5 

Cook, Rd. 60. 
Cook and Reynolds, 89. 
Cooke, 67, 68, lOj. 
Cooke, Dl. 137. 
*Cooke, J. 11. 
Cooke, Jo. 58. 
Cooke, Rt. 26. 
Cookcfay, Hec. 118. 
Cookefley, J. 63. 
^Cooklbn, Am. 85, 140. 
Cookworthy, 1 17. 
Cook worthy, W. jun. 18. 
Coombe, 109. 
Cooper, 57, 1 1 1, iifj, 117, 

120, 219, 223. 
Cooper, B. 83. 
Cooper, G. 18. 
*Cooper, J. H, 36. 
Cooper, ]. 6g. 
Cooper, N. 67. 
Cooper, R. 141. 
Cooper, Rev. W. 43. 
Cooper,W. 18,32,76,85, 

^23, io,7^ 138. 
Coote, Chidlev, 18. 
Coote, W. iB^ 
Cope, 109. 
Cope, T. 120. 
Cope and vSon, 109. 
Copland, Al. 137, 145. 
Coppock, Ja. 56. 
Coquart, 194, 
*Coquerau, C. Ja. L. 189, 

Gc-rbet, 103. 
Corbyn, T. 26. 
Cordoza, Laz. 17^0. 
Corfield, E. 104. 
^Cornctte, 190. 
Corney, 120. 
Corney, Rt. 121. 
Corney, T. 18. 
Cornilius, 181. 
Corniih, Mnafon, 18, 
Cornifh,. Pc. 61. 
Corp, W. 140. 
Corry, J. 141. 
*Corryne, G. 61. 
Corfon, 89. 
Corfon, Ja. 144. 
Cofens, J. 28. 
^Cofnier, L. J. B. 188. 
Cofta, Jo.Nun . da, 19, 2 1 8, 

cle la Cofle, 194'. 
*Cofte, C^. 188. 
*Conc, P. 142. 
CoQc]lo,.T. 166, 
Coicrell, 86. 

Cotefworth, Rd. l&a* 
Cotgrave, W. 161. 
*c oihcnius, 179, 192. 
Cottam, Mi. 121. 
Cotte, Rev. Fath. 191. 
CoitereSl, 104. 
*CoUon, Jo. 189. 
*Cotton, Nat. 73. 
Cotton, Rt, Sal. 43^. 
CottOii,T. Ja. 18. 
Cotton, T.Tr. 27. 
Cotton, W. 109. 
*Cotunni, Dom. 191. 
Coventry, A. 141. 
" Coverley, Nat. 171. 
Couldwell, J. 122. 
-Coulfon, 223. 
Coulter, Hu. 144. 
Coulthard, ?vIor. 58. 
Couper, V/. 18. 
*Cour, la, 7. 
Coureges, Pe. 57. 
*CourvauIt, J. N. M. de 

la, 188. 
*Coutavoz, J. A. i8g. 
Coward, 78. 
Cowell, B. 18,218. 
CowIani,Rd.and Cowlamy 

E.Or. 72. 
Cowley, J. Lo. 43. 
*Co\\-ling, J. 81, '82, 84, 
Cowling, J. 18,85, 138. 
Cowling, Ki\. 139. 
Cowper, 52, J 15. 
Cowper, Earl, 43. 
Cox, Rey. 157. 
Cox, R. 67, Gj. 
Cox, Rd. 107. 
Cox, V/. 18. 
Cox and Dale, 96. 
Cox and Spalding, 93. 
Cox and VVilkinfon, 5^. 
Coxe, Rev. V/. 43. 
Coxhead, G.Sm. 18, 89, 
Coxton, ^G. 
''Coxwell, Ja. 28. 
Coytmore, 57. 
Coytmore, G. 158, 
Cozens, E. 63. 
Crabb,. 109. 
Craddock, ill. 
Craddock, W. 63. 

Craig, ^^r,■lS, 

CraJe, 70. 
Crane, ]a. 27. 
Crane, J. 153. 
Crane, Jo. 118. 
Crane, Staf. 16, 31. 






Cranford, S8. 
Cranmer, 108. 
Craafton, Al, 161. 
Crapp, Pe. 56. 
Crawford, 91. 
Crawford, Chr. 161. 
Crawford, Hu. 91, 158. 
Crawford, J. 18, 18, 35, 

Crawford, Pat. G. 43. 
Creafer, 120. 
Crebbin, T. 158. 
Creighton, Jon. 58, 
*Crell, Lau. 134. 
*Crernoux, 193. 
CrclTwell, T. 102. 
Crew, 125. 

Crew and Harrifon, 56. 
Cribb, W. 18. 
Crichton, Ja. 145. 
Crifpin, 73. ^ 
Croardaile, Pier. 135. 
Crockatt, G. 161. 
Crockatr, Ja. 160. 
* Crocket, 189. 
Croft, Rd. 18. 
Crofton, E. 166, 167. 
Croker, Mi. 152. 
Crolly, Rt. 166. 
Crompton, 66. 
Crompton, J. 78. 
Crookall, 73. 
Crookc, 105. 
Crooks, Al. 136. 
Cropper, S^s- 
Crofby, A. 133. 
Croffe, J. 73. 
Crofsley, 88. 
Crouch, 117. 
*Crowther, Ja. 121, 137. 
Crowther, J. 18. 
Crowther, Rd.i8, 32, 219. 
Crudron, J. 1 19. 
Cruikfhanks, W. 


Crump, 103. 
Crurup, W. 6S, 
Crumpipcn, 185. 
Crufo, F. 91. 
Cruitcnden, H. 112. 
Crutwell, C. 105. 
*Crynes, Ed. 5,- 
Cuckow, 75, 113. 
Cudlipp,J. 219. 
*Cuel, 192. 
CuUen, Arch. 139, 
*Cu]len,E. 164. 

Darapier, W. &6, 33. 
*Dancer, T. 170^ 
Dangear, A. 136* 
Daniel, 73. 
'■^Daniel, Coote, 164. 
Daniel, Rd. 167, 168. 
*Danie!, S. 107. 

*CnIicn,H. 130, 134,138, 

*Cullen,W. 43, 128, 129, 

^ , 133. 137> H^, 191. 

Cullerwoul, 91. 

Cullum, Rev. Sir J. 43. 

Cu]lum,T. Ge. 18, 110, 

Culmer, T. 107. 

Cumberledge, F. Alt. 18. Daniel, S. 139. 

Cuming, Al. 133. Daniel and Mayhew, 77. 

*Cuming, \V. 63, 129. *DanielI, G. 1:16^ 

Cunningham, 106, ^46. Daniell, G. 140. 

Cunningham, Al. 171. Daniell, Rd. 166. 

Cunningham, G.Aug.157. Daniell, T. 57. 

Cunningham, Ja. 159. Danfey, J. 19. 

Cunningham, J. J12, 136, Danfey, 'W. 64. 

Cunningham, T. 160. Danfon, T. 88. 

Cuquel, 194. Daran, 193. 

Curling, Bunce, 18, 218, Darbey, Rt. 81, tic 

222. Darby, 91. 

*Currie, Ja. 79, 80, 83. Darby, J. 7^. 
*Currie, W. 5,5. Darcy, Nu. 166. 

Currie, W. J38. 
Curries, Ja. 140, 
Curry, J. 161. 
Curry, Rr. 159. 
Curteis, 70, 75, 
Curteis, E. 27, jj. 
Curtis, 70, 89, 92, 102, 

107, 1 16. 
Curtis, jun. 102. 
Curtis, C. 161. 
Curtis, V/. 18, 28, 89. 
^Cuffon, 190. 
Culler, Ber. 160. 
Cutcliffe, J. 63. 
CuthlifF, 63. 
Cuthbertfonj S. 162. 
Cutler, 73. 
Cuzzoni, 202. 

Dare, 106. 

*Darelli,J. A. 176, 22S- 
Darke, 6g. 
Darker, J. 43, 
*Darl!ng, Ra. 121. 
*Dar!uc, 19 1. 
Dar.tmourh, Earl of. 42* 


arwm, C. 140. 



Dack, J. 160. 
*Dack5 Rt. 90. 
Dagge, H. 43. 
*Dahlberg, N. 176, 192. 
Dalby, J. 29. 
Daiby,T, 86. 
Dale, J. 19. 

*Dale,T. ] 2, 28, 35, 139. 
*Daley, J. Mi. 164. 
*Dallabona, 203, 
Dallcv, J. 19. 
Daliicz, 193. 
Dalrymple, Al. 43. 
Dalton, E. 124. 
Dalzell,Dd. 159. 
Dalzell, Al. 19, 140. 
Dalzie], 149, 

"^Darwin, Er. 43, 60^ 
Dafchaw, Princelsof, 
Dafchkaw, Pr. 43. 
Dafton,Rd. 162, 
Davenport, C. 60^ 
Davenport, Rd. 19, 
Davey, G. 122. 
Davey, G. M. 122. 
Davidlbn, Dd. 147. 
David fon, G. 19. 
David fon, M. 150. 
Davies, 1 16, 220- 
Davies, Dd. 124, 126, 
Davies, H. 104, 12^- . 
Davies, J. 114. 
Davies, Jo. 158. 
Davies, L. 19, 89, 
Davies, Meth, 76. 
Davies, Nat. 126. 
Davies, Rice, 19, 28. 
Davies, T. 43, 106, 126, 

Davies, W. Nat. 103. 

Davila, Pe. 48. 

Davis, 102. 

Davis, Al. 125. 

Davis, Dd. 124, 160, 16S- 

Davis, £. ,x6i. 


Davis, J. JS9' 
Davis, L. 156. 
Davis, Rd. ig. 
Davis, Vv^ 63, ri8, 161. 
Davis and Bro'wn, 116. 
*Davifon, J. go. 
Davifon, J. 19. 
Davifon, N. 27, 94, 158. 
*Davifon, Rt. 121, 138. 
Davifon, W. 19. 
Davy, 113. 
Daw, C. 141. 
Davy,T. 15a. 
Daubenton, J. 197. 
*Daubentan, L. J. M. 48, 

190, 198. 
Daunt, G. 166, 167, 169. 
*Daater, Nat. Ern. 142. 
Da we, Hill, 105. 
Dawes, 29. 
Dawes, T. 19. 
Dawkins, H. 43. 
Daws, 68. 

Dawfon, 80, 105, 123. 
■^Dawfon, Am. 5, 80. 
Daw Ion, J. 121. 
*Dawron,Ja. 172. 
Daw Ton, Ja. and Son, 149. 
Daw Ton, W. 120, 123. 
Day, C. 66, 67. 
Day, J. 118. 
Day, Ja. 159. 
Dayrolle, Sol. 43. 
*Dazil, 192. 
Deackle, 102. 
Deacon, E. Euf. 81. 
Deacon, F. 72. 
Deacon and Sabing, 93. 
Deacon and Watcrficldj 

Dean, 144, 149. 
Dean, Nat. 108. 
Deaae, Rd. 154. 
Deane, W. 63, g^. 
Deans, Ja. 158. ' 
Deare, 80. 
Dearns, 29. 
Deare,W. 166, 168. 
Debenham, J. 91. 
De Caflro, Jac. 19. 
Deck, 89. 
Deeks, J. iir. 
Deerlng, 64, 73; 
Dee Ton, W. 123. 
*Detrarne, J^^M. 189* 
*Dc)jravers, re. 31. 
^Dehorne, 190. 
Dciyhtoiij Rd. 12 a. 

N D E }t. 

*Dejean, Clau. C. 187, 

Delap, W. 136. 
*Deliii-fi*, 191. 
Deiaval, E. Ku. 43, 83. 
*Delaunay, 192. 
Deleurye, 196. 
Dell, Aid. 86. 
Demoui-s, 193. 
Dendy, J. 113, 224. 
Denho^me, J. 154. 
Denifon, T. 19, 218. 
*Denman, Jo. 60. 
*Denraan, T. I2j 33, 34, 

Denne, 113. 
Dennett, Meff. 113. 
Denny, Ja. 219. 
Denney, i i I . 
Dennis, 1 16. 
Dennifon, 29, 121. 
*Denniibn, Rd. i£, 138. . 
Dent, J. 122. 
Dent, J. and Rt. 123. 
*Denton, 35. 
Derbyiliire and Olley, 93. 
Dermoth, G. 93. 
Derrington, J. 1 14. 
Dervent," 108. ■ 
Default, 197. 
Defborougb, Lau. 74. 
^De-fcemet, T- 188. 
*Defiandes,Pe.J.M. 188. 
*Defp3tureaux, Guy, D. 

iBS, 197. 
*Defperners,SirP.P. IQO. 
Defpiet, 80. 
Deffallcs, Marq. 201. 
*DeiTeffartz, J. C. 188. 
-Deflbn, C. N. 188, 194. 
Deftrade, 171. 
Deflremau, 194. 
Devaynes, ]-io,ii,26, 33. 
Devenlfli, E. 170. 
Dewar, For. 131, 142. 
Dewell andBainett, 117. 
Dick, J. 171. 
*Dick. Sir Al. 129, 133. 
Dick, W. Rt. 19. 
Dickenfon, E. 29. 
Dickenfon, H. 19. 
Dickenfon, J. C, 10, II5j 

2 18, 224, 226. 
Dickman, T. 170. 
Dickfon, Pe. 135. 
Dickfon, Ste. 141. 
*Dickfon,T.8, 12, 33, 43." 
Diddear, 29., 

Dij:gans, 29* 
Dillon, 6q. • 
*Dillon, Barth. 164* 
Dillon, Ed. 166. 
Dillon, Ja. 166, 168. 
Dillon, Pat. 155. 
Dimfdale, 73, 122. 

73, 138- 
*Dimfdale, Hon. Bar. T, 

. 12, 43, 73. 
*Diinfdale, Jo. 12, 139^ 
Dinwiddie, Ja. 82. 
*Di fneVj Ger. 122. 
Dixon, 118, 122* 
Dixon, F. 123* 
Dixon, Jefi 43. 
*Dixonj Jof. 59, 138, 
Dixon, Lyo. 137. 
Dixon, Mi. 135. 
*Dixon, Rd. ^g. 
Dixon, W, 43. 
Dixon and Dennis, 66; 
*Doazan, 19I. 
Dobbin, Ja. 136. 
Dobbin, Leo. 154.- 
Dobbin, W. 159. 
Dobks, N. 73. 
Dobfon, 120. 
*Dobfon, M. 43,83, 105^ 

Dobfon, Rt. J 38. 
Dockerav, Hu. 1 16. 
Dockfey, Rt. 60. 
Dodd, 223. 
Dodd, Al. 159. 
Dodd, W. 65. 
Doddrington, S. J. 28. 
Dodofon, T. 161. 
Dods, Rt. 71. 
Doeg, 120. 
*Doevcren,Waf. van. i85,- 

183, 191.- 
Dohcrty, Dl. 162. 
Do { ton, 57.- 
*Donaldfon, Al. 143. 
Donaldfon, Dd. 147. 
Donaldfon, £b. 145. 
Donaldfon,- T. 136. 
*D'One!ee,'F. L T. 188= 
*D'Onglee, T. 189. 
Donne, \V. 156. 
Donne and Martineau, go.- 
*Dorignv,- Anne, Cl. i88> 
Dorrington," 103. 
Dorfevj Den. 130^ 


Dovalle, If. R0I7, 19. 
■^Doubledav, N. 95, 135. 
*Doublct, F. 189. 
*Dougal!, 145. "^ 
*Doiigan, Rt. 138, 172. 
Doughty, 72, 104. 
Pouglas, Ad. 166. 
*Doug!as, A. 9, 12, 34, 

3^, 39- 
Douglas, C. 19. 
Douglas, Chr. 159. 
Douglas, ?e. 144. 
Douglas, Rev. J. 43-; 
Douglas, Rt. 135. 
Douglas, Sll. 137. 
*Douglas, Sir Al. 146. 
D_c?3.iolas, Sir C. 43. 
Dougials, Chr, 137. 
Douglafs, |a. 19. 
Doufbn, H. 136. 
Dow, J. 161. 
Pov.'dalKH. 19, 218, 226. 
Dowdeli, Art. 162,219. 
Dovvell, Pat. 166. 
Downc, S. 64. 
Downcs, 01, 92. 
Downing, 89. 
Downs, 111. 
Dowlett, E. I '^8. 
Doyle, G. 166, 168. 
Dovlc, J. 166. 
P'Oylcy, C. no. 
Dovlev, T. 63. 
Drakc^ 62, 
Drawater, B. 159, 219. 

Dray, T. 76. 
Drayton, C. 137, . 
Brew, 93, 103. 
Drew, J. 74. 
Dreycr, M. de, 22 1. 
Drinkwater, J. 19, 82, 84. 
Drinkv/ater, Rd. in. 
Drinfcwater and Fowler, 

Driver, Ja. 73. 
Driver, -Rt. 18. 
Dr^itt, JO. 
Drumgvale, C. 166. 
Drummond, Al. G. 137. 
Drummond, Arch. 135. 
Drummond, Colin, 106, 

Drummond, J. 171. 
Drummond, Pat. 154. 
Drummond, Rt. 137. 
iDrury, E. 159. 
Dryden, Ad. 66. 
^ryden,J. 5S. 

N D E X. 

Diyden, Rt. 65. 
Dryfdale, J. 1/4. 
Duane, M. 43., 
Dubbins, E. 113. 
Dubertrand, 195. 
*Dubouchet, 192. 
Ducarrcl, A. C. 43. 
*Ducliemin, 104. 
Duckworth, G. 82. 
Dudgeon, Ja. 158. 
Dudingftoi, Ja. 1-36. 
-■Dufau, 192. 
Duffjy, E. 154. 
Duirin, Jo. 159. 
Duffy, ja. 219. 
Dufouart, 195. 
*Dufour, 192. 
Dugard, 1 18, 
*Duhaume, 197. 
Duke, 117. 
Duke, Sol. 112. 
*Dum.angin, J.B. Eu.189, 

Dumarefque, Dl. 43. 
*Dumont, 191. 
*Dun, Sir Pat. 162. 
*Dunant, C. 142. 
Danbabbin, 80. 
*Dunbar, J. 169. 
Dunbar, W. 136, 137. 
Duncan, Al. 19. 
*, A. 130, 132, 

130. 137, 142, 192. 
Duncan, J. 141, 162. 
Duncanfon, J. 157, 160. 
Duncanfon, Neil, 137. 
DuLidas, 1 12. 
Dundas, Dd. 19. 
Dundas, Sir T. 43. 
Dundas, \V. in. 
D ungate, n3, 224. 
Dunlop, Al. 148,^57. 
Dunn, 1 9.0. , 
Dunn,C. 161. 
Dunn, \V. n8. 
* Dunne, Mar. 104. 
Dunning, J. 63, 105, 138. 
Dunfierville, 63. 
*Dupichard, 191. 
*D.upleiris, Rd. 191. 
Dupont, 29. 
*Dupre, 189. 
*Dupre, L. G. 188. 
Dupuy, 199. 
*Dupuy, Ber. 189. 
*Dupuy,Sir Gaf. Co. 187, 

fDujand} 191. 


Durand, 74. 
DurEus, S. lyj, 
*D'Urban, J. 92. 
Du-reige, J93. 
Durocher, .204. 
Duroure, F. 43. 
Duroure, Lieut.CoL J, 43, 
Durrant, S. 1 13. 
Darre, J. H. 159, 
Datens, Rev. L. 43. 
Dutton, 84. 
Duval, 194. 
Duval, Rev. Ph. 43. 
Dyer, H. 1,59. 
Dyer and Gold, -Io5« 
Dymond, J. 19, 38. 
Dymond, Rt. 29, 220. 
Dymond andBrightes,77<^ 
Dyne, E. yy. 
Eade, J. 19, 68, 21B. ' 
Eagle, G. 152, 
EardJey, ]. 6y. 
Earl, 70. 

Earle, Ta. 10, 31. 
Earle, W. B. A3. 
*Earon. Al. 81', 82,84, 
Eaft, VV. 52. ^ 
Eaflburn, 119. 
Eailland, C. 219. 
Earon, J. 137." 
Eaion, J. fen. g6. 
Eaton, J. jun. 56. 
Ebden, J. 03, 219. 
Ebril, Rd. 72 = 
Eclcen, Dodd^ i;^5, 
Eckhard, A. G.''48. 
Eden, Cuth. 161. 
Eden, Rt, 19, 65* 
Edgar, 1 16. 
Edgar, Dev. 92. 
Edgar, Hand. 172=, 
Edgar, Jo. 64. 
Ed^ar, Th. 28. 
Edie, T. 154. 
Edmonds, J. 166. 
Edmonfon, W. 155. 
Edmonftone, Law. 150. 
Edmondone, W. 131. 
Edmunds, 53. 
Edward, J. 137. 
Edwards, 56, 10 5, ljt2, 

124, 124, 124. 
Efiwards, Art. 152. 
Edwards, Dd. 124, 124., 
Edwards, F. 126, 152. 
Edwards, Hum. 158. 
Edwards, J. 6j. 


Edwards, Rd. 152. 
Edwards, T. 166. 
Edwards, W. 139^. 
Xdwprth, Rd. L. 43. 
Eedy, J. 160. 
Xgerton, 89. 
Egerton, Rev. F. H. 
*Ebrman, J. Fr. 200. 
Ei quern, 193. 
ERiny 77. 
FJam,_ J. 60. 
JJcock, N. 166.^ 
Eldridge, DI. 33. 
Elfe.W. i^o- 


N D E 

Eftrange, F. l\ 166. 
*Etang, Duch. de 1', 192. 
Evander, 72. 
Evans, 103, 124. 
Evans, Dd. 125. 
*Evans, J. 103, 140. 
Evans, J. 19, 38, 104, ij8, 
Evans, Rd. 166. 
Evans, S. 139. 
Evans, T. 19. 
Eveleigh, N.'i37'. 
Eveligh, S. 139. 
Everard, 1,54. 
Everard, W, 80. 


Eliot, Sr. J. 8,12. 

Everitt, 70. 

E^Hotr, 124. 

Everfon, 92. 

EllardandW^ebaer, 73. 

Every, T. 14I. 

*Ellcoek,. 170. 

Euler, Leo. 48, 174. 

Eliiock, Ld. 225. 

Ewen, T. 29. 

EIIiat.T. 135, 159. 

Exeter, Bp. of, 44. 

EUio-t, W. 136. 

Exeter, Earl of, 44. 

Elliott, 122. 

Exeter, J. 19, 61. 

Elliott, Gil. -135, 151. 

Eyre^B. 19. 

Elliott^ J. 30. 

Elliott, J. 44, 6&, 



Faber, T. 158. 

-Ellis, 124. 

Faber, W. 121. 

Xllis-, H.%4. 

Fabre, 196. 

Ellis, J. 44. 

*Fabricius, J.C.^Si. 

Ellis, Rt. Hon, Wei. 42. 

Faget, J. B. 48. 

Ellis,. T. 13S. 

*Fagg,C. 76,222. 

Ellis, W. 28. 

Fagg, Fel. 74. 

*EIliron, J. 123, 131,224. 

Fairbairn, W. ijc^ 

ElphrJn, Bp. of, 44. 

Fairbarn, Al. 13S. 

Emiyn, T. 44. 

Fairbarn, G. g6. 

*£ramet, Rt. 136.^ 164, 

Fairbeck, 103. 


Fairclough, 110. 

Enamett. 112. 

Fairclough, vV. 67., R. A. 141. 

*FalconerAV.44,83, 105, 

Ilm.ner, G. 141. 


*Eir.pereur, 19-2. 

Falkenberg, J. G. 179. 

Empron,, J. i:i3. 

Falkener and Smitb, 97. 

Enderup, M. 27, 34. 

Fall and Englifli, jo. 

*Enfield,W. 83. 

Fallon, J. 136. 


Fargher, T. i6l. 

Englifli, 95. 

Farhill, 113. 

*Epine,W.Jo. del%i87. 

Farifh, Ja. 140. 

^Erhman, 191. 

Farley, H. 140. 

Erie, 6g, 6g. 

Farley, Ja. 19. 

■^^Erlin, 292» 

Farley, W. and Yarde, Hu. 

*Ernoii, 194. 


Errington, 93, Og. 

Farmer, J. 19. 

Erfkine, C 144,' 161. 

Farquhar, Wa. 30, 137. 

Efberger, F. Chr. 87. 

Farquharfon, T. ]f54. 

Efpinas, 159. 

*Farr, S. 137. 

EiTex, 78. 

*Farr, W. 44, 62. 

*E{ron, C.N. d% i88. 

Farrel, Ja. 19. 

E{?cott, 57. 

Farrer, H. 120. 

Efie.C. 10, e8, ij8. 

Farrer, S. 75. 
*Farrier, J. ^6,5, 14 (, , 
FafTet, El. de Gru. 27. 
*Fattorini, 192. 
Favell, Rd. 119. 
*Fauken, F. 178. 
Fauntleroy, Moore, I38. 
Fauquier, W. 44. 
*Faure, 192. 
Faure, 195. 
Faw, A. J. 138. 
Fawcett, 87. 
Fawcett, Rd. 87. 
Fawler, T. 29. 
FayfToux, Pe. 138. 
Fea, Ja. 19, 161. 
*Fearne, W. 122, X40« 
Fcaron, H. 19, 35. 
Feary, H. 219. 
Feild, Ja, 118. 
Felix, M. 161. 
Fell, Ja. 115. 
Fell, J. 84. 
Fellows, 111. 
Feiaed, J. 171. 
Felton, S. 44. 
Fendalj, J, 19. 
Fencuilhet, 220. 
Fenton, 52. 
*Fenwick, Ja. 94, 14:?. 
*Fenwick, J. 95. 
*Fenwick, J. R. 95, 140^ 

Fergus, Rt. 135. 
Fergufon, Ja. 135. 
Fergufon, Mur. 160. 
Fergufon, Sir Ad. 133. 
Fergufon, Prof. Ad. 22^, 
Fergufon, T. 166. 
*Fergufon, W. 146. 
Fergufon, \V. 65. 
Fermer, E. 19. 
Fernandes, 195. 
Feronce, Bap. de, 48. 
Fen-all, F. 164. 
Ferrand, 196. 
Ferrars, Lord de, 44. 
*Ferret, Lau. 187, 191, 
Ferris, S. 141. 
Ferrncr, B. 48. 
*F-utrie, T. le V. de la^ 

Fewfter, 69. 
Fiddes, W. jS. 
Kdge, J. 159. 
Field, 68. 
Field, B. 118. 
Field, H. 29. 


FlelJ, Ja. 137. 

Field, J. 26, 152. 

Field, T. 19. 

Field, W. 108. 
fc Fielding, 92. 
I Fife, J. 160. 

Filkes, ^1, 116. 

Filkin, T. 56. 

Findlay, Ja. 160. 

Findlay, J. I59. 

*Finlay, I43. 

Firmin, ill. 

*FiTcher, Ph. 142. 

Fifli, 88. 

Fiflier, F. 219, 223. 

Fi(her, J. 123. 

Fifher, W. 161. 

Fitzgerald, 168. 

Fitzgerald, Dd. 166. 

Fitzgerald, E. 59, 59. 

Fitzgerald, T. 75. 

Fitzmaurice, T. 159. 

Fitzfimmons, Chr. 166. 

Flaani, 202. 

Flamank, 52. 

Flanagan, W. 140. 

Fleet and Mafon, ■/■/. 

Fleming, 90. 

Fleming,' C. 144. 

Fleming, J. 137. 

Fleming, Jo. 160. 

Fleming, W. 154. 

Flemings, Rd. 192. 

*Fletcher, 69, 

*Fletcher, G. 164. 

*Fleurv,J. C. 164, 168. 

Flinders, 87. 

*Fiint, 130, 146, 148. 

Flize, la, 195. 

Flood, 55. 

Flood, N. 159. 

Florcs, 204, 

Flower, F. 19, 89. 

Fio'.ver, Ja. 107. 

Flowerdew, 90, 91. 

Floyd, 121. 

Floyer, MefT. 93. 

Fly, Rev, H. 44. 

Fo^o, 96. 

Folds, T. Thy. 160. 

Folkard, J. 68. 

Folkes, Sr. M. Bart. 44. 

Follet, Dl. 28. 

Fontaines, 189. 

Foord, H. 160. 

Foot, 117. 

Foot, Jefle, 19. 

Foot, J. 157, 225. 

N B E X. 

Foot, T. 159« 
■*Forbes, 87, 144, 
Forbes, 149. 
Forbes, A). 158. 
Forbes, A. 151. 
Forbes, Dun. 135. 
Forbes, Fraz. 137. 
Forbes-Leith, Th. 137. 
Forbes, Th. 136. 
Forbes, W. 66, 6-/. 
Forbes, W. Sm. i6o. 
Ford, BufT. 19, 64, 1^7. 
Ford, E. 19, 35, 39, 218. 
*Fprd,J. 8, 12, 34"; 34. 
Ford, J. 106, 140, 166, 

*Ford, Ja. 8. 
*Ford, Ja. fen. 12. 
*Ford, Ja. jun. 10, 12. 
Ford, S. 19. 
*Fordyce,G.8, 12,30, 38, 

44» 50> o'^i 50, 136. 
*Fordyce, Sr.W. 32,13,5. 
Forefide, F. 166, 167, 169. 
*Fore{}, G. 146. 
Formey, M. 179. 
Formey, S. 48. 
Forrefl, Rt. 1^9. 
Forfter, 30, 53. 
Forfter, F. 160. 
Forfter, G. 44. 
Forfter, J. 135. 
Forfter, J. Rein. 44. 
*Forfter, Rod. 184. 
Forfter, T. 19,44, 15^- 
Forfyth and Smith, 116. 
For.'ythe, J. 141. 
Forte, 170. 
Fortefcue, 109. 
Fortefcue, F. 160. 
Forward, 102. 
Foftcr, 105. 
Fofter, E. 138. 
Fothergill, 123. 
*Fothergill, An. 12, 38, 

44, 137- 
Foulkes, Gre. 153. 
*FouIkcs, J. 102. 
■*Fourcroy, 189, 190. 
Fovvke, 103. 
Fowle, W. 26, 171. 
*Fowlcr, T. io8j 139. 
Fox, 60, i"b9, 171. 
Fox, E. 27. 
Fox, E. L. 140. 
Fox, Jo. ,57, 2 ip. 
Fox and Peak, 85. 


Foxley, Rev. J. 82. 
Foxley, Rt. 82. 
Foxlow, T. Pe. 82. 
Foxton, J. 219, 221. 
Foyfter, Rd. 171, 
France, 191, 201. 
France, Nat. 158. 
Francis, 87. 
Francis, CI. ig, 
Francis, W. 7,5. 
*Franck, G. Ad. 200^ 
*Francois, 200. 
Frankland, T. 44. 
Franklin, 31, 51, Gy. 
Franklin, B. 44, 133, 191. 
Franks, 30. 
Franks, Naph. 44. 
Franks, W. 44, 75. 
^Frafer, 71 . 
Frafer, Arch. C. 44, 
*Frafer, F. 143. 
Frauia, Count dc, 18,3^ 
Frazer, F. 141. 
Frazer, J. 160. 
Frazer, T. 135. 
Frazer, W. 141. 
Freak, 30. 

Frederick, Sr. C. 44. 
Freeman, .55, 73, ill. 
Freeman, E. 57. 
Freer, 109, 118. 
Freer, Ad. 138. 
Freer, J. fen. 114. 
Freer, J. Jun. 114. 
*Freer, Rt. 138, 155, 217, 
Freer, W. II5. 
French, 91. 
French, F. 30. 
French, H. 35. 
French, Hu. 27. 
French, J. Bo. '26. 
French, W. 19,38, 161/ 
Frenoy, du, 192. 
Frere, J. 42. 
*Frefnoy, C. du, 189. 
Friend, 51. 
Frier, Jo. ]22. 
Frifti, P. 48. 
*Friftze-, 179- 
Froggat, W. 60. 
Frogley, H. 89. 
Froft, 71. 
Froft, W. 29, 67-. 
Froft and Son, 73, 92. 
*Fry, J0.68. 
Fryar, 62. 
Frve, J . Rev. 19. 
Fryer, 88. 



Fryer, Ja. 118. 
Fulcher, J, 93. 
*Fu!ton, J. 146. 
FuHarton, Gav, 148, 150. 
Fullarton, Lieut. GoI.W. 

Fuller, U4. 
Fuller, Barth. 19, 1,54. 
Fuller, J. 11 4,' 14S. ■ 
Fulton, Hu. 150. 
Furnafs, Ja. 21Q, 222. 
Furnee, W. 188. 
Fu^zard, J. 28. • 
Fuzzard and Miller, 77. 
^vfe, A. 140. 
Fyfe,W. 225. 
FyfFe, V/. 136. 
Fynne)'vFeiIding-Befi, 109, 


Gabb, J. 28.' 
G4bfy, 10,5. 

Gadd, Sr. Pe. Adrian, 1 77. 
Gadfby, 51. 
*Gaertner, J. 48. 
Gagg, W. 121. ■ 
Gahagan, Ter. 19. 
*Ga'in, H. 142. 
Gaillard, 198. 
Galabert, 199. 
Galaiziere, Marq. de la, 

201. . ■< 

Gale, 70* 
Galhie, Rt, 19. 
Galland, G. Br. 19. 

*GalIot, 192. 
Gall, 51. _ 
Galiitzin, Pr. de, ^86. 
Galloway, 51, loji 
Gamez, 191, 204.. 
Gammes, Rt. 6i-. 
Gamon, Rd. 26. 
Gapper, .117. 
*Gardannc, Jo. Ja. 188. 

*Garden, A1^44. 133' 
Garden, F. 1.38. 
Gardener, 78, io3. 
^Gardiner,- J. 129, 133, 

136, tsG. 
Gardiner, Dd. l6i. 
Gardiner, H.« ilo^ 
Gardiner, W. 152. 
Gardner, A. 171. . 
Gardner, W. Ful. 139. 
Garencieres, J. D. igjc 
Garencieres, Til, D. 319. 
Garland, S. 137. ... 

N D E : 

Garlick, W. 19, 117. 
*Garner, 93. 
Garner, Mi. 137. 
Garneys, J. 1 ii, 
*Garnier, 201. 
Garrard, Rd. 19. 
Garrav.:ay, Rt.'ig. 
Garrett, W. 19, 27, 89. 
Girrioch, 144. ■ 
*^Garro\\', W. 222. 
•^Garthfhore, M. 8, 12, 33, 

38>39' 44> 129. 
Gaicoign, 63. •• 
Gafclee, 71. 
Galking, Ja. jun. 19. 
*Gaft, 192. : 
*GapLelIier, 191. 
Gatehoufc, 30. ■ 
*'Gdtti, 193. ■ 
Gauld, W. 154. 
Gaunt, 115. 
Gaunt and Sons, 104. 
Gaul tier de Clambry,194, 
^Gaultier,, 194« • 
*Gauthier, Hu. 1R8. - 
Gautbier, Knt.- 194. 
Gay, Pe. 62. 
G^yre, 94. 
Geacb, F. 44, 62. 
Geary, 115. • 
Geary, N. Jg. 
Geddis, W. 172. 
*Gehher, 181. 
Gem, Ja. 118. 
*Genetz, 192, 
*Geuns, M. van, 184. 
Gent," 105. 

*Gentil, Clau. Jo. 18B. 
George III. 42. 
*Gerard, 201. 
Gerard, 185. 
Gerard, Ja"; jg, 139. 
Gerard, Rd. 80. 
Gerard, R. and J. 80. 
"Gerbier, 194. 
*Gerftner, An. de, 181. 
*Gervaife, L.Al. 188; 
Gervafe, Ja-. 72- ' 
GefTcher, Dd. v-an, 184. 
Getty, J. 160. 
^Gevighnd, Noel, 187. 
Gibb, 171. 
Gibbin, Rice, 167. 
Gibbons, 53, 93. 
Gibbons, Rice, 166. 
*Gibbons,T. 110, 138. 
Gibbs, 71, 90, 91. 
Gibbs, fen.. 116. 

Gibbs, jun. 116, 
Gibbs, "G. A. 61, 
Gibbs, H. 139. 
Gibolet, Fr. Em. 19. 
Gibs, Dl. 19, 218. 
Gibs, S. 115. 
Gibfon, Ja". 131. 
*Gibron, ]. 148. 
Gibfon, T. 19. 
Gibfon, Wa. ! 31. 
Gibfon, W. 97. ' 
"Giddy, 57. 
Giffard,'J. 166. 
Gifford, 116. 
*Gifford,A. 39. 
Gifford, J. 138, ijO>. 
Gilbert, 112. 
Gilbert^ Dd. 89. 
Gilbei-t^T. 28'. 
Gilby, 97. 
Gil by, W. 141. 
Gilcbrift, 223. 
*Gt4Ghrift, J. 142, 145. 
Gilchrift; Ster. 157. 
Giles, ]. 105. 

G!ll,'30, 57, 7,-,, 146, 170. 
Gill,]. 135. -^^ ^■ 
Gill, Old. 55. 
Gill, T. 59, 84. 
Gillam,-S. 19. 
Gillefpie, 153. 
*Gillefpie,J. 151. 
"Gillefpie, T. 13a, 
Gtlfon, J. 27. 
Gilfon, J. jun. 19, 28. 
Giorro, 204. 
Gipps,J. 27. 
■^Girard, 192. 
Girard, 194-. 
Girdlefton and Son, 911 
Girdleftone, 92," 155. 
Girdleftone, T. 19. 
*Girod, 191. 
Girod, Ab. 19, e8, 70. 
Girod, Pe. 26. " 
Girfol, 181. ' 
Gifborne, J. 122. 
*'Giilrorne,T.6, lO,l2,^. 
Glanville, Rd. 19. 
Gla/gow, A. 172. 
*Glafs, T. 61, 191. 
GlalTe, Rev. S. 44. 
Gleave, 80. 
Gleave, Wr. yg. 
*GIeditch, 179. 
Glegg,.Ja. 162. 


*Glen;T. 125. ■ 
Glenie, Lieut. Ja. 44. 
Glolter, J. 154. 
Glover, 86. 
Glover, J. 158. 
Gloucefter, Duke of, 42. 
*Gmelin, J.Fr. 180. 
Coble, 'jj. 
Godart, i8j. 
Godfrey, Ab. i;32. 
Godfrey, Am. 27. 
Godman, T. 19. 
Godfchall.W. U. 44, 
Godwin, Jo. 138. 
Goldie, 80. 
Gcldie, Jo. 80, 156, 
Golding, 52. 
Goldfmitb, O. 136, 
Goldfon, W. 19, 160, 
Goldftonej 105. 
*Goldwire, 12, 217. 
Goldwyer, 146, 
GoldvvyerjW. andG.106. 
*GoIlop, J. Q>2>. 
Golfborough, 107. 
Gomery, Rt. 118, 
*Goutard, 191. 
Good, 71. 
Good, B. 118, 
Goodall, F. 109. 
Goodman, 118. 
Goodfir, J. 146'. 
Goodwin, 86. 
Goodwin-. An. 60. 
Goodwin, G. 19, ']-]-^ 89. 
Goodwin, Rt. 26. 
Goodwyn_, E. 141. 
Gordon, Al. 152,155,162, 
Gordon, AI. L. 161. 
Gordon, Baron, 225. 
Gordon, C. 138. 
Gordon, J. 139, 150. 
Gore, 63- 
Gorhara, 74. 
*Gorniand, 200. 
*Gorft, 56. 
Gorrudi,T.Tal. 19. 
Gofs, 106. 
Goifett, Pvev. If. 44. 
Goir.p, W. 136. 
Govitt, W. 63. 
*Gouao., An. 199, 
■^Goubclly, Clau. A. 189. 
Gough, Rd. 44. 
Goulard, fen. 195, 199. 
Gould, J. 19, 
Gould, Rev. W. 44. 
<>odd and Bryant. 63, 

N D E X; 

♦Goulding, S. 137, 170. 
*Goulinj 201. 
Gourlay,, W. 141. 
Goux Ic, 220. 
*', J. 146. 
Gozna, J. 28,30,32, 87. 
Graebke, Eph. 159. 
Gra^me^Ja. 150.. 
*Graeven, P. 183. 
Grahanij 51, 156. 
Graham, Rd. 161. 
Graham, Rd. Rt. 27, 80. 
Graham, S.,139^ 
*Graliam, T. 58. 
Graham, T. 161. 
Graham, W. 136,140,155. 
*Graham, W. 151. 
Grainger, E. 104. 
Grand, le, -j^. 
*Grandelas, Clau.F. 188. 
*Grandmaifon, Reb. de, 

Grant, ^^^ 147. 
Grant, AI. 219, 
Grant, Al. 152. 
Grant, G. 1-37, 158. 
*Grant,Gre. 129,132,136. 
*Giant, J. 171. 
Grant,,J. 19, 44, \&o. 
Grant, T. 19, 93. 
*Grant,V/. 8, 12,34,38, 

Graniley, Lord, 44. 
"Grafhuis, 195. 
Grafot, 195. 
Graves, 88. 
Graves, J. 19. 
Graves, W. 16, 33, 
Gray,Al. 161. 
*Gray, E.Wh. 12, 39, 39, 

Gray, J. 19, " 
*Gray) W. 164. 
GrayiW. 158. 
Graydon, Al. 166= 
Grayfon, If. 59. 
Grcafly, W, 109, 
Greath^ad, Rd. Wil. 138. 
Greaves, '.56. 
Greaves, Rd. 120, 
Greaves and Son, 78. 
Green, 30, 56, io8, lif). 
Green, F. 19,65, 157. 
Green, Ham. 19. 
Green, Ja, 61. 
Green, J. 60, 155. 
Green, J. Lane, 20. 
Green, Rev. Mr. 44, '^3^ 
T 2 


Green, Rd. 109. 
*Green, Wa. 79. 
*Green, W. 59. 
Green, W. e>r^. 
Greenbanki W. 65. 
Greening, J. 51. 
Greenough, T. 26. 
Greg, 96. 
Greg, J. 44. .. 
Gregg, An. 158. 
Gregorie, J. 135. 
Gregory, 51, 56. 
Gregory, G. 135. . 
^Gregory, Ja. 128^ 13O', 

J33V 139- 
Gregory, Went. 19. 
Gregfon, Chr. 29. 
Gregfon, Raine, 66. 
Greigg, Sir S. 44. 
Grefley, Ph. I9, 117.. 
Grefley, W. 19, 115. 
Grcfiey, W. F. 150. 
Greville, Hon. C. 44. 
Grey, Chip. 65. 
Gribble, ^^, 
Grieve, C. 137. 

.223^, 225. 
Grifi-ves, A. 154. 
Grifim, 102. 
Griffin, Corh, 137 = . 
Griffin, J. Tay, 139. 
Griffin, Ste. 29. 
Griffiubourg, 2^3. 
Grlffinhoofe, Chr. 27, 66. 
Griffith, 104_. 
Griffirh,J. 28. 
^Griffith, Mof, js ^7' 
Griffith, Rd. 27. 
Griffith, Vv^ 28. 
Griffiths, 55, 66. 
Griffiths, C. 19. 
Griffiths, J. i6i. 
Griffiths, Rd. 19, 223. 
Griffiths,!"'. 140. 
Grigfon,T. 77. 
Gr.Tmfhavv', 78. 
Grimftead, 64. 
GrimRon,G. andSon,i22. 
Grlmftone, ;22. 
Grindall, Rd. 16, 33, 44. 
Grindon, 53. 

Grinfield, Sted. 44. > 

Griftock, Eman. 19. 
Groat^ R. 141. 
*Groat, Rt. <s8, 149, 158. 
Grocnib ridge. 87. 


244 J N 

Groome, 113, 224. 
Grolley, J. P. 48. 
Grofvenor, 103. 
Grofvenor, J. 19, 102. 
Grofvenor, Lord, 44. 
Grote, 30. 
Grove, 69. 

* Grove, C. 116, 138.. 
Grove, T. 108. 
Groves, J. 154. 
Gruggm, 113. 
*Grun\vaId, 20I. 
Guafco, Oa. de, 48. 
*Guenet, An.M. 188. 
*Guerard, 201. 
*Guerenne, Groz. de la, 

189, 190. 
Gueft, 72, 78, 78. 
*Guettard, 189. 
*Guidetti, 203. 
Gulgne, 51. 
Guignes, 198. 
Guignes, J. de, 48. 
*Guilbert, 191. 
*Guilbert,L. CI. 142,188. 
Guilen, 149. 
*Guillemin, 200. 
Guillermond, 194. 
*Guillotin, Jo. J. 189. 
*Guindent, 189. 
*GuInot, 194. 
Guiot, 195. 
*Gulbrand, J. W. 174, 

Gulflon, 87. 

Gunning, J. 10, 19,33,44. 
Gunter, W. 124. 
*Gufthart, Ri. 135. 
*Guthrie, M. 19, 44, 134. 
Guflerres, Fed. C. 204. 
Gutton, 146. 
Guy, T. fen. 113. 
Guy, T. jun. 113. 
Guy,W: 19, 113. 
Gvk'illim, J. 72. 
Gwyn, M. 19. 
Gwynne, Mor. 326, 157. 
Gyles, Mi. 114. 


*Haartman, Sir J. I77. 
Hacblock, j. 68. 
Haanei), J. 61. 
Hadderton, 100. 
Haddon, Rev. P. 82. 
*Haddow, 115. 
Haddow, G. 135, 
Hadf:cld, ], 154- 



Hadfield, Jo. 82. 
Hadley, 109, 116. 
Haffenden, J. 74. 
Haglay, i©6. 
*Iiahn, I. Dd. 183. 
.Haigh, Pvd. 60. 
Haighton, J. eo. 
Haines, T. 20, 161, 
Hair, Ja. 140. 
Hairby, J. 20, 88. 
*Hairby, W. 88. 
Haire, Rt. 219. 
Haire, Lan. 20. 
Hale, J. 20. 
Hale, E. 166. 
Hales, 70. 
Hales, Jo. 57. 
Hales, Min. 20. 
Halford, 89. 
Haliday, Al. H. 135. 
♦Halifax, Rt. 10, 11, 12, 27, 

Hall, 30, 30, 97,103,114, 

118, 154. 
*Hall, A. 164. 
HalI,Byer. 66. 
*Hall, C. 93. 
Hal],C. 152. 
Hall, E. 81,82, 84, 
Hall, Har. 140. 
*Hall, H. 59. 
*Hall, Ja.' 149. 
*Hall, j. 94, 94, 94. 
Hall, J. 20, 136, 158, 221. 
Hall, Jo. 59, 77. 
Hall, If. 138. 
Hall, L. 135. 
Hall, Rev. S. 82. 
Hall,Rd. 81,82, 84. 
Hal!, Rd. E. 82, 84. 
Hall, S. 160. 
Hall,T. 27,95. 
Hall and Young, 63. 
Hal]ahan,J. 166. 
Hallamby, Rd. 112. 
*Halle,j. N. 189, 190. 
Halley, 56. 
Halliburton, J. 158. 
Halliday,W. 141. - 
Hallilay^, 74. 
Hallilav, J. 140. 
^Hallo't, L. C. 189. 
Halfdli, J.84. 
Ha]rcy,W. 28. 
Halward,T. 118. 
HaIly,W. 136. 
Kambly, 56. 
Hainerfley, Hu. 44c 
Hamilton, 105.- 

Hamilton, Al. 128^ 131, 

*Han:)ilton, Al. 142. 
Hamilton, Arch. 136. 
Hamilton, Gaw. 153. 
Hamilton, G. 161. 
Hamilton, Hon.SirW. 44, 
Hamilton, Ha. 45. 
♦Hamilton, Ja. 130, 130, 

132, 133» M2, 142, 

Hamilton, J. 59. 
*Hamilton, Rt. 91, 130, 

Hamilton, T. 162. 
Hamilton, Wa. 152. 
*Hamilton, V/. 144. 
Hamilton, W. 135, 140, 

147, 148, 166. 
Hamlin, 57. 
Hammock, 63. 
Hammon, J. 20. 
Hammon, Rd. 20. 
Hammond, J. 112, 156. 
Hammond, T. 91. 
Hammond, W. 219. 
Hammerton, Ja. 138. 
Hampden, Vif. 44. 
Hanbury, 30. 
*Hancock, 116. 
Hancorn, 123. 
Hankins, T. 77. 
Hankinfon, J. 85. 
Hanley, 73. 
Hannam, 30. 
Hannam, G. 75. 
Hanfon, J. 119. 
Kany, J. 140, 
Harborough, 113. 
Harborough, E. 112. 
Harbroe, Ja. 155. 
Harcourt, 86, 91. 
Harcourt, J. 152. 
Harden, 92, 93. 
Harding, 69. 
Hardwick, C. 21, 161, 
Hardwick, Rt. 55. 
Hardwick, T. £7, 89. 
Hardwicke, Earl of, 44. 
*Hardwicke, G. 69. 
Hardwicke, Rd. 72. 
*Hardy, Ja.92. 
Hardy, J. 122.. 
Hardy, T. 141. 
Hare! 8:-. 

Harland, Chr.Cl. 


I N 




HarieyJ. 145. 
Harnels, 52, 103. 
Harnefs, J. 160. 
Harold, Grove, 115. 
Harper, 70. 

Harper, Rev. S. 39, 44. 
Harper, W. 21. 
Harries, Houl. 20, 152. 
^Harrington, 105. 
Harrington, Huni. 20, 218. 
Harrington, Rt. 20. 
Harris, 7^, 1 o, 103. . 
Harris, Arch. 16. 
Harris, G. 171. 
Harris, H. 140. 
Harris, Ja. 20, 
Harris,}. 27^59,171,9225. 
Harris, Jo. 59. 
Harris, T. 20, 78. 
Harris, Tucker, 138. 
Harris, W. 160. 
Harrifon,6o, 66, 111,121. 
Harrifon, An. 59. 
Harrifon, E. 141. 
Harrifon, Jaf. ^^. 
Harrifon, J. 20, 20, 2i, 

59. HI; ■ 
Harrifon, Mi. 65. 
Harrifon, Rev. Ra. 82. 
Harrifon, Rdfon,2b» ■ 
Harrifon, T. 155.' 
Harrifon, W. 42, 64. 
*Harrv, J. 56. 
Hart, Al.i 58. 
Hart,Cliey. 135. 
Hart, Ja. 107. 
Haftigan,W. 166, 169. 
Hartley, 170. 
Hartley, Barth. 20. 
Hartftiorne, W. 162. 
HarLwell, 109. 
Harvey, Lud. 20. 
■^Harvev,W. 20, 163.167. 
Harvey, \V. 158. 
Harwood, S. 103, 138, 
^Hafe, 181. 
*Ha{key, H. 12, 35. 
Haflie, W. 156. 
Ha!ral,T. 28. 
Haffd^W. ^^. 
Haftead, no. 
Hafted, E. 44. 
HaPred, Rr. no. 
HjRings, Pat. 166. 
Hatcher, 70. 
Hathway, Rt. 72. 
Hatton, G. F. 44. 
Havilandj J,' jo-i. 

*Haupt, J. G. 180. 
*Hautcrfierk, Rd. Barou 

d'Uberhernde, 193. 
Kawarden, fen. 85. 
Hawarden, Ja. 20, 85. 
Hawdon, J. 94. 
Hawes, 1 10. 
Hawes, M. 20. 
Hawes, W, 20. 
Hawker, 7,5, 125. 
Hawker, AV. 29, 
Hawkins, 30, 73. 
Hawkins, C. 20, 33. 
Hawkins, E. 152. 
Hawkins, G. 33. 
Hawkins, G. E. 10, 20. 
Hawkins, H. 126. 
*Hawk!ns, J. 63. 
Hawkins, J. 'A. 20. 
Hawkins, Jo. ij8. 
Hawkins, Pen. 10, ii, 16. 
Hawkins, Rd. 29. 
^Hawkins, SirCasf. 10, 20. 
Hawkins, W. 20. 
Hav.'kefley, J. 123. 
Hawkfley, 96. 
Haworth, 78. 
Haworth, Rd. 27. 
Haworth, T. 28. 
Haxhe, Baron de, 181. 
Hay, 105, 

*Hay, AI.9, 12, 38, 44. 
*Hay, C. no. 
Hay', G. 13,5. 
*Hay, Ja. 130, 142. 
Hay, T. 131, 138, 142. 
Hayes, 87, 89. 
Hayes, Jo. 160. 
Hayes, T. 20. 
Haygarth, J. 44, 55, 83, 

Hayles, 55. 
Hay man, J. 139. 
Haynes, W. 27. 
*Hays,J.M.N. 151,217. 
Hay ward, 62, 69. 
Hay ward, Ja. 122. 
Hayward, Jo. 69. 
Hay ward, W. 102. 
Hayward and Fiflier, 89. 
Haywood, B. 69. 
Hazard, Rd. 44. 
Hazelton, G. 153. 
Head, If. fcj. 
Headinglon, loS. 
Headiiigton, W. CI. 20. 
Heald, 87. 

*Healde,T. 6, 12,33,44. 
Heart, H. 138. 
Heath, J. 21, 160, 
Heath, Rev. B. 44, 
Heath, W. 166. 
Heathcote, J. 44, 
Heathcote, SirT. 44. 
*Heathcote, T. 12. 
Hcathely, W. 68. 
Heavifide, J. 20, 153. 
*Heberden,W. 5, 12, 44, 

Hecford, W. 26. 
Hecford and Clarence, 68, 
*Hecquer, 191. 
Hettor, 86, 109. 
Heftor, Ed. 114. 
Heddington, T. 159, 
Heig, Ja. 151. 
*HelIenii]s, 177, , 
Helfliam, H. 92. 
Hemet, Ja. 31. 
Hemings, 105. 
Hemming, Rev. S. 44. 
Hempftead, J. 51. 
Henchman, W. no. 
Henckel, 195. 
Henderfon, 30, ^^^ 70, 
Henderfon, Al. 20. 
Henderfon, H. k^. 
Henderfon, •Ja._i54, 155, 
Henderfon, J. 139,^146. 
Henderfon, Rt. 159. 
Henderfon, vStew. 161. 
Henderfon, W. i6o. 
*Hendy, Ja. 139, -170. 
*HenkeI, 179. 
Heaniker, Sir J. 44. 
Henning,.i53. " 
*Henningfer, W. 174, 
Henry, J. 136, 
Henry,- Rev. W. 44. 
Henry, T. 44,'8 r,'82, 84. 
Henthorn, Ja. 166. ' 
-Henwood, J. 219, 
Hepburn, Dd.- 157. 
Hepburn, j. 20. 
Herbert, 51. 
Herbert, T. 29, a?.5. 
Herdman, Rt. 15S. 
Herdfman, 96. 
Heron, 72. 
Heron, Av. 23^ gg. 
*Herrenfclu7and,i92, 194, 
Herring, Nat. co. 
*Herrm3nn. 20D. 
Hcrf:heli, W. 44. 


246 I 

Hervey, 66. 

*Hervey,.Ta. 7, 12,32,33. 
Hervey, W. 139. 
Hefdin, 185. 
Hetheway, 30. 
Heveldiae, W. 12^. 
Hevin, 194, 196. 
Hewer, T. 20, 59, 218. 
He wet, 57. 
*He%vetfon, Pat. 164. 
Hewitt, J. 20, 56, 
Plewitt, M. 119. 
Hewfon, 30. 
Hev, W. 20, 44, 121. 
Hey don, 122. 
*Heyes, 84. 
Heygate, gs^ 
Heylen, 186. 
Heyms, 102. 
Heynes, C. 20. 
*Hey{ham, J. 58, 58. 
Hevwood, 62. 
Hlbbert, G. 83. 
Hick, 119. 
Hickes, 51. 

*Hickes,J. Heath. 68,139. 
Hickin, J. 109. 
Hicks, 92, 1 03. 
-^Hicks, G. 9, 12, 3?., 38, 

39. 156. 
Hicks, J. 157. 
Hiern, Ja. and T. 61. 
•Hiern, T. 20. 
Higden, 30. 
Hfgden, W. H. 27. 
Higgins, 104. 
His;gins, Ja. 160. 
*HiggIns, Brv. 12,50. 
Higginfon, T. 84. 
Higgs, G. l6i. 
*Highmore, 2x2. 
Hill, 73, 11.6, 170. 
Hill,C. 141, 159- 
Hili,E. 163,165,165,167. 
*Hill, J. 8, 12. 
Hill. J. 21. 
*Hill, J. 119. 
Hill, Nin. 148. 

Hill, S. 159. 

Hiil, T. 72. 
Hill, Weft, 152. 
Hill, W. 20. 
Plilh, 112. 
Hills, Ja. 141. 
Hills, J. 20, 2,18. 
HilUborough, Eail of, 44. 
Hillyar, Ja. 159. 
Hilton, J. 14 1. 
HinchlcV; St. Leg. i^g. 

N D E X. 

Hinckley, W. 114^. . 
Hmde, 69. 
Hingefton, J. 28. 
Hipfley, 107. 
Hirons, Rd. 158. 
Hitchen, E. 20, 29. 
Hitchman, Ja. 20, 68. 
Hoare, Rev. Jo. 42. 
Hobbes, T. 141. 
Hobfon, G. 121, 
Hobfon, Pvt. 65. 
Hodge, Her. 63. 
Hodge, T. 6p,. 
Hodges, 30, Sg, 93. 
Hodges, J. 20, z iB. 
Hodges, Wickens, 20. 
Hodgkinfon, Jac. 26. 
Kodgkinfon, Rt. B. 44. 
Hodgfon, 155. 
Hod^fon, J. 20, 20, 38, 

58, 58. 
Hodgibn, To. 20, 59. 
Hodgfon, M. 78. 
Hodgfou, Rt. 26. 
Hodfon, 84. 
Hoffmann, A. 225. 
Hogarth, J. 20. 
Hogben, Ja. 20, 218. 
Holden, W. 70, 
Holler, Rt. 28. 
Holdicb, E. xo, 27. 
Holding, J. 84. 
Holditch, 67. 
Holdfworth, T. 137. 
Hole, 63. 
Hole, J. 20, 89. 
Holfordi Pe. 42. 
Holford, T. 1 14. 
Plolland, E. 62. 
* Holland, Ph. 12I, 140. 
Holland, S. 60. 
"Holland, W. 97, 139. 
'Holiiday, Si. 20, 160. 
Kollingbury, Rev. T. 44. 
Rollings, T. 125. 
Boilings, W. 27. 
Hollingv.orth, B. 21. 
Mollis, 93. 
Piollis, Jo. 96. 
Kollis, T. Brand, 43. 
Hollman, S. C. 48. 
Koliwell,. J. Zep. 44. 
Hollyn, 5j. 
Koliiian, 108. 
HoL-xian, J. 107. 
Kolmcs, 87,-8^, 123., C. 171. 
Kolmes, F. 120, 

Holmes, W/ 72. 
Holt, J. 20, 89. 
Holt,W. 219. 
Holt and Bromfeld, 103 = 
*Kolthoff, 180, 180. 
Holwcll, E. 61. 
*Holyoak, J. 20, 218. 
Home, 103, 156. 
Home, Al. 154. 
Home, Ev. 20, 152, 218. 
*Home, F. 128, 129, i^^^ 

■ 135- 
Home, Ja. 140^ 
Home, Jo. 149. 
Home, Nor. 135^ 
Home, W. 95. 
*Hondailles, 192. 
Honnor, Jo. 219. 
Honyman, Mun. 136. 
Hookcj Pe. 90, go. 
Hooper, 3,0, 52, 69, 116. 
Hooper, £. 42. 
Hooper, Ja. Hill, 20. 
Hooper,). 73. 
Hooper, Jo. 20, 20, 73. 
Hooper, R. 65^ 
*Hope, J. 44, 127, I28i 

129, 13s, 133, 135, 

142, 225. 
Hope, Rd. 152. 
Hope, Rt. 160. 
*Hopkins, Dh 2o, 44, 74. 
Hopkins, Dd.W. 124. 
^Hopkins, F. 164, 168. 
Hopkins, J. 20, 6-/^ 67. 
Hopkins, T. 152. 
Hopkins, W. 160. 
*Hopfon, C. 12. 
Hopton, Rd. Co;44. 
Horler, E. 20, 28, 152^ 
*Horn, i8oi 
Horn, Fr. 159. 
Horncaflle, Rd. I2ii 
*Horne, de, 194, 194. 
Korniblow, I18. 
Hornidge, T. 20. 
HornCby, Rev. T. 44. 
Hornfby, T; lOi. 
Horfeman, L. 220. 
Horfey, Jo. 107. 
Hoxsfall, Ja. 44, 
Korsford, J. 20. 
Horiham, 170. 
^norfley,J. 65. 
Horllcy,.Rev. S. 45=. 
Horfley,Th. 20. 
Hofe, Seth, 86. 
*lXofack,- GoL 6fi, 222. . 





^HoiTact, Ja. 76. 
Hotciikins, 74. 
Hotchkis, Ad. 20, 139. 
^oiigham, H. 77. 
Houghton, 56. 
Houghton, Sir H. 44. 
Houghton, W. 82, 157. 
*Houlflon, T. 78, 80. 
*Houinon, VV. 83. 
Hqulfton, W. 20. 
Houlton, Ja. S. 20. 
*Houmboarg, J. 178. 
Houndle, E. 61. 
*Hou{ray, Mahon de, 189. 
Houdon, 107. 
Koufton, P. 166. 
How, J. 20, 148, 156. 
Ploward, Ab. 154. 
Howard, Dl. 56.' 
Howard, J. 20, 2 1 8. 
Howard, J. 45. 
Howard, S. 20,33,39,45, 
*Howard, W. Au. 4.5. 
Ijoward and Carpenter, 

Howartli, Hum. 20. 
Howden, Rt. 158. 
Howel, J. 20. 
Howel). J. 1,52. 
Howeil, J. Wat. 140.' 
Hoyle, 84. 
Hoylcja. 84. 
Huaunne, Ste. d\ i83. 
Hubbard, lio. 
Hubert, .52. 
Hubner, Mar. 48. 
Huddlefton, Rd. 152, 
Hudfon, 30. 
Hudfon, C. Gr. 45. 
Hudfon, J. 58, 136. 
Hudfon, \V. 27, 43. 
Huertiey, Rd. H. 20. 
Huet, T. 20. 
Huey, Rt. j^g. 

K"ggan» J- 138. 
Huggan, T. 16 r. 
Huggeford, J. i6r, 
Hughes, 80,80, 106, 123. 
Hughes, G. 20. 
Hughes, Snead, 73. 
Hughes, T. 69. 
Hugo, 62. 
Hugon, T95. 
*Huibertz, 182. 
Hulke,W. y5. 
Hull, 73. 78. 
*Hulme, Jo. 120. 
*Hu]me, Nat. o, 12, 33. 
Hulfi, Ab. van, 156. 

Hume, 63. Hyde, 87. 

Hume, Guf. 166, 167,169. Kylton, J. Sc. -?. 

Hume,*J. 161 
Kume, vSir Ab. 4,5. 
Humphreys, 87. 
Kunfdon, J. 28. 
Hunt, 30, 92, 92, 102,1-0, 
*Hunf, 92. 
Hunt, Chr. 20. 
Hunt, H. 166, 168. 
Hunt, Ja. 20. 
Hunt, J. 20, 75. 
Hunt, J. Sut. 170. 
Hunt, T. and Ja. 85. 
*Hunter, 146.. 
Hunter, 52, 145. 
*Hanter,AI. 45:83,119, 

130, 136. - 
rlunter, Ja. 160. 

171, 217, 220, 225, 
Hunter, J. 10, 20, 33,45, 

50, 139, 152, 192. 
*Hunter,V/. 7, 11, 12, 33, 

Plunter, \V. 156. 
Hunter and Slater, 76. 

Kuntiugdon, Earl of, 45. Ire 

Hynam, W. 20. 
Hynde, 87. 

Ihhetfon, j . 45. 
Iles,G. 2j. 
Immans, 68. 
Inett., 88. 

*Ingen-Houfz, J. 45, 17S. 
Ingham, 94, 94.. 
Ingle, Vv^ 21, 85, 85. 
Inglebv, 125. 
Inglis, E. 131, 160. 
Inglis, W. 131. 
Inglife, 68. 
Inglifh, Ja. 26. 
Ingram, 113. 
Ingram, Dale, 21. 
*Ingram, Kd. 12, I52. 
Inman, T. 6j. 
Innes, 155. 

Innes, Ja. Dun. 30, 140. 
Innes, J, 142. 
Innes, Rt. 136, 138. 
Ireland, 30, 102. 
lieland, J. G. 6(5. 


...^ , „ — ---, -f^. -._„ — ^^., _ 

Huntington, B. I2I, 219. Irifh, H. "6 

Huntly, 95. 

Hurdeis, 113. 

Hurlock, Jo. 20. 

Kurlock, Jo. 45. 

Hurlock, Ph. 20,38,45. 

Hurft, G. 27. 

Hurft, J. Sur. 20. 

Hurft, T. 219. 

Huffev, ^o. 

*Hu(rey,' Gar. 164, 168. 

*"Hutchefon, F. 135, 163, 

167, 168. 
Hutchefon, Jo. 144. 
Hutchefon, W. 91. 
Hutchins, J. 156. 
*Hutchinfon, i 21. 
Hutchinfon, 171. 
Hutchinfon, Ja. 119. 
Hutchinfon, J. 122, 141. 
Hutchinfon, Jo. 94, 156. 
Hutchinfon, N. 97. 

Iri[h,W. HI. 
Irvine, Ja. 135, 225. 
*Irvine, W. 148. 
Irvine, W. 50. 
*Irving, C. 158, 572. 
Irving, J. 158. 
Irving, Pat. 171. ^ 

Irwin, Guf. 155. 
Irwin, Ja. 77, 155. 
Irwin,T, 154. 
Irwine, Ja. 21. 
*Italin{ki, A. 142. 
*Ittner, 180, 180. 


Jack, J. 148, 149. 
*Jackfon, 88, 151. 
Jackfon, 51, ^Sy 56, 57* 

68, 70. 
Jackfon, H. 29. 

Hutchinfon, Rd. 20, 160. Jackfon, Hum. 45. 

Hutchinfon, Si. 120. Jackfon, J. 21, 59, 116 

Hutton, 95. Jackfon,'Jo. 28. 

Hutton, Al. 150. Jackfon, Rev. Cyr. 42. 

Hutton, C. ^j. Jackfon, F^a. 220,. 

*Hutton, Ja. 22, 
Hyatt, 1 18. 

Jackfon, Row, 9. 



248 • 1 

♦Jackfon, Seg. H. 10, 12, 

3 J. 140- 
Jackron,W. 0;, 53,89, 

* Jacob, 116. 
Jacob, E. fen. 75. 
Jscob, E. jnu. 21, Jq. 
Jacques,]. 141. 
Jacquier, F. 48. 
*Jacquin, N.J. 178. 
*Jadelot, 19 T, 200. 
.^Jaeger, C. F. 225. 
JafFiay, 21, 141 . 
Tames, 86, 104. 
James, Gym, 72.. 
James, Hu. 59, 138. 
James, J. 21, 21, 29, 65, 

87, III, 115. 
James, Rd. 104, TC4. 
James, Rt. 27, ro/. 
James, fen. 58. 
James, vSlrW. 45...V, 
James, W. 45. 
JameTon, Al. 160. 
Jamefou, J. 148. 
Wmelon, M'M. 155, 
Jam^eforijT. 159. 
Jamiefan, W. 149. 
J"ans, F. 21 . 
Jans, T. 162. 
*j3quel3rt, 186. 
Jaques, Rd. 1,^6. 
Jardiiie, W. 1 62. 
Jarvis, H. 21 . " 
*Jarvis, Ja. 169. 
Jay, 192. 
Jay re, 125. 

*|eanroy, D»eu. 189, 190. 

* jeans, T. 21, 116, 140. 
*Jebb, Fr. 164. . 
*Jebb, J. 9, 7 9, 45. 
Jebb, Si rH._! 66, .67,168. 
*jebb, Sir Kd. 6, 10, 11, 

^2, 45- 
Jre, T. 29. 
Jefco'^t,J. 160. 
Jefferey, Rt. 107. 
Jeiferevs, J. 2t. 
JeHbreys, W. 21, 89. 
Jeiferron, Jof. 154. 
Jcfftrfon, Ra. 95. 
leiTerfon, T. 95. 
JcfFery,T. 140. 
jerFervs, 109. 
Jefferys, H. V. W] . 
Jdf.rvs,]. 108. 
Jell ',','89. 
Jenifer, \^ 'a. Han. 139. 

N D E 

Jenkins, 149. 
Jenkins, L. 12,5. 
Jenkins, Liv. 16S.* 
Jenner, 68, 106. 
Jennings, 5,5, 60, ij6. 
Jennings, J. 45. 
^Jetifeiiius, 174. 
Jephfon, Clif. W. 159. 
Jephfon, Sil. 2,^-5. 
Jepfon, 96. 

Jervis aiid Wilfon, 86. 
Jervis, 61 . 
JeiTop, 88. 
Jev.-eli, ^Xi. 
Jewel], G. 58. 

J7» ]• 64- ■ 
^Joannis, 191. 
Jobart, 104. 
Jodretl,P. 4,5. 
lodreU, Rd. P. 45. 
*john, Gr ^. 
Jobn, W. 56. 
John, Z. 57. 
Johns, R.d. 57. 
Johnfan, 55, 71, 78, 104, 

118, /49. 
*Jnhnron, Al. 13- 
johnfon, AL ^ 60. 
Johnfon, Chr. 153. 
*Johnron, Cuth. 64. 
lohnfon, D. 144. 
Johnfon, Dl. 63. 
J'jhnfon,Ja. 158, 158. 
Johnfon, J. 20. 
Johnfon, P. Har. 140. 
Johnfon, Rd. 161 . 
* Johnfon, Rt. V/al. 89. 
Johnfon, T. 94, 166. 
Johnfon and Owen, 56. 
Johnilon, 123. 
Johnflon, Al. 159. 
Johnflon, A. 28. 
Johnfton, Ja. 1 39, 171. 
Johnfion, J. 140. 
■*Johnftone, E. 114, 140. 
Johnilone, G. 149, 150, 


*Johnnone, Ja. 145. 
*Johnflone, Ja. fen. 118, 

*Johnflone, Ja. jun. 117, 

^38, c^M- 
Johnftone, Ja. 146. 
*John{lone, J. 1 19. 
Johnflone, J. 152. 
Johnfione, W. 135, 162. 
Jelliffe,B. 21. 
Jolliffe, Ja. 21. 

JollifFe, Ja. andB. 72, 

Jolliffe, Rf. 64. 

Jones, 64, j^^ 86, 103, 
104, 109, 124, 124, 
124, 124, J 70. 

Jones, Con. 135. 

Jones, E. 21, 104, 166. 

Jones, G. 60. 

Jones, Jeff. 115. 

Jones, Ja. 27, 9 r, 152. 

Jones, J. 28, 124, 126. 

Jones, Rev. W. 45. 

Jones, Rd. 118. 

*Jones, S. 69. 

Jones, S. 159. 

Jones, Ste. 162. 

* Jones, Trevor, 109, 140, 

Jones, T. 158. 

Jones, V, 21, 1,33, 218. 

Jones, Wa. 138. 

Jones, W. 45,. 125, 219. 

Jones, W. ei. 21. 

Jones and Thomas, 126. 

Jones and WooUett, 125.. 

Jordan, 102. 

Jordan, Rd. 21. 

Joy. 9^- 

Joyce, 115. 

Joyce, N. -86. 

*Joycufe, jun. 19 k 

Jowett, J. 225. 

Judd,S. 88. 

Judgfon, Ja.Wef. 21,104. 

Jullion, 31. 

tuUiott, Mo. P. 26, 33. 

*JumeHn, J.B. !89.- 

*Junchercs, L. G. B. de, 

Jurquet, J. 150. 
*Ju{rieu, An, L. dc, 189, 

190, 197. 
*Jufr]eu, Chr. de, 189. 
Juftamond, J. Ob. 21, 32, 

45) 50- 


*Kammeeker, W. 176. 
Kanmacher, Fr. 27. 
^Kannegeifer, 181. 
Kate, 108. 
Kavanagh, 89. 
Kay, Ja. 21, J54. 
*Kay, S. 81, 83. 
Kaye, Rev. Rd. 45. 
Keable, Keir, 110. 
Kearfley, Dd. 65. 
Kearfley, P. 65. 
Keate, G. 45. ' 


JCcate.T. 11,21,153,218. 
Keenlyfide, W. 94, 94, 

Keenlyfide, Rd. 223. 
'Keigwin,Ja. 57. 
Keir, J. 136. 
*Keir, W. 10, 13, 32, 38, 

39. 134» 139. 2^7. 

Keith, Al. 133, 221. 

Keld, T. 21, 123. 

*Keller, 192. 

Kellie, J. 146. 
I Kelloch, Al. 155. 
f *Kel]y, Chr. 8, 33, 158. 

Kelly, E. 136. 

Kelly, Mi. 21, 21. 

Kelly, N. 758. 

Kelly, Pe. 166, 
_ Kellv.T. 166. 
I'. Kelfcy, 5S. 

*Kelfo, Ham. 164. 

Kelfon, 106. 

Kelfon, S. 21. 
^ Kemball, 111. 

Kemble, 109. 

Kemp, 30, 70. 

Kempe, 58. 

*Kenens, 200. 

Kenion, Ja. 121. 

*Kenion, J. 80. 

Kennedy, 114, 154. 

Kennedy, G. 170. 

*Kennedy, Hu. Al. 8, 
136, 151. 

Kennedy, Ja. 145. 

*Kennedy, 38. 

Kennedy, W. 161. 

Keniiicott, Rev. B. 45. 

Kennicott, W. 102. 

Kennion^ Ja. 80. 

Kent, 102. 

Kent, E. 166. 

Kent, Rt. 21. 

Kentifh, 120. 

Kentifh, Nat. 159. 

Kentifh, Rd. 141. 

Keogh, Mi. 166, 168. 

Ker, C. 139. 

Ker, Ja. 160. 

Ker, Rt. 45. 

Kerefiuri, F. 225. 

*Kerick, Ste. 180. 

Kerr, 71. 

Kerr, C. 154. 

Kerr, Dd. 171. 

Kerr, Dd. Ram. 71. 

Kerr, J. 13,5. 

Kerr, Pat. 135. 

N D E 

Kerr, Rt. 132. 
Kerr, T. 21,21, 155, i6r 
*Kerr, W. 92, 92, 136. 
Kerrick, J. 90, 
Kerridge, J. 21. 
Kerflake, Bam. 62. 
Kerlhaw, T. 82, 170. 
Keflell, J. J57. 
Keftcll and Hodges, 62. 
Kettilby, Ja. 26. 
Keymer, 90". 
Keynton, J. 64. 
Keyworth and Bafnet, 96 
Kidd, J. 161. 
Kidd, Rt. 159. 
Kiddie, J. 64. 
Kiddon, Al. 219. 
Kiernan, Rd. 141. 
Kilvington, T. 122. 
Kincaid, Jo. Z. 161. 
King, 30, 58, 88. 
King, E. 45. 
King, Ja. 45. 
King, J. 21. 

King, Rev. J. Gl. 45. 
King, S. C. 166, iGy, 167 

King, T. 171. 
King, W. 57. 
Kinlefide, W. 26. 
Kinnaird, 89, 133. 
Kinnard, W. 29. 
Kinneir, 116. 
Kinnier and Son, 117. 
KinlIey,T. 167. 
Kipping, 112, 114. 
Kippis, Rev. A. 45. 
Kirby, 67. 
Kirby, Tim. 139. 
Kirby, Wa. 27. 
Kircher, 180. 
Kirk, Ja. 159. 
Kirkland, F. 115. 
*Kirkland, T. 85, 142. 
*Kirkland, W. 66. 
Kirkman, T. 121. 
Kirfopp, M. 137. 
Kirton, T. 65. 
Kirwan, Rd. 45. 
Kirwan, T. 21. 
KilTam, B. 141. 
Kitchen, Ja. 160. 
Kitchen, Wa. 161. 
Kitching, 112. 
Kitching, E. 141. 
Kite, C. 21, 21, "jS. 
Kitfon, .1 05. 
Kitfon, W. 123. 

X. 249 

Kittfon, G. Rd. 154. 
. Klcfoenberg, 177. 

Knight, 105, 144, 

Knight, F. 21, 153. 

Knight, J. 158. 

Knight, W. ys, 

Knott, Pv.r. 225. 

Knowler, 75. 

Knowjes, Rd. 152* 

*KnowIe.s, T. 13, 36. 

*KnowIton, 87. 

*Knox, Rt. 8, 13, 151, 
. Koch, 30. 

*Kolmann, J. B. 178. 

Kolpin, Al. I7.5. 

*Koopmans, Gad. 183. 

*Kraak, 176. 

*Kratzen{lein,Chr. G. 1 74» 

Kraufe, 181. 
Krey, Fr. 176. 
Kringle, Gab. 126. 
*Krohn, H. 9, 13, 33. 
*Krure, 173, 191. 
*Krzowitz, SirW. Tr. de, 

Kuckhan, T. S. 48. 
Kuhn, Ad. 138. 


Labee, 184. 

Laborie, 199. 

Lafarga, 204. 

*Lafifre, CI. 189. 

Lafoens, Dux de, 49. 

Lafont, J. A. 137. 

Laga, 204. 

*Lagufius, Hafenoheri dcj 

Laidman, F. 95. 
Laidman, J. 159, 
Laing, J. 150. 
Lake, 72, 113. 
*Lallemand, 200. 
*Lalouette,, 187, 

Lamarque, 193, 193. 
Lamb, iii. 
Lamb, J. 160. 
Lambert, 117. 
Lambert, Rd. 135. 
Lambertfon, 30. 
Lambricke, ^y. 
*Lamont, G. 7, 13. 
Lampeog, 186. 
*Lamure, 190, 190. 
*LancC; Trib. de la, iqp.. 

2 CO 



Land, 63. 

Law, J. 137, 159. 

Lande, Jer. de la, 49, 185, 



Law, J. Per. 21. 

Landen, J. 4,5. 

Law, Mi. 135. 

Landor, 115. 

Law, Rt. 160. 

*Landuette, 200. 

Lawe, Mi. 157. 

Lane, J. 88. 

Lawford, S. 28. 

Lane, Tim. 27, 45. 

Lawrence, 56, 69. 

Lane, T. 77. 

Lawrence, Her. 26. 

Lane, W. 26. 

^Lawrence, T. 5, 74, 2 18, 

Lang, 180. 

222. ■ .. 

Langdon, 63. 

Lawrence, W. 161. 

Langdon, W. 62. 

Lawrie, Wa. 135. 

Langford, ^S^ 1°^, 104. 

Lawfon, J. 141, 130. 

*-Langlands, Rt. 130, 142. 

Lay, Man. 204. 

Langley,~Arn. 21. 

Layard, Rev. C. Pe. 45. 

Langley, J. 21. 

*Layard, Dl.Pe.7, 45. 

Langley, T. 21. 

*Laycock, Ed. 86. 

Langley, W. and J. 97. 

Laycock, E. 72. 

*Langlois, J. B. 188. 

Layman, 91. 

Langlow, 104. 

Leadbeater, 30. 

Langrifh, 113. 
Lankfhear, 103. ' -' . 

Leader, H. 138. 

Leadham, Chr. 21. 

Lannjng, 1 . 64. 

Leafe, W. 84. 

Lantfheer, Jac. Fr. 45. 

Leafe, Z. 84. 

I^arman, 105. 

Leak, 110. 

Larratt, 103. 

Leake, 30. 

Lafcelles, 118. 

*Leake,J. 9, 13, 34, 50. 

*La{hley, 170. 

Leake, W. 166. 

*Lafhle'y, T. 45, 137. 

Leath, 90, 92. 

*Lafrai2ne, Delon de, 103. 

Leathes, 30. 

Laffells^W. Ab. 140." 

Leber, Fer. 178. 

^Laffone, J. M. de, 187, 

Lebfevre, Ste. 28. 

190, 193. 194' 201. 

*Lebmacher, V. 178. 

LafTone, de, jun. 190. 

Lee, 91. 

LafRis, 194, 195, 196. 

*Lee, Art. 45. 

*Laftbom, J, 177. 

Lee, C. Dil. 43. 

Latham, J. 21,45, 75. 

*Lee, J. 9, 45, 105. 

L3iham,T. 21, 74. 

Lee, IN. 95. 

Latham, W. 21. 

Lee, P.d. 21, 28. 

Larhara, \V.' and Son, 73. 

Lee, S. 21. 

Laiimer, T. 162. 

Lee, W. 139. 

Lattimer, 58, 58. 

Lee and Son,^ 108. 

*Laverne, 189. 

Leech, J. 112. 

*Laverniere, de, 192. 

Leeds, Duke of, 45. 

Lauder, Col-. 9.3, 131, 142. 
Lauder, W. 21. 

Leeds, S. 137. 

Lees, J. 78. , 

Laudumiev, 31. 

Lecte, H. 21, 93. 

Laiighlin, Ja. 166. 

Lefevi-e, Ste. 6j. 

*Laugier, 202. 

Legns, Jo. €7. 

Liu nay, i8j. 

Legaffick, Ja. 160. 

Ljundy, Jer. ci. 

Lecrafficke, J- 21. 

Lrmraguais, C. de, 133. 

Legat,T. 158. 

-■,!urembert, B. L. L. de, 

Lc^cr, 193. 


Leger, Fils, 193. 

Laurence, 108- 

Leggatt, Ab. ir,6. 

Lauiloiiau, 193. 

Legrand, 185. 

La-v^-, 73, 93. 

Lcidewitt, A. 94, 

Lav,-, ja. J 40. 


Leigh, Nat. 107. 
Leightheizer, H. 2r, 
Leighton, 94j 94. 
Leighton, T. 141. 
Leiihman, Pe. 137. 
*LeIth, C. 146. 
Leith, G. 158. 
*Leith, Th. Fo. 45, ^6. 
*Leman,J. 13, 138. 
Le Mefurier, W. 219. 
Lempriere, Ph. 28. 
*Lendormy-Laucour, 189. 
Lenham and Walker, 66. 
Lennon, H. 166. 
Lens, W. 28. 
Leonard, 193. 
*Leonbardi, i8i. 
L'EpinaiTe, C. 4^. 
Lernoult, Cla. 159. 
*Leflce, 181. 
Lefley, J. 136. 
Leflie, 144. 
Leflie, J. 153. 
*Leflie, Pat. Dug. 45, 65, 

221, 222. 
Leflie, Thp. 21. 
Leflie, W. 162. 
*Lefrer, 179. 
Lefter, S. 160. 
L'Eftrange, F. 166, 167. 
Lefturgeon, 30. 
*L'Etang, Duch. de, 192* 
Lethbridge, Chr. 156. - 
*Lettfom, J. Coa. 9, 13, 

35. 35» 35. 35. 3^ 

38, 45. 83. 
*Leven, 176. 
Lever, Sir Afh. 45. 
Lewes, W. 141. 
Lewis, 30, 110. 
Lewis, Dd. 161. 
Lewis, Ec. 113. 
Lewis, G. 219. 
Lewis, How. 159. 
Lewis, T. 26, 125. 
Lewis, W. 160. 
LewKham, Vifcount, 45. 
Ley, C. 21... 
Ley, E. 60. 
*Leys, Max. Jo. i88. 
Leyfon, J. 28. 
*LezLirier, Cof. A. i83. 
Liddcl, A. 144. 
Liddcl, Ja. 149. 
Liddel, Fe. 149. 
Licdbeck, Sir E. G. 17^, 
*le Lievre, 192. 
*Liger, C.L. 187, 


*LJgertwood,J. 14a, 1 43- 
Lightfoot, C. 123. 
Lightfoot, Rev. J. 45. 
Lightwood, 109. 
Lilie,W. Got. 139. 
*LilIe, Chr. Ev. de, 183. 
Lfllierall, Chr. 176. 
*Limbourg, J. Ph. de, 49, 

'^Limbourg, jun. i8j. 
Lincoln, J. 122. 
*LindJa. 45, 52,130,133. 
*Lind, J. yi, 130. 
Lindfay, Al. 155. 
Lindfay, Arch. 14I. 
Lindfay, Pat. 154, 
*Lindfay, Rt. 150.- 
*Lindray, Rt. 150, 
Lindfay, Watt and Smith, 

I^indzee, E. 156. 
*Linne, C. von, \'j']. ' 
Linnery, B. 86. 
Linzee, jun. 71. 
Lipfcomb, 70. 
Lifle, ^e>, 6-j. 
Lifter, i02. 
*Lifter, W. 10, 140. 
Litchfield, E. 92. 
Little, 145. 
Little, Dl. 21, 21. 
Littlefear, Jo. 29. 
*Littlehales, J. jo. 
Littlehales, 103. 
Lirtlcjohn, J. 160. 
Livet, J. 27. 
*Livingftone,T. 129, 136, 

*Livingftone, W. 143. 
Livius, Pe. 45. 
Llandaff, Bp. of, 45. 
Llewclljn, 104. 
Lloyd, 125, 126. 
Lloyd, Dd. 125. 
Lloyd, E. 161. 
Lloyd, Evan, 126. 
Lloyd, G. 45, 82. 
Lloyd,' J. 45, 136. 
Lloyd, Rd. 21. 
L]oyd,Ver. 166, 167, 169. 
Lloyd, "W. 137. 
Lloyd and Maifey, 125. 
Lobkowitz, Prince, 49. 
*Lobftein, J. Fr, 200. 
Locock, 93. 
Lockhart, 30. 
Lockinge, ^u 

i N D E 

, Lockman, Rev. J. 45. 
Loeweftein, Prince of, 201 
Loftie, W. 75, 136. 
Loftus, W. 2 1, 125. 
Logan, G. 139, 140. 
Logan, T. 144. 
Logic, S. 158. 
Lohock, 121. 
Lomax, C. 29. 
Lombard, ig^. 
London, Bp. of, 45. 
Long, 102, 107. 
Long, W. 21, 160. 
*Longavant, 192. 
*Longion,J. CI. J. de,i89 
Longley, J. 27. 
Longley, Rt. 27. 
Longmoor, A. 161. 
LongftafF, ]. 6t^, 
Longwell,T. 158. 
Lord, T. 21. 
Lorimer,J. 152. 
Lorrain, 172. 
Lorrain, J. 149. 
*Lorring, fen. 192. 
*Lorry, A. C. 188, I90. 
Lort, Rev. Mi. 45. 
Lofh, Jo. 58. 
Loten, J. Gid. 45. 
Loveday, Rd. 21, 89. 
*Lovell, Rt. 110, 140. 
Lovet, H. 1 18. 
Lovett, 104. 
Louis, ig^, 196. 
Loufionneau, 194. 
Louttit, W. 27. 
Louttit, W. jun. 29.. 
*Lo\v, 146. 
Low, 62. 
Low, Ja. 77. 
Low, T. 21. 
Low, W. 139. 
Lowe, T. W. 219. • 
Lowdell, G. 21 . 
Lowdcll, Jo. 21. 
Lowdell, Jo. Co. 21. 
Lowdell, If. 21. 
Lowdell, Ste. 21, 38. 
Lowdell and Son, 112. 
*Lowder, W. 13, 35, 50. 
Lowe, 88. 
Lowe, God. 106. 
Lowe, J. 154, '.66. 
LowthjBp. of London, 45. 
Lubbock, Rd. 141 . 
Luc, J. A. de, 49. 
Lucas, 30, 1 15, 1 17. 
LucaSj Col ley, 1 j2. 

X. 251 

Lucas, Ja. 21, 121. 
Lucas, Nathan, 21. 
Lucas, Owen, 157. 
Lucas, W. 21,32,33. 
Luccraft, Rd. 61. 
*Luchtmans, Pe. 184. 
Ludgf5te, 5-2. 
*Ludlow, Ab. 106. 
Ludlow, Ab. fen. '69. 
Ludlow, Ab. jun. 6g. 
Ludlow, Dl. 219, 223. 
Lukey, 56. 
Lukyn, Meff. y^. 
Lulman, Rt. 1 j8. 
Lumbert, 68. 
Lufcombe, C. 139. 
Lufcombe, M. 61. 
Lufcombe, S. 61. ^^ 
Lufcombe and Roe, 61. 
Luttrell, jy. 
Luxmore, 221. 
Lyde; Ja. 124. 
Lyford, 70, JO. 
*Lyncb, Rt. 74. 
Lynch, T. 170. 
Lyne, J. 219. 
Lynn,Ja. iix. 
Lynn, J. 110. 
Lyon, 30. 
*Lyon, J. jg, 80. 
Lyon and Bates, 100. 
Lvon and Bage, 11,5. 
Lvonet, Pe. de, 49. 
*Lvfons, Dl. 105. 
Lyfter,H. 166, iSZ, 
Lyfter, Rd. 26. 
Lyller, Rd.War. 45. 

M. ^ 

Mabane, Ad. 1^6. 
*Macbp:de, D. 136. 
Macclesfield, E. of, 45, 
Maccohne, J. 135. 
Maccullocb, Rt. 136. 
Macdonald, Ja. 166. 
Macdop.ogh, Fel. 21. 
Macdouall, Rt. 135. 
Mace, 7J. 
Mace, Bv 152. 
Mac Evoy, F. 166. 
Macfair, Eb. 1^^. 
Macfarlan, J. 136. 
Macfarlane, Dun. 139. 
*Mac Farqahar, TV17I. 
Macghie, W. 13,5. 
Macgilchrift, A run. 141. 
MacGlaflian, Dun. 171, 
Mac Glafiian, J. 171. 


2$2 I 

Macharg, An. 136. 
Mack, Ja. 9.2^ 
Mack, T. 95. 
Mackay, A. 171. 
Mackay, Hu. 225. 
Mackenzie, Don. 135. 
*Mackenzie,Ken.87, 136. 
Mackenzie, Mur. 45. 
*Mack'-ogh, Pat. 164. 
Mackie, J. and Dd. 74. 
Mackintofh, ja, 139. 
*Mackittrick, 70. 
^Maekitirick, Ja. 130,137. 
Maclaflian, 30. 
Maclaurin, J. 225. 
MacLaughlin, Ja. 166. 
*Maclaurin,Rt.i3, 33, ^o. 
Macleane, Law. 136. 
Macle^d, J. 135. 
Mackleraith, 75. 
Maciin, 73. 
*Macniahon, J. 188, 
Mac Miilan, 144, 
Mac Morland, Fat. B3. 
MacmiiUan, Al. 166. 
Macmullan, Neal, 167. 
Maconochie, Allan, 134. 
*Macquai-t, L. C. 11. 189, 

Macqueen, 53. 
*Macqueen, Mai. 92. 
*Macquer, Pe. Jo. 187, 

190, 197, 199. 
Macrae, G. 136. 
*M-x Sbcehy, 193. 
^Macvey, Ja. 85. ^ 
Mackwortb, Sir Her. 45. 

Madeley, Eay. 109. 

Ma^dorne, 57. 

*Maddocks, Ja. 9, 13, 33, 
38, 50, 137. 

Maddox, g6. 

Maddox, W. 21, 152. 

Maeikus, Jo. y,^. 

Magan, Rd. 1&6, 

Magellan, J., 45, 83. 

*Magennis, Dl. 171, 225. 

*Magnan, 193. 

Magnefs, W. 22, 36. 

Maguire, Lau. Wh. 1^9. 

*Maguire, Pat. 164. 

Maher, J. 166. 

*Mahon, igi. 

Mahon, Ter. 166. 

Malion, ViCc-oTint, 45. 

*Maigret, J. B. Al. 188. 

*Mai]lard, N. 21, 

♦M^iliette, 192, 



Main, Dd. 161. 
*Mainaudue, J. Bon. de, 


*Mainwaring, Pe. 81, 82, 

Mair, Ja. 161. 
Maitland, Al. 146. 
Maitland, Mait. 22. 
*MaitIand, Rt. 140. 
Majauh, 194. 
*Majault, Mi.Jo.187,197. 
Majendie, Rev. J. Ja. 45. 
Major, T. 28. 
Majoribanks, G. I35. 
Malacria, Ig. 22. 
Malcolm, Ja. 159. 
Malcolm, Pat. 21. 
Malcolm, W. 170. 
Maiden, Jonas, 22. 

Malie. T. 151. 
M'Alifter, E. 155. 
M'Allefter, A. 135. 
*Mallet, 197. 
Mallet, Jon. 152. 
*Mallet, Noel, N. 188. 
Malliet, J. 45. 
*Maloet, Pe. L. M. 188, 

Maloney, 170. 
Malt by, C. 90. 
Man, 30. 
Man, Rr. 76.I 
Manby, 87, i5l. 
Mandeville, Dl. 28, 152. 
Manetti, D. X.49. 
*Manget,J. L.139. 
Man ley, 91. 
Manley, W. 21. 
Mann, 119. 
Mann, Abbe, 185. 
*Manning, J. 90. 
Manning, Rev. 0\v. 45. 
Manning, T. 153. 
*Manningham, T. 8. 
Mannings, 113. 
Manfell, T. 219, 224. 
ManfeIl,W. 126. 
M-ansfield, 93. 
Mant, 70. 
Mantcll, T. y^. 
Mantel), T. jun. 75. 
Manuel, Wilk. 139. 
Mapletoft, 68, 112. 
Mapletoft, C. 111. 
Mapleton, 102, 223. 
*Marc;ard, H, 142, lyg. 

Marchals, 194. 
Marchant, 113. 
Marchant, Nat. 170. 
Marchmont, Earl of, 45, 
Marci, Abbe de, 185. 
Marder, 64. 
Mare, B. 152. 
*Maret, 190, 197,201. 
*Marets, Corv. des, 189. 
Mariner, Jul. 22, 29. 
*Marinier, J. 189. 
Mariot, J. 86. 
Manffal, J. 21. 
Markarap, 10a. 
Markham, 74. 
Markham, Ja. V. 22. ' 
Markham, Rd. An. 14! , " 
Markham, Tim. 28. 
Markland, 85. 
Markland, Rt. 21. 
*Markmuller, An. 178. 
Marks, J. 62. 
Marner, 91. 
Marrigues, 195. 
Marfden, Rt. 121. 

Marfden, W. 45, 114. 

*xMarfigli, J. P. 203. 

Marfh, 87, 117. 

Mar ft, P. 159. 

Marfhal, Rt. 150. 

*Mar{hall, 170. 

Marftall, 58, 66, S^yQ5. 

*Mar{]iall, A. 155, 217-. 

Marfhall, Chr. 158. 

Maifhall, G. 158. 

Marfhall, Hyl. 87. 

Marfhall, J. 27, 57, 149, 

♦Marfhall, Rt. 148. 

Marfham, Hon. C. 45. 

Marfham, Rt. 45. 

Marfolan, 194. 

Marten, G.'^2i. 

M' Arthur, J. 148. 

Ivlai tigny, 194. 

St. Martin, 194. 

Martin, jo6, 1 i8, 125. 

Martin, G. 21, 21,32, 218, 

Martin, Ja. 58. 

Martin, Pe. 113. 

*Martin, Row. 1764 

Martin, S. 137. 

Martineau, Ph. Mea, 90, 

■^Martine, 179, 
Marti ngdale, isi. 
Marti niere, Sir Ger. P. de 

la, 193. i95- , 




Martlane, Malt. 140. 
Martin, Rev. T. 53, 54* 
Mafcall, H. 30. 
Maferes, F. 45. 
Mafkelyne, Rev. Nev. 42. 
Maflcill, Ja. 160. 
Mafon, 117. 
Mafon, J. 85. 
Mafon, Ed. 72. 
Mafon, W. 114. 
Mafrey,Ja. 82. 
MafTey.J. 82. ' 
MafTey, M. 58. 
*Ma{fie, 192. 
Maffie, G. 219. 
MafTie, W. 22, 
Mafterfon, Jo. 115, 
Mather, 86. 
*Mather, J. 5t. 
Mather, If. 26. 
Mather, If. jun. 29. 
*Mathey, 189. 
Mattear, J, 135. 
•^Matthews, J. 7, 13, 33, 

217, 222. 
Matthews, T. 110. 
Mattingley, 80. 
Maty, Rev. P. H 39, 42. 
Mauduit, Ifr, 4.5. 
M'^Aulay, J. 146. 
Maule, J. 74, 85. 
Maule, Ph. 10, 31. 
*Maury, 192, 200. 
Maxwell, 95. 
Maxwell, AI. 22, 34, 
Maxwell, C. 29. 
Maxwell, G. 141. 
Maxwell, J. 72, 135, 139. 
Maxwell, Pat. 154. 
Maxwell, Sir G. CI. 133, 
Maxwell, Wa. 136. 
Maxwell, \y, 94, 140. 
May, N, 63. 
May, Stre. Nor. j^. 
May bee, H. 159. 
Mayhew, 52, 53. 
May hew, J. 28. 
Maynard, 116. 
Maynard, Ja. 138. 
Mayne, J. 219. 
May wood, Rt. 161. 
M'Calluin, G. 162. 
M'Carthv, 30. 
^M'Carthv, Tim. 192, 
M'Caftrul, 150. 
M'Clellan, J. L. 159. 
M'Clellan, Rt. 27. 
M'Clure, S. 160. 
M'Cocnell, Gil. 170. 

M'Cormick, J. 158. 
M'Cormick, Mi. 160. 
M'Coufland, Rt. 153. 
M'Creagh, Hu. 16. 
M'Culloch, An. 27. 
M'Culloch, J. 153. 
M'Cullum, G. 149. 
M'Donald.An. 145. 
M'Donald, J. I53. 
M'Donald, Rt. 141. 
M'Donald, W. 172. 
M'Donnell, J. 141. 
M'Dongal, P. 147. 
M'Dougall, 143. 
M'DougalJ, Al. 15.5. 
M'Dowcll, An. 1^3. 
Meaburn, F. 65. 
Meadows, J. 34. 
Meadows, T. 89, 158. 
*Meagher, 58. 
Meales, W. 160. 
Meals, W. 22. 
Meard, 65. 
Mears, T. 72. 
Meafe, E. 139. 
Medcalfe, 103. 

Medhurft, W. jy. 

Mceck, H. 64. 

Meek, J. 151, 219. 

Meggs, 84. 

Meggs, T. 21. 

Meickle, T. 1^7. 

*Meik, T. 71/130. 

*Meil]ardet, 192. 

Mein, T. 1^9. 

Mellar, (^-j . 

Mellard, 60. 

Melliar, Ja. 139. 

Mellin, 120. 

Melling, 156. 

Mclling, J a. 160. 


Melvilj, Lieut. Gen. Rt. 45. 

*Melville, 77, 222. 

Melville, Rt. 159. 

Melville, T. 146. 

Mennis, 147. 

Meniflrand Tweed, ^^. 

*Menuret, 191. 

Menzie, 15,5. 

Menzies, Arch. 153. 

*Menzies, Rt. 146. 

Mercer, 64, 113. 

Mercer, Rt. 135. 

Meremoth, T. 77. 

Mergam,J. 125. 

Merrewether, 116, 

Merrick, T. 155, 225, 

Mcrricksj 113. 

*Merryman, H. 13. 
Mertrud, 197. 
*Meffence, J. Ja. 188. 
MelTier, C. 49, 185. 
Meffiter, Huf. 21. 
Metcalfe, Rr. 21, 73. 
Metcalfe, T. 119. 
*Metford, E. B. 64. 
Metford, Jo. 22^ 106, io8, 
Mettin, ^-j . 
M'Evoy, F. 168. 
Meufchen, F. C. 49. 
Mewburn, Tulip, 94, 94* 
Meyler, T. 168. 
*MeyIin, jun. 192. 
Meynell, F. 60. 
Meynell and Wright, 6o« 
Meyrick, Ow. P. 45. 
Meyfey, 102. 
M'Farquhar, T50. 
M'Farquhar, T. 139. 
M'Gowan, J. 133, 
Michael fon, 31. 
Michaund, i85. 
*Michel, 190, 19^-i 
*Michel,W.. 189^ 
*Michelits, An. 179, 
Michell, Rev. J. 45. 
Michell, Rd. 45. 
Midford, G. 219. 
Midford, W. 22. 
Midgeley, 78. ~ - 
Middleton, 126. 
Middleton, Ber V)%, 
Middleton, Dd. 10, 21, 
Middleton, Pe. 135. 
Middleton, Rt. 136. 
Midwinter, T. 171. 
Mier, j.. 140, 
^Miken, Jo" God. 179. 
Milbourne, V. 65. 
Milcox, 113. 
Milgar, 64."^ 
Mill, 1^4. 
*Miilar, ^j. 
Millar,' 123, 154. 
Millar, Dd. 137, 
^Miliar, y. 13. 
Millar, W. 159, 
Millard, 71. 
Miller, 68. 
Miller, Dd. 22. 
Miller, H. 22, 139. 
Miller, Rd. 22, 64. 
*Mil]er, Rt. 151, 
Miller, Rt. 144. 
*Miner,T. 140,217. 
Miller, T. joi. 


25^4 5 

Miller, W. 22, 134. 
Mi lies, Jer. 45. 
Miiles, Rev. Jer. 45. 
*Miiles, Rd. 60. 
Miller, 57. 
Milligen, J. 152. 
Millington, 56. 
Millington, Lang. 21. 
Millington, Rt. 158. 
Mills, 68, 69. 
Mills, Hill, 154. 
Mills, >. 166,^68. 
Mills, J. 45. 
Mills, S. Gil. 21, -j^. 
Millwood, 51. 
Milne, 144. 
Milner, Rev. If. 45. 
*Mi]ner, T. 8, 76. 
Mtlnes, H. 97. 
M'Dvaine, W. 138. 
Mihvard, J. 22. 
Minet, Dd. 45. 
*Mingay, T. 52. 
IVtingay and Son, 92. 
Minors, Dl. 22, 33. 
Minors, If. 16. 
Minors, Rt. 114. 
Minter, 6^. 
M'Intire, Don. 152. 
M'Intye, Al. 171. 
M'lntyre, 144. 
Mirra, 202. 
^MilHi, H.M. t83. 
Miners, Meff. 118, 
Mitcliel, 106. 
Mitchel, J. 82. 
Mitchell, 30, 107, 123. 
Mitc/iell, Ad. 151. 
Mitchell, A. 154. 
Mitchell, G. 22. 
*MitchelI, Rt. 146. 
*Mitchell, W. 84. 
Mitford, G. ^0- 
Mitterbacher, J. 178. 
*Mitt;e,J. Sta. 188. 
M'Kenfie, J- 21. 
=*M'Kenzie, Al. 150, 170. 
M^Kenzie, G. 140. 
M'Kenzic, Rt. Hon. Ja. 

Stuarr, 133. 
M'KinenFrafcr, W. J39. 
M'La,c;gan, J. 150- 
M'Uggan, Rt. 146. 
M'Lean, Don. 157. 
^I'Lc^n, Hcc. 148. 
McLean, J. 147. 
McLean, Mur, i$o. 




M'Leod, 147. 
M'Lure,Ham. 131, 155. 
*M'Lurg, Ja. 138. 
M'Morris, T. 160. 
M*Nair, Dd. 153. 
M'Nair, Ja. \^^. 
M'Neale, Dl. 158. 
Moffatt, 95. 
*Moffatt,T. ^il-j. 
Moifett, J. 161. 
Moggridge, 61. 
*Moine, F. M. le, 189. 
*Moir, G. 144. 
Moira, Earl of, 45. 
*MolinelIi, 191. 
Mollefon, W. 136. 
Mollerflied, S. 171. 
Mollifon, Al. 148, 150. 
Molloy, Pat. 171. 
Moltke, Ad. G. 49. 
Momfort, Jac. 171. 
*Moncets, Pe. Ab. P. de, 

Monckton, 71, 76. 
Monckton, J. 74, 
MoncriefF, G. 151. 
*MoncriefFe,W.i05, 138. 
*Monfey, Mef. 89. 
Monington, Rd. 152. 
Monks, Tim. 85. 
*Monnier, L. G. de; 49, 

187, ^9Z^ 104. ^^1^ 
Moniiier, P. C. le, 49. 
*Monro, Al.128,1295133, 

Monro, A. 149, 156. 
*Monro, Don. 6, 13, 33, 

Monro, G. 152. 
*Monro, J. 5, 13,32,135- 
Monro, R. G. 141. 
Monro, W. 141. 
*Montabourg, J. A. R. de, 

Montagu, Duke of, 46, 130. 
*Montaig.u, 189. 
Montcamp, 193. 
Monteath, Ja. 148. 
Montefqnieu, P. S. de, 49. 
Montgomerie, Rt. 148. 
Montgomerie andSon, 1 jo. 
Montgomery, Ja. 166. 
*Moodie, 133. 
Moodie, 146, 154. 
Moodie, J. 146, 146, 171. 
Moodie, Rt. 139. 
*Mcody, 146. 
Moon, Q. 107, 

Moor, T. T15. ' 
Moor, W. 149. 
Moore, 57, 63. 
Moore, Ad. 27. 
Moore, Dl. 28, ^G. 
*Moore, J. 148, 217, 
Moore, J. 59. 
Moore, Kimberley, 114. 
Moore, Rt. 137. 
Moore, T. 119.^ 
Moore, W. 28, 102, 140, 
Moorhoufe, 56, 122, 123. 
M'Queen, W. 171. 
M'Qaeftin, T. 170. 
*MorandJ.F. CI. 49,185, 

*Moreal, 181. 
*Moreau, Ednne, T. 185, 

188, 189, 107. 
Morell, Rev. T.'^46. 
Morefbye, 60. 
Moreton, How. 108. 
Morgan, 220. 
*Morgan, J. 8, 46, 12^^ 

129, 137- 
Morgan, J. 124. 
Morin, 193. 
Morlfon, M. 14T, 
Moritz, 180. 
Morland, W. 21. 
*Morley, M. 5. 
Morofini, L. 49. 
Morral, 55. 
Morris, 30, 88. 
*Morris, A. 148. 
Morris, Dd. D. 219. 
Morris, H. 1^0, 167, l68y 

Morris, Hu. 139. 
* Morris, J. 143. 
*Morri3,Ml. 8,13,32,38, 

46, 151, ^bo- 
Morris, Mor. 28. 
Morris, Rt. 154. 
Mo.'-ris, Wa. 125. 
Morris, W. 22, 103, 141, 

144, 148. 
*Morrifon, 109. 
Morrifon, J. 159. 
Morrifon, T. 152. 
Morrogh, Dom. 159, 
Morfe, 6g. 
Morfe, Leo. 46.. 
Morthland, J. 134. ^ 

Mortimer, 30. 
*Morton,C'. 7, 13,38,39, 

Morton, Dd. 171. 
Morton, Jo. £2. 



Mofcati, Tgs> 
Mofeley, 6-171,219, 225. 
Mofs, 70, 80, 118. 
Mofs, Dr. Bp, of Bath 

and W. 43. 
Mofs, If. 82. 
Mofs, W. 78. 
Moffe, 106. 
Mothe, la, 169. 
*Motherby, G. 89. 
*Motte, de la, 192. 
*Motte, Bour. de la, 189, 

*Motte,Ed.Joa dehjiSg. 
Motte, Gour. de la, 189. 
Mottley, Rt. 96. 
M'Vey, J. 160. 
M'Vlcker, Ja. 171. 
Mouart, J. ^g. 
Mould, J. 84. 
Moult, J. 135. 
Moultou, Pe. 46. 
Moultrie, J. 135, 
Mount, 69. 
Mountenoy, 126. 
Mountjoy, 116. 
Mountjoy, T. 69. 
Mountfteven, 56. 
Mourgue, 192, 
Mowbray, Rt. 63. 
Mowbray, W, 161. 
*Moves, H. 50, 83, 221. 
Moyie, Rd. 57. 
Moyfand, J. 21. 
Moythen, Dd. 124. 
Muckle, 149. 
*Mucklefton,\^^ H. 103, 

217, 220, 223. 

Mudd, Rd. 110. 
Mudge, J. 46, 63. 
Muir,Ja, 153. 
Muir, W. 148. 
Muire, W. J 44. 
Mules, J. Co. 161. 
Mulgrave, Lard, 42. 
*Muiler, 179. 
Muller, G. "F. 49. 
Munguia, 204. 
*VJunier, J. CI. 187. 
*Munler, xVla. Zor. 189. 
*Maniks, Wym. 183. 
Munro, Rt. 160. 
*Mure, F. de la, 199. 
Munl, 55. 
^Murrisy, 177. " 
Murray, '71. 
Murray, Ad. 154. 
* Murray, Adol. 177. 
MuFiav,' Al. 148. 

N D E 3 

Murray, A. 150. 
Murray, Arch. 22. 
*Murray, J. 90, 158. 
*Murray, J. A. 180. 
Murray, Maj. Gen.Ja. 46. 
*Murray, Pat. 171. 
*Murray, Rd. 165. 
Murray/r. 149. 
Murray, W. 161. 
Mufgrave, Sir W. 42. 
Mufli and Son, 120. 
Mufliet, 87. 
*Mufliet,W. 5,97, 151, 


MufTen^J. 22. 
Mufton, Rt. 64. 
Mufton, W. 64. 
Myers, Jo. H. 217. 
Mylam, J. 76. 
Mylne, Rt. 46. 
*Mytttfn, Dev. 7, 52. 

Naddall, 113. 
Naefmith,A.l. 158. 
*Nahuis, Al. Pe. 184. 
Nalrne, E. 46. 
Naifli, T. 64". 
Nalis, Abbe de, iS^. 
Nanefty and Alfion, 6y. 
Nanfanj J. 82. 
Nanfan, Rd. 84. 
*Nankivel, J. J3, 140. 
Nankivell, 58. 
*Napier, J. 8, 13. 
Napier, vSirJa. 22,46, 152. 
Napper, W. W. 22, 113. 
Nalh, 118. 
Naft, J. 77, 112. 
NaflijT. 22, 110. 
Nafmyth, J. 141, 225. 
Nafmyth, T. 225. 
Natorft, J. 1/6. 
*Navier, Touf. N. 189, 

*Nauheiiner, 180. 
Naylor, 30, 220. 
Nay] or, Rt. 27. 
Ncal and Son, 92. 
Ntaic, G.. 22,, 33. 
Nealc, I. 166. 168. 
*Ncak,^T. 22, MO. 
Nealfon, E. T. 26. 
■*Necker, Natalis, Jo. de, 

18,5, 190, 201. 
Ncill, St. J. 153. 
Neifon, ja. 26. 
*Neiron, J. 13. 
Neifon, T. 6j. 


Nefbitt,W. 162. 
Nefs, J. 120. 
Neville, H. fen. 77. 
Neville, H. jun. yj, 
Neville, Syl. 139, 223* 
Nevinfon, C. 27. 
Nevinfon, Rt. gj, 
Neufville, T. 139. 
Neufville, Z. 139. 
Newberry, Rt. 161. 
Newby, 30. 

Newby and Crowther^ 30. 
Newcaftle, Duke of, 46. 
Newcaftle, F. 172. 
*Ncwdigate, E. no. 
Newel], Rt. Rdfon, 22^67. 
Newington, S. 1 13. 
Newland, 106, 113. 
Newland, G. 22. 
Newland, Fed. 113. 
Newland, W. 112. 
Newman, 63, 117. 
Newman, J. Whi. 22^ 71. 
Newman, Rt. 73. 
Newnam, Dd. Lloyd, 124. 
Newnham, 111. 
Newnham, Jo. Hoo. 22. 
Newfom, J. 27. 
New^fon, m. 
Newton, 68, 108. 
Newton, Jo. 86. 
Newton, Mor. 166. 
Nicander, H. 176. 
Nicholai, Chr. 15.8. 
Nicholas, 223. 
Nicholas, Ph. 27. 
Nicholls, 56, 105. 
Nicholls and Son, 103*., 
Nichols, 124. 
Nicholfon, Eb. 162. 
Nicholfon, Ja. 167. 
Nicholfon, J. 22. 
Nicholfon, Row. 59. 
*NicoIas, 192. 
*Nicolau, 191. 
Nicoll, J. 46. 
Nicoll, ■Vl^ 139., 
Nicolfon, 01. 141. 
Nightingale, Rt. 2a, l6l, 
*N!hel],' L. 13, 140. 
Nimmo, W. 151. 
*Ninnin, 193. 
Nifbet, Pe."i50. 
Nifbeit, Dd. 22, 29. 
.Nivernois, Due de, 49. 
Nituport, Chev, de, i86< 
Nix-on, Jac. 153. 
*Nizon, Thibaift, 189. 


±;6 3 

Koakes, 113. 
Noble, G. i£2. 
Noble, Pad. 106. 
Koir, le, 190. 
Nolcket), Baron, 46. 
*Nollan, J. Ja. 189. 
Nollin, 193. 
ISTooly, q6. 
Nooth, Ja. 22, 63, 
*Nooth, J.Mer. 46, T52. 
Norfolk, Duke of, 46. 
*Norford, J. lio. 
Norgate, T. 22, 90, 91. 
Norman, Ja. 106. 
Norman, S. 22, 107. 
Norman, T. ^g. 
Normanfell, 31. 
Norris, 78, 121. 
Norn's, W. 22, 35, 38, 

North, G. Aug. 46. 
North, W. 22, 89. 
Northcote, Jo. 62. 
Northcote, W. 159. 
Northen, W. 108. 
Northumberland, Duke 0^, 

*Norton, ^6. 
Norton, J. 22, 219. 
Nott, 115. 

*Nouguez, Mar. 188. 
Nugent, E. 140. 
Nunn, 68. 
Nurfey, J. ill. 
Nutt, Ja. 161. 


Oakes, J. 138. 
Oakley, W. 114. 
Oaks,T. V. 22. 
Obre, R. Sm. 166. 
O'Brian, 166, J70. 
O'Brien, 168. 
*0'Brien, C. 165. 
O'Brien, Sir Lucius, 46. 
Ochiltree, Rt. 155. 
*Odhelms,J.L. 176. 
*Odier, L. 138, 192. 
*0'Donnel, An. 165. 
Offtal, 154. 
Offry, God. 30. 
Ogden, 55. 
*Ogilvie, 146. 
Ogilvie, C. 22. 
Ogilvie, Dd. 157. 
Ogilvie, G. 22. 
Ogilvie, Ja. 219. 
Ogilvie, W. 157. 

N D E 

Ogiivy, AI. 146. 
Ogle, T. 22, 28, 3,5, 
Ogle, Went. 22, 26. 
O'Hara, Ja. 22. 
Oitmen, J. io8» 
*0'Kelly, W. M. N. 

Baron, 179. 
*Okes,T. 61, 157, 
Okes, 55. 
*01derfhaw, 88. 
Olderfhaw, J. 109. 
Oldfield, Jon, 120. 
Oldham, J. 160. 
Oldham, Jof. 22, 83, 84. 
Oldmeadow, J. 22. 
*01iphant, Ja. 144. 
Oliver, 58, 89, 112, 153. 
Oliver, J. 161. 
*Oliver, 13, 123. 
Oliver, Rt. 160. 
Oliver, T. 150. 
Oliver, Wa. 158. 
*OIivier, 201. 
Ollevveldt, Dl. 176. 
Oliive, T. 22. 
Olnev, Rd. 22. 
O'Neal, 71. 
O'Neil, J.22. 
*Onimus, 182. 
*Oofterdyk, N. G. 183, 

Ord, J. 46. 
*0'Reillv, 192. 
Orford, Ja.85. 
*Orme,Dd. 8, 13,33,38, 

50, 135- 
Orme, J. 83. 
Ormifton, W, 135. 
Orred, Bl. 55. 
*Ortega, Cai". Go. 49, 191, 

Orton, J. 22, 93. 
Ofbaldefton, j. 160, 219. 
Ofbaldefton, W. 159. 
Ofborn, 03. 
Ofborn, J. 46. 
*Ofborn, W. 13, 22, 34, 

Ofmond, H. 6^. 

Oftler and Richmond, 87. 

Other, Earl of Plvniouth, 

Otter, 07. 
Otto, M. 179. 
*Ould, SirFiel. 164. 
Oufeley, 86. 
Outhwaite, J. 119, 

*Ouwens, W. 1^3; 
Owen, 125. 
Owen, Hu. 141. 
Owen, Owen, 153. 
*'Owen, Price, 103, icg, 
*Owen, Rev. H. 46. 
Oxley, E. 22. 
Oxley, S. 162. 
Oxley, T. 122, 


*Packe, Chr. 75, 136. 
Packman, J. 77, 224. 
Packwood, Jofiah, 16:7, 
Paddifon, 88. 
Paderni, Camillus, 49. 
Page, 93. 
Page, J. 106, 111. 
Page, Sir T.H. 22 1. 
*Paget, Rd. 107. 
Paoett, W. 154. 
Paine, 113. 

Paine, Rd. Raw. 23, i6lr 
Paine, W. 10, 151, 
Paifley, Gil. 136. 
Pallant, 91. 
*Pa]las, Pe. S. 49. 
Palmer, 52, 68, 107, 109, 

*PaImer, 93. 
Palmer, C. 22, 218. 
Palmer, Dl. 161. 
Palmer, J. 72. 
Palmer, J. Fyflie, 137. 
Palmer, Jo. 74. 
Palmer, W. 64, 110. 
Palmer and Sheering, 107» 
Palmer and Silvefter, 117. 
Palmerfton, Vifcount, 46. 
Palmes, R. 30. 
Palfer, 30. 

Pannell, E. 166, iGy. 
*Pannell, Foth. 52, 139. 
Paoli, Pafcal de, 46. 
Paquot, Abbe, 185. 
Paradife, J. 46. 
*Parant, 192. 
Park, H. 22, 79, 80. 
Pa ker, 51, 68. 
Parker, T- 46. 
Parker, Rev. W. 46. 
Parkinfon, 78. 
Parkinfon, J. 22. 
Parkinfon, J. 115. 
Parkinfon, T. 1 19. 
Parlane, Ja. 148. 
Parmanter, Gy. 
Parnail, P. 22. 


Parnel, fen. 86, 87. 
Parnel, jun. 86, 87. 
Parnell, 220. 
Parnell, E. 170. 
Parnell, Ger. 22, 87. 
Parnham, J. 138. 
*Parr, Barth. 61. 
Parr, Barth. 61. 
Parratt, Ja. Mer. 28. 
Parrot, F. 22. 
Parrott, Ja. 86. 
Parry, 89. 

*Parry, Cal.HiL 105, 139. 
Parry, Green, 105. 
Parry and Davis, 125. 
^Parfon, J. 13, 35, 217, 

22 I. 
Parfons, 76. 
^Parfons, J. 6, loi, 102, 

Parfons, DI. 22. 
Parfons, G. 1 lo. 
Partington, Jo, 26. 
Partington, Mi. 28. 
Partington, T. 38. 
Partridge, H. 46. 
Partridge, Jo. 27. 
Pafco, T. 22, IC2. 
Pafcoe, ^8. 
Paffey, 72. 
Patch, J. 61. 
Patch, Ja. 22. 
Patch, Rt. 61. 
Paterne, Rev.Father, 192. 
Paterfon, 225. 
*Paterfon, A. 125. 
Paterfon, Dd. 162. 
Paterfon, G. 136, 152. 
Paterfon, J. 141, 171. 
"^Paterfon, Ja. 136, 150, 

Paterfon, Ste. 152, 
PatilTon, Jac. 140. ; 
Patrickfon, N. 161. 
Patten, 155. 
Patten, W. 64, 136, 
Patterfon, Ra. 05. 
Pattrickfon, N. 22, 
Paul, 107. 
"Paul, J. 224. 
Paul,Rt. 57. 
*Piulct, J. Ja. 189. 
Paull, 93. 
Paumier, Ph. 27. 
*Pauffart, 192. 
Paxford, 102. 
Paxton, 6j, 
Payne, 77. 
PaynC; Ja. 139. 

N D E 

Payne, Rd. 28. 
Payne,«3ir R«.„ 46. 
Payne, T. 22. 
Paytherus, T. 22, 22, 73 

139, 218. 
Peach, 60. 
Peachey, J. 46, 
Peachey, Sir Ja. ,^5. 
Peacock, 120. 
Peacock, W. 94. 
Peake, G. 23. 
Peake, J. 22, 218. 
Peale, Rd. 160. 
Peale, W. j6. 
Pean, 202. 
Pearce, 57. 
*Pearce, J. 13, 26. 
Pearce, J 75. 
Pearce, J. jun. 22, 28. 
Pearce, R. 221. 
Pearce, Rt. 62. 
Pearce, T. 63. 
Pearce, W. 22, 108, 
Pearfe, W. 107. 
Pearfon, 70, 1 16. 
*Pearfon, G. 120, 138. 
Pearfon, J. 23, 218, 220, 

Pearfon, M. 29. 
Pearfon, T. 1 1^. 
Pearfon, W. 52, gs, 151, 

Pechter, 203. 
Peck, 74. 
Peck,T. 75, 158. 
Peckham, 1'. 76. 
Peckitt, 30. 
Peckman, 113. 
Peele, J. ^g, 59. 
Pegan, T. 7-5. 
Pdarce, J. 137. 
Peirce, Red. 75. 
Pelham, C. A. 46. 
Pellefier,Al. 14 1. 
*PeIlet, Ste. 10, 52, 140. 
Pellew and Lawric, 58. 
Pellow, S. Hum. 22. 
Pemberton, S. 94, 94, 94. 
*Pemberton, T. 22, 85, 

Pemberton, W, 154. 
Penfold, 113. 
PcnfoJd, IIu. 29. 
Penn, B. 141. 
Pennant, T, 46. 
Penneck, P.ev. Rd. p^g, 46. 
■^Pennington, 53, 5^, 
Pennington, 96. 

X. 257 

Pennington, C. 22. 
*Pennington, If. 7, 34, 
Pennington, J. 115. 
, Pennington, Rt. 87, 
Penny, H. 23, 29. 
Penny, Pe. 56. 
Penny, W. 138. 
Penrice, 91, 92. 
Penrofe, 102. 
Penry, 30. 
Pentland, Al. 160. 
Pen ton, K. 46. 
Peppin, S. Bif. 29. 
*Pepys, Lucas, 6, 10, i^, 

46, 137. 
*Perache, 194. 
Perchard, J. Bo. 22, 
Percival, J. 90. 
Percival. R^ iao. 
*Percivai, T. 46, 81, 82, 

83, 137, 191, 
*Percy, 192. 
Perenna, 204. 
Perfeft, 108. 
Perfea, G. 76. 
*Perfea, W. 76, 222. 
Perkins, 30. 
*Perkins, J. 6y, 222, 
Perkins, Rt. Kn. 74, 
Perkins, W. 123.' 
*Perkins, W. L. 112. 
Peronneau, Rt,.i38, 
Per ram, 64. 
*Perreau, 192. 
Perridge, J. 23. 
Perrin, Fo. 167. 
Perrin,W. Ph. 46. 
*Perrott, 66. 
Perry, 63, 105. 
Perry, Hn. 138. 
Perry, W. 159, 16 1, 
Peter, 57. 
Peters, 57. 
Peters, V. 63. 
Peterfon,Ed. 158. 
*Petit, An. ]88, 194, 197, 
*Petit, Ste. P. du, 188, 
*Petit-Radel, 189. 
Petre, Lord, 4.5. 
*^etrie, Rt. 86, 86, 129, 

Pctt and Day, 76, 
Pcttener, 88. 



W. ia8. 

Pettingal, J. 29, 221. 
Petty, ja. 46. 
Pew, Rd. 139. 
Pew and Hill, 93. 






E X\ 

*Peyer, Jo. 178. 
Peynlhe, 196. ■ 
Phelai!, Jo. 161, 220. 
Phtlp., A. 
Philbin,T. 167. 
'^"Philip, Jo. 188, 197. 
Ph'ilips, y. 83,-166/ 
Philips, i. L. 83. 
Philips, Jon. 158. 
Fhiiips, T. 23. 
PhiUiDJ, 118, 126. 
*Philiips,G. 1-6. 
Phillips, Ja. 27, 
Phillips, J. 20. 
PhilloL*, C. 28, IC5. 
Phippard, T. 22, 161. 
Phjpps, 96. 

Phipfon, Jo. 114, 223. 
Pickering, Rd. 119. 
Picker' ng, T. 78. 

*p;ckfoi^, 64. 

Pierce, J. 77. 

Pierce, J. Har. 22. 

Piercy; W. 162. 

Pierpoint, 113, 

Piggeij, MefT. 90. 

Piggott, Gra. 46. 

Piggoit,T. 27. 

*Pigoi:, j. Hoi. 60, 140. 

Pigot, Nat. 46, 185. 

*-p,gott,J. 67. 

Pike, J. 61. 

Pilot, Jof. 156. 

*Pinard, 201. 

Pinches, G. 22. 

Pingo, H. 220. 

Pinkney, 52. 

Piukftan, Flem. 16. 

Pipelet, 105. 

Pippen, Syd. 108. 

Pipptri, 61, 

Piquet, 194. 

"^"Pitcairne, Dd. 13, 31,46. 

^Pitcairne, W. 5, 13, 38, 

Pitchford, QO. 
Pitfield, W. 61. 
Pitt, J. 46. 
Pitts, Ed. 16, 31. 
Pitts, J. 62. 
.*PizziuiiUs, 203. 
Plaiftow, G. 77. 
*Planche, Mi. de la, 189. 
*PIanil, du, 194. 
Planta, Jo. 39, 42. 
*PIatel, 194, 200. 
Piatt, 78. 
*Plattne;-, 181. 
*Piatz, i8i = 

Playfair, Rev.J. 134, 225. 
*PleaiariGe, J. I2I. 
*Plencitz, Jo. de, 170. 
Plcnk, Jo. Ja. 178. 
Pleydell, S. 1.9,6, 140. 
Pleydell,T. 137.- 
*Plomer, Ja. 105. 
pli.iTiirrer, 120. 
Piumpcon, J. 159. 
^Plumptre,1luf. 5,53,54. 
*Flunkett, Fat. 164, 169. 
Plvircutb, Earlof, 46. 
Pocock, J 26, 76. 
Poczobut, Mar. 49. 
Pcdnia.iiezky, Baron, 46. 
*^Pohl, 181. 
*Pohl,jun. 181. 
Poigaand, L. 22, 34. 
Poinfent, 105. 
Pointfett, Eliflia, 22. 
Pointfett, Joel, 22. 
^Poiironnier, Pe. 49, 187, 

190, 193. ^ ■ 

Pole, T. 220. 
Poli, Jo. 46. 
*Pollard, 170. 
*Po]lok, Allan, 46. 
*Poraa, 192. 
*PojTiine, 103. 
Ponsford, W. 62. 
Poole, 80, 126. 
Poole, C. 56. 
Pooley, 30. 
Pcore, E. 46. 
Poore, Ja. Mor. 29, 222, 
Poore, W. 27, 222. 
Pope, 75, 223. 
Pope. Giles, 161. 
Pope,' Rt. 89-. 
Pope, W. 73. 
Popplewell, 68. 
*Port:il, 142, 193. 
*Porte, J. Ja. de la, 189, 

Porter, Hum. 7jt. 
^Porter, Jaf. 6i,'i38. 
Porter, Jo. 23. 
Porter, Rt. 22. 
Portland, Duke of, ^. 
Portnnouih, 72. 
Portfrnouil), H. 152. 
*Poterie. J. An. E. de la, 

188, 191. 
Pott, G. 150. 
Pott, Pcrc. 16, 31, 46, 50. 
Potter, C15. 
Potter, J. 22, 141. 
Potter, W-. 22. 
Potts, 94. 

Potts, Al. 152. 
Potts, Cuih. 36. 
Potts, J. 65. 
Poulton, Rd. 69. 
Pourice\\ J- 23. 
PouatntVj T. 160. 
*PoLifre/L M. 187. 
Poutii'gon, 199. 
Powel and Clarke, 62. 
Powell, 68, 89, 124. 
Powell, Giles,- 27. 
Powell, Ja. 29, 77. 
Powell; J. 22. 
Powell, Jo. 28. 
Powell, ^/V. 125, 
Power, 106. 
Power, J. 140. 
Povvis, C. 22. 
Powie, J. 69. 
Pownali, T. 46. 
Foynter, Amb. Ly. 23. 
Poynton, J. 55. 
^Prade, Rd. de la, 192. 
Pratt, J. 27. 
Pratten, 30. 
*Prenderga{}, 1 12. 
Prentice, 53. 
*Pre{le, A.. W. le B. de, 

Prefton, 80, 91, 115. 
Preilon, Jac. 46. 
Prefion, Rev. W. 46. 
Pretty aad Son, 104. 
Prettyman.T. 141. 
*Pieux, P. G. le, 188. 
Price, 51, 55, 88, 117. 
F'ice, Dl. 158. 
*Price, Ja, 46, 221, 226. 
Price, J. 101". 
Price, Rd. 136. 
Price, S. 124. 
Price, W. 124. 
Price and Son, 104. 
Prieft, g6, 91, 10&. 
Prieftley, Rev. Jo. 46, ^j 

Prieftley, Rt. 12^1. 
Pricilly; 89. 
Prieftman, Chr. 122. 
Prime, S. 46. 
Prince, 52, ^5. 
Pringle, 92, 9,5. 
*Pringle, Ja. 122. 
Pringle,]. 159. 
Pnngle, Rt. 1,^5, 140,160. 
Pritchard, 84.' 
Pfitchard, C 124. 
PWtchett, Gilly, 104. 


*?ro5^or, Rd. 15I, I52. 
*P!Ocha(ka,.G. 179. 
ProfTerj 125. 
Prx)frer,T. 140. 
Prothero, W. 124* 
Prov.'ter, Rt. 64. - 
Prowling, W. 26. 
Pryce, 124. 
*Pryce, W. 58. 
Puddicombe, J -^64. 
Puddicombe, W. 22, 62, 

Pugh, 63, 126. 
*Pugh, B. 66. ' 
Pugh, M. W. 66. 
Pujgot, 197. 
*Pujo, 189, 192. 
Pulley,-An. 22, 51. 
Pulsford and Son, 108. 
^Pukeney, Rd. 46, 64. 
*PurcelCj. 137, 164, 165, 

Tardie, W. 145. 
Purdue, 30. 
Putman, Rev. H. 46. 
Pyfinch, G. 126. 
Pyle, J. 16, 32, 218. 
Pym, W. 22. 


*Ouarln, Jo. de, 178. 
Queely, Mai. 153. 
Quier, J. 171. 
*Ouin, C. W. izio, 163, 

*Quin, H. T42, 164, 191. 
*Qulnam, Mi. 165. 
Quinlan, Ja. 162. 


Raby and Leefon, 87. 
Racfter, Mar. 118. 
Radford, Rd. 29, 61. 
Radford, T. 60. 
Radland, Mi. 110. 
Pvadley, W. 27.' 
Rae, ja. 131, 132. 
Rae, J. 132. 
Rae, W. 23, 31, 34, 50, 

132, 139- 
Rahn, J. 220. 
Ragg, J. 86. 
Raggett, J. 63. 
*Raigneres, J. B. 189. 
Railton and Miles, 91. 
Rainbird, 67. 
Rainey, Dl. 137. 
Pv.ainnie, G. 155. 
Rainsford, Lieut.^Gen. 46. 
Raiftfick and Shav,', 122, 

I N D E 

*Raitt, G. 74, 135. 
*RaIph, T. 13, 35. 
*Rambaud, 192. 
Rauibin, Pe. 23, 
Ramcy, 92. 
Ram fay, C. 135. 
Ram fay, Gil. 146. 
Ram fay, Ja. 27, 
Ramfny; J. 150, 153. 
Ram fay, Rt. 136, 160. 
Ramfbotham, Dor. 83. 
Raaifbottom, 80. 
Ramfden, S. 23. 
P.and, T. 92. 
Randal, 117. 
Randall, 30, 30, 66, no 
Randall, F. 23^ 218. 
Randall, S. 23. 
Randall, W. 29. 
Ranken, G. 220. 
Ranken, J. 171. 
Rathbone, W. jun. 80. 
Rathier, 192. 

* Rattray, Dd. 115. 
Raven, 67, 91, HI. 
Raven, Dl. 67. 
*R3ulin, Jo. fen. 49, 193 
■^Raulin, jun. 193. 
*Ravvling, 89. 
Raw ling, J. 27. 
Rawlins, 102, 108. 
Rawlins, H. 23, 153. 
*Raw'linfon, J. 6, 43. 
Rawlinfon, SirWa. 46. 
Rawfon, J. 23, 123. 
Rawfthorne, 123. 
Ray ley, Fvd. 23. 
Ray ley, S. 23. 
Raymond, I09. 

* Raymond, H. 188, 191, 
Raynal, Gul. T. 49.' 
Rayner, J. 23, 67. 
Raynes, A. 123. 
^Razoux, 190. 
Read, 74, 91, 104. 
*Read, 191. 
Read, CI. 63. 
Read, F. 113. 
Read, Ja. 150. 
Pvead, J. 122, 159. 
Read, If. J 68. 
Read, R. 35. 
Pveade, W. 56. 
Reardon, J. 23. 
Redern, Count de, 49. 
Redpatb, Pvt. 95. 
Reeder, H. 137. 
Reek, 1 10. 
Pvees, T. N. 220. 

X 2 



Rees, Jo. 124. 
ReeSj Rd. 124. 
*Rceve, 2 1 7. 
Reeve, 66, 109. 
Reeve, Rd. 29. 
Reeve;;, 30, 220. 
Re id, 89.- 
- Reid, Al. 23, 89. 
Reid, D 141. 
Reid, E. 141. 
Re7d, J, 170. 
Reid, Rt. 138. " 
*Reid,T. 13. 
Reid, W. 83, 225. 
Reily, Pe. 166, 168. 
*Remmeit, Rt.B. 63, 139. 
*Renaudet, Pe. 105. 
Renddll, 30. 
*Rene, Gaf. J. 199. 
Rennalls, j. V. 170. 
Rennaway, W. 107. 
Rennell, Ja. 46. 
*Renney, Pat. 52, 158. 
Renwick, W. 160. 
Reppin, 52. 
^'Rerflens, 181. 
*Rei:z, 192. 
Retzius, A.J. 177. 
Revans, J. no. 
Revans, Steb. 160. 
Reufs, Count, 179. 
Reufs, PIu. Chr. 141. 
Reynardfon, S. 46. 
Reynell, 30. 
Reynolds, 30, in. 
*Reynolds, PI. R. 6, 13, 

^32, 46, 138. 
Reynolds, j. 157. 
Reynolds, Sir Jof. 46. 
Reynolds, W. 92. - , 
*Rezia, 203. 
Rezzonico, Prin. A. 49. 
Rhode, J. Ru. Jap. 137. 
Rhodes, Rod. 153. 
*Ribcrt, Vet. du, 192. 
Rice, 37. 
Rice, J. 158. 
Rich, 106. 
Richards, 30, 88. 
Richards, S. 141. 
Richardfon, 69, 73. 
Richardfon, Arch.. 166. 
Richardfon, C. 137. 
Richardfon, E. 136* 
^Richardfon, H 94. 
*Richardfon, Ja. 123. 
Richardfon, Ja. 23. 
Richardfon, J. .36. 
Richardfon,. W. 23,63. 

Kichens, T. 28, 1 16. 
Richmond, 80, 
Richmond, Duke of, 46. 
Richter, 180. 
*Pv.ichter, A. A. 180. 
Rickets, H. 171. 
Ricketts, J. 23, 70. 
Rickman, ji. 
Rickneg, T. 171, 
Rickwood, 69. 
Ridge, 113. 
Riddiough, J. 84. 
Riddie, Wa. 138. 
Riddlefden, Rd. and Son, 

Itjddiefden, S. 23. 
Riddlefion, 109. 
Ridlev, 74, 
Ridley^ Rd. 107. 
Ridlington, 74. 
Ridout, J. G. 29, 
Rieny,Ter. 167. 
*Riemer, 226. 
Rienhenback, Ba!t. 176. 
Rigby, E, 23, 90, 90. 
Rigg, 58. 
^igg. T. 58. 
*Rigge,T. 106. 
Riley, 72, 116. 
**Riley, M. 125. 
kind.T. 161. 
Rindle and Son, 62. 
Ring, T. 220. 

i^ing, J- 23.. 
Rinuccinus, F. M. 49. 
*Riollay, F. 13. 
Rivers, Ja. 166. 
*RivIere, R^V. de la, 187. 
Riz, Dd. 46.' 
*Roberdiere, 192, 201. 
Robert, Dl. 138. 
*Robert,Mar. J.Cl. 188. 
Roberts, 30, 73, if 6, 124, 

Roberts, E. 27. 
Roberts, T- ^So-. 
Roberts, M. 138. 
*Robcrts,Rt. 151.- 
Roberts, T. 26. 
Roberts, W. 23, /4. 
"Robertfon, 112. 
*Robertfon, 90, 146. 
*Robertfon,Al. 143, 162. 
Robertfon, A. 146. 
■*Robertfon, Col. 150. 
Robertfon, Ja. 139. 
Robertfon, J.^9,i33,M7) 

«Robertfon, Jo. 131. 
-*PvoberLron,Rt.9, iSji^S. 

N D E 5^ 

Robertfon, Wa. 91, 137. 
*Robertfon, W. 130. 
Robertfon, W. 23, 153, 

Robertfon and Stewart, 

Robbins, W. 61. 
Pvobins, J. 74. 
P-obins, J. H. 67, 68. 
Robinion, 90, 122. 
Robinfon, C. 78. 
Robinfori, J. y-j^ 128, 141, 

158, 158, i59> lyij 

224, 225. 
Robinfon, Jo. 158. 
Robinfon, M. ^6. 
Robinfon, Rd.64, 123. 
Robinfon, S. 23, 161. 
Robinfon, Sim. 64. 
Robinfon, Ste. 62. 
Robinfon, T. 83, 160. 
Robinfon, W. 31, 122, 

Robfon, J. 27, 162. 
Rochcliffe, R.Vl'^ 141. 
de la Roche, Dl. 138. 
*Rochefort, des Bois de, 

■ 189. 
Rochefoucaud, Due de, 

Roches, des, 185. 
*Rock, H. 165, 167. 
Rock, H. 119. 
Pvock, Mark, 1^4. 
Rock and Miller, lo8i 
Rockett, Cal. 62. 
RoclifFe, V/. L. 120. 
Rodbeid, J. 110. 
Rodd, J. 118. ' 

Roe, 104. 
Roe, S. 28. 

♦Roebuck, J. 46, 133,135. 
Roeflin, 173. 
J^ogers, 53, 125. 
Rogers, Bay. 135. 
Rogers, C. 46. 
Rogers, Cl>r. 136. 
Rogers, E. 80. 
*Rogers, J. i3r35»38. 
Rogers, J. 67,68, 152. 
Rogerfon, 88. 
*Kogerfon, J. 46, 173. 
Rogerfon, J. 87, 137. 
, *Roi, Aga, le, 194. 
*Roi, Alph.le, 189, 
*Romain, 103. 
Romavne, N. 140. 

*Romi]lais,SoI;deL2, VQ/* 

Romney, 73. 

Romney, T. 23.- 

Romney, Lord, 46. 

Ronaldfon, Ja. 154, 

*Rondeau, 185, 185. 

Rooney, P. Cu. 166, 168. 

*Roos, 176. 

Roots, C. 75. 

Koper, Jo. 33. 

*Roquier, 192. 

Rorke, Mark, 166, 168. 

*Rofa, 202. 

Rofe, 53, 102, 110, 154,. 

Rofe, Hu. 136. 
Rofe, Ja. 159. 
Rofe, J. 23. 
*Rofenbald, 177. 
*Rofenheim, J. A. K. ic^ 

*Rofs, Ja. 146, 161. 
Pofs, J. 136, 136. 
*Ro{fum, 186. 
*'RotJaeram, J. 94, 94, 94» 

*Rotheram, jnw. 65. 
Rottruf, Jo. 181. 
*Rougnon, 191. 
Roughton, fen. 93. 
Roughton, W. 23, 03. 
RouvroJs, Corate de, 201. 
'••le Roux desTillets, 189. 
Row, J. 23. 
*Rowden,^ Wa. loiJ. 
Rowe, ^6,' ^'j^ 70. 
Rowe, G. 64. 
Rowland, Gr. 220. 
Rowley, 103. 
Rowley, Rf. 23. 
Rowley, T. 76. 
*Rowley, W. 217. 
Roxburgh, J. 160. 
le Roy, 186. 
le Roy, J. 49. 
Roy, Maj. Gen. W. 46, 
Royal, J. 259. 
*Royen,Dd.van, 49, 185, 
Rfhewflcy, 173, 
Rudd, Jer. 65. 
"Rudiger, 181.. 
Ruding, J. 23, 156. 
Rudolphi, Guf. 17S. 
Ruffin, W. 75. 
Pvuhe, 30. 
Rumney, T. 159. 
Rumfey, H, 221. 
Rundell, 105. 
Rundell, T. 153. 




Rtifli, B, 138. 
Ilu(]i,J. 153. 
KufhworthjT. 28. 
RuTpini, Barth. 31. 
Rufs, 106. 
Ruffe), Bal. 136. 
KuiTel, Pat. 135. 
Rullel,T. 138. 
Kuffel, V/. 23. 
Ruffcll, 30. 
RuiTell, AI. 23, 140. 
Ruff'dl.F. 46, 152. 
RufTell, Ja. I3i,i33.i35> 

RuOTell, J. 134, 159. 
*Kufrell, Pat. 46. 
Ku(Tell,W. 46, 117, 126. 
Rufton, E. 28. 
*Rufton,T. 61, 137. 
♦Rutherford, Dl. 130,133, 

Rutherford, G. 159. 
Rutherforth, J. 123. 
*Rutton, If. 74. 
Rutty, 116. 
Ruxton,W. 166,167,168, 

Ryan, C. 167. 

^yan, J. 139- 
Ryan, T. 141. 
Ryder, T. 23. 
Rye, 92. 
Rymer, Ja. 1,59. 
Ryves, T. 46. 

*Sabatler, An. 189. 
Sabatier, 196. 
Sacheverell and Druitt,65. 
Saddington, Bat. 27. 
Safford, fen. 106. 
SafTord, jun. 106. 
Saffory, H. 23, 28. 
Sage, G. L. le, 49. 
*Saillant, C. Ja. 189, 190. 
Sainfbury, 51. 
*St. Clair, W. 78. 
St. John, 57. 

*St. Leger,, 188. 
*Saint-Pons, Morin, 2co. 
*Salicetti, Natalis, 191, 

Salis, Count Jer. de, 46. 
Salis, Rev. H. Jer. de, a6. 
*SaIkeld, W. 63, 139.' 
Salle, Poul. de la, 100. 
*SaIlin, C. 188. 
Sahiion, III, 146. 
Salmond, Rt. 141. 

Salt, T. 109. 
Sake, T. jo8. 
Salter, 62. 
Sailer, W. 23, 1 12. 
Saltonflall, Rd. iSa. 
Salvador, Jo. 46. 
Saluce, Count de, 49. 
Sam bach, ,56, 
Sampfon, Cow. 113. 
*Sampfon, Jof. 119, 138. 
Samfon, 106. 
Sarawell, Dd. 160. 
*Sanches, An. Rib. 192. 
Sanchez, Jac. 170. 
Sandall, 102. 
*Sanden, T. 113. 
Sanderibn, 93. 
*Sanderfon, 13. 
Sanderfon, J. 36. 
Sandford, S. 103. 
Sandiford, W. 135. 
*Sandifort, E. 183, 195. 
Sandiland, Pe. 160. 
Sandilands, Pe. 140,- 
*Sandiman, G. 14. 
Sandiver, W. 1 10. 
Sandon, T. 154. 
Sandwich, Hum. I20. 
Sandwich', J. i2o» 
Sanxay, Ed. 23. 
*Sarrabeyrous, 193. 
Sarrau, 195, 199. 
Savage, 117, 118. 
Savage, Art. 167. 
*Savage, R. 14. 
• Savage, W. 27. 
Savage and Moore, 52.' 
Savage and Tayler, 30. 
*Savari, 202. « 

Savtle, Sir G. 46. 
Saucerotte, 195. 
Sauniarcz, J. 23. 
Saunders, 73, 90, I07. 
^Saunders, Art. 164. 
Saunders, F. 1 19. 
"Saunders, Rd. '8, 14, 34, 

38, 38, 42, 151. 
Saunders, P.t. 23. 
Saunders, W. 9, 14, 32, 38, 

50, 137- 
*Sauvage, 201. 
Saxbn, J. 27. 
*Saxtorph, M. I74, 175, 

Say, J. 110. 
Say, T. 92. 
Sayre, Rt. 73. 
Scanlan, J. 136. 
*Scarpa, An. 192, 202. 

I 261 

*Schacht, J. Oof. 184. 
Schaeffer, J. C. 49. 
*SchaItzenheim, Dd. I76, 
Schanizberg, An. 176. 
Schenk, 182. 
*Schivercck, B. 181. 
Scholefield, J. 120. 
Scholey and Byron, 87. 
*Schomberg, Ra. gi. 
Schoonderhaagen, 182, 
*Schurer, J. L. 200. 
Schuvr.loff, J. de, 49. 
*Schwediauer, F. 14. 
*ScilIing, 173^ 191. 
Scot, Ja. 135. 
Scot, J. 136, 223. 
Scot, Jo. N. 135. 
Scot, W. 135. 
Scott, 30, 90. 
*Scott, Ad. 65. 
Scott, G. 162.- 
Scott, Ja. 16-2, 166, 
*Scott,J. 14. 
Scott, J. 160. 
Scott, Lau. 155. 
*Scott, Pat. 169. 
Scott, Ph. 61. 
Scott, Rt. 23, 150, 153-, 

*Scott, Sir Rt. 138, 165. 
Seott, Up. 136. 
*Scott, W. 96, 131, 160. 
Scott, VV. 225. 
S.cudamore, E. j^, 
Scudamore, W. -jy. 
Seager, 103. 
*Seager, Ed. 114. 
Seagrim, 117. 
Sealfield, J. 120. 
Seaman, T. 6j. 
Searancke, T. 27. 
Searlc, 63. 
Seaton, Chr. 146, 
Seeds, T. 1,59. 
Seekamp, H. 28, uo. 
Sejour, A. P. P. du, 49. 
*Seidet)boarg, 180. 
^Seiffer, 194. 
Seiby, G. 140, 161. 
Sells, 30. 
Semple, W. 136. 
Senior, H. 141, 220. 
*"Seneilhac, 192. 
*Sequeira, If. H. o, 14, 3S. 
Scrda, 199. 

Scrrcs, 195, 199. 
Servant, W. 160. 


S62 ' 

*ServoIIe, 189, 191, 194. 
*Servolle, jun. 191. 
Severn, J. 28. 
Severn, Jo. 72. 
Seward, 71. 
Seward, E. ill. 
Seward, W. 46. 
Seymour, 220. 
Shadwell, Lan. 46. 
*Shafton,B. 165. 
Shann, 123. 
Shapland and Brcderip, 

Sharman, 91. 
Sharp, Pe. 34. 
Sharp, W. 16, 27, 46. 
Sharpe, J. 171. 
Sharpe, W. 30, 220. 
*Sharpen, 91. 
Shaw, Dd. 139* 
Shaw, G. 139. 
Shaw, Ja. 160. 
Shaw, Ja. Re. 115. 
Shaw, Jo. 23, 23. 
Shaw, Read, fen. 118. 
Shaw, Read, jun. 118. 
Shaw, W. 52, 112, 151. 
Shaw, Re. and Shaw, H. 

Shawe, Fe. 172. 
Shawn, W. 136. 
Sheffield, 117. 
Sheffield, W. 101. 
Sheffield, Lord, 46. 
*Sheill, Hu. 165. 
Sheldon, J. 23, 35, 50,192, 

Shellard,T. 106. 
Shelton, 104. 
Shephard, Thp. 17I. 
Shepheard, G. Wa. 23. 
*Shepherd, 87. 
Shepherd, 107. 
Shepherd, An. 54. 
Shepherd, B. 122. 
Shepherd, J. 139. 
Shepherd, Ja. B. 225. 
Shepherd, Rev. An. 47. 
Shepherd, Rev.Rd. 47. 
Sheppard, Rd. 159. 
Shepfcott, 62. 
Sherborne, F. I07. 
SherifFe, Ja. Lu. 23, ']':i. 
Sherfon, Rt. 27. 
ShertclifFe, J. 80. 
Sherwen, J. 89, 220. 
Sherwood, Rd. 65. 
Shield, T. 154. 

N D E 

Shiells, Hu. 137. 
Shfels, J. 137. 
*Shippen, W. 130. 
Shipton, 70. 
Shirley, T. 23, 89. . 
Shonheyder, H. 138. 
Shopeland, 62. 
*Shoreticz,'Mi. 178. 
Shorland, 107, 107, 108. 
Short, 115. 
Short, J. 149. 
Shorten, 91. 
Shove, £. 77. 
Shuckburgh, Sir G. 47. 
Shuldham, Lord, 47. 
ShutclifFe, 80. 
Shute, 62. 
Shute, T. 23.- 
Shuter, Ji 23. 
*Shuttleworth, ,52, 221. 
Shuttleworth, 88, 123. 
Shuttleworth, Rt. 47. 
Sibbald, G. 162. 
Sibley, Jo. 29. 
^Sibthorpe, Hum. loi. 
*Sibthorpe, jun. 99. 
*Sidren, Jon. 177, 177. 
*Siebold, "i^^^^. 
*Sigau]t,J. R. 189a 
Sill, Rd. 141. 
Silver, Ja. 160. 
Silver, J. 76. 
*SIIver,T. 71. 
Silvefter, 125. 
Silvefler, J. 47. 
Silvefter, Jo. 118. 
*Silvefter, Sir J. B. 7, 47. 
Simmons, Rd. 23, 29. 
*Simmons, S. F. 9, 14, 34, 


142, 192, 201. 
^Slmonet, F. 189. 
Simons, W. 27. 
Sim'pfon, 78, ^^^ gS, no, 

12!, 121, 123, 145, 

Simpfon, Arch. 172. 
Simpfon, Dl. 6j. 
Simpfon, Ellis, no. 
Simpfon, Ja. 23. 
Simpfon, J. 23. 
Simpfon, K. 106. 
Simpfon, Rt. 114. 
*Simpfon, Sue. 123. 
Simpfon, T. 59. 
Simpfon and Scarman, 30. 
'Sims, Ja. 9, 14, 35, 35, 

35, 35. 35- ^ 
^Sfms, Rt, Cour. 67. 

*Sims, J. 10, 14, 34; 35, 

38, 38. 39. 142. 
*Simfon, Rt. 115, 
Simfon, Rt. 148. 
*Sinclaif, W. 155. 
Sife, 30. 
Sifum,V/. 2g. 
Skarrow, T. 23. 
Skeeles, 74. 
Skeene, D. 141. 
*Skeene^G. 143. 
Skeffington, T. 220, 
Skelton, W. 23, 59. 
Skene, 144. 
Skerratt, ^6. 
Skerratt, J a. 23. 
*Skiadom, M. 225. 
Skiddy,J. 158. 
Skiffington, T. 171, 225. 
Skine, G. 7^y. 
Skinner, 75. 
Skinner, Hu, 62. 
Skinner, Jo. 23, 160, 
Skoulding, 91. 
Skrimffiire, W. 55. 
Slack, 84. 
Slater, 30. 
Slater, E. jB. 
Slater, Ph. 26; 
Slater, T. 60, 137. 
^Slaughter, H. 14, 140, 
Sloane, Baf. 161. 
Sloap, Ad. 136. 
Smart, Nat. 115. 
Smart, W. 23. 
Smeaton, J. 47. 
Sraellie, W. 133. 
Smibert, W. 137. 
*Smith, 02, 222. 
Smith, 6'8, 6q, 74, 74, 75^ 

88, 91, 92, 103, 109* 

110, 112, 112, 117, 

117, 118, 118, 219, 

Smith, Ad. 47, 134, 225. 
Smith, C. 23. 
Smith, E. 23. 
SmJth, G. 119. 
*Smith, Hu. 14, 27. 
Smith, Jab. 26. 
Smith, Ja. iCo. 
*Smirh, J. lor, 102, 105. 
Smith, J. 23, 23, 63, 77, 

103, 109, 135, 153, 

159, 160. 
Smith, J. E. 141. 
Smith, J, W. 23. 




Smith, Jo. 29. 
■*Smith, Mark, 9I, 137. 
Shiith, N, 114. 
Smith, Pe. 161. 
Smith, R. 106. 
Smith, Rd. 23, tii, 113, 

138, 120, 135. . 
Smith, E.t. 114, 122. 
Smith, Sir J. 47. 
*Smith, T. 114, 137. 
Smith, T. 16, 23, 28, 32, 

l^'Smitb, W. 34. 
Smith, W. 26, eS, 68, 94, 

S'4» 158, i59i 220, 

22 1 . 
Smith, Wyv. 139. 
Smithwick, Rt. 153. 
Smyth, B20. 
Smyth, _G. 160. 
Smyth, ja. Car. 9, 14, 33, 

^ ' 38, 39' 47, ^37- ' " 
Smyth, M. 27. 
Smyth, Rd. 65. 
.Smyth, Rt. 152. 

Snagg, Ja. 153- 
Sneath, 52. 
Snelling, 62, 112. 
Snook, W. 6-^. 
Snov\% 115.^ ' 
Snovvden, 52. 
Soem, Chr. 176. 
*Sograh, J. 203. 
Somerville, Arch. 137. 
Somerville, Ja. 149. 
^'Somis, 203. 
Sommer, C. 141. 
Sommers, E. 141. 
Sommers, J. 154. 
Sone, S. 154. 
Sonley, 123. 
Soper, 56. 
Sorley, 1 20. 
South, 74. 
Soufhcote, 63. 
Southern, T. €0. 
Southgate, J. jG. 
Sowermii-e, J. 122. 
Spagg, Ja. 23. 
Spalanzani, L. 49, 202. 
Spalding, H. 171. 
Spalding, Rt. 23, 225. 
Spalding, S. 153. 
Spalding, T. 2,^. 
Spalding, W. 1 10. 
Span, Ja. 137. 
Sparke, J. 23. 
Sparks, W. 110. 
rSparrman, A, ijl 

75, 176, 

Sparrow, 30. 
*Sparfchijrch, H. I76. 
Spear, J. 167. 
Spear, W. 167. 
Spedding, Dem. 220. 
Speed, 125. 
Spencc, 30, 31. 
*Spence, Dd. 130, 132, 

. " ^37- 
Spence,G. 171. 
Spence, J. 31. 
^Spence, Ja. 130. 
Spence, T. 1 1. 
Spence, W. 23, 140. 
Spencer, 109. 
Spencer, J. 35, 35. 
Spencer, Nat. 60. 
Spencer and Dawfoii, 119. 
*Spens, Nat. 130, 142: 
Spens, T. 141. 
*Spielman, Ja. R. 191^ 

2QO, 201. 
Spiller, S. 30. 
Spinder, 108. 
Spinlaff, B. 6j. 
SpinlafF, 109. 
Spooner, Ja. 27, 
Spotifwood, Rt. T45. 
Spottifwood, W. 141. 
Spragge, 70, 7^- 
Spragge, G. 88, 158. 
Sprague, J.23, 226. 
Spray, M. 16, 218. 
Spretz, G. 72. 
*Sprogel, 179, 179. 
■^Sproull, J. 16.^. 
Spry, 105. 

*Spry, E. 63, 130, 139. 
*Stack, Rd. W. 9. 
Stack, W. 154, 
*Stahl, 201. 
Stainer, 109. 
*Staker, 105. 
Staley, W. i6q. 
Stallard, T. 27. 
Stamper, Jo. 59. 
Slanden, J. 74. 
Stanger, Chr. 141. 
Stanhope, Earl, 47. 
Stanier, 104. 
Staniforth, W. 23, 123. 
Staniflaus, Aug. his S. M. 

Stanley, 104. 
Stanley, E. 47. 
Stanmore, 1 17. 
Stansfield, J. 123. 

X. 263 

Staples, Rd. 28, 64. 
*Stapleton, C. 84, 140. 
Stapleton, If. 23. 
*Stapleton, J. 66, 67. 
Stapleton and Harrifon,66, 
*Stark, J.138. 
Stark, Rd. 158. 
Starkee, 120. 
Starkee, Ed. 23. 
Staveley, Rd. 27. 
Stavert, G. 160. 
Stead, T. 72. 
Steavenfon, Rt. 140. 
Stebbing, 110. 
Stebbing, Rev. H. 47. 
Steed, 67. 
*Steedman, J, 130, 142, 

Steel, 93. 
Steel, T. 171. 
Steele, J. 59. 
'•Steele, Pe. 68, 138. 
Stehelin, J. de, 49, 17^, 
*Stein, 181. 
*Stenhoufe, 146. 
Stenhoufe, Al. 148. 
Stent, 220. 
*Stephens, 145. 
Stephens, A. 160. 
Stephens, MelT. 117. 
Stephens, OI. 28. 
Stephens, Ph. 42. 
Stephens, W. 89, 140, 159. 
*Stephenfon, Al. 148. 
*Stephenfon, S. 140,222^ 
Steptoe, G. 138. 
Sterling, Rt. 47, 6>6, 67. 
Steven, Ja. 141. 
*Stevens, E. 134, 139. ' 
Stevens, G. 47. 
*Stevenlbn, Al. 129, 133, 

^ ^35, M7- 
Stevenfon, J. 86, 146. 
Stevenfon, T. 141. 
Stevenfon, W. 137. 
Stevenfon and Son, ill. 
Steward, 110. 
Steward, W. Gj. 
*Stew':irt, 123. 
Stewart, 149. 
Stewart, C. 140, 
Stewart, Dug, 225. 
Stewart, Dd. 139. 
Stewart, G. i66, 168,168. 
Stewart, Gil. 136. 
Stewart, H. C)^. 
Stewart, Ja. 23, 140, 346, 


2% I 

Stewart, J. I53. 
Stewart, Mi. 136. 
Stewart, Rev. M. 47. 
Stewart, W. 159. 
Still, Rt. 23. 
Stinton, Rev. G. 47. 
^Stirling, Wa. 15I- 
Stocker, 72. 
Stocks, 121. 
*Stoerck, Baron, 130, 178, 

*Stokes, Jon. 141, 224. 
Stokes, Nat. 126. 
Stokoe, 95. 
Stokoe, T. 23, 160. 
*Stoll, Max. 178, 178. 
Stone, 113. 
Stone, S. 56. 
Stoaehoufe, W. S8. 
Starmont, Ja. §20. . 
*Storer, J- 96. 
Story, A. fen. 151. 
Story, A. jim. 151. 
Story, A. and Son^ l^i. 
Story, Dd. 76. 
Story, Rd. 59. 
Stott, 119. 
Stott, J. 12g. 
Stovin, 120. 
Stoaghton, W. Colt, 28. 
Stoat, 144. 
*Strack, C. 180, 191. 
Straghan, W. Gibbs, 23. 
Strahan, 144. 
Strahan. M, 23. 
*Strandberg, Z. 176. 
Strange, J. 47. 
Stratico, S. 49. .; . 
Stratton, J. i"35. 
Street, 57,. 113. 
Stri^land, Nat. 6^* 
Stringer, 103. 
■*Strohmeyer,. 180. 
Strong, 63. 

Strother, Pat. 23, t2i. 
Strufet, J. 28. 
Stuart, 144, 14,5. 
*Stuart,C. 134. 
*Staart,Dd. 138, 143,143, 

Stuart, Dug. 108, 133. 
Stuart, E. 23. 
Stuart, Ja. 47. 
Stuar;-,J. 147, 152. 
Staart, M. 128, 133. 
Sfuart, Neil, 225. 
Stuarf, Rev. J. 134. 
Stuart, Rt. 146. 



Stuart, T. 14^;. 
Stuart, W. 94, 149, 15a. 
Stubbs, 51, 51, J09, 221. 
Stukeley and Son, 62. 
*Stuntzer, Caf. 178. 
Sturtevant, 87. 
Stuttfer, Mar. lyS. 
Styles, 103. 

Sudermania, Duke of, 177. 
Sue, J.J. 49, 133. 
Sue, Jo. 196. 
*Suedelius, 176. 
Sugden, IJ9. 
Sullivan, Ja. 166, 168. 
Sullivan, Mark, 159. 
*Suineire, 192. 
Summer,. 111. 
Summers and Son, 146. 
Surrey, Earl of, 47. 
Sutcliffe, Ab. 123. 
Sutherland, G. 135. 
Sutton, Jo. 23, 155. 
Swaby, 67, 112. 
Swain, ji i. 
Swaine, 68. 
*Svvainfton, All. 118. 
Swallow and Son, 92. 
Swan, 92. 
Swan, F. 96. 
Swan, H. 86, Sj. 
Swan, H. jun. 23, 
S^A'an, J. 23,97,148. 
Swan ar.d Son, 145. 
Swancott, 102. 
Sweeting, Ab. Par. 23. 
Sweeting, J. Bac. 23, 62. 
*Swenke, 182. 
*Swenfon, If. 176. 
Swift, C. 23. 
Swift, Ja. 23. 
Swinburn, 71. 
Swinburn, S. I13. 
Swinburne, J. 1,54. 
Sv/inden,Rev. Ph. van, 47. 
Swinden, van, 186, 192. 
Swinfen, 93. 
Swinney, Rev. Sid. 47, 
^Swlnton, Pe. 9, 14. 
Switt, J. Bar. 139. 
Sydenham, J. io3. 
Sydney, 125. 
Sydney, J. 157. 
Symes, 62, 96. 
*Symes, W. 92, 92. 
Symonds, 103, 105. 
Symonds, J. 118. 
Symons, J. 61. 
Synge, Jo. 167. 

Taafe, Art. 170. 
Tahourdin, J, t^iifh, 28, 
Tailour, J. 139. 
Tait, Ja. 146. 
Talbot and Son, 9^2. 
Talbutt, V/. 24, 68. 
*Tapfeott, Ja. 86. 
Tarboton, J. 1 19. 
Tarrant, C. 72. 
Tafwell, 71. 
*Tatum, 1 16. 
*Taubertie, Alb. de la, 

Taunton and Son, 57. 
Tawman, J. 62. 
Taylor,30, 31,69, 71,78, 

Taylor, Abel, 120. 
Taylor, Al. 150. 
Taylor, An. 94. 
Taylor, C. 8g. 
Taylor, Ed. 153. 
Taylor, Geof. 77. 
Taylor, Jer. 159, 220, 

*Tavlor, J. ,51. 
Taylor, J. 136, 138, 138, 

*Tay]or, J. Han. 78. 
Taylor, Sir J. 47. 
Taylor, T. 162. 
Tavlor, W. 76. 
Taylor and Wjghtman,87. 
Teare, J. 1,5.5 ; 
Teed, Jofiah, Nor. 24, 62. 
■*Teighe, Mi. o, 14, 47* 
Telfair, 172. 
Telford, W. 160. 
Temple, Rd. 122, 159. 
Tennant, J. 123. 
Tennent, A. 148. 
*Tenneur, T. le, 189. 
Tenon, 196. 
Tennifo',1, 89. 
Terret, J. 6g. 
Terry, gi.* 
Terry, B. 24, 2s8. 
Terry, W. 11,5. 
Terry and Palfer, 80, 
Terfe, 19 ^. 

*Te{Iier, H. AI. 189,190. 
Teftart, IQ3. 
Tetlaw, T. 84. 
Tetlow, J.24, 80. 
Tliackeray, 55. 
*Tbauraax, J. 189. 
^T.hcd, Dl, 176. 



themrtion, Ph. H. 140. 
Theodorick, 91. 
*Thery, J. Jo. 189. 
Thicknefs, Ra. 85. 
*Thierry,F.i88,l93, 201. 
*Tl)ie{ret, 192. 
*Thiculller, L. Pe. F. R. 

le, 188. 
Thiftle, J.24, 218., 
*Thomas, 200. 
Thomas, 72,103, 125,170. 
*Thoraas,Barth. 139, 165. 
*Thomas, B. 72, 138. 
Thomas, Ja. 159. 
Thomas, J. 23, 24, 89. 
*Thomas, Sir Noah, 6, 10, 

Thomas and Caute, 70. 
Thomas, T. 23, 155. 
Thomas, W. 124,150,153. 
Thomas, W. H. 24. 
Thompfon, 56, 88, gi. 
Thompfon, An. 167. 
Thompfon, Arch. 159. 
Thompfon, B. 47. 
Thompfon, C. 159. 
*Thompfon, Dd. 171. 
Thompfon, Fr. 158. 
Thompfon, H. 122. 
Thompfon, Ja. jj, 162. 
Thompfon, Jef. 23, 153. 
Thompfon, J. 158. 
Thompfon, Rd. 24. 
Thompfon, W. 75^ 120, 

Thomfon, 6g, 141. 
*Thomfon, AI. 14* 
Thomfon, J. 160. 
*Thomfon, W. 117. 
Thorefby, 125. 
Thorley, 30. 

Thorn and Norwood, 74. 
Thorne, 91. 
Thornley, Rt. 28. 
Thornley, T. 220. 
Thornton, E. 24. 
*Thqrnton, Ja» 165. 
Thornton, W. 341. 
*Thoro!d, J. 87. 
Thorold, Rooke, 72. 
Thorpe, ^on. 220. 
Thorpe, T. 86. 
*Thouret, Aug. 189, 190. 
*Thouvenel, 191, 201. 
♦Threipland, Sir Stu. 129, 

Threfher, Jo. 118. 

N D E X. 

Throgmorton, C. 141. 
*Thunberg, C. Pe. 177. 
Thurfley, W. 56. 
Thyer,J. 84. 
Thyer and Foxley, 84. 
Thyne, G. 15 1. 
*Thynne, Al. 14, 
Tice, Mai. 64. 
Tickell, 105. 
*TiIladams, J. 106. 
Tilliard, 52. 
Tilney, Earl of, 47. 
Tilfley, ic2. 
Tilfton, 1 12. 
Tindall, Rt. 158. 
*Tingfladius, yS. 
Tinker, J20. 
Tippets, Jo, 69. 
Tippetts, H, Gard. 61. 
Tipton, B. 118. 
TifTard.W. 170. 
^Tiffot, 8. A. D. 49, 191, 

Titford, J. 225. 
Titley, 124. 
Toaldo, J. 49. 
Todd, 123, 149. 
Todd, H. 23. 
Todd, Ja. 146. 
*Tode, J. CI. 142, 174, 

175, 175. 192. 
Toernborn, Fr. 176. 
*Toll, Rd. New. 24, 153. 
Tollar, Jo. 64. 
Tomkins, 1 10. 
Tomkyns, F. 23, 15^. 
*Tomkyns, Bur. 156. 
Tomlinfon. ,^6, 67, 87. 
Tomlinfon,T. 114. 
Tonkin, ^y, 
Tonks, 109. 
Tookie, 53. 
Toole, J. 141. 
Toofey, 30. 
Topham, J. 47. 
*Topping,H. 66, 67. 
Torbet, Hu. 158. 
*Torr, Chr. 122. 
Toirence, G- 144- 
**Torres,Jo., 49, 194. 
Totty, J. 24. 
Tovey, Jo. 159. 
Tough, Al. 152. 
*Tough, jaf. 144- 
*Toulmin, J. H. it 3. 
Toulmin, W. 23, 89, 
*Tournav, 200. 
" Y 


Toufhree, W. 139. 
Townfend, }. 23, 106. 
Towfey, H. 102. 
Towfon, Aug. 27. 
*Tozetri, Targioni, 191. 
Trail, Rev. W. 134. 
Trail, Rt. 135. 
Trafli, 52. 
Travers, J. I57. 
Travis, H. 24. 
Travis, Ja. 84. 
Travis, Rev. G. 83. 
Travis and Son, 123. 
*Trecourt, 261. 
*Tredlenborg, 176. 
Trembley, Ab. 49, 
Trent, Rt. 107. 
Tre{ran,Comtede,49, 201. 
Tret, An. 166. 
Trevor, 87. 
Trew,W. 28, 51, 
Treweeke, G. 57* 
Treymayne, 57.. 
Trie, 74. 
Trimwell, 103. 
Trinder, W. Mar. 68r 
*Triofon, 194. 
Tripe, 61. 
Triquet, Pe. 16. 
Troope, Alg. 171. 
Trotter, Rt. 24. 
Trotter, T. 162. 
Troutbeck, S. ^6. 
Troward, T. 161. 
Trower,Rd. 24, 170. . 
*TrozeIius,ClaesB. 177* 
Trumbull, 154. 
TruiTon, J. 220. 
Tubb, 51. 

Tubb, Merchant, 23. 
Tubney, Jo. 87. 
Tucker, 61. 

*Tucker, Nat. 122, 139* 
Tucker, Rt. 155. 
Tucker, T.Tu. 138, 
Tuckey, Stern, 161. 
Tudor, 103. 
Tudor, T. 125. 
Talk, J. 64. 
Tunftall, Mar. 47. 
Tuplley, 118. 
Turkington, J. 167. 
Turnbull, Ad. 95. 
Turnbull, Gawin, 24. 
Turnbull, Pe. 24. 
Turnbull, T. 146, i6r. 
*Turnbull, W. 14* ^^h 


i66 r 

Turner, 97, 113, 223. 
Turner, F. 68. 
Turner, J. 57, 74, 122. 
Turner, jo. 24, 123. 
Turner, M. 80. 
Turner, Rd. 23, 104, T51. 
*Turner, W. 85, 136. 
Turner, W. 24, 65, 97, 

Turpin, Ph. 24, 139, 161. 
*Turton, J. 6,10, 11, 14, 

^ 47. J9I- 
Tulon, 110, 220. 
Tufon, J. Sj, 
Tuthel, Ja. 104. 
Tutte, 71. 
Twaites, Aug. 167. 
Tweed, 66. 
Twifs, Rd. 47. 
Tyrwhitt, T. 47. 
*Tyfon, Rd, 6, 14, 31. 
Tytler, AI. 134. 
Tyzack, N. 94, 158. 

*VaG]ier, Si. 188, 191. 
*Vachier, CI. 188. 
Vage, T. 47. 
*Valangin, F. de, 9, I4. 
*Vallecorfa, 202. 
Valtravers, Rod. de, 47. 
Van Butchell, 31. 
Vance, W. 166, 168. ' 
Vandenbofe, 182. 
Vanderhaa, 182. 
VanSwinden, 186, 192. 
Van-Wyn, 185. 
Varenne, Ez. 27. 
*Varenne, Pe. J. CI. M. 

de la, J 88, 190. 
*Varenne,s, Dl. des, 193. 
Varham, T. 76. 
*Varnier, CI. L. 189, 190. 
Vaughan, 70, 116. 
Vaugban, DL 155. 
Vaughan, G. 6j. 
* Vaughan, Ja. 85. 
Vaughan, Mi. iGj, 
*Vaughan, W. 9, 14. 
Vaufe, 85. 
Vaux, G. 24. 
Vaux, G. jun. 24, 35. 
Vaux, Jer.i 14, 
*Vauzefme, Aug. R, de, 

*Veal, Rd. 151. 
Veaie, 63. 
*Veilenne, Al.' 180. 

N D E X. 

Veitch, Dd. 161. 
*V.^lfen, 182. 
Venn, 63. 
Venn, E. i lO. 
Veuour, T. 154. 
Ventury, Marfilius, 49. 
*Vercher, de, jun. 191. 
Vere,AI. 135. 
Vergennes, C. de, 190. 
Vermond, 193. 
Verney, Earl of, 47. 
Vernon, T. P. 115. 
Verral, 113. 
*Vefpa, 203. 
Vevers, 30. 
*Vicary, 192. 
Vicary, W. 63. 
Vickers, Jo. 86. 
Vickery,^ 74. 
*Vicq, de, fen. 191. 
Vieufleux, Gaf. 138. 
Vigar, 107. 
Vigarous, 199. 
*Vigaroux, 195, I99. 
Vigny, Pe. de, 49. 
Villaine, 192. 
*Villiers, Ta. F. de, 189. 
Villoirm,J.B. C. d'AnflV 

de, 49* 
Vincent, 107. 
Vincent and Beavington, 

Vine, 112. 
*Virard, 192. 
Virgilio, S. 204. 
Vifey, W. 68. 
*Vifet, 190, 190. 
Vitman, P. D. F. 202. 
j^Vivenzio, 191, 202. 
Vivian, Rum. 57. 
*Vivian, W. loi, 102. 
'*Vogel, R. A. 180. 
Voice, 88. 
Voifier, de la, 190. 
Volta, Al. 83, 202. 
*Vounck, 185, 186. 
Voyfey, H. 24, 218. 
Vvgures, T. ,57. 
Vyfe, Rev. VV. 47. 

Ulloa, An. de, 49; 
*UJlholm, Jon. "176.. 
Underdown, 77. 
Underhill,T. 108. 
Underwood, Mi. 24, 33. 
Upham, F, 29. 

Upper-OfTory, Earl of, 47. 
Uplher, iiii. 
Upton, J. 47. 
Upwood,T. 91. 
Urquhart, Rt. 137. 
Ufher, Rev. H. 169, 
Ufher, Rd. 167. 
Ufher, W. 137. 
Ufley, J. 123. 
Utting, 90, 91. 
Uvvens, Rd. 26,. 

Wadd, Sol. 24. 
Wade, 170. 
"Wade, C. 140. 
Wade, J. 24, 67, 168. 
*Wade, Wa. 165. 
*Waiblinger, F. 122. 
*Waineman, J. 88. 
*Wainemai), Ogle. ^^^ 
Wainw^right, T. 10, 27, 
Wainman, 123. 
Wainman, J. 141. 
V^ainman, Ogle. 139. 
Wainwright, B. 123. 
Wainwright, Ja. 136, 
Wainwright, Jo. 11&. 
Wair, Ja. 171, 
Waite, 87. 
*Waite, T. 58. 
Wake, 105. 
Wakefield, G. 83. 
Wakefield, Rt. 24. 
Wakeford, 70, 
*WaIcott, 93. 
Wale, 115. 
V/ales,W. 47. 
Walford, J. 24, 27, 29. 
Walford, J. jun. 29. 
V/alker, 31, 50, (Sj, 170. 
Walker, B. 61. 
V/alker, Cham. 166. 
Vv^alker, C. 24. 
Walker, Dd. 24. 
Walker, E. 59. 
Walker, G. 47, 83. 
*Walker, Ja. 9, 129, 145. 
Walker, Ja. 47, 59^ 158. 
Walker,]. 136, 147. 

* Walker, Jof. 119, 121. 
Walker, Jof. 119. 
Walker, Lan. 59, 
Walker, Rev. J. 128, 133. 
Vv^alker, Rd. 29, 65, 102. 

* Walker, Rt. 131. • 
Walker, Rt. 158. 


Walker, S. l6o, 166. 
Walker, W 24, 123. 
Walker and Gates, 61. 
Walkey, 31. 
Wall, 55. 
Wall, I a. 160. 
Wall, j. 138. 
*Wa]l,"Mar. 83, 101, 102, 

*^A^all, 14. 
Wallace, 76. 
Wallace, C. 159. 
W^allace, Ja. 153, 161. 
Wallace, J. 58. 
Wallace, Rt. 148. 
Wallace, T. 161. 
Wallace, W. 24. 
Wdllen, Willmot, 24. 
Waller, ^i, 70. 
Walley, 73. 
Wallmgton, C. Gg. 
nVallis,G. 14,35. 
Wallis, J. 119. 
Wallis,T. 141. 
Wallis, W. 159. 
Walmefley, C. 49. 
Walpole, Hon. Hor, 47. 
Walfh,G. 68. 
Walfii, Rev. J. 169. 
V/alf}!, Rt. 152. 
Wallh, T. 160. 
WaliTiam, T. 24. 
^Valfingham, Lord, 47. 
^Walter, 179. 
"U^ilter, Jac. and J. JJ. 
\A^aIter, J. 158. 
Walters, 155. 
Walters, Hop. 24, 219, 

Walters, Rt. 24. 
Walthall, Ja. 56. 
Walton, fen. 170. 
Walton, jun. 170. 
Walton, J. 125. 
*Walton, Rev. W. 74. 
Walton, Rt. 24, 220. 
Ward, 65.^ 
Ward, Dl. D. 220, 223. 
Ward, Jab. 32. 
Ward, Ja. 1 15. 
Ward, J. 87. 
V/ard, Jo. 24. 
Ward, Rt. 114. 
Ward, St. Sm. 24. 
Ward, S. 167, 169. 
Ward 3ndFieldhoure,lo8. 

I N D E 

Warden, J. 80. 
*Wardrobe, Dd. 131. 138, 

149> 159» 1^2. 
Ward) op, Jo. 161. 
*Wardrope, A. 132, 133, 

Ware, T. 24. 
Wareing, W. 24. 
Wargeniin, Sir Pe. 40, 

Waring, ill. 
*Wanng, E. 47, 54. 
Waring, G. 24, 71. 
Waring, R. yG. 
Waring, Rd. H. 47. 
*Waris, For. de, 170. 
Warhire, J. 83. 
Warmer, T. 117. 
Warner, Afh. 24-, 170. 
Warner, Jo. 16, 32, 47. 
Warner, T. 8^. 
Warner, W^. 24, 76. 
*Warren, J. 107,138,192. 
*Warren,Rd. 6,10,14, 47. 
Warren, R.d. 24. 
Warren, T. 158. 
Warrick, 58. 
W'arrillow, J. 109. 
Warwick, Earl of, 47. 
Wafn bourn, 68, 
Wafs, J. 123. 
"Waftcll, H. 24. 
Watelet, 190. 
Waters, 88. 
Wathen, Jon. 16. 
*Wathen^£. 8, ill. 
Watherftone, W. 159. 
Watkins, C. 60. 
Watkins, Dl. 24, 159. 
*Waikinfon,J, 14,35,35> 

35, 39. 217, 220. 
*Watfon, 146. 
Watfon, 52, 95, 1 13, 122, 

Watfon, Al. 160. 
Watfon, Aa. 58, 58. 
Watfon, Bp. of LlandafF, 

. 45. 
Watfon, Dd. 171, 

Watfon, E, '24, 6^. 
Watfon, H. 16, 32, 39, 

Watfon, Ja. 47. 
Watfon, j. 152. 
Watfon, Jon. 47. 
Watfon, Jof. 65. 
Watfon, Meff. 122. 

Y 2 

X. 267 

Watfon,. N. gg. 
*Watfon, Rev. Rd. 83. 
Watfon, Rt. 123. 
Watfon, T. 26, 141, 158. 
*Watfon, W. 8, 14, 38, 

38, 42, 221. 
*Watfpn, W. jun. 47, 

■ 10.5. 
Watfon, W. 24, 87, 120, 

Watlbn and Son, 91. 
Watt, J. 158, 
Vl^att, T. 24. 
Watts, 108. 
*Watts, Giles, 112. 
*Watts, Rev. 86. - 
Watts, Rt 75. 
Watts, W. 104. 
Wave II, W. 24. 
Wauchope, 145. 
Waugh, Rt. 154. 
Way^B. 47. 
Waylett, j6. 
Wayne, Chr. 122. 
* Wayne, F. 123, J36. ' 
Wayt, 116. 
Wcal.«, Minter, 158. 
Wear, G. 65. 
Weaver, Price, 24, 72. 
Webb, 31, 70, 89. 
Webb, C. Haw. 24. 
Webb, God. 28. 
M^ebb, J. 109. 
Webb, Sir J. 47. 
Webb, T. 24, 157. 
Webb, Vere, 159. 
Webbe, J. 27. 
Webber, W. 47, 220. 
*Weber, G.H.'iSi. 
Webfter, 91, 1 19. 
Wcbfter, Chr. 119. 
*WebRer, Ja. 140. 
Vv^ebRer, Jof. 24. 
Weddel], W. 123. 
Wedeewood, Jo. 47. 
Weedal!,H. 29. 
Weeks, i_i3 
"Vl^'eeks, Ed. 114. 
Weeks, Hu. 158. 
Weeks, J. C. 75, 160. 
Wegehaufen, 181. 
Wegg, G. S. 42,47. 
*Weidemann, 180. 
Weir, J. 152, 225. 
Welch, 66. 
Welch, J. 108. 


268 I 

Welehman, 115. 
"Welford, Rt.'24, 74. 
Welford, W. 28. 
Wellard, Rt. 222. 
.Well, Jac. de, 178. 
Wells, Pe. 106. 
Welton, W. 1 14. 
*Wemvfs, 146. 
Wemyfs, Al. 139. 
Wemyfs, Pat, 152. 
Wenman, Hon. T. F. 47. 
*Wcfnzel, 189. 
Wenzell, Baron de, 10,31. 
Werge, J. 96. 

Wefley, Ri. 161. 
"W^eftj'si, 52. 
Weft, J. 122. 
Weft, T. 28. 
Weft and Sole, 105. 
Weftcott, W. 107. 
Weftmacott, 117. 
AVefton, Rt. 47. 
\Veftwood, 70. 
Wetherall, T. 166. 
Weiherall, W. 24, 89, 

Wevelinchoven, An. de, 

*Wever, Dl. 176. 
^Vhale, J. 24, 155. 
Whalev, 1 19. 
Wharton, 170. 
Wharton, J 116. 
*Wharton, T. 6. 
Wharton, W. H. 24,-219, 

225, 226. 
Wharton and Malbon,i02. 
Whatelev, T. 24, 
Wheatei;',W. 76. 
Wheeler, Allen, 103. 
V/heeler,T 28. 
Wheeler, W. 28. 
Whetv/ood, 80. 
Whkher, 113. 
Which er, J. 24, 70. 
Whincop, T. 24. 
Whinner, Thur. illo 
Whitaker, 85. 
Whitater, Ja. 83. 
Whitaker, P.ev. f. 83. 
Whitchurch, J. 86. 
White, 109, 146, 231. 
White, C 24,47,81,83, 

84, 142. 
White, J. 24, 24,64, 150, 

161, 162. 
White, J. Gurney, 760 

N D E X 

*White, Snowden, 96. 
*White, T. 217. 
Vvniite,T. 24, 27, 35,47, 

64, 141. 
*White,W. 119, 138. 
White, W. 148. 
Whitcbread, 73. 
^Whitehead,]. 10, 14,35, 


Whitehead, H. 123. 
Whitehead, W. 24. 
Whitehurft, J. 47. 
Whiteman, Ja. 154. 
Whitefide, 144. 
Whitefide, Ph. 132. 
Whiteway, J. 166, 167, 

167, 168. 
White wood, 31, 
Whitfield, G. 32. 
V\/hitmar{h,W. 117. 
Whitney, J. 73. 
Whitwell, 86. 
VvHiyte, J. 150. 
Whyte, Rt. 159, 
Whytt, J. 139. 
Wick, 116. 

Wickftead, E. and J. 56. 
Wickflead and Meakin, 

Wier, Hon.C.Kope, 44. 
Wier, J. 162. 
Wightman, Rt. 24. 
Wightman, S. 135. 
Wightman. W. 149. 
Wighron, E. and Girling, 

Wigram, P..t. 24, 218. -^ 
Wil'braham, P.r. 47. 
Wilcox, 1 1,5. 
Wilcox, M. 152. 
Wilcox, N. 24. 
Wild, 68. 
WiJdgofe, 93. 
Wilkes, 103. 
Wilkes, Ja. 24, 1G2. 
Wilkes, J. 47^ 
Wilkes, Ifrael, 47. 
Wilkin, J. 141. 
Wilkin, W. 115. 
Wilkins, 58, 107. 
Wilkins, T. 152. 
Wilkiiffbn, Ah. 141. 
Wilkinfon, Bl. 05. 
WiIkinfon,E. 24,88. 
Wilkinfon, G. 65. 
Wilkinfon, Ja. 123, 160. 
*Wilkinfon, J. 47. 
Wilkinfon, Jo. £4, i6o. 

Wilkinfon, Pe. 55. 
Wilkinfon, T. 135. 
Wilkinfon and Son, 123. 
*Willan,Rt. 14,135, 140, 

Willemet, 201. 
Willerton, 87. 
Willet, 75. 
Willets, E. 24, 118. 
Willett, Ralph, 47. 
Willey,J. 26. 
Williams, 57, II5, 11 7, 

124, 125. 
Williams, Al. 141. 
Williams, Bloom, 125. 
Williams, C. 167. 
Williams, Dl. 24. 
Williams, Dio. 47. 
Williams, E. 138. 
Williams, If. 162. 
Williams, Ja. 24. 
Williams, J. 24, 24, 57, 

Williams, P. 125. 
Williams, Ph. 24 
Williams, T. 24, 27, 33, 

124, 161. 
Williams, W. 24. 
Williams and Co. 52. 
Williarafon, 150. 
William fpn. If. ^g. 
WiUiamfon, J, 24, y^, So, 

WiUiamfon, Jo. 24, 24, 

WiUiamfon, T. 123,137. 
WiUiamfon, T. Br. 151. 
Williford, 123. 
Willis, G. 77. 
*Willis, J. 87, 139. 
*Willis, Rev. F. 88. 
Willis, R. D. lAi. 
Willis, T. 28. 
Willifon, A. 141. 
*Willrfon, J. 146. 
V/illifon, T. 159. 
Wilmer, Brad. 115. 
Wilmore, iiy. 
Wilm.ore,J. 118. 
Wilmot, 52. 
Wilmot, J- 47. 
*Wilmot,SirE, 5, 10,47, 
Wilpy and Mitchell, 112. 
Wilion, 31, 59, yy, g6, 

lie, 120, 144. 
Wilfon,Al. 133,137,159. 
*Wilfon, A. 14, 34, 35, 

50. 12Q, 162. 


Wilfon, B. 47. 
Wilfon, Cor. 66. 
*Wiiron, Dd. 144, 158. 
Wilfon, G 27, 162. 
Wilfon, Ja. 160. 
WiKon, J. 47»59>^3.94» 

Wilfon, Ph. 59. 

Wilfon, Rt 24. 

Wilfon, Ste. 91. 

*Wilfon,T. 165. 

Wilfon, W. 120, 150. 

Wilfone, C. 148. 

*Wimes, 146. 

Wiaipey, J. 83. 

Winder, J 26. 

Windham, W. 47. 

Windham, Jo. 47. 

Winfield, W. 28. 

Wingfi:ld, ■. 26. 

Winkfield, j. 24, 51. 

Winkler, J. H. 49. 

Winnall, S. 24, 155. 

Winnall and Son, 103. 

*Winnow, 174. 

Winter, 31,93. 

Winter, Art. 166, 168. 

Winter, G. 220, 222. 

Winterbottom, 96. 

*Winterbottom, J. 51. 

Winterbottom, J. 140. 

*Winterl, Jac. 178. 

Winterton, E. Earl, 47. 

Winthrop, J. 47. 

*Wintringham, Sir Clif- 
ton, 6, 10,14,47,191. 

Wife, Dd. 58. 

Wifhart, 68, 145. 

Wifhart, G. 28. 

Witchell, G. 47. 

*Witham, 65. 

* Withering, W. I14. 

Witherings, W. 137. 

Vl^'ithers, E. 24, 51. 

*Withers,T. 118. 

Withy, W. 24. 

Witry, Abbe d'Everlange 
de, 185. 

Woan, J. 24. 


*Wolff, Nat. M. 47. 

Wollafton, 118. 

Wollafton, Rev. F. 47. 

Wollafton, Rev. G. 47. 

*Wollin, 177. 

Wolftenholme, 56. 

Wood, 67, 7-/, 78, 153. 

Wood,Al. 131, 142, 142. 

Wood, A. 131, 137, 142. 

Wood, E. yj. 

N r> E X. 

*Wood, Ja. 155. 
Wood, Ja. g5, 139, 156. 
Wood, J. 27, 33, 171. 
Wood, J. Webfter, 28. 
*Wood, Loftus, 14, 36, 

38, 217, 222. 
Wood, Ottiwell, 83. 
Wood, Rd. 159. 
♦Wood, Rt. 150. 
Wood, Rt. 158. 
Wood,T. 47, 131, 142. 
Wood, Vincent, 152. 
Wood, W. 73, 156. 
Woodburn, 80. 
Woodcock, 90, 118. 
Woodfield, Elias, 28. 
Woodforde, T. 108. 


Wright, Bar. 62, 
Wright, Dd. 24. 
Wright, G. 160. 
Wright, Jer. 24. 
*Wnght, J. 105, 106. 
*Wriqht, Pe. 148. 
Wright, Pb 80, 
*Wnght,Rd. 6,14,33,48. 
Wright, Rd. 60. 
Wright, Rt. 119. 
Wright, T. 24, 96. 
*Wright,W. 48,130,133, 

Wright, W. gi^ 119. 
Wright and Adams, 108. 
Wright and Hope, 108. 
Wrighrfon, W. 65. 

WoodhoLife, G. and Biir- *Wrifberg, H. A. 180 

net, B. 121. 
Woodhoufe, Rd. 160. 
Woodroffe,Ph. J 66. 
Woodroofe, Ph. 167, 168, 

"Woodrufre, W. 159. 
Woodthop, R. 153. 
Woodthorp, Rd. 24. 
Woodville, W. 124, 139, 

217, 220. 
* Woodward, 53, 105. 
Woofe, J. 172. 
Woofendale, R. 80. 
W^oolconib, T. 63. 
*Woolcombe, H. 57. 
Wooldridge, W. 107. 
Woollafton, 103. 
Woollcombe, H. T39. 
Woolfey, Ja. 24. 
Wootton, W. 27. 
*Wordfworth, J. 123. 
Worgan, G. B. 161. 
Worrall, 170. 
Worfley, SirRd.48. 
Worth, 107. 
*Worthington, Ja. 79, 80. 

*Wurtz, 192. 

Wyatt, J. 24, 24, 33, 39, 

Wyatt, Rev. W. 48. 
Wyke, 103. 
Wyke, Ab. 73, 220. 
Wyke, If. 72. 
Wyke, Z, 73. 
Wyndham, H. P. 222* 
\Vynne, 103, 124. 
Wynne, Gab. 140. 
Wynne, J. 24, 9.18. 


*Xetard, 192. 


Yair, J Tiffin, 123. 
Yalden, T. 139. 
Yale, E. 24. 
Yardley, H. 115. 
Yate, 65. 

Yatman, M. 26, gg. 
Yatman, M. jun. 29, 33. 
Yearnall, 220. 
Yeatman, 106. 

*Worthington, Rd. 124, Yeatman, Charleton, 106. 
Yeatman, Hu. 107. 


V/otton, 52. 

Wotton, Rd. 27. 

WoulfFe, Pe. 48. 

^A.^ay, Chr. 65. 

Wray, DI.48. 

Wren, W. 61. 

"Vl^rench, 56. 

Wrigglefwoith and Wil- 
fon, 88. 

♦Wright, 78, 109, 112. 

Wright, 31, 84, 87, 104, 

Wright, Baines, 122. 

Yeatman, Morgan, 1 06. 
Yeomans, 103. 
Yeomans, W, 118. 
Yonge, W. J. 29. 
Yorke, Hon. J. 48. 
Yorkftoun,T. 145, 
Young, 31, 52, 56, 121, 

147, 220. 
Young, Al. 81, 158. 
Young, Arch. 148. 
Young, Art. 48. 
Young, B. 24, 160. 
Young, E. 71,76, 158. 

* Young, 



Young, M. 169. 

*Young, G. 15^- 

Young, G. 156. Young, Sir G. 48. 

*Young, Ja. 158, 160, Young, Sir W. 48. 

170. Young, T. 24, 34, 113, 
Young, J. 35, 140, 149, 153. 

i6o, 161. Young, W. 24, 104, 152, 
Young, Laurence, 167. 152. 

Young,Rt.i6, 24, 3ijii2j *Younge, T. 123. 

161. *Ypey, Adolphus, 183. 

Zanotti, Euftatius, 49. 
Zartman, 180. 
*Zie vogel, S. 177. 
*Ziuimerniann,J. G. 142, 

179, 192. 
Zona, Mucio, 191, 203, 

*Zubelin, S. 225. 

D E 





Adams, Jo. 211. 
Alexander, Ja. 207. 
Armftrong, 209, 
Aliley, Rd. 211. 
Atkinfon, 211. 
*Aubert, 215. 
Aylett, G. 2fo. 


Bagfhaw,W. 2ti. 
*Baker, J. 208. 
Ba!dv;yn, W. 214. 
Ball, Rd. 211. 
*Ba]lantyne, Al. 210. 
Barnes, H. 214. 
*Barret, J. 215. 
Bafden, T- 212. 
Bateman, Chr. 212. 
Bathurtt, 2 o. . 
Battye, 208. 
Bell, Jo. 214. 
*Beliete{le, j. Ja. 91,5. 
Bengough, Ed. 211. 
Bennetj'T. 2o3. 
*Bertin, Jo. Exupere, 205, 
Bertram, Ja. 209. 
*3ertrand*, Ber. N. 216. 
Betierley, W. 212. 
Bever, '214. 
*Bianconi, J. L. £05. 
*BldauIt, F. 215. 
Bigfley, Ja. 209- 
Blackall, A. 206. 
*Blackburne, T. 209. 
Blaxland, J. 2ii.' 
Bloxham, 20C. 
Blundfll, 2 J 3. 
Board, Rd. 2 so. 
Boodle, Rd. B. 213, 
Bordenave, 216. 

*Bouchier, W. 204. 
*Bourdelin, L. Claude, 

Boyes, F. 211. 
Boyes, Rt. 207. 
Brande, 226. 
Brickley, J. 207. 
Bridges, T. 215. 
Brooke, G. 205. 
*Brooke, T. 207. 
*Brov/n, 208. 
Brown, 21,5. 
Brown, Broxholm, 2 13. 
Brown, C. 212. 
Brown, Fr. 208. 
Brown, T. 206. 
Brown, W. 211. 
Buchanan, G. 206. 
*Buckham, Ja. 226. 
*Bucquet, J. B. M. 216. 
Buller, £o8. 
Bullock, J. 211. 
Bui lough, W. 214. 
Burnall, H. 214. 
Bufbey, Jo. jun, 211. 
Bufn, 208. 
^Buiibn, Julian, 215. 


Cable, 208. 
Cadbury, H. 213. 
Caldecotr, W. 212. 
Cannon, T. 207. 
Can J J. 206. 
*Carr, R(?v. J. 207. 
*Carrere,''j. F. 216. 
Carver, Ja. 208. 
*Cafamajor, An. 215, 
*Caverhill, J, 206. 
Cecil, 209, 

Chamberlayne, Needier, 

Chandler, J. 212. 
Chapman, J. 213. 
Chapman, W. 211. 
■^Charlefworth, B. 213. 
Chaftellier, P. M. 206. 
Chatfield, 208. 
Cheare, J. ill. 
Chillingworth, W. 214. 
Clarke, G. 208. 
*Cleghorn, W. 211. 
Clement, W. 207. 
Collins, G. 211. 
Cookworthy, 205. 
Cookfey, J. 213. 
Cooper, 214. 
Cooper, W. 207. 
Cofme, Frere, 206. 
*Cotham, 214. 
Coulthard, Jac. 207. 
Cowell, B. 210. 
Cownley,Jo.^Iaffiot, 21s. 
Coyney, 215. 
Cradock, T, 213. 
Craig, A. 215. 
Cronin, 214. 
Cunningham, Al. 215. 
Curtis, Ja. 211. 


Da Cofta, J. N. 226. 
Dalmahoy, Al. 207. 
Daniel, J. 213. 
Davies, 207. 
Daw, Ab. 212. 
*Dawfon, T. 208. 
Dencli, 213. 
Dendy, J. 214. 
Devey, Rr. 212. 



Dickenfon, E. 212. 
Dickinlbn, J, G. 29.6. 
Diggies, T. 2o6. 
Ditcher, Ph. 205. 
*Doulcet, Denis Claudius, 

Dowdal], H. 226. 
Dowling, Ja. 205. 
Down, Nat. 213. 
Downe, J. 208. 
*Drummond, Al. Monro, 

Duckenfield, Rt. 208. 
Dymond, Rt. 211. 

Edwards, C. 212. 
Elliot, Rd. 204. 
Ellis, W. 212. 


Faye, de la, 216. 
Feake, J. 212. 
Fell, Rt. 212. 
^Fellner, Max. 205. 
Forfler, 214. 
*Fothergill, J. 205. 
Eowler, 213. 
Frank, Ja, 210. 
^FroifTart, 2ro. 
Furnefs, DI. 212. 
Fyler, G. 212. 


Gardiner, J. 212. 
*Garnier, An, 216. 
*Gaubius, Jer. Dd. 205. 
*Gefner, C. 204. 
*Gibbons, Jofiah, 209. 
Gibfon, H. 214. 
Goodall, 213. 
Goolden, J. 214. 
Gordon, Ja. 205. 
*Gordon, Sir Al. 209. 
Graham, W 212. 
*Gray, G. 206. ^ 

Grayling, Jo. 205. 
Green, 204. 
Greenhead, L. E. 205. 
Gregory, 210. 
Gueft, Rd. 209. 
Gye, 208. 


*Haddow, 215. 
Hall, J. 206, 210. 
Hallows, Eaft, 212. 
Hamilton, J. 212. 
Hamilton, T, 206. 

Hamilton, T. 207. 

Hanker, J, Biby, 210, 

*Hanning, C. 210. 

Hargood, Margrave, 205.- 

*Harmant, Dom. Bened. 

Harpur, E.jun. 210. 
Hanington, H. 226. 

*Harris, J. 209. 

Harris, Sir T. 206. 
Harrifon, 213. 
Hawkelley, J. 212. 
Hawkins, 206. 
Hawkins, T. 212. 
Hays, 213. 

*Hazon, Ja. Alb. 215. 
Hecford, Swiftj 212, 
Herd, F. 206. 
Herwig, Chr. Ph. 205. 
Heveldme, W. 215. 
Hey gate, Rt. 213. 
HjJ], Ja. 215. 
Hills, J. 226. 
*Hird, W. 209. 
Hodlkin, 207. 
Hollis, J. 208. 
*Holyoak, J. 204. 
HolFack, Colin, 210. 
*Hofty, Am. 216. 
Houghton, Dd. 207, 213. 
How, 212. 
Hewlett, Jo. 206. 
Hubback, An. 208. 
*Hunter, W. 210. 
Hutchinibn, C. 214. 


Jackfon, 214. 
* Johnlione, Ja. 226. 
Johnitone, W. 210, 
Jones, 206, 213. 

Keable, Keir, 214. 
Keenlyfide, W. 226. 
*Keir, W. 211. 
Kimber, W. 209. 
King, Ja. 210. 
Kite, Ja. 213. 
*Kooltray, J. 205. 


*Labreville,, 21( 
Lambert, Rd. 214. 
*Lavington, 209. 
Lawrence, 206. 
*Lawrence, T, 211. 
Lely, 213. 

• :^7i 

Lerche, J. Ja. 204. 
*Leflie, Pat. Dugud, 210, 
*Letdh, J. 207, 
Levet, Rt. 207. 
Lewelin, Dl. 209. 
*Lewis, W^ 205. 
*Lieutaud, Jo. 2O5. 
Linzee, fen. 213. 
Livefley, E. 209. 
Lomax, 215. 
Long, Mark, 212. 
Lovef, T. Blount, 206. 
Lucas, 215. 
Luck, T. 206. 

*M3cfarlane, W. 215. ^ 
Mackay, 209. 
*Mackenzie, Al. 204. 
*Madai, D. S. de, 204. 
le Maitre, 204. 
Marr, W. £o6. 
Matthews, J. 209. 
M', Arch. 208. 
M'Carthy,T. 206. 
M'Co'me, J. 206. 
M'Donald, W. 210. 
Meadows, T. 212. 


eecn, 213, 

Mejan, 211. 
Merry, E. 207. 
*Meyrick, Rd. 207. 
*Michel, W. 216. 
Montet, 215. 
Moore, C. 212. 
Morton, J. 208. 
Morwood, Rowland, 21 e, 
*Motte, E. J. de la, 216, 
*Moyfey, 204. 


Nafh, J. 211. 
Nickalls, T. 208. 
*Niefky, Ad. 20 j. 
Norton, J, 211. 


Oneley, J. 212. 
Ofterday, W. 212. 


Page, fen. 214. 
Palmer, 206 
Paten, Dd. 208. 
Patten, W. 2x3. 
Paull, fen. 214. 
Pearce, J. 210. 
Peck, J. 212. 



Pendergrafl, 205. 
Periry, T. 212. 
*Perkins, J> 212, 213. 
*Perronneau, Rt. 210. 
*Pfcfiinger, J. 216. 
Phelps, J. 214. 
*PJerre, 207. 
Plaiftow, G. 212. 
*Pobl, J. Chr. 204, 
*Powell, M. 205. 
Prefton, W. 211. 
*Price, Ja. 226. 
Prince, 209. . 
*Pringle, Sir J. 207. 
Pugh, 210. 


*Rainey, Dl. 211. 
Rankin, J. 215. 
Reed, 206. 
*Reichard, J. J. 208. 
*Reeve, T. 205. 
Rich, J. 212- 
Robinfon, 206. 
Robinfon, J. 2i2» 
Roe, C. 212. 
*Ro]lin, Ernet Jer. 215, 
*Rofe, 215. 
*Roy, C. ie, 216. 
*Pvunge, J. G. 205. 
*Ryan, Dennis, 208. 

Saltonftall, T. 210. 
Sanderfon, J. 212. 
Sanxay, Rt. 204. 
Shand, 215. 
Sheffield, H. 207. 
Sheldon, J. fen. 210. 
Sherfton, S. B. 209. 


*Simpfon, Ed. 209. 
Skeete, E. 2I2. 
Skene, Ja. 206. 
Slatter, T. 20?. 
Smith, Gilbert, 206. 
*Smith, H. 211. 
Smith, Rt. 214. 
Smithies, W. 212. 
Smyth, F. 210. 
Spear, C. 212. 
Spence, Ja. fen. 210* 
Sprague, J. 226. 
Stallard, J. 212. 
Stephens, Ph. 212. 
Stevens, 214. 
*Stevenfon, W. 211. 
Stockdale, H. 212. 
Stovin, 214. 
Swain, Rt. 212. 
Swan, fen. 213. 


*Tailler, 207. 
Tarboton, J. 214. 
Teed, Manflon, 213. 
Temple, J. 209. 
Temple, Rd. 215. 
Thackeray, J. 209. 
Thompfon, H. 209. 
Thornton, 207. 
Timmings, C 214. 
*Topott, Beaumont, 2og. 
Trent, Rt. 212. 
*Triller, Dl. W. 208. 
*Tronchin, Th. 207. 
*Trotter, 205. 
Troward, W. 210. 
Truefdale, J. 2i2. 
Tryce, 210. 
Tuberville, W. 214. 


Virrell, T. 205. 
Vowell, W. 212, 

Waller, W. 208. 
*Wallis, E. 209. 
Walton, T. 208. 
Walters, H. 226. 
*Ward, J. 214. 
Ward, J. 209. 
Waring, J. 210. 
Warner, Ja. 212. 
*Watkinron, J. 226. 
Webb, 210. 
Welton, 214. 
Wharton, W. H. 226. 
Wheler, 206. 
Whitaker, J. 208. 
Whitcombe, 214. 
Wickftead, J. 211. 
*Wilbraham, T. 208. 
Williamfon, Jo. 209. 
Willot, J. 205. 
Wills, M. 212. 
"VVilfon, J. 212. 
Winchefter, J> 206, 
Windus, T. 212. 
Woodward, G. 213- 
Wray, W. 211. 
Wright, 213. 

Young, 20,5. 
* Young, T. 210. 

*Zinnendorf, 208. 
''^Zinzam, Pe. 207. 

E R R A- 


Pagi 6. Prefix % to the name of Sir Noah Thomas, as being a Commiffioner for 

private Madhoufes. 
12, line 2 frovi the top, far Lamb's Condult-flreet, read Lincoln's Inn Fields, 
14. Prefix f to the name of Dr, Thomlinfon, as being of the College of 

26, 2d column, line 29, add ^ Wentworth Ogle, Walbrook. 

90. for Mr. Arris, read Mr. Amos. 

91. — Mr. Flowerden, readyiv. Flowerdew. 

105, — Mr. Green Parry, read Mr. Green, Mr. Parry. 
112. — Mr. Vine James Bennet, read Mr. Vine, Mr. James Bennet. 
"136. — H, Loftie, read V/. Loftie. 

148. In the Glafgow Lift, the name of ^ Mr. Tho. Smith, refident in Orange- 

ftreet, London, is by rniftaJie printed in Italics. 
« In the fecond note, for Tho^&y read They. 

The note, in page 170, relative to the Botanic Garden, fhould be omi^ 
ted, as the plan is now laid afide. 

J64. for Dr. Conftantine Barker, read Barbor. 

ijl, for James Magennis, M. D. read Daniel Magennis, M. D. 

•— Hanorca, r. Hanover. 

jlddlilons and CorreSfions received fmce the Appendix was printed. 

Page 10. The King^s Medical EJlabliJJimtnt. 

To the Phyjiciam Extra, add t James Carmichael Smyth, M. P, 

F. R. S. 
The Prince of Wales'' s. 

Phyficians, + Sir Richard Jebb, Bart. M. D. F. R. S. 

+ Sir John Eliot, Bart. M. D. 
Phyfcian to the Houfliold, R Halifax, M. D. 
- Surgeon, ^ Thomas Keate, Efq. 
Apothecary, Richard Walker, Efq. - 
Apothecary to the Hmfhold, William John Yonge, Efq, 
10, 20, and 32, omit George Edward Hawkins, Efq. who died Sept. 21. 
12. omit Dr. Henry Haflcey, removed to Jamaica, 

30. — - Mr. Randall, of King-ftreet, Covent-garden, who died Sept. 27, 
32. St. Thomas's Hofpital, to the Phyfcians, add t Gilbert Blane, M. D, 
91. MaJJingham, omit Mr. Vv^illiam Bewley, who died Sept. 5, 
105. Somersetshire. 

Bath, General Hospital*. 

PhyficianSf Henry Harrington, M. D, 
Daniel Lvfons, M. D. 
John Staker, M. D, 

* Pur lift of the Phyficians and Surgeons of this Hofpital, page 105, Is erroneous. 


Surgeons, Henry Wright, Efq. 
M^ Jofeph Phillott, 
Mr. Harry Atwood. 

To the Phyficians at Batk^ add Anthony Fothergill, M. D. f . R. S. 

Member of the R. C. P. Lend, re- 
moved from London. 
John Morgan, M. D. removed from 
omit J. Berkenhout, M. D- removed to 

Inthelijiof the Surgeons, omit Mr. Cadby, Mr. Crutwell. 

add Mr. Huddlefton, Mr. Grigg, 

^ Apothecaries, omit Mr. Galloway. 

Mr. Elmes. 

Mr. Harford. 

Mr. Hamilton, 

Mr. Cooke. 

Mr. Poinfent, 
add Mr. Horton. 

Mr. T. Horton. 
• Mr. Hutchinfon, 

Mr. Morris, 

Mr. Dodd. 

Mr. Green. 

Mr. |io\ye, 
%\\. Surry, add 

Carfhalton. Mr. Wallis. . 

Clapham. Mr. Gardner. 

Croydon. ^ Mr. Francis Fifher, Mr. Hawkins, Mr. VanCtkc«3» 

Tooting. Mf. Chittenden. 

Books in Anatomy, Medicine, Surgery, 
and Natural Philosophy, printed for J. 
JOHNSON, No. 72, St. Paul's Church- Yard. 

i A tKIN on the Ufe and various Preparations of Lead, with 
jtJL Remarks on Goulard, 2d edit, is 6d 

2 ' Thoughts on Hofpitals, is 6d 

3 — Heads of Chemillry, is 6d 

4 — ' Tranflation of Beaume's Manual of Chemiftry, with Notes, 

3s 6d fewed, 4s bound 
^ ; Oeconomise Animalis delineatio ; in ufum Juventutis Mc- 

dicae, is 6d - 

6 - I .• — ^-— . Sketch of the Animal Oeconomy, is 
7 Edition of Dr. Lewis's Materia Medica^ with Additions, 

4to. 1 1 IS 

8 -- Biographical Memoirs of Medicine in Great Britain, frdth 
the Revival of Literature to the Time of Harvey, 4s fewed 

9 Albinus*s Tables of the Skeleton and Mufcles of the Human Body, 

with fine plates, folio, il 13s half-bound 
10 Alanfon on Amputation, and the After-Treatment, with an Account 

of the Amputation above the Ancle, with a Flap, 2d edition, 

greatly enlarged, 6s bound 
i i Andree on the Gonofrhcea, 2s 6d fewed 

12 Alexander's Experimental Enquiry concerning the Caufea which have 

generally been faid to produce putrid Difeafes, 4s 6d bound 

13 Aitkins's Cafes in Surgery, 5s bound 

14 Black's Obfervations on the Small-Pox and Inoculation, fewed, 3s 6i 
I J ' Hiflorical Sketch of Medicine and Surgery, from their Origin 

to the prefent Time; and of the principal Authors, Dilcoveries, 
Improvements, Imperfections and Errors, 63 bound 

16 Butter's Account of Puerperal Fevers, illuftrated by Cafes, 2s 6d fewed 

1 7 on the Infantile Remittent Fever, commonly called the Worm 

Fever, is 

18 Buckner's eafy Method to make Deaf Perfons to Hear, I3 6d 

ig Bell on Ulcers, 8vo. 5s. boards 

20 Syllem of Surgery, vol. i. 63 boards 

21 Brookes's Praftice of Phyfic, 2 vol. I03 bound 

22 -— Difpenfatory, 3s 6d bound 

23 Cullen's Firil Lines of the Praftice of Phyfic, 3 vol. i8s bound 
2^ — . — Nofologia Methodica, 2 vol. 12s bound 

25 — — .— Materia Medica 

26 Inilitutes of Medicine 

27 Curry on die Nature of Fevers ; on the Caufe of their becoming fc 

frequently Mortal ; and on the Means to prevent ic, is 6d 

28 Chefelden's Anatomy, 6s bound 

29 Dawfon's Cafes in the Acute Pvheumatifm and Gout, with the Me» 

thod of Treatment, 6s bound 

30 — — ■ Account of a fafe and efficacious Medicine in Sore Eyes 

and Eye-lids, is 

' Z z 31 Enfield's 

[ 2 ] 

^1 Enfield^s Inilitutes of Natural Philofophy, Theoretical and Experi- 
mental, with plates, 410. 15s in boards 

32 r dinburgh Difpenfatory, 4s boards 

33 Eife on the Hydrocele, and other Works ; with fome new Cafes of 

the Hydrocele, and a Comparifon of the different Methods of 
treating it by Cauftic and Setoa. By G. Vaux, 2s 6d fewed 

34 Elliot's Phyiiological Obfervations, is 6d 

3^ -Medical Pocket-Book j containing a fhort Account of the 

Symptoms, Caufes, and Methods of Cure, of the Difeafes in- 
cident to the Human Body, 2s 6d fewed 

36 — Account of the Medicinal Virtues of the principal Mineral 

Waters in Great Britain and Ireland, and on the Continent, 
with the Method of impregnating Water with fixed Air, in- 
vented by Dr. Priellley, and improved by others, 3s fewed 

^y ., -.■- . Elements of the Branches of Natural Philofophy connefted 
with Medicine, viz. Chemiftry, Optics, Sound, Hydroftatics, 
Ele£lricity and Phyliology. With Bergman's Tables of Eledive 
Attraftions, 5s fewed 

^8 -^ ^ Philofophical Obfervations on Vifion and Hearing, &c. 3s 6d 


39 Fothergili's Works, with Memoirs of his Life, by Dr, Elliot, 63 


40 Fordyce's (Geo.) Praftice of Phyfic, 5s fewed 

^i — - ■ - Elements of Agriculture, a Syllabus of his Chemical Lec-> 
tures, 2s 6d fewed 

42 Falconer's Obfervations and Experiments on the Poifon of Copper, 

23 fewed 

43 Farr on Blcod-letting, is 

44 Aphorifmi de Marafmo, is 6d 

45 — — on the Animal Oeconomy, 6s bound 

46 Farrer on the Rickets, is 

47 Falck on the Venereal Dif^afe, 6s bound 

48 Grant's Account of the Influenza, is 

49 Gregory's Elements of the Pra3:ice of Phylic, 4s bound _ 
^o - — r— Confpedus Medicine, 2 vol. 12s boards 

5 J Hunter's (Dr. W.) 34 Plates of the Gravid Uterus, with Explanations 
in Latin and Englllh. The few Copies of this fuperb Work that 
remained unfold at the Author's Death, may bs had at 3I 13s 6d 
which is 2I I2S 6d under the Original Price 

1 2 -^ — ~— ^ Medical Commentaries, 4to. 6s boards 

^3 Hunter's (John) Natural Hiftory, Anatomy, and Difeafes of the 
Human Teeth, with 16 ci)pper-plates, 4to. il is bound 

54 Hewfan's Experimental Enquiries, in Two Parts. -Part i. On the 
Blood. Part 2. On the Lymphatics, 2 vol. 8s in boards.— ^The 
Firfl Part, on the Blood, may be had alone, 3s fewed 

^^ Hoffman's Praclice of Phyfic, with a great Number of Cafes, tranf^ 
lated by Dr, W. Lewis, and revifed by Dr. Duncan, 2 vol. 
8vo. I 2s in boards 

56 Henry's Experitnents and Obfervations on the Preparation, Calci-r 

- nation, and Medicinal Ufes of Magnelia Alba: On the Solvent 

Powers of Qiiick Lime; On Abforbents : On the Antifeptic 


[ 3 1 

* Powers of Vegetable Infufions prepared with Lime, &C. Ontlie 

fweetening Properties of f.ved Air, Sec, 23 6d fewed 
17 Henry's Mediciric.l Virtues of Magnefia, 6d 

5 8 Method olpreferving- Water ac Sea, 2S 

^g . Memoirs of ihe L fe of Haller, 2s 6d fewed 

60 Hippocrates upon Air, Water, and Situation ; upon Epidemical Dif» 

eafes and Prognofticks, tranflat?d by Clifton, 5s bound 

61 Halleri Primse Lineae Phyiiologias, 7s bound 

62 Home's Prin.:ipia Medicine, 5s bound 

63 *■ Materii Medica, is 

64 Haiiulton's Midwifery, 6s boards 

65 Huxham on fevers, 4s 6d bound 

66 Hamilton's Account of the Influenza, is 

6j Innes's Defcription of ihe Mufcles, 3s fewed 

68 Anatomical Tc.bles, 6s fewed 

6g Johnfon's New Syfrem of M'dvvifery, founded on Pra£lical Obferva* 
tions, 4to. with plates, il 2s in boards 

70 ■ Cautions to the Heads of Families: Containing Dire£lioas 

to Nurfes who attend the Sick, and Women in Child- Bed, 
2S 6d 

71 Kirkland's Inquiry into the prefent State of Medical Surgery, vol. i, 

6s boards 

72 London Medical Journal for 1781, 1782, 3 vol. i8j N. B. This 

Vv^ork is continued in Numbers, Quarterly, pr. is 6d each 
y^ Lavoifiere's Effays : Containing a Li iflory of Difcoveries relating to 
Air, &c. with Original Experiments, tranilated from the Frenck 
by T. Henry, F. R. S. with Notes, 7s bound 

74 Lewis's Materia Ivledica, a new Edit, with Additions, by J. Aikin, 

(will be publiflied in Nov. 1783) price il is 

75 ' New Difpenfatory, Svo. 7s bound 

76 ^ Abridgment of the Medical ElTays, publifhed by a Society im 

Edinburgh, 2 vol. Svo. los 6d bound 

77 Linden on the Waters of Landrindod, 5s bound 
j8 I-iger on the Gout, 5s bound 

79 Lon':'on Praflice of ?hyfic, 53 bound 

80 Lobb's Praftice of Phyfic, 2 vol. los bound 

81 Lomxmius on Fevers, 5s bound 

82 Linde on the Scurvy, 6s bound 

83 Laws relating to Fhyiicians, Surgeons, and Apothecaries, digefled by 

T. Cunningham, Efq. 2s 6d fewed 

84 Monro's (Alex, jun.) Obfervations on the Struflure and Funftions 

of the Nervous Syilem, v/ith 55 copper-plate Tablefs, folio, 
2I 123 6d in boards 

85 Monro (D.) on the Difeafes of Military Hofpitals, 6s bound 

86 on Mineral Waters, 2 vol. 12s 

87 Monro's (Alex, fen.) Comparative Anatomy, 2S fewed 

88 — — — Anatomy, with the above, 5s bound 
8^ Works, 4to. il 5s boards 

90 Motherby's New Medical Dictionary, or General Repofitory of Phy- 
iic : Containing an Explanation of the Terms, and an Account 
cf the Difcoveriesand Improvements in Anatomy, Fhyfiology, 


t 4 ] 

Phylic, Surgery, Materia Medical Pharmacy, 8tC, with cop-* 

per-plates, folio 

91 Morgagni on the Seat and Caufes of Difeafes, tranflated by Alexandefi 

3 vol 4to. il I IS 6d inboards 

92 Macbride's Praft'ce of Phyfic, 410* il is boards 

93 • — — -^^ Eifays, 5s bound 

94 Millar on the Afthma, 8vo. 

95 Oblervations on the prevailing Difeafes in Great Britairi, 

4to. I 2S boards 

1^6 ' Obfervations on the Management of the prevailing Difeafes in 

Great Britain, particularly in the Army and Navy, 4to. 16s 

^7 . on Antimony, 8vo. 2s 
98 •' Difcourfe on the Duty of aPhyiician, read before the Medical 

Society, 4to. is 6d 
^9 ..__ Obfervations on the Pradlice of the Wellminfter Difpeiifary^ 

4to. 5 s fewed 

100 Mead de Imperio Sola ac Luns, 4s b®und 

10 1 Monita & Precepta Medica, 2 vol. los bound 

102 Metallurgic Chemiiiry, from the German of Gellert, 7s bound 
J03 Medical Obfervations and Inquiries, 5 vol. il ijs bound 

104 Mofs on the Management of Children and Lying-in Women, Sv6* 

6s bound 

105 Mills on the Management and Difeafes of Cattle, 7s bound 
io'6 Modern Practice of the London Hofpitals, 3s bound 

107 Newmann's Chemiftry, by Lewis, 2 vol. 8vo. 12s bound * 

io8 Nicholfon's Introdu<5lion to Natural Philofophy, with plates, 2 vol. 
8vo. I2S in boards 

109 Obfervations on the Charafter and Condufl of a Phyiician, iii 

Twenty Letters, Svo. 2s 6d fewed 

1 10 Prieftley's Hillory of Eleftricity, 4to. 4th edit, il is bound 
I J 1 Introduftion to the Study of Eleftricity, 2S 6d 

J 12 '■ — Experiments and Obfervations on different Kinds of Air> 

5 vol. 8vo. il los inboards 
J 13 Pott's Works, complete, 3 V0I. 8v^o. il 4s bound 

The followin|; Pieces of Mr. Pott's may be had feparate* 

J 14 I, A Treatife on Ruptures, 5s bound 

115 II. ■' — -• — >-— '— the Fiilula in Ano, 2s 6d fewed 

1 16 III. ■< — ' the Fiftula Lachrymalis of the Eye, is 6d 

117 IV. Chirurgical Obfervations relative to the Cataraft, the Polypus 

of the Nofe, the Cancer of the Scrotum, the different 
Kinds of Ruptures, and the Mc; cification of the Toes and 
Feet, 3s fewed 

1 1 8 V. Remarks on Amputation— On the Palfy of the lower Limbs, i s 6d 
1 ig VL Farther Remarks on the Palfy of the lower Limbs, with plates, 3s 
120 Percival's ElTays, Medical and Experimental, i The Empiric. 

2 The Dogmatic. 3 On Aftringents and Bitters. 4 On the 
Ufe and Operation of Blillers. 5 On Water. 6 On Inocu- 
lation. 7 On the Columbo Root. 8 On the Orchis Root. 
9 On the Vv^aters of Buxton and Matlock in Derbyfhire. 10 On 
the Medicinal Ufes" of FLxed Air. 11 On the antifeptic and 
4 fweetening 

[ 5 1 

fweetening Powers, and on the Varieties of fadlitious Air. 
12 On the Noxious Vapours of Charcoal. 13 On the Atrabilis. 
14 On Sea Salt. 15 On Coffee. 16 On the proportional Mor- 
tality of the Small-Pox and Meafles. 17 On the Solution of 
Stones of the Urinary and Gall Bladder, by Water impregnated 
with Fixed Air. 18 On the internal Regulation of Hofpitals. 
19 On the Aftion of different Manures. 20 On the Properties 
of different Abforbents. To which are added, feled Hiftories of 
Difeafes with Remarks., and Propofals for eliablifhing more ac- 
curate and comprehenfive Bills of Mortality, 3 vol. 8vo. 143 

fewed. N. B. The third Volume maybe had alone, by thofe 

who are already polfefled of the two Firft, price 5s fewed 

1 2 1 Percival's Obfervations and Experiments on the Poifon of Lead, 2s 

122 Park's Account of a new Method of treating Difeafes of the Joints 

of the Knee and Elbow. In a Letter to Mr. Pott, i§ 6d 

123 Parfons on the Difeafes of the Bladder, 5s bound 

124 Perry on Difeafes, 2 vol. ovo. los bound 

125 Porterfield on the Eye, 2 vol. 8vo. 12s bound 

126 Pringle on the Difeafes of the Army, 6s bound 

127 Quincy's Difpenfatory, 7s bound 

128 Ruih's Differ tation on the Spafmodic Aflhma of Children : in aLet- 

ter to Dr. Millar, is 

129 Rigby's Obfervations on Uterine Haemorrhages, with Cafes, 2d 

edit. 2s 6d 

130 Ruffell's Oeconomy of Nature, 8vo. 5s bound 

13 1 Smith's Formula Medicamentorum, or Compendium of the Pradlice 

ofPhyfic, 5s in boards 

132 Sims's Obfervations on Epidemic Diforders, with Remarks on 

Nervous and Malignant Fevers, 2 edit. 5s bound 

133 ■ Difcourfe on the bell Method of profecuting Medical En- 

quiries, read before the Medical Society, 2d edit. 2s 

134 Smellie's Midwifery, 3 vol. 8vo. with plates, il is bound 

135 Simmons's Elements of Anatomy, and the Animal Oeconomy, 2d 

edit. 6s bound 
I ■36 Anatomy of the Human Body, vol. i, 6s boards 

1 37 — . Praftical Obfervations on the Treatment of Confumptlons, 

2d edit. 

138 on the Gonorrhoea, 2d edit. 

139 Account of the Tc-enia, 2d edit. 2s 6d 

140 Saunders on the fuperior Efficacy of the Red Peruvian Bark in the 

Cure of Agues and other Fevers, 4th edit, 2s 6d 

141 » de Antimonio, 2s 

142 on the Solution of Stones of the Bladder by Fixed Air, is 

143 Smellie's Thefaurus Medicus, 2 vol. 12s boards 

1^4 Short's Chronological Hiftory of the Air, Weather, Seafons, Me- 
teors, &c, in different Places, for the Space of 250 Years, with 
their moft remarkable Effedts on Animal Bodies and Vegetables, 
2 vol. 8vo. los bound 

>45 Scheele's Experiments on Air and Fire, with an Tntroduftion by 
Bergman : tranflated by Dr. Forfter, with Notes by Mr. K;r- 
wan, and a Letter from Dr, Prieftley, 3s 6d fewed 

146 Theobald's 

r 6 ] 

146 Theobald's Dilpenfatory, compiled for the Ufe of the Army, 3s 


147 Winflow's Anatomy, 410. 15s bound 

J48 Watkinfon's Examination of a Charge brought againfl Inoculation 
by De Haen, Raft, Dimfdale, and others, is 6d " 

149 Withers's Obfervations on the Abufe of Medicine : In Seven Chap- 

ters. I On Blood-letting. 2 Emetics and Purgatives. 3 Su- 
dorifics. 4 Biifters. 5 Stimulants. 6 Sedatives. 7 Tonics, 
or Strengtheners. Dedicated to Dr. Cullen, 5s bound 

150 Wooitend.-^-le's Pradlical Obfervations on the Human Teeth, wliereln 

the various Caufes of their Difeafes, Decay, and Lofs, are 
enumerated, and the Methods of preventing, or relieving them, 
are pointed out, 3s 6d boards 

151 Wilfon's Difcourfe, proving that the Motions of the Blood and Ani- 

mal Fluids, do not depend on the Impulfes of the Heart upon 
the Blood, but mull be referred to other Caufes, and particu- 
larly to an Animal Modification of that Univerfal Principle, 
which is the common Caufe of all Organization, and of all 
Organical Motions in Bodies, 2s 

1^2 - Medical Refearches, being an Enquiry into the Nature and 

Origin of Hyfterics in the Female Conftitution, and into the 
Diftinclion between that Difeafe and Hypochondriac or Nervous 
Diforders — ^including the above Difcourfe, 4s boards 

■5.3 "Willan's Obfervations on the Sulphur Water at Croft, near Par* 
lington, IS 6d